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Tommy Robinson
"Persecuted for Defending the Innocent"
The UK once believed in righteousness, justice, and truth.  But No longer.
Now we are ruled by wicked, quisling, traitorous leaders who hate the good and love the evil.



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Enemy of the State

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Why I Started the English Defence League

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The Rotherham et al Rape Gangs
"The Police's job is to serve and to protect. Who are they protecting? Who are they serving?
[They're] not protecting English women in this country ... English people have had enough of the abuse of our women..." 

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Rotherham et al Rape Gangs: "But What About the Parents?!"   |   Article: "But What About the Parents?!"


"Standing among the ordinary, decent people in the crowd [outside the Old Bailey, 23 October 2018] as Tommy Robinson spoke I was struck by how completely at odds their behaviour was with the way they are portrayed in the media, especially at viciously partisan organs like the BBC and The Guardian, but even across much of the right-wing press. These people are constantly being described as 'fascist' or 'far right' or 'extremist'. But I saw and heard no evidence of this whatsoever. They were vocal, yes, but peaceable and friendly. They were angry, yes, but it was controlled anger and intelligently directed. There was, for example, no hatred of Muslims - only of the creed that drives some of them to rape and murder. How weird it is to think that we live in an age so blinkered that the man doing more than anybody to raise awareness of what's going on receives more widespread censure from the Establishment than the actual monsters perpetrating these ugly deeds" [source].


My Cousin Jeanette

Extract from Enemy of the State, by Tommy Robinson, pp.73-74

"I'm going back a while now, way before the EDL, when my cousin Jeanette was just a young teenager. I was about the same age. There wasn't the same awareness then as now about what happens with white girls being groomed, but she was - just the same as all of those young girls up in Rochdale and Rotherham, over in Aylesbury and Oxford. She started going out with a Pakistani bloke and the next thing we knew she was strung out on heroin, addicted.

"She woke up on one occasion in a house being gang-raped by half a dozen Muslim men. She was found by some prostitutes, semi-naked, running away from Bury Park back when the working girls used to hang out on the fringes of that district, although they've all been moved on now. The family got her home and the police just remarked that she was a drug addict and basically shrugged their shoulders.

"Everyone did all they could to help her, but it was useless. They'd lock her in the house and she'd climb out of a window to go back to the Muslims and get her fix.  Jeanette converted to Islam and lives in that community now, apparently with her six children.  No one's seen her for 15 years - at least not that we know. We might walk past her in the street every day but we'd never know, because she's clad from head to toe in her burkha and niqab.

"And it's not just an isolated case, it's not just our family. Everyone knows someone in a similar predicament."


Rotherham: Articles and YouTubes

YOUTUBE:  UK Rape Gang Victim Explains How Grooming Works  (04 July 2019)

"At the Tommy Robinson trial, one victim of the UK's rape gang spoke to me about her experience and how she thinks the nightmare can be stopped"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Very courageous woman. God bless her"  /  "Brave woman. When will the leaders who are elected to protect us stand up for OUR rights????"  /  "She is extremely brave for coming out like this - much respect. Unlike the legal system which is corrupt beyond belief"  /  "Good on her for speaking out, incredibly brave thing to do"  /  "Much respect for this woman to come forward and tell her story"  /  "This is incredible. In a developed western country. I admire the bravery of that girl... woman. She has more courage than those police cowards who let this happen"  /  "And we have to rely on a Canadian media outlet to report on this. The media, and all other institutions of this sewer of a country are such a disgrace, there are no words to describe them ... They are at the forefront of the betrayal and destruction of this country and its people"  /  "Great reporting. About time some of the victims got a voice. Thank you Jessica"  /  "They will eventually ban Jessica and Rebel Media for exposing this issue"  /  "And Tommy's one of the only people who stood up and exposed these gangs"  /  "Islam is a societal cancer, and it's enabled by a disgusting immoral universalist western ruling class - shame on them for letting this happen to young girls"  /  "We are at a tipping point in the western world. Either we are strong like this woman and stand up for values or we lose democracy and the values that go with it"  /  "It is disgusting that the mainstream political parties actively support Islam - it is completely incompatible with sane Western liberal values. Islam should be utterly removed from the West"  /  "I will vote for any party that will address this corruption"

YOUTUBE:  UK Rape Gang Victim Speaks Out to Support Tommy Robinson | Ezra Levant  (04 July 2019)

"Outside of the Old Bailey, grooming gang victim Amy was welcomed on stage by Tommy Robinson to tell her story"  /  Viewers' comments:  "THIS is real bravery and courage"  /  "What an extremely brave young lady, an absolute credit"  /  "This young lady is a credit to real women everywhere"  /  What a courageous young lady. I do hope her family have found a safe house"  /  "My heart goes out to that girl. Wow. I'm as sad as I am angry"  /  "Oh Amy! Well done for being so strong"  /  "This type of speech will be suppressed with the new rules from the UN that are attempting to silence criticism of Islam"  /  "A very Brave Young Lady!"  /  "Amy you are awesome! Your brave actions will help other girls to get the help they need. These families should have proper protection from these vile demons!"  /  "Thanks for airing this, Rebel - you're totally shaming the Biased Broadcasting Corporation"

The State of Britain: Where Reporting on Rape is Worse than Rape  (09 March 2019)


"In Newcastle a series of rape and trafficking trials with fourteen defendants [has] been scrapped due to 'police failings which resulted in the cases not going ahead at court'.  In other news a Huddersfield grooming gang rapists is still on the loose after skipping bail, but it's full steam ahead for the re-trial of Tommy Robinson - the man who made the mistake of reporting on rape..."


Insidious Islam  (07 November 2018)

"Should UKIP campaign against the mass rape of British children by gangs of men of Muslim Pakistani heritage? ... Or should we join with the local authorities, the police, the MSM and the LibLabCon politicos in sweeping under the carpet the fact that these men are inspired by the same world-view as those who enslaved, raped, bought and sold, the Yazidi and other non-Muslim girls in Iraq? ... the same world-view that inspires the laws of their original homeland - Pakistan..."


Tommy Robinson: Result = Intention  (26 October 2018)

"Since 2009 [TR] has been fighting to expose Islamist rape gangs, one of which ruined his cousin, which for decades have been operating unhindered all over the country. As we know, the authorities and the Government are so terrified of being called 'racist' that this news had to be buried, kept out of the media at all costs, so Tommy's activities were definitely not welcome. Nor was his founding of the EDL as a reaction to a Muslim protest against a homecoming Army parade in his home town of Luton..."


Tommy Robinson, Britain's Last Lion, Roars  (23 October 2018)

"Tommy Robinson ... wanted justice for the many thousands of British girls who have been 'groomed', drugged, tortured, pimped, and raped by successions of mostly Muslim gangs over a period of several decades ... In Robinson's view, this is a national scandal which is still not getting nearly the attention it deserves. His supporters outside the court appeared strongly to share this view. perhaps it's because the majority of them hail from the white working class communities which, along with Sikhs, include the people who've been hardest hit by the rape gang phenomenon ... Had it been middle-class girls who were being abused, drugged, multiply raped by these thugs it's unlikely that this practice would have been allowed to continue for so long. Working class girls, on the other hand, appear to be acceptable collateral damage in the Establishment's apparently much more important campaign to make us all comfortable with 'diversity' and 'cultural enrichment' regardless of the actual consequences..."


Revealed - the True Scale of the Paedophile Rape Culture  (23 October 2018)

"In response to the national awareness created of this situation, principally through the efforts of Tommy Robinson, the authorities felt they had to take some form of action in order to satisfy the British public's demand fro justice ... When they get to trial, the crooked establishment then imposes bogus reporting restrictions. The real purpose of this is to prevent the British public from learning the gory details of what happened to the victims. Or to hear their testimony from the witness box regarding how their pleas to the police, social services and local councillors were simply ignored..."


UKIP's Alan Craig: After Huddersfield, Authorities 'Must Name the Muslim Rape Gang Problem' in Britain  (20 October 2018)

"20 British Asian men, of predominantly Pakistani descent, were jailed yesterday in Huddersfield for a combined period of 221 years for the exploitation, abuse and rape of young girls over a 7-year period ... 'Another day, another predominantly Muslim rape gang is put behind bars ... this time the gang that Tommy Robinson highlighted for us at some huge cost to himself'..."


YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Has Breaking News on His Oct 23 Trial  (19 October 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "British people have traded their entire country for the privilege of claiming they're not racist white people"  /  "I am an Indian Hindu. We Hindus know your pain coz we see the same atrocities by Muslim men in India raping and forcing them to Islam in hundreds and thousands every year. We are with you stead strong"  /  "Muslims & political correctness is more important than your daughters"  /  "It is diabolical that a judge can state that the level of evil imposed through torture on these young girls, know as children in our culture, was terrible, yet ... he allowed them out on bail. Yet [TR was] jailed by that same judge on the spot for supposedly jeopardising the trial, when everything [TR] reported was already reported by the BBC who have faced no charges"  /  "The only person who should be standing trial [on 23rd October] is the so-called judge, a man of such infinite wisdom that he let a child rapist free but jailed the man who dared to speak out about that crime"  /  "The death cult and the cultural marxists are ripping the heart and soul of Britain..."


Child Rape Gang Trial Which Saw Tommy Robinson Jailed  (19 October 2018)

"Leeds Crown Court heard grim details about how the predators, from Huddersfield, plied their victims with drink and drugs and threatened to, and sometimes did, abandon them on the moors if they did not comply with their demands ... The case bears similarities to other cases in the UK - including Rotherham, Newcastle, and Oxford - with victims claiming police and authorities were slow or reluctant to act, potentially due to political correctness..."


YOUTUBE:  White Trash  (26 September 2018)

"Short video to music highlighting rape gangs across English cities and towns and the response from Tommy Robinson and the public at large."


YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Exposes Orwellian Nightmare in the UK  (01 June 2018)

"Here's a compilation video on the shocking moment the state imprisoned Tommy Robinson to make him their most famous political prisoner." / Viewers' comments: "Western society needs more brave people like Tommy" / "'It's not my concern' (08:50) is the mentality of the useful idiots; if it were anyone else running rape gangs, they'd rightfully have people angry and up in arms"


"Tommy This, an' Tommy That' Tommy Go Away"  (28 May 2018)

"On Friday, [Tommy] Robinson was livestreaming (from his telephone) outside Leeds Crown Court where last week's Grooming Gang of the Week were on trial for 'grooming' - the useless euphemism for industrial-scale child gang rape and sex slavery by large numbers of Muslim men with the active connivance ... of every organ of the state: social workers, police, politicians. Oh, and also the media..."


In the European Appeasement Olympics, Who Wins?  (26 May 2018)

"For years I thought that Britain's long tradition of open debate and individual liberty would enable it to stand up more firmly to the encroachments of Islam than other Western European countries. I worried more about the Netherlands ... Denmark ... Norway ... France ... and Sweden ... But I was wrong. It is Britain that is falling fastest to Islam. It is Britain, our mother country, home of the Magna Carta, that is most firmly betraying its own history and values ... Now, Tommy Robinson has been arrested ... It is his concern about Islam that has made Robinson a target of British authorities ... [T]he BBC and other mainstream media are determined to give as little coverage as possible to the mass Muslim rape of infidel girls. As for the police, they knew about these 'grooming gangs' for many years (as did armies of social workers) but did nothing for fear of being labelled racist or sparking Islamic uprisings. These same cops arrested Tommy Robinson on Friday not because he did anything wrong, but because he was drawing attention to Muslim crimes that they would rather see ignored - and drawing attention, too, by extension, to their own genuinely criminal failure to defend innocent children from what was essentially jihadist torture ... Tommy Robinson ... is a champion of those victimised children, a voice for freedom, and a living rebuke to the cowardice of the British media, police, social workers, and other officials and public figures who knew what was going on in flats in Rotherham, Newcastle and elsewhere but stayed silent. Anyone in the UK who believes in freedom, recognises the danger of Islam, and has any self-respect should rally to Robinson's cause."


YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Tried to Tell Us Long Before Rotherham Was Exposed. No One Listened  (29 August 2014)

ITV's Daybreak programme interviews Tommy Robinson concerning EDL members being labelled extremists: "What I'd say has encouraged this is this complete era of cultural sensitivity and political correctness that has completely stifled debate, and when you suppress people's voices, which is what we're seeing happening, cultural sensitivity and political correctness has facilitated the rape and grooming of young children; it's facilitated female genital mutilation. This is the land of freedom and democracy and how many people honestly in this country feel they can say freely..."


YOUTUBE:  Hundreds of EDL Supporters March Against Muslim 'Child Grooming'  (30 March 2014)

"The demonstration was called in reaction to a recent case of five men being convicted of child grooming in [Peterborough]. Addressing the rally, EDL speaker Glen Saffer from nearby Norwich demanded answers from PM David Cameron..."


Quotes and Comments

"The news only broke when the EDL started to protest about the gang rapes of working class girls. The authorities' and media response was to besmirch the EDL as right wing Nazis, arrest Tommy Robinson, and 'kettle' EDL demonstrations" [comment at source].

"So far ahead of his time"   /   "Anybody that has lived in an area with muslim communities have always known what goes on. The problem is that most was covered up, people were shut up and mostly people were tired of being branded racist for speaking the truth, which is why Tommy is a rare breed compared to most. The people that seem to hate Tommy are people who never never grew up in working class towns and areas of cities amongst these [Muslim] communities. Then they will tell you the working class are bigots and racists, no, they just see what goes on first hand" [comments at source].

Regarding the interviewer [on ITV Daybreak]: "Simply amazing to watch this left wing jackass attack someone for exposing child rape of his own people & then suggesting that the Muslims would be offended!!!" [comment at source].


Charlene Downes

In November 2003, 14-year-old Charlene Downes disappeared and 15 years later is still missing, believed murdered.  Her mother, Karen, has now written about her family's heartbreak and despair, and the disgraceful attitudes of all the 'professional' agencies - the police, the courts and the justice system, the msm and press, and the social services - in her book Sold in Secret.  She writes...

"It was as if there was no-one who cared about Charlene, no one willing to help us in any way. I was so, so desperate for help, and utterly despairing at the complete lack of justice for my daughter. It was at this point, at the start of 2011, when I felt so devastated at the lack of police support, the lack of justice for my murdered daughter, that I was contacted by a man called Tommy Robinson. He was from the EDL, the English Defence League, an organisation I had never heard of before. I told him so, and in return, he told me that he wanted to arrange a protest in Charlene's name to appeal for justice. I couldn't believe it - here was this random stranger offering to help get the word out there, offering more than anyone else had done for me. He asked me to attend, and I said yes ... That same week, a couple of police officers called round [concerned about the EDL march] but by now, I was way past putting my trust in them. I went ahead and attended the protest ...

"On the day itself, in May 2011, I didn't know what to expect and I was nervous. As I reached the crowd, I realised this was far bigger than I had expected. There were hundreds upon hundreds of protestors, many of them wearing: 'Justice for Charlene' T-shirts. In total, I was told there were 2,000 people, all gathered together for my daughter. I was overwhelmed - I couldn't believe so many people had come out. The next day, I hurried to the newsagent's and Charlene's photo was on the front page of our local newspaper - exactly what I wanted to happen. The world was finally listening ... There was another protest which [my daughter] Becki attended with me. At the end of it, Charlene's name was in the newspapers once again; she was even on TV.  Word spread of our fight for justice. This was all I ever wanted.

"I was staggered by the huge police presence in Blackpool and I reminded myself bitterly how few officers had been allocated to look for Charlene when she went missing. There was a ring of steel around the takeaways and the alleyways and it incensed me.  What about protecting our children instead?" [pp242-4].


Patriots, Traitors, Invaders

Poem in the comments section here

"Here's a tale of Quisling traitors, sold their country to invaders.
The first was shot in forty-five, But many more are still alive.
When was there a referendum, 'Ere our traitors thought to send 'em?
Rivers of blood would be the cost, Enoch was right, now Britain's lost.
Bombs and bullets, acid and knives, Vans on pavements destroying lives.
Showing rape gangs now forbidden, Poor old Tommy he's imprisoned,
While to jihadis flats are given, And ISIS killers all forgiven.

"Hitler's Nazis could not manage, What our Quislings done in damage!
If Churchill were around today, I'm confident that he would say:
'In older and more modern time, Treason must be capital crime,
Patriots must be supported, And invaders all deported,
Till our girls walk unmolested, After British metal's* tested.'
Will saving Blighty come too late, Before the Saxon learns to hate?
If saving's coming, it can't wait, Or Islam will be Britain's fate.

* Please see the author's footnote re metal/mettle.




"The British state already tells you what you can and can't say.
It informs you who must be respected and who hated. It lets you know, in no uncertain terms, how you are to address people.
It wags its finger at you if you step ever so slightly from a straight line it has painted ahead of you"

"The despicable soviet hellhole once renowned for its creation of the Common Law is setting up the martyrdom of Tommy Robinson ...
Justice has taken her scales and fled the blighted land that he chose to stand and defend"

"No man escapes when freedom fails / The best of men rot in filthy jails,
And those who cry appease appease / Are hung by those they try to please"
[quoted in comments at source].

"If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up against us:
Then they had swallowed us up quick ... Then the waters had overwhelmed us ...
Blessed be the LORD, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth.
Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers:
the snare is broken, and we are escaped.
Our help is in the name of the LORD"

(Psalm 124)


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