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UK General Election 2017
AKA: The Brexit Election or The Second Referendum

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"Britain is set to elect a new Government on 8th June.
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"Two generations and more ago Britain and its brave Commonwealth fought two world wars and lost some of its finest not to mention the thousands of women, children and elderly who died in the blitz and bombing.  They suffered years of privation, terror and death all around them.  They did it for Britain.  To preserve their country; its sovereignty, its history, its democracy, its society, its people.  They thought the sacrifice was necessary and never demurred or shirked even when we fought almost alone in 1940 and 41 and saw our cities turn into blazing infernos.

"Think of our few who took on the might of the Luftwuffe and the Third Reich and defended us and the country in the face of dying each time they scrambled.  Many still teenagers.  How can people throw away all that these past generations bequeathed to us - and to the Fourth Reich of all things?

"How can people look the other way as this nation is turned Islamic - not least by May herself. ... [We] are the latest of a long line of many generations who have put their country and its independence before surrender with the sacrifice of death if necessary.  We have just to vote.  The fields of Waterloo, the ghastly hour of the Somme ... to the horrors of the Arctic convoys ... and the battle in the skies. ...

"I am keeping the faith and voting for a sovereign Britain and for the only party I trust to keep the faith and honour their pledge" [comment at source].



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"Polls closed at 10pm Thursday evening, with the first results coming before midnight."


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Pre-Election Discussions

Reflections and Elections  (08 June 2017)

"This election campaign may go down in history as both the most unnecessary and surprising of recent times ... this should have been the most important election since the Second World War. The UK is in a crisis that we have never experienced before ... and our future and freedoms are facing a new risk. The political leaders should have been talking about their vision for dealing effectively (and of course fairly) with the new terrors that have come upon us, but they didn't. ... We will soon discover the new landscape in which we must live, let's hope it is one that allows us the freedoms that are so hard won."

Government is a Necessary Evil and Christians Must Vote for the Lesser One  (07 June 2017)

"A necessary evil might be considered an oxymoron, for if something is evil it is by no means necessary. Yet in the realm of temporal government and democratic party politics, there is a better outcome and a worse one, and the lesser of two evils is preferred. And by evil here we mean the least virtuous or the more immoral: the relative greater enemy of the common good. It might have all the seductive allure of compassion, mercy and monetary abundance, but it is more tainted or corrupted than the alternative..."

Politics Will Never Be the Same Again  (05 June 2017)

"Today, for the second time in just six weeks, election campaigning resumes after a pause following a terrorist attack, this time in London. The shadow of terrorism makes the exercise of democracy even more important. In the time left before the polls open on Thursday we need to discuss not just plans for preventing future attacks, but also competing visions of democracy, the nature of national sovereignty post-Brexit, and the meaning and rights of national citizenship. This is what has been missing from the campaigns so far..."

The Old Are Set to Whip the Young All Over Again  (05 June 2017)

"So a bit like Brexit, the election comes down to the old versus the young. The old, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, will back Theresa May and her largely invisible team. Many will do so not because they have any great faith in her or the Conservatives but because the alternative is too awful to contemplate. After all, the old remember the 1970s and the 1980s. They know what it is like to live in a country with an economy on its knees. But for the young, the past is another country. They have fallen for Corbynomics..."

The General Election:...  (26 May 2017)

"The general election is a rerun of  last year's Referendum. There is no other consideration that ought to sway anyone who is looking beyond our present circumstances. We vote Conservative. We leave the EU. We hope and work for a realignment in British politics. Except for this, however, I would be dithering between another vote for UKIP and a spoiled ballot..."

YOUTUBE:  The Brexit Election  (03 May 2017)

"British PM Theresa May has called a General Election on 8th June, which is three years earlier than scheduled. The official reason given for this is that Theresa May is looking to strengthen her hand in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. She's concerned about the other parties attempting to sabotage the Brexit negotiations for their own short-term gain at the expense of the long-term interests of the country, and she's right; they absolutely will do this, and it makes perfect sense for her to call a General Election to give herself legitimacy..."

The Mark of a Champion  (29 April 2017)

"I think we've been brilliantly outmaneuvered since the BREXIT referendum. Theresa May was gerrymandered into position, almost immediately afterwards, she took some nine months to initiate Article 50 ... With the huge majority that the Conservatives are predicted to win in the election, there won't be much that we can do to stop them, whatever stitch up they try to impose on us over BREXIT ... This coming election is the last chance for us indigenous British to have any significant representation in our own political system. What is to be done?..."

A Surprising Poll From Wales  (29 April 2017)

"A poll published this week by ITV Wales showed something quite astonishing: Labour in Wales are going to lose the General Election, and the Conservatives are going to win the most seats. In Wales!  This is something quite seismic, because the Conservatives haven't won the most seats in a General Election in Wales since 1859..."

A Few Words on the General Election  (29 April 2017)

"Unless I fall under a bus before polling day, this will be the tenth General Election in which I have voted. It may be long-term electoral fatigue that leaves me so unexcited by and uninterested in the process. Or it may be that the process itself is dreary beyond belief. Whatever the case, I do not feel inclined to discuss it. But I do feel obliged to say something..."

The Death of the Old Divides  (27 April 2017)

"Wales has been Labour for as long as Labour has existed. Keir Hardie, then leader of the Independent Labour Party, was elected MP of Merthyr Tydfil in 1900. Labour - in one form or another - has won the most Welsh seats in every General Election since 1922..."

Facing Reality  (27 April 2017)

"I'd like to tell you a story about an old friend of mine. When I was growing up there was a much younger boy that lived down the road, my family and I knew his family very well. This boy did extremely well at school, worked very hard to achieve straight A grade, A level passes, he went to a top university and again got a first..."

The Brexit General Election - Put Country Before Party  (27 April 2017)

"For the committed Brexiteer this election is unlike any other before. We finally have a government committed to the UK leaving the EU and they are seeking a stronger mandate to do just that. The question is what strategy should Brexiteers take..."

Why This Election Matters  (25 April 2017)

"At last, following years of elections featuring drab candidates bickering over even drabber policies, we Brits face a General Election of real substance ... A General Election in which democracy itself, the most important political value, hangs in the balance. No one who believes in the principle of popular sovereignty, in the hard-fought-for ideal that the public rather than a narrow political class should steer the fate of the nation, can afford to sit this election out..."

The Five Risks That Theresa May Has Taken By Her Early Election  (22 April 2017)

"A supposedly cautious Prime Minister has taken a dangerous gamble..."

What I Expect from Theresa May's Pointless Election  (22 April 2017)

A general election is called and in a matter of hours a neutral and unbiased BBC presenter has likened our Prime Minister to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Governments rise and governments fall, but some things stay just as they always were..."

Election Chance to Strengthen Brexit Mandate  (21 April 2017)

"This calling of a general election is a significant risk. And a risk not only [for] Theresa May and her Government, but also a big risk for Brexit. Many 'remain' voters, still angry about the EU referendum result, will see this as an opportunity to derail Brexit. But of course - with a bigger mandate - Theresa May will be able to go into the Brexit discussions, showing the rest of the EU they cannot go behind the back of the Government and we will be in a much stronger negotiating position in the national interest..."

Where Are We Bound?  (20 April 2017)

"A massive concern is that Theresa May was firmly on the Remain side during the referendum. She did not speak a lot about it but ... Crucially she did bat for Remain and presumably would have been very happy had they won..."

Labour Seats for the Taking  (20 April 2017)

"The forthcoming general election will be quite unlike any that has taken place in my lifetime. Normal election calculations must be jettisoned, and a new strategy adopted.

Farage Warns of Theresa May's 'Half Out Half In' Soft Brexit After Election  (20 April 2017)

"The former UKIP leader ... warned that while May is 'selling herself as the "Great Brexit PM"', the Conservative leader could use the snap election as an 'opportunity to soften the impact of Brexit'..."

Let the People Speak  (19 April 2017)

"Theresa May's calling of a snap General Election may have been surprising. But the response to her announcement has been disturbing. It hasn't been a case of 'election fatigue', as some in the media have claimed. It's been more like election fear, even election fury..."

The Remainers Throw Away Their Best Chance of Sabotaging Brexit  (19 April 2017)

"Astonishingly, the remainers have missed their best chance to hinder the Brexit process by failing to seriously oppose the motion put down by Theresa May that a General Election be held on 8 June. The motion was passed on 19 April 2017 by 522 votes to 13. This is an extraordinary result on the face of it..."

Theresa May Decides to Go to the Country - Start Counting the Spoons  (19 April 2017)

"A June General Election now would not be a normal one. Like the Peers v the People Election of 1910 it will be predominantly about a single issue, namely, Brexit. Indeed, it could reasonably be portrayed as a proxy for re-running the EU Referendum. There is a considerable psychological difference between voting in a referendum with a clear cut yes or not decision for the voter to make and a General Election, which is about choosing a people to make decisions on a multiplicity of subjects for several years..."

General Election 8th June: What It Means for Brexit  (18 April 2017)

"Mrs May has done what she's best at - political manipulation, She has very cleverly called for a vote on a General Election on 8th June because she knows that Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party will find it impossible not to accept the challenge, and under Mr Corbyn they will do very badly. But more importantly, what does it mean for Brexit and our Exit from the EU?..."

The 2017 General Election We Weren't Expecting  (18 April 2017)

"[T]his will be a very different election from anything in the recent past. ... With the vote to leave and the triggering of Article 50 behind us, the dynamics have changed considerably, particularly as many former remain-supporting Tories along with a significant minority of their Labour colleagues have insisted that they will honour last June's vote and will not be obstructive of Brexit..."

General Election on June 8th Called by Theresa May  (18 April 2017)

"Here are some headlines: BBC, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent..."

News Reviews


Thwarting Brexit

Whoever Wins Today, the Fight for Brexit Goes On  (08 June 2017)

"Today Britain goes to the polls in an historic election. Just less than 12 months ago, 17.4million citizens [sic] voted to Leave the EU, an unprecedented rejection not only of the bureaucratic EU machine, but all of our major political parties, who closed ranks around Remain. The technocrats of Whitehall were shown to be as distant as the technocrats of Brussels. And all these months later, Brexit remains fragile and under attack. This election is an opportunity to defend it..."

Cheer the Demise of the Anti-Brexiteers  (06 June 2017)

"When Theresa May called the General Election in mid-April, it was clearly not meant to be a normal parliamentary election ... It was [to be] focused on a single issue: Brexit ... Brexit, the issue that gave this election its definition, its clarity, has faded from view. While this has condemned the cause of the anti-democrats to irrelevance ... it is also in danger of dissipating the political energy that was to innervate this campaign. Indeed, it is turning this election into what it was never meant to be - just another General Election. Just another face-off between the tired, old parties of the 20th-century mainstream ... It is no longer a vote about the single most important issue of our moment - how we govern ourselves..."

The 10 Candidates You Must Not Vote For  (02 June 2017)

"Racist, low-information, misled and misunderstood - Brexit voters have been called a lot of nasty things. And in this General Election, it's important to remember that many of our politicians, who are now vying for our votes, indulged in this bashing of the electorate. The issue at hand in this election is democracy, and whether or not MPs will implement the people's will. Their attitude towards Brexiteers reveals their attitude towards democracy itself, and to the voting public. If your MP won't listen to the will of the people on the EU, how can you expect them to listen to your concerns about the NHS, housing or education? As the country goes to the polls, here is spiked's list of the Top 10 anti-democrats. If you believe in democracy, and you're in one of the constituencies in which these people are candidates, don't give them your vote on 8 June:..."

Brexit Voter Cannot Afford to Give Theresa May a Massive Majority As She Plans Compromise on Free Movement  (17 May 2017)

"I'm frustrated that so many people who have been staunch Brexiteers for so long are about to throw it all away because of a poor understanding of the UK electoral system, and some doe-eyed belief that Theresa May has undergone a total philosophical U-turn and is now somehow on our side on the Brexit question..."

Remain in Free Fall: Support Plunges to 22 Per Cent  (15 May 2017)

"Analysis by the Financial Times suggests, ahead of the general election on June 8th, the electorate can be split into three groups, one of which [is] referred to as 'Hard Leavers' and represents those who want out of the EU (45%). However, the Remain camp is split into two, the larger group being those who voted top Remain last summer but now think the Government has a duty to take Britain out of the bloc, known as 'Re-Leavers' (23%). That leaves only 22% of voters being 'Hard Remainers' who still want to try to stop Brexit..."

Donor to Target Remain MPs in Leave Seats to Stop 'Backslide on Brexit'  (14 May 2017)

"Financier and Leave campaigner Jeremy Hosking has pledged to support pro-Brexit candidates in more than 140 seats held by Remain MPs in an effort to stop the Government 'backsliding on Brexit' after the general election..."

Gina Miller 'Weeps', Slams PM in Speech Calling on Voters to Sabotage Brexit  (13 May 2017)

"Europhile activist Gina Miller has decried the PM as 'inflexible, harsh and closed-minded' for promising to deliver Brexit, before alleging that an 'emotional spasm' caused Brits to vote to leave the EU. The political activist, who rose to fame dragging Brexit through the courts, accused Theresa May of being 'out of step' with Britain and 'robotically repeating mantras' at a two-day conference for people determined for Britain to stay chained to Brussels..."

Where is the 48 Per Cent?  (10 May 2017)

"With the snap election approaching, some Brexit-bashing politicians maintain that galvanising the support of the 48% is a surefire means to electoral victory. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has announced that the 'Lib Dems are the only choice for the 48%.'  Gina Miller, the self-appointed leader of spurned Remainers, has launched a new campaign to ensure anti-Brexit MPs don't lose their seats. The businesswoman hopes that tactical voting will ensure the 48% will have their voice heard. But do a bit of digging and it becomes clear that the 48% is nothing more than a myth..."

Liberal Canadian PM Trudeau's Election Guru Advising Gina Miller's Anti-Brexit Tactical Voting  (10 May 2017)

"An advisor on tactical voting said to have helped swing the Canadian elections for the left wing Liberal Party is advising Gina Miller's campaign to elect candidates with an 'open mind' on Brexit. The British Guiana-born financier's Best for Britain group has amassed a formidable war chest from partly foreign funded online donations..."

Green Party Promises a Second Referendum With the Option of Remaining in the EU  (02 May 2017)

"Co-leader, Caroline Lucas, told an audience of supporters at a partly EU-funded (i.e. British taxpayer-funded) art studio in London: 'The Green Party has consistently said that the referendum should be the start, not the end, of the democratic process'..."

Let's Take the Fight to the Brexit-Blockers  (01 May 2017)

"What does it mean to 'Stop Brexit'? Or 'prevent an extreme Brexit', in the euphemistic phrase preferred by millionaire Brexit-basher Gina Miller and Tony Blair's online army of Brexit blockers? In recent months, and even more intensively in the days since Theresa May called a snap election for June, the rallying cry of 'Stop Brexit' or 'Stop Hard Brexit' has become such a central feature of media and political chatter that we sometimes don't stop to think about what it means. It's time we did..."

GE2017: A Manoeuvre to Deliver Fake Brexit: Part Two: The EU Still Rules  (01 May 2017)

"Let's cut to the chase: the contention [I've put forth] is that the General Election to be held on June 8th has been called to shore up Parliament for a continued fudge of ... Britain's exit from the EU, or to deliver a fake Brexit. ... the public are hearing about how Labour will deliver a 'soft brexit', but not about how the Tories would do exactly the same thing..."

Gina Miller Hoping to Bring Brexit to a 'Grinding Halt'  (28 April 2017)

"Gina Miller denied she is trying to block Brexit but says it will be 'extraordinary' if she can, after launching a new campaign hoping to hamper Britain's EU departure. ... Ms Miller said her actions were about getting the right kind of parliament for the British people..."

Don't Be Awkward, Be Proactive: What Labour leavers Can Do  (27 April 2017)

"The organisation [Tony] Blair is working for and funds, Open Britain, has announced they will be targeting 20 seats with pro-Brexit MPs, and piling in campaigners there. They will also campaign for 20 pro-remain MPs. Blair and Open Britain are not the only ones who can be tactical..."

The Brexit Election: Time to Back Principles, Not Parties  (26 April 2017)

"[Tony] Blair, [Gina] Miller and the Remainer elite are trying to use the election to undermine or even overturn the democratic will of the 17.4million people who voted Leave in last year's EU referendum - far more than have ever voted for any party in a General Election. Those of us who believe in democracy need to stand for our principles rather than any party in this, the Brexit election..."

Open Britain Falls Apart: Tory MPs Quit Group  (25 April 2017)

"This morning Guido reported that Tory MPs were under pressure to quit Open Britain over the group's decision to target Tories in LibDem marginals. Well, Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan have just resigned from the group..."

Blair Backs Open Britain Plot to Unseat Pro Bexit MPs  (25 April 2017)

"Backed by Tony Blair, Open Britain has drawn up an 'attack list' of 20 Brexit-supporting MPs it will campaign to unseat at the general election, in a bid to sabotage Britain's exit from the EU. The former prime minister said he 'fully supports' Open Britain's plans, which would see constituencies of pro-Brexit figures ... flooded with activists who are determined to chain Britain to Brussels..."

Arch Remoaner Gina Miller Raises £250,000 to Stop Pro-Brexit Candidates in the General Election  (25 April 2017)

"She has launched a campaign called 'Do what's best for Britain' which aims to stop Brexit through tactical voting. With funds that have poured in from remoaners to her gofundme page, she will prop up any candidate who wants to overturn the will of the 52% who voted Leave last June..."

Miller Time... Money Talks  (22 April 2017)

"Gina Miller always insisted that she wasn't trying to stop Brexit, merely interested in the proper democratic process... hence she is now trying to buy up that democratic process and rig the election in order to get anti-Brexit placemen shoehorned into Parliament so that they can vote for her pet project... stopping Brexit..."

Hope Not Hate Going 'All Out' to Stop UKIP, Arron Banks in General Election  (21 April 2017)

"George Soros-funded 'anti-racist' group Hope Not Hate (HNH) have revealed plans to campaign against UKIP in the general election, personally threatening former party donor Arron Banks. ... Despite his threats to mobilise significant resources against Mr. Banks, and allegations of violent 'anti-fascist' mobs commanded by HNH,  Mr. Lowles later published a blog post claiming they were the ones being threatened..."

YOUTUBE:  Andrew Neil Destroys Gina Miller: Is This a Rich Woman's Hobby For You?  (20 April 2017)

"Gina Miller's with us now. Welcome to the programme. Now, you said at the end there, talking about voting for people who'll do the best for Britain. But that's just code for wanting to vote for people who'll stop Brexit, isn't it..."

Gina Miller Launches Tactical Voting Campaign in Latest Bid to Thwart Brexit  (20 April 2017)

"A general election tactical voting campaign set up by Brexit-opponent Gina Miller has crowd-funded more than £150,000 in just one day. The campaign will support parliamentary candidates who want to see the outcome of the Brexit negotiations put to a 'full and free vote' before being signed off by the government..."

GE2017: A Manoeuvre to Deliver Fake Brexit: Part One: The Resurrected 'Wasted Vote' Meme  (20 April 2017)

"Not so long ago the Establishment would tell voters that their support for UKIP was wasted. ... because it was frightened of you voting for UKIP. And its fear was proven in the end; UKIP - and no organisation other than UKIP - forced the referendum in which Britons then voted to leave the EU. A wasted vote? Of course not. And yet, with a snap General Election called for June 8th ... the old myth and lie [is] being resurrected..."

My Piece in the Far-Right Guardian Today  (18 April 2017)  :-)

"It is just typical of the cowardly Hard-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May that she is viciously calling a General Election that literally nobody wants, apart from that tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigots and racists who voted against the explicitly clear orders of Our Experts last June, and who still fail to accept that they - literally - lost, owing to their uneducated belief that 52% of votes cast somehow constitutes a 'majority', whereas of course it - literally - doesn't..."

EU Negotiations Will be at Top of the Agenda in the General Election  (No Date)

"The UK is leaving the EU - that much is known. What happens afterwards is a mystery and will be put at the centre of the General Election campaign to come. The opportunities that the UK has post-Brexit cannot be undermined by the planned attempts by Gina Miller and others that wish to dilute the UK's negotiation position with the EU. This is especially so as, in Westminster this week, more information came to light concerning the ongoing catastrophe our membership to the EU has been..."

House of Lords 'Badly Served' by Anti-Brexit As it Faces Threat to Its Powers From General Election  (No Date)

"The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has reacted to the announcement of a General Election by pointing out the threat it is to the future of the House of Lords, following its opposition to the Government's Brexit legislation..."

Some Questions for Remainers  (23 June 2016)

Concerning our Sovereignty.  Concerning our Justice.  Concerning our Finances.  Concerning our Guests.


Conservative Party

Conservative Party Manifesto

Hold Your Nose and Vote Conservative  (08 June 2017)

"No one has been more critical of the modern Conservative party's adoption of 'regressive' (progressive they are not) left liberal and morally relative values than we have. No one who reads this website regularly could be mistaken about our views. We made it crystal clear what we thought about Mrs May's manifesto shift to the left, away from tried, tested and proven Conservative principles - strong families, lower taxes and smaller state - as the route to national prosperity and well being..."

There is Too Much Phoney Tolerance  (06 June 2017)

"Phoney tolerance has been much in evidence in the UK General Election campaign ... [Theresa] May says that there has been 'too much tolerance of extremism'. Yet in the age of phoney tolerance, we have reached the point where those of us who champion ... free speech as a fundamental value of our civilisation can be accused of 'extremism'. If there is one thing we should not tolerate in silence, it is the perversion of tolerance into an excuse for more self-defeating censorship."

The Tories Often Lose the Campaign but Win the War  (30 May 2017)

"The Conservative election campaign is proving a bit of a mess. The central message, pitting Theresa May's 'strong and stable leadership' against Jeremy Corbyn's 'coalition of chaos', has been undermined by a spectacular U-turn over social care and then obscured by the appalling terror attack in Manchester..."

Labour Certain to Win on 8 June  (20 May 2017)

"Theresa May's manifesto has caused gasps of delight in the conservative press, such as it is these days. The air is thick with adjectives like 'honest', 'cautious yet bold', 'grown up', 'moral', and even 'Christian'. Yet if our pundits took the trouble to get to the bottom of their enthusiasm, they'd realise that it's mostly caused by the ABC of politics: Anything But Corbyn. To some extent I share this apophatic approach to politics. I too have my eyes clouded with red mist whenever I picture Comrade Corbyn at 10 Downing Street. However, I retain enough eyesight to see that Mrs May's manifesto is pure Labour, albeit not of the strident variety favoured by Comrade Corbyn. Mayism isn't Maoism - but neither is it conservatism..."

Conservative 'Extremism' Plan to Crack Down in Free Speech Both On and Offline  (20 May 2017)

"The [Conservative] Party's manifesto pledges that a Conservative government will 'establish a Commission for Countering Extremism to identify examples of extremism and expose them' ... 'In harnessing the digital revolution, we must take steps to protect the vulnerable and give people confidence to use the internet without fear of abuse, criminality or exposure to horrific content. Our starting point is that online rules should reflect those that govern our lives offline ... Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet. We disagree.'..."

YOUTUBE:  Analysing the Conservative Party Manifesto  (19 May 2017)

"The Tory manifesto has been released, and it marks a seismic change from the previous conservatives [sic] administrations. The legacy of Thatcher is coming to an end, and the rate of tax is set to rise to its highest level in 35 years. The manifesto contains a number of surprises, including the utter lack of costing..."

Brexit Voter Cannot Afford to Give Theresa May a Massive Majority As She Plans Compromise on Free Movement  (17 May 2017)

"I'm frustrated that so many people who have been staunch Brexiteers for so long are about to throw it all away because of a poor understanding of the UK electoral system, and some doe-eyed belief that Theresa May has undergone a total philosophical U-turn and is now somehow on our side on the Brexit question..."

For 'Strong and Stable' Read 'Stronger In' (or No UKIP, No Vote)  (16 May 2017)

"Parliament has been captured by the UK Establishment for Globalism against the British Constitution ... [D]o you seriously think that you are going to be allowed to free parliament from legal and regulatory harmony with the EU (otherwise known as Fake Brexit) by casting a vote in an election? You will not be allowed to do that, and the means by which you will be barred is the same way the British Government always prevents you from spoiling its agenda:..."

The Tory Fake Brexit Candidates: Part Two  (15 May 2017)

"There can now be no excuses. If people vote Tory expecting Brexit, and then find that Britain remains in the EU in all but name, then they can't say that they weren't warned. In fact, at that point - having been so wilfully obstinate against receiving any caution - they will have become part of the problem too..."

The Tory Fake Brexit Candidates: Part One  (10 May 2017)

"Any modicum of investigation... will only confirm that the Tories are intent on delivering a Fake Brexit. ... some Tory candidates don't even mention Brexit in their publicity. Their main selling point is strength of a majority versus a coalition government. They really are leaving it for people to assume that they will deliver Brexit..."

Philip Davies is the Only Man With the B**** to Stand Up to the Feminist Harpies  (04 May 2017)

"Sophie Walker of the Women's Equality Party has decided to stand against Tory MP Philip Davies in Shipley in Yorkshire. The WEP can gain publicity from this ruse. Davies is despised by the Left for refusing to engage in their virtue-signalling. By taking him on they hope to increase their own support..."

YOUTUBE:  Theresa May Accuses EU of Trying to Influence Election  (03 May 2017)

"Parliament is now officially dissolved and campaigning begins... In a statement outside of no. 10, May accused EU bureaucrats of 'threats against Britain' and misreporting to the press which is 'deliberately timed to affect the General Election'..."

Tory MP Signs Electoral Pact with UKIP  (02 May 2017)

"UKIP have struck a deal with a Tory MP, agreeing not to stand against him in the election after he promised to back their policies of a 'clean Brexit' and the burqa ban. Conservative Philip Hollobone [says] he agrees with [UKIP] on Brexit, HS2, axing foreign aid targets, and the burka ban..."

St George, Pray For Us  (23 April 2017)

"Mrs May has called a snap election, which she, along with just about every pollster, confidently expects to win by a landslide. She probably will at that, but not on the strength of what she is ... real conservatism is no longer possible in the West, certainly not in Britain. All western states are socialist now, and the difference is only that of degree. Mrs May has set out to vindicate this melancholy assessment by announcing her intentions should she continue as PM..."

Theresa May Confirms Britain's Foreign Aid Budget Will Remain  (22 April 2017)

"In the past week, the PM refused to say whether she would keep that in the Tories' manifesto, with cabinet splits already emerging. On Friday, however, she confirmed the 0.7% aid target will remain..."

Tories to Give 'Hard Brexit' Manifesto Pledge to End Free Movement  (20 April 2017)

"Conservative sources believe the prime minister will put a 'triple lock' on Brexit in the Tory manifesto, promising voters to leave the single market and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and end freedom of movement..."

YOUTUBE:  Jacob Rees-Mogg 'Full of Optimism' For Snap Election  (18 April 2017)

"Seasoned backbencher Mogg welcomes May's call for a snap election..."



UKIP Manifesto

One Last Push  (08 June 2017)

"Finally, Polling Day is upon us ... It must have been the strangest election campaign I've ever witnessed. Allegedly, it was about getting a mandate for Brexit - but ... this was hardly mentioned at all after the first few weeks. Even the fragrant Gina Miller was suddenly absent from our MSM.  Much as politicians wanted to emphasise their wonderful manifestos - the public wasn't listening. There were two reasons for this - reasons which nobody will forget: Manchester and London Bridge. Suddenly questions were asked by the public about our security ... Only after London Bridge were the chaps in both [the red and blue] corners forced to at least mention the allahphant in the room..."

Why You, Your Family, and Your Friends Should Vote UKIP Today  (08 June 2017)

There are times in politics, as in life, that it is great to be vindicated. Last year's Referendum result was one of those times, where the nation voted clearly to leave the EU, a position that ... UKIP had been laughed at and derided for only a couple of years earlier. But there are other times that you wish you were wrong. In the aftermath of the Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge attacks what we have been saying about cutting out the cancer of Islamist [sic] terror in our midst has been shown to have been horrifically correct..."

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage in Thurrock Campaigning for UKIP  (04 June 2017)

Nigel Farage: "If you take a couple of steps back and look at the long view, the big picture, for us to have arrived on the political scene, and to have said to all the parties, to all the media, to all the big business, vested interests, that we wanted the country to take a 180 degree change of direction ... it was considered laughable..."   Tim Aker: "[The constituency] wants an MP who's going to fight for Thurrock ... we were in the estate in Waverley [?] a few nights ago, and the yellow lines there were the big issue, people coming over to us because of that local issue ... people want someone who's going to look out for them in parliament..."

YOUTUBE:  Only UKIP is Strong on Brexit  (25 May 2017)

"Anne Marie Waters breaks down why it is important to vote UKIP in this General Election, and how Theresa May must not be given a free hand to dilute Brexit. Brexit must mean an exit from the European Union."

YOUTUBE:  Analysing the UKIP Manifesto  (25 May 2017)

0.01-24.00 and 32.30 to end:  "The UKIP Manifesto has been released, and it's surprisingly [sic] competent, with a good bit of crazy [sic] thrown in..."

YOUTUBE:  Nigel Farage Discusses UKIP's General Election Manifesto  (25 May 2017)

"Politics returned to some degree of normality today after the horrors of Manchester, and UKIP launched their manifesto this morning, I guess, in a way, in defiance of the Manchester terrorist attack, and we are back, fighting a General Election campaign ... What did the UKIP manifesto say?..."

YOUTUBE:  BBC Booed and Heckled at UKIP Manifesto Launch for Vile Question  (25 May 2017)

"Paul Nuttall unveiled UKIP's General Election Manifesto in Westminster. It comes as some low-key campaigning by other parties restarted. It stopped after Monday evening's attack. So what have we learned?..."

We Would Slash Foreign Aid and Take on BBC  (03 May 2017)

"UKIP have launched their economic policies for the general election with an excoriating attack on the UK's massive foreign aid spending, as well as a promise to scrap the BBC licence fee..."

If UKIP Ditches Anne Marie Waters, the Party is Over  (02 May 2017)

"[I]t seems the party will prevent Anne Marie from standing ... for comments she has made about the tyrannical and anti-human rights elements of Islam, found within the Quran. The official UKIP line is, 'The nomination was not ratified by the National Executive Committee.' ... My official line back is ... Why shouldn't she feel free to express this and expect support from her party, unless what she is saying is fundamentally untrue..."

UKIP's Deselected Islam Critic Says Nuttall 'Not Prepared to Answer Difficult Questions on Islam'  (02 May 2017)

"Anne Marie Waters, the former Lewisham East candidate for the party ... was recently deselected for her criticism of the Muslim faith.  Ms. Waters ... explained that she does not want to cause a fuss inside the party, and that she accepts whatever decision the UK Independence Party takes. ... [She] wants to continue representing the party..."

Tory MP Signs Electoral Pact with UKIP  (02 May 2017)

"UKIP have struck a deal with a Tory MP, agreeing not to stand against him in the election after he promised to back their policies of a 'clean Brexit' and the burqa ban. ... UKIP leader Paul Nuttall revealed they would not stand against 'good Brexiteers' in an interview last month. ... UKIP did not field a candidate against [Philip Holloborn] in the 2010 general election and subsequently campaigned for his re-election as a result of his Eurosceptic views..."

Interview with Suzanne Evans  (28 April 2017)

Interviewer: "You personally have been taking a lot of heat for the Ukip policy announcements on integration. I would like to examine a few in turn..."

YOUTUBE:  Anne Marie Waters: UKIP Must Act Now for Britain  (26 April 2017)

"This [General Election] presents an enormous opportunity for UKIP ... to present a new vision for Britain - of clarity, courage, and leadership. This is what the British people are waiting for. UKIP is the party that gets things done; that has been proven: without UKIP the Conservative government would not be taking us out of the EU. But as one battle ends, so another begins. It's a battle that no other party will fight: a battle for our country; for who we are: for Britain..."

Young Girls Are Being Sacrificed on the Altar of Political Correctness  (26 April 2017)

"Who said this: 'Nevertheless, we believe medical examinations can have a role as a last resort in particularly high-risk cases (of FGM).'? ... It is absolutely true that this is a far, far cry from the Ukip proposal for mandatory intimate medical checks for girls at risk of FGM ... But let's face it, this proposal by Ukip to prevent FGM is not completely barmy, as the reaction suggests. It would only be a barmy idea if someone like Diane Abbott MP proposed it. Hang on..."

The Case for Another UKIP Christian Manifesto  (26 April 2017)

"Nigel Farage caused a storm a couple of years ago when, against the prevailing zeitgeist as always, he called for Britain to accept only Christian refugees from Syria ... Then, after Muslim migrants from North Africa threw Christian fellow migrants out of their boat to drown in the Mediterranean, he proposed that Europe should accept only Christian African refugees ... So it was welcome when UKIP deputy leader Peter Whittle recently weighed in too..."

Why I Will Be Contesting Theresa May's Seat in Maidenhead  (26 April 2017)

"Most people now believe (wrongly) that Theresa May intends to deliver Brexit. She doesn't - she intends to betray it! Therefore I will be taking the fight to her ... What Mrs May proposes in the Government White Paper on our withdrawal from the EU will mean that we will leave the EU in name but not in reality. At the end of the withdrawal process nothing much of substance will have changed. I look forward to explaining that in detail during the campaign..."

UKIP Slams Press for 'Trivialising' Islamism After Mocking Integration Plan  (24 April 2017)

"[A] UKIP peer [claimed] the BBC 'hadn't a clue' about some dangerous Islamist doctrines. ... That girl from the BBC hadn't a clue what [the Muslim tenets of taqiyya and abrogation] mean'..."

YOUTUBE:  British Culture, British Law, British Language  (24 April 2017)

"...integration is not improving in this country; indeed, communities are becoming more divided. Something has to be done, and that's why we are setting out our integration agenda today..."

UKIP Backs 'Superior' British Values Over 'Regressive Islam'  (24 April 2017)

"Polls have shown a majority of the British public agree with UKIPs face veil ban, despite other parties and the press widely condemning the move. 'The public are always one step ahead of the political class, and for that matter the media', Mr [Peter] Whittle [UKIP's deputy leader] added..."

YOUTUBE:  Farage Explains Why He's Not Standing As An MP  (20 April 2017)

"Over the last few evenings, a lot of people have been asking me, what am I going to do? ... Why am I in politics? ... I did it because I always had a very strong conviction, I always believed, that the direction of this country was wrong, in terms of being part of European political union ... well, we've won the war, but how can we win the peace, which is equally important, and how can I play my role helping Brexit to happen?..."

Farage Won't Stand in General Election  (20 April 2017)

"Nigel Farage has ruled out standing as a candidate in the upcoming general election, deciding to 'fight for Brexit' in Strasbourg, where the MEP says he can better influence the process..."

The Snap GE and UKIP  (20 April 2017)

"We're having another GE! What fun! What would Spring be like without having to campaign! ... There are however a few points which make this coming GE different from that in 2015. First of course is Brexit. That's what it is about, that's why such eminent people like Ms Gina Miller and Mr Tony Blair are already 'campaigning' to support any LibLab Remoaner candidate. That's why the Tories are planning to force their choice of candidates on local associations, to give Ms May a Parliament full of soft-to-no Brexit MPs..."


Labour Party

Labour Party Manifesto

Britons are Sensible and Shun Extremes: ... So How to Explain the Popularity of the Marxist Zealot  (08 June 2017)

"Tomorrow we could wake up with a Marxist Prime Minister. And a Marxist Chancellor. ... general elections are usually fought around the political centre ... The British pride themselves on their moderation and common sense. Yet millions of perfectly sane people will today vote for a half-competent extremist whose policies would impoverish this country and make it vulnerable to its enemies..."

100 Times Jeremy Corbyn Sided with Terrorists  (08 June 2017)

"Quite something when you put it all down in one place..."

YOUTUBE:  Before You Vote, Watch This Video  (08 June 2017)

"As the UK goes to the polls to choose between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, Tommy Robinson ... explains why you really shouldn't vote for Corbyn this election."

As a Former Labour Voter I'm Hoping the Tories Win  (08 June 2017)

"How I went from a Left leaning socialist towards the political Right as a result of the social cost created by the Left's policies and the hypocrisy evident in the current Left. My family ware from the North so, naturally, we voted Labour ... I had all the 'right' viewpoints..."

Vote Corbyn, Get Venezuela (Bring Your Own Loo Paper)  (07 June 2017)

"Since 1999 the unfortunate people of Venezuela have formed the subject of a socialist experiment after the hearts of Jeremy [Corbyn] and John McDonnell. Hugo Chávez and later Nicolás Maduro promised the moon to all and sundry, plus widespread nationalisation, to be paid for - echoes of Labour's 2017 manifesto - by wholesale deficit spending, and of course by big forced contributions from greedy businesses, heartless multinationals and the filthy rich generally. The result:..."

Don't Vote Labour: Corbyn Will Destroy Britain!  (07 June 2017)

"Why will Corbyn destroy Britain? ... [H]e's a Marxist socialist. ... Corbyn's already admitted to wanting to massively change Britain; which is something he'll need to do in order to create his socialist utopia ... Anything non-socialist, of course, they'll hate and want to change/destroy. ... there must be at least 30 million non-socialist British adults - that's a lot of people/things to hate and want to change/destroy ... Corbyn is certainly an even greater appeaser of Islam than Theresa May. He's supported Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Muslim preachers and jihadists in the UK ... Within five years of a Corbyn victory, we'll probably have more than ten million Muslims in our country..."

Corbyn ... Addressed Rally Attended by Group that Inspired London Bridge Attack  (07 June 2017)

"[T]he Labour leader gave a speech at a demonstration attended by members of proscribed terror organisation Al-Muhajiroun, which was supported by London Bridge attack ringleader Khuram Shazad Butt. Up to 300 members of the now banned group, some of whom were dressed as suicide bombers, were amongst the crowd who heard Corbyn speak at the anti-Israel rally held at Trafalgar Square in 2002..."

Jeremy Corbyn's Snobs vs. White Trash  (06 June 2017)

"The posh Left's race and class war against the white working-class ... Very many left-wing middle-class people have been snobby about the working class. Indeed - from Marx and his 'troglodytes' (or 'sack of potatoes') to the Webbs/Fabians and their eugenicist dreams about 'improving the working class' - there's always been incredible snobbery from large parts of the left-wing middle-class. After all, these middle-class revolutionaries and radicals wanted to lead - and above all change - the working class into revolutionaries (or people without 'false consciousness'). Thus they mustn't have liked them as they were..."

Corbyn's Hypocrisy on Theresa May and Saudi Arabia  (06 June 2017)

"Almost all Marxist socialists, before Jeremy Corbyn's election campaign, had zero ... to say about Saudi Arabia. Indeed, up until the election campaign, if you criticised Saudi Arabia, many of them would have classed you as being an 'Islamophobe'. ... This, then, is an election gimmick ... It's also deeply hypocritical. Corbyn ... is not against oppressive regimes ... Corbynites and other Marxist socialists obviously want Corbyn to win. The Socialist Workers Party, the Communist Party of Britain, etc are predictably backing Corbyn. Thus they'll say and do anything to make sure that their very own Marxist socialist will win..."

Why Everyone Hates Diane Abbott  (06 June 2017)

"Labour Party members will have breathed a sigh of relief today when Diane Abbott announced she was pulling out of a planned appearance on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. This follows her latest excruciating TV appearance - and there have been many - yesterday. ... Abbott has been a tour de force in this General Election, clocking up by far the most car-crash interviews. ... While Abbott has been an endless source of entertainment this campaign, her performance has been no joke. She is vying to be our next home secretary and yet she apparently can't be bothered to prepare for interviews or answer tough questions. Her next-to-non-existent research, ill-preparedness and excruciatingly slow, patronising manner of speaking to the public, as if we are all braindead morons, reveal how entitled she feels to to her privileged position. ... Standing once more to be MP in, arguably, one of the safest Labour seats in the country - Hackney North and Stoke Newington - Abbott clearly feels she need not impress anyone. Well, mission accomplished."

Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister of Great Britain  (05 June 2017)

"On Saturday there was yet another Islamic terror attack on the UK. Another four British people were slaughtered and forty-eight wounded by Muslims on British shores ... How would Jeremy Corbyn, as Prime Minister, deal with these Islamic attacks? Firstly, he'd import another one million or more Muslims from Syria and elsewhere. Secondly, he'd stamp down very heavily on 'Islamophobia' (or 'racism') in order to make sure that more Islamic bombings and killings were likely to occur. He'd also increase the strength and jurisdiction of the socialists in British Gramscian/Alinskyite 'institutions' to tackle Islamophobia and defend 'innocent' Muslims. That's precisely what's happened up until now..."

YOUTUBE:  Another Diane Abbott Car Crash 3 Days Before the Election  (05 June 2017)

"Sky News conducted an interview with Diane Abbott on defence, she hasn't got a clue..."

Labour Muckrakers Resort to Panicky Smears  (05 June 2017)

"On Friday the Labour Party was up in arms. A video published by the Conservatives showed Jeremy Corbyn in short order opposing NATO and Trident, calling for big cuts in the Army and fawning over Hezbollah and Hamas. Then came the big one..."

Will Voters Opt for Intolerance and Xenophobia?  (03 June 2017)

"When PM Theresa May called last month for a snap election, the assumption was that she would win easily and increase her parliamentary majority. Recent numbers, however, show the gap closing between May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn..."

On Jeremy Corbyn's Own Words  (02 June 2017)

"On the 9th June 2017, Jeremy Corbyn may well be the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Mr Corbyn is - as most of his supporters put it - a radical socialist. He has also said that he much admires Marx. However, Corbyn isn't a Marxist revolutionary and it would be silly to say that he is. He's not, strictly speaking, a revolutionary for the simple reason that he's been embedded in Britain's parliamentary system since 1983..."

Labour Must Stop Playing the Race Card  (01 June 2017)

"According to Corbyn ... 'only Labour can be trusted to unlock the talent of black, Asian and minority ethnic people, who have been held back by the Conservatives'.  As soon as it went out, some of Britain's most successful black and Asian politicians came out to mock Corbyn's patronising statement. ... In trying to play the race card, Corbyn is lending credence to the idea that black and Asian people are somehow more feeble, less equipped, to make it in the world - that rather than seizing their own opportunities and fighting for their own interests they need kindly middle-class Labourites to look after them..."

Reply to Dr Sean Gabb's Excellent Write-Up on Authoritarian Britain  (29 May 2017)

"Corbyn is a dangerous man and his message will appear attractive, even common-sensical to those people that fail to think deeply, if at all, attracted by what they see as his considered approach, especially the young 'millennials'. May is a fool and there is nothing worse than leaders that think they are capable and astute, when her decision to have another Election and risk 'Brexit', may allow Corbyn to enter Number 10 and another terrible five years under a traitorous oppressive Labour regime. It will be the death knell for what is left of Britain and possibly send us into a sharia state as Corbyn will facilitate through his beliefs in mass immigration and the final close of what was once the United Kingdom..."

Diane Abbott as Home Secretary Would Hand Victory to Islamists [sic] and Terrorists  (27 May 2017)

"Speaking back in 1984 at the height of the Troubles, Diane Abbott gave an interview in which she said that Ireland 'is our struggle - every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us. A defeat in Northern Ireland would be a defeat indeed.'  While the IRA were busy bombing and slaughtering horses and soldiers in Hyde Park, and Christmas shoppers in Harrods, and Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet in Brighton, Diane Abbott clearly wanted the terrorists to win. She explained: 'Though I was born here in London, I couldn't identify as British.' ... On June 9th, this woman could be Home Secretary..."

[EMcD: Let me type that again: "I couldn't identify as British."  Then what right of any kind does this seditious traitor have to become the Home Secretary of Great Britain; responsible for the security and safety of our - not her - nation???  Good people of Britain, please, please, please do not vote for this great and treasonous evil.]

Diane Abbott MP on Immigration  (19 May 2017)

"It was to be expected that an ideological zealot and career anti-racist like Diane Abbott would have none of the old (pretend?) soul-searching of New Labour on immigration ... Predictably, then, this well-documented anti-white racist comes out with some sub-Trotskyist stuff which should have died in 1984..."

YOUTUBE:  Analysing the Labour Party Manifesto  (17 May 2017)

"Labour have launched their most ambitious manifesto in a decades [sic], promising radical nationalisation and much increased spending..."

Democracy as a Suicide Pact  (16 May 2017)

"It ought to go without saying that no institution should be run by those who hate its core principles. Could you imagine Hitler at the head of the Committee for Racial Equality? Dr Shipman in charge of care for the elderly? Ian Brady (RIP your throat out) running an orphanage? Kim Jong-un leading a campaign for nuclear non-proliferation? Utterly preposterous, isn't it? Yet so many Westerners don't demur at the sight of communists rising to the political apex. The political essence of communism has remained unchanged since Marx: dictatorship of the proletariat. In practice that means dictatorship of a few cannibals (or just one), which rather goes against the grain of Western polity..."

Corbyn Refuses to Commit Labour to Reducing Migrant Numbers  (15 May 2017)

"...leaving open the possibility it could remain at near record levels or even rise. He conceded, however, the vote to leave the EU meant free movement would have to end and said that immigration would be 'managed' after Brexit..."

Corbyn's lackeys Are Even More Dangerous Than Him  (14 May 2017)

"At the time of writing the Democratic Socialist Front (Marxist-Leninist), or Labour Party as it is more widely known, has yet to formally publish its manifesto, although given the amateurish way the party is now run, Wednesday's leak may count as official publication. ... The author of the manifesto is one Andrew Fisher, a man who is so left-wing that he called for voters to support bizarre anarchist cult Class War instead of Labour in Croydon during the 2015 general election ... Contrary to Corbyn's cheap slogan, Fisher actually favours the few over the many..."

The Young Need to Be Taught About the Horrors of the 1970s  (13 May 2017)

"The verdict of the press is near unanimous. labour's manifesto is a call to take the country back to the 1970s ... Anyone under the age of 50 will have no direct experience of what life was like in that decade ... Labour was out of power for 18 years from 1979 before it regained office. The party had to wait for a whole generation, who had no memory of the 1970s, to grow up and be able to vote. Now Labour pin their hopes on a generation who have no memory of communism..."

Retro Manifesto Leak: Nine Barmy Labour Pledges  (11 May 2017)

"A leaked copy of the manifesto, which is said to have been drafted by self-proclaimed Marxist and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, shows a party leadership far more interested in returning the party to its socialist hey-day than in gaining, or even holding, seats in Parliament..."

Labour Clearly Haven't Accepted the Referendum Result  (27 April 2017)

"Yesterday was a car crash of conflicting policy ... By insisting MPs get yet another vote, on the final deal, with it being returned to Brussels if they're not happy, this [is] a very clear invitation to Brussels to give us the worst deal possible. If you openly say you won't walk away if it's a bad deal, then a terrible deal is what you will get. It's effectively a plan to stay in the EU - 'we got a terrible deal, so we're staying in.'..."

Don't Be Awkward, Be Proactive  (27 April 2017)

So, the General Election was sprung upon us a week ago. It seems a gamble by Theresa May, albeit one with the odds well in her favour. Nevertheless one feels if she were a Brexiteer at heart, she would not have risked the process by allowing even the possibility for her majority to shrink. Every seat counts here, and the Lib Dems could well win some. Labour have also embraced the 'every seat counts' mantra..."

Labour Needs to Select Brexit Candidates to Win  (23 April 2017)

"The Labour Party is imposing candidates on constituencies after its National Executive determined there was not enough time to undergo full selection processes. All Labour MPs who are seeking re-election have been automatically approved. However, a number of Labour MPs have announced their intention to stand down. ... If Labour is to survive [the Tory] onslaught [in Labour heartlands which voted for Brexit] then it must confidently and carefully select the right candidates to face down the Tories..."


Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats Manifesto

YOUTUBE:  Analysing the Liberal Democrat Manifesto  (18 May 2017)

"The Lib Dems have released their manifesto, and as a whole it is a return to their party roots, with a few radical policies thrown in such as legalising Cannabis. Their position on the EU is the biggest differentiator between them and the other parties by far, but much of the manifesto is similar to Labour's..."

Potty Lib Dems Want to Legalise Cannabis and Boost Mental Health  (14 May 2017)

"O, let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven. Keep me in temper and keep the Liberal Democrats away from government. For they would make us all mad ... Have they missed entirely the connection between cannabis use and mental ill health? Are they unaware that cannabis use triples psychosis risk? And from 17 to 38 can lose you 8 IQ points? Perhaps they are suffering that IQ loss already. In Lib Dem land, everything can be squared..."


Green Party

Green Party Manifesto

Soppy Greens Think Tests Drive Kids Mad  (08 June 2017)

"Who could not support the Green desire for clean air, environmental protection and sewage-free seasides? It is the misguided parts of the Green Party manifesto that should worry us and that includes a commitment to enforcing the disastrous UK version 'mixed-ability' teaching on all schools and, also, to the ban it will impose on testing. ... Strangely, a new constituency of support fort SATs has just emerged. It comes from a group of people who have been somewhat marginalised in the debate..."

YOUTUBE:  Analysing the Green Party Manifesto  (24 May 2017)

"The Green Party have released their manifesto, and it is really really bad. It's not worth the treatment that I gave to the other parties, so I did something different instead..."

Green Party Promises a Second Referendum With the Option of Remaining in the EU  (02 May 2017)

"Co-leader, Caroline Lucas, told an audience of supporters at a partly EU-funded (i.e. British taxpayer-funded) art studio in London: 'The Green Party has consistently said that the referendum should be the start, not the end, of the democratic process'..."

YOUTUBE:  Andrew Neil Interviews Green Party MEP Molly Scott Cato  (24 April 2017)

I would dispute that this interview was a 'car crash', as stated in the video's title, however I agree with some of the comments given BTL, including this one: "Yes, she comes across well. There is maybe an indication of how the left could regain some effectiveness in terms of presentation. But that doesn't negate the fact that they want open borders. How does endlessly increasing the population help out quality of life environmentally speaking? Of course the average green knows this somewhere deep down but are addicted to opposing 'The Man' (the white type) and virtue signalling."

YOUTUBE:  Andrew Neil Interviews Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack  (31 March 2017)

Viewers' comments:

  • Concerning Brexit and the Single Market: "The Greens ... made no illusions to 'extreme', 'hard', or 'soft' Brexit during the run up to the long-awaited referendum" / "The single market issue was discussed at every single ... Referendum debate AND covered by the News networks almost 24/7. How could voters (including Leavers) not know about it?" / "I received a tax payer 'sponsored' leaflet telling me exactly what 'Leave' meant and I made my 'informed decision'. Leave means Leave. Out means Out!";
  • Concerning Open Borders, Mass Immigration, and the Impact on the Environment: "How can uncontrolled immigration be good for the environment?" / "Ok, so in country that is not even 100,000 square miles in size ... we need to both build more houses as a result of an open border policy (which would bring in untold millions of people), and yet preserve our environment (as the Greens would obviously like), which necessitates NOT paving it over with concrete. I am sure I am not the only one who can see the glaring contradiction in this" / "She's just all but admitted as a Green that they want open door immigration and they want to destroy the greenbelt and countryside (including the wildlife havens, retreats and habitats that go with it) to build thousands of houses to accommodate them. The Greens and the EU are more dangerous than anyone to the environment and wish to destroy it";
  • Concerning 'We'll Reunite Families': "Lefties always run to the line 'we don't want to break up families'. Well they came here illegally so they should expect that. Just because they drop an anchor baby doesn't absolve them from the crimes they committed ... Families should go back to the native country to which the illegal person is being deported. So the family stays together and you enforce your laws";
  • "The Green Party is far-left, self-loathing, kalergi-plan, red party" / "I don't understand why the 'Greens' don't just stick to green issues" / "Bless her, she's so stupid."


Scottish National Party

Scottish National Party Manifesto

Scottish National Party: Election Latest  (Updated Continually)

"Just a week before polling, further threats to the integrity of the UK have emerged: (1) Nicola Sturgeon admitted she would strike a deal with Labour to hand power to Jeremy Corbyn in the event of a hung parliament, undoubtedly conditional upon his consent for a second Scottish independence referendum; (2) Earlier Corbyn had pledged to 'open discussions' with Sturgeon about another referendum if he became PM. Therefore pro-UK Scots now have only one realistic choice: to vote Conservative (with the clear exception of voting tactically Lib Dem in Orkney & Shetland). Every vote for the SNP, Labour, or Greens will be used by Sturgeon to demand 'Indyref2'. Latest Scottish vote share predictions, relative to a week ago, shows firm support for the SNP, plateauing or slight decline of the Conservative vote, and a distinctly modest but widespread rise in Labour's vote..."

Scots Poised to Punish Sturgeon for Her Lost Decade  (08 June 2017)

"The SNP has had an absolutely dismal election campaign in which its support has fallen by at least 10% in the last 6 weeks. Many were shocked when the Labour Party, supposedly disappearing into History in Scotland, bounced back in one detailed poll and was shown to have overtaken the SNP in popularity among 18 to 24-year-olds. ... The chronic mismanagement of education and health has been laid bare in recent months in hard-hitting media exposes ... one of the high points in a good election for [Conservative] Ruth Davidson was when she blasted the SNP for having become a party that stood for an Orwellian kind of nationalism ... The SNP has fought a sterile but ruthless campaign. The sense that it, and only it, is ordained to rule over the Scots and determine their fate has never been more palpable than this spring..."

The SNP Aims to Derail Brexit  (02 June 2017)

"There are some certainties in the British Isles. The grass is green, the water is wet, and the Scottish National Party's manifesto is designed to derail Brexit. Unsurprisingly, the SNP manifesto takes the most desperately pessimistic view it can of leaving the EU, painting Scotland as a supplicant, unable to cope without Brussels, while simultaneously needing to leave a United Kingdom it is far more integrated with. The 'remoaning' begins with the SNP commit[ment] to a fake Brexit which keeps Scotland in the Single Market..."

UK General Election - A View From Scotland  (17 May 2017)

"At the Scottish national level, by virtually any standard you care to choose, the SNP in government has been a failure. Look at education, look at NHS Scotland; perhaps above all, look at Scotland's economy - to take just 3 indicators of the SNP's ineptitude. The SNP purports to govern Scotland, but it does so on the basis that -- if the SNP is to be believed - all that matters to the people of Scotland is independence. Even on this latter subject, bizarrely the SNP defines 'independence' as meaning Scotland being governed by the likes of Jean-Claude Juncker and his unelected, unaccountable cronies in the European Commission. ... So, if you're thinking of voting SNP ... consider whether in the long run you really want to see your country governed by a foreign oligarchy with your impotent politicians more comfortable humming 'Ode to Joy' than singing 'Flower of Scotland'..."


Other Parties and Alternative Manifestos

Liberals Will Have to Believe in Liberty to Crush the Islamist [sic] Threat  (05 June 2017)

"In wake of the latest terror attacks in London Bride and Borough Market, we highlight our proposals to crack down on Islamist [sic] terrorists and those who give them succour and support ... (1) Face Down Terror: This has to be the first of TCW's 'alt' or 'off the grid' manifesto pleas to the political class: Get real about the nature of the Islamist [sic] threat ... (2) Defend Western Civilisation ... (3) Revalue Christina Marriage ... (4) Give Mothers and Parents Choice Not Childcare ... (5) Return to Classical Liberal Education ... (6) Repeal: the most noxious and destructive of EU-inspired law ... and recent home-grown state interventionist legislation ... (7) Privatise the BBC ... (8) And finally..."

Where's the Free Speech Party?  (01 June 2017)

"Since last week's Manchester bombing, all Britain's political leaders have repeated their commitment to defending our freedoms against terrorism. Yet when it comes to our most important liberty of all, freedom of speech, they have all surrendered already. Whatever the result of the UK General Election, the Free Speech party will not be joining the government..."

The ROT Party Deserves Your Vote  (13 May 2017)  :-)

"Don't be a xenophobic, homophobic, bigoted, transgender hating, Islamophobic fascist. Vote ROT.  ROT, the party supported by all good, decent, caring, honest people..."

'Progressive Alliance' is Born Out of Necessity Not Choice  (11 May 2017)

"Of all the parties contesting the general election, there is one that does not appear on the ballot paper. This is the shadowy body called the 'Progressive Alliance'. The idea is that only the best anti-Conservative candidate in a seat should go forward. Informal deals are already being done between the Liberal democrats and the Greens ... The 'Progressive Alliance' is actually a creation of the left-wing think-tank-cum-pressure-group Compass..."

Philip Davies is the Only Man With the B**** to Stand Up to the Feminist Harpies  (04 May 2017)

"Sophie Walker of the Women's Equality Party has decided to stand against Tory MP Philip Davies in Shipley in Yorkshire. The WEP can gain publicity from this ruse. Davies is despised by the Left for refusing to engage in their virtue-signalling. By taking him on they hope to increase their own support..."


Pressure Groups / Special Interest Groups

'Non Partisan' Student Vote Initiative Run by Anti-UKIP 'Hope Not Hate' Group  (15 May 2017)

"A new 'non partisan' initiative claiming to help UK students pick the area in which they are most likely to have an impact in the General Election is in fact run by Labour Party supporting groups ... investigation into the #TurnUp hashtag being used by the group reveals the organisation to be a project of two organisations: Bite the Ballot and Hope Not Hate..."

Hope Not Hate Promises Massive, Targeted Campaign to 'Stop UKIP'  (12 May 2017)

"Soros-funded, so-called 'anti-fascist' group Hope Not Hate (HNH) has launched its general election plan, promising a sophisticated, targeted advertising and canvassing campaign against UKIP..."

MPs Told Not to Use 'Offensive' Words Like 'Illegal' or 'Immigrant' During Election Campaign  (11 May 2017)

"Warning that 'Brexit, future immigration policies, and integration could all be stumbling blocks for uncoached politicians and journalists', pro-migration charity [sic] Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) claim their guide outlines how politician can approach the topic of immigration 'with good manners and grace'..."


National Sovereignty

An Open Letter to My Next MP  (27 April 2017)

"Dear (insert name after 8th June 2017) MP, Now that the UK is leaving the EU, isn't it about time the apparently 'obsolete' law called Statute of Praemunire (1392), repealed by the Criminal Law Act 1967, be brought back into active legislation for the EU?..."

UKIP and the Spirit of Magna Carta  (06 March 2015)

"The Magna Carta established a number of liberties and code of conduct of government, including: (1) Politicians governing are not above the law; (2) Nobody can be convicted [without] a fair trial; (3) The right to trial by jury; (4) No one can have their property seized without legal justification; (5) No one can be arbitrarily arrested without evidence; (6) No taxes can be levied without the consent of the realm."


The Economy

Fantasy Land Economics  (27 April 2017)

"A number of readers of [this blog] have expressed blindness about economics, so I am going to try to explain the basics using the analogy of a value of an average semi-detached house. Let us say for example than an 'average' semi-detached house is worth £250,000 ... so 4 houses are worth £1,000,000. So far so good. The economy is so large that all main government budgets are expressed in billions of pounds, which is generally accepted as a thousand million pounds, so that would be equivalent to 4000 semi-detached houses..."

How Many Raped English Girls is the Economy Worth?  (24 April 2017)

"In cahoots with 'Open Britain' ... [The Independent are] attempting a rearguard action, the racists bigots and little Englanders got Brexit, but we can't have reduced immigration too, that would be outrageous. The rationale they're using in opposing immigration cuts is that it is precisely because of Brexit that our economy is on shaky ground, therefore cutting immigration, which is obviously a massive economic positive, would financially cripple the country. If we refuse to allow in untold numbers of Afghans and Somalis our country will end up a dilapidated dump... just like Afghanistan and Somalia, who could fault that logic? ... So let us assume they are correct ... and concede their point that without mass immigration the economy would collapse, that every Somali is a highly skilled chemical engineer, every Afghan a heart surgeon and every Syrian a captain of industry. ... is it worth the mass rape of young English girls?..."


The Fishing Industry

Conservatives Must Exorcise the Surrender of British Fishing  (26 April 2017)

"Fishing for Leave hope the government will show electoral resolve on repatriating Britain's fishing waters and resources that were so shamefully surrendered by Edward Heath as 'expendable' in the rush to join the EEC..."

Fisheries Minister Shadowboxing with FFL  (21 May 2017)

"Fishing for Leave's analysis of Conservative manifesto elicited an immediate and strong response from Fisheries Minister George Eustice. He said that it was wrong to suggest the manifesto committed to sovereign control of waters just 12 miles out to sea, saying:..."

Conservative Manifesto - PM May Fail on Fishing  (19 May 2017)

"FFL are incredulous over 4 specific words in the Conservative manifesto which indicate the government will only take back a tiny slice of UK water out to 12 miles! Analysis and scrutiny of every word is key in any legal or political document. One of the 'acid tests' of Brexit is to take back sovereign control from the EU of all UK waters and resources within our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) out to 200 miles or the mid-line under international law..."

Fisherman Angered After Tory Manifesto Sets Up Brexit Betrayal  (19 May 2017)

"The Conservative manifesto suggests Britain will not regain their full territorial waters after Brexit, claims the Fishing for Leave group who say the careful choice of words regarding fisheries may foreshadow a Brexit betrayal..."

Is Election the Start of a Back Track on Brexit?  (18 April 2017)

"FFL has a high level of Suspicion and Dismay at the Announcement of a General Election. After 40 years of sell outs and suffering for the industry we worry that something suspicious is going on regards Brexit within the establishment ... we worry [that] an unassailable majority will see Mrs May free to backtrack on Brexit with reduced scrutiny from the backbench MPs, and the opportunity of reclaiming what could be a £6.3bn industry for coastal communities is squandered to avoid being contentious to the EU..."



BBC General Election Debate: 'Coalition of Chaos' Parties Vow to Open Britain's Borders  (01 June 2017)

"Immigration proved an explosive topic at the BBC live event, with Green party leader Caroline Lucas, SNP deputy Angus Robertson and the leader of Welsh separatists Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood, each jostling to assert their party as the one who can import most migrants..."

Corbyn Refuses to Commit Labour to Reducing Migrant Numbers  (15 May 2017)

"...leaving open the possibility it could remain at near record levels or even rise. He conceded, however, the vote to leave the EU meant free movement would have to end and said that immigration would be 'managed' after Brexit..."

MPs Told Not to Use 'Offensive' Words Like 'Illegal' or 'Immigrant' During Election Campaign  (11 May 2017)

"Promises to cut migrant numbers, references to immigrants as 'illegal', or asylum seekers as 'failed', and bringing up pressure on public services in the context of the number of people entering the UK are all unacceptable talking points for politicians according to a new 'etiquette guide' published by campaigners ahead of the general election..."

Immigration and Why Control is Necessary: Part One  (05 May 2017)

"This written offering is not about immigrants. It's about immigration. A simple word which engenders an increasingly emotional response when mentioned in a political or social context. ... Immigration is a subject which lies at the heart of the forthcoming election, but one which is still avoided and toxified by the usual culprits in the mainstream media..."

If UKIP Ditches Anne Marie Waters, the Party is Over  (02 May 2017)

"Anne Marie Waters, who ... was banned from standing for UKIP in the London elections, is emblematic for Paul Nuttall's party in 2017. A former Labour party activist, Anne Marie now runs the Sharia Watch organisation ... She epitomizes an issue UKIP has always talked a big game on, but rarely ever delivered upon: freedom of conscience..."

UKIP's Deselected Islam Critic Says Nuttall 'Not Prepared to Answer Difficult Questions on Islam'  (02 May 2017)

"Ms. Waters ... was ...clear in her comments that the political party, which took the Brexit movement to victory in 2016, needs to adapt or face electoral consequences. ... Commenting on why the party appears to have lost confidence on the issue [of Islam] just days after announcing tough news on the burka and female genital mutilation, Ms. Waters suggested media pressure may have played a part..."


Foreign Aid

Love of Foreign Aid Trumps Loathing for Tories  (10 May 2017)

"The Institute of Fiscal Studies published a report on Monday showing that the foreign aid budget has almost doubled over a decade to £13.6 billion and was likely to continue on its spectacular upward rise over the next Parliament. ... This latest report, which revealed that DfiD's budget - dictated by David Cameron's controversial pledge to spend at least 0.7% of the UK's national income in this area - had risen by 24% under the Tories since 2010, compared with across-the-board cuts in all other departments (excluding health, education and defence) of 28%, totalling £34.6 billion..."


Persecution of and Discrimination Against Christians

Where Will You Put Your Cross?  (No Date)

"Will you join in calling for... (1) Action to prevent the genocide of Christians before the next GE in 2022;  (2) Banning all anti-Christian terrorist organisations;  (3) Resettlement of a fair proportion of Syrian Christian refugees into the UK;  (4) The protection of people not beliefs;  (5) An annual report to Parliament on Christian persecution worldwide;  (6) Protection for those who choose to leave Islam;  (7) Preventing discrimination against Christians standing for public office."

What the Political Manifestos Say About Persecution and Discrimination Against Christians UPDATED  (30 May 2017)

Conservative Party   /   Green Party   /   Labour Party   /   Liberal Democrats   /   UKIP   /   Alliance Party   /   Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)   /   Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)   /   Sinn Fein   /   Ulster Unionist Party   /   Scottish National Party   /   Plaid Cymru.

Resettling a Fair Proportion of Syrian Christian Refugees in the UK  (30 May 2017)

"Last year less than 2% of all Syrian refugees resettled in the UK were Christians. This is despite it being widely accepted that they constituted around 19% of the Syrian population. It is also widely recognised that they are specifically targeted by IS and other jihadi groups, with the UK parliament [and the] European parliament ... stating that they believe Christians and other religious minorities are suffering genocide in Syria and Iraq. Of 4,175 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK in the year ending September 2016 only 64 were Christians and 18 Yazidis. The next UK government should  i) pressure the UNHCR to take effective steps to eliminate discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities in its selection of refugees from Syria;  ii) specifically include religious minorities, such as Yazidis and Christians, who are being explicitly targeted by jihadists, among groups prioritised for resettlement in the UK."

Are Persecuted Christians 'the Elephant in the Room' in the UK Election?  (30 May 2017)

"In the UK general election the rapidly growing global spread of anti-Christian persecution has become the elephant in the room [which] political parties [all know about but] seem unwilling to talk about, still less make specific commitments to tackle. Yet this was not always the case. In 1880 William Gladstone fought an election on the issue of government indifference to massacres of Christians in the Ottoman Empire. Thousands of Christians were being massacred, often by beheading, churches burnt down and women enslaved ... Today, we face a not wholly dissimilar situation in the Middle East..."

YOUTUBE:  Introducing the Manifesto for Persecuted Christians  (11 May 2017)

"Barnabas Fund today launches the first of its videos introducing the Manifesto for Persecuted Christians. This video which introduces how freedom of religion became one of the UK's defining characteristics on the world stage is the first of a series of short video clips we will be releasing during the UK general election campaign."


TV Debates

Lefty Cambridge Mob Destroys Any Illusion of 'Balance'  (02 June 2017)

"The so-called 'leaders' debate on BBC One on Wednesday night was a car crash of a programme that should never have been broadcast. 'Balance' was never going to be possible in a set-up involving five strident left-wing parties ranged against two from the 'right'. Those at the Corporation paid substantial salaries to achieve 'impartiality', including the Director of News, James Harding, should have spotted this a mile away ... a major problem here was that the moderator, Radio 4 Today presenter Mishal Husain, was never equal to the task..."


The Propaganda War

Election Day  (08 June 2017)

"'As for the BBC, it has seemed more powerful than ever during this election, probably because of the relative decline of the printed Press. Scornful of Jeremy Corbyn during his two Labour leadership contests, Auntie has treated him indulgently as a mainstream left-of-centre politician rather than the dangerous revolutionary he really is'..."

More Fake News the Media Attack UKIP Yet Again  (25 May 2017)

"This morning I attended the UKIP Manifesto Press launch in Westminster at 10am. The organs of our 'free press' performed according to their usual practice. The questions from the floor started with accusations that we were 'showing disrespect' for the victims of the Manchester bombing because we held it before the 11am silence. Paul Nuttall pointed out to them that he had indeed wanted to do it after 11am, but that the broadcast media said that 'would not work for them'; that is, they would not have it in time for the lunchtime news programmes at 12pm. Nevertheless, UKIP had to be attacked about something, so they kicked off their attacks with that..."

Two Thirds Back Leave But Let's Keep it a Secret  (17 May 2017)

"Since June 23, the BBC has been working with a passion to tell us why Brexit won't work ... This overall deeply biased stereotyping has rolled over with the Brexit-related coverage during the general election campaign ... This bias is so blatant, so massive, that it is beyond parody..."

BBC Election Watch: Today Sticks the Knife Into UKIP  (16 May 2017)

"The Today programme's election centrepiece yesterday was a visit to Bath University by presenter Justin Webb, ostensibly to explore what they clearly saw as one of the burning issues of the campaign: the 'progressive alliance'. And bingo! En route, they managed to find a new way of showing how unpopular UKIP is..."

Love of Foreign Aid Trumps Loathing for Tories  (10 May 2017)

"The Institute of Fiscal Studies published a report on Monday showing that the foreign aid budget has almost doubled over a decade to £13.6 billion and was likely to continue on its spectacular upward rise over the next Parliament. ... An IFS report so intrinsically critical of this government would normally have been seized upon by the BBC like a rat up a drainpipe as a strong line of attack. But not ... on this subject. Why?..."

We're At War, Intern Lord Hall Hall  (03 May 2017)

"We are at war with the EU... it's a war of words, of propaganda, of soundbite diplomacy, but it's still a very real war with very real consequences... a way that the BBC has chosen sides on, and it's not the British side. Lord Hall Hall lost the Referendum vote and he doesn't intend to lose again ... Lord Hall Hall's BBC is the enemy within working for the EU against British interests. A simple illustration is how the BBC's anti-May rhetoric is being used by the enemy, and the EU is the 'enemy' seeking as it does to attack, undermine and destroy British interests..."

Labour Still Behind in the Polls... Despite the BBC's Help  (28 April 2017)

"The BBC has continued to make its mark on the election campaign - interviewing an NHS 'community nurse from London' about the evil Tories... without mentioning that she is an ardent Corbynista ... Auntie indulged Danielle Tiplady about how horrid the Tories have been to the NHS..."

Operation Doomsday...  (21 April 2017)

"It's perfectly obvious that the Conservatives led by Theresa May are going to record a historic victory in June. The only question is just how big will the majority be? This is bad news for the BBC and in typical form it will now spend the next six weeks trying to undermine May and prop up the useless Corbyn and Farron..."

This Election Is a Battle Between the Tories and the Broadcasters  (21 April 2017)

"This is an election like no other for the BBC. They have a mission. Two weeks ago ... Today presenter Nick Robinson effectively declared war on Brexit with his statement that the Corporation would henceforward work flat out to find the problems with Brexit, and not bring balanced coverage of the Leave perspective. ... So what will happen during the general election? ... There are, of course, special rules for broadcasters during general elections..."

May Day  (18 April 2017)

"The election is of course a potential double whammy opportunity for the BBC... topple the Tories and derail Brexit..."


Targeting the Naïvety of Youth

For Young Voters, It's Easier to Be Gay [sic] Than a Conservative  (08 June 2017)

"The opinion polls indicate that the vast bulk of adolescent voters will be voting for socialist parties. How much of this polling is due to peer pressure is not clear. There must be some first-time voters who realise that punishing achievement and confiscating wealth are not the ways to develop a successful economy. ... If the young adult voters have supported Jeremy Corbyn in droves, this would indicate how unrealistic socialist propaganda can resonate with the young. It would be facile to criticise youth and inexperience for such voting responses. However, it would indicate a gap in the market of political education that needs to be filled urgently..."

Teachers Report 15-Yr-Old Boy to Govt Extremist Watchdog for ... Campaigning for UKIP  (06 June 2017)

"A member of UKIP's youth wing has been labelled 'far right' by his school and reported to the Government's PREVENT de-radicalisation programme, which is designed to stop 'young people from being drawn into terrorism.'  [The student] also claims teachers openly back the Labour Party and said the website for his local UKIP branch is blocked on the school's Internet service. ... [T]he school's 'safeguarding officer' told him he could have committed 'a hate crime' and that they 'needed to find out if [he was] an extremist' ... Responding to the news the schoolboy had been referred to police for supporting UKIP, the party’s education spokesman and member of the London Assembly David Kurten [said]:

'Once again a normal British teenager has been referred to the Prevent program for being a UKIP supporter by a school which seems to have a majority of Labour-supporting staff and a left-wing bias.

'UKIP is the third largest party in the country and it is an affront to freedom of thought and speech that a teenager should be referred to the police for legitimate political opinions. It is also particularly odious that the UKIP website was allegedly blocked at the school, and he was told that he should not discuss his political views with classmates. It is often difficult to get young people to engage with the political process, so he should have been encouraged rather than silenced.

'Prevent is there to stop people being drawn into terrorism particularly Islamist terrorism. It is hugely ironic that teachers would try to prevent a pupil from supporting UKIP which is the one political party with the courage to address and deal with the growing scourge of Islamism. The boy should be congratulated not condemned.

'Teachers have a duty to be politically neutral, so it would seem that it is actually the school which needs to be investigated and not the pupil, after allegations of bias towards the Labour party. The Education Act 1996 section 407 requires that schools provide ‘a balanced presentation of opposing [political] views.’

'Section 406 also forbids ‘the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school.’ It is time for an end to persecution of normal teenagers simply for not conforming to the politically correct opinions of their left-wing teachers. Prevent should be reserved for people who are in real danger of becoming terrorists and committing violent acts of terror.'"

Turning the Yoof Into a Political Weapon  (17 May 2017)

"Politicians' efforts to engage with the yoof have a history of going wrong ... Following the Brexit vote last June, embittered Remainers have been stirring up generational conflict. They take for granted that older voters are small-minded, racist and bigoted. In their mind, it is only the youth who can deliver a progressive future for Britain ... Behind Remainers' pleas for young people to vote, there is a recognition that their dubiously named Progressive Alliance has simply lost the argument with older people..."


The Battle for Democracy

The following is an extract from Why This Election Matters

"The approach of democrats to the election should be twofold:

  • First, and most importantly, we must agitate, campaign and vote against the anti-Brexit lobby: the Blair crew, the Lib Dems, the SNP, the Miller candidates, those who would trash the democratic will in order to win back their old influence ad their beloved Brussels oligarchy.
  • Secondly, we must grill all the candidates on their attitude to Brexit, which means their attitude to democracy. Will they promise to see Brexit through to the end? Do they recognise that Hard Brexit and Soft Brexit are nonsense categories, and that Brexit clearly means leaving the EU and all its political, legal and economic institutions? Do they promise to serve the people's will, rather than demean and dilute it? If so, we will consider voting for them. If they defend democracy, we will lend them our democratic vote.

"For that is the dividing line in this election. Forget left v right, or Labour v Tory, or any of the old party-political frameworks. This is a clash between those who are openly opposed to democracy, or certainly irritated by it, and those of us ... who prize democracy highly, and believe it is the best way of ensuring politics is done in a rational, productive and progressive fashion.

"[Tony] Blair, being establishment to his core, recognises what's at stake in the election. This week he said people should consider voting for the Tories or Lib Dems, rather than for his own Labour Party, if they believe the candidates from those parties will help thwart Brexit. ... Because this is a Brexit election, normal party politics is suspended. Something else overrides all of that. Democracy. The burning question of our age: do you, or do you not, trust ordinary people to govern both their lives and their nation's future? This 'issue' outweighs all the other issues, because until it is resolved, all those issues, all of politics, will continue to be the plaything of Them, the technocratic elite, rather than the property of us, the people."


Vote or Vote None

Making Protest Votes Count

"Read this before you 'spoil the ballot' or don't vote. All votes are counted, recorded and announced for each constituency. That includes all ballot papers where the voter has not voted for a candidate. But... like all democratic votes, protest votes will only be included in news reports and national results when the numbers make them significant and newsworthy. ... To establish a right to say 'no' in UK elections (1) your protest vote must be clear, and (2) the number of protest votes must multiply. Ensure your protest vote is clear (1) Don't put a cross (or tick) anywhere, (2) Don't write anything else which could identify you, or create any uncertainty or excuse, (3) Just put a single line through all boxes. Write NONE across the ballot paper, so that your intention is clear beyond dispute. It will then be indefensible to classify it as 'voter's intention uncertain'..."

Why be Silent in This Election

"If you don't vote, you don't count, and don't matter. So either Vote... or Vote None in protest. There's no reason to be silent. 'Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence' (Leonardo da Vinci). ... [N]on-voters are invisible. They are not shown in the results. Not voting is explained away as apathy. So it's time to be heard. Goal: if just some of the unheard 34% Vote for what they believe in, the results of the election can change. ... Goal: If just some Vote NONE, then the protest for change can be the biggest ever public protest in UK history. It can establish the protest vote as part of UK politics. So even if you are fed up with UK politics... use your vote... Either Vote for a candidate who you trust to work hard for things you believe in, or Vote NONE in protest..."

Campaign Aims and Messages

"The Four Aims: (1) Engage the UK's 'Unheard Third' in positive action to improve UK politics and quality of MPs, rather than passive abstention and despair ... (2) Make visible that our governments are elected from the support of less than a quarter of registered voters ... (3) Establish the right to protest within our democracy, as a vital part of the democratic process, and as a healthy barometer of political dissent ... (4) Help to take back the word 'politics' from its current negative use, to being what ordinary people do positively in voting, in demonstrating and in daily life, to gain justice and improve our society, economy and environment..."

Let's Make Elections Work to Improve UK Politics

"This campaign and website has been researched and developed on a volunteer basis, without funding or income. The site is also free of advertising. In 2015 we showed the level of public interest for a positive campaign about using votes and protest votes to improve UK politics: ... The prompt came from the experience of campaigning door to door for an election immediately after the MPs expenses scandal: 'Faced with the overwhelming public anger at UK politics, and determination not to vote, I found myself suggesting people vote NONE as the only potential form of participation..."





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