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Cultural Marxism's "Long March Through The Institutions" of Western Civilisation

"I saw the revolutionary destruction of Society as the one and only solution.
A worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries"
[George Lukacs, The Frankfurt School, {date}]

"We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks" [Willi Munzenberg, The Frankfurt School, {date}]


US President Donald Trump's
State Visit to Britain
13th July 2018

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Pro-Trump Welcomes and Rallies

"Dear President Trump ... the majority of decent, patriotic, politically-aware Brits welcome you to our country" [source].

"I'm a Londoner who says Welcome Mr President! I apologise for all the nasty little Trots on the streets, and their silly little balloon. This country used to be a proper nation, where adults lived, but as you can see, we are in a state of decline now" [comment at source].

"Dear President Trump, I'm writing to welcome you to Scotland ... you are going to be in my country this weekend - and I would like to welcome you ... let me say loud and clear that we welcome you as the President of the United States to our country" [source].

"Mr President Welcome to the United Kingdom"  /  "Welcome to president Trump ... the stinking left does not speak for the UK"  /  "Mr president welcome to England"  /  "Trump's more than welcome"  /  "Welcome to the UK Mr Trump"  /  "All this winning is exhausting"  /  "Maybe the Trump admin isn't as unpopular as Leftists are!"  /  "Mr President welcome indeed... many of us ... want to swap him for 'Jellyfish May'"  /  "Apologies to President Trump that so many Britons are not awake yet"  /  "Great welcome for Trump to the UK"  /  "Welcome President Trump" [comments at source].

"President Trump is warmly welcomed by the backbone of the nation, most of whom ... will of course be working their socks off during the visit, just as they have done all their lives; they have to work twice as hard to pay enough taxes to keep half the screaming mob who will be [protesting] in benefits and subsidies" [comment at source].

"I've yet to get a single negative reaction when I wear one of my Trump t-shirts on the streets of London. A homeless old soldier told me 'We ought to be like Trump and start looking after our own people'. Yet read the MSM and you'd think everyone hates him. Hmmm..." [comment at source].

"If our intentions upset the Met's bosses, the equally appalling Common Purpose graduate, 'Don't shoot me, I'm not Brazilian' incompetent Dick and US-hating lawyer (just how many Islamic terrorists claim he's their close friend?), anti-stop-and-search Khan, then frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. That pair has, by commission or omission, encouraged all sorts of anti-Trump and anti-USA goings-on in London, including the childish blimp to be flown over Parliament. Well, I believe in freedom of expression - but this freedom must cut both ways. And it is simply good manners to greet a guest" [source].

"That the Met even considers threatening decent, law-abiding folk with s12 and/or s14 Public Order Act 1986 sanctions shows how politicised, untrustworthy and unfit-for-purpose the police have become ... instead of attempting to divert focus by harassing those who are peaceful but whose politics disagree with those of the Khan and the Dick, the police should use its resources to reverse this khanage, to prevent and solve murders, stabbings, burglaries, robberies and the crime of our time, the industrial scale, organised rape and sex-slavery of young girls, many of them children, by gangs of paedophiles, the overwhelming majority of whom share a particular racial profile ... To your bosses I say - shame on them! They are beneath contempt" [source].

"If the British PM or Queen visited the USA, can you imagine the chair of the New York Republicans being banned from going anywhere near the British Embassy ... in case he gave a short speech in support of the Anglo-American alliance? This is the effective situation with the police objecting to Mr Vacha giving a speech to welcome Donald ... While the London Mayor's police force has sought to ban any pro-Trump rally or march, they have allowed numerous counter-protestors to insult you and your President. They have even tolerated a disrespectful 'Baby Trump' blimp to fly, but banned the UKIP London Chair from taking a pro-Trump boat down the Thames" [source].

"I run 'Make Britain Great Again' ... and with the support of patriots within the European Parliament and the London Assembly, my supporters and I will stand form for democracy, and in solidarity with our American brethren. We will do so not just out of respect for your democratic vote. Not just because we admire Trump's stance against globalism and political correctness. Not just because it is the morally right thing to do. But because you truly are the only bastion of freedom in the world today ... You help us find the courage to fight against these incredible forces of evil that dominate our land ... We wave the Gadsden flag at rallies across these isles, as police seek to arrest persons wearing red 'Make Britain Great Again' baseball caps. Millions of Britons feel the spirit of those men who in 1776 fought for their freedom. Today we face not a question of whether we have representation, but of our very survival!" [source].

"Prominent among the crowds [of anti-Trump protestors in parliament Square on 13th July] in his red 'Make America Great Again' baseball cap was Augustine Chukwuma Obodo, a native of Nigeria and now the leader of the Friends of Trump UK Group. Augustine was seen enthusiastically arguing the President's case with the anti-Trump supporters present" [source].

"[T]he left is at last finding itself opposed - oh, at the edges to be sure. It's still in charge; but we might be at that 42/43 moment when the apparently invincible tyranny is showing its cracks and divisions; when the squashed people begin to coordinate their efforts to be rid of it; when freedom looks possible again"  /  "The Left is not yet on the ropes, much less knocked out, but it is badly winded. Let's keep those blows raining down on its ugly head"  /  "Trump is a great president, a good politician, but certainly not always a diplomat and that is what drives the left wing establishment and their supporters crazy!" [comments at source].


Anti-Trump Demos and Rallies

"Our country has been shown to [President Trump] at its uncouth and uncivil worst. It's a poor show. To say Mrs May could have done better is to put it mildly. The behaviour and attitude of the Mayor of London is almost beyond comment. Irresponsible, infantile and unBritish ... are but three words that come to mind" [source].

"They have rape grooming gangs running all over their country but they are busy protesting a guy who isn't even their President"  /  "Naive, misinformed, confused conformists and slaves to public opinion"  /  "Communists spend all of their time protesting against freedom and if they actually get communism they starve to death"  /  "Leftist hypocrisy is obvious and quite common but the Left itself is unable to see it, which tells me that the Left really is insensitive, unaware, and ridiculous"  /  "They don't even know who their enemies are ... if they really wanted to make a positive change they should work on themselves first, volunteer at a charity, donate to people in need, plant trees, clean up public places, treat everyone with respect, educate themselves, etc. walking the streets with a poorly make sign is not helping ANYONE" [comments at source].

"[Donald Trump's] job is that of a Representaitive of America, and upon that alone we should try to be welcoming. The demonstrations and the blimp in the sky only underpin that London is a City of oafs, with small intelligence and a childish attitude to life" [comment at source].

"If President Trump's intervention [in Theresa May's Chequers Brexit plan] does anything to prevent this happening, then the British people will be eternally grateful. He should bear this in mind just in case he glances at the TV today and sees the pitiful protests being orchestrated by bushbaby Marxist Owen Jones. They do not speak for Britain" [source].

"Who paid for this protest? Where did the money come from to rent the coaches that took the protestors to London? Don't tell me it's all a spontaneous outpouring of public anger. My city is running a protest today sponsored by Unite. Why should it be the business of Unite to organise this protest?"  /  "Fill in the gaps: G--rg- S-r-s" [comments at source].

"I watched the protests on the BBC World Service. Apart from the usual meaningless Marxist fare of 'Waycist' 'Thexist' 'Homophobic' and the rest of the leftist bunk, the so-called protestors had nothing much to say. I was staggered to see so many brainwashed leftists on our streets at a time when most law abiding citizens are at work. The view from Broadcasting House and along Regent Street was wall to wall leftists as far as the eye could see, while the BBC itself, a hideously patronising organ of leftist disinformation was trying [to] delegitimise the President of the United States with a number of tame talking heads. One of these was Sadiq Khan who was banging on about the British tradition of freedom of speech, while Tommy Robinson was languishing in prison for exercising his right to the same thing. Khan was trying to justify his decision to authorise the hoisting of a balloon portraying President Trump as a baby. Protest be damned. This was nothing more than a demonstration of leftist bad taste and rudeness. I don't care if they let themselves down but by their childish behaviour, they have let down all the law-abiding citizens of our country. As for Khan and the remainder of the UK establishment, they disgust me" [comment at source].

"Can people please stop using the term 'liberal' to describe those on the Left. The liberal has become nigh on extinct. As an electoral group they have ceased practically to exist in the West. In their stead is the totalitarian fascist. They are no longer arguing the (perceived) benefits of their ideology, but demanding acquiescence of the rest of us at the point of a gun. The use of language is incredibly powerful (e.g. the term Nazi being associated with the Right, despite the Nazi socialist platform being one contemporary leftists fantasize about) and the sooner we can help people understand what liberal truly means and how the Left has abandoned it, the better" [comment at source].

"[T]he British media have been telling its sheep-like readers exactly when and where they can demonstrate against the man who is Hiterally Litler. Sorry, fire that sub-editor. I mean literally Hitler. Donald Trump has been offered several golden opportunities for humour here. Firstly, it is customary for visiting dignitaries to come bearing gifts. Obama famously gave Gordon Brown a set of videos that would not play on a British format. Trump should grin broadly as he hands Theresa May a gold-embossed copy of Mein Kampf. Also, he should have his Russian colluders hack into the software that controls the hideous and Blade-Runner-like electronic advertising hoardings that infest the centre of London, and play a hillbilly jug band performing the Horst Wessel Song. All Trump's aides should wear Hitler masks. He should, at all times and meetings, wear one of the his MAGA baseball caps simply reading; Final Solution. The possibilities are endless, and I freely offer my services as PR man for the visit" [source].


Trump Baby Balloon

"Let's make a balloon because Trump's a big baby! And continue to scream and cry about losing an election two years ago!" [comment at source].

"Let them get on with it. This ridiculous protest says far more about the puerility of the 'protestors' than it does about Trump" [comment at source].

"Feverish Trump-hating metro-leftists embarrassing themselves once again with an hilariously small and insignificant Trump balloon that could be taken out with a spud-gun" [quoted at source].

"Oh no, how will Trump ever recover from this?"  /  "This kind of action is ... more telling of the maturity of this group than any critique of Trump. It's even worse that Sadiq is endorsing this childish behaviour"  /  "So some rich globalist doesn't like Trump. Go figure"  /  "If I were President Trump I would walk up and buy it. Then I would fly it over the white house. It's actually cute. I take it as a compliment"  /  "It's amazing these snowflakes think the baby trump blimp makes anyone other then themselves look bad" [comments at source].

"I love the baby Trump balloon. The irony is it reflects badly back on the liberal globalist elites, wasting good money in an attempt to gain attention by riding on POTUS 45 coat tails. I wonder how many homeless this waste would have fed?"  /  "More London murders than NYC? Ouch! Hey I got an idea - fight back? No, let's fly a balloon"  /  "This sort of stunt is what the Left and Islam thinks will put them in power"  /  "Ah, the irony of life. The biggest over privileged, whiny, lazy little b******* of the DNC and the equal of it in England are the biggest bunch of cry babies ever yet they do something like this. If they took half the energy that they put into all the hate and screaming towards something good, but no, they are just too lazy, insane and misled"  /  "What does this really achieve? Oh! Nothing!"  /  "The motive behind this is they're children who can't get over themselves lol" [comments at source].

"This blimp that mocks the President is permitted to fly in this country only because of our common law tradition that protects the freedom of expression ... we hope that the Leftists appreciate just how lucky they are to live in the UK with this tradition ... We ... will do everything we can to protect this freedom and our other fundamental freedoms from the vicious onslaught by the intolerant Left ... Further, we will do what we possibly can to stop our common law tradition being taken over by the EU. It is all part of the same fight, and a blimp is not going to cut it" [source].

"Commentator Owen Jones, who has spearheaded the London demonstrations against Trump, told Channel 4 News that the blimp is in the 'proud tradition of anti-establishment satire' ... But as a project initiated by a super-rich member of a political family and approved by the mayor of London, the Trump baby blimp is hardly 'anti-establishment' ... The anti-Trump stunt has been organised by environmentalist activist Leo Murray, the great-grandson of Labour politician Anthony Greenwood. Murray, who rents out two flats in a 1.8million townhouse in Hammersmith ... unwittingly reminds us how unhinged the metropolitan elite's response was to Trump's election victory. 'On the morning Donald Trump was elected, I cried on the Tube', he admits. ... The Trump baby blimp reveals how infantile some of Trump's critics have become. When it flies over Westminster, it will be an embarrassing day for London and the UK, not for The Donald" [source].

"Dear President Trump ... As you will doubtless be made aware of, there are those who will be protesting against your visit. They will tell you that you are not welcome. They will hold rallies and even float a giant balloon of you as a baby over London... this is not just a waste of money (25,000) but a crass and immature stunt which reflects badly on our country. The fact that the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has permitted and encouraged this, says more about him than it does about you. I cannot believe that he would have allowed a similar balloon of your predecessor when he visited. Doubtless it would have resulted in accusations of racism if such a thing had even been attempted" [source].

"According to Britain's hard-Left newspaper The Independent, the 'Trump baby blimp' concerning which I wrote the other day is 'the ultimate symbol of Britain's commitment to free speech.'  As stagehands everywhere in the UK continuing [sic] assembling the set for the biggest-ever production of Alice Through the Looking Glass, free speech is not usually important to the cultural commissars. Would a huge balloon depicting Mohammed be permitted to fly over London? Gentle reader, it would not. My brother is actually an expert archer - he really is - and I am thinking of asking him what he is doing next week. Free speech Robin Hood style, methinks" [source].

"Not all Leftists suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS] ... A lot of those of the Left will look up at the Trump blimp and think, I'm allied with these people,. I will be judged as having the same level of mental activity and political acumen as they have. They have depicted Trump as a baby, and yet they are the babies. In an ideal world, these potential apostates will begin to look elsewhere for their political sustenance, and may perhaps walk to the sunny uplands of free thought" [source].

"The Trump balloon may do more harm than good for the Leftist cause that is rotting the sweet tooth of the West. I sincerely hope so. The BBC will find it hilarious of course ... the 'anti-fascist art group' who created this balloon know absolutely nothing about politics. They just want to be loved ... Trump's people, if they are smart, will tell Trump to spend time looking, laughing and waving at the balloon, enough time to make him very late for a meeting with Theresa May, say" [source].


Sadiq 'Free Speech' Khan

"Utterly deplorable that Sadik [sic] Khan has sanctioned the 'peaceful protest' of an enormous blimp caricaturing Trump being flown over Parliament Square during his visit. I am ashamed of my country. Had Boris sanctioned a similar protest during Obama's visit to the UK you can imagine the howls of 'racism' which would have been raised" [comment at source].

"Well you see, it's very simple; Mr Khan is in favour of free speech he agrees with, and not in favour of free speech he disagrees with. So if he agrees with you then you get special permission to fly a giant blimp over London. And if he disagrees with you, you lose your right to free speech and the right to protest. It's all very progressive, as right-thinking people know"  /  Churchill spoke of people like Khan when he noted: 'Some people's idea of (free speech) is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage'" [comments at source].

"Sadiq Khan the great protector of free speech: 'cancel Donald Trump state visit, says Sadiq Khan'; 'Sadiq Khan: There will be no more 'body shaming' adverts on the Tube'; 'London Mayor Sadiq Khan plans TfL 'junk food' advert ban'; London Mayor Sadiq Khan tells Silicon Valley to censor "hate speech"'; 'Chilling call for internet censorship from London's radical mayor Khan'; 'London Mayor Sadiq Khan says he wants London's arms fair banned'; 'London mayor Sadiq Khan has been criticised over his office banning an ad campaign relating to a conflict-ridden region in Pakistan'"  /  "The Trump balloon OK, but 'are you beach body ready' not OK? Londonistan I suppose" [comments at source].

"Listening to Sadiq Khan - the Mayor of London - being interviewed on the BBC 4 'Today' programmed, and totally failing to grasp the concept of being polite to a visiting head of state, chillingly shows us what we have come to"  /  "The way Mayor Khan has behaved and continues to behave is just not British is it?" [comments at source].

"Michael Fabricant is being vilified for tweeting a joke image, Donald Trump laughing in the foreground with two balloons flying over the House of Parliament in the background. One balloon has Sadiq Khan's face, the other, a pig, appears to be engaged in an intimate act with the Khan inflatable. Because Khan is a Muslim and considers pigs to be unclean the overreaction from the usual suspects has been swift in condemning this as 'racist' and 'Islamophobic' ... I was struck by Jess Phillip's remark, 'Jesus wept! This is utterly racist and so, so offensive.'  I had several problems with this statement which I see as gross double standards and I have emailed my complaint to both Ms. Phillips and Labour party headquarters making the following points:

  • Sadiq Khan apparently believes in freedom of speech and expression, so much so that he had no problem in insulting Donald Trump, and thereby obviously the office of the President of the United States, by allowing that balloon to be flown over London. Presumably, Mr. Khan will not then be offended by an image intended in jest;
  • Islam is not a race, it is a religion. The image cannot be deemed as 'racist', the worst condemnation that can be levelled at it is that [it] is disrespectful to Sadiq Khan's religious beliefs;
  • I am a Christian. Your exclamation is blasphemous and is deeply offensive to people of my faith, will you apologise for your anti Christian outburst? After all religious tolerance must extend to all faiths.

"I don't expect a satisfactory response as they will not see the mind blowing hypocrisy. Add to this that Sadiq Khan, the creature who has so blatantly insulted President Trump, has called for Fabricant to be disciplined. This transcends hypocrisy" [comment at source].

"[W]hile Mr Khan is happy to criminalise free speech that might save lives ... he is also happy to support ... an image that is intended as an insult ... It is significant that Mr Trump has been active in withdrawing taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, America's most prominent abortion chain, to outrage from democrats and self-appointed feminist leaders. How ironic that a balloon in the shape of a baby should float above London in a protest at a political leader who has sought to protect the lives of unborn babies, with the approval of a Mayor who approves of the killing of unborn babies - all in the name of free speech" [source].

"Khan is used to having unquestionable power, that once challenged, he doubles down and looks more like a spoiled brat than a politician"  /  "When Sadiq Khan says 'peaceful and safe demonstration' he really means 'left wing demonstrations only'. He will claim anything moderate or right of moderate politically is unsafe and violent and use that as an excuse to silence people" [comment at source].

"Khan knows about control. It comes from fear - it's how the Imams control the masses of Moslims, and it's how Khan will win London as a caliphate. Fear of being a victim will drive people away. The streets, homes, houses will be filled with men in long dresses, women covered in sacking and the odd Chinese tourist, who will have their possessions removed from them by force" [comment at source].

"Strange how Sadiq Kahn is supposedly all about freedom of speech, and yet woe betide ANY non-Muslim who criticises Islam or their sacred Muhammed. What a load of tosh it really is. One thing I can say is that a lot of people I know who usually been quite tolerant towards Muslims are now becoming acutely aware of the grave danger they pose to Europe. One thing that is more apparent now is that whenever the Muslim population increases to around 5% of any country they live there is trouble brewing. One only has to look to tiny Sweden to see what is going on with the 5% of Muslims living there" [comment at source].

"Khan is an irritating pimple on the body of London. However, the good people of London voted him into office so he is their choice. I can only say that I am extremely glad that I don't live in the place which has become a perfect example of how a society can be destroyed from within. I do however feel sorry for those who didn't vote for him. Their once proud city has become a joke" [comments at source].

"One could argue that the Trump balloon is an indication of free speech. Because you're free to speak so long as you agree with the leftists. But I'm pretty sure a big black obama balloon nor a big shrivelled hillary ... baby balloon would not be tolerated" [comments at source].

"The balloon has been the matter of some controversy in the UK, with some questioning whether lampooning the President over his skin colour is acceptable. Whether a similar blimp caricaturing the features of former U.S. President Barak Obama would be considered acceptable and not a hate crime in racism-sensitive London has hardly been addressed" [source].

"I wonder if Sadiq would approve a Mohammed balloon?"  /  "Why can't we have a large balloon of the prophet [sic] Mohammed riding a pig? Oh that's right, free speech only goes one way"  /  "Muhammad balloon please"  /  "How about a Muhammad baby balloon?"  /  "Get a giant balloon of Mohammed, holding a blood-stained knife, flying over London"  /  "Why are they angry at Trump who honours free speech while in the UK free speech criticising muslim laws is deemed hate speech punishable with prison?" [comments at source].

"Now I know that our president won't care even a little bit about this mockery of him personally, but it goes deeper than that. Mocking the American president is mocking the entire nation of America, and that simply cannot stand. So I wonder if, in the spirit of free speech and public protest, would the muslim mayor of London allow protest groups to fly a 20 foot high helium filled balloon that mocked their 'prophet' Mohammed the pedophile? Well, let's see. Mayor Khan is the same person who authorised an anti-Israel march supporting Hezbollah to take place in London, and the same person who said he supports Sharia Law and had subway and bus ads banned that offended muslims. So clearly Mayor Khan doesn't care if Jews are offended, or non-muslims are offended, and by authorising that Baby Trump balloon to fly, doesn't care if every person in American is offended. I think it's time to see how thick Mayor Khan's skin is" [source].


Khan Baby Balloon

"I took great pleasure in donating towards the Sadiq Khan Baby inflatable that will (freedom of expression right Sadiq?) be going up alongside the Trump one. Might well be a Brexit one alongside it too" [comment at source].

"Let's see if Khan allows the Khan baby blimp onto the streets of London. If he refuses permission, it'll show him to be the hypocrite we all know him to be ... if he refused permission, they might as well just tie the string to his foot and fly the real Khan instead of the dummy. Wait, what's the difference?" [comment at source].

"Ideas for a second balloon with the spare cash: A giant blood stained knife balloon; A big moped balloon; A big jar shaped balloon marked acid" /  "Khan will whistle up his leftist flying monkeys to disrupt the Khan balloon launch and then he'll ban it, claiming the protestors make the area unsafe"  /  "If the Sadiq Khan funding goes up any more you could make it an airbus and fly people to the counter protest in an undercarriage lol"  /  "Don't inflate it with Khan's ego. It will explode!"  /  "If we are not allowed to have a pro Trump rally lets have an anti Khan rally to coincide with the Khan balloon launch" [comments at source].

"A truly MONUMENTAL effort by everyone who has supported, shared and donated. We've completely blown the organisers of the 'baby Trump' balloon off the park. Unlike the Baby Trump team who plan to take their inflatable on 'tour', i.e. using the money they raised to have a few holidays ... we are putting ALL of the money into hosting a demo in Whitehall, called 'Make London Safe Again' due to be held in August, where Baby Khan will be flown into the London sky. There will be mini 'baby khan' balloons for supporters on the day ... & we're even working on a plane with a 80ft banner to take to the skies in our protest. This is about putting as much pressure as possible on Khan & showing him that we don't want him as our Mayor any longer. We'll be using this event to raise awareness of the soaring crime in London & be supporting as many victims of crime in London as possible" [source].


Double Standards and Hypocrisy... as Usual...

"Dear President Trump ... Can I ... apologise for the hypocrisy of some of my fellow countrymen when they gather to protest against your visit ... most of these protesters were not on the street when the Chinese leadership visited, (nor were they asking parliamentary questions about Chinese human rights) or when other countries with far worse human rights records than the US, have sent their leaders (ie. President Erdogan of Turkey or Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman)" [source].

"[I]t's not just the short-sighted sanctimony of the British left which presumes to speak for the entire nation in its opposition to Trump that is so grating. It's the hypocrisy of liberals, who while energetically chastising the 'xenophobes', 'racists' and 'hateful knuckle draggers' (ad infinitum) in the West remain steadfastly indifferent to the real human rights abuses of non-western powers" [source].

"British police willingly removed Tibetan independence campaigners from the sights of the Chinese procession during Xi Jingping's state visit in 2015. But liberal opposition to the Chinese government (which engages in the genuinely racist ethnic sinicisation of its peripheral territories) was practically non-existent. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who has been personally instrumental in driving Saudi Arabia's foreign intervention in Yemen (which has helped produce a famine in that beleaguered war-torn nation) met with little large scale opposition during his three-day visit to the UK this year ... Mexico's President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, hailed as a 'left wing nationalist' by the Guardian has proposed the formation of a southern border force which would be responsible for the forced removal of central American illegal immigrants. I wait with eager anticipation the picketing of the Mexican embassy in London" [source].

"Who cares whether China oppresses Uighurs and Tibetans? The idea that nationalism and colonialism (in forms much more aggressive than those which exist in the contemporary west) exist abroad is an uncomfortable fact for western internationalists because it poses a direct challenge to their own narratives of exceptional moral guilt. And this is why the moral 'courageousness' of left-wingers will be limited to the soft targets of Victor Orban, Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanhyahu" [source].

"Rather than being directed against genuine tyrants, figures responsible for the suffering of millions, the emotional energies and faux-humanitarianism of the Guardian-reading left will be directed at moderately conservative nationalist governments. To the liberal imagination, it's the borders that westerners erect to preserve their nations and their safety that will stand as the greatest atrocities of the 21st century, not the more banal genocides which so frequently occur beyond our shores" [source].

"[T]he majority of these protestors are merely cowards. They know that they can say what they like about Trump and nothing will happen to them, their families or livelihoods. Not so with the Chinese or Turkish Presidents, the Saudi royals or any fiery Islamic imam in this country. They are people living off the false dream of the '60s... shouting their own supposed virtue but really using it as a cover to hide their reluctance to grow up and accept responsibility. For courage requires knowing that you could lose everything. These people find that prospect, like responsibility, all too inconvenient" [comment at source].

"They won't protest real actual dictators for the same reason they only protest pathetic forms of 1st world feminist issues instead of real world female suffering because they are cowards and will only protest against the nice safe 'evil straight white man'" [comment at source].

"None of this happens when dictators come to visit, or leaders from countries waging unjust wars or committing genocide, or countries where women are subjugated and made to have FGM, or where religions are oppressed. No, that is ignored. But the leader of the free world arrives and the left go mad! The hypocrisy is breathtaking" [source].


Identity Politics

"One can always find people who have the spare time to engage in protests against foreign dignitaries; but what is missing is a distinct lack of interest when those foreign dignitaries hail from governments which aren't western. Why is this the case? In the strange world of left-wing victimology, the identity of the oppressor seems to matter more than the identity of the victim when assessing the moral gravity of a particular policy. The Trump government's main crime (according to the left) is that it has deported Latin American illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin. The current American administration's commitment to enforcing the rule of law supposedly constitutes a humanitarian crisis ... But this does not matter for the left. Trump is the leader of a western country, and in enforcing a meaningful legal distinction between non-westerner and westerner he has committed the gravest sin; that of discrimination" [source].

"Khan is ... as rude and belligerent as Trump stands accused, but given a free pass by the media. He is also a segregationist, immersed in tribal politics under the grievance umbrella of Labour"  /  "Khan should have been finished as a politician when he used the term 'Uncle Toms' to describe Muslims engaged in de-radicalisation programmes. And they call Trump divisive" [comments at source].


Mainstream/Establishment Media

"The BBC reporter outside the gates [of Blenheim Palace] drooled over the anti-Trump protestors. They had, he informed viewers, succeeded in bringing off a protest that was peaceful and constructive [how, exactly?!], helpfully reminding us that Trump was racist, sexist, misogynist (etc), and that he was not welcome in this country. The drooling BBC reporters inside the courtyard helpfully reminded is that the pageantry was to honour not Trump himself (a deeply controversial figure, whose presence was provoking demonstrators around the country for being racist, sexist, misogynist (etc)) but the office of the president and the special relationship" [source].

"The silence on pro-Trump and Free Tommy is inevitable. The media are fully embedded with the globalist establishment, the deep state beyond our own government. The silence is confirmation that these protests are genuine reflections of popular sentiment, and are not 'one of theirs', sponsored, publicised and used by them, like the anti-Trump campaign currently being run to try and derail DJT's initiatives. But more importantly to cut off our own population from the international conversation which might liberate them. It is reminiscent of the 'welcome' that certain Middle Eastern countries, or those in the old Soviet bloc, would arrange in order to sanitise any contact from abroad, from the dangerously free side of the world. We are living in the preamble to a full-blown prison state, implemented at regional bloc level, to the impediment of free-movement of minds. The next Berlin Wall will be an information wall - these are InfoWars, after all" [comment at source].

"One of our London newspapers, aimed at workers, has been publishing all week details of the Anti Trump protest today. It has the route, the times, the meeting places, etc, and has plastered it every day in its paper and on social media ... surely they should not be encouraging people to behave like this? It's rude, it's embarrassing, but it's also incitement to protest. What if it ends in riots? Will they take responsibility? But of course, with our Mayor Sadiq Khan encouraging it all and making his own divisive statements I guess everyone thinks it's ok to encourage all this" [source].

"Earlier, the ghastly Owen Jones popped up outside the American ambassador's residence to protest that Trump was 'racist, sexist, misogynist (etc) ... He did not represent the values of us in Britain. But a radio phone-in earlier in the evening told a different story. To the horror of the host, caller after caller phoned in to support Trump. They liked him because he put America first. They liked him because he got things done. If only we had a prime minister like that in Britain" [source].

"The sanctimonious androgynous prigs who would destroy our civilisation in the name of a new-age totalitarian utopia in which none are offended do not represent us, contrary to what the BBC would have us believe. When Trump broke all protocols earlier today and announced that Brexit was about immigration, and strongly implied the will of the people was being betrayed, he shocked the establishment media. But he spoke for the ordinary people of Britain" [source].

"[A]lways the left get away with the most outrageous language and sentiments by a media and establishment that simply does not hold them properly to account or by the same standards they seek to impose on everyone else" [comments at source].

"Ever since Trump announced his intention to run for President, he has been denounced, insulted and mocked by the media all over. We are paying, in this country, for our state broadcaster to openly mock not just Trump but anyone supportive of him. Trump supporters have been, and still are, labelled as far right extremists, fascists and white supremacists. Our country is paying for our broadcaster to label part of our society this way. We are also paying them to back protests such as the large one in London today. The protest, which I see as a slight against the democratically elected president of another country and an embarrassment to the UK as a whole, doesn't overly worry me. What does is that it is being backed by high profile political figures, pundits, journalists and our state broadcaster. This protest isn't just being reported by the BBC, they appear to be in open celebration about it and it is that which makes me angry" [comment at source].

"At lunchtime there was a gleeful item on the BBC news about the protests against President Trump that are taking place around the country. Ditto last night. The whole tone was so triumphalist" [comments at source].

"There was some Momentum woman on Daily Politics cheerleading for the pathetic protests. She was infantile and telling outrageous, emotionally incontinent lies about Trump. 'Kids in cages' - actually Obama in 2014. Claire Fox was trying to offer a reasonable counter point about the double standards involved and the ridiculous misuse of the term 'fascist' by the silly momentum woman, but that gobby idiot Maguire was on (again!) and rabbiting away about the Ku Klux Klan. As Foner observed 'the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democrats'." [comment at source].

"Kevin Maguire labelled Trump supporters as 'right wing fascists and white supremacists.' This appears to be the BBC's thing now - to get people on to insult a good amount of UK Trump supporters and the American people. Leanne Wood did just the same yesterday though the BBC's Annita McVeigh pretended not to hear it. The UK taxpayer, especially the poor, are expected to pay to hear their state broadcaster insult them. [The BBC are] a treacherous, petty bunch" [comments at source].

"At the same time as the likes of Maguire make such ridiculous assertions they claim to represent the moderate 'reasonable' ground. But to suggest that 63 million Americans are 'right wing fascists and white supremacists' is beyond bonkers. They get away with it because the people who should be challenging them think in exactly the same way. Daily Politics today was practically an echo chamber, including a supposed conservative, the ghastly Wollaston. Only Claire Fox offered anything approaching a supposed conservative counterpoint and she was shouted down by everyone else" [comments at source].

"Jeremy Corbyn speaking on the BBC earlier condemned Trump's assertion that Boris Johnson would make a good PM, 'It's not up to him who is PM'. Fine, but apparently it's OK for leftist loons to flood the streets in the UK protesting about who should be President of the USA" [comments at source].

"Have you seen any coverage of the numerous pro-Trump rallies?" [comments at source].


Nigel Farage

"I hope President Trump will be meeting Nigel Farage, especially now the jumped up nobodys have made it their ambition to tell the President who he must not meet, maybe they'll send a vanload of political coppers to arrest Nige on some spurious charges, they have form on this" [comment at source].


The Frankfurt School

"The Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief - or even the hope of belief - that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution.

Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy. To do this they called for the most negative destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life which would be designed to de-stabilize society and bring down what they saw as the 'oppressive' order. Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus - 'continuing the work of Western Marxists by other means' as one of their members noted.

To further the advance of their 'quiet' cultural revolution ... the [Frankfurt] School recommended (among other things):

(1) the creation of racism offences,
(2) continual change to create confusion,
(3) the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children,
(4) the undermining of schools' and teachers' authority,
(5) huge immigration to destroy identity,
(6) the promotion of excessive drinking,
(7) emptying of churches,
(8) an unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime,
(9) dependency on the state or state benefits,
(10) control and dumbing down of media,
(11) encouraging the breakdown of the family.

One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud's idea of 'pansexualism' - the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

(a) attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children,
(b) abolish differences in the education of boys and girls,
(c) abolish all forms of male dominance - hence the presence of women in the armed forces,
(d) declare women to be an 'oppressed class' and men as 'oppressors'."




"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!"
(Isaiah 5:20-21)





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