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UK General Election
4th July 2024

Praying for Our Country
Our country ought to have a place in the daily supplications of every Christian.
Those who rule over us ... are men [who] need divine wisdom and guidance.
They are men under the sway of partisan influence, and we need to pray
that they be kept free from any domination which would lead them to forget God.
Pray for our institutions, that they be kept pure and holy, that righteousness may prevail throughout the land.
Pray for all our people, that they may be good [subjects], that uprightness and integrity may characterise them.
"Happy is the people whose God is the Lord"
[J.R. Miller, In Green Pastures, (1890), reading for the day 4th July]

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Votes Per Seat

"According to the Telegraph, the 30 point gap between the popular vote and seat share makes this 'the most skewed result ever, far outpacing the previous 22 point gap recorded in 2001 under Tony Blair.'  It means Labour received only 700,000 more votes than Corbyn in 2019 but managed to pick up more than 200 more seats.  The Conservatives' vote share plummeted by 19.9 points to 23.7%, earning the party 121 seats, just 18.6% of the total.  Reform garnered 4.1 million votes with 14.2% - not far off half Labour's tally - but won just [five as at 17:30] seats.  The distortion is clear when you look at votes per seat, depicted below, with Reform needing around one million votes per seat, 42 times the 24,000 Labour required [source]:

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About the UK Election
  (05 July 2024) 
[NB: advert between 4:34 - 6:22 minutes]

"How many seats each major party would have in a proportional representation election:

  • Labour = 219
  • Conservative = 154
  • Reform = 93
  • Liberal Democrats = 79
  • Greens = 44
  • SNP = 16"


Reform UK and Populism

The True Story of This Election? Populism Is Here to Stay  (05 July 2024)

"There has been an earthquake in British politics, reporters say ... And in a sense they are right.  The political ground has shaken.  Rumblings have been felt.  But it wasn't drab, grey Labour that did it - it was the millions of voters who rejected both Labour and the Tories and in the process delivered one of the most devastating sucker punches to the political duopoly in decades ... it is those who refused to vote Labour who have brilliantly unsettled British politics.  It is those who took a punt on Nigel Farage's Reform party who have planted a bomb in the political landscape that will not be easily defused ... Reform's vote share is around 14%, enough to shatter the Labour/Tory duopoly and to unravel the two big parties' arrogant belief that they and they alone have a right to rule..."

YOUTUBE:  I'm 19 years Old - This Is Why I Voted Reform  (05 July 2024)

"This first-time voter, 19, tells GB News why he voted for Reform UK at the General Election: ... 'I voted Reform because they have a vision. They have bold policies to tackle immigration, they said they'll leave the ECHR ... they're going to be a bit more relaxed on taxation ... they'll be tough on education ... I've just left college and I've seen some of the wokeness in our schools; it's appalling.  Keir Starmer seems to think that if he changes the voting age to 16 ... young people will be more likely to vote Labour ... Look on social media now, Reform UK have the biggest viewership on social media than every other party.  Nigel Farage has got a base for young people.  People are rallying to Nigel Farage, especially young people like myself because they believe in his vision.  Let's be frank, Keir Starmer did not win this election; the Tories lost it ... people are so disenfranchised with the two parties and I think this really sets up a good ground for Reform UK to build on in the next election."

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage Poses a 'Real Danger' to Labour in 2029  (05 July 2024)

"'Nigel Farage has been given a wonderful hand of cards. It's how he plays them now...' Matt Goodwin, on the realistic chances of Nigel Farage being able to form a government in 2029."

YOUTUBE:  Fifth Reform UK MP Elected  (05 July 2024)

"The Four Musketeers are now the Famous Five!"  [source].

"James McMurdock narrowly defeated the Labour candidate by 98 votes, replacing Conservative Stephen Metcalfe.  He joins leader Nigel Farage as the second Reform UK MP in Essex after Farage's victory in Clacton.  Peter Cardwell speaks with Talk's International Editor, Isabel Oakeshott."


A Labour Government

The British Government  (06 July 2024)  [NB: Some strong language]

"Well, here in the UK we have a new Trilaterist... er, sorry, I meant Labour government, led by the charismatic Keir Starmer.  Likened to a dish rag, and not without good reason, Keir Starmer now commands the government with a whopping 170+ seat majority after nearly 80% of the British electorate didn't vote for either him or the Labour party.  This all makes sense because people imagine that representative democracy has something to do with democracy, which it doesn't.  Still, who cares! ... if we're going to be ruled anyone, why not the man who went out of his way not to prosecute Britain's worst ever paedophile, necrophiliac pimp and was still listed as a 'former' member of the Trilateral Commission in 2022 with their little explanatory note: 'former members in public service.'  He's not an active member of the Trilateral Commission.  Honest, he's not!..."

The Labour Archipelago  (05 July 2024)

"There's a scene in The Godfather when the thug with ambition, Solozzo, hears the news that despite his minions pumping five shots into Don Corleone he's still alive and recovering.  Whacking the Godfather can solve may of your problems, but if you don't do the job right, you're in a world of pain.  This morning in Britain, we're waking up to a new mob boss running the syndicate ... It is easy to say that none of this matters, that we merely switched from the blur team to the red team, but this isn't entirely true.  Fourteen years of lies and treachery were carried out by a party of the centre right, not the left ... Still, it appals me that the democratic system allows people to sabotage a great country and face no consequences beyond being 'voted-out' ... And so, the scum of the Tory party flies off to their new jobs within the NGO and Public Private Partnership networks, we're staring down the barrel of ten years of hard Labour..."

All Change  (05 July 2024)

"This is a deeply paradoxical result.  Starmer has an unassailable majority in parliament, but must now govern a country that has not embraced his agenda.  To his credit, he detoxified the Labour party to make people feel it was safe enough to give it their vote - which they needed to do to achieve their principle objective to get the other lot out.  But now he has to win hearts and minds.  This will be a tough call.  He inherits a country with severe structural, economic, social and cultural problems.  He has made promises which he won't have the money to deliver..."

Starmer's Hollow Victory  (05 July 2024)

"Starmer's victory appears to be the embodiment of one of the oldest saws in politics: that oppositions don't win elections, governments lose them.  His ultra-cautious, policy-lite, stage-managed campaign certainly suggested this was his main strategy - to ride disaffection with the Tories all the way into No.10 ... This Labour victory seems to have everything - except voters ... there's a yawning difference between securing a majority by default - as Labour seems to have done - and securing a ringing, democratic endorsement for your programme for government.  Because this isn't that.  Not least because Starmer has been alarmingly vague about what he plans to do in government - and many of the positions he has historically taken are about as popular as the clap..."

Loveless Landslide: Starmer's 'Meh-jority' Slammed as Most Distorted Election Ever  (05 July 2024)

"Keir Starmer has entered Downing Street following an election that delivered the most distorted outcome in British electoral history.  Starmer's Labour won just 33% of the vote, far less than Jeremy Corbyn's 40% when he ;lost to Theresa May in 2017 and just 1.7% up on Corbyn's 2019 loss to Boris Johnson.  Despite winning just a third of the popular vote on the lowest turnout since the arrival of universal suffrage at 59.9%, Starmer secured 412 seats - 63.4% of the total - for a majority of 174.  It means just 20% of eligible voters - one in five - cast a ballot for the party that now controls nearly two thirds of Parliament can can make laws with little opposition.

Red Wave: Britain Braces for Five Years of Leftist Governance  (05 July 2024)

"After 14 years of failed neo-liberal governance by the Conservatives-in-name-only, the Labour Party swept to victory in Thursday's election as anti-Tory sentiment helped boost the leftist party to win a Tony Blair-style majority.  While most of Europe has shifted to the right, Britain is set for a shift to the left ... a YouGov survey released ahead of the vote found that 61% of voters intended to back Labour 'to get the Tories out' or because the 'country needs a change'.  Meanwhile just 5% said that they were mainly supporting the party because of its policies.  The transfer of government may also not see such a stark difference, regardless, given that the 'Conservative' party which has led the country for the past 14 years has shifted so far to the left that many within the country regarded both Labour and the Tories as merely two sides of the same Westminster establishment coin..."


Keir Starmer

Revolutionary Past That Gives the Lie to the Notion That Keir Starmer Is A Harmless Moderate  (09 June 2022)

"Long, long ago in the sunny 1960s, I was myself a revolutionary Marxist, out on the dangerous edge of politics.  Later, I was mixed up in the strange wild world of Landon's Labour Party, in those days dominated by Ken Livingstone.  And there I learned the codes and symbols of the Left, which most journalists do not know.  That ignorance is one of the many reasons why Sir Keir Starmer has risen to the top of the Labour Party without anyone really noticing what he is..."

"Davos set up completed.  Davos puppet out.  Davos puppet in.  It's Davos strong and stable government" [comment at source]

Keir Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission.  See the relevant entry for the Trilateral Commission here.

"The Trilateral Commission that Keir serves ... is just a Rockefeller owned - my mistake - aligned globalist think tank that promotes ideas like the 'pursuit of the European unification' and brings together a global public-private partnership of policymakers, business leaders, media moguls and selected academics who have taken it upon themselves to decide what the 'solutions to some of the world's toughest problems' are.  Sure, you voted to leave the EU but now you've elected to rejoin it.  OK, so you didn't vote to have policy decisions forced upon you by some remote oligarch think tank either, but that's just too bad.  If you voted in the UK general election, this is what you voted for so you don't have any right to complain ... Yesterday the government was blue, today it is red, what's the difference apart from a wallpaper change?  It's still the same government.  Globalist think tanks like the Trilateral Commission were controlling government policy yesterday and they still are today.  Your vote meant absolutely jack-s***.  Still, it's nice to imagine you have some sort of democratic oversight, I guess.  That is, of course, if controlling other people matters to you" [source].

Trotskyite Socialism/Communism:  "Sir Keir Starmer has intentionally cast himself as a boring, managerial technocrat in order to obscure his true radical nature and his alleged plans to continue with the Blairite project of dismantling British institutions ... Like Blair, Starmer has tried to put forward the image of a moderate to the public and to downplay his history as a radical Trotskyite socialist, claiming to have moderated from the days when he served as the editor as Socialist Alternative, a magazine dedicated to promoting the Pabloite brand of communism which seeks to combine socialist economic theories with the green agenda" [source].


Keir Starmer: Quotes

"Just four years ago, Starmer admitted to holding many of the same views as he did as a young Trot, telling the New Statesman: 'I don't think there are big issues on which I've changed my mind.  The big issue we were grappling with then was how the Labour Party, or the Left generally, bound together the wider movement and its strands of equality - feminist politics, green politics, LGBT - which I thought was incredibly exciting, incredibly important' " [source].

Emily Maitlis: "You have to choose now between Davos or Westminster."  Keir Starmer: "Davos."  Emily Maitlis: "Why?"  Keir Starmer: "Because Westminster is too constrained." [source @ 6:55-7:02 minutes].


Labour's Front Bench

Angela Rayner: Deputy PM  /  Rachel Reeves: Chancellor  /  David Lammy: Foreign Secretary  /  John Healey: Defence Secretary  /  Wes Streeting: Health Secretary

Yvette Cooper: Home Secretary:  "Five years seems like a very long time, especially with Labour at the helm.  The announcement of Yvette 'Refugees Welcome' Cooper as Home Secretary leads me to wonder if there will be anyone British left" [reader's comment at source].

Meet @ShabanaMahmood, the New Justice Secretary  (06 July 2024)

If she doesn't know good from evil, or right from wrong, or truth from lies, how can she possibly have any idea of what justice is?  "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness ... Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes ... which justify the wicked and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!" (Isaiah 5:20-23).

"Prediction:  Watch Shabeena Mahmoood, the Muslim Justice Secretary, move very quickly to get the speech-criminalising definition of 'Islamophobia' written into law.  It was Humza Yousef's chief victory for the Ummah whilst he was Muslim Justice Secretary in Scotland, and I have no doubt that Labour intends to follow the SNP in this method of crawling for the Islamist vote by stifling objection to mass immigration and making criminals of those who speak out against that policy except in the most careful and circumspect terms"  /  "But it won't stop a Muslim political party ousting them in the not far distant future.  Crawling and appeasing isn't a realistic strategy!" [readers' comments at source].


Labour's Policies: Overview

"So, what to expect from the Starmer Government?  Don't look to the Labour manifesto for answers ... The true Labour agenda is to be found in the background noise: ... I suspect that we have nothing to worry about, apart from the following:

  • the implementation of vindictive and irreversible constitutional vandalism;
  • the continued marginalisation of the Christian faith;
  • casual intrusions into our private savings accounts;
  • the denunciation of the common law and its replacement with internationalist diktat;
  • the press-ganging of our children into the political process;
  • and the abolition of laughter.

"Come to think of it, that list is far from exhaustive.  Suffice to say that the Left's vision for the U.K. is likely to be enacted: a Kierkegaardian revolution, one which 'leaves the buildings intact' " [source].


Labour's Policies: The Constitution

Labour's 'New Britain' Stuns With Its Incompetence  (06 July 2024)

A New Britain: Renewing our Democracy and Rebuilding Our Economy:  "This document, a report of something called the Commission on the U.K.'s Future (set up by Sir Keir Starmer after becoming Labour leader) wsa issued in 2022, but is now being read with serious attention for more or less the first time as it became clear that a Labour Government was imminent.  In brief, the idea is more or less to create a written constitution for the U.K. in all but name, through the passing of a New Britain Act (a 'constitutional statute') that would reform the House of Lords, devolve power to regional and devolved assemblies, entrench new social and economic rights, provide a mission statement for the United Kingdom and so on..."


Labour's Policies: Culture

"Starmer will let rip on the 'culture wars'.  The result will be more transgender abuses of children and women and more demonisation of white people and British 'colonialism.' ... The rumour that the veteran ;human rights' ideologue Harriet Harman is to become head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission in place of Baroness Falkner, who has bravely tried to counter the transgender lunacy, chills the bone"  [source].


Labour's Policies: New Deal for Workers / EDI

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion:  "Who exactly thought it would be a good idea to imply that your employees and colleagues are all incorrigible bigots, racists, homophobes and transphobes who require 're-education' ? ... The concepts behind EDI have no business being trained as facts in the real world and should only exist as theoretical debate in the academy ... It is time to dismantle EDI and repair the damage and make a commitment to our employees and colleagues that we will never, ever seek to force politics or ideologies on them again.  Only, that won't happen ... we are facing a Labour landslide on July 4th.  Labour's Manifesto and its New Deal for Workers have some serious consequences for businesses and employers and especially for smaller businesses.  You won't be surprised to read that Labour puts EDI front and centre, promising to make it a statutory requirement for procurement to demand [that] suppliers of all sizes can demonstrate that they they have trained their staff in EDI and have 'robust' EDI policies in the workplace ... Last month Sir Keir Starmer claimed that his Government would 'tread lightly on people's lives'.  If this is what he means by that then God help us all.  It appears very likely at this point that Labour will win a big majority which will allow it to implement its manifesto and New Deal for Workers in full.  Even more disconcerting is the form that EDI will take under Labour ... My colleagues and I founded the Fair Job Initiative to give SMEs support and guidance over how to protect their businesses from activism and politics. We're now rapidly forming strategies to cope with the plethora of laws Labour wants to impose" [source].


Labour's Policies: Immigration

"Labour will make sure we have strong national security, secure borders, and economic stability" (labour's Mission Statement).

"Ahead of the election, Starmer vowed that mass migration would be reduced under a Labour government, however, he refused to commit to a specific annual cap, meaning that net migration will likely remain in the hundreds of thousands per year for the foreseeable future.  On illegal immigration, Labour has vowed to scrap the plan to send boat migrants to Rwandan asylum processing centres while making a vague commitment to cracking down on the people smuggling gangs trafficking migrants across the English Channel ... Starmer had expressed a willingness to partner more closely with Brussels to take in a quota of migrants from the EU to secure a returns deal with the bloc" [source].


Immigration / Identity Politics / Sectarianism / Islam

Lisa Nandy: "Refugees Welcome"  (06 July 2024)

"In her election speech 'refugees welcome', Lisa Nandy said the Reform Party UK brought in 'nasty, hateful racist politics to our town.'  A constituent of hers writes: 'Hi David.  An anonymous concern of mine if you don't mind as I work for NHS & need to remain apolitical.  As the results of the elections came through last night my MP was announced as Lisa Nandy once again.  Mrs Nandy ... took the opportunity to to brandish Reform, 11090 of us voted for them, as "nasty, hateful, racists & to take this result as her marching orders."  Now, this is the thing, we've had an asylum seeker jailed for the rape of a Wigan woman on a night out, immigrants surrounding the neighbouring high school caught filming young girls partaking in PE lessons & harassing/surrounding a young 12 yr old girl & more recently a mass brawl involving a gang of immigrants stabbing each other in our local park.  Every empty building is being converted into a HMO with one located directly in between a primary & a high school.  I think our concern is justified yet Nandy is trying to silence us, her recent comment, I fear, echoes the post from Naz Shah ... saying we need to shut up for the sake of diversity.  There is a lot of anger around here but nowhere to vent.  How do we protect our residents, particularly children when we aren't allowed to speak up?..."

They Are Not Refugees, They Are Invaders  (06 July 2024)

"Over 60% of refugees are Muslims.  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, are all 99% Islamic countries and ZERO refugee intake.  This proves they are invaders - not refugees!"

Illegal Immigrants Vow to Cross Channel "As Soon As Possible" After Labour Victory  (06 July 2024)

"Illegal immigrants in northern France have celebrated Labour's landslide victory and said they will cross the Channel at the 'first chance'  they get ... 'Amir, 23, a bean-seller from Kurdistan, said migrants had given Sir Keir a nickname that roughly translates as a man who works for refugees or workers.  He said, "We are calling him 'Party Krekaran'  because we have heard that this guy is really helpful to the refugees."  Amir added that he would make the crossing "as soon as possible" now Sir Keir was in power'..."  /  Readers' Comments:  "'Labour will make sure we have strong national security, secure borders, and economic stability'  Taken directly from Labour's 'Mission Statement' ... that didn't last long, did it?"  /  "Well, you know what they say: when men flee war they take the women and children with them, when men go to war they leave the women and children at home. So let's see how many men, women and kids arrive in the UK shall we?"

YOUTUBE:  Labour's Multiculturalism Experiment Blew Up  (05 July 2024)

"Labour's tearful Jess Phillips is so close, yet so far from recognising why her constituency has become a hotbed of hate.  She's in complete denial.  The real story of this election is Labour's reckless multiculturalism experiment blowing up in their faces and royally shafting the nation"

This Election Has Exposed the Cancer of Sectarianism  (05 July 2024)

"While Keir Starmer is celebrating getting the keys to 10 Downing Street, not all is rosy for the UK Labour Party.  It may have bagged a historic landslide victory, but there are reasons for it to be concerned.  The growing sectarianism in some of its own traditional seats, for instance.  By the end of election night, Labour had lost a string of seats to independent, 'pro-Palestine' candidates.  These losses were, unsurprisingly, concentrated in urban areas in the Midlands and the north with large Muslim populations ... Muslims were by no means the only group being urged to vote as a religious bloc.  Earlier in the campaign, a group of British Hindu organisations published a so-called Hindu Manifesto, listing their various demands ... Embedding identity politics into our national and local politics will not end well for anyone..."

See here and here for more about Immigration


Labour's Policies: Islam

"To shore up support amongst Muslim communities, Starmer has vowed to enact a 'zero-tolerance approach' towards so-called Islamophobia, promising to crack down on speech online 'more robustly' to police what many have argued will be de-facto blasphemy laws in Britain" [source].

"Keir Starmer sits down with Sadiq Khan and promises the Allu Akbar Brigade blasphemy laws when he gets into power.  Make no mistake, Keir Starmer, friend of Jimmy Savile, friend of grooming gangs, is a very dangerous man" [source].

"Starmer is likely to outlaw 'Islamophobia' - which could have an even greater chilling effect on necessary discussion of Muslim antisemitism or Islamic terrorism than is currently the case" [source].

See here and here for more about Islam


Labour's Policies: Israel

"Labour has vowed to recognise Palestine [sic] as a state" [source].

"Starmer also inherits an appalling epidemic of Jew-hatred, which will undoubtedly worry him greatly - not least because he has Jewish family members ... dealing properly with antisemitism will mean acknowledging the symbiotic link between the Palestinian cause and Jew-hatred - which, as a man of the left, he has never done - and standing up to both the Muslim community and the far left, constituencies which are represented within his own party ... Starmer will be less hostile towards Israel than the far-left or the Muslim bloc are demanding; but since his instincts remain those of the radical human rights lawyer he originally was, he is unlikely to stop the demonisation of Israel that oozes from every pore of the liberal establishment (including the Foreign Office) and which is fuelling the harassment of Britain's Jews" [source].


Labour's Policies: Gender

"Labour is reported to be planning to 'modernise' the legal process for changing one's gender, scrapping the requirement for multiple doctors to sign off on a gender recognition certificate and the need for patients to demonstrate that they have been living as the opposite gender for at least two years.  The party will also reportedly scrap school guidance saying teachers must tell children that there are only two biological sexes" [source].


Labour's Policies: Climate Extremism

"As a 'green-red' Pabloite, it is no wonder that climate extremist policies will likely dominate his government with the party vowing to achieve 'Net Zero' carbon emission by 2030, a plan which will fundamentally transform the British economy, likely raising the cost of living for millions, destroying domestic industry, and making the UK more reliant on foreign powers to meet its energy demands" [source].

"Starmer is also committed to an insane acceleration of the already ruinous Net Zero target" [source].


Labour's Policies: EU / Brexit

"Starmer is also committed to developing 'ever closer' ties with the EU which will further stifle the entrepreneurial freedoms that Brexit enabled but the Tory government never delivered" [source].


Labour's Policies: Votes for 16-Year-Olds

"[T]o allow 16-year-old children to vote in national elections, potentially creating a polity that would ensure Labour governance for many elections to come given the propensity of low-information young voters to support left-wing parties.  However, with Nigel Farage's surging popularity on youth-oriented platforms like TikTok, Reform may seek to use the increasingly conservative Gen Z to bolster its ranks as it builds a coalition to defeat Labour in the 2029 general election" [source].



General Quotes and Comments

The Conservative Party

"And so what of the Tories?  They will now descend into civil war.  Indeed, it's already started, with different factions accusing each other of having lost the country.  The fact is that for decades the Conservative party has failed to articulate basic conservative values - conserving what was best and most valuable in British and western culture.  Ricocheting between liberal universalists and free market ideologues, the Tories persisted in the lie that the welfare state could coexist with reduced public spending; they broke their promise of controlling mass immigration; they failed to break the grip of the administrative state to take advantage of Brexit; they were largely supine in the face of transgender lunacy and anti-white racism; they were paralysed in the face of widespread anarchy on the streets; and they failed to protect Britain's Jewish community against attack.  So when it comes to opposing Labour's agenda, the Tories will have nothing to say because they helped enable much of it "

"Boris still seems not to realise that he bears a large part of the responsibility for his party's heavy defeat on Thursday because he so miserably failed to use his 80-seat majority - achieved, it should be said, off the back of Farage standing his Brexit Party troops down - to achieve what he promised, especially on immigration - in fact he did the opposite.  Add to that his fanatical pursuit of authoritarian and unaffordable projects like Net Zero and lockdown and you quickly get to where we are today.  But rather than recognise that he is a leading author of the Tories' downfall, it's so much easier to blame Farage for having the temerity to tell the Emperor he has no clothes.  And 'Pied Piper', really!  As though the voters really belong to the Tories but Farage has used his dark arts to lure them away and keep them hostage.  Notice, too, how Farage - a fellow conservative whose party's manifesto was widely welcomed across the conservative press as what the Conservatives should be offering - has not been congratulated by the Tories for winning his seat.  Rather he has been insulted and spurned.  Contrast this with how former Tory ministers have welcomed the new Labour ministers to their posts.  No insults or criticism here, just warmth, as though handing over the baton"

"Seriously, y'all, these are your ideological opponents, stop it.  They should be doing things completely differently to how you did them.  That's why you fought hard to keep them out.  You're not handing over the baton, you're watching the enemy enter the sanctum and take charge.  Don't rejoice, weep and wail!  But they don't see things this way.  Why are they so happy to see Labour Ministers take over? Why do they think 'their success is our success' ?  Is there any clearer indication of the Uniparty in action?  If the Conservatives continue in opposition, as they did in Government, treating Reform, its agenda and voters with contempt, then they can expect to remain out of power for a very long time.  In our voting system, a divided Right is an impotent Right.  Celebrating Labour taking over while taking counsel to stay away from that dastardly Mr. Farage is the very opposite of the way back to power"

Reform UK and Populism

"The speedy turnaround of the Reform revolt was extraordinary.  It was only a few weeks ago that Farage ditched his plans to go to America to assist the Trump campaign and instead decided to become leader of Reform.  He has now been elected MP for Clacton.  Reform has won [five] seats in total.  What's shocking is that the Liberal Democrats won 71 seats despite getting fewer votes than Reform.  The LibDems got around 12% of the vote, to Reform's 14%.  That the democratically less popular party of the two will wield far greater power in the Commons is a testament to how busted our first-past-the-post electoral system is.  This is unsustainable.  It is outright undemocratic.  And yet, even without the parliamentary representation their vote share deserves, Reform has struck a blow for democracy.  Their voters, in thinking for themselves and rejecting both the Labour and Tory variety of technocracy, have forcefully created a new opening in political life.  They have burst a few of the buckles on the political straitjacket that is our two-party system"

"Labour's naff, Obama-lite slogan was 'Change'.  But little will change under Labour.  It will be the same s***, different suit.  The people who really voted for change were the masses who opted for Reform.  They have voted for a party:

  • that rejects Net Zero,
  • which is sceptical of hate-speech laws,
  • which absolutely does not long to rejoin the EU,
  • and which knows - brace yourselves - that if you have b**** you are not a woman.

"The significance of this cannot be overstated: many, many Brits have voted to overturn almost every facet of elite consensus opinion, from green hysteria to trans mania.  Now that's 'change'.  The true story of the election is that populism isn't going anywhere ... Nipping at [Labour's] heels is a very big section of the public who outright reject the political ideas, moral crusades, and green lunacy of the establishment" [source].

"Nigel Farage ... will be moving onto the next part of his agenda - taking the fight to the Labour government in order to bring about the reconfiguration of British politics, by reconnecting it with the British mainstream and recovering the true centre ground, that he has long envisaged.  Farage ... is the most consequential politician of the post-Thatcher period ... he speaks for millions by his promotion of the independence of the nation within borders that are properly policed and with immigration kept to manageable levels, and his defence of a culture based on its own history and traditions enshrining fairness, social order and a grounding in reality that people can recognise as a shared national endeavour and that they can call home" [source].

Andrew Bridgen

See here and here for Andrew Bridgen's sterling work as an MP regarding the Covid Vaccines and Excess Deaths.

"Andrew Bridgen has lost NW Leicestershire to Labour. Hard to believe but he got less than 2,000 votes. A sad day"  /  "That's tragic. The electorate should be ashamed of themselves, he was one of the few in the house of shame that was worthy of a seat"  /  "The IQ base of the electorate has been watered down gradually, not helping matters"  /  "So may have the IQ base of His Majesty's Government, and particularly so recently"  /  "I'm sorry to hear that. He is a good bloke"  /  "And fact checker in chief and inventor of the slanderous/libelous 'covid crank' trashing of anyone daring to speak the truth gets re-elected in Harborough... sadder day"  /  "And THAT is the end of what Andrew was trying to do in the Commons. More than a sad day, devastating for both him and his supporters"  /  "After all his hard work supporting the Post Office victims and raising the covid quacksine injured cases as well ... How ungratefully blind can you get!"
[readers' comments at source].

"My overriding sadness is Andrew Bridgen - I frankly cannot believe that he only achieved 2000 votes from his constituents for speaking the truth.  This has the feel of payback from those that operate beyond the returning officer to me.  Either way I hope that AB can join Reform at this stage and will stand in the future.  Our country desperately needs the ABs of this world.  Truth in a sea of darkness"  /  "Nothing to disagree with there. Terrible news about AB. The blob have destroyed him"  /  "It shows that the voting public public takes very little interest in the politics that orders their lives ... Unlike us political nerds, most people don't spend their time watching informative stuff on YouTube. They're too busy working to keep the wolf from the door"  /  "True, but wolves have also been entering in and out of the door of 10 Downing Street"
[readers' comments at source].

"Nothing sums up the new low to which my former homeland has sunk more depressingly vividly than the evisceration of Andrew Bridgen.  The former Tory MP was one of the very few UK politicians with the gumption to grasp the nuances of important issues and the guts, when required, to speak out against a flawed official narrative.  His rejection by NW Leicestershire constituents he served for 14 years (winning more votes in each of the three successive elections) adds insult to the injury of being expelled from the Conservative Party 14 months ago for questioning the safety and efficacy of he experimental Covid gene therapy injections.  I hate to say it, but any electorate which can reject a man of Bridgen's courage and integrity, while simultaneously electeing as Premier a Trilateralist and Davos disciple of the enslaving gospel of globalism, deserves whatever dystopian fate befalls them.  Hopefully, once the scars gave healed , Mr Bridgen will find a new platform more worthy of his manifest personal and political talents - one which hails speaking truth to power as a virtue rather than a vice"
[reader's comment at source].

"I was sorry too.  He had served his constituency well over many years.  I had thought that standing as an Independent that his constituency would see him as exactly that - a truth teller not afraid to hold everyone to account.  Unfortunately you can't fix stupid in large parts of the electorate.  I hope that Andrew develops a new platform to continue to be fearless in search of the truth.  His treatment by the Con Party says everything about what that party has become and why so many have deserted it"  /  "Andrew was sunk by the immigrant leftist contingent on Leicester.  It is a tragedy.  I do hope that Andrew continues to fight the good fight"  /  "Can we trust the voting figures?  Bridgen was clearly a great threat to be targeted by the WEFUK establishment, and we know votes can be rigged"
[readers' comments at source].

Immigration / Identity Politics / Sectarianism / Islamism

"Embedding identity politics into our national and local politics will not end well for anyone.  It sidelines important domestic issues, such as the cost of living, healthcare and employment, in favour of posturing over affairs in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.  It also marginalises white working-class communities.  To what extent will their domestic, bread-and-butter concerns - especially on issues such as immigration, integration and identity - be taken seriously by their elected representatives in cities like Leicester?  If these voters do not feel sufficiently represented by the democratic system - one where a party such as Reform UK wins only [five] seats despite earning over four million votes - who do they turn to?  In the aftermath of this election, much of the focus will be on Labour's majority and the Conservatives' catastrophic defeat.  But the key takeaway should be that there is something seriously wrong with the state of our democracy.  Growing sectarianism is a crisis we cannot afford to ignore"

"[I]ncredible scenes in Birmingham where Labour's Jess Phillips scraped through to win by the narrowest of margins and then got heckled by her Islamist opponents ... Thanks to mass migration, sectarian Islamism is now embedded as a political force in British politics - something that's only going to get worse under a Labour government as they drone on about diversity being our greatest strength"
[source @ 3.37-4.16 minutes].

"A deeply ominous development is the emergence of an Islamic sectarian vote, with four previously Labour-held seats lost to independent candidates whose pitch - in a British general election concerning British national interests - was about Gaza and 'Palestine'.  Although even Labour 'moderates' generally side with the international 'human rights' and 'humanitarian' establishment which is virulently hostile to Israel, British Muslims are angry that Starmer supported Israel's defence against Hamas after the October 7 pogrom.  As a result, Labour candidates have been harassed and intimidated by Muslims and other anti-Israel types and lost votes in yesterday's election.  In the Birmingham Yardley constituency Labour's Jess Phillips, who only narrowly kept her seat under pressure from this 'Gaza' lobby, was met with boos and jeers as she made an angry acceptance speech in which she denounced the 'aggression and violence' in 'the worst election I have ever stood in.'  All this is entirely foreign to British democratic traditions and does not bode well"

"Buoyed by the success of the 'Gaza' election campaigns and by the refusal of the authorities to stop the pro-Hamas intimidation and disorder on the streets, Islamic sectarianism is now likely to increase.  A Muslim bloc has emerged which is likely to demand not just policies hostile to Israel but measures to adapt aspects of British society to Islamic requirements"

"British people are routinely raped and murdered by foreigners allowed in by politicians, and all we can hope for is to get them out of office.  Accountability is supposed to take place at the ballot box; that's where you're allowed a little cathartic dopamine, a p***-poor substitute for a trial and gallows, but there we have it.  Ephemeral catharsis for a superficial, childish system of governance.  Oh, the rapes and murders are real, and the casual anti-white hatred on the streets is real, but any repercussions are wrapped up in soft padding like an infant's playpen"

"The breakup of Yugoslavia was a portent for the future of the EU... Kosovo is a portent for the future of the UK.  Enclaves of Muslims (London, Luton, Leicester, etc) will fall to their politics, they will then call for independence from the UK, using terrorism against the UK state.  We will go and smash heads to stop it, or bend over backwards to allow them to have it.  Maybe, even NATO will come in and bomb the UK to give up those areas to the Muslims.  It is what NATO did in Kosovo"
[reader's comment at source].


Comment from Canada

"My 28-hour trip to the United Kingdom is over - I'm on my way back to Canada.  But I saw some things in their election that I'll be thinking about for a very long time ... Here's some of what I learned:

  • Mass immigration is an enormous political issue in the UK, but many people are afraid to say that in public for fear of being cancelled.  Many Brits didn't want to tell me they were against mass immigration if I was recording them on camera;
  • The establishment media is even more vicious than the establishment political parties when it comes to silencing contrarian voices.  If you think the Canadian media is bad, you'd be shocked at the misconduct of the British media;
  • It's possible for courageous politicians to go around the regime media, though, by using social media.  Nigel Farage, the former leader of the Brexit movement who now leads Reform UK, mastered social media, and was able to connect directly with people, especially youth;
  • People don't like fake conservatives.  If a 'Conservative' party doesn't live up to its name, people will either stay home or vote for someone else.  The fake UK Conservatives got thrashed after 14 years of breaking promises;
  • The 'first past the post' voting system makes it hard for upstart parties to get any traction.  (The Labour Party got just 34% of the votes, but got 64% of the seats in parliament; Farage's Reform Party got 14% of the vote, but less than 1% of the seats. They came in second in nearly 100 constituencies, but that obviously doesn't count.);
  • There are now five pro-Hamas MPs who ran as independent candidates in highly Muslim constituencies.  They each campaigned on the idea that the Labour Party wasn't pro-Gaza enough.  No doubt Labour will become even more anti-Israel to appease this growing phenomenon;
  • Labour will likely continue the open borders approach to immigration, and the problems of Islamic extremism, high housing costs, social discord and crime will continue - perhaps irreversibly.  Parts of the UK no longer look like the UK.

"Visiting the UK is a 'dystopian time machine', where we can see what Canada will be like five years into the future if we don't change our direction ourselves ... P.S. It's not without hope. For the Reform Party to get so many votes, and to establish a beachhead in the House of Commons is great news. And perhaps the remaining Conservative Party rump will take the right lessons from their loss. But things felt pretty bleak this morning" [Ezra Levant, Rebel News, (5th July), email on file].




Party Manifestos and Candidates

The Conservative Party

The Labour Party

The Reform UK Party

The Liberal Democrats

The Green Party

The Scottish National Party

Plaid Cymru Party of Wales

The Democratic Unionist Party

Christian Peoples Alliance

The Heritage Party

The Social Democratic Party

The Scottish Family Party

Vote Life


Christian Concern's Responses to Party Manifestos

Round-Up: Understand the Party Manifestos  (26 June 2024)

"From policy proposals around sex, gender and 'conversion therapy' to life issues, family, and Islam, every party has a stance that either reflects or detracts from God's pattern for humanity..."

Responding to Manifestos for Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish Parties (26 June 2024)

"Here is a summary of the key points from these manifestos from a Christian perspective: ... Although all three parties have some pro-family policies, one of them is not like the others.  The DUP is not only unionist (rather than nationalist), but its MPs have a strong pro-life record which is matched by its manifesto.  Its recognition of the need to tackle the persecution of Christians is also very welcome with no other major parties highlighting the problem in their manifestos.  The nationalist parties by contrast have very few policies that recognise the values of Christian foundations, life, family and freedom - in fact, they promote similar policies to Labour and the Liberal Democrats that would cause even more harm in these areas.  There are few simple answers this election for Christians - and one of our most important duties is to pray that God would show mercy and turn the United Kingdom around for his glory and for our good."

Do the Smaller Parties Offer A Real Alternative This Election?  (21 June 2024)

"We are aware at Christian Concern of courageous Christians standing for election under each of these banners.  When compared with the larger party's manifestos, it is easy to see why Christians would support them, with each party taking at least one of the pillars for a flourishing society seriously: Christian foundations, life, family, and freedom.  It is worthwhile for Christians to seriously consider voting for one of these candidates.  Every vote will send the message that we want to see all parties promote policies that protect life, value the family, promote freedom and build in the Christian foundations of society.  We need to pray for these candidates and for a sea change in our culture that would see Jesus Christ honoured and followed at the heart of society."

Responding to the Green Party Manifesto  (19 June 2024)

"The Green Party manifesto is naturally focused on environmental issues, with the phrase 'climate emergency' being used five times ... But there are many policies unrelated to environmental issues ... CONCLUSION:  There is much for Christians to be concerned about in this manifesto, and very little that we would welcome.  These policies would take us further away from the Christian values that have historically shaped our nation."

YOUTUBE:  Reform UK's Contract with the People - A Christian Assessment  (19 June 2024)

"[C]ommenting on their favourable proposals around free speech and family."

Responding to Reform's Contract with the People  (18 June 2024)

"As one might expect from a party less likely to take power, it contains some radical proposals ... CONCLUSION:  There are many policies which we would welcome, particularly those on family and on free speech.  There are few policies that we would oppose.  This party is more robustly opposed to 'woke' and 'transgender' ideologies than any of the mainstream parties.  Yet the omission of any reference to 'Christian values' raises the question as to where their values are coming from."

YOUTUBE:  The Labour Party's Manifesto - A Christian Assessment  (18 June 2024)

"[C]ommenting on their promise to ban conversion therapy, their promotion of transgenderism, and their plan to introduce VAT on private education."

Responding to the Labour Manifesto  (14 June 2024)

"Here is what [the Labour Party's Manifesto] says on the key moral issues we campaign about ... CONCLUSION:  Labour wants to make gender transition easier and wants to ban 'conversion practices'.  While life issues are not mentioned in the manifesto, it is very likely that they will come up in the next parliament.  There is little support for family, and no support for marriage.  The influence of Islam on the Labour Party is becoming more and more evident.  This manifesto is far from recovering Christian values and principles in our nation."

Responding to the Conservative Party's Manifesto (12 June 2024)

"The Conservative Party Manifesto contained very little that we didn't already know, but it is still worth reviewing what the manifesto says on the key moral issues that we are concerned about ... CONCLUSION:  While there are some welcome policy proposals in this manifesto, it is a long way from being a manifesto of hope for families and for defending and protecting life.  There is no mention of Christians or churches anywhere in the manifesto.  There is no attempt to defend the sanctity of human life.,  We have seen massively increased abortion numbers while the Conservatives have been in power, alongside declining marriages.  There are many other issues to be concerned about too."

YOUTUBE:  The Conservative Party Manifesto - A Christian Assessment  (12 June 2024)

"What [do] they have to say about sex and gender, their legislation to ban puberty blockers and implement gender-questioning guidance for schools, their position on 'conversion therapy', their approach to education and family, and what they plan to do with abortion, euthanasia, and calls for jihad."

YOUTUBE:  Liberal Democrats' Manifesto - A Christian Assessment  (11 June 2024)

"[C]ommenting on their concerning position on banning 'conversion therapy', their push for radical gender ideology, their potential de-regulation of abortion access, and their intent to legalise cannabis."


Election Watch: Prayers

Christian Concern: Jesus, Hope for Our Nation Election Prayer Rally 2024

"Join us on the eve of the general election as we seek the Lord and cry out for his mercy.  This is a significant moment in our national life, and we must cry out to the Lord.  On the eve of the general election, we will be gathering outside parliament to pray for the nation.  Will you join us on the eve of the election to pray for the nation?  We will be joined by church and ministry leaders, and by Christians from around the country, as we gather in united prayer.  Please join us and many others as we pray together.  And encourage your friends, family and other church members to come too: Wednesday 3rd July, 5:30-7:00pm, Old Palace Year, Westminster SW1 0AA."

Vote, Pray, and Think Christianly About the Election

"As Christians who care about how law and policy shape society, we should be active, alert and assured that God is on the throne.  Which issues should matter to us Christians, and how might some affect our freedom to share the good news of the Gospel?  In this crucial time in the life of the nation, be informed about how to vote, campaign, pray and have conversations about the election though a biblical lens..."

Intercessors For Britain: General Election 2024 Prayer Briefing

"Rishi Sunak's surprise announcement on 22nd May began a six-week campaign leading up to a general election on 4th July.  Intercessors For Britain is not here to tell people how to campaign or vote.  However, IFB's stated aim is 'to inspire and inform prayer for our nation', and we are therefore providing information to guide and provoke God's people into praying - raying in such a way that God might give the most merciful outcome, not just in Parliament but in the nation and in our own hearts.  While we provide some select information about the political situation, our key desire is to bring a wider spiritual perspective as the nation prepares to vote, and to ask how the church could best be praying in the light of that."


Election Watch: Stats, Polls, Predictions

YOUTUBE:  UK Sees Critical Late Vote Switch  (02 July 2024)

"Labour to Reform switchers in the rise. Reform UK is now taking 7% of the Labour 2019 vote, a statistically significant increase from 3% last week..."

Religious Diversity in UK Parliamentary Constituencies  (2024)

"Religious identity by constituency  /  Largest minority religion by constituency  /  Marginal seats: religious minorities and political parties  /  Religious diversity in the UK: evolution and continuity since the 2011 census  /  Constituency breakdown by share of minority religion  /  Impact of minority religions on the 2024 election and beyond."

Religious Diversity in the UK: National Map  (2024)

"Strength of colour reflects the proportional presence of each faith group.  Scottish '2021' data is from the delayed census of 2022.  The religious breakdown reflects total population, not individuals of voting age.  It excludes those who chose not to answer this question on the census."

Interactive Table of Religious Diversity by Constituency  (2024)

"This table offers an alphabetical list of parliamentary constituencies in the United Kingdom, with a percentage breakdown of each constituency's religious diversity and an absolute figure for the constituency's population.  You can also sort constituencies by the highest or lowest proportions of any of the religious groups in the table by clicking on the column header."


The Conservative Party

To Vote Conservative or Not to Vote Conservative? Reflections on Matt Goodwin vs Peter Hitchens  (02 July 2024)

"There is a simple dilemma facing us as the election approaches.  This is what I will call the Goodwin-Hitchens dilemma.  The dilemma, for those of you who want to vote, is whether to vote for Reform or vote against Labour.  There is a consensus that the Conservatives have, over the last few years, performed poorly and ended up in a tangle.  This was perhaps inevitable given their attempt to ride though Brexit.  But it was certainly complicated by their capitulations to many standard administrative Leftist policies, most obviously concerning COVID-19, but also concerning Net Zero, Immigration and Diversity.  These have unstuck the historical Conservative Party as its subtle or cynical habit of capitulating to these, while pretending not to, has worn so thin that it has put itself in the position of having to admit that it is in fact in agreement with Labour - hence vote Labour - or that it has gone completely wrong - hence vote Reform..."

The Tory Party's Puzzling Indifference to the Benefits of Conservatism  (25 June 2024)

"It has long been the case that the Conservative Party has been puzzingly indifferent to conservatism.  Your typical Tory MP, with a handful of exceptions (Danny Kruger springs to mind) has shown himself to be intellectually incurious and historically ignorant.  There is a rich tradition of literature, history and philosophy which is available for translation into practical policy.  But that tradition seems of no interest to the Tory wannabe as he plans his ascent from special advisor to backbench MP..."

YOUTUBE:  The Revolution Has Begun  (20 June 2024)

Viewers' Comments:  "The cultural suicide of Britain has been depressing to watch"  /  "They have knowingly destroyed this nation"  /  "The Tories must be replaced by a patriotic party"  /  "If the genocidal political elite hate a certain politician, it's likely because he actually represents the people"  /  "I am a conservative member and think it deserves to be replaced, the trust is broken"

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage Turns Opponent's Answer Against Her  (18 June 2024)

"Penny Mordaunt's pathetic defense of immigration policies of the U.K."


The Labour Party

YOUTUBE:  The Realities Facing Keir Starmer and the Future of British Politics  (04 July 2024)

"In this video, I discuss the significant pressures Keir Starmer will face over the next five years, particularly from left-wing activists and British Muslims, as he navigates his stance on Israel and Palestine [sic].  The implications of a strong Labour government led by Starmer, a man who campaigned for a second Brexit referendum and supported Jeremy Corbyn, are profound.  I delve into the economic challenges, the inconsistency in Starmer's policies, and the impact on British Jews.  I also highlight the broader issues within the UK economy, driven by mass migration and an overreliance on low-wage labour.  Join me as I unpack these critical topics and explore the future of British politics."

Sick of Woke Censorship? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet  (04 July 2024)

"It certainly looks like Sir Keir Starmer's Labour Party is on course for a large majority at the General Election.  What will this mean for free speech? ... Labour has promised in its manifesto to bring in a 'trans inclusive' conversion-therapy ban ... what does Labour want to ban, exactly?  The answer is any deviation form the 'affirmative care' approach to gender-confused adolescents ... Another source of concern is Labour's proposed Race Equality Act [which] will further institutionalise critical race theory and attempt to foist DEI initiatives on to the workplace ... it could pass a Hate Crime and Public Order (England and Wales) Act that replicates the Scottish Hate Crime and Public Order Act south of the border ... There's also a risk that Labour will criminalise 'Islamophobia' as defined by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims in 2018 ... This means that any criticism of the religion of Islam could be deemed 'Islamophobic'...there's a real risk that Labour will attack the freedom of the press, forcing newspapers and magazines to sign up to a state-controlled press regulator ... The bottom line is there's a real risk that under a Labour government [that] tens of thousands of people will find themselves in trouble for saying things that are perfectly legal at present.  If you think we've become a society that won't tolerate dissent from a narrow, 'progressive' ideology, you ain't seen nothing yet..."

YOUTUBE:  Why Would Anybody Vote Labour?  (04 July 2024)

"With the Labour Party likely to win a clear majority in the upcoming UK General Election, you wonder why people want more mass immigration, more woke culture, and more cultural degradation.  Yet there may be a silver lining to all this..."

Labour's Backdoor British Blasphemy Laws  (03 July 2024)

"In the UK there are already de facto blasphemy laws.  But under pressure from the Islamic lobby, which is growing in power, an incoming Labour government contemplates introducing legislation which would irreversibly damage freedom of speech and stifle any ability to criticise radical Islam.  Among their various manifesto commitments, Sir Keir Starmer's Labour Party have promised to upgrade the British state's focus on 'hate crime'.  This should be a chilling prospect to anyone who knows how these laws are wielded in Britain..."

Why the Labour Party Will Win  (01 July 2024)

"I write this entry less than a week before the country 'goes to the polls'.  On July 4th, the British electorate will vote, and it will pick - as it always does - the best option before it.  This will mean electing a Labour Government ... I wish that the people had better options to choose from.  But that is not the way democracy works.  The voters have to eat what is in front of them on the dinner table ... And they will, naturally, choose the bland over the actively distasteful..."

YOUTUBE:  Labour's Plans to End Parliamentary Democracy  (30 June 2024)

"[S]pread awareness of Keir Starmer and Labour's plans for this country, which really do amount to the end of Parliamentary sovereignty and, by extension, Parliamentary democracy ... we may not be able to change the outcome of this election, but we can hold Labour to account and one day reverse the damage they've done to our country."

Keir Starmer Won't Just Enact a Radical Progressive Agenda. He'll Change the Constitution to Make it Irreversible  (27 June 2024)

"If elected on July 4th, Labour will embark on a programme of radical constitutional reform and social engineering.  Contrary to the received wisdom that Sir Keir Starmer is a bland centrist who seeks only to effect marginal adjustments to the British state while largely maintaining the status quo, his Labour Government will seek not only to transform Britain, but to make any reversal of this transformation functionally impossible ... it's surprising that more attention hasn't been paid to what this would mean in reality.  It's especially shocking that social conservatives aren't more obviously concerned..."

Labour's Tax on Education Has One True Goal: to Abolish Private Schools  (26 June 2024)

"The Private Education Policy Forum says it will be fine to go ahead and tax education, like no other country in the world, because even if schools or parents won't (or can't) cough up, the schools can just transfer into the state system.  The only thing these Marxists want is more people in state education, ideally on an 'equal' basis (equally atrocious is absolutely fine) so they don't really care about the costs of this latest ploy, because they don't care about any of the costs of their nihilistic destruction.  They do, however, unwittingly prove that this policy isn't about raising revenue, it's about destroying as many as possible of the world's best schools..."

"I'll Take on the Wind Farm NIMBYs from Day One" Says Ed Milliband  (23 June 2024)

"In an interview with the Telegraph, Shadow Energy Secretary Ed Milliband revealed his plan to lift the ban on building new onshore wind farms if Labour wins the General Election.  Here's an excerpt:  'The Shadow Energy Secretary pledged a Labour Government will overturn planning rules that currently require local community support to approve proposed turbines ... to remove an obligation in the national planning policy framework for community concerns to be "appropriately addressed", a stipulation that has effectively blocked onshore wind projects for a decade ... These plans are certain to create a backlash, as they already have in Wales ... The zoning system in Wales means vast tracks of countryside have been deemed suitable for wind farms, whatever locals might think...' "

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage Destroys Opponent Over Immigration Claim  (21 June 2024)

"As Nigel Farage mocks his Conservative opponent over the government's immigration record, what is the truth behind the probable next Prime Minister, Keir Starmer?..."  /  Viewers' Comments:  "My biggest problem with Keir Starmer is he was the guy who covered up the Rotherham grooming gang scandal"

Just as Corporations Are Waking Up to the Chaos of EDI, Labour Is Poised to Make It Much Worse  (19 June 2024)

"[The] Labour manifesto which, should the party win power, has serious implications or employers and especially smaller businesses by making the imposition of EDI through the supply chain a statutory requirement ... the corporate world is some steps ahead of the Labour Party in understanding how damaging this has been to our economy.  The much touted McKinsey report on the positives of DEI (American DEI) has been roundly debunked as hokum yet is still quoted by Anneliese Dodds, Labour's Chair[man]..."

YOUTUBE:  Labour's Blasphemy Law for Muslim Voters Is An Attack on Free Speech  (18 June 2024)

"NCF Founder & Director Peter Whittle addresses the recent video of Labour Leader Keir Starmer and Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan discussing Islamophobia.  /  Viewers' Comments:  "Starmer covered up the grooming gangs and doesn't know what a woman is"  /  "Starmer comes across as a complete Quisling"  /  "Labour will bow to Islam, be in no doubt"  /  "Islam is not a race. It's a political ideology with potentially catastrophic consequences for the modern world"  /  "It's genuinely scary to think these people are about to get power. We are facing truly dark times ahead"  /   "Those who vote Labour will be responsible"  /   "Why are people voting Labour? It baffles me"

Labour's 'New Britain' Constitution Will End Parliamentary Democracy  (04 July 2023)

"Parliament's status means that Britain is uniquely capable of carrying out the kind of course corrections that healthy democracies have to make from time to time.  New Labour and its heirs fear this above all else.  They are right to.  Accordingly, the main thrust of their constitutional programme has been to destroy Parliament and its powers ... Blairite society, threatened by new adversaries and, still more, by new technologies for sharing information, seeks to preserve its waning powers by transforming the U.K. into an ungovernable, ramshackle outfit on the pattern of late Poland-Lithuania or the Holy Roman Empire.  A series of legal devices will be cooked up to prevent any change from our trajectory towards mediocrity and impoverishment..."

A New Britain: Renewing Our Democracy and Rebuilding our Economy  (2022/3)

"The proposals of Keir Starmer's 'A New Britain' constitution, written up by Gordon Brown, are designed to destroy Parliament forever - and by extension anything approaching popular sovereignty in Britain ... 'A New Britain' will close off any route to democratic change..." [source].


The Reform UK Party

Five Reasons to Vote Reform UK Today  (04 July 2024)

"In my view no thinking person has a choice but to vote Reform UK today.  'Tactical' voting must be put to one side.  It is pointless.  The Tories are a spent force.  They deserve to die ... Today I commit all our energies on TCW to ridding the country of that other segment of the uni-party, the execrable, anti-democratic, anti-family, anti-freedom and anti-country party that is called Labour.  Like the Conservatives, the name belies the aims.  It has long stopped advocating for or representing the working man.  But, the only way we will succeed in making Labour die too is by backing a new political force in the country.  There is but one.  It has been granted to us in the shape of a newly invigorated Reform UK led by Nigel Farage.  Here are my five compelling reasons to take the plunge and vote for Reform UK..."

The View from the Stump - Our Man in Swansea West  (04 July 2024)

"That we will wake up to a Labour government and an eviscerated Tory Party on Friday is a racing certainty.  It means that this may be last piece I write for a while in the free, liberal country I love rather than in a Marxist tyranny that I already despise ... Here in Wales there is a faint hope.  For many Welshmen and women, voting Tory is anathema, courtesy of the 1980s.  As the Senedd has wiped out Welsh enthusiasm for Labour they have tended not to vote ... I have spent my time leafleting and talking to people.,  They are excited to have an option to vote against the clowns in Cardiff and they intend to use it.  It's the Nigel Farage factor; as one person told me, 'He's saying what I'm thinking' ... Here in Swansea West we can strike a blow against the apparatchiks..."

Democracy in Decay: A Tale of Two Elections  (04 July 2024)

"Reform UK is merely the crystallised tip of a much larger and (currently) more amorphous revolt now condensing from the political ether.  Both Farage and the ever more influential thinker and commentator Professor Matt Goodwin have spoken in favour of Direct Democracy and about building a much wider movement based on what might be called the Substack revolution.  It is plain that what they have in mind will be some kind of amalgam of party and pressure group, a movement that combines the necessity of vertical hierarchies and disciplines of a traditional political party with the flexibility of horizontal networks of campaigning activists, a movement in short designed either to govern when in office or to drive debate when outside it, all within a Swiss-style hybrid representative and direct democratic model..."

YOUTUBE:  Why GEN Z Is Turning to Nigel Farage and Reform UK  (03 July 2024)

"In this video, I explore the surprising trend of young voters, particularly Gen Z, supporting Nigel Farage and the Reform Party.  With the 2024 general election around the corner, it's fascinating to see why more young people are gravitating towards Reform UK over the traditional Conservative Party.  I'll discuss the key issues driving this shift, from the illegal migration crisis to the rise of woke ideology in schools and universities.  You'll hear from young Reform UK supporters who feel disillusioned with the current political system and are looking for real change."

With Head Held High, Vote Reform  (02 July 2024)

"On Thursday we have an opportunity to vote in new people, many of whom have come away from proper jobs to stand as MPs for a party that they and its leader believe in.  That you can believe in Reform UK too is mainly because of this healthy reservoir from which its manpower is sourced ... Reform UK is a new party, and is repeatedly vilified by what masquerades as a free press who do their best to muffle is very existence, let alone its message.  We have known for years, of course, that this bias is rampant:..."

Fixing Broken Britain the Farage Way - A Great Reforming Political Speech  (01 July 2024)

"In his most serious and comprehensive speech yet, Nigel Farage forcefully and uncompromisingly documented Britain's cultural and economic decline yesterday.  'I couldn't stand aside', he told the Reform UK national rally at the Birmingham NEC.  'Not from a country in such serious economic decline, not from a country that is in societal decline, not from a country in cultural decline.'  It was, as I tweeted, a great political speech that hit al the buttons and promised serious reform.  'We are not a protest vote, even though there is much to protest against.  People are supporting us because we have a vision'..."

YOUTUBE:  LIVE: Rally for Reform UK  (30 June 2024)

"Watch live as thousands meet at the NEC in Birmingham for the Rally for Reform."

YOUTUBE:  Peter Whittle: Why I'm Voting for Reform UK  (30 June 2024)

"Next week Britain goes to the polls and the probable result will be a big Labour majority.  The effect of this will be to have in power a party which is essentially the Parliamentary wing of an ideology which has captured virtually all our other institutions from the Civil Service to the police, from our museums to our schools.  There is no sugar-coating it; this is a terrible prospect.  It will be for many of us like living in a one-Party State, and this will be compounded by the fact that any rump of Tory MPs who have managed to survive the Wipeout will be of the wettest, most liberal - conservative in name only.  But once the mists have cleared our job really begins ... it is the aftermath of this election which is crucial; this is when we must begin in earnest to build a new strong oppositional movement..."

YOUTUBE:  Why Young People Are Voting Reform. Don't Believe the Mainstream Media  (26 June 2024)

"Despite the Media misleading the country that it is only older people voting Reform there are lots of young people voting for them too.  Here, two students who are out on the campaign trail in Wellingborough supporting Ben Habib and Nigel Farage give their views to Liam Galvin on the Media, teaching bias, Nigel Farage, and why they will vote Reform."

The Last Honest Man  (26 June 2024)

"I feel like Diogenes, the Ancient Greek who walked about sunny Athens with a lamp looking for an honest man.  And I have found one in Nigel Farage, certainly the last politician who always tells the truth.  What I find truly shocking is those who oppose him, the Rothermere press [the Guardian], for example, whose financial dealings with the British government remind me of Pravda with the Soviet Politburo ... Farage is the first and last honest man and politician in Britain."

YOUTUBE:  Dear Great Britain: A Heartfelt Message From Nigel Farage  (23 June 2024)

"This is not just a political message but a message of freedom and hope... something we all should cherish and we all can agree with."

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage Destroys Opponent Over Immigration Claim  (21 June 2024)

"As Nigel Farage mocks his Conservative opponent over the government's immigration record, what is the truth behind the probable next Prime Minister, Keir Starmer?..."

YOUTUBE:  Why Elites Fear Nigel Farage  (20 June 2024)

"In this clip ... we're diving deep into the persistent disconnect between the establishment elites and the populist movement.  Despite the clear mandate given by voters through Brexit and the rise of leaders like Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen, the elite class continues to ignore and dismiss the grievances of ordinary people.  In this video, we'll explore why this populist age hasn't been nipped in the bud, the cultural and political dynamics at play, and how figures like Rishi Sunak and Tony Blair symbolize this elite detachment.  We'll also discuss why populist movements are gaining traction among young voters and what this means for the future of British politics."

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage Turns Opponent's Answer Against Her  (18 June 2024)

"Penny Mordaunt's pathetic defense of immigration policies of the U.K."

Farage Shines in Frinton  (17 June 2024)

"Last week I promised that until the broadcasters treated Reform UK and Nigel Farage fairly (according to the strength of his party's showing) I would 'balance' our coverage of him in his favour.  When I wrote that, I knew the BBC and rest of the 'mainstream' channels were congenitally incapable of according him that democratic respect.  I knew this because with David Keighley, director of News-Watch, we tracked the extraordinary bias against him and UKIP (consigning him to the margins of the schedules and openly sneering at him) through Brexit Party days, a continuing mistreatment and demonising of him by the BBC that goes back all the way to the 1999 EU Parliament elections and described here in 2015 by David.  That is why it is highly unlikely any of the channels will cover his speech on Saturday in Frinton-on-Sea fairly, if at all, let alone comment on his quite unique (at this point of UK history) powers of oratory.  No notes, no autocue, just Nigel in command and totally engaging!  No wonder, despite the broadcasters' best efforts, as Matthew Goodwin notes, he is cutting through"


The Green Party

The Green Party's Bigotry Problem is Far Worse Than Reform's  (02 July 2024)

"There's a political party in the UK that is fielding candidates who seem to have 'praised' the slaughter of hundreds of members of an ethnic group.  This party has put forward candidates for the 4 July General Election who appear to have favourably compared racist murderers to the French Resistance.  It's a party with candidates who allegedly accused victims of racist violence of bringing the violence on themselves in a bid to win some pity.  What awful party is this?  What dreadful organisation might have such bigotry coursing through its ranks?  It must be Reform, right?  No.  It's the Greens.  We need to talk about the Green Party's anti-Semitism problem..."

Green Party Leader Admits She Has Gas Boiler, Not Heat Pump  (24 June 2024)

"The Green Party leader has admitted that she still has a gas boiler despite her party's commitment to reach Net Zero by 2040.  The Telegraph has the story:  ... 'Carla Denyer, the co-leader of the Greens, has insisted she is 'in the process of getting quotes' for an air source heat pump ... Heat pumps have been criticised for failing to properly warm larger, older properties and for being noisy, as well as being expensive.  A report in July 2022 by the Climate Change Committee found the running cost of a heat pump is 10% higher than that of an average gas boiler, equating to £100 more a year.  Heat pump installation typically costs between £10,000 and £15,000 compared to £2,000 to £4,000 for replacing a gas boiler."

YOUTUBE:  Katie Hopkins: Green Party Announces Manifesto  (12 June 2024)  :-)

Viewers' Comments:  "The sad thing is that this isn't far off their real policies"  /  "Sounds like the WEF agenda"  /  Born and bred in Brighton, seen the catastrophic and chaotic mess that the incapable and incompetent Greens caused in my home town"  /  "Greens... saving humanity by telling other people how to live"  /  "This is not a parody. This is a documentary. Which is terrifying"  /  "Perfect and sadly utterly true"  /  "I'm currently knitting a tanktop out of grass"  /  "Watermelons. They are green on the outside but red in the middle"


The Independents

The Independent Platform


Some Specific Issues


The Immigration Election? It Seems the Conservatives and Labour Haven't Heard  (16 June 2024)

"So much of what Labour is proposing is either already being done or will have the effect of drawing in more migrants ... The Conservatives ... included the commitment to 'stop the boats' by persevering with their Rwanda plan and to reduce legal migration by introducing a cap ... Forgive me if I gloss over the LibDems on immigration - little point.  Same with the SNP, Greens, or Plaid Cymru ... Reform appears to be alone in capturing the mood of the majority on the issue of immigration and how to reduce it..."

Farming and Food

Three Main Parties Would Destroy Farming... But Reform Ticks Every Box  (30 June 2024)

"We have a General Election coming up and I decided to look at the manifestos of the main parties to see what they say about their commitment to farming and food ... Tories want to kill farming, Liberal Democrats support insect protein, and Labour have not even mentioned the industry in their manifesto ... the Green Party is, as to be expected, purely focused on green issues, some of which could be very detrimental to our farmers and our food supply ... Reform UK wants to focus on the smaller farms.  It is the smaller farms who are going out of business.  They want to keep farmland in use and not use it for solar farms or rewilding.  They want to 'help farmers to farm, not pay them to leave or retire.'  They want to grant powers to the CMA to ensure fair pricing ... If Reform got elected and followed this through, it would definitely help to secure our farmers and our food security..."

The Technocrats

Lurking Behind the Election: Blair and His Technocratic Heirs  (21 June 2024)

"For destructiveness, no one comes close to Blair in damage done to Britain and specifically England.  Every one of our political problems, especially the collapse of democratic trust and the disasters of uncontrolled immigration, are his to own.  It's true that all our MPs since have been appalling, but Blair's legacy is now ineradicable.  The idea of an heir is truly terrifying - though acolytes like Cameron were keen to claim the title ... [Blair] is now a 'globalist' with considerable behind-the-scenes power and accountable to no one ... [He] used politics to join the amorphous and shadowy international elite, now advising governments of any type and morality on 'global change' ... His political legacy is that anything is allowed, if you express the 'right views' and are against 'the forces of conservatism'..."


Voters, Remember That Tories and Labour Were Co-Conspirators in the Covid Disaster  (04 June 2024)

"As voters go to the polls today, they should bear in mind the assault on our health and happiness resulting from the power games, money-making and fake science surrounding the covid disaster.  The Tories failed us, but Labour MPs were even more prone to signalling their virtue by demanding compliance with Bib Brother-style, state-run panic.  Nigel Farage of Reform UK has called for a 'massive investigation' into the harms caused by the covid vaccines ... You are still not hearing about it from the mass media, but almost every day brings fresh evidence that the effectiveness of the gene-based jabs was at best grossly exaggerated, and at worst that they had - as the scientists are now putting it - 'negative effectiveness'..."

When It Comes to Discussing Lockdown, Politicians Are Mute  (30 June 2024)

"The real conspiracy of silence in this election is on the pandemic, says Liam Halligan in the Telegraph: ' ... I'm shocked - but hardly surprised - that the U.K.'s lockdown policies have been barely discussed during this election campaign. There seems to be a conspiracy of silence between the main parties to keep quiet about lockdown, seeing as all of them agreed with and helped reinforce it.  This position is now, at the very least, open to serious question...' "

No One Wants to Talk About Lockdown  (28 June 2024)

"Its the first General Election since Covid, yet lockdown and the rest of the catastrophic response just aren't being discussed.  Huge costs, vast harms, but no one wants to talk about it ... Another possibility is that many people see Covid as a kind of freak event in the past that they don't expect to recur for a very long time, so see no need to talk about it in an election focused on the next five years.  If so, they may be underestimating the determination of some in the 'health security' industry to conjure up emergencies on very thin pretexts."

Shh, Don't Mention the Vaccines  (19 June 2024)

"None of our political parties care to talk about lockdowns.  None remind us of how fervently they supported masks, social distancing and the Rule of Six.  The Tories don't wish to remember how stringently they enforced futile strictures.  Labour and SNP don't care to recall how they demanded greater restrictions ... What's more interesting ... is the equal omertà on Covid vaccines.  Unlike lockdowns, sold as a painful necessity, vaccines were touted as great achievements ... Now, come the election, no candidate hails the vaccines or the rollout.  Nary a word.  This is odd, to say the least.  This Government hasn't much to crow about.  So, you'd think it'd highlight what, three years ago, was hailed as a world-beating success? ... I'd like to hear our candidates say something about their great vaccine rollout..."

The Covid Conspiracy of Silence Nobody is Talking About  (17 June 2024)

"Isn't it a bit odd that we're halfway through a General Election and yet the political parties have not sought to discuss their or their opponents' record during the pandemic, asks Brian Monteith in the Scotsman ... 'Could it be that it suits them all, Government and opposition alike, to not talk about their almost universally poor conduct during that time? ... How could our governments adopt a conscious programme of Project Fear to scare us into obedience - to snitch on our neighbours for walking their dogs, to wear masks despite there being no evidence of benefits, to adopt entirely arbitrary social distancing so we could not see our dying loved ones or easily attend their funerals?' ... It's surely because they know that what they did was devastating for no obvious gain, concludes Monteith - and the opposition was entirely complicit..."


Labour's Backdoor British Blasphemy Laws  (03 July 2024)

"The Runnymeade trust, a 'progressive' activist think tank in Britain, adopted the term 'Islamophobia' in 1997 to describe not just prejudice against Muslims but also towards Islam.  The term was inherited from Revolutionary Iran in the 1980s and it mainstreamed the concerted effort to regulate speech against Islam in British public life.  In more recent years, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims has introduced its own vague and therefore pernicious definition of the term.  According to its definition, 'Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.'  This is the definition which the Labour Party has officially adopted for internal party purposes..."

The Growing Power of the Muslim Vote  (02 July 2024)

"The 2024 General Election is probably the first time that we have seen an Islamic agenda openly influencing an election in the U.K.  This influence is seen clearly in the extent to which parties and candidates are keen to present themselves as supportive of Palestinians in the Gaza conflict.  There is also a concerted campaign to get Muslims voting on Islamic issues ...

  • The Henry Jackson Society has released a report showing that Islam is the largest minority religion in 129 of the 220 most marginal seats in the General Election.  That's 58.6% of the marginal seats. ...
  • Islam is the largest religious minority in more than half of the marginal seats currently held by the Conservatives (98 out of 176, 0r 55.6%).
  • Islam is also the largest minority religion in all the marginal seats currently held by Labour (three out of three, or 100%). ...
  • In 2011, Muslims represented 10% or more of the population in 82 constituencies.  Today, they represent 10% or more of the population in 120 constituencies.
  • In 2011, Muslims represented 25% or more of the population in 21 constituencies.  Today it is 30 constituencies.
  • Muslims now represent 50% or more of the population in four constituencies.

"Whatever happens in this election ... it may well go down in history as the first U.K. election in which Islam had a significant influence.  The influence of Islam is only increasing over time as Islam grows faster than other religions..."

The Backdoor Islamic Supremacism of 'The Muslim Vote'  (24 May 2024)

"Abubakr Nanabawa is a 24-year-old campaigner who incorporated TMV Civic Engagement Limited in February this year.  He celebrated the English local election results as part of a campaign to punish Labour for backing Israel since the 7th October massacre ... This week TMV tweeted that the data shows that 'we can impact 103 seats.'  All of this has a bearing on fundamental freedoms in the UK.  Now that a general election has been called, campaigning is going to intensify, and a group such as this one will work hard to push its demands into the mainstream.  On 5th May, The Muslim Vote tweeted eighteen demands to Keir Starmer should he win the next general election.  Taken as a whole, these amount to an attempt to slip Islamic supremacism in through the back door ... into British politics ... If we, as Christians, care about fundamental freedoms, we need to continue to unmask groups such as TMV as the Islamic supremacists that they are."


The Media

Inquiry Into 'Electoral Interference' Over C4' Reform UK Allegations  (04 July 2024)

"OFCOM Watch, a new campaigning organisation monitoring the TV and online 'regulator' Ofcom (Office of Communications), has instructed a senior barrister to lead an independent inquiry into alleged election interference by Channel 4 Television ... Ofcom has a specific regulatory framework during UK General Elections and has a duty to follow guidance it has issued under the Communications Act 2003 ... Ofcom Watch and the Reform party ... believe that there is worrying evidence of electoral interference and the breach of the law that may have had a serious effect on the democratic process.  This incident is particularly concerning as the report was broadcast so close to the general election..."

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage Question Time Audience Member Deletes Facebook After Revealed To Be A BBC Producer  (01 July 2024)

Viewers' Comments:  "BBC. Absolutely reprehensible"  /  "How is this institution still allowed to tax the public under threat of prison?"  /  "Predictable smear campaign from all angles"  /  "The arrogance of these people is boundless"  /  "What is it about the BBC that it thinks it can keep working to subvert elections such as the Scottish Referendum, Brexit, and this General Election, when its charter demands impartiality?"  /  "Reform needs to take this up with lawyers, as it is so clearly electoral interference"

YOUTUBE:  I will Not Interrupt You  (29 June 2024)

Viewers' Comments:  "Disgraceful. It is though a beautiful advertisement as to why the BBC needs to be scrapped. Complete bias, stacked audience, duplicitous host"  /  "[Fiona Bruce] is an absolute disgrace and she should be sacked"  /  "Truly shocking"  /  "BBC must be in breach of impartiality? Disgraceful behaviour"  /  "What a shocking embarrassment to the UK the BBC is - I will not interrupt you unless you try to speak"  /  I wanted to hear what Nigel had to say, not what the BBC narrative wanted to say"  /  "Fiona Bruce: 'Don't talk while I'm interrupting'"

Reform Reports Channel 4 to Police for 'Electoral Interference'  (29 June 2024)

"Reform U.K. has reported Channel 4 to the police and Electoral Commission for 'electoral interference' over the secret filming of a racist activist who[m] the party says was a plant.  The Telegraph has more: 'Andrew Parker, a part-time actor who lists 'secret filming' among his skills, was shown in a Channel 4 News bulletin using a racial slur against Rishi Sunak ... Adam Richardson, the Reform Secretary and a barrister, said he had also made a formal complaint to Essex Police on behalf of Mr Frarage.  In his letter to the Electoral Commission, Mr. Richardson said it was 'entirely evident that Mr. Parker was a plant within the Channel 4 News piece...'"

Racist Reform Activist Filmed by Channel 4 Is an Actor  (28 June 2024)

"Isabel Oakeshott broke the story on TalkTV this morning.  She said: 'You know, there was bewilderment within the party yesterday, as to who this guy was' ... A spokesman for Channel 4 denied that Parker was paid or previously known to the production team ... Oakeshott admits - though with obvious incredulity - that it could just be coincidence: 'Yes, sure, it's theoretically possible that Channel 4 just HAPPENED to strike gold by finding a horrendous racist who just HAPPENS to be an actor who just HAPPENS to specialise in the same 'rough voice' used in the undercover footage and just HAPPENS to be a Reform supporter...' "

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage and Reform UK Under Attack in the Press  (26 June 2024)

"When you see and read headlines attacking politicians including Nigel Farage - whether you support him or not - it is important to consider the surrounding information available.  This video doesn't include it all, of course, but gives you an idea of what to think about..."

Farage Against the Machine: Is Nigel a Nazi?  (24 June 2024)

"Did you knwe that, in the run-up to the nation's looming;General Election on 4 July, there has been a sudden mass outbreak of neo-Nazism right across the United Kingdom?  No?  That's because there hasn;t.  But this has not prevented mainstream Birtish media and politicians hysterically claiming otherwise, and all thanks to the supposed malign, fascistic influence on one man in particular: former Chief Brexiteer and current leader of the insurgent start-up Reform Party, Nigel farage.  How is Nigel a nazi?  Wwell, he isn;t, so the smear just has to be exxentially invnemnted out of nothing..."

BBC and ITV Smear Reform with a Baseless Story About Election Manipulation  (19 June 2024)

"Last week, both the BBC and ITV reported on the same non-story: that no evidence was found of Reform U.K. using 'bots' to influence its social media reach ahead of the July 4th General Election ... 'Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Reform U.K.?' asked BBC 'disinformation correspondent' Marianna Spring.  Apparently without any sense of irony, Spring built her own bot farm - 24 mobile telephones, each of which is loaded with social media accounts of a fictional profile, which Spring used to 'like, follow and watch relevant content'.  Spring used these accounts to contact other social media accounts which had committed the egregious sin of sharing Reform U.K. videos or imploring others to 'Vote Reform!' ... If mere suspicions of a 'coordinated campaign' of pro-Reform comments on social media are worthy of investigation, what should we make of a manifestly anti-Reform coordinated campaign on conventional news media?  Can it be mere coincidence that two national broadcasters produced such studies, based in thin air, within 24 hours of each other? ... BBC Verify's work, despite its bloated staff, is sloppy to the point of being false, partial to the point of being deeply ideological and hypocritical.  It's own 'fact checking' is littered with errors ... the product is always the same: smear and innuendo, rather than facts developed through careful research.  With their own bot farms, conspiracy theories, spam-like trolling and rush to acquire 'clout' with clickbait and bulls**t, the organisations working in the 'misinformation' and 'election interference' domains have become precisely what they set out to expose..."


Quotes and Comments

The Establishment Parties / The Technocrats

"If you want more 'net zero', meaning you'll live a poorer, less fulfilling life, face far more restrictions on where, how, and how far you can ravel, see more of your income and savings eroded by higher energy bills plus, most probably, power cuts and blackouts so that you can't heat and light your homes or use the electronic goods we've become accustomed to rely on, and have all that topped off by having hordes of unwanted, entitled, unfamiliar looking strangers with strange customs overrunning your neighbourhood to the point that it becomes unrecognisable from what it once was, then vote Labour, Lib Dem, Tory, or Green.  That's not my version of Project Fear, it's going to be reality.  The only difference, if any, will be the speed with which we get there.  But hey, you can console yourself that you weren't waysist, Islamophobic, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, a climate changer denier, or whatever else happens to be the state religion this week"
[reader's comment at source].

"The role of politicians is to make the Overton window into a front-door spyhole, so that anyone and anything outside can be dismissed as 'fruit-cake', 'far-Right', and 'racist'.  More recently, anything which poses alternatives is based on 'misinformation' and needs 'fact-checking' then censoring ... the answer of these technocratic elites to any growing public unease is to massively restrict freedom of speech, hiding their personal interests and prejudice behind legalism and worries for 'pubic safety' "

"The recent YouGov survey showing the long-dreaded 'crossover', with Reform 1% ahead of the Tories, was the moment technocracy hit the rocks.  Rule by technocrats means bypassing politics by outsourcing key decision to professional bodies that claim expert knowledge,.  Their superior sapience is often ideology clothed in pseudo-science they picked up at university a generation ago, and their recommendations a radical political programme disguised as pragmatic policymaking.  Technocracy represents itself as delivering what everyone wants, but at bottom it is the imposition of values much of the population does not share.  A backlash was inevitable"

The Conservative Party

"The current Tory incarnation lost the room in March 2020 when, at the behest of a cadre of mediocre, Establishment 'scientists', its leadership confiscated our freedoms in service of some 'precautionary principle' - a chimerical scientific maxim which, in the Covid context at least, proved stubbornly resistant ot definition.  The conservative instinct prefers liberty over tyranny and encourages scepticism when faced with a freshly emergent consensus.  This instinct should be alive even (especially) when the consensus in question concerns a newly established 'scientific' orthodoxy which has been gifted the bully pulpit of the state to drown out any dissenting view.  The Johnson of March 2020 went somewhat in the other direction.  The SAGE echo chamber was weaponised and used to propagandise and enforce a tyranny born of panic and questionable intent.  The 'nudge units' and other dark mechanisms of the deeper state were deployed in an undeclared war against the people they are, supposedly, there to protect.  The consequent 'non-pharmaceutical interventions' might have been understandable as general exercises in a***-covering, but they were neither justifiable nor conservative.  The above mentioned conservative instinct proved unable to find its voice"

The Labour Party

Keir Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission.  See the relevant entry for the Trilateral Commission here.

"So, what to expect from the Starmer Government?  Don't look to the Labour manifesto for answers ... The true Labour agenda is to be found in the background noise: ... I suspect that we have nothing to worry about, apart from the following:

  • the implementation of vindictive and irreversible constitutional vandalism;
  • the continued marginalisation of the Christian faith;
  • casual intrusions into our private savings accounts;
  • the denunciation of the common law and its replacement with internationalist diktat;
  • the press-ganging of our children into the political process;
  • and the abolition of laughter.

"Come to think of it, that list is far from exhaustive.  Suffice to say that the Left's vision for the U.K. is likely to be enacted: a Kierkegaardian revolution, one which 'leaves the buildings intact' " [source].

  "Keir Starmer sits down with Sadiq Khan and promises the Allu Akbar Brigade blasphemy laws when he gets into power.  Make no mistake, Keir Starmer, friend of Jimmy Savile, friend of grooming gangs, is a very dangerous man"

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion:  "Who exactly thought it would be a good idea to imply that your employees and colleagues are all incorrigible bigots, racists, homophobes and transphobes who require 're-education' ? ... The concepts behind EDI have no business being trained as facts in the real world and should only exist as theoretical debate in the academy ... It is time to dismantle EDI and repair the damage and make a commitment to our employees and colleagues that we will never, ever seek to force politics or ideologies on them again.  Only, that won't happen ... we are facing a Labour landslide on July 4th.  Labour's Manifesto and its New Deal for Workers have some serious consequences for businesses and employers and especially for smaller businesses.  You won't be surprised to read that Labour puts EDI front and centre, promising to make it a statutory requirement for procurement to demand [that] suppliers of all sizes can demonstrate that they they have trained their staff in EDI and have 'robust' EDI policies in the workplace ... Last month Sir Keir Starmer claimed that his Government would 'tread lightly on people's lives'.  If this is what he means by that then God help us all.  It appears very likely at this point that Labour will win a big majority which will allow it to implement its manifesto and New Deal for Workers in full.  Even more disconcerting is the form that EDI will take under Labour ... My colleagues and I founded the Fair Job Initiative to give SMEs support and guidance over how to protect their businesses from activism and politics. We're now rapidly forming strategies to cope with the plethora of laws Labour wants to impose"

Reform UK and Populism

"Populism is, among other things, the re-politicisation of issues the progressive consensus deems too important to be left to democratic choice ... Part of the reason Farage evokes such horror in polite society is that it has forgotten how traditional politicians used to behave.  More like Ken Clarke in his prime than Donald Trump, Farage addresses people in a language they understand.  No one knows what Keir Starmer means by 'mission-led government', or remembers the five - or is it six - points of Sunak's 'clear plan'.  More to the point, no one cares.  Voters are turning to Farage because - like Thatcher ... he tells a story that gels with what they feels about their lives"

"The change from metro-liberal globalist technocrat Sunak to the metro-liberal globalist technocrat Starmer is of little import to many within Westminster's magic circle, or for that matter to the wider electorate ... Now, with the electrifying return of Farage and the Reform UK insurgency seriously alarming the political and media elites, suddenly who gets to be Caesar this week matters even less as the rough and uncivilised Goths get closer and closer to the gates of Rome"

"Nigel Farage is brilliant not least because he exposed the shocking Soros scandal which has ruined Britain. As Nigel says... 'George Soros has spent billions to undermine the nation state, this is where the real international political collusion is' [see here]"
[reader's comment at source].

"Well it is pretty obvious that if you don't want to be fleeced by the Climate Industrial Complex, pay a third of your wages on energy, need to sit all winter with a blanket over you to watch the telly, can't afford to get to Tenerife cause it will set you back 4 grand, find you're paying 20 quid for a Ribeye, your perfectly good petrol car taxed off the road, you cannot go anywhere in the city anymore or it will cost you 20 quid a trip, you are coerced into getting rid of your great gas central heating, and the dynamic pricing via your smart meter means you simply cannot afford to switch on your washing machine or an oven then... vote Reform.  The only party with the guts to challenge the technocrats at the UN and WEF and get rid of Eco Socialism called Net Zero"  /  "What tele? It won't work when the power goes off"
[readers' comments at source].

"At last a political party that will do what the ordinary citizens want, judging by the massive support for Reform in the comments sections of various media.  Wouldn't it be fun of all the polls were wrong, and Reform won by a landslide?  We need a political tsunami to wash away all the corruption and betrayal of the last few decades.  Maybe it will happen.  No one was expecting Brexit, either, but there it was the next morning"  /  "I suppose 'deeply unserious' makes a change from 'far right racist dangerous to democracy' but translated into plain English it's just another way of saying 'I don't like this and I'm worried it will be popular' "
[readers' comments at source].

"Do they really offer such a stark alternative?  Farage embraced the first cruel and inhumane lockdown.  He banged his pots and pans for the NHS.  No sign of discernment in that action.  Also wanted Blair to oversee the rollout of the 'vaccines'.  Now they welcome Charlie Mullins who declared, 'The unvaccinated shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets.'  Tice - 'They should be vaccinated.'  My conscience wouldn't permit me to cast a vote for such a party"  /  "You're quite right, but the way I view it, at least Reform, unlike any branch of the Uniparty, have a few, in fact several, policies which I thoroughly relate to.  So for me it's a no brainer.  Give Reform a chance.  There's absolutely no other alternative on offer"  /  "I agree.  I'm disappointed not more is being said about the vaccine and excess deaths, but I'm hoping Reform will take [them] on board if elected.  So many [people] still think the vaccines were life saving"  /  "And that's why they can't mention it!  The task in hand is to gather votes"
[readers' comments at source].

The Green Party

Israel / Hamas:  "Here's what I want to know: why is the racism of a small number of Reform-linked people hogging the headlines while the horrific post-pogrom commentary of certain Green candidates is being treated as a small, troubling affair, at best? ... It is worth revisiting what some Greens said as Jewish women were being raped and Jewish children were being murdered by an organisation that was founded in the cesspit of Jew hate" [source].

Covid-19 / Vaccines

"I'd like to hear our candidates say something about their great vaccine rollout.  Do they still think it was a good idea?  Or madness?  All the major parties of the time backed it.  If Reform becomes the next Government it says that it'll have an inquiry into excess deaths and vaccine harms.  Good for them.  Do the Tories, Labour, Liberal Democrats, SNP et al. agree that this is needed?  And urgently, given that boosting continues for the elderly and healthcare workers.  Or do they still believe in the Great Achievement?"

The Establishment Media  /  Social Media  /  Big Tech

"I just watched last week's edition of Question Time in which Nigel was subjected to hostile questions from a biased audience.  Fiona Bruce was on form.  She wouldn't allow Nigel to speak half the time, and she swallowed a sizeable lump of his air time.  She made no attempt to conceal her bias.  These leftie celebs like Bruce never cease to amaze me with their complete inability to read the national room.  I would imagine there was no shortage in QT's viewership last week of folk considering a vote for Reform but as yet undecided.  If Bruce was capable of understanding the mindset of people who exist outside of her middle class, metropolitan bubble, she would realise that her treatment of Nigel gained a huge amount of votes for Reform from hitherto undecided viewers.  Way to go Fiona"  /  "Any TV audience that regularly takes cues from anything they see on QT is either already a hard-on commie or too dumb to understand what the set-up is.  I doubt very much Nigel lost any potential voters"  /  "Fiona's not there to 'read the national room', but to be a safe pair of BBC employee hands to drive the Allowed Agenda, as I'm sure you know (and as I'm sure she knows too)"  /  "The MSM are daily becoming an irrelevance with their lack of critical and investigative thinking"
[readers' comments at source].

"The best revenge on the utterly biased, wretched mainstream media is for Nigel Farage to gain a parliamentary seat, when all his speeches will have to be recorded and made available"
[reader's comment at source].

"I see TikTok took down Reform's live feed of their rally, calling a speech by Ann Widdecombe 'hate speech'.  Big Tech meddling in Western elections yet again, just like the suppression of the Hunter Biden files by Twatter and Fakeache in 2020.  All end of dirty tricks being tried now.  Bribes for Reform candidates to defect, smear jobs about Russian money again, the Channel 4 / Lee Sorrell media operation with the actor posing as a Reform canvasser in Clacton.  The cesspit of smears in overflowing now.  I wonder why, especially as we've been constantly told that a vote for Reform is a vote for Labour.  Could it be that a vote for Reform is actually a vote to stop Labour?"
[reader's comment at source].

"Ann Widdecombe made a hate speech? Really? ... if they say she is spreading such things, I guess she can't be going far wrong, is over the target"  /  "I got to admit I laughed when a speech by Ann Widdecombe was described as hate speech, though a bit depressed too, as it certainly shows how ridiculously far to the left the dial has been pushed ... She must have been saying something the Establishment didn't want anyone to hear, so most likely it was simply the truth"  /  "I believe what upset them was that she said there are only two genders"  /  "She mentioned they are going to stuff Woke, and Woke is about boosting various races and stuffing white males.  Therefore in the progressives' view she's a racist"
[readers' comments at source].

Islam / The Muslim Vote

The Muslim Vote: 
Earlier this year, a new initiative in British politics appeared - the Muslim Vote ... TMV has tweeted 17 demands to Keir Starmer.  These include:

  • recognising a Palestinian state;
  • ending military ties with Israel;
  • allowing Muslims to pray at school;
  • removing the new 'extremism' definition;
  • adopting the APPG definition of Islamophobia (this would result in an Islamic blasphemy law);
  • ensuring sharia compliant pensions are available at every workplace.

"The approach of TMV is sometimes quite threatening.  In a now-deleted tweet, TMV said: 'Now @UKLabour the scary thing for you is we're only going to get stronger from here. You may win the 2024 battle but we are here for the 25 year war. And it is not going to look pretty for Labour if it continues as it is today.'  TMV has recommended candidates for multiple constituencies in this election.  Many of these are independent candidates.  Some are standing for the Green Party, and some for the Workers Party of Great Britain - George Galloway's party.  A couple of endorsed candidates are Liberal Democrats.  TMV has introduced sectarian politics into the U.K.   Islam has not influenced U.K. politics before in any meaningful way.  Now it has started to.  This influence is only likely to increase from here" [source].

Israel / Gaza / Hamas

  "The Labour Party manifesto states that it will call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the release of all hostages. It says that: 'We are committed to recognising a Palestinian state as a contribution to a renewed peace process which results in a two-state solution with a safe and secure Israel alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian state.'  These statements are clearly in the manifesto in order to attract the Muslim vote.  Israel believes that recognising a Palestinian state would be rewarding terrorism and that the result would be a new terrorist state.  Recognising a Palestinian state will not help to achieve peace in the region"

Liberal Democrats:
  "The Liberal Democrat manifesto also says that they will call for an immediate ceasefire, and 'provide the space to reach a two-state solution based on 1967 borders with security and dignity for Israelis and Palestinians.'  1967 borders means prior to the six-day war of 1967 when Israel managed to capture the strategically important Golan heights.  Remembering that almost as soon as Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, missiles were being fired from Gaza into Israel, the situation would be even worse if Israel was to withdraw from the Golan heights.  Palestinians would then be able to fire missiles into Jerusalem and Tel Aviv"

Green Party / SNP / Plaid Cymru:
  The Green Party also intends to recognise a Palestinian state, as does the SNP.  Plaid Cymru goes further by also calling for Israeli Government ministers to be held accountable for war crimes, including genocide, and calls on 'the U.K. Government to expel the Israel Ambassador until such time as the Israeli Government ends its apartheid
[EMcD; a tad difficult to do as there is no apartheid in Israel] and illegal actions [EMcD: Plaid Cymru needs to spell out exactly what these alleged 'illegal actions' are].'  It also wants a ban on arms sales to the state of Israel" [source].

  "Individual candidates calling for recognition of a Palestinian state: Labour candidates Sarah Owen, and Sarah Champion"





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