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UK General Election 2019
otherwise known as Groundhog Day

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Back From The Brink...
"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness"
(Lamentations 3:22-23)

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"God has answered the prayers of many Christians. And we praise him for his grace and mercy to an undeserving nation.
There will be many battles ahead. But if we keep trusting the Lord, and not the giants up against us, we will surely prevail.
As David said to Goliath: Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield:
but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied

Boris Johnson Gives Election Victory Speech After Tory Landslide


GE Results


"Polling stations have now closed on the UK's 2019 snap election, the fifth national vote in Britain since 2014, and results are expected to roll in until early Friday morning..."


"Boris Johnson is on course to secure a huge Tory majority in the Commons..."


"The Conservatives are set to win an overall majority of 86 in the general election, according to an exit poll for the BBC, ITV and Sky News..."


"Boris Johnson Predicted to Win..."

A Run Down of the GE  (17 December 2019)

"It turned out to be a landslide! I predicted a Tory win, but not this big. Boris Johnson secured a thumping majority no fewer than 80 seats. Labour lost nearly 60 seats and crashed to their worst defeat since 1935. Voters in the Midlands and the North largely spurned the Brexit Party and went over to the Tories in huge numbers. The Tories captured some seats, such as Bishop Auckland and Tony Blair's former constituency of Sedgefield, for the first time. Labour's so-called Red Wall was breached like the Möhne Dam. The dim LibDem leader, if that's not a tautology, Jo Swinson, lost her seat. Scotch Nat leader Nicola Sturgeon rather failed t put on a display of sisterhood when the result in East Dunbartonshire was announced..."

How Corbyn's Red Wall Crumbled: The UK Election in Maps  (15 December 2019)

"Some five million working-class Labour Leavers found themselves politically homeless after far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced he would back a second referendum in July 2019. As a result, the Tories were able to break through 24 Red Wall constituencies with blocks of Boris Blue. BBC analysis shows that the Conservatives were clear winners in seats that voted to leave the EU in 2016, taking almost three-quarters of those constituencies..."

All the Defector MPs Lost Their Seats  (13 December 2019)

"Turns out voters don't take kindly to party-hopping democracy dodgers when their time comes..."

If the Exit Poll is Correct, the Red Wall Has Well and Truly Collapsed  (12 December 2019)

"Well I have to admit it. I burst into tears. The people of Britain have spoken - the real people. Not the social media trolls or the Twitter addicts or that whole parallel universe of ghosts who seemed - to the credulous - to be what politics was about now, but the grown-up, decent, rational people of this country who have once again asserted their right to be heard. And because Boris Johnson insisted that this was a Brexit election - with that endlessly repeated mantra about 'getting Brexit done' - this was more than an election: it was a second referendum too. So that's the end of that. What this must mean is that the Red Wall has well and truly collapsed. Labour has lost its birthright to the working class vote. But the size of the majority must also mean that many, many Remainers did the gracious thing and admitted that in a democracy, the minority must honour the will of the majority. They chose the fair and proper path. To them, we must give proper respect and thanks. We will only know later how the demographics worked. Was there really a generational divide as we had been promised? Or have we just been suffering an avalanche of noise from a small minority of activists? Where does Labour go from this ignominious moment? It will have to rebuild from scratch, from the ground up - to create a whole new possibility of Opposition. But for tonight there is only one message to the British people: you are wise, undaunted and quite magnificent."


Post-Election Commentary and Analyses

YOUTUBE:  Historian David Starkey on Boris' Landmark Election Victory  (18 December 2019)

"Historian, Professor David Starkey analyses the 2019 general election result. Is this the new British revolution? How will history remember the last Parliament of 2017-19? Why did labour lose? Should Boris take his chance to scrap the [BBC] license fee? Should we reform the civil service?"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Well done to the interviewer for good solid questions and listening to the answers. They had a conversation rather than a duel. It is something that the dreadful Andrew Marr should learn from"  /  "Just what millions of ordinary, non-historians said all along... it was treason"  /  "His description of the left wing luvvie [and] students with pointless degrees who vote labour is absolutely stunning"  / "Now there is a man worth listening to"  /  "Absolutely right in his insistence that those who conspired to thwart the Brexit referendum, and colluded with the EU to do so, should go down in history as traitors to the people and the country"  /  "I like the interviewer - he lets David speak without interposing his own views. So many interviewers these days end up basically interviewing themselves"

More viewers' comments:  "The Sun, presenting academic interviews, while The Guardian shoots for low brow race baiting"  /  "Mr Starkey is a national treasure"  /  "His every word commands attention ... essentially banned on the BBC! Great interview"  /  "David Starkey is easy to interview. A couple of short questions lead to half-an-hour of riveting analysis"  /  "I think I agree with almost everything he said. And I'm a northern working class ex Labour voter"  /  "David Starkey you are a fine Englishman and you speak the truth"  /  "Great interview. Boris should have Starkey as an advisor"  /  "This is David Starkey at his blistering best. Unchained, in full flow, passionate for his country"  /  "So interesting. A man of his age and social background gets the Woke thing so accurately"  /  "A fascinating and captivating interview ... It is so pleasant to hear educated, rational discourse"  /  "Starkey is terrific"  /  "Imagine having Starkey as your history teacher" [EMcD: I can attest that he was a superb and highly entertaining history teacher!  He was a tutor at the LSE but came across to Kings to give some of our Tudor history lectures and he always filled the lecture theatre - even with students who weren't studying the subject!  He sometimes brought a glass of red wine into the lecture room and on one occasion I remember him knocking the glass for six as he flourished his arm while making a point!]

More viewers' comments:  "Should be compulsive viewing for everyone who loves their heritage"  /  "This is a stunning overview on Labour under Corbyn"  /  "Dr David Starkey is always excellent. Boris Johnson and the Conservatives would do well to remember WHY they won so big ... Labour voters who switched to the Conservatives want two main things from the Johnson government: A real and clear Brexit and a genuine and substantial reduction in mass, especially third world, immigration into UK ... If [they do this] they will win the next GE"  /  "David Starkey is himself from a working class background and really does know his stuff"  /  "Hits the nail on the head every time he speaks"  /  "Yank here. This guy is just riveting ... He really understand what is going on"  /  "Mr Starkey sums up the Regressive Left in a brilliant way"  /  "Professor David Starkey is one of our finest intellectuals"  /  "I am an immigrant and agree with Professor Starkey whole heartedly. He is brilliant!"  /  "Brilliance again from David Starkey. Government should listen carefully to this gentleman"  /  "Excellent analysis. Compulsory for Traitors, Corbynistas, Students taking a 'soft' degree, and Remoaners"  /  "The man is a genius"

Let's End the Year on a High  (16 December 2019)

"...the win for patriotism, common sense, decency, fairplay and democracy in last Thursday's General Election...

  • in spite of continual pro-EU media bias by the BBC and C4 News against the Tories;
  • in spite of a certain community fraudulently having  many more postal votes than it has voters;
  • in spite of three years of contempt and insults from the sneering, 'we-know-better', UK-hating, Europhiliac metropolitan elites;
  • in spite of a rigged pro-EU Electoral Commission;
  • in spite of an (IMHO) embarrassingly biased House of Commons speaker bending the rules to help Remoaners;
  • in spite of seemingly needless court cases brought to block the largest democratic vote in British history;
  • in spite of Cable and Blair and Grieve and many others of their ilk shuttling over to Brussels to encourage the EU to stand firm against Britain's negotiating demands;
  • in spite of the useless Remainer Theresa May capitulating to every Brussels demand even before they were made;
  • in spite of our EU-loving Civil Service pulling out the stops to wreck Brexit -

in spite of all this, the British voters have yet again defied the elitist EU-loving scum Establishment and voted for freedom and sovereignty.  Wonderful"

YOUTUBE:  Payback for Betrayal, Lies and Propaganda  (15 December 2019)  [NB: Some strong language]

Viewers' comments:  "Great analysis, as per usual"  /  "Boris, now get rid of the BBC, Common Purpose, Political Correctness, Hate Speech Police, Momentum, Antifa...  just for a start"  /  "One of the important actions Boris must do is pull the BBC license"  /  Boris, get us out from the EU mafia, no deal, just out..."  /  "At least some of the swamp has been drained. Amazing that the neo Marxists have got 200 seats"  /  "It is euphoria at the moment, but let's just wait and see what Boris does"  /  "All the Labour seats are now around universities mainly... Wonder why..."  /  "If I were BoJo, I'd play serious hardball. I'd dictate terms to the EU, threatening a hard Brexit"  /  "The North remembers. The gammons had the last laugh"

Look After Your New Working-Class Voters, Boris. They Won't Trust You For Ever  (15 December 2019)  (£)

"It is rare for general elections to be determined by a single issue, even if for reasons for convenience we often pretend that they are. But this one might be the exception. No, I don't mean Brexit. I mean Hugh Grant, actually. Every Labour or Lib Dem candidate the actor campaigned with, earnestly smarming at the public, lost. He must have been worth half a million votes to the Tories. Not just Hugh, though - the rest of them too..."

More on the Boris Landslide  (14 December 2019)

"The people of the UK have spoken ... They made it clear that the lunacy of Corbyn and Labour was not wanted, nor was the obfuscation and delay on Brexit. Boris Johnson took a big gamble on calling this election, and it paid off big time. Let me look at Thursday's election in more detail ... The political outcome was certainly very important ... Let us vote out clearly evil candidates and parties and seek at least the lesser of evils - which is about all we can hope for in a fallen world. But never forget that only God can change the human heart..."

Two Cheers for Boris  (14 December 2019)

"Yesterday we carried five posts on different aspects of the Conservative GE, which provoked a vast number of comments. Here are some extracts:..."

Jesus Christ - Still On The Throne  (13 December 2019)

"This election week we have been asking who will be ruling Britain on 13 December - today. The Book of Revelation makes the answer clear: 'Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth.'  There was never going to be an ultimate change of government today. Jesus Christ remains enthroned by God the Father as King of kings and Lord of lords ... power ultimately lies with the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Sprit. His authority is eternal, absolute and unchangeable ... who has authority over everything in Heaven and earth. That has never changed and it never will ... Jesus, not Caesar, nor any other king or emperor or president or prime minister is the one in ultimate charge of the nations..."

Looking For Hope  (13 December 2019)

"As we reflect on the outcome of the Election, there is much to be thankful for. But we also face some profound challenges, and the call to vigilance and prayer remains as urgent as ever. Below, I examine three of these challenges: (1) The European Union: Now that the Conservative Government has a majority, it can press ahead with leaving the EU ... (2) The United Kingdom: ... it is important for Christians who are concerned and who pray for the nation to seek the Lord for a clear understanding of how relationships among the nations of the UK should be configured, and to pray and work accordingly ... (3) Israel: ... although Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party has not come to power, the anti-Semitic elements in our society that have surfaced in recent years remain..."

  An Historic Day  (13 December 2019)

"Boris Johnson was right in his first speech as PM of the new Government to recognise that those votes have only been lent, not given for all time ... The 2019 GE will undoubtedly go down in history as an epoch-changing decision of the British people ... is there any word from the Lord?  In what way can we see the hand of God guiding the affairs of the nations through what is happening today? ... It will not be easy to undo the effects of 40 years under the direction of the EU and there will no doubt be testing days ahead, but we believe that the 2016 decision to leave the EU shows evidence of God's sovereign, guiding hand - as does this week's electoral reinforcement of that decision.  This does not mean that we may immediately expect an era of blessing: neither does it mean that we will certainly have a godly Government led by a godly PM!  But it is amazing, in history, how God has used some unlikely characters to achieve his purposes..."

PHEW!!! Thank You, Britain  (13 December 2019)

"Mercifully, the British still had enough gumption left to avert the ultimate catastrophe of a Trotskyist government. Thank God for that. I'm grateful to my fellow countrymen on a purely personal level as well: having spent the first 25 years of my life under a communist cabal, I couldn't bear the thought of living out my last remaining years under its reincarnation ... Boris Johnson now has not only a sizeable parliamentary majority but, just as important, a more or less homogenous group of Tory MPs no longer weighed down with the ballast of mock Tories ... P.S. Yesterday I heard the tail end of Jo Swinson's speech, with her squeaking: 'I can only be me,' That, my dear, is the whole problem."

The Revenge of Democracy  (13 December 2019)

"So now we know. Now we know what happens when you declare war on democracy. Now we know the consequences of demeaning the largest democratic vote in a nation's history. Now we know what becomes of a political class that sneers at voters, silences their democratic voice, and libels them as racist, xenophobic know-nothings who cannot be trusted with stewardship of the nation ... Already leftist elites are demeaning this mass vote against anti-democrats as the work of racist idiots. These stupid voters remain in the intellectual strangleholds of evil tabloids and populist demagogues, they claim. They will never learn. This is precisely the kind of contempt that made people turn against the aloof left and technocratic elites. More importantly, yesterday's election shows the opposite of what these anti-democrats claim..."

Delingpole's Election Diary  (13 December 2019)

"Is it too early to say I'm already disappointed with the election result? Don't get me wrong. Obviously there are upsides: ... Clearly, for those of us of a Right-wing persuasion, today's result is infinitely preferable to a Marxist/national socialist coalition under Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon, But let's not pretend it represents a victory for limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility. Nor, I fear, can we be 100% sure we're going to get meaningful Brexit..."

BIT CHUTE:  Why Remain Lost So Badly  (13 December 2019)

"'You get what you deserve' - betrayed Labour voters everywhere"  /  Viewers' comments:  "My feeling is that people voted for a proper Brexit, limits to immigration and against political correctness and the denial of freedom of speech ... I wish I could say that the Tories will bring about the changes that the people in the UK want to see but I'm not holding my breath. Only time will tell"  /  "The left's hate blinded them to the feelings of too many people ... Their projection reached a critical level and basically blasted themselves in the face"

Boris Proved Me Wrong and I Am Overjoyed  (13 December 2019)

"[O]ver the last few months I have taken a step back, done a lot less media and seriously reduced my time on Twitter. As such I was out of the London bubble, out of all the demented Leftist haters who shout at you all day if you are on Twitter. I spent more time with people who are responsible, reasonable, and may not even know what a hashtag is. These people vote Conservative and some BBC journalists might want to meet them ... this Conservative victory ... has reminded me once again why I like to call Britain home - the Brits don't do anti-Semitism, they don't do Marxism and they don't do extremism ... What must not happen is for the liberal, metropolitan elite that still lurks in the Tory party to try to claw their way back in. Those lifetime Labour voters did not vote for Boris to get some awful woke libertarian. They voted, at the very least we can agree, to get Brexit done. So let's get it done, and then we can all move on. For now, it is a relief and joy that we have secured another five years of freedom. Never take it for granted."

Pheeww!  (13 December 2019)

"The magic has deserted the grandpa ... He was irritable and he doubled down on the weaknesses in his campaign with remarkably stubborn intransigence. Sulky and, what's the opposite of magnanimous? Mean-spirited?  I was sorry that Caroline Flint lost her seat. She was magnanimous ... What will happen next? Where will all the antisemitism go? It's out of the bottle and it cant go back.  Let's see how the BBC will adjust. Will they pretend they weren't institutionally hostile to the Tories all along? Look at 'ex-BBC' Paul Mason - I think he's completely lost touch with reality..."

It's Boris! Tories Win and the Labour Dragon Has Been Slain  (13 December 2019)

"Boris Johnson's Conservatives did far better than I could ever have expected. A proper working majority for the Tories has been achieved. Better than that, the spectre of a government led by the friend of Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA has gone away ... Hopefully Labour will see sense and purge the Momentum communists and become a proper Labour Party again. It was also a bad night for the anti-liberal anti-democratic Liberal Democrat party..."

YOUTUBE:  UK 2019 General Election Results Aftermath  (13 December 2019)

"Now the results are in, it has become clear that the people of the UK have roundly rejected the hard left socialist policies of Red Labour and are backing Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party to deliver Brexit."

Well Done the Voters  (13 December 2019)

"The deliberate log jam created by the last Parliament was preventing good government, undermining us abroad and seeking to subvert the results of the EU referendum. We had to ask voters to make a decision. They have done so in a clear way. There was a big choice to make ... Did they trust labour or the Conservative with the security and future of our country. They gave a convincing answer last night..."

Big Win for Boris and Brexit  (13 December 2019)

"The early Christmas election was as much a referendum on Brexit as anything else, with Johnson promising to finally get it resolved by the end of the year. And now the voters have given him the green light to get it done ... Jeremy Corbyn is bad news indeed and deeply unpopular. The hyper-left socialist would have spelled disaster for the UK ... In the US, the UK, and Australia, the major parties of the left that at one point could claim to represent the working classes have been moving further and further to the left, alienating many traditional voters, including plenty of workers. In each case the voters have spoken - they are just not keen on this lurch to the left..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal - The Day Of Reckoning  (13 December 2019)

"The People of Great Britain have spoken ... There are however, two questions which must be asked..."


"God still has a remnant which He can use to punch above their weight in this nation. Isn't that what He always does? The Bible is full of a faithful few putting ten thousand to flight so long as they get their instructions from God" [comment at source].


The Conservative Party

And Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them  (13 December 2019)

"[Boris Johnson] may be profoundly flawed, but so are we all. What Boris Johnson does have is political vision and personal authority. He may seem sometimes seem to act without reason, but that is the nature of politics. Where he does not act is to impinge upon freedom ... St Paul wrote, 'For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God' (Romans 13:1). Boris Johnson had a privileged upbringing, and has now had greatness thrust upon him. The authority he exercises will be an aspect of the operation of God. He isn't a man of faith, but ... He certainly has those around him who can nudge and fix his gaze on higher matters. Don't judge him too harshly when he fails ... And now his task is to exercise the authority which will shape our structures of justice and government. And to get Brexit done..."

The Conservatives Must Live Up to Their Comprehensive Victory  (13 December 2019)

"Congratulations must go to the Conservatives and to Boris Johnson on this historic win. They have seen off Corbyn and McDonnell, Swinson has been booted out, and the smile wiped off the Greens' faces ... What a massive relief and what a victory for common sense and decency. Those affluent middle classes, represented by Michael Heseltine and Peter Oborne, who were prepared to ... risk Corbyn in order to defy the country's democratic will to leave the EU should hang their heads in shame ... the old Remainers no longer hold sway in Parliament or in the country ... The decent people of Britain have come through again despite the vilification and contempt visited upon them ... Democracy has been vindicated, a second undeniable people's vote has happened ... a vote against the metropolitan, cosmopolitan, arrogant, entitled Left Liberal elite ... Why did the people vote as they did? ... what does the party they voted in actually stand for? Is it the new Brexit Party of the Right, or the so called One Nation Tory Party of the Left? ... Our message to [BJ], however, is loud and clear: you cannot possibly betray all those Labour Leave voters who have trusted you to deliver Brexit, not BRINO..."

YOUTUBE:  Boris Johnson Gives Election Victory Speech After Tory Landslide  (13 December 2019)

Education and Academia

If Boris Can't Counter the Red Menace in Education, This Is the Last Ever Conservative Government  (15 December 2019)

"Had Jeremy Corbyn's Marxists won - as so many 18-24-years-old voters hoped - it would, of course, have been a disaster for Britain ... If these kids had had their way, then the world's fifth-largest economy would have been reduced within a few months to the status of Venezuela-style basket case ... All those lessons they had in school about the rise of Nazi Germany and the rise of the Bolsheviks - if any - clearly made no impact whatsoever on their tiny minds ... So what is to be done to counter the menace of our home-grown Red Guard? This question will, I hope, be among the highest priorities of the new Boris Johnson administration ... And the answer surely starts with educational reform..."



Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (14 December 2019)

"The trawl through the MSM yesterday and this morning has turned up some interesting little gems and some astonishing interpretations 'after the event'. We also find the old attitudes towards Brexit being resurrected both here and in Brussels ... And so to our friends in the EU ... After congratulating Johnson to his victory, it was back to EU as business as usual. The EU has learned nothing, just as our metro lefties, rioting against the democratic verdict of us, the people.  Macron made abundantly clear what the EU expects:..."

Boris: Time for Brexit 'Closure' - 'Let the Healing Begin'  (13 December 2019)

"Boris Johnson has thanked the first-time Tory voters who have handed him an 'overwhelming mandate' to get Brexit done, and offered an olive branch to those who opposed him ... Johnson said that his 'overwhelming mandate to get Brexit done' ... would provide a 'moment of national resolution' in a country which has been mired in Brexit squabbling from almost the moment the people voted for it..."

No More 'Miserable Threats' Of A Second Referendum, as Tories Secure Biggest Majority Since Thatcher  (13 December 2019)

"PM Boris Johnson has said that with his HoC majority, her will deliver Brexit by January 31st, 2020 ... 'With this mandate and this majority, we will be able to get Brexit done because this election means that getting Brexit done is the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British people' ... Thanking the British people, Mr Johnson also extended his 'humbled' thanks to Labour voters who lent the Conservatives their votes, pledging to never take their support for granted..."


Conservatives Have Been Gifted a Huge Majority to Get Brexit Done - They Must Deliver  (13 December 2019)

"Fishing for Leave are glad that we now have a Brexit parliament and that the spectre of a Remain Parliament coalition that would stymie and kill Brexit has been crushed ... Mr Johnson has ... promised in the manifesto we will take back FULL control of our waters and that he won't sacrifice fishing for a trade deal ... We truly hope both Mr Johnson and his Conservative MPs deliver ... before the PM signs up to a deal that will see him legally blackmailed on fishing - he MUST use his unassailable domestic position to push the EU to remove the fishing terms from the Political Declaration. The Transition, where we re-obey all EU law on membership minus, is also a huge threat to fishing (and other British industries) ... We implore the PM and his team to stand strong ... You have been given a chance to make this country (and industries like our fishing) fly - we implore you - don't blow it as Mrs May nearly did."


Will the Lying, UK-Hating Remoaners Be Demanding a 'People's General Election'?  (13 December 2019)

"Will the Remoaners finally accept this result? Or will they demand a 'People's General Election' using one or more of the following excuses:..."

People's Vote R.I.P.  (13 December 2019)

"It is Guido's sad duty to report that the People's Vote is no more, it has shuffled off this mortal coil and it will now abandon this existence, such as it was. For all the millions of pounds spent and the hundreds of thousands of Waitrose customers who marched, it failed spectacularly. The 52% who voted yesterday to get Brexit done, again, won..."

The Sweetest Scalps of the Brexit Election  (13 December 2019)

"The Brexit election has delivered a stunning smackdown to the Remain establishment, with many of the worst Brexit-blockers and anti-democrats getting turfed out of parliament by the voters last night. These were some of the sweetest scalps:  Jo Swinson: The Lib Dem leader began the campaign insisting she could be the next PM. She ended the campaign by losing her seat ... Anna Soubry: ... one of the zombie parliament's most prominent Remoaners. Despite being elected in 2017 as a Conservative on a Leave ticket, in a pro-Leave seat, Soubry attempted to block Brexit at every turn ... Laura Pidcock: ... an ally to Jeremy Corbyn and sometimes described as his de-facto deputy, she was widely tipped for the Labour leadership - until last night when she lost her seat ... Chuka Umunna: ... This year he withdrew from Labour to join Change UK, before jumping ship again - this time to the Lib Dems. At no point did he bother the people of Streatham for their say on the matter..."


"[Jesus] spake also this parable; 'A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none. The said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground? And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it: And if it bear fruit, well: and if not, then after that thou shalt cut it down' [Luke 13:6-9). It has been three years since the referendum, and I sense that yesterday was a 'stay of execution'.  I offer this up for your discernment... maybe, the Lord is giving us one more year to prepare the ground and bear fruit... or else? Lord have mercy"  /  "I too have read those same scriptures over the past week ... the application [of the fig tree] applies not just to Israel but also to all those other nations who have declared they believe in God but have lived otherwise. The UK deserves God's judgement but His mercy and grace is amazing, but does, as this parable illustrates, have its limit because He is a Holy God. Will we repent, including the church, much of which has denied the Word of God and gone with the world. I hope so but I doubt it"  /  "I believe The Lord's hands have been in control of the GE. My prayer since the Referendum has been 'Lord. Remember the remnant' and I see His hand on the result of the GE doing exactly that. May He lead our PM and the Government along the path which He has marked out for our departure. The battle has been won but the war is still raging. May He continue to have mercy upon this nation which He has blessed so much over the centuries" [comments at source].


The Labour Party

The Strange Death of Labour  (01 January 2020)

"In essence, Labour has lost its very reason for existing. Were it not for the the BAME votes, labour would have performed even worse. It is estimated that 40-50% of the Labour vote in 2019 cane from those people of BAME background. This over performance is contrasted with the total collapse in support of the white working class vote in the North of England and Midlands ... How did it all go so badly wrong? ... The British people have rejected socialism. Labour insists that socialism is the way forward..."

Patriotism, the Sleeping Giant That Crushed Corbyn  (18 December 2019)

"An important turn-off to the erstwhile Labour voters who switched to Boris was Labour's attack on patriotism ... ordinary decent Labour folk value flag, family and faith. Corbyn's support for the IRA and Islamic terrorist ideologues was viscerally hostile to these basic values and assumptions ... Patriotism has been embarrassing since Blair's globalist cultural revolution antipathy to the British Empire and history was first dripped into the educational syllabus ... Corbyn's neo-Marxian ideology very much resonates with this capture of the mind of our youth in schools and has permeated mainstream culture..."

Bittersweet Success  (13 December 2019)

"After 40 years of living in Yorkshire, I never thought I'd wake up one morning to news of the country turning blue - not just from the cold, but through a series of Labour strongholds falling to the Conservatives ... It's certainly something of a political earthquake in northern England where people who have voted Labour for generations have shown their contempt for those who treated them as ignorant fools for wanting to leave the EU ... not only were traditional Labour voters fed up with dilly-dallying over Brexit, but most of the electorate finally got the message that her was a terrorist-supporting Jew-hater not to be trusted with high office..."

Have A Very Merry Un-Marxist Christmas!  (13 December 2019)

"Radical Marxist Revolutionaries: ... they thought the British public were going to go along with a Marxist agenda ... Corby and McDonnell managed to turn the Labour party so far-left it ended up cannibalising its own ... Brexit Obstructionists: ... Labour flip-flopped on Brexit; their message on leaving the EU was confusing, which ultimately led people to understand they were essentially a REMAIN party. A party that would not respect or carry out the will of the British people ... Supporting Terror: Jeremy Corbyn and his links with the IRA as well as his 'friendship' with proscribed terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah made him a toxic and divisive figure ... Corbynista - No Pasaran: ... Don't let the door hit you on the way out."


"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed" (Genesis 12:3).

Labour On the Gallows  (20 December 2019)

"As the dust of a political earthquake begins to settle following the seismic Tory victory in the UK Election, a clearer picture emerges of the hand of God in it all. The polls had predicted a close-run result, with the threat of a Corbyn-led Government posing serious problems for Britain's Jewish community in particular. But the scale of the devastating blow to Labour's fortunes is somewhat reminiscent of the way the Jews of ancient Persian were saved from annihilation through the intervention of Queen Esther - at the instigation, of course, of her guardian Mordecai. Haman, one of the King's ministers, was plotting to destroy the Jewish people and had built a gallows in which to hang [Mordecai]. But it came back on his own head when news reached the King of Mordecai's part in thwarting an assassination plot. In the same way, the Labour party made a rope with which to hang itself, taking sides against the God of Israel..."

YOUTUBE:  Jewish Reactions to Corbyn Fail  (13 December 2019)

"I took to the streets of Jerusalem to get the reactions from local Jews."  /  Viewers' comments:  "The people of Israel. God bless you"  /  "Long live Israel"  /  "God bless Ancient Israel & Shalom Jerusalem"  /  "May God bless and protect Israel and all who stand with her. Let Israel know God's favour always"  /  "God blessed us in England and blessed our Jewish family here - shalom"  /  "The Rabbi had a great sense of humor! God bless him and all of us around the world that praise His Name"  /  "Corbyn assumed 4,000,000 Muslim votes were more useful than 300,000 Jewish votes"  /  "England is a bit safer for Jews to day now that [Corbyn] has been crushed"  /  "It's still disturbing that 1 in 3 Britons voted for Corbyn. As a Jew, that disturbs me greatly. Thank you to all those who called Labour out"  /  "Shalom my friends! Enjoy the beautiful day!"

My Heroes - The Non-Jews Who Rallied Against Anti-Semitism  (13 December 2019)

"On Sunday I joined more than 3200 others to protest against anti-Semitism at a rally in Parliament Square ... Momentum activists were instructed by the Labour politburo to call local radio stations while the rally was being held and criticise it an an 'attack on the party'.  Instead of bowing their heads in shame for their role in causing so much fear among British Jews, they instead doubled down on their baiting ... Jews felt relatively safe in Britain until Corbyn and his mob took over Labour. Even if the Tories have won a majority in yesterday's election, Labour's hatred of Jews won't suddenly dissipate. That the rally had to be held at all is indicative of a deep fault line spreading across the country. If not stopped, it will destroy us all."


Corbyn's Scorn for Working-Class Patriots Gets Its Deserts  (15 December 2019)  (£)

"In The Guardian ... one of its finest writers, Gary Younge, declared that 'the electorate did not abandon Labour for the centre. They went ... to the far right in England and Wales.'  What is meant here by the stigmatising term 'far right'? Jackboots on the march? No, just the quiet determination of English and Welsh people to have their vote for Brexit finally honoured. And so the Conservatives last week gained their highest share of the vote in the principality since 1900 ... Welsh former coalmining areas turning Conservative blue ... This was less commented on than the collapse of the 'red wall' in the Midlands and the north of England - where some seats held uninterruptedly by Labour since 1922 fell to the Tories. But it tells the same story:..."

Jeremy Corbyn

Manners Maketh Man/Woman/Other  (20 December 2019)

"At the State Opening of Parliament yesterday, television footage showed the PM and Leader of the Opposition leading a long line of their parliamentary colleagues into the Upper Chamber to hear the Queen outline the plans of her new Government, following a landslide win for the PM Boris Johnson. It is never easy for a loser in such circumstances, but while there was much bonhomie in evidence between political opponents along the line, at the front Jeremy Corbyn rebuffed the attempts of the PM to engage in relaxed conversation and walked like a man to the scaffold, deliberately ignoring the victor who was plainly trying to show some humanity towards his vanquished foe. It was pretty graceless..."

'Fury and Despair' as Labour MPs Slam Jeremy Corbyn for Historic Defeat  (20 December 2019)

"Jeremy Corbyn faced 'fury and despair' from Labour Party MPs, with many blaming the hard-left leader for the party's disastrous loss in last week's general election. In a Labour Party meeting on Tuesday night, 70-year-old Jeremy Corbyn was told that he was the 'biggest drag' on the party in the election and that his socialist spending promises made Labour look 'economically illiterate' to the public..."

Readers' comments:  "One of the most arrogant and ignorant politicians of all time and a sore loser to boot. Boris tried to make conversation with him on the walk to the Queen's Speech and Corbyn completely blanked him. This just made him look pathetic and all done in front of the cameras. A nasty piece of work and thank heavens he'll never get the keys to No. 10"  /  "He's a pretty, vindictive, would-be dictator for sure. But he's not some aberration as the media likes to portray him, he's symbolic of the party as a whole, yes, including the Blairites. These are power obsessed psychopaths, any 'moderate' facade they hide behind is just that - a ruse to fool you. They don't care about workers, or the downtrodden, they string you along and then discard you when you outlive your usefulness. Typical leftism"

More readers' comments:  "Indeed. Corbyn didn't create the Labour party as it exists today. It is a product of failed leftist thought that has been around since 1848, and which has produced defective ideologues that drive leftism today, from Marx to Alinsky and Gramsci"  /  "[T]he so called education system continues to brainwash the youth generation after generation - so many do not wake up to this fact"  /  "Most normal politics cause leaders to rise to the situation, as leaders and as inspiration to others. The left is different. Its politics and agendas ensure that character flaws in its leaders are magnified, and that they are driven by the worst in human nature ... aggravated by the left's failed agenda, which has afflicted this world for the better part of two centuries"  /  "This is socialism"

Defiant Corbyn Declares 'We Won' in Aftermath of Election Catastrophe  (15 December 2019)

"Hard-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has struck a defiant tone in the wake of his party's electoral disaster ... declaring 'we won the argument' and insisting 'our time will come'..."

BIT CHUTE:  Corbyn Refuses to Resign  (13 December 2019)  [NB: Swearing at approx 3.00 and 6.00].

"The dear leader never fails!  The failure is on everyone else!  Jeremy made no mistakes!"

Removing the Venezuelanist  (13 December 2019)

  Jezza the Limpet Could Be With Us for Years  (13 December 2019)

"Having led Labour to two successive defeats, tradition indicates it should be time for Jeremy Corbyn to quit. In true Corbyn style, he has fudged it, only saying he will not stand in the next GE, which at the time of writing will be in 2024 ... It should be quite clear by now that Corbyn is no ordinary Labour leader. Had he been so, he would have quit years ago when he lost the support of his MPs. But Corbyn cleaves to the tradition of his spiritual homes of the gladly-missed USSR and its misbegotten Warsaw Pact slave states, where party leaders never quit due to adverse events..."


Marxism, Socialism, Communism

BIT CHUTE Labour's Communists Double Down  (15 December 2019)

"The problem, comrades, is not with we socialists, but with the electorate itself!"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Commies conveniently forget that young, innocent voters become battle hardened, wise old voters"  /  "They can't learn from this because doing so would require an admission that their ideology is faulty"  /  "Redefining reality so they don't have to face it"  /  "The left don't understand what makes a worker working class - WORK. But when the left takes the jobs of white workers and gives their work to another people... then the left is surprised that the workers don't vote for them anymore"  /  "I think the problem is also that leftist ideology takes a job away from everyone not just whites. Free s*** for everyone even if they don't do anything won't keep your economy healthy in the long run"  /  "It's a race to have the governmentt take care of everything. They want the people to be 'down and out' and totally depend on the government for everything. And trust them... it will work this time, right?"  /  "'fight them in the streets'? These people cant even handle mean words or criticism... how are they going to fight?"  /  "The same Global Left in AU+NZ+UK+CA+USA+EU"

Time To Say Goodbye to the Religion That Has Killed Millions?  (14 December 2019)

"In this moment of joy and relief, we must not forget the gravity of the perils we faced. Corbyn’s and McDonnell’s style of politics always moves quickly from revolution to a murderous tyranny. The ideological iconoclasts begin with extravagant promises of a new order, falling just short of a heaven on earth; but this turns swiftly to dictatorship. It has happed time after time throughout history. Let us have just two recent examples... The French Revolution of 1789 began with the slogan Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. It proceeded to the Reign of Terror in 1793 and a nationwide tour by Madame Guillotine ... The Russian Revolution of 1917 followed a similar course. Lenin’s slogans were: 'Factories to workers!'; 'Land to peasants!'; 'Peace, Land, Bread!'  But utopia turned out to be dystopia and, thanks to a technology far superior to that which obtained at the time of the French Revolution, Stalin’s purges exceeded those of the Reign of Terror and slaughtered forty million of his own people..."

YOUTUBE:  Alan Johnson Demolishes Momentum 'Cult'  (13 December 2019)

"Speaking on ITV shortly after the exit poll was announced, Alan Johnson absolutely took Momentum founder Jon Lansman to pieces: 'I'm afraid the working classes have always been a big disappointment for Jon and his cult.'  Bang on."

Rejoice! Rejoice! Britain Just Dodged the Marxist Bullet!  (13 December 2019)

"So Britain doesn't, after all, want to be run by an antisemitic, terrorist-supporting Marxist and his gang of nasty, aggressive, intolerant, historically illiterate Social Justice Warriors who think the only problem with Communism is that it hasn't been tried properly yet. Who would have thought, eh? ... Had these people won, it really would have been curtains for Britain ... It seemed scarcely credible to many of us that, with the Holocaust still in living memory, Britain's Jews found themselves in a situation where they were genuinely fearful of their safety and their future under a Labour government ... There will be time enough to worry about issues like whether Boris Johnson's Conservatives will now deliver meaningful Brexit and whether they'll undo the damage the Left has inflicted on Britain since the Blair era. For the moment let's just relish ... that Britain is not, after all, going to be turned into Venezuela MkII."

The Red Wall: The Animal Farm Effect

"No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which" [George Orwell, Animal Farm].

The People's Decade  (27 December 2019)

"[T]his is the decade that begins with Gordon Brown insulting a northern working-class Labour voter as a 'bigot' and ends with the northern working classes revolting against Labour in their hundreds of thousands. It begins with the Gillian Duffy crisis, when Brown unwittingly exposed his increasingly middle-class party's contempt for the lower orders by being overheard referring to this 65-year-ols lady from Rochdale as a 'bigoted woman', and it ends with the mass switching of traditional 'red wall' Labour voters to Boris Johnson's Conservative Party - and, by extension, to Labour's worst drubbing at he polls since 1935..."

Woke Class Hatred  (16 December 2019)

"[A]n allegation from former Labour MP Caroline Flint that shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry told an MP in a Labour Leave seat she was 'glad my constituents aren't as stupid as yours' - has now become the subject of a legal battle ... as we're talking about Labourites' and Remainers' brewing disdain for the masses, you don't have to look far for other examples of it. Not least from Emily Thornberry herself..."

How Labour Lost Coal Country  (16 December 2019)

"Labour's fudging of Brexit, its obsession with open-borders cosmopolitanism and its risky indulgence in racial identity politics has been straining its ties with many traditional working-class voters in the provinces for some time. The warning signs were there..."

YOUTUBE:  The Labour Party Earned This  (14 December 2019)

Viewers' comments:  "Who could have imagined the London twitter bubble wouldn't retranslate into votes?"  /  "The Tory party might not be 'our guys', but if there's one thing that Boris has proven to be effective at, it's shifting the overton window of acceptable public discourse. Anyone willing to open up the establishment's verboten topics to wider discussion is a positive step in the right direction at this point"  /  "I voted Tory on [Thursday] and when I was a kid, I would have considered that utterly unthinkable. Unfortunately, the Labour Party I supported no longer exists. The howling banshees of the imbecilic far left that have taken over the party are definitely a worse option than the Tories"  /  "It's encouraging to see people breaking the mindless mould of 'I vote Labour because my dad votes Labour and his dad too and his dad before him'  so on and so forth. Really encouraging to see. Well done England!"  /  "The Labour party turned their back on the white working class... it was only matter of time before the white working class finally turned their backs on labour"  /  "The north doesn't forget"

More viewers' comments:  "When Gordon Brown said 'That bigoted woman' was the straw for me ... a disdain and hatred for the very people that built this country ... how could someone who supposedly represents us be so sneering towards genuine concerns about what white working class people are experiencing in the real world, on the street in their every day lives... and then Lady Nugee came along and mocked white van man for daring to hang a St George's cross out the window... I've talked to a lot of people like me the last few years and we all have similar conversations"  /  "The white working class has crossed the Rubicon"  /  "I don't understand how anyone still votes for Labour... What's going on?"  /  "I can only imagine how few seats Labour would have if only native Brits were  allowed to vote"  /  "Europe is belatedly discovering how unbelievable stupid it was to import millions of people from cultures that despise Western values and which often promote hatred toward the people who have let them in"  /  "Labour sold us out to the immigrant. Period"

More viewers' comments concerning the Muslim Rape Jihad in Rotherham et al:  "Love your work Morgoth... but we have to stop calling them grooming gangs... they aren't hairdressers... they are rapists"  /  "Hearing Rotherham voted Labour was a bitter black pill to swallow"  /  "The lads I know from Bradford - all working 12 hour shifts in a drinks factory (and have pretty much no education) know exactly what's going on with the Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs (and associated drug dealing and money laundering through fake takeaways and other front businesses). They hate the Labour Party with a passion. Like you say, people talk about it in hushed tones, but they know, and they want it stopped"  /  "When that Labour MP liked a Tweet that said the girls that have been groomed 'should shut up for the sake of diversity'  it was a massive wake up call for the working class"  /  "My mother watched and commented on the 'Three Girls' BBC drama. It completely changed her perspective. She went out of her way to vote for the first time during this election, and to my surprise for Tory despite our area always being Labour"

YOUTUBE:  A Working-Class Revolt Against Labour  (13 December 2019)

"Will Labour ever recover from this remarkable defeat? Can the Tories really become a blue-collar party?"  /  Viewers' comments:  "The working class people of the Western world have had enough"  /  "Labour turned their backs on the working class and got their just desserts"  /  "It's really nice to see the hard evidence that Facebook and Twitter don't reflect reality"  /  "I'm from Sunderland. I'm working class. I work hard, I pay taxes and I obey the law. I'm not a victim. I'm not begging for a handout. I'm not in need of 'ministering to' by my cultural superiors. I'm patriotic. I'm unapologetic. I'm not on Twitter"  /  "Almost shocking that people that have spent 3 years being insulted refused to vote for the people that were insulting them"  /  "Labour lost because they hate the people of England and as Aristotle said, 'the mark of the tyrant is that he likes foreigners better than citizens, and lives with them and invites them to his table.'  That is the Labour party"  /  "The Labour Party formally abandoned the working class the day they elected Tony Blair"

More viewers' comments:  "Labour got what they deserved for ignoring the working class on Brexit and pandering to metro middle class sentiment"  /  "Labour's answer to this will be to double-down on the far-left activism. Thus galvanising the end of Labour as we knew it"  /  "It's payback time"  /  "This is us fixing our politics"  /  "The losing side will put this down to the usual vague accusations of racism, bigotry, and retreat into their political circles feeling morally superior"  /  "Hopefully we'll see the BBC fall now, They are the propaganda arm of the extreme left"  /  "It really was a repudiation of the entire Far Left. Their Marxism was scary, their manifesto pledges ridiculous and unrealistic, the party is a bourgeois spit in the face of the working class"  /  "And the greater fear that the shadow chancellor would stab [Corbyn] in the back and take over, an even more hard-core Marxist would-be dictator ... 100+ million corpses were enough"  /  "Left wing twitterati haven't learned their lesson. They're reacting with further contempt for the electorate"  /  "God bless all those who believe in Freedom and true democracy"

Why Labour Deserved to Lose  (13 December 2019)

"It's betrayal of its millions of Brexit voters, its embrace of a second referendum, proved decisive. It was strategically stupid .. But it was also shameful: the party that was founded to give the working class a voice set out to silence that voice ... all Labour offered voters at this election were handouts ... they decided that chasing middle-class Remainers was more important than holding on to working-class leavers. They assumed the plebs either wouldn't notice or wouldn't care ... Labourites' detachment from their heartland voters has bred a remarkable contempt for them ... It has grown to loathe the very people is is supposed to represent..."

The Fall of Labour's 'Red Wall' Is a Moment to Celebrate  (13 December 2019)

"The 'red wall' has fallen. Brick by brick. Almost every bit of it. Seats held by Labour for decades have been seized by the Tories, To me, this is the most exciting thing in this extraordinary election. It feels almost revolutionary. Working people have smashed years and years of tradition and laid to waste the nauseating, paternalistic idea that they would vote for a donkey so long as it was wearing a red rosette. The 'red wall' results are staggering ... Across the country the working classes have abandoned Labour, because Labour abandoned them. It sneered at their vote for Brexit; it looked down its nose at their cultural values; it called them racist and xenophobic for being critical of the EU and concerned about mass immigration. Labour embraced an agenda of identity politics over community values, EU neoliberalism over British patriotism and radical virtue-signalling over the ideals of family, work and togetherness. And its working-class base said no, no, no. This is a warning to the entire political class. Do not take voters for granted. Do not insult them. Do not demean their democratic voice..."

The British Working Class Saves Britain - And Its Jews  (13 December 2019)

"What happened was something most people had believed was unthinkable ... The white working class, those blue-collar workers who had been tribal Labour supporters for generations, voted en masse for the Conservatives for the first time ever ... Why? Because the British working-class is deeply, passionately patriotic and attached to democracy ... their historic culture, institutions and values. That's why in the 2016 referendum they voted en masse for Brexit. And that's why they felt so betrayed by the Labour party, which had been instrumental in stopping Brexit in parliament and trying to reverse the referendum result without admitting what it was doing ... because it was trying to straddle its two constituencies: working-class Brexiteers and the liberal metropolitan intelligentsia who control the party. These liberal universalists all voted to remain in the EU. And they haven't stopped denigrating those who voted Brexit as half-witted, racist xenophobes ... These working-class voters ... are repelled by identity politics and victim culture, and are deeply worried by Muslim immigration and ... Muslim rape and grooming gangs that have abused thousands of white girls ... the antisemitism scandal confirmed their view that the Jews were the potential victims of bad forces within the Muslim world just like them, and were also the victims of those trying to silence such concerns by claims of 'Islamophobia' ... Blue Labour stresses personal responsibility and attachments to family, community and nation..."

Labour's Defeat Is Not Due to Corbyn Alone  (13 December 2019)

"The 2019 GE results are grim for Labour and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The party's heartlands in the Midlands and the North have been breached for the first time in electoral history - and not by a competing party of the Left, but by the incumbent, and Etonian-headed, Conservative party ... Where did it all go wrong - and is Jeremy Corbyn alone responsible? ... A more fundamental chapter is the party's drift away from the interests of working people and towards the townhouse 'intelligentsia' of central London. The capital's inner belt of MPs, Diane Abbott, Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry, have made no secret of their loathing for the party's base ... This level of arrogance and expectation is quite something..."


"There are signs of hope in these results. The roots of the Labour Party were steeped in Christian values, and the constituencies that returned Labour MPs were communities that had strong Christina traditions. It didn't start with Corbyn - Labour lost its soul a generation ago, its leadership secular, humanist and anti-Christian. Faced with a party that largely lost its moral compass, led by an unpatriotic, treacherous, anti-Semitic cabal, swathes of traditional Labour voters eschewed 'tribal' loyalties and voted towards decency, morality and upholding the result of the Referendum. I see hope that it was perhaps for these values, rather than simple protest or tacit support for Boris (who is hardly a model of good character) that they voted as they did. They may not consider themselves Christian, or actively participate in church, but there are deep connections and a strong community spirit that was built in Christian foundations. Maybe, maybe this might provide imeptus to rediscovering these roots" [comment at source].

See also articles and quotes/comments on Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism here and here


Liberal Democrats

Illiberal Undemocrats  (13 December 2019)

"Robert Flello was selected by the Liberal Democrats as their Parliamentary candidate for Stoke-on-Trent South last month. Within days he was deselected because of his views against abortion and same-sex marriage. He is now suing the party ‘to defend both democracy and the right of people to hold a religious view. Given Jo Swinson’s pledge to overturn the Brexit referendum result and her party’s intolerance of individual conscience on matters of life and death, is it not time for an investigation under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 into its misleading name? Discuss!"

Looking For Hope  (13 December 2019)

"For Jo Swinson and other political leaders, 'hope' is built on their political ideology and agenda. If the people will endorse these by voting them into power, then they promise to deliver a better society..."


"I suspect that a lot of support for the Lib Dems (and Jo Swinson in particular) was withdrawn not only because of their determination to overturn the results of the referendum, but to a large extent because of a couple of interviews that Swinson did on Radio4 (Woman's Hour and Today) in the week or so before the election. In them she was completely tied in knots by the interviewer as she tried to defend her party's policy of 'gender self-identification' which would allow any man to 'self-identify' as a woman and gain uncontrolled access to any woman's safe spaces such as refuges. As a result, no woman in her right mind would want to vote Lib Dem. Anyone voicing an opinion opposing this deluded policy would be likely to be attacked verbally by the transbullies, but in the privacy of the polling booth, the voter can express indirectly an opinion of such policies, with no comeback at all" [comment at source].



"We Don't Do Democracy!!! Waaah!!!"

The entitled, "I'm the centre-of-the-world-and-I-MUST-ALWAYS-HAVE-MY-OWN-WAY", spoilt brats are stamping their feet and throwing their childish tantrums again.

"...lovers of their own selves ... proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection ... false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded..." [2 Timothy 3:1-4].

"This is what happens when a society turns its back on God" [comment at source].

"On another website someone from Hong Kong wrote: 'Here in Hong Kong we'd be thrilled to be able to lose a free and fair election' " [comment at source].

YOUTUBE:  Leftist Losers React to UK Election  (15 December 2019)  [Warning: There is a great deal of extremely foul language: the vast majority being quotes from the foot-stampers]

"Insulting your potential voters doesn't work. Imagine my shock!"  /  Viewers' comments:  "So much leftist tolerance in action"  /  "I wonder what the left's new tactic will be, calling everyone a racist is finally losing its effectiveness, and white privilege was DOA"  /  The 'lady' yelling 'fascist, racist' reminds me of a parrot who's trying to list all the words he learned so far"  /  "'NOT MY PRIME MINISTER! Fashist, Fashist!!'  Hilarious!"  /  "'Not my Prime Minister'.  Sorry love but I've got some bad news for you..."  /  "That, 'I wish him a horrible death'  then minutes later 'I want to be a doctor'  sums up the mindset of the childish and dangerous left so much"  /  "That death-delivering non-doctor needs to be made famous"  /  "The Twitterati in full meltdown"  /  "@ 8:49 - The soy is strong with this one"  /  "Best example of 'you reap what you sow'  ever"

More viewers' comments:  "Well one can say this, the left, no matter the country are consistent when they lose. Spoiled, entitled, clueless, arrogant, classless, angry and often violent"  /  "Same reactions here in Brazil last year"  /  "It's the same story here in Italy"  /  "Sounds just like America's leftists"  /  " the states. The leftist media and libs there used the same moronic dog whistles of racist, sexist, homophobe, etc. And I find it heartening that it didn't work to brainwash anyone but the daft left and indoctrinated. It seems the only thing common about us working class citizens is that we continue to put our common sense to good use come election day"

More viewers' comments:  "It's always interesting to see how the left makes everything revolve around race, as though the only reason to let in massive waves of immigrants is because they're not white. Not because they add to the economy, not because their culture might be nice, not because they are refugees who need help (they aren't), no... because of their race.  All this 'diversity' is just meant to displace the native white population in order to create chaos through multiculturalism and declining wages. That chaos and imbalance between the rich and the poor can then be exploited by socialist parties, which can increasingly blame everything on capitalism to some extent, western society, and white people. After all, white people have higher IQs than many non-whites, which means they tend to dominate the top of the food chain.  These people want to force socialism on others, and they wanted to do it with unelected EU bureaucrats. The anti-individualists, intolerant and authoritarian EU lost. Congratulations, Great Britain. Now for my country, the Netherlands to wake up"

More viewers' comments:  "...people who actually know what communism is. Death counts are OK, but they do not even begin to describe the suffering wrought by communists, with all the enslavement, torture, surveillance, confinement of the innocent in inhuman conditions, drowning in urine and scabs, freezing alive in cattle trains being abducted to Siberian labor camps..."

Corbynistas Stamp Their Little Feet and Rail Against Reality  (14 December 2019)

"It started quite early on Friday, The screaming and foot-stamping as the Left went into its tantrum over the election defeat. And now the marchers our out with their placards, 'Defy Tory rule'. In other words, defy democracy. red fascism at its braying worst. Of course it's bad when your side loses ... But plenty on the Left can't accept unpalatable reality. Delve into Corbynite social media and you'll find their justifications for rejecting trivialities such as the rule of law or the clearly expressed will of the people ... Most don't hold back. One of their favourite words for anyone who has voted Tory is 'c***'.  It is used again and again, along with every other imaginable combination of obscene and scatalogical terms..."

VIDEO:  'This Is What Democracy Looks Like' Mob Chants During Violent Clashes With Police Over Losing Election  (14 December 2019)

"Socialists, Antifa, and anti-Brexiteers took to the streets to show their disapproval of the British people's democratic will ... One woman [said] 'F*** Boris, F*** racism, f*** homophobia, f*** all you pigs.'  '[Boris Johnson] is a pig ... and I wish him the worst, I wish him a horrible death,' said another woman ...  'Go f*** yourself Boris Johnson, honestly, what a c***,'  she added. ... Speaking in May, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage bemoaned the increasing violence of the left ... 'For a civilised democracy to function, you have to have losers' consent in elections. That is how it works'..."

Readers' Comments: Parents:

"This is what happens when you remove the right of parents to discipline their own stupid children"  /  "This is what happens when you value self-esteem over self-worth"  /  "Their lives are a constant struggle of their own compulsions and emotions against reality"  /  "We are now three generations into spoiled children"  /  "Self-entitled, self-righteous, cry-baby bullies"  /  "When I grew up many decades ago, children were disciplined, and decent behaviour was instilled in and required of the vast majority of children. They respected their elders and especially their parents. There were consequences at home and at school for bad behaviour. That has been taken away and now many of these rapscallions have been raised to ignore authority ad have no respect for anyone. As more and more of these miscreants grow up in society, things only get worse as they pass on their decadence to more and more upcoming generations"

More Readers' Comments: Arrogant Self-Righteousness:

"The behaviour of these people towards people who simply disagree with their worldview is despicable. The young woman who is having a gobby rant, including wishing death on people she dislikes politically, is the perfect example of children who have been indulged and mollycoddled to a degree that they can't comprehend civil disagreement ... they believe that they are good and virtuous and [that] those who don't think [their] way are evil"  /  "It wouldn't surprise me if the 'wannabe a doctor' female's parents support her stance ... the so-called educated people despite the working classes - who, as we all know, are 'uneducated' and need 'guidance' from their betters"

More Readers' Comments: Double Standards:

"Why wasn't the one wearing the pink jacket with the slogan on the back 'K*LL TORIES NOW' arrested, surely that's an incitement to murder and is against the law?"  /  "Hate speech laws are only applied one way. It's perfectly acceptable 'protected' speech if the object of hate is politically to the right of Hitler... Mao... Corbyn..."

More Readers' Comments: Hypocritical Bolshevism:

"The majority of people voted for Conservative and nothing is going to change that. Accept it or leave the country if you don't like it"  /  "I hope they realise that it's democracy itself that they are protesting against. We are a free and open country and they are free to go to a socialist/communist country, but do they go? No, as they like living in an open and free democracy. Logic! Does not compute"  /  "North Korea beckons the Marxist shower. But of course these spoilt, Communist snowflakes would soon want to come home to Islington/Hampstead and mummy and daddy"  /  "It is their right to protest, peacefully. Calling for violence is not peaceful"  /  "There is no working with the leftists. There is no bargaining with the leftists. There is no governing with the leftists. There is no living in peace and freedom and prosperity with the leftists"  /  "This is a worrying sign of the times, that the left feel so entitled"  /  "This is how Marxism works. They pervert democracy to win, if they can; but go neo-Bolshevik if they can't steal the election with lies and false promises"

More Readers' Comments: The Frankfurt School and Useful Idiots:

"This is what happens when you let foreign agents beholden to a foreign government of foreign philosophy into your country to take root in your most important systems... like education and government. They take it down from the inside"  /  "What is interesting is how ritualised and sloganised their minds are. They can chant a few trite phrases, but by the looks on their faces they weren't quite certain what it was they were supposed to be protesting about ... it was almost as though they were paid - hired - to be on the 'demo'"  /  "This ugly display is the result of 50 years of socialist programming in universities and schools. They are the cannon fodder for the globalist-Marxist elite - useful idiots"


The Mainstream Media

Labour Party MP Blames Corbyn's Defeat on BBC Bias  (17 December 2019)

"The shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald said that the BBC intentionally sabotaged the Labour Party and its hard-left leader Jeremy Corbyn in the lead up to last week's general election ... The BBC, Britain's taxpayer-funded public service broadcaster, has long been accused of having a left-wing bias against conservatives and Brexiteers. A study conducted in 2018 by the think tank Civitas found that the BBC disproportionately promoted pro-EU viewpoints on its Radio 4's flagship Today programmed between 2005 and 2015. A poll conducted in November found that 64% of all Britons believed that the BBC is biased to some degree..."

Readers' comments:  "That's like saying Trump won because of CNN bias"  /  "How big would Corbyn's loss be, if the BBC had been neutral?"  /  "Did I just reality jump? BBC is biased 100% but in a pro-left, pc, degenerate, communist, cross dressing nightmare"  /  "Not left enough, apparently"  /  "They weren't biased enough to get him elected"  /  "Oh, that's marvellous news. So the Labour Party will throw its weight behind the campaign to defund the BBC, then? Jolly good!"  /  "A communist blaming the BBC for a failure is equivalent t the Bolsheviks blaming Pravda"  /  "Labour wanted all the hard working people to pay for all the people who can't be bothered to work, and if that's not bad enough they wanted us to pay for all the extremists who have been raping our children. I guess they think we are all as stupid as they are"  /  "Why would you vote to a party that wants to replace you with immigrants?"  /  "Typical communist mentality... blame your supporters for your own failure"  /  "One question: How stupid do Labour Party MPs think their voters are??"

Congratulations to British Voters!  (14 December 2019)

"There will be so much blethering and blathering by the supposed 'experts' in the mainstream media that I doubt there's anything a deplorable ignoramus like myself could add. But I would like to express my delight at the election result and my admiration for the British electorate yet again defying the instructions of their know-it-all, holier-than-thou, Europhiliac supposed 'opinion-formers'. For years we've been hectored and bullied and insulted and lied to by the mainstream media - particularly the BBC and C4 News. Special mentions of dishonour must go to..."





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