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Political Correctness
Cultural Marxism's "Long March Through The Institutions" of Western Civilisation

"I saw the revolutionary destruction of Society as the one and only solution.
A worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values
and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries"

[George Lukacs, The Frankfurt School]

"We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks"
[Willi Munzenberg, The Frankfurt School]

Of Silly Feminists and Wise Professors:
Cathy Newman's Car Crash Interview with Jordan Peterson

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YOUTUBE:  Jordan Peterson's Debate with Cathy Newman 
(16 January 2018)
"Channel 4 News' full, fiery interview with clinical psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson,
whose views on gender have amassed great controversy and a huge online following"

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The Clash Between Two Ideologies: Truth v Narrative:
Do you believe in truth, facts, human nature, reason, logic, equality of opportunity, natural justice, tradition, custom, liberty?
Or are you an SJW? [




David and Goliath 2018 - How Professor P Brought Leftie Cathy Crashing to Earth  (25 January 2018)

"When C4 invited Professor Jordan Peterson to be pulverised to a pulp by the mythical might of its star presenter Cathy Newman, it was re-enacting the battle between David and Goliath ... the archetypal story of an ordinary shepherd boy destroying the ideological might and rhetorical bombast of the armour-plated establishment with a single slingshot. ... Over the decades the left has grown to the stature of Goliath ... Goliath-Leftism controls school and university, media, Parliament ... Virtually nobody dares to take on the Left in its own gladitorial bear pits. Those who do die the death of a thousand cruel caricatures (alt-right, homophobe, Islamophobe, sexist, bigot, racist, misogynist, transphobe) and are burned at the media stake as heretics. But in the ultimate analysis the heavy armour and artillery of the Left is simply a delusional and fictional inferno of hysterical and apocalyptic fearmongering based on a wretchedly flawed and failed ideology. A well-trained projectile warrior with a slingshot and a few pebbles of facts, logic, and philosophical nous can demolish a dubious facade of straw men, meaningless slogans, monumental untruths, moral relativism, the scaffolding of victimhood and an intellect crippled by a lack of regular interaction with truth..."

Peterson Contra Mundum  (24 January 2018)

"A calm, rational, intelligent, logical, polite and composed Peterson absolutely wiped the floor with an emotive, cantakerous, belligerent and ornery feminist and leftist from C4. It was one of the most lopsided intellectual sparring contests you will likely ever see. She was absolutely out of her depth and Peterson ... made clear to the whole world how the leftists and feminists 'argue'. He demonstrated the complete paucity of the lunar left, and its inability to think straight, make a rational argument, or deal with the evidence..."

Jordan Peterson vs Cathy Newman, Part 3: Revenge of the SJW Spin Doctors  (23 January 2018)

"Jordan Peterson has called bull on the left's claims that SJW media maven Cathy Newman has been a victim of 'threats' and 'alt-right' bullying ... You can understand Peterson's exasperation here. What should by rights have been his finest hour to date in his battle to uphold civilizational values against assault from the Neo-Marxist SJWs has been turned almost to ashes by the left's dishonesty - and the MSMs extraordinary willingness ... to buy into that spin..."

Cathy Newman's Feminist Fans Aimed 30x More Violent Sexist Abuse at Peterson & His Supporters Than Vice-Versa  (22 January 2018)

"By now you can't have missed Cathy Newman's car crash interview with the amazing Jordan Peterson. Newman was utterly humiliated throughout and was made to look even more foolish than in her 2016 'interview' of Milo Yiannopoulos ... Newman and C4 are using the age old feminist tactic of crying 'abuse' when they lose a debate ... and given the complete lack of evidence cited by Newman and C4 pertaining to supposed abuse, it's worth examining this case ... We searched Twitter for a number of violence-related keywords which included the username @cathynewman and the results were everything you'd expect:..."

Thought-Criminal Jordan Peterson versus Cathy Newman & the Baader-Meinhof Gang  (22 January 2018)

"[I]t is impossible to deny that the majority of news media in the Western world is little more than a machine for manufacturing Neo-Marxist opinions ... the body of evidence to support this conclusion is now insurmountable. The idea of an impartial media no longer exists. The proof of this is revealed whenever the topic of identity politics comes up; when you see Daily Mail columnists stumping for feminist ideology, we are in serious trouble. Welcome to Pravda reality ... Newman and her ilk are engaged in a permanent struggle to paint themselves as the moral superior to everyone else as all subscribers to Marxism must. In this way, you - the consumer of news products - are being forced to accept their position to be true, or else you are a bigot, a sexist, et cetera..."

The Instruction of Jordan Peterson  (22 January 2018)

"In which Dr. Jordan Peterson remembers that SJWs always lie and that white-knighting for an SJW is a very bad, self-destructive idea."

Left Reframes Jordan Peterson's SJW Takedown as Misogynist Alt-Right Bullying  (21 January 2018)

"The aim, of course, is to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by implying that anyone who takes the side of Newman's critics is anti-women and pro-abuse ... I'm seeing lots of playful delight in Newman's hopeless debating technique, especially her dependence on the Straw Man logical fallacy. What I'm not seeing is evidence of any 'vicious, misogynist abuse'. ... Even though her approach to Jordan Peterson was bullying, intolerant and narrow-minded, it must have been truly awful for her to lose face so publicly ... I can't help thinking there's something deeply dishonest both about C4's response and about the way the story is being reported in the left-wing media. Look at these weaselly paragraphs in the Guardian:..."

It's Easy to Predict Where the Cathy Newman Backlash Will Lead  (21 January 2018)

"Last week I wrote in this space about Cathy Newman's catastrophic interview with the Canadian academic Jordan Peterson. Since then a number of things have happened. One is that millions of people around the world have watched Newman's undisguisedly partisan interview. The other is that Channel 4 has tried to turn the tables by claiming victimhood..."

The Curious Star Appeal of Jordan Peterson  (20 January 2018)

"Why are young Brits flocking to hear a psychology professor talk about morality? ... [Peterson] sees the vacuum left not just by the withdrawal of the Christian tradition, but by the moral relativism and self-abnegation that have flooded across the West in its wake. Furthermore he recognises - from his experience as a practising psychologist and as a teacher - that people crave principles and certainties. He sees a generation being urged to waste their lives waving placards about imaginary problems, or problems far beyond their (or anyone's control) and urges them instead to cut through the lies..."

How to Handle a Leftie: Jordan Peterson's TV Masterclass  (19 January 2018)

"...the Channel Four interview in which the idiocy of the smug, emotion-led liberal elite that Newman represents was shown up in all its appalling glory against Peterson's cold and laser-like analytical precision. ... What comes across is Newman's complete lack of intellectual curiosity - and inability to handle simple factual truth ... falling back on repeating the same tired mantras, as feminists always do. Newman of course is a notorious ... social justice zealot..."

Feminism vs Intelligence: There Can Only Be One Winner  (18 January 2018)

"Cathy Newman, a bog-standard media feminist, took on our hero Jordan Peterson in an interview - or rather an inquisition - and it was like watching a straggling gazelle attempting to fight off a lion ... if you wish for an object lesson in everything that is wrong with both the British media and contemporary feminism, you really ought to watch [the interview] in its entirety. I have written recently of the childish and petulant nature of media interviews with anyone not marching in exact Leftist lockstep, and also of the facile stupidity of the modern Left, and how that stupidity has come to replace rationality as the modern cultural marque. I have also written about Jordan Peterson ... this interview is a convergence of all three ... Newman displayed more or less all of the Leftist traits I have written about:..."

Jordan Peterson v Cathy Newman - Best SJW Takedown Evah!  (18 January 2018)

"If you loathe the cant, self-righteousness, and stupidity of the regressive left, then you'll love this train wreck of an interview. it's the most satisfying piece of poetic justice since the Comet came unstuck in that tunnel in Atlas Shrugged. Newman set out to ensnare and destroy someone whose politics she found objectionable - but ended up being hoist by her own petard ... I think it marks a pivotal victory in the culture wars - an incident in which the weaknesses of the regressive left have never been more cruelly or damningly exposed. So I want to examine in more detail why..."

Cathy Newman's Catastrophic Interview with Jordan Peterson  (17 January 2018)

"Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson ... has been in the UK over the last week ... his visit showed up the UK's broadcast media in a very bad light. On Saturday morning, Peterson made an appearance on Radio 4's Today programmed ... they decided to treat him in an alternately jocular and hostile manner ... But they scored a veritable home-run compared to the interview Cathy Newman did with him yesterday for Channel 4 News. ... Newman, who approaches the interview with the trademark sourness she employs for everyone she expects to disagree with, treats this as just another chance to burnish her own social justice credentials and expose her guest as a bigot. Big mistake..."


Videos and YouTubes

YOUTUBE:  Three Lessons from the Jordan Peterson vs Cathy Newman Debate  (27 January 2018)

"While people who regularly follow debates on feminism, the gender pay gap, postmodernism, and campus protests will be familiar with much of the discussion, there are important lessons here for everyone..."

YOUTUBE:  Channel 4 Jordan Peterson Interview: My Thoughts  (24 January 2018)  [A brilliantly incisive critique]

"The whole thing was just a beautiful, beautiful thing to watch. And he did, indeed, make her look like a fool, over and over and over again ... CN: 'Does it bother you that your audience is predominantly male? Isn't that a bit divisive?'  Does it bother you, Cathy, that feminism concerns itself with predominantly women? Is that divisive?..."

YOUTUBE:  Cathy Newman Jordon Peterson Post Mortem (Part 2)  (24 January 2018)

"...there's been an obvious break in the narrative. This time, the 'bully vs victim' story just isn't working. They tried it for a couple of days and no -one was buying it - except for other left-wing journalists, of course. And the reason is simple:..."

YOUTUBE:  Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman Debate: An Analysis  (22 January 2018)

"A recent debate between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman on C4 has taken the internet by storm. [This is my] perspective on the debate, the endless onslaught of 'gotcha' questions, female agreeableness and the importance of preparation."

YOUTUBE:  Cathy Newman Jordan Peterson Fallout  (21 January 2018)

"The interview - and I use the term 'interview' loosely - really is something to behold. ... The fallout ... has evolved into that time honoured tactic of playing the victim..."

YOUTUBE:  Paul Weston on THAT Jordan Peterson Cathy Newman Interview  (20 January 2018)

"Forty eight hours after C4's disastrous interview with Professor Jordan Peterson, the YouTube C4 somewhat ill-advisedly released has attracted over 2m views [as at 30th Jan - 5m views]. And if you google 'Jordan Peterson Cathy Newman', you'll find a global interest in this clash of ideologies ... it's an extraordinary reaction to a political video ... So what is the driving force behind this Jordan/Cathy phenomenon? And the answer to that is easy:..."

YOUTUBE:  Why Did Cathy Newman Lose to Jordan Peterson?  (18 January 2018)

"Before we start, I just want to say I don't know what Cathy's personal political philosophy is. I don't know how she sees herself on the political spectrum and I don't know how she votes. And I would like to be charitable and suggest that, perhaps, she was just rather good at playing devil's advocate, but I honestly suspect that Cathy doesn't really understand her own political philosophy and the underlying principles by which it operates and the goal to which the political philosophy she follows would be heading..."

YOUTUBE:  Jordan Peterson's Debate with Cathy Newman  (16 January 2018)

"Channel 4 News' full, fiery interview with clinical psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson, whose views on gender have amassed great controversy and a huge online following. He discusses the pay gap, patriarchy and his new book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.


Identity Politics

The following extended extract is from the article: The Origin of 'Identity Politics' & 'Political Correctness'

"Identity politics (sometimes dubbed 'political correctness') is the result of a political-Left major backlash against the mass of ordinary people (in Europe and 'the West'), beginning in the 1920s/30s, in the wake of the persistent failure of Marxist theory to be realised in European 'revolution' or any real change through democracy. In shifting the blame away from Marxist theory and those gullible enough to adhere to it, and on to those the theory had prescribed and predicted would have been the beneficiaries, if only they had responded accordingly ('the [white, male] workers'); then the cognitive-dissonance within the political-left mindset caused by this crisis to an extent was salved"

"As with any fervent ideology, a hallmark of the political-Left is interpreting anything and everything in its own ideological terms to claim as a manifestation of the ideology and its prophecy - jumping on a bandwagon, so to speak; though here only to hijack it. The bandwagon here was, of course, the American civil rights movement, which though enjoying ubiquitous support within black communities - to the point often of various forms of extremism - featured virtually nil endorsement of socialism ... It is from the time of this co-option that 'identity politics' dates; many considering that the movement was incorporated into the Left in the wake of King's assassination in 1968 - the major turning-point year in political-Left politics generally"

"'Civil rights', as the first great 'single-issue' campaign, served not least to provide an acceptable cloak for the Left to avoid provoking a resurgence of McCarthysim. The major social upheaval of 'civil rights' with its large-scale and widespread rioting was easily the nearest thing in then recent US history to look like the promised Marxist 'revolution', and obviously was just the practical application the 'theory' was seeking. Moreover, the protagonists (black Americans) were eminently separable form the now despised 'workers' per se, in being presentable as a new 'group; from outside of the former fray of 'boss' versus 'worker'.

"This accident of history served to add 'black' to 'woman' as 'the new oppressed' ... 'The worker' in effect was retrospectively stereotyped as both 'man' and 'white'. With the inverse of this stereotype of 'white' being not just 'black American' but 'black' - that is, ethnic-minority generically ... so it was that the new 'agents of social change' / 'disadvantaged' / 'oppressed' were extended from women to also include all ethnic minorities"

"It is only with the knowledge of how this developed that sense can be made of why ethnicity is held above the myriad other possible differences that could be utilised as in-group markers, when in fact there is nothing inherent in ethnicity as an in-group marker to produce inter-group prejudice that is particularly more pernicious"

"Indeed, the worst inter-communal conflicts nominally between different ethnicities usually are between different cultural heritages with no discernible 'racial' differences of any kind - and what (non-ethnic) differences there are can be minimal; the lack of contrast actually fuelling the intensity of conflict, such is the need for groups to feel distinguished from each other"

"Furthermore, ethnic prejudice is anything but restricted to or even predominantly 'white' on 'black': inter-ethnic (eg, 'black' on Asian) and ethnic-on-'white' 'racism' can be, often is and may usually be the greater problem; and a negative attitude to a certain ethnicity does not imply a similar attitude to other ethnicities"

"The specific US experience, given the highly divisive politics in the wake of the American Civil War over the basis of the Southern US economy in African slavery, does not translate to elsewhere; notably not to Europe - as was starkly evidenced in the experience of World War II 'black' American GIs stationed in England in how they were favourably received by locals, who sided with them when discriminated against"

"'Racial divides' in European 'white' host countries are the result not of mutual antipathy but affiliative forces, principally within migrant enclaves and secondarily within the 'host' community; in both cases being through in-group 'love', not out-group 'hate'" [EMcD: though the latter part of this observation is indeed true in normal circumstances, this does not, of course, take account of the Islamic/Koranic doctrines of Al-Hijra (Immigration), Taqiyya (Lying and Deceit), and Razzia/Ghazwa (Rape and Slavery), Dawa (Cultural and Stealth Jihad), and Terrorist and Violent Jihad, carried out by fundamentalist Muslims as they settle in increasing numbers in Western countries with the sole and deliberate purpose of making every remaining Dar al-Harb ('House of War': i.e. any non-Muslim country) into a Dar al-Islam ('House of Submission': i.e all Muslim countries) until Islam finally achieves its longed-for global Caliphate.]

[End of Extract]


The Frankfurt School

"The Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief - or even the hope of belief - that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution.

Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy. To do this they called for the most negative destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life which would be designed to de-stabilize society and bring down what they saw as the 'oppressive' order. Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus - 'continuing the work of Western Marxists by other means' as one of their members noted.

To further the advance of their 'quiet' cultural revolution ... the [Frankfurt] School recommended (among other things):

(1) the creation of racism offences,
(2) continual change to create confusion,
(3) the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children,
(4) the undermining of schools' and teachers' authority,
(5) huge immigration to destroy identity,
(6) the promotion of excessive drinking,
(7) emptying of churches,
(8) an unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime,
(9) dependency on the state or state benefits,
(10) control and dumbing down of media,
(11) encouraging the breakdown of the family.

One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud's idea of 'pansexualism' - the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

(a) attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children,
(b) abolish differences in the education of boys and girls,
(c) abolish all forms of male dominance - hence the presence of women in the armed forces,
(d) declare women to be an 'oppressed class' and men as 'oppressors'."


Programmes of Treason

"There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state:

  • Healthcare - Control healthcare and you control the people;

  • Poverty - Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live;

  • Debt - Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That wa6y you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty;

  • Gun Control - Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state;

  • Welfare - Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income);

  • Education - Take control of that people read and listen to - take control of what children learn in school;

  • Religion - Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools;

  • Class Warfare - Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take from (tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor" [source].




"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!"
(Isaiah 5:20-21)



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