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Doctrines and Teachings

Understanding Roman Catholicism: 37 RC Doctrines Explained  by Rick Jones  [Chick Publications]

A very clear, straightforward analysis of the doctrines taught in the 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church, and how they compare to the Bible.

Saving Faith: How Does Rome Define It?  by William Webster  [Christian Resources Inc.]

"The author, a former Roman Catholic, documents the official Roman Catholic teaching of saving faith from the authoritative source of the R.C. Magisterium.  In a time of great confusion as to what Roman Catholicism officially teaches, this book helps to clarify the issues."

The Faith of the Vatican  by Herbert Carson  [Evangelical Press]

This book "examines afresh the official teaching of the R.C. Church, as set out in some of its most recent publications, ... [and] traditional teachings are examined in the light of Scripture."

Answer to My Catholic Friends  by Thomas F. Heinze  [Chick Publications]

"[T]here are certain things that Roman Catholics would like to know about the ... Bible. Moreover they want clear, un-evasive answers. The ecumenical movement in their own church has made it more important than ever for them to have this information. If you are a Roman Catholic, read on. You will find some of the answers surprising..."

Roman Catholicism  by Loraine Boettner  [The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company]

This author "contrasts evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic doctrines, as well as the practical effects these two systems have had in people's lives..."

The Papacy

Was Peter the First Pope?  by Dr. Robert L. Moyer  [Sword of the Lord Publishers]

"The Roman Catholic Church teachers that Peter was the first pope. Is there any truth to this belief? In this study, the author compares the teachings and doctrines of Catholicism with those of the Bible..."

Is the Papacy Predicted by St. Paul: An Inquiry  by Christopher Wordsworth  [Mayflower Christian Books]

A small but incredibly important booklet explaining the papacy from a spiritual, biblical perspective. An absolute 'must read'.

History / The Reformation / The Jesuits / Ecumenism and Interfaith / Political Activities


Sketches From Church History  by S.M. Houghton  [Banner of Truth Trust]

Few Christians "know the spiritual history which lies behind the present day." The author seeks to show how "church history ought to provide a standard of comparison, raise our vision of God, and what faithfulness to Christ truly means."

The Church of Rome at the Bar of History  by William Webster  [Banner of Truth Trust]

"In all the confusion of the contemporary religious scene, one Church claims to abide changeless in her message and authority. From the first, and through the ages, she claims to stand by one faith. ... But, ... is this true? [This book] answers the question not be debating texts of Scripture but by a straight appeal to ... the facts of history..."

Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?  by David W. Daniels  [Chick Publications]

"There is not one history of the Bible, but two... This marvellous book will be a wild ride and an eye opener. History, that so many find difficult to understand, is [in this book] made simple with down-to-earth explanations backed by many illustrations..."

The Reformation

The Reformation in England - Vols 1 and 2  by J.H. Merle d'Aubigne  [Banner of Truth Trust]

This author's history "is outstanding in that it combines a dependable accuracy with a narrative so vivid that the author irresistibly communicates his own passionate interest in the events he is portraying..."

John Wycliffe: The Dawn of the Reformation  by David Fountain  [Mayflower Christian Books]

"The contribution that John Wycliffe made to the Reformation in England and to the special character of English Protestantism was immense, and the author brings this out in the most effective and helpful way. ... This book will ... encourage us to remember ... firstly, that the truth of God is the same. ... Secondly, the opposition of the world is the same. ... Thirdly, the errors that arise in the church are the same..."

Foxe's Book of Martyrs  by John Foxe

"In his honest and compassionate accounts of man's search for spiritual truth, and the persecution and death that accompanied that search, John Foxe etched a detailed picture of the English Reformation that would have otherwise remained unknown." This book is essential reading, but please beware it is extremely disturbing in places.

Five English Reformers  by J.C. Ryle  [Banner of Truth Trust]

""Why were such men burned at the stake? This book analyses the reasons for their martyrdom and the salient characteristics of their Christian lives. Readers will rise from the company of their life-stories praying for a similar faith in Christ's power."

The Martyrs of Mary Tudor  by Andrew Atherstone  [Day One Publications]

"Bishops and labourers, the blind and lame, men and women, elderly and [children] - none was spared the fierce persecution of Mary Tudor in her attempt to rid her realm of all who followed the Protestant faith. There were nearly 300 Christian martyrs during Mary's brief reign; across England and into Wales are memorials to many of them. The martyrs agony in the often slow-burning fires, is a heart-rending testimony of firm faith and strong conviction. Here is the story of a few of those who 'out of weakness were made strong' ... and of whom 'the world was not worthy'."

The Invincible Refugees  by Beth Coombe Harris  [Protestant Truth Society]

"Though fictitious, this story of the Huguenots depicts with much accuracy this dark time in church history. It is based on many true incidents and its lively account will thoroughly captivate you while providing bright examples of faith to be imitated."

Fair Sunshine: Character Studies of the Scottish Covenanters  by Jock Purves  [Banner of Truth Trust]

"There are many volumes which deal with that terrible yet glorious period in the history of the Scottish church between the restoration of Charles II and the accession of William III. [This book] deserves a place alongside the very best of them."

Reformation and Counter-Reformation: 1588 - 1688 - 1988  by J.R. Broome  [Gospel Standard Trust Publications]

"This book "outlines the events surrounding the Armada and the 'Glorious Revolution', giving excerpts from the principle documents and discusses the work and reports of the 1st and 2nd Anglican Roman Catholic International Commissions [ARCIC]."

The Jesuits

The Secret History of the Jesuits  by Edmond Paris  [Chick Publications]

A remarkable, eye-opening expose of the true nature and methods of Rome's 'storm-troopers'.

Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times  by Albert Close  [Protestant Truth Society]

"In this remarkable book the author has packed its pages full of information which ought to be in the hands of all Englishmen."

The Babington Plot: Jesuit Intrigue in Elizabethan England  by J.E.C. Shepherd  [Wittenburg Publications]

This book is an "illuminating study of a relatively unknown aspect of Jesuit intrigue in 16th century Britain. It is a must for those who want to truly understand the struggle which led to the eventual death of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the infamous part which the Jesuits played in this potent time in the history of Protestantism."

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot: The Gruesome Story of Guy Fawkes  by Clive Anderson  [Day One Publications]

"If the plot had succeeded, then the history of England, Europe and the rest of the world would have been very different..."  The author "puts the plot in its broad historical and theological context. Here is an excellent introduction to Reformation history and theology through the lens of this historical episode..."

Ecumenism and Interfaith

The Foundations Under Attack: The Roots of Apostasy  by Michael de Semlyen  [Dorchester House Publications]

An address given to the United Protestant Council on 1st November 1997.

Ecumenism: Where is it Leading Us?  by Michael de Semlyen  [Dorchester House Publications]

"The author fully realises that aspects of this message are disturbing and controversial; however he particularly asks the reader to stay with him right through to the end, before assessing the spirit in which it is written..."

All Roads Lead to Rome?: The Ecumenical Movement  by Michael de Semlyen  [Dorchester House Publications]

"This book seeks to explain some of the background to the current push for unity between the Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches, and urges the reader to contend for the faith and hold fast to a true Biblical and Christ-centered gospel of salvation by faith alone."

Breaking Down the Barriers  by Bill Randles  [St Matthew Publishing]

The transcript of a talk, given at a Conference in the UK, showing the dangers of ecumenical activities between the Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches.

The Trojan Horse in the Temple: The Hidden Agenda of the Ecumenical Movement  by Alan Morrison  [Rushworth Literature Ltd.]

"In recent years, many Christians have expressed disquiet with what is popularly known as the Ecumenical Movement, which seeks to bring all Christian denominations and organisations into a universal conglomerate." This extremely well-researched booklet discusses whether this concern is justified.

Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together  by Kevin Reed  [Protestant Heritage Trust]

This book seeks to provide "a framework for assessing Roman Catholicism, contemporary evangelicalism, and the ECT document..."

They Have Forgotten...  by R. E. Palgrave  [Unity in Truth Literature]

"In discussions with the younger generation of Christians, it is clear that the vast majority lack an understanding of the beliefs and aims of the Roman Catholic Church and the dangers of the Ecumenical Movement, ... Furthermore it is apparent that younger ministers believe that the threat of the Ecumenical Movement has completely disappeared and hence see no reason to educate their people in these matters. Sadly, it can indeed be said that 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge'..."

Axioms of Separation  by John E. Ashbrook  [Here I Stand Books]

"My title, Axioms of Separation, mixes metaphors. I have heard that is not good. 'Axioms' comes from geometry and 'separation' comes from theology. ... an axiom is a self-evident truth, like 'things equal to the same thing are equal to each other'. It is my thesis in this booklet that, in the realm of separation, there are a number of self-evident truths. I would like to have you follow me through your Bible as I seek to set forth some axioms of separation..."

Conflict in the Court of King Ahab  by Peter Trumper  [VPIF Publications]

"In 1549, during the reign of Edward VI, Archbishop Cranmer ordained that the story of Jehoshaphat's disgraceful and disastrous alliance with Ahab should be read at morning service once every year, and so it was for 450 years.  The story is not often expounded today but nevertheless is very important. It describes how an outstandingly good king, Jehoshaphat, enjoyed God's blessing and then spoilt it all by compromise. ... Mr Trumper's masterly exposition of the passage, tracing the roots and consequences of Jehoshaphat's actions and its lessons for the ecumenical and interfaith movements and indeed for all who are tempted to compromise with evil, makes most instructive reading" [review in British Church Newspaper].

The Inter-Faith Movement: The New Age Enters the Church  by Herbert J. Pollitt  [Banner of Truth Trust]

"Inter-Faith is one of the most influential religious movements in the present world scene. ... academic theologians, [and] leaders of main-line denominations ... agree that [all] religions all express an identical transcendence. All lead to the knowledge of God, and therefore all are possessed of a common unity. [This author] believes that the Inter-Faith movement only gains credence by ignoring two great facts:..."

Political Activities

The Vatican's Holocaust  by Avro Manhattan  [Ozark Books]

This book exposes the true spirit behind Rome as manifested by the Catholic Ustashi during WWII. Please be warned that the activities of Romanists described herein are distressing in the extreme.

Papal Rome and the European Union  by Richard Bennett & Michael de Semlyen  [Dorchester House Publications]

"Papal Rome is widely respected and admired by the world. She is seen as well organised, successful and influential, as well as dignified and authoritative. The aura of uncritical acclaim around the person of successive popes is unique to the Church of Rome. No other global institution has it. Her pronouncements on moral issues carry great weight."  This is an excellent and concise study of the Vatican's position and role in the development of the European Union.

The Principality and Power of Europe: Britain and the Emerging Holy Roman Empire  by Adrian Hilton  [Dorchester House Publications]

Amongst many very important facets of the European Union, the author looks "the role of the Vatican and the political nature of the papacy and the potential consequences for evangelical Christians of a [Roman inspired] European parliamentary directive on cults and sects."

Babylon: Mystery Religion

The Two Babylons  by Alexander Hislop  [Loizeaux Brothers]

This book "is one of the great books in the Christian literature of apologetics. ... the author demonstrates that almost all of the practices of Roman Catholicism have been brought over from paganism..."

Mystery, Babylon the Great  by L.A. Sadler  [Published by the author]

A very clear and valuable explanation of Rome's roots. Gives the essence of much of Hislop in a very attractive style. Goes on to reveal the true extent of her involvement in preparing the way - spiritually and politically - for the Antichrist.

Rome, Babylon the Great, and Europe  by Bob Mitchell  [Shofar Ministries]

A wonderful book. The author gives a succinct history of the Roman Church from the visions of Nebuchadnezzar right through to her part in the coming New World Order. Extremely easy to read.

A Woman Rides the Beast  by Dave Hunt  [Harvest House Publishers]

"The author sifts through Biblical truth and global events to present a well-defined portrait of the woman and her powerful place in the Antichrist's future empire. Eight remarkable clues in Revelation 17 and 18 prove the woman's identity beyond any reasonable doubt."

YOUTUBE:  Know Your Enemy  by The Fuel Project

This YouTube video series gives an in-depth history of Babylon the Mystery Religion in all its guises and out-workings from its beginnings until the present day. It is also available as an e-book and on DVD.

Biographies, Autobiographies, Testimonies

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome  by Charles Chiniquy  [Protestant Truth Society]

"The thrilling life story of Pastor Chiniquy who was for twenty-five years a Priest in the Roman Catholic Church"

The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional  by Charles Chiniquy



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