"We are three and a half years on from that referendum when we all thought we’d done it, didn’t we? We all thought we’d beaten the establishment and we were about to become an independent country. Three and a half years of delay; three and a half years of a Remain Parliament; a total sellout of Brexit from Mrs May and from the Labour Party a complete betrayal of five million of their own voters who voted Leave in that referendum ... So after 25 years of battling for us to be free of the European Union, 25 years of wanting us and believing that we should be an independent country, it’s not been very easy. I’ve tried over the course of the last few months, as you know, to build a Leave Alliance. And I knew that between us, the Conservatives and some leading Labour figures that that could have been done. I genuinely tried for months to put about the idea that putting country before party at a moment like this is the right thing to do. But that effectively has come to naught..."