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The Rotherham et al Rape Jihad
"Not again.
'Let's keep quiet about teenage sex slavery because we're tolerant.'
Wilful blindness is not tolerance"

"The only thing more horrifying than a pack of grown men brutally gang-raping, pimping, torturing, and mutilating an 11-year-old girl
is a modern nation like Great Britain letting them do it, over and over again, for fear of insulting their culture.
How pervasive has the perversion become?..."

Accrington, Aylesbury, Banbury, Barking, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool,  Bolton, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brierfield, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Burnley, Burton-on-Trent, Bury, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chesham, Colchester, Coventry, Derby, Dewsbury & Batley, Dudley, Essex, Glasgow, Great Norton, Halifax, Harlow, Hayes, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Keighley, Kent, Leeds, Leicester, Leigh, Littlehampton, Liverpool, London (Bethnal Green, Finsbury Park, Hackney & London Fields, Harrow, Kensington, Mile End, Whitechapel), Luton, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Nelson, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oldham, Oxford, Peterborough, Preston, Plymouth, Redcar, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sandwell, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Skipton, Slough, South Shields, Stevenage, Stockport, Stockton, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Telford, Torquay, Toxteth, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Yeovil...

"Woe unto him, through whom [these offences] come!
It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea,
than that he should offend one of these little ones"
(Luke 17:1-2)

"The Police's job is to serve and to protect. Who are they protecting? Who are they serving?
[They're] not protecting English women in this country ... English people have had enough of the abuse of our women..."

"Stop saying 'Asian'. This isn't an Asian thing, it's a Muslim thing" [source].

"But What About the Parents?!"
The deflective (and only) response from a social worker recently
when I asked her about the failure of the Social Services - and the police -
to "keep children safe" from these rape gangs

[EMcD, February 2018].

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The Rotherham et al Rape Gangs  |  But What About the Parents?!  (30 June 2018)

A few months ago, I had a brief conversation with a social worker concerning children caught up in the State 'care' system, the Rotherham et al rape gangs, the respective roles of Social Services and parents, and various other aspects of the State's assistance (at least, as the State sees it) of families in recent decades.  Because our chat was necessarily very brief, I subsequently revisited in a little more depth some of the topics we'd touched upon, collating them into a letter to the social worker concerned, of which these two documents are just a part.


The Parents Respond...

General Comments:

"There's no support for parents out there" [source].

"Parents had been trying really hard to get help for their kids; they were going and knocking on doors, they were pleading with the Social Services, with the Police, to do something, and nothing was happening"

"It did involve a lot of kids who were actually with their parents; the parents couldn't do anything about it, even when they tried to" ... "[the parents] were arrested when they complained"
[Andrew Neil and Mark Reckless, quoted at source].

Specific Girls:

"In 2002, 13-year-old Becky Watson died in a car accident that was reported at the time as a 'prank' ... she suffered two years of abuse by an Asian grooming gang which began when she was just 11 ... Her mum Torron Watson said she repeatedly told police that Becky was being abused - and even gave them a list of suspects ... 'Girls like Becky were treated like criminals. I was crying out for help but it felt like I had nowhere to turn. If Becky's abuse had been properly investigated by the authorities more girls could have been saved from going through this hell.'" [source].

"Vanessa's daughter, Claire, was just twelve when she began being abused by a group of Asian [sic] men. Vanessa put her into local authority care [sic], but it just got worse.  [Interviewer:] 'But when you went to the Social Services, presumably, and said to them, "Look, this is what's happening.' what was their response to you?'  [Vanessa:] 'They were looking at me. They were not looking at what I was telling them. They were looking at it as if it were me being bad parenting.'  [Interviewer:] 'How many times did you go for help?'  [Vanessa:] 'Loads of times. Loads. And phone calls - hundreds'."

"'My mother begged Oxford social services to rescue me from sex abuse NINE YEARS AGO' ... Girl C ... said that her adoptive mother begged social services for help in 2004 but agencies failed to help. Two years later the council agreed to put her in a temporary care home, but by then she had fallen under the control of the gang, who plied her with crack cocaine. She said that when she tried to talk to staff at the care home, she was told the conversations was 'inappropriate' ... She said the last contact she had with Oxfordshire County Council was five years ago when her mother begged them to help stop (Girl C) getting into trouble, and said that they ignored her then and ever since"

"The mother of Girl 3 said she wasn't satisfied that OCC had really changed enough. She said: 'My initial response is that they still haven't got it. ... they haven't grasped how badly the individual victims were treated by social services. They only now seem able to see this through the grooming lens and they are saying we didn't know about grooming back then. But they did know that there were individual girls who were in great danger. And it [is] not really relevant whether they were connected through a gang. Each girl was extremely vulnerable and was being abused and exploited. They failed to respond to the needs of each girls and there was wilful neglect. They were told, firstly by me, time and time again, that my daughter was being exploited'"

"For more than two years [since 2003], nobody had listened, nobody had cared. I had pleaded with the police and the press to help me find my daughter [Charlene Downes]. Only now, when they thought she was dead, were they taking an interest ... [In 2011] we were no nearer finding her than on the day she had disappeared. Far from wanting to right the wrongs of their investigation, I felt like the police wanted to sweep it all under the carpet. It was as if there was no one who cared about Charlene, no one willing to help us in any way. I was so, so desperate for help, and utterly despairing at the complete lack of justice for my daughter ... I have no faith left at all in the police. The inquiry into Charlene's death was either a c***-up or a cover-up. Either way, although the investigation is still officially ongoing, I feel justice is further away now than it has ever been"
[Karen Downes, Sold in Secret, pp.167,242,310].

"I know through my own experience, as a father, of some worrying examples of attempted 'grooming' from this particular community. Free fizzy drinks handed out as a special favour to my daughter at takeaway shops when she was a young teenager (not what you expect from a commercial enterprise), a middle-aged driving instructor from BSM making inappropriate advances to my daughter and also asking to be introduced to me (clearly to 'size up' how much of a threat to him I was) and over-friendliness in a hardware shop (intrusive questioning). ... nothing bad happened to my daughter, but this must be replicated in tens of thousands of 'initial grooming' approaches every day and millions in a year. Clearly it's not confined to that community but in my experience it appears to be rife within it and I think we know why (because of the prejudicial teachings about, and historical interactions with, non-followers of the religion)"
[comment at source].


Mothers of Prevention
by Julie Bindel  (Sunday Times, 2007)

"The authorities, in the shape of politicians and the police, seemed reluctant to acknowledge this aspect of the crimes; it has been left to the mothers of the victims to speak out."

"As many as 200 families have gone to [Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (CROP)] for advice ... CROP researchers have been tracking the pimping gangs for over a decade, and have built up a valuable database of knowledge about the pimping gangs, based on hundreds of stories from parents and victims."

"Many affected parents are unhappy with the police response ... the families are meeting lawyers to discuss possible action against the police ... for failing to protect children from sexual predators."

"The issue of black and Asian men being labelled 'pimps' is deeply contentious, but not, say parents, a reason for police to turn a blind eye."

"A number of families affected by Pakistani pimping gangs have said that police inaction and the refusal of white liberals to acknowledge the problem has resulted in more girls being at risk than ever before."

"'We parents are doing more to investigate these criminals than the police' says Jean. 'My husband and I have sat for hours outside hot spots, taking down car-registration numbers. I have given the police dozens of names from my daughter's mobile phone, but they have done nothing'."

"Jean's daughter Sally is in foster care, but is still being picked up regularly by pimps and raped by men who do not even know her name. She is now totally estranged from her mother, whom she recently threatened to stab. 'I keep having nightmares about what they have done to her' says Jean, 'and about what her life has become. I want to kill them. I have told police to go and do something, or I might lose control and do something myself."

"Maureen's daughter Jo was one of [Zulfqar] Hussain and [Qaiser] Naveed's victims ... 'I was told by one police officer that he did not "want to start a race riot" by arresting Pakistani men for sexual offences,' Maureen said."

"Gemma cannot remember ever being happy, although her mother, Anni, says she was a contented child until she reached the age of 13 ... the day that Amir, her 24-year-old boyfriend, chose to brutally rape her ... 'If we had not pushed and pushed about this issue,' says Anni, 'I believe that Hussain and Naveed would still be out there, just like my child's abusers are'. Anni, along with other affected mothers, has put pressure on the police to respond by using the local press to back their campaign for justice."

"[M]any parents I spoke to are feeling cautiously optimistic after the convictions of Hussain and Naveed. 'This is just the beginning' says Maureen, 'but I think it will have sent a message to other abusers that the net is closing in on them and they can no longer get away [with] it'."

"Blackburn is Jack Straw's constituency, and both Anni and Maureen have visited him to beg for help."


Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal
by Peter McLoughlin  (2016)

"Parents across the country were trying in vain to get the councils and the police to take action" [p.123].

"What should have been of interest to the authorities? ... parents contacting police and social services with their fears and accumulated evidence"

"[G]rooming gang cases have gone to trial as far afield as Oxford, Bristol, Newcastle, and Ipswich. And in some of these cases, the victims and their families have claimed that they notified the child-care services in their area, but nothing was done"

"[T]he gang will use techniques to drive a wedge between the girl and her parents ... If none of this works, and the parents' intervention looks like it will threaten the gang's activities, then the parents too may be subject to blackmail, intimidation or violence ... Similar stories of threats to families can be found in reports of the Dutch equivalent of the grooming gangs"

"In 2007, Julie Bindel reported how mothers were gathering evidence that the police would then dismiss: it wasn't the case that the police used that evidence to subsequently set up surveillance operations. They simply dismissed the mothers and their concerns"

"In 2012, the mother of one of the victims testified at the trial of Rochdale men accused of grooming offences, and she said that the council social services team knew of the problems as far back as 2002. She went on to say:  'I wanted the three of them [my daughters] to be put into child protection but they wouldn't do it. I must have called in to social services eight or nine times and phoned them lots of times' ... parents across the country were trying in vain to get the councils and the police to take action"


Broken and Betrayed
by Jayne Senior (Risky Business)  (2016)

"Irene Ivison began to tell the story of her daughter ... Fiona, who'd been a normal teenage girl until she became involved in an abusive relationship at the age of fourteen. Irene fought and fought to claw back her daughter from the clutches of her so-called 'boyfriend' - a man in his mid to late twenties - battling with the police and social services to get something done. ... Fiona was murdered ... in December 1993. By campaigning to alert people to child sexual exploitation Irene had found a way to go on ... A young girl that no one in authority seemed to be able to help, even though her mother had reported her truanting from school, hanging around with older men, and becoming involved in drugs ... I was angry not only at the abusers, but the system too" [pp.37-38].

"Week after week we discussed [Paula's] case with police and social services, but although her grooming and abuse appeared to escalated quickly, nothing was being done by the authorities to help. Her parents were extremely concerned, attending meetings with us, the police, social services and education ... [her parents] doing everything they could to stop her from becoming more deeply involved. Her poor, desperate father even accosted one of the men she was hanging about with when he saw him in Asda ... He related this story in a meeting at which police officers were present. They tore a strip off him, but still did nothing about his daughter's abusers"

Jessica's "abuse began at fourteen, when she became involved with a twenty-five-year-old man, and although she went into foster care, after frequently going missing from home, the abuse continued unabated. Far from being protected, the foster carer actually allowed her to go on seeing this man ... The abuser ... was also invited home for tea. Incredible, really. ... Her father, who was devastated by what was going on, always made efforts to track her down whenever this happened and, inevitably, she'd be at a property owned by abusers in the town. One evening he set out to find her, having been told by the police that 'it wasn't their problem'.  He quickly located her and banged on the door of a terraced house, demanding that whoever was in should open up and give him his daughter back. ... Neighbours heard the fracas and reported that someone was racially abusing people in their street. The police arrived pretty damned quickly, the door was opened and they went inside. ... [Jessica was] arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour, as was her father. And although the house was full of men, one of whom had just been in bed with a fourteen-year-old girl, not one of them was spoken to, arrested or charged with anything. ... [Jessica] needed understanding and support, not arresting and stigmatizing. Her father also needed that support. No parent, no matter how forceful, can stop his child being abused in this way without the backing of police and social services. It just isn't possible. Instead of arresting Jessica and her dad, wouldn't it have been better to collect evidence of abuse from a house that contained twenty men and a half-naked, underage girl? I'd have thought so, but this was the reality we were dealing with at the time and no amount of complaining seemed to do any good"

"...after a concerted attempt by her mother, who was forever going out looking for her at night, Katrin decided that she wanted no more to do with her abuser and his friends ... backed by her mum, she decided she would make a statement to police"

"[P]arents have also ceased to make missing person reports, a precursor to any child abduction investigation, as the police response is often so inappropriate"

"Danielle's ... parents reported her missing on every occasion. However, they were actually told they were wasting police time as eventually she would come back"

"[Karen] is missing from home frequently ... returned with a suspected broken nose, two black eyes, bruises and scratching. Her mum was told by police not to report her missing due to the frequency of this"

"A fourteen-year-old girl who was being sexually exploited and whose social worker considered that the child's mother was not able to accept that what her daughter was going through was just 'part of growing up'"

"[M]y husband Paul, our Lee and Ben and two of my brothers-in-law went out for a Christmas drink.  At about 11.30 p.m. they came out of the pub at the end of the road and saw a young girl walking up the street ahead of them. Then a van screeched to a halt and the Asian [sic] driver shouted, 'Get in, you b---h!'  Paul approached the van and told him to 'do one'.  They then walked the young girl home. I reported it immediately to the police, as I knew who the girl was, and on the Monday I rang her social worker. In response to my concern, she said, 'What were your husband and sons doing approaching a young female late at night?'  The 'young female' was an extremely vulnerable child who went on to be raped with a broken bottle and will never have a baby due to the damage caused. She is now back in touch with me and told me recently that the night Paul intervened she had just been gang-raped and had run off, wanting to get home to where she knew she would be safe and her mother would give her a hug and make everything better"


Parents' Action Groups

PACE - Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (formerly CROP - Coalition for Removal of Pimping)

"PACE was founded by Irene Ivison and a number of supporting parents in 1996 following the murder of her 17 year old daughter Fiona, who was groomed, sexually exploited and then coerced into prostitution by a known perpetrator [and] murdered by a client. Irene had spent three years asking social services to help remove Fiona from her groomer's clutches. But social care did not deem Fiona to be at risk ... The man who killed her received a life sentence, but the groomer who pimped her remains free today. It was these twin agency failures - the inability of the social services to intervene and the refusal of the criminal justice system to recognise the groomer's role in Fiona's death - which propelled Irene to set up CROP alongside other affected parents. Right from the start, CROP was run by parents for parents, offering individual telephone support and running self-help groups. When the parents organised the inaugural CROP conference in 1998, they ensured that police officers, social services, health authorities and children's charities attended to hear their voices for the first time. ... We help parents fight to keep their children safe..."

Parents Against Grooming UK

"Parents Against Grooming UK was formed 2012, because our founders have had direct dealings or know parents whose children have been either directly involved with grooming and/or have been approached by men in the Rochdale area. ... We must all be made aware of this and know the signs. If you're in doubt then please speak out! We have long believed the people that make the decisions, the suits high up in Greater Manchester Police, Crown Prosecution Services, Rochdale Council and Rochdale town hall bosses have covered up crucial evidence in the Rochdale grooming scandals 2007-2012. There are victim reports of having to sign gagging orders, bullying of victims and victim-blaming during the scandals. We are demanding a full transparent independent inquiry with all those to blame to be held accountable for their actions. We will continue to raise awareness into CSE and supporting other cases similar to that of Rochdale's. ... We ... will push and demand justice and accountability [from] ALL those who make decisions..."


I Don't Care...

"I must respond to what you just heard. It's easy to call me Marine Le Pen, it's easy to call me National Front, it's easy to dismiss all of these things.  I don't care.  I don't care what people call me, I don't care what the press call me...

"Let me tell you what I do care about.

"On the train on the way down here today, I read an article about Sandwell in Birmingham, where over a five year period, more than 6,000 young British children were raped by grooming gangs in that small area of Birmingham.  6,000 children in a five year period.  I care about that.  And I care about the fact that we are STILL lying, we are still attacking people.  Look at what happened with Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham when she dared to speak up and tell a few harsh home truths...

"When she dared to speak, it, she was forced to resign from her job.  Soon afterwards, we had another Labour MP who retweets on Twitter that girls should shut up for the sake of diversity.  I care about this.  This is the rape of Britain's daughters, and the truth of the matter is that we have imported hell on earth, and that Europe is still importing hell on earth.  Thousands every day.

"I will not run away from this.  I will tell the truth, and I will stand up to the corrupt media who continues to smear and lie, and I will stand up to anyone ... who continues to smear and lie.

"This is the rape of your children.  Let's stand up and fight for them" [source].



Multiculturalism: The Rape of an Entire Nation

A reader's comment here.

"In a settled society with a common culture, rape is a direct assault on the home culture, and thus does not happen too often, as the rapist is punished, both legally and socially. In a multicultural society, and particularly one in which Islam is in the mix, rape is not just of an individual woman, but an assault on the honour and pride of another tribe. That is how Muslims see it, and we know this as they engage in 'honour' killings.

"In a genuine tribal society, such an assault would be avenged fairly quickly by violence and retaliatory rapes. Thus, to achieve some degree of stability in a multi-tribal (read multicultural) society, it requires that men of the tribe take direct action to protect their tribe by violence against an offending tribe.

"What we have now in the UK is the worst of all possible scenarios. We have Muslim immigrants who view women with contempt. Muslims also view rapes as an act of contempt on Infidel society (tribe). The rapist may be punished with a derisory sentence, but is held in respect within his own 'tribe'. Meanwhile, 'Men of the West' have been neutered by decades of feminist and socialist propaganda, thus making any retaliatory action well nigh impossible. Thus, all impediments to rape have been removed.

"What we have created is not just a rapist's paradise but the rape of an entire nation. Sweden has been the rape capital of Europe for at least ten years. Fjordman [also here and here] has been pointing this out for virtually the same time. In Britain, the systematic brutal gang rapes of young non-Muslim girls by Pakistani Muslims had been going on for decades. In all cases the police and political authorities knowingly ignored the cries of the victims.

"The news only broke when the EDL started to protest about the gang rapes of working class girls. The authorities' and media response was to besmirch the EDL as right wing Nazis, arrest Tommy Robinson, and 'kettle' EDL demonstrations. And as the news was now out, they admitted that they had kept quiet about the gang rapes because they didn't want to be perceived as 'racists'. This doesn't wash on any ground.

  • What sort of people are these media and authority types that willingly and knowingly ignored the cries and tears of young girls over decades?
  • And the claim that they didn't want to be perceived as 'racist' is a cowardly reason to give, that is, trying to hide their cowardice, and disgusting politically expedient behaviour behind what they believe will be perceived as a good cause of non-racism."





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