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The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict
(February - May 2022)

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The History and Context

Does Ukraine need to be Denazified?  (13 May 2022)

"[L]et us explore the historical and contemporary evidence ... What are now the western Ukrainian oblasts (administrative regions) of Lviv (alias Lwów or Lemberg), Zakarpattia (Ruthenian Transcarpathis), Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi were formerly part of the Second Polish Republic (1918-1939), with smaller parts of these territories belonging to Czechoslovakia and Romania in the same interbellum.  A Ukrainian nationalist resistance movement emerged.  The Ukrainian Military Organisation (UVO) waged a terrorist campaign during the 19202 and 1930s, striving for political unification of ethnic Ukrainians and promoting nationalism..."

Clash of Christianities: Why Europe Cannot Understand Russia  (02 May 2022)

"Under an ubiquitous, toxic atmosphere of cognitive dissonance drenched in Russophobia, it's absolutely impossible to have a meaningful discussion of finer points of Russian history and culture across the NATO space ... At best, in a semblance of civilised dialogue, Russia is pigeonholed in the reductionist view of a threatening, irrational, ever-expanding empire ... With the fall of the USSR, Russia found itself in a geopolitical situation last encountered in the 17th century ... Ukraine for its part had become a de facto Moscow protectorate way back in 1654 under the Treaty of Pereyaslav; much more than a strategic alliance, it was a natural fusion, in progress for ages by two Orthodox Slav nations..."

Ukraine: The World Majority Sides with Russia Over the US  (01 May 2022)

"2014 saw two pivotal events that led to the current conflict in Ukraine.  The first, familiar to all, was the coup in Ukraine in which a democratically elected government was overthrown at the direction of the United States and with the assistance of neo-Nazi elements which Ukraine as long harbored.  Shortly thereafter the first shots in the present war were fired on the Russian-sympathetic Donbass region by the newly installed Ukrainian government.  The shelling of the Donbass which claimed 14,000 lives has continued for 8 years, despite attempts at a cease-fire under the Minsk accords which Russia, France and Germany agreed upon but Ukraine backed by the US refused to implement.  On February 24, 2022, Russia finally responded to the slaughter in Donbass and the threat of NATO in its doorstep.  The second pivotal event of 2014 was less noticed and in fact rarely mentioned in the Western mainstream media..."

Ukraine: Just the Facts  (08 April 2022)

"Some of the comments and questions I have received over the past few weeks made it clear to me that many of my readers, enlightened and well-informed though they generally are, aren't sure what to believe about the action in the Ukraine, having been caught up in a maelstrom of lies that pass as news coverage in the West.  My goal here is not to convert or to convince but to simply list a number of aspects of the Ukrainian situation for you to toss around in your mind..."  /  Reader's comment:  "An understanding of the history of the region will help people realise the Media circus is fabricating almost everything about the current Russia/Ukraine situation."

Little Ukraine v Big Bad Russia? It's More Complicated Than That  (14 March 2022)

"As with the response to Covid 19, a dominant narrative about the conflict in Ukraine is being promulgated by western governments and the mainstream media.  Similarly to the Covid era, even the slightest dissent from the state- and media-approved viewpoint will have you pilloried as a conspiracy theorist or a patsy for Putin's regime ... as with any conflict, its causes are often more complex and cannot be explained at the surface level.  Unfortunately, much of the media's analysis is offering the public a very shallow and unbalanced view of the factors that have contributed to this conflict ... there are deep ties of culture and ancestry between Ukraine and Russia..."

When Fanatical Ideology Bumps Up Against Stone Cold Reality  (13 March 2022)

"For most Westerners, it appears that the current conflict suddenly dropped from the sky one morning in February 2022.  They woke up to hear about a Russian invasion, and without any prior knowledge of context, having been denied this for years by their so-called free press, simply accepted the narrative thrown at them that this invasion was utterly unprovoked - the brainchild of a madman who wishes to recreate Hammer and Sickle Land again ... No, it is part of a sequence of events that was set off years ago, particularly in 2014, which were clearly destined to reshape the world ... behind it all is an ideological fanaticism that overtook certain elements of the Western powers ... that led to the carpet bombing of Serbia, the invasion of Afghanistan, the war against Iraq, the dismemberment of Libya, and the arming of jihadists to destabilise Syria ... which curiously attracted none of the sort of response we are seeing now..."

Ukraine and the Global American Empire  (08 March 2022)

"Since 2014, the Ukraine has been experiencing a quiet civil war, between the Ukrainian majority in the West, and a Russian minority concentrated in the east.  The ethnic Ukrainian side in this conflict has been co-opted by the supranational global imperial monolith.  This is the cadre of western elites that determines political, medical and cultural orthodoxy across the world.  They control not only all major political parties in most western countries, but also global international consortia from the United Nations to the World Economic Forum to the European Union to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.  Their goal is to further squeeze Russia by turning Ukraine - including the Russian-speaking eastern regions - into another political constituent of American globalism.  To the Russians - many Russians - this is unacceptable..."

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine in Perspective  (25 February 2022)

"After decades of ignoring Russia's national security concerns, the West is confronted with a military invasion of Ukraine which serves as a precursor for a new Cold War that will define Russia's relationship with the West for years to come ... Because no one took Russia seriously, no one could imagine a large-scale ground war in Europe ... Ever since NATO had opened the door to membership for Ukraine and Georgia during the 2008 Bucharest summit, Russia has been making its vehement opposition known ... Russia's president does not bluff ... the West would do well to listen closely to what he has to say.  As Russian troops poured across the Ukrainian border, Western diplomats and pundits proclaimed shock and dismay.  But Russia has been clear about what it wanted, and what the consequences of failing to get that would be.  This war was predictable, if only the West had listened..."

On Ukraine  (24 February 2022)

"While the West is perhaps the weakest it has been in a long time, Russia and China have recently formed a long-term security pact.  Thus we have two super powers arrayed against an anaemic and spineless West.  With senile fools like Biden in the White Hose, the move on Ukraine was inevitable ... The Ukraine has had a rather checkered past, as have so many nations in that part of the world.  It was part of various empires and powers, including the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman empires.  It became a republic in 1917, but became a founding member of the Soviet Union in 1922.  It regained its independence in 1991, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union..."

The Full Text of Putin's Speech This Morning February 24th 2022  (24 February 2022)

"I consider it necessary today to speak again about the tragic events in Donbass and the key aspects of ensuring the security of Russia.  I will begin with what I said in my address on February 21, 2022.  I spoke about our biggest concerns and worries, and about the fundamental threats which irresponsible Western politicians created for Russia consistently, rudely and unceremoniously from year to year.  I am referring to the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border..."

Uncovered Document Reveals Soviet Union Was Promised No NATO Expansion at End of Cold War  (21 February 2022)

"The document is the minutes of a meeting between foreign ministry officials from the US, France, Germany, and Britain in Bonn, Germany, on March 6th, 1991.  Officials referenced the 'two plus four' negotiations that were held with the Soviet Union in 1990 to reunify East and West Germany. 'We made it clear in the two plus four negotiations that we would not expand NATO beyond the Elbe. We can therefore not offer NATO membership to Poland and the others,' German diplomat Jürgen Chrobog said at the 1991 meeting.  The French, US, and British officials also agreed on the issue of NATO expansion..."

Ukraine's Accelerating Slide into Authoritarianism  (30 May 2021)

"U.S. officials have long been fond of portraying Ukraine as a plucky democracy fending off the menace of aggression from an authoritarian Russia.  Washington's idealised image has never truly corresponded with the murkier reality, but the gap has now become a chasm ... There has been a fraudulent elements to Washington's policy ever since Barak Obama's administration backed Ukraine's so-called Maidan Revolution in 2014..."


NATO and the West

1991: When America Tried to Keep Ukraine in the USSR  (26 April 2022)

"The US government today likes to pretend that it is the perennial champion of political independence for countries that were once behind the Iron Curtain.  What is often forgotten, however, is that in the days following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Washington opposed independence for Soviet republics like Ukraine and the Baltic states ... The US regime and its supporters in the press took the position that nationalism - not Soviet despotism - was the real problem for the people of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Indeed, in the case of Ukraine, President George H.W. Bush even traveled to Kyiv in 1990 to lecture the Ukrainians about the dangers of seeking independence from Moscow, while decrying the supposed nationalist threat..."

The West Created the Ukraine Crisis. Now It Must Solve It  (27 March 2022)

"Vladimir Putin has never stated his specific war aims in Ukraine other than to ensure that the country never joins NATO.  Since Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has already conceded that point, the two countries are ostensibly fighting over nothing.  yet the war goes on.  War generates its own imperatives, not the least of these being the will to secure a clear victory on the battlefield.  Zelensky wants to expel Russian forces from Ukrainian territory.  Putin wants a Ukrainian surrender so that he can dictate the terms of peace.  National honour demands no less on both sides..."

The Globalists' Insidious Plans for Russia and Ukraine  (26 March 2022)

"[T]his war has been provoked by western globalists who were imperiously bent on driving NATO all the way to the Russian doorstep.  This was understandably and rightly perceived by Russia as a move that posed a serious threat to its national security.  Russia had for years warned, pleaded, and implored the West not to do this, but to no avail.  NATO, led by the United States, did something the US would never allow were the situation reversed.  The US would never allow a hostile military alliance on its borders.  We saw what happened during the Cuban missile crisis when the Soviets were trying to bring military installations to Cuba.  The US threatened both Cuba and Russia and was ready to start a nuclear was if necessary to halt that undertaking.  The US was, of course, justified in its demands then.  The Russians now feel the same about Ukraine..."

Professor John Mearsheimer Explains Who Is Responsible for the Ukraine-Russian Crisis  (24 March 2022)

"Prof. Mearsheimer came to wider public consciousness through his 2015 lecture in which he discussed the origin and causes of the brewing Russo-Ukrainian conflict.  The presentation is a true tour de force and has posted more than 22 million views to date.  In that lecture Prof. Mearsheimer not only offered a superb analysis of the situation, but he also made a prediction that is being fulfilled right before our eyes.  This is what he said more than six years ago:..."

Why Ukraine is Important to Powerful People in Washington  (22 March 2022)

"In this short clip ... Lara Logan outlines her brutally honest perspective on why Ukraine is so important to people in power within the DC system.  She explains that Ukraine is a t the center of this cult of Globalists.  It is the center of money-laundering for the oligarchs and their allies in the United States, it's the center of the Russia Hoax and the Fake Impeachment.  She says,..."

NATO's Reckless Expansion Provoked Russia's Invasion of Ukraine   (21 March 2022)

"A couple of weeks ago I asked who is really to blame for the war in Ukraine, and referred to the American political scientist who has long argued that pushing to expand NATO eastward and establishing friendly relations with Ukraine increased the likelihood of war between nuclear-armed powers.  In an interview with the New Yorker, John Mearsheimer, professor of political science at the University of Chicago, explained that in his view this had laid the groundwork for Vladimir Putin's aggressive position toward Ukraine; and that 'the United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for this crisis'..."

Is Putin the New Coronavirus?  (10 March 2022)

"President Biden's 'maskless' State of the Union signifies the near-end of the COVID tyranny we have lived under for the past two years.  Fortunately for Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is replacing COVID as a ready-made excuse for their failures and a justification for expanding their power ... Over the past two years, many leading Internet companies did the government's bidding by 'de-platforming' anyone who expressed skepticism of vaccines or promoted alternative treatments - even when they presented evidence to support their claims.  These companies are once again helping the government by de-platforming those who question, or are suspected of questioning, the official narrative regarding Ukraine..."

Ukraine First, UK Last - Our Leaders Are Traitors  (28 February 2022)

"[Putin] has ordered the Russian military to re-take control of a former Soviet province, whose leaders sold their country out to NATO in 2014.  The arms-dealers trailing in NATO's wake promptly began piling into Ukraine with missiles, rocket-launchers and expensive small-arms, hoping for a long and prosperous civil war for the disputed territory right on the Russian border.  And by golly they got one ... The anti-Russian fervour in Ukraine has been carefully nurtured by bribed political puppets and media no less corrupt than our own ... The hypocrisy spurting from the lips of our domestic political class is revolting in the extreme..."

The REAL Aggressors Attacking Humanity...  (25 February 2022)

"The financial sanctions Biden has announced against Putin are nothing compared to the Canadian government's own financial terrorism that it has unleashed against its own peaceful citizens.  Donate just $20 to the freedom convoy and all your bank funds can be stolen without notice, completely outside of due process.  But we're told that Putin is the worst villain on the planet ... For the record, I don't see Putin demanding Americans and Canadians be injected with spike protein bioweapons that have already killed nearly one million Americans right here at home, either ... Similarly, when the fake Biden president decries Putin's violations of Ukraine's 'sovereign borders', the corporate media is utterly silent about America's invasions, attacks and military violence committed against Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria and dozens of others countries..."

Justin Trudeau's Slam on Putin Melts Projection Detectors Everywhere  (22 February 2022)

"Justin Trudeau is going for the title of least self-aware politician in the world, and in his effort to take the lead in that quest for that crown, the Canadian MP had this to say about Russia's Vladimir Putin: 'PM Trudeau says #Canada will stand against authoritarianism, announces sanctions against Russia'..."  /  Twitches:  "Is this a joke because I'm not laughing"  /   "Does Canada not have mirrors?"  /  "Apparently not"  /  "He said it with a straight face... unbelievable"  /  "'In order to protect you from authoritarianism, I need to impose authoritarianism'"  /  This is like North Korea denouncing dictatorships"  /  "Trudeau slams Putin's 'authoritarianism' as arrested protestors in Canada are reportedly being kept in jail for 'crimes' they might commit..."

The Usual Suspects Are Pushing War with Russia  (28 January 2022)

"Here we go again.  Since the original Gulf War in 1991, a certain pattern has emerged.  Every few years, the regime in Washington attempts to whip the American people into a frenzy so that they will support the latest American invasion 'necessary' for regime change, 'spreading democracy', or some other agenda ... This time, with conflict ongoing between Russia and Ukraine, the enemy is Russia ... Yet war with Russia is hardly a crusade of righteousness, and it brings with it the risk of catastrophe..."


Ukrainian Bio-Labs

The Shanghai Lockdown: Seen from Another Angle  (22 April 2022)

"Both China and Russia are economically and strategically crucial for the West.  They are also close allies.  They represent a threat to western supremacy ... an even more important reason than the NATO threat for President Putin's intervention of Ukraine are the 20 to 30 war-type (grade 3) US-funded bio-labs in Ukraine.  They were built during the past 20-some years, most of them after the Western-instigated Maidan Coup in February 2014 which led to the current state of affairs with Ukraine, and between Ukraine and Russia..."

Pentagon Admits to Running Bio-Weapons Labs in Ukraine...  (09 March 2022)

"The theory that US-run bio labs in Ukraine were developing COVID-related diseases as part of a plan by Dr. Anthony Fauci to release a new pandemic on the world was debunked by the mainstream media as 'QAnon conspiracy theories' and 'Russian disinformation'.  But testimony by a US government official in front of Congress has revealed that at least part of this 'conspiracy theory' is, in fact, true.  On Tuesday, the US government admitted to running the labs when the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, testified before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Ukraine in Washington..."


Volodymyr Zelensky's Regime

Ukraine Hunts Down "Traitors Helping Russia"  (02 May 2022)

"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's saintly image in the media is contradicted by state terror operations being conducted under his orders against political dissidents and Ukrainian civilians accused of collaboration with Russia ... nearly 400 people in the northeastern city of Kharkiv alone have been detained under anti-collaboration laws enacted by Ukraine's parliament and signed by Zelensky after Russia's February 24 invasion..."

"One Less Traitor": Zelensky Oversees Campaign of Assassination, Kidnapping and Torture of Political Opponents  (17 April 2022)

"Western media has looked the other way ... as Zelensky and top officials in his administration have sanctioned a campaign of kidnapping, torture, and assassination of local Ukrainian lawmakers accused of collaborating with Russia.  Several top mayors and other Ukrainian officials have been killed since the outbreak of war, many reportedly by Ukrainian state agents after engaging in de-escalation talks with Russia ... Zelensky has further exploited the atmosphere of war to outlaw an array of opposition parties and order the arrest of his leading rivals.  His authoritarian decrees have triggered the disappearance, torture, and even murder of an array of human rights activists, communist and leftist organizers, journalists and government officials accused of 'pro-Russian' sympathies.  The Ukrainian SBU security services has served as the enforcement arm of the officially authorized campaign of repression.  With training from the CIA and close coordination with Ukraine's state-backed neo-Nazi paramilitaries, the SBU has spent the past weeks filling its vast archipelago of torture dungeons with political dissidents..."

The Man Who Sold Ukraine  (04 March 2022)

"Zelensky has been lionised in the west and praised for his personal bravery.  But ... he has failed to restore national unity or implement the crucial peace accord that is the only path to reconciliation.  The Ukrainian president doesn't like the so-called Minsk Protocol and has refused to meet its basic requirements.  As a result, the ethnically-charged, fratricidal war that has engulfed Ukraine for the last 8 years continues to this day with no end in sight ... Most [Westerners] fail to realise that Zelensky's rejection of Minsk was the straw that broke the camel's back.  Russian officials had worked for 8 years on Minsk hammering out terms that would be agreeable to all parties.  Then - at the eleventh hour - Zelensky put the kibosh on the deal with a wave of the hand.  Why?  Who told Zelensky to scrap the agreement?  Washington?..."


Ukrainian Neo-Nazism

Does Ukraine need to be Denazified?  (13 May 2022)

"It is difficult to state precisely the number of Nazis in the Ukrainian armed forces.  In March 2014, in an interview with Newsweek, Dmytro Yarosh claimed that the Right Sector had at least 10,000 members.  Not long afterwards, Andriy Biletsky - using the term 'Ukrainian nationalist' rather than 'National Socialist' - stated that the greatest concentration of Nazis was found in the Azov regiment ... Though concentrated in Azov, Nazis are also found in many of the other 'specialist' regiments and units ... Many of these regiments have now been renamed and more formally incorporated into the Ukrainian military ... The West has armed, trained and equipped these lunatics..."

Ukraine's Institutional Nazism  (22 April 2022)

"We have already shown the extent of Nazism in the Ukraine's armed forces.  This post will demonstrate the extent to which Fascism/National Socialism (Nazism) have been and are an integral part of Ukrainian civilian life.  There is no better evidence of institutional Nazism in Ukraine than the education of its youth.  The Azov battalion has its youth movement called the Azovets ... The 'wolfsangel' insignia on their T-shirts is Ukraine's version of the German Nazis' original..."

Azov, the Neo-Nazis Doing the West's Dirty Work in Ukraine  (11 April 2022)

"Formed in May 2014, the Azov battalion originally consisted of the ultra-nationalist Patriot of Ukraine gang and the neo-Nazi Social National Assembly (SNA).  Both groups are xenophobic and adhere to neo-Nazi ideals.  Its members wear the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel symbol, a black swastika.  Since the Ukrainian revolution in 2013 they have been fighting Russian separatists in the East ... Azov was officially integrated into the National Guard of Ukraine on November 12, 2014, and, as a battalion, the group has been fighting ever since on the front lines against pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, the eastern region of Ukraine where it has been accused of inflicting inhumane treatment on civilians using them as human shields, and torturing prisoners in the Donbas region.  The Ukrainian government has both welcome this neo-Nazi movement and ignored its violent attacks..."

Whitewashing Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Encourages Far-Right Forces  (11 April 2022)

"Since the post-war period, the idea of 'fascism' has become a kind of shadow mirror of the image the West has tried to create for itself.  Instead of describing a set of specific features, it has often been used as a merely accusatory category ... the concept of 'fascism' today has also become a residual category that can be used to name anything that does not fit within the aesthetic, behavioral, and institutional expectations of Western sensibilities.  This is particularly ironic because real Fascism and real Nazism were products of Western civilisation.  And the case of Ukraine, a Slavic country who has both embraced fascism and embarked on the road to Westernization, short-circuits Western narratives.  'Whitewashing' the Azov battalion, regardless of the complicit Western media and the immense propaganda war is not an easy task, though..."

The History of Nazism in Ukraine. Who is Stepen Bandera?  (27 March 2022)

"What does the world know about Ukraine? ... Do Americans, Europeans and others around the world know the truth about Ukraine and their history of Nazi ideology?  According to The Times of Israel 'Hundreds in Ukraine attend marches celebrating Nazi SS soldiers ... The so-called Embroidery March took place in the capital on April 28, the 78th anniversary of the establishment of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS ... a force set up under German occupation auspices comprised of ethnic Ukrainian and German volunteers and conscripts.  The marchers held banners displaying the unit's symbol...'"

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine Fake Incidents to Gain More 'Western' Support  (Updated: 17 March 2022)

"One of the aims of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine is to de-Nazify the country.  The elimination of the Azov battalion in Mariupol and similar groups elsewhere in Ukraine is certainly on their agenda ... The U.S. is promising to deliver more weapons to the Ukraine.  These weapons will make it more difficult for Russian troops to achieve their tasks ... The U.S. is in fact willing to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian fascist..."

TWITTER:  Ukrainian 24 Presenter Goes Full Nazi...  (15 March 2022)

"...endorses Adolf Eichmann to call for genocide of Russians.  'By killing children, they will never grow up and the nation will disappear... and I hope that everyone will contribute and kill at least one Muscovite...'  Zelensky closed down opposition media and left this outlet - owned by the richest man in Ukraine - free to spew Nazi propaganda..."

Under the Wolfsangel: The Uncomfortable Truth about Radical Ideologies in Ukraine  (15 March 2022)

"The Nazi influence on modern-day Ukrainian politics is clear, tangible, and willfully ignored by its Western supporters.  A cursory look at the documents regarding the foundation of the Ukrainian state would make it appear quite European and democratic, which is exactly the reason why many might have dismissed Vladimir Putin's talk about neo-Nazis in Ukraine as rhetoric and propaganda.  The truth, however, is much more complicated and cannot be summarised by saying 'Ukrainian president is Jewish, and thus all allegations are untrue'.  One historical figure who has emerged as a hero in post-Maidan Ukraine is Stepan Bandera..."


War Crimes and Atrocities

Ukrainian Soldiers Film Themselves Calling Up Mothers of Russian Soldiers Killed in Action and Mocking Them  (06 April 2022)

"Yes, really.  'Pro-Ukraine accounts on Twitter translated the videos and celebrated the heinous acts with glee' ... The Ukrainian appeared to be using the phone that belonged to the dead Russian to call his mother.  An alleged neo-Nazi Azov Battalion member named Ivan Zaliznyak uploaded the video and five others to his Telegram channel.  The clips hardly do much to bolster the narrative, relentlessly amplified by the legacy media, that the Ukrainians are the 'good guys'..."

War Crimes Are Atrocious - Whichever Side Commits Them  (01 April 2022)

"Did you have a good laugh over the Ukrainian soldier's practical joke: the one where he picked up the mobile phone of a Russian soldier's corpse and called the lad's parents to rejoice in his death?  Or maybe you found the videos of Russian PoWs being kneecapped more to your taste?  Or perhaps what really got you going was the Ukrainian army doctor who said he considered it legitimate to castrate captured Russian soldiers?  Unless, of course, it's the the proper stuff you're into: the crucifixion and burning alive? The dead woman - a filthy collaborator, must have been! - with swastikas carved into her flesh?  Clearly I must be sick in the head for I don't find any of this remotely satisfying or titillating or poetically just.  But judging by the comments in social media I appear to be in a minority..."

Ukrainian Nazis Tortured Woman in Mariupol  (27 March 2022)

"On March 27, a woman's corpse was found with traces of torture and a swastika on her stomach.  The DPR forces found the body on the basement of Mariupol school No. 25, which was used by Ukrainian nationalists as a stronghold.  The woman's arm was torn off.  She was tortured with a bag over her head.  Sources in the DPR have not yet disclosed details."

TWITTER:  Not All Fascists Wear Swastikas or Wolfsangels  (20 March 2022)

"Gennadiy Druzenko, head of Ukrainian military medical service, boasts on Ukraine 24 channel that he 'gave strict orders to castrate all the wounded' Russians 'because they are cockroaches, not humans.'  Not all fascists wear Swastikas or Wolfsangels"  /  Tweets:  "Druzenko is closely tied to the US government.  He's had stints at USAID/Chemonic and the Wilson Center"  /  "So when you shut down opposition news channels, persecute journalists critical of you, imprison your political opponents - and in some cases have them murdered - that's 'defending democracy'?  Good to know.  I was a bit unclear on the concept"


Kramatorsk Train Station Massacre (April 2022)

Kramatorsk Train Station Attack: The Key to Finding the Perpetrator Lies in this Overlooked Detail  (19 April 2022)

"Kiev and its Western backers immediately blamed Russia for the incident, but a proper investigation is likely to disagree.  In a conflict where accusations of wrongdoing fly back and forth between Russia and Ukraine on a daily basis, when it comes to the missile attack on the Kramatorsk train station that occurred at 10:30am on April 8, 32022, both sides are in rare agreement - the missile used was a Tochka-U, a Soviet-era weapon known in the West by its NATO reporting name as the SS-21 Scarab, and in the former Soviet republics that use the weapon by its GRAU designation, 9K79..."

Ukraine: The Fakes of Anti-Russian Propaganda  (18 April 2022)

"[T]echnical evidence demonstrates the falsity of the official narrative of the Kramatorsk massacre, attributed to Russian troops.  The serial number of the Tochka-U missile that hit the Kramatorsk train station on April 8, 2022 is W91579 (in Russian).  This serial number marks the stock of Tochka-U missiles in the possession of the Ukrainian Army.  Only the Ukrainian Armed Forces have Tochka-U missiles.  Russia has not had them since 2019: they have all been deactivated.  The Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics do not have and never have had Tochka-U.  The direction of the cone and the tail section of the missile that landed on the ground near the Kramatorsk train station clearly shows that it was fired from the 19th Ukrainian Missile Brigade, deployed near Dobropolie 45km from Kramatorsk..."


Massacre in Bucha (April 2022)

Ukraine: The Fakes of Anti-Russian Propaganda  (18 April 2022)

"The New York Times published on April 4 a satellite photo, dated March 19, showing a street in the Ukrainian city of Bucha strewn with corpses.  The photo, disseminated by the mainstream on a global scale, was presented as evidence of a 'a war crime committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.'  A technical examination shows that the satellite photo was not taken on March 19, when the Russian troops were in Bucha, but on April 1, two days after they left the city ... Examination of the photos of the dead bodies by a forensic expert uncovers several clues to a staged event.  Other well-founded doubts on the official narrative of the 'Bucha massacre' emerge from the same chronology of events..."

New Evidence Sheds Light on Alleged Massacre in Bucha, Kiev Region  (06 April 2022)

"The main thesis of the Ukrainian and Western media is that the Russian military left Bucha, causing huge civilian casualties.  One of the main pieces of evidence was a video of the AFU driving along the city.  Corpses of civilians were shown laying along the road.  The slightest analysis of the footage [led to] a lot of suspicions [concerning] its credibility ... Today, there are interesting videos from Bucha shared by the Ukrainian military which may help to shed light on what did really happen in the town left by the Russian troops on March 30..."


Mariupol Theatre Bombing (March 2022)

The Mariupol Theater Bombing  (24 March 2022)

"The simplest explanation for the Drama Theater bombing is that Russia is at fault here.  But these allegations, in the context of a war that has been distorted by misinformation, merit examination precisely because the incident had the supposedly desired effect.  American pundits and politicians ... cited the bombing as cause for a no-fly zone.  The official narrative seems wrong on its face.  So far, more than 30,000 people have been evacuated through humanitarian corridors from Mariupol, which is surrounded by Russian troops.  If Moscow wanted to slaughter civilians, it could easily have targeted vehicles rolling in bumper-to-bumper traffic out of the city..."

Was the Azov Battalion Behind the Mariupol Theater Bombing? Or Was it Russia?  (23 March 2022)

"On Wednesday, March 16th, Russia's Tass news agency headlined 'Azov battalion militants blow up Mariupol theater building' ... The next day, CNN bannered 'Survivors emerge from rubble of Mariupol theater bombed by Russia' ... CNN has not asked Russia's MoD to show them the evidence they had backing up the claim that 'During daylight on March 16, Russian aviation carried out no missions involving strikes on ground targets within Mariupol limits.'  Apparently, CNN was interested ONLY n information that was being supplied by Ukraine's government.  Of course, 'reporting' in that way is only propaganda - not journalism..."

Was Bombing of Mariupol Theater Staged by Ukrainian Azov Extremists to Trigger NATO Intervention?  (22 March 2022)

"Western media have reported that Russia's military deliberately attacked the Donetsk ... theater in Mariupol, Ukraine, claiming it was filled with civilians and marked with signs reading 'children' on its grounds.  The supposed bombing took place just as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to UK Congress for a no fly zone ... A closer look reveals that local residents in Mariupol had warned three days before the March 16 incident that the theater would be the site of a false flag attack launched by the openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which controlled the building and the territory around it.  Civilians that escaped the city through the humanitarian corridors have testified that they were held by Azov as human shields in [the] area, and that Azov fighters detonated parts of the theater as they retreated..."

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine Fake Incidents to Gain More 'Western' Support  (Updated: 17 March 2022)

"The Ukraine claims that such an attack took place.  Russia says that the Azov battalion blew up the building.  Evidence for 'hit by an air strike today' and for '1,200 civilians sheltering in it'?: (1) Two pictures of some blown up building allegedly from Mariupol (which is currently said to have no electricity of phone service).  Note that there are zero people or ambulances in those pictures.  Evidence missing to support such a claim?: (1) Any factual information than an air strike indeed happened, (2) Any factual information of casualties of the alleged strike.  Evidence that possibly counters those claims?: (1) A Telegram posting dated March 12 which warned of a false flag incidence at the Drama theatre of Mariupol:..."


The Narrative: Propaganda, Fake News, Virtue Signallers

VIDEO:  More Ukraine BBC U2 Bull****  (09 May 2022)

Viewers' comments:  "If there was really a war, why would all the heads of states etc be allowed to enter. They really do think everyone believes them"  /  "It's a shame [the BBC] didn't report the bombing of the Donbass region and the killing of their own people for the past 8 years"  /  "More nonsense from the elite"  /  "It is reported that the Russians have been successful in wiping out the hundreds of biolabs spread across Ukraine, funded by the U.S. to manufacture all of these poison jabs. The engineered food supply shortages and sanctions are already estimated to kill millions"  /  "I've just seen that it's Eurovision tonight, and Ukraine are the shortest odds there's ever been for any entry. It says the winning Ukraine act was disqualified for having some Russian connection to the performer. A rap act has taken its place and is said to be a 'mouthpiece for Ukraine' as if they don't have enough mouthpieces already.  I don't know how they supervise the voting, but it will be hugely supported by the virtue signalling masses, and even if it wasn't intended to win they will surely rig the voting somehow or bribe the other countries to vote for it"

The Rise of the New Normal Reich  (09 May 2022)  [NB: Strong language]

"I'm not exactly a hothouse flower, but I have to admit that watching my liberal friends and colleagues go goo-goo for actually swastika-tattooed, Sieg-heiling Nazis has rattled my nerves a little bit.  OK... I'm sorry, we're not allowed to call them 'Nazis'.  I believe 'defenders' is the term du jour.  Seriously, here's an actual screenshot from The Guardian featuring the leader of the neo-Nazi Azov Detachment..."

The Ghost of Kyiv [sic] and the Ministry of Truth  (05 May 2022)

"It's an inspiring story during a time of war.  The 'Ghost of Kyiv', a Ukrainian fighter pilot, had apparently bravely shot down more than 40 Russian aircraft before being tragically killed in an air battle on 13 March.  Days before, on 11 March, the 'Ghost' was pictured in his cockpit with a caption, 'Hello occupier, I'm coming for your soul.'  The only problem is that none of it was true.  Despite one of the videos purporting to show the Ghost of Kyiv being shown to be from a video game, the Ukrainian government continued to insist that he was real.  But they have now admitted that it was all made up ... This is not the first time that Ukrainians have admitted they are just making things up.  Indeed, they are very good at it.  Whatever is going on on the ground, they have certainly won the social media war..."

Reality vs Illusion: People Have Been Robbed of Their Ability to Decipher Between Fact and Fiction  (03 May 2022)

"CIA Director, William Casey, is reputed to have said to Ronald Reagan 'We'll know our disinformation is complete when everything the [Western] public believes is false.'  Fast forward thirty years, and there's no piece of fiction the masses will not swallow.  From Woke to COVID to the war in Ukraine, people no longer make their own ideological pilgrimages to the truth - the truth is served oven-ready by their political elders ... Before the ink dried on the newsprint proclaiming the crisis in-waiting, the falsifications of COVID were buried under the falsehoods of war, Zelensky's standing ovation at Westminster knocked Pfizer's data release off the rostrum and those formerly joined at the hip to COVID got hitched to their Ukrainian brides..." 

The MSM's Outrageous Misreporting on Ukraine  (29 April 2022)

"Gonzalo Lira is alive and well.  If you don't know who he is or why this is good news I'll explain in a moment.  But first, let me ask a quick question: does it matter whether or not we get to the bottom of what's really happening in Ukraine?  I hope you'll agree with me that it does very much.  And the same goes for all the other wars that have cost us blood and/or treasure over the last few decades from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya and Syria ... While I don't pretend to be the world's greatest expert on Russia and Ukraine ... I do suspect there's more to this war than we're being told in our mainstream media.  Which is why I go to alternative sources like Gonzalo Lira..."

YOUTUBE:  No Evidence of Mass Graves Found at Site of Alleged 'Second Bucha'  (24 April 2022)

"RT has found no signs of alleged mass graves near the devastated city of Mariupol despite Western media claims of 'another Bucha' at the location."

Dutch Journalist: 'We Are Here, in Donbass, to Awaken Westerners Deluded by Propaganda'  (14 April 2022)

"There are only a handful of Western journalists on the ground in Donbass, while the Western mainstream press is rubber-stamping fake news about the Ukrainian crisis using the same templates it previously exploited in Iraq, Libya and Syria, says Dutch independent journalist Sonja van den Ende ... [who] went to the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as an embedded reported with the Russian army to see how the special operation is unfolding with her own eyes ... Van den Ende talked to many Ukrainian civilians while travelling across Donbass..."

The Lying Media's Ukraine Propaganda  (09 April 2022)

"It is truly astounding to watch so many good, well-meaning people fall for the media's Ukraine narrative.  'Putin is a madman, a butcher and a war criminal who has irrationally invaded a peaceful neighbour that was just minding its own business' runs the storyline that its being pounded into our heads twenty-four hours a day.  Even though Vladimir Putin may not be the nicest man in the world, none of the presently peddled Ukraine narrative is true.  In fact, the truth is the opposite of what is being said.  Simply put, the Ukraine narrative bears all the hallmarks of another coordinated misinformation campaign..."

Destination Ukraine: The Ignorance of War  (07 April 2022)

"In a personal quest to discover the on-scene realities of war-torn Ukraine, it is first essential to ask the most fundamental of questions:

  • Does the presentation of the concept of truth remain a valid argument?

  • Are facts, those established by close investigation and scrutiny, no longer part of one's God-given faculties of comprehension, critical thinking, inquiry, and self-preservation?

  • Should the pursuit of knowledge by ignored at the whim of mere personal opinion?

  • The world is closer than ever before to nuclear annihilation.  That is one fact that must be considered.  And now is not the time for ignorance.

"There must be a return to a demand for reason, comprehension, debate and critical examination of all facts..."

YOUTUBE:  Putin V the New World Order - Introduction  (06 April 2022)

Viewers' comments:  "Splendid and incisive commentary as usual Mr Weston, and yes, the sheep will gently sleep"  /  "Not everyone is brain washed; there are more people awake than they realise"  /  "A sound and clear voice in a plethora of noise"  /  "I have despaired at the umber of Ukrainian flags flying in gardens and hung in windows. How have we come to a point where all our critical thinking ability has been drained from us?"  /  "Thank you Paul for your excellent clarity on this grave issue ... I now live in Eastern Europe, a lot closer to Ukraine than the UK and it's very interesting to see peoples' views here in Bulgaria ... many here do not consider Russia a threat"  /  "Thank you for your eloquence in nailing the central problem"

Springtime for GloboCap  (27 March 2022)  [NB: Strong language]

"Not only is the final phase of their roll-out of the new pathologised totalitarianism (i.e., the New Normal) going more or less to plan, but those pesky, non-ball-playing Russians have been baited into a military quagmire in the Ukraine that could be dragged out for years! ... In the blink of an eye, without missing a beat, both the white-supremacist Putin-Nazis that plagued democracy throughout the Trumpian Reich and the Covid-denying Anti-Vax Nazis that plagued the New Normals throughout the Global Pandemic were seamlessly replaced by the GloboCap Nazis... but, the thing is, the GloboCap Nazis are the good guys..."

YOUTUBE:  Virtue Signalling About Ukraine!  (23 March 2022)  :-)

"Meet the guy who virtue signals about Ukraine!  We all know someone who loves to consume the mainstream narrative on all political issues.  This is no exception.  Here's everything you need to know about Ukraine, Russia, Putin, and all the woke companies that are pulling out of Russia!"

The MSM's Ukraine Narrative is Not the Only One  (10 March 2022)

"Information, disinformation, censorship and propaganda.  With the advent of social media the battle for competing realities is laid bare.  This is not however the case with the one view orthodoxy of the mainstream media news outlets.  One question you can usefully ask is who exactly is in charge of or 'curating' the different narratives?  Whose interest does the dominant narrative suit? ... facing down Putin has become an overnight orthodoxy that brooks no argument or investigation.  Putin is the new Hitler.  That, I was told quite authoritatively yesterday by a revered right of centre journalist, is the case ... what the binary picture of West Good / Russia Bad excludes, in its entirety, is the role and interests of the new globalist post-democratic order, its elites, its alignments and power.  To understand this, or to get any alternative to the MSM's establishment orthodoxy, we have to turn to social media and the information war being fought there..."

YOUTUBE:  Update: Russia and Ukraine Explained by Kamala Harris  (09 March 2022)  :-)

"Tune in for the latest update on everything that is going on with Ukraine and Russia.  As explained by Kamala Harris!  Plus Putin, Biden, and Elon Musk.  The breaking news you can't miss."

YOUTUBE:  Ukraine and Russia: What the Media Wants You to Think!  (02 March 2022)  :-)

"Ukraine and Russia, here's what the media wants you to think!  As Putin and Russia unjustly invade Ukraine, why are they doing it?  The brave Ukrainians are fighting Russian soldiers.  Will they succeed?  Should the US send military troops over to help protect Ukraine's democracy?"

Seven Fake News Stories Coming Out of Ukraine  (27 February 2022)

"We're only three days into Russia's military operation in Ukraine, and yet the propaganda cogs are whirring fast as lightning, churching out 'news', opinion and content grist for the media mill.  In just the last 48 hours dozens of stories, images, narratives and videos have circulated as being taken from the fighting in Ukraine, a huge percentage of which are fake ... (1) The ghost of Kiev ... (2) Russian planes flying over Kiev ... (3) Zelensky visiting the troops ... (4) Luhansk power station explosion ... (5) Video games, again ... (6) Russian warship go **** yourself ... (7) Syrian drone strikes footage ... In short, if you see something designed to provoke an emotional reaction, don't let it.  Never get swept along in the narrative..."


The Dissenters

Say NO to War with Russia  (09 March 2022)

"Until last week, most [Westerners] knew almost nothing about Ukraine.  If you asked them what is its capital or major river, you would get no response.  Now so many want to send America's military assts to that country to confront Vladimir Putin.  It is interesting to observe how quickly the Russian president replaced the unvaccinated as the object of official derision.  Have you wondered what happened to the 'righteous' indignation against the uncompliant on the vaccine front?  As both the Covid and vaccine narratives fell apart, the Covidistas have been walking back their recent positions while trying to pretend their hatred never existed.  While doing this, they skilfully managed to redirect the populations' enmity to a new target, which would be the Evil Vlad..."

Hate Week is Here! Kick a Russian and Win a Prize  (08 March 2022)  [NB: Strong language]

"Get yer hard-hats on, boyos! Ireland's princes of virtue have made a great start to Hate Week, targeting the Russian Embassy in Dublin with a stunning range of empty gestures.  Because Ukraine.  Grafitti highlights included Nazis and *** Russia.  A truck driver rammed the embassy gates. 'I've done my bit, lads!' he declared.  A catholic parish priest made a pilgrimage to throw red paint 'symbolising the blood of the innocents.'  He then suggested burning the embassy to the ground.  'It needs to be an option while they are still there,' he told the Irish Times ... In the smart end of London, the directors of Chelsea Football Club were outraged to discover that Roman Abramovich - the man who has owned the team for the last 19 years - is a Russian.  This, of course, is beyond acceptable, so he's been told to sling his hook ... The Savoy Grill is refusing to serve chicken Kiev..."

Revenge of the Putin-Nazis!  (07 March 2022)  [NB: Strong language]

"Vladimir Putin, leader of the Putin-Nazis and official 'Evil Dictator of the Day' has launched a Kamikazi attack on the United Forces of Goodness (and Freedom) to provoke us into losing our temper and waging a global thermonuclear war that will wipe out the entire human species and most other forms of life on earth.  I'm referring, of course, to Putin's inexplicable and totally unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, a totally peaceful, Nazi-free country which was just sitting there minding its non-Nazi business, singing Kumbaya, and so on, and not in any way collaborating with or being cynically used by GloboCap to menace and eventually destabilize Russia so that the GloboCap boys can get back in there and resume the Caligulan orgy of 'privatization' they enjoyed throughout the 1990s.  No, clearly, Putin has just lost his mind, and has no strategic objective whatsoever ... because what other explanation is there?..."

YOUTUBE:  Neil Oliver: I Will Continue to Air My Doubts and Ask My Questions  (05 March 2022)



The Conflict and the Great Reset / the Bigger Picture

The War in Ukraine: Understanding and Resisting the Global Elite's Deeper Agenda  (29 April 2022)

"In this article I will focus on some of the more obscure aspects of the deeper agenda that is driving this conflict to manifest in the way that it is occurring ... the bulk of the population [is] completely unaware of what is taking place and those who are at least concerned and resisting in some way [are] focused on the 'smoke and mirrors' distraction presented by the 'virus/vaccine' narrative and the antics of politicians.  Which means that the Elite's kill and control agenda, being implemented through the WEF's 'Great Reset' proceeds with minimal resistance ... at immediate and great personal cost to those soldiers and civilians killed or otherwise adversely impacted by the fighting, the war is being used as a smokescreen to obscure a highly orchestrated sequence of events that accelerate the Global Elite's kill and control agenda, in just the same way that the Covid-19 narrative has done..."

Sanctions on Russia Being Used to Hasten the Great Reset  (01 April 2022)

"'Sanctions on Russia are killing the West, not Russia.  Why?  Because the war is not about Russia, but rather killing capitalism and Free Enterprise, which is a requirement of the Great Reset, aka Technocracy, to take over the world'  /  Is it possible the REAL target of this economic war is us? ... the Russian ruble has already started recovering from the dip created by Western sanctions, and is almost at pre-war levels: ... It's not like the US/EU/NATO don't know how to cripple economies.  They have had years of practice ... If Europe refuses to buy Russian food, the net effect is that Russia has food... and the West doesn't.  And, just as with oil, increasing food prices will help rather than hinder the Russian economy ... You should always be wary of anybody - individual or institution - whose actions accidentally achieve the exact opposite of their stated aim ... Increased food prices, decreased use of fossil fuels, lowering standards of living, public money poured into 'renewables'.  This is all part of a very familiar agenda, isn't it?  Regardless of how you feel about Putin, Zelensky, the war in general or Ukrainian Nazis, it's time to confront the elephant in the room..."

Ukraine-Russia and the WEF: A Planned Milestone Towards The Great Reset?  (28 March 2022)

"The WEF ... could stop the currently ongoing atrocious war in Ukraine ... President Putin in his keynote address of the virtual 'Davos' in 2021, boasted about his 30 years-old friendship with Klaus Schwab.  Putin also attended Klaus Schwab's academy for 'Young Global Leaders' ... Ukraine is the cesspool of the West, for trafficking of women and children, of drugs, of human organs; where billions upon billions of dollar-equivalents are laundered; where high-ranking UK politicians and their sons do their shady businesses..."

The Great Reset Phase 2: War  (09 March 2022)

"I present below several ways in which the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the next catalyst for the World Economic Forum's Great Reset agenda, facilitated by an interconnected web of global stakeholders and a diffuse network of public-private partnerships..."

The Ukraine Crisis: What You Need to Know  (28 February 2022)

"You've no doubt heard the story of the crisis in Ukraine by now.  But, as we've been told all our lives, there are two sides to every story.  So, which side of the story have you heard?  There's the MSM/establishment/dinosaur media side of the story ... In this version of events, the bloodthirsty insane psychopath literally-Hitler leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, woke up a few weeks ago and suddenly decided to invade the free, peaceful nation of Ukraine for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER!  And then there's the 'alternative' media side of the story ... In this version of the story, the valiant defender of human liberty, Vladimir Putin, is fighting to protect the free peoples of the world from the globalists and their sinister machinations ... you've doubtless heard one or another of these stories by now.  Or, if you're really paying attention, you might have heard both.  But ... there aren't two sides to every story.  There are at least three, maybe more..."


The Maidan Coup (2014)

Does Ukraine need to be Denazified?  (13 May 2022)

"The Western political and media establishment describe the Euromaidan protests as the Revolution of Dignity.  This is stomach-churching propaganda.  The Euromaidan coup was very far from dignified ... Arising from the Maidan revolution, a number of Nazis and Nazi sympathisers were given political positions in 2014 ... the key posts won, from the Nazi perspective, were in Ukraine's national security structure ... the Nazis were rewarded for their Maidan operation.  They were given pivotal political positions in return for orchestrating the coup ... The Nazis and their supporters ... were now in control of Ukraine's national security apparatus.  They were given political leverage far in excess of any they could have hoped to secure electorally.  They immediately set about converting that unmandated political authority into military power.  For the disenfranchised Ukrainians who elected Yanukovich, the rise of the Nazis presented a significant threat.  The Nazis were openly hostile to ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens living in the Crimea, Odessa, Donetsk, Luhansk and other oblasts..."

Are You A Ukrainophobe?  (24 April 2015)

"The Ukrainian Security Services Chief Investigator, Vasily Vovk, has just added another phobia to the growing list of fears or hatreds that you or I might apparently suffer from.  Speaking on the charmingly named programme, Svoboda Slova (Freedom of Speech), Vovk was asked to comment on the recent spate of 'suicides' and murders of opposition politicians and government-critical journalists that have taken place in his country.  This was his response:..."  /  Readers' comment:  "Is it not amazing how enthusiastically the western corporate media support the Ukrainian Stepan Bandera idolising the neo-nazis?"


Odessa Trades Union Building Massacre (May 2014)

Nazi Atrocities at Odessa - 8 Years On  (02 May 2022)

Today, 2 May, marks the eighth anniversary of the diabolical Nazi atrocities at Odessa ... At least 46 people were killed and many more unaccounted for when pro-Russian sympathisers were locked in the trade-union building by Right Sector fascists before it was set on fire.  The fascists were chanting 'Slava Ukraini', that is 'Glory to Ukraine', as people burnt to death.  The perpetrators walked free.  These are the same Nazis fighting for Kiev.  Earlier this year, at the start of the Russian special operation, and in praise of the eight-year NATO backed slaughter, Boris Johnson added his own cry of Slavia Ukraini on behalf of the British People when he told the Zelensky regime that the UK stands with Ukraine and its people.  This is not Johnson's first cry of Glory to Ukraine..."

Eight Years Ago, the May 2014 Odessa Massacre: How Neo-Nazi Thugs Supported by Kiev Regime Killed Odessa Inhabitants  (02 May 2022)

"Today we commemorate the Odessa Massacre, May 2 2014 which was barely covered by the corporate media.  The following text and photos were sent to [us] two days after the the May 2, 2014 massacre.  They indicate a carefully planned agenda to burn people alive inside the Trade Unions building.  The images as well as reports suggest that the death toll was significantly higher than that published by the media.  The Western media has been involved in acts of coverup and distortion, describing the self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi Brown shirts as nationalists and 'honest patriots'..."

How Neo-Nazi Thugs Supported by Kiev Regime Killed Odessa Inhabitants (May 2014): Photographic Evidence  (01 April 2022 / 05 May 2014)

"The Western media has been involved in acts of coverup and distortion, describing the self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi Brown shirts as nationalists and 'honest patriots'.  Western governments have casually blamed the atrocities in Odessa on 'pro-Russian paramilitaries.'  The Neo-Nazi thugs are directly supported by the Right Sector and Svoboda which play a central role in the coalition government.  The Right Sector is supported by Washington.  The Neo-Nazi mobs in Odessa bear the hallmarks of UK-sponsored terrorism (e.g. Syria) trained to commit atrocities against civilians..."

Odessa One Year On: A Day of Infamy; A Day of Shame  (02 May 2015)

"Today marks the first anniversary of the massacre in Odessa, one of the most repugnant and shameful crimes committed in Europe since the defeat of Nazism in 1945.  The official narrative has it that 48 people lost their lives when the Trades Union building in the city was set on fire.  In all probability the number was far higher.  How were these people killed?  They were herded into the building by ultra nationalists from the Pravy Sektor who then set it on fire.  And as those inside burned to death, those same ultra nationalists sang the Ukrainian national anthem and taunted them by likening them to Colorado beetles, chanting 'Burn, Colorado, Burn'..."


UK Column News

UK Column News  (11 May 2022)

Ben Wallace advocates further NATO expansionism (25:18)  /  Available information on Ukraine (32:19)  /  UK. US, and EU claim Russian cyber attacks (4140)

UK Column News  (29 April 2022)

The reality of conflict in the Ukraine (00:21)  /  Expanding the theatre of conflict (24:54)  /  Some in Europe can't buy Russian energy (28:38)  /  US Anti-Kleptocracy efforts reveal that the US is a Kleptocracy (44:13)  /  How to oppose war (50:50)  /  Russia pegging rubles to gold and other commodities (57:28)

UK Column News  (27 April 2022)

EU claims Russia blackmailing them over gas supplies (00:27)  /  UK declares war on Russia (07:30)  /  Weakening Russia by sacrificing Ukrainians (26:07)  /  Ursula Von Der Leyen visits India (44:20)  /  NATO continues to poke Russian with exercises (46:22)  /  Ambulances for Ukraine but not for us (01:16:13)

UK Column News  (25 April 2022)

Massive Ukraine propaganda in the West (06:09)  /  Propaganda parallels between Ukraine and Syria (20:42)  /  Did Macron sacrifice his own citizens? (24:31)  /  Weapons to Ukraine (28:34)  /  What is the conflict in Ukraine really about? (33:03):  "Another word for 'disorder' is liberty, and we can't have that"

UK Column News  (22 April 2022)

The reality in Ukraine (00:20)  /  Gonzalo Lira and the oppression of journalists (27:40)  /  The UK State's questionable interpretation of the Geneva Convention (33:00)  /  Boris visits India (45:47)  /  IMF plan to send more weapons to Ukraine (50:05)  /  Increasing militarization in Russia and China (56:28) / NATO continues its expansionism (01:01:19)  /  UN Security Council discusses food insecurity (01:05:40)

UK Column News  (20 April 2022)

The wider implication of the Ukraine conflict (03:43): "There is very little in the MSM about what this part of Ukraine has suffered since 2014 at the hands of Ukrainian Brigades"  /  The 'Zelensky Says' game - Truth vs propaganda (14:30)  /  Independent voices from Ukraine under attack (26:36): "Zelensky's regime has systematically disappeared a huge number of politicians, journalists, activists, and others"

UK Column News  (13 April 2022)

"Ukraine-Kramatorsk station attack (49:00)  /  UK bringing Ukraine's army up to scratch (56:00)  /  UK man testimony re Ukrainian army movements - using civilians flats as human shields (01:02:00)  /  Tweets re Ukraine (01:05:00)  /  Bucha Massacre (01:07:00)  /  Boris' journey to Kiev (01:16:00)  /  Patrick Lancaster's videos (01:18:00)  /  Emails from UK Column viewers re MSM propaganda (01:25:00)

UK Column News  (11 April 2022)

Ukraine (0:01)  /  Imran Khan (7:00)  /  Keeping Ukraine armed (10:00)  /  Aid for Ukraine (24:00)  /  Russians demonstrate in Germany (31:00)  /  Centuria in Ukraine (32:00)  /  BBC article (41:00)  /  Emails from Russians and Eastern Europeans (47:00)

UK Column News  (08 April 2022)

Liz Truss announces a New Age (00:24)  /  Is the ICC really impartial? (07:15)  /  Zelensky's Greek Nazi parade turns sour (17:24)  /  DPR Foreign Minister addresses the Greek parliament (32:16)  /  UKC viewer highlights fuel supply problems (34:51)  /  The impact of sanctions (38:41)  /  Humanitarian aid (47:02)  /  Ukraine cenre of arms sales (54:13)  /  Diplomats stirring hate and talking rubbish (58:23)  /  Are journalists being attacked by Russia? (?)

UK Column News  (23 March 2022)

Ukraine confusion begins (37:32)  /  BBC media action in Ukraine (56:21)  /  Who is leading UK foreign policy? (01:12:23)  /  NATO decide what now is a good time to provoke Russia (01:18:11)

UK Column News  (14 March 2022)

Virtue signalling for Ukraine (00:26)  /  UK pleads to indict Russians in the Hague (03:29)  /  Russia's profits keep flowing (18:50)  /  Food insecurity beckons (22:01)  /  Questions regarding the alleged Russian military actions (25:24)  /  Bill Maher asks questions (30:05)  /  Nicola Sturgeon advocates starting WWIII (31:12)  /  The Royals and the WEF welcome the Zelenskys (37:45)  /  Ukrainian First Lady highlights Russians killing children (44:42)  /  The UK's new ship building strategy? No, not really (49:37)  /  And finally (01:29:32)





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