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"The LORD said unto Abram ... 'I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee ...
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed
(Genesis 12:1-3)

"Thus saith the LORD God of Israel ... 'The LORD liveth ... which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country,
and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land
(Jeremiah 23:2,8)

"Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep" (Psalm 121:1-4)

Operation Swords of Iron
(October 2023)
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"For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.
They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.
They have said, Come, and let us cut them off being a nation;
that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance"

(Psalm 83:2-4)

"Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep"
"As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the LORD is round about His people
from henceforth even for ever"
(Psalm 121:4 and Psalm 125:2)

The Hamas Covenant/Charter (1988/2017)
"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it ...
it is compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised ... Hail to Jihad"

"If, tomorrow, Israel laid down its arms and announced,
'We will fight no more', what would happen?
And if the Arab countries around Israel laid down their arms and announced,
'We will fight no more', what would happen?
In the first case, there would be an immediate destruction of the state of Israel
and the mass murder of its Jewish population.
In the second case, there would be peace the next day"


None is Like Jeshurun's God

"None is like Jeshurun's God, so great, so strong, so high ...
Israel, what hast thou to dread? Safe from all impending harms,
Round thee and beneath are spread the everlasting arms ...
Jesus is thy sevenfold shield, Jesus is thy flaming sword;
Earth, and hell, and sin shall yield to God's almighty word"

"There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun ... The eternal God is thy refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms: and He shall thrust out the enemy from before thee ...
Israel shall then dwell in safety alone ... Happy art thou, O Israel: who is like unto thee,
O people saved by the LORD, the shield of thy help" (Deuteronomy 33:26-29)


News Articles and Videos

TWITTER (X):  A Ceasefire?  (19 October 2023)

"A ceasefire is the most immoral thing that could happen.  It lets baby killers Hamas escape justice.  It lets them plan and orchestrate more massacres.  Which means more wars.  Removing Hamas is a grim spectacle but spares civilians on all sides in the future.  It's a dirty necessary job."

"We Are At War"  (09 October 2023)

"On the fiftieth anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, Israelis woke up to a sustained attack on multiple southern towns near the border with the Gaza Strip (half of the so-called 'Palestinian Authority' territory).  This isn't the usual vicious but random spasm of slaughter in which Hamas likes to engage.  It appears to have been very well planned and executed, with thousands upon thousands of rockets barraging Israeli residential areas from the southern border to north of Tel Aviv.  It is also an invasion: Hamas used bulldozers to demolish Israeli border barriers, enabling an unknown number of its assets to enter the country - followed by reinforcements:..."

YOUTUBE:  Israel in the Valley of Death Many Killed  (08 October 2023)

Viewers Comments:  "I'm praying for protection of the military and families at home in Jesus name. I pray for supernatural intervention on behalf of Israel"  /  "I'm sorry for the situation. I love Israel and specially Jerusalem. I'm from Iran, but I'm living in Sweden. Not all Iranian people are happy about the situation in Israel. There are a lot of Iranians who support Israel. Those Iranians who are against Israel are brainwashed or got paid to act like they are against Israel. This means not every Iranian wants war against Israel. God bless you"

We Are At War: 300 Israelis Murdered, Dozens Kidnapped, Hamas Seizes Control of Israeli Towns  (08 October 2023)

"At least 300 Israelis were murdered and 1,600 more injured in a surprise attack Saturday.  Coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret and the day after the 50th anniversary of the surprise attack which began the Yom Kippur War, Gaza terrorists launched a massive invasion of southern Israel, alongside a large-scale bombardment of southern and central Israel with rockets ... Starting at just before 6:45a.m., terrorists in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip began firing volleys of rockets towards Israeli territory.  By Saturday evening, Hamas claimed it had launched some 5,000 rockets ... As part of what the IDF has dubbed Operation Iron Swords, Israel Air Force jets pounded dozens of terrorist positions across the Gaza strip in response to Saturday's attacks..."

YOUTUBE:  Terrifying Scenes from Israel Many Killed and Kidnapped  (07 October 2023)

Viewers' Comments:  "Standing with you in prayer. May the Hand of God be the protection of Israel and keep you in safety ... God Bless you, your family and Israel"  /  "Prayers for your safety and all of Israel"  /  Behold, He who keeps Israel will never slumber nor sleep! (Psalm 121:4)"  /  "Following it from USA but of course our news is censored or fake ... you and your nation are in our hearts and prayers"  /  "Praying for God's Grace over Israel"  /  "My prayers are for Israel at this dark hour. God has made promised and covenants with Israel, His eyes are on His land"

Hamas Launches Unprecedented Terror Attack on Israel  (07 October 2023)

"The Palestinian militant group Hamas launched unprecedented terror attack on Israel, which has included the firing of thousands of rockets [into] Israel and the infiltration of Israeli territory by land, air, and sea.  Responding to the surprise attack Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that the nation is 'at war' and the terrorists 'will pay a price it has never known before.'  Thus far, the attacks in Israel have reportedly left 200 people dead and 1,400 wounded.  Hamas claims it has captured IDF soldiers and civilians during its assault on Israeli border towns outside Gaza.  Israel's military response - 'Operation Sword of Iron' - has led to the deaths of 198 Palestinians and 1,610 people injured..."


Discussions and Analyses

The West's Lethal Error in the War Against Israel  (19 January 2024)

"In the current was in the Middle East, it's a given that a distinction must be drawn between hamas and the 'ordinary' palestinian Arab residents of Gaza ... Moreover, the reason the conflict still endures is the behaviour of the west itself.  Led by Britain in the 1930s, the west has consistently rewarded and incentivised Arab aggressors bent on destroying Israel, while it has prevented Israel from taking the measures necessary to see off the threat once and for all ... America and the UK have failed to realise that, just as Hamas can't be divorced from the Palestinians but are part of the same genocidal entity, so the war against Israel is merely the most neuralgic element of a civilisational war between the Muslim world and the west..."

YOUTUBE:  'From the River to the Sea': The Quad vs the Squad  (12 November 2023)

"The Quad discuss the current arguments of what 'From the River to the Sea' means and Rashida Tlaib's claim that it is a call for freedom.  The women take on each member of the progressive Democrat Squad, and deal with frightening and sometimes downright absurd takes on the current war.  Plus an interview with Dalia Al-Aqidi, US Congressional Candidate running against Ilhan Omar, and, of course, the scumbags and heroes of the week."

YOUTUBE:  After Hamas Attack, the Left Needs to Finally Wake Up  (02 November 2023)

"The IDF continues to make gains in Gaza, the Palestinian poster child Ahed Tamimi shows her true face, and the time has come for the left to finally admit they were wrong..."

YOUTUBE:  Bearing Witness: Kibbutz Be'eri, Hamas and a World Gone Mad  (01 November 2023)

"In this week's episode, members of the Quad traveled to Be'eri, an Israeli Kibbutz in the South that is the scene of a horrific massacre by Hamas.  Cohost Vivian Bercovici (Former Ambassador of Canada to Israel) also speaks to the group from Toronto about the rise of antisemitism worldwide.  The Quad asks the question of what to do in a world where atrocities are committed against Jews and they are either celebrated, denied or rationalized..."

Israel vs. a Death Cult  (24 October 2023)

"Here are three critical considerations that must be understood about the current Israel-Hamas conflict.  it is a sort of half-war.  It consists of a military trying to defeat an organized clique of passive-aggressive, media-obsessed tribal murderers.  (1) It is not really a war: this 'war' did not begin with a military assault ...  (2) It is not an anti-colonial struggle: Gaza is not anyone's 'colony' ... (3) Only Hamas is deliberately targeting civilians: Hamas fires its rockets at Israeli civilians from hospitals, schools, UN facilities, and mosques..."

Four Myths Exposed by the Hamas Attack on Israel  (17 October 2023)

"The horror unleashed by Hamas is only beginning.  A terrorist group that killed at least 1,200 people in Israel last weekend is now endangering countless Palestinian lives, through its cynical practice of putting military capabilities in hospitals, schools and dense urban areas.  But if shocks like the one Israel suffered have any upside, it's that they expose - and provide a chance to correct - the sloppy thinking that allowed them to happen in the first place.  This attack highlights four intellectual failures in the recent approach to strategy by Israel and America alike..."

Prayer for Israel  (12 October 2023)

"The Hamas atrocity has shocked us all. Thirteen hundred are dead, with over a hundred hostages taken into Gaza.  It is impossible to comprehend the horror unleashed by these cowardly terrorists who spread out to gun down defenceless, unarmed civilians ... Friday 13th October update: Israel has already dropped leaflets in northern Gaza telling the inhabitants to evacuate within 24 hours.  Hamas want their people to stay as human shields, of course ... How will Israeli soldiers distinguish between Hamas terrorists (those not firing on them that is) and civilians? How long will it take to eradicate Hams?  Is it even possible, in view of widespread Muslin support for the Jew-hating Hamas charter?..."

The Barbaric War Against Israel  (08 October 2023)

"Hamas forces [have] attacked some 22 villages, towns and kibbutzim along the southern border, murdering civilians and soldiers while thousands of rockets were fired across the south and centre of the country.  The Hamas gunmen killed more than 250 Israeli civilians, in a toll that will surely rise yet further, and left more than 1,450 injured.  They murdered Israelis at bus stops, in their cars and in their homes.  The gunmen went from house to house, killing them and burning down their houses.  Dozens of young Israelis were slaughtered at an all-night nature party.  An undisclosed number have been held hostage for hours inside the dining hall at Kibbutz Be'eri.  More sickeningly still, dozens of Israelis including elderly people, women and small children were abducted from their home or dragged out of cars, forced into Hamas vehicles and are now being held as hostages in Gaza.  This is unthinkable and unspeakable..."

What Went Wrong? How Hamas Managed to Stagger Israel  (07 October 2023)

"How did Hamas, the bloodthirsty jihad terror group in Gaza, perpetrate mayhem and destruction inside Israel on a scale never before seen? ... How much of what Hamas was able to get away with on Saturday was the result of the U.S. pressure upon Israel and favoring of the Palestinians, as the American government turned a blind eye to the genocidal jihad rhetoric that permeates the Palestinian areas every day?  How distracted was the Israeli government in having to spend the bulk of its time on internal disagreements that the Biden regime has exacerbated instead of paying the necessary attention to national defense?..."

VDH: A 50th Anniversary War?  (07 October 2023)

"Why did Hamas stage a long-planned, carefully executed and multifacetd attack on Israeli towns, soldiers, and civilians - one designed to instill terror by executing noncombatants, taking hostages, and desecrating the bodies of the dead? And how were the killers able to enter Israel proper in enough numbers to kill what could b hundreds and perhaps eventually would what could be thousands?..."


The Hostages

Gazan 'Civilians' Involved in Every Stage of Hamas Hostage Scheme, Freed Israelis Say  (17 January 2024)

"[R]eleased hostages have confirmed that ordinary Gazans were deeply complicit in every stage of the hostage scheme.  Unarmed teens helped to abduct Jews from their homes on Oct. 7, while Gazan women and children held some of the Israelis captive ... Gazan doctors collaborated with Hamas terrorists to covertly treat kidnapped Israelis and imprison them in hospitals.  When the Israelis encountered Gazans on the streets, the results were often terrifying ... 'There is no way you can really know who is Hamas. Someone might have a grocery store where he sells tomatoes and water, but he might also have storehouse of weapons and give religious lessons there.'  And his wife and kids might be keeping an Israeli hostage at home.  'Hamas is not only a political matter in Gaza. It's a way of life ... ultimately Gazan people will have to do some soul searching.  And here in the Arab world, not only the Palestinians, soul searching is very rare'..."  [EMcD note:  the reason for this is that Islam is a fatalistic religion. I.e., Allah determines all things, thus there is no free will for Muslims, so no personal accountability, therefore no need for 'soul searching'.]

YOUTUBE:  One Hundred Days  (15 January 2024)

"100 days have passed since October 7th.  Please take a moment to watch and listen to this music video.  Take a moment to see the faces of innocent souls that were kidnapped and taken hostage by the Hamas and join the people around the world who are demonstrating and praying for them.  It's hard to imagine that 100 days have passed.  Please share this prayer with others today"

The Infernal Choice Behind the Hostage Deal  (24 November 2023)

"As if Israelis were traumatised enough by the depraved Hamas pogrom on October 7, the hostage deal concluded this week cruelly deepened their agony ... It is a sacred duty to redeem the hostages.  But what if a deal prevents Israel from carrying out its no-less sacred duty to ensure that Hamas can never again subject Israelis to such a genocidal onslaught or worse? ... Hamas is an enemy of mankind that the world has never seen before.  Its principle weapon of war is the general population - of Gaza, Israel and the west.  It turns Gaza's civilians into cannon fodder in order to deploy its legions of useful idiots in the west, who respond to Hamas's manipulated casualty figures and images of Palestinian suffering by putting pressure on their governments to stop supporting Israel.  And it uses its hostages to torture Israelis into pressurising their own government to strike a disastrous deal.  The hostages are thus crucial to the survival of Hamas..."

Assessing the Terrible Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal  (23 November 2023)

"Where does one start?  (1) Benjamin Netanyahu made his name as a counterterrorism specialist who repeatedly insisted that one does not negotiate with terrorists; (2) Israel has a very painful history of releasing security prisoners who then went on to wreak destruction of it; Yahya Sinwar, a leader behind Oct. 7 is just the latest example; (3) Israel passed a law in 2014 forbidding exactly this sort of exchange; how is this legal?..."

300 Convicted Terrorists to be Released from Israeli Jails in Exchange for 50 Hostages and Ceasefire in Pending Deal  (21 November 2023)

"How many more Jews will die as a result of this wicked 'trade' of monsters for victims?  And what of the hostages left behind?  What unimaginable fate awaits them?  This is beyond irrational, it's catastrophic.  Israel should not stop.  Just fight ... 'Serious question, in light of the deal: What will prevent 200 terrorists from entering an elementary school on the edge of a settlement in Binyamin tomorrow, kidnapping 300 girls from grades 1-4, and demand 2,000 freed terrorists in return?  After all, we are dealing with arch-Nazis.  What will prevent them from this lust for kidnapping more and more Jews?  No ceasefire'..."

IDF Says Noa Marciano was Murdered by Hamas Inside Shifa Hospital, Not Killed by an Israeli Airstrike  (19 November 2023)

"IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says Cpl. Noa Marciano, 19, who was held hostage in a hideout apartment near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, was killed by Hamas, and not an Israeli air strike.  Citing a pathology report and intelligence information, he says Marciano was wounded by an IDF strike, and later taken to Shifa, where she was murdered.  'Noa was kidnapped to an apartment next to Shifa Hospital.  During the IDF strikes in Gaza, a Hamas terrorist who was holding her, was killed.' Hagari says ... 'According to intelligence information, Noa was taken inside the walls of Shifa Hospital, where she was murdered by a Hamas terrorist'..."

Redeeming Captives Is A High Israeli Priority. Destroying Hamas Must Be A Higher One  (16 October 2023)

"Hamas has a long history of taking hostages and using them as propaganda vehicles or as leverage to force the release of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.  It knows that redeeming captives is a very deeply ingrained value in Jewish culture ... Israel has so often consented to pay a wildly exorbitant price to recover its kidnapped citizens.  It dare not do so this time.  The dilemma facing Israel at this moment is excruciating.  Scores of its people, including babies, women, and the elderly, are in the hands of sadistic enemies who scruple at nothing and who have just carried out an antisemitic pogrom unspeakable in its barbarity.  Everyone knows what might be done to the hostages, and the pressure on Israeli leaders to save them by any means necessary will be understandably intense ... the kidnapping of the hostages virtually ensures that there is more heartbreak to come..."


Al-Ahli Hospital, Gaza

Why You Shouldn't Trust the BBC's Trusted News Initiative  (27 October 2023)

"In this week's Spectator, I've written about the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), the BBC-led consortium that's trying to cleanse the internet of mis- and disinformation, i.e., an attempt by legacy news media companies to smear independent news publishers as 'unreliable' in an effort to stem the exodus of their viewers and readers ... in the ongoing, titanic struggle between the mainstream media and alt-media, the former has taken quite a beating in the past week or so.  I'm thinking of the reputational damage suffered by the BBC and its TNI partners due to their reporting of the explosion at the al-Ahli hospital.  Within minutes, they faithfully regurgitated the propaganda of Gaza's Ministry of Health ... In other words, the Gaza hospital story was a textbook example of passing on disinformation: false information intended to mislead ... Stop Press: Official figures show the BBC Today programme has lost around 375,000 weekday listeners since October last year..."

We Ran With the Word of a Designated Terrorist Group - Our Bad  (25 October 2023)

"Normal people use The New York Times to line the bottom of a bird cage, or to house train a dog.  Left-wing progressives, however, prefer to read it as news.  The problem is that lefties demand certain kinds of stories.  So when supply outstrips demand, the editorial team at The New York Times are left with no option but to make stuff up.  And so it was that, on October 17, The New York Times published all the lies not fit to print.  News of an explosion at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza was plastered across their front page with the headline... 'Israeli Strike Kills Hundreds in Hospital, Palestinians Say.'  The headline was above an image that showed a building ripped apart by an explosion.  There were two problems with this story..."

The West's Fifth Columnists  (20 October 2023)

"For several hours this week, the BBC, The New York Times, The Financial Times and other prominent mainstream media outlets claimed that Israel had bombed and destroyed Gaza City's Al-Ahli hospital, killing hundreds of patients and staff.  This was a lie.  A Palestinian rocket fired at northern Israel intended to murder Israeli civilians had misfired and fallen into the hospital's parking lot, causing an explosion and killing an as yet unknown number of people ... Immediately after the hospital explosion, the obvious question was whether it had been caused by an Israeli missile or a Hamas rocket that went astray.  But media outlets didn't wait to discover the answer.  Instead, they uncritically repeated and amplified to millions of viewers and readers the claim by Palestinian sources that it was an Israeli missile ... [they] leapt to the wrong conclusion in order to hold Israel responsible ... the blood libel was untrue and there was soon evidence to prove it..."

Israel Did Not Bomb A Hospital in Gaza  (18 October 2023)

"President Herzog called the lie that Israel sent a missile to kill hundreds of Gaza civilians a modern-day blood libel ... Hamas immediately blamed Israel for deliberately targeting the hospital ... Several independent videos of the area, including one by the media outlet Al-Jazeera, appear to show the Gaza-launched rocket failing to gain altitude, breaking into shrapnel, and falling and exploding prematurely.  The IDF spokesman also presented actual audio recordings in which Islamic Jihad members say out loud that they are responsible for the explosion.  Israel's military says that about 450 rockets have malfunctioned and landed inside Gaza..."

TWITTER (X):  The Hospital in Northern Gaza  (17 October 2023)

"The building seen on fire in the footage is confirmed to be the hospital in Northern Gaza.  Footage has been released from Northern Gaza earlier tonight which appears to possibly show a rocket launched by Palestinian groups in the Strip having exploded for an unknown reason causing debris to rain down resulting in the explosion and subsequent fire at Al-Ahli Arabi Hospital; this is direct evidence that the explosion was indeed caused by a misfired rocket and not by an Israeli airstrike."


The Satanic Evil of Hamas

Hamas Massacre: Documented War Crimes October 2023

Please be warned that these images are extremely harrowing. It is a very great shame that Israel has been compelled, because of the wicked cynicism of Western complicit media and the disgusting cheerleading of Hamas by stupid woke emptyheads in the UK, USA and elsewhere, to make these public.

"On October 7, 2023, thousands of Hamas terrorists breached Israel's security fence.  Over 1,400 men, women, and children were murdered in the ensuing attack.  More than 200 were kidnapped to Gaza.  These graphic videos and images document the horrors of that day ... More Jews were killed on October 7, 2023, than on any other single day since the Holocaust.  Beginning early that morning, thousands of Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli communities and neighborhoods near the Gaza Strip, savagely murdering, raping, and kidnapping innocent babies, children, elderly, and entire families.  Burning people alive and setting their homes on fire, while taking videos to post on their social media ... The exact number [of abductions] is still unknown, but it is estimated that about 150 people, including kids and pregnant women, were kidnapped from the area and taken to Gaza  by Hamas ... Since Saturday, October 7, 2023, more than 5,000 Hamas rockets and missiles have been launched into Israel, hitting neighborhoods, hospitals, and other heavily populated areas."

An Infernal Alliance  (08 December 2023)

"The evidence is becoming overwhelming of a profound moral collapse in the west.  Since the October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel, it's been open season on diaspora Jews with an enormous increase in antisemitic attacks ... At the core of this perverse reaction to the Hamas atrocities lies the fundamental progressive mantra of moral relativism, the abolition of objective truth and the dismissal of the need to distinguish between types of behaviour.  But without such distinctions, morality doesn't exist..."

Why Hamas Are Worse Than Nazis  (21 November 2023)

"While the Nazis tried to hide their crimes, Hamas terrorists chose to broadcast theirs.  The October 7 terrorists fitted themselves with Go-Pros so they could film and then show the slaughter of Jewish people for the world to see.  They were not embarrassed or ashamed about raping, kidnapping and murdering Jews.  They were proud of their actions, and wanted everyone to know exactly what they had done.  The footage - taken from the video cameras of captured and killed terrorists - is so shocking that the Israeli government has chosen not to release it.  Unlike Hamas, the Israeli government loves life and cares deeply for its citizens.  It has no desire to terrorise families all over again by showing what was done to their loved ones.  Meanwhile, Hamas shamelessly parade Palestinian corpses in a bid to garner worldwide sympathy..."

Head of Israel's National Center of Forensic Medicine:...  (01 November 2023)

"In 28 years, I can't recall such infernal damage.  Babies, young children, without heads, without legs.  I can't understand how the entire world doesn't grasp the sheer cruelty of this situation.  It wasn't enough just to kill but to take away the person's humanity.  Babies, young children - 5, 6, 10-year-old boys, girls, who were burned beyond recognition.  A father with amputated legs with children and a wife were were burned.  The mind cannot grasp it.  Piles of limbs that were from here and there and set on fire.  It's unlike anything else.  We have cases without heads or without legs where it's nearly impossible to determine if we're looking at a child, at a baby..."

YOUTUBE:  'All the Bodies Were Brutalised': The Truth About the Hamas Attacks  (01 November 2023)

"Author and Journalists Caroline Glick sits down with Avigail Gimpel - educator, author and burial society member who handled the bodies of the October 7th massacre.  With so many claiming that the atrocities are exaggerated or untrue, it is crucial that we hear from someone who witnessed the brutality firsthand."

Humanitarian Org that Rushes to Terror Scenes ... Described the Evil He Encountered in Wake of Islamic Terror Attack  (27 October 2023)

"There is no context.  There is no 'other side.'  Simcha Greinman, a member of @zakaHQ, Israeli humanitarian org that rushes to terror scenes to collect blood and body parts, described the evil he encountered at Kibbutz Holit after the Hamas massacre.  He could not keep his composure.  Neither could I ... Horrifying photos have been released showing pools of blood at a nursery in Be'eri Kibbutz, where scores of children & babies were butchered by Hamas.  The harrowing images, blood smeared across the floors amongst toys in a frenzied & barbaric attack. Hamas is Isis ... This is a 10-year-old Jewish girl murdered by Hamas terrorists.  Tell me more about 'Hamas not targeting civilians'.  It's impossible to grasp..."

The Hamas One-Eyed Jack  (26 October 2023)

"Gruesome details of the October 7 Hamas attack on Israeli civilians continue to come to light.  Hamas gunmen who have been captured or found wounded are quite candid in taped interviews about their killing spree.  They apparently remain unapologetic about the heinous crimes they have committed, given that they correctly assume that their mollifiers in the West - from the General Secretary of the UN to university presidents - have issues with unequivocally damning their mass killing.  Daily such people offer timely re-instruction about their kindred predecessors between 1939-45, and thus how and why the world then was and is now again so willfully blind to the Final Solution ... [Hamas'] death work included but was not limited to executions, torture, beheadings, desecration of corpses, rape, necrophilia, incinerating people alive, dismemberment, and hostage-taking.  The captured killers mentioned that their Hamas leaders expressly ordered them to behead and mutilate ... their cowardly but useful idiots of the West increasingly ally with the 'oppressed' oppressor that can both butcher and claim victimhood simultaneously..."

YOUTUBE:  Sharri Markson Describes 'Barbaric' Unseen Footage Filmed by Hamas  (26 October 2023)

"Israeli police have given Sky News host Sharri Markson unseen footage which was filmed by Hamas as they slaughtered Israelis.  Ms Markson described one video that she said was too graphic to show and took place in what can only be called an 'execution room'.  She showed another distressing video which starts with Hamas gunmen on foot and in trucks, 'hunting their prey' before their next victims are spotted.  'One gunman calling for "ammo" ... what happens next, a slaughter' she said. 'These are acts of brutality we must never forget - and certainly not just two weeks or nearly three weeks on from October 7.  The world is trying to downplay what happened, our media is trying to downplay what happened when it is truly appalling, barbaric, unimaginable, and more brutal than anyone could truly imagine without seeing the footage that is simply too graphic to broadcast on television' "

YOUTUBE:  Journalist Describes Footage of Hamas Atrocities Compiled by the IDF  (24 October 2023)

"Warning: This story contains distressing details.  Israeli Defence Forces held a special briefing for foreign journalists, which included never-before-seen footage from the Oct, 7 Hamas attack.  Graeme Wood, a Canadian journalist with The Atlantic, witnessed the briefing and said the videos show 'pure predatory sadism, and no effort to spare those who pose no threat' "

The Torture...  (24 October 2023)

"Before killing a family in their home, the Palestinian terrorists cut an eye out of the father's face, cut the breasts off the mother, chopped off the son's fingers, and chopped off the foot of the daughter ... Hamas raped little girls so brutally, it broke their pelvises ... Israel releases a phone call between a terrorist who calls his family to take pride in massacring 10 Jews with his own hands ... Hamas terrorists were told by commanders to behead Israelis and cut their feet ... faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded'..."

Witness: Children Were Tortured in Front of Their Parents, Parents in Front of Their Children...  (19 October 2023)

"The accounts from the rescue teams are horrifying.  Families were tortured in the cruelest ways imaginable ... The world must know the enemy we are fighting.  The enemy whose clearly stated intentions are to rid Israel of its Jews and then the world..."

TWITTER (X):  What the Palestinians Did to the Israeli Families Before They Executed Them in Their Own Homes  (19 October 2023)

"We went in the first house, we saw was a couple, father and mother, sitting on their knees on the floor.  They are on their knees - now they were head down, hands tied to the back.  On the other side of the dining room was a seven year old boy and a girl, I would say about six years old, sitting just against the parents, hands tied to the back, same position.  The bodies were tortured.  While now, start using that imagination.  Who was tortured before?  Who saw if this was, if this was on purpose.  If this was the children looking at the parents being tortured, the parents seeing... and when I say tortured, I would say missing body pieces.  An eye, just taken out, an eye, one eye, fingers being, fingers being...  all this happened.  And by the end they all had a bullet.  And, still not finished, in the middle there's a table, those terrorists was sitting and eating the Saturday meal that was prepared for this family.  They just took it, they ate this meal while torturing these children."

TWITTER (X):  World Israel News  (17 October 2023)

"During [an] interview with CNN, President Herzog reveals handbook issued to Hamas terrorists instructing them how to abduct Israelis, torture them with electric shocks, and murder them."

Human Shields, Electric Shocks, Executions  (16 October 2023)

"Speaking with CNN ... Herzog presented evidence found on Hamas terrorists following the invasion of southwestern Israel a week ago.  Herzog presented viewers [with] a booklet entitled The Warrior's Guide - Jihad Version, issued and distributed by Hamas to terrorists in the field ... According to the manual, the kidnappers were advised to create a chaotic situation when attempting to take captives and to intimidate their victims ... They were also instructed to collect the captives and use them as human shields ... Hamas required that the invading terrorists document their actions by livestreaming the murder of hostages..."

YOUTUBE:  Israel-Hamas War: 80% of Bodies Found Including Children Were Tortured  (15 October 2023)

"WARNING:  This report contains images of body bags and the accounts of what volunteers found, which may cause distress.  Three thousand people volunteer across Israel for Zaka - an organisation that honours the bodies of the dead in the most respectful way possible.  Zaka members were some of the first on the scene following last weekend's attacks by Hamas.  A week on, their work is still ongoing - as Sky's Stuart Ramsay discovered in Southern Israel..."

YOUTUBE:  Reporter Stands by Story of Hamas Massacring Babies, Reveals Another Horror  (13 October 2023)

"The TV reporter who broke the heartbreaking story this week about Israeli babies murdered - some purportedly beheaded - by the hands of Hamas terrorists is standing by her coverage and revealing other reported acts of unimaginable carnage.  Nicole Zedeck, a reporter with i24News who has been on the ground in Israel, told CBM Digital she spoke with a man responsible for clearing the bodies of victims, and he recounted a dreadful story.  'We're hearing more horror stories,' she said ... 'As difficult as it is for [journalists] to see the aftermath of these scenes, there are families, and citizens, and residents, and soldiers that witnessed it first hand - and witnessed it as it was happening ... I think it needs to be done and people need to see the images'..."

TWITTER (X):  Khalid Mashal Leader of Hamas Speech  (11 October 2023)

"Khalid Mashal the leader and founding member of Hamas gave a speech today asking Muslims all around the world to do the following: ... Funds are important but today we are asking for your blood and souls..."

40 Babies Discovered With Their Heads Cut Off  (10 October 2023)

"Hamas beheaded babies in accordance with Islamic texts and teachings: Quran 47:4: 'So, when you encounter the unbelievers, strike at their necks' ... i24NEWS correspondent Nicole Zedek report[s] from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, a quarter mile from the Gaza border.  Here she recounts the atrocities that were committed in the small community ... 'Bodies of young Israeli babies, including some with their heads cut off, have been found by IDF soldiers in a southern Israeli kibbutz'..."

A Community Forged in Pain  (10 October 2023)

"Israel has been at war many times.  It has experienced many terrorist atrocities and many thousands of rocket attacks.  This was something different.  Barbarism and depravity against Jews on this scale hasn't been experienced since the Holocaust.  In a country that arose from the ashes of that genocide, the spectacle of Jews being dragged from their homes to be slaughtered, raped or captured, with desperate parents throwing themselves on their children to protect them as the parents were murdered, was unspeakable.  This wasn't just terrorism.  This was a pogrom ... Hardly anyone doesn't know of someone who has either been murdered or dragged into the Gaze hellhole..."

Proportionate About Gang Rape  (08 October 2023)

"In our initial report on this new war yesterday, we published a video showing a terrified young lady being abducted by Hamas 'soldiers' from an Israeli music festival.  She was delivered to Gaza.  This is the condition she arrived in: ... 'Allahu Akbar!'  Because Allah is truly great, isn't he?  He let us target the Jewess, and then strip her and beat her and rape her.  And then, when we drive what's left to the dar al-Islam, we all get to dance in the streets and desecrate her corpse.  Boy, what a generous guy that Allah is ... Israel, as always, is being urged to confine itself to a 'proportionate' response..."

YOUTUBE:  Hamas Soldiers 'Kidnapped and Killed' German Tourist in Israel  (08 October 2023)

"...while thousands cheered them on. These are the same cheering masses who name their sports stadiums and schools after terrorists who kill Israeli citizens.  They are the same mob who receive billions of dollars in funding from idiotic Western nations that fuel conflict and terrorism.  Clearly those funds have played a role in the rockets and weapons now assailing the Israeli people.  This act of violence should be a 'wake up call' to the rest of the world..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson In Support of Israel and Against Palestine  (07 October 2023)  [Warning: Very strong language]

Comment from here on this video:  "...there is more effing and blinding in these two minutes than Mr Hinderaker has done in his entire life, but it is directed at those in the west who share 'the jubilant reaction of the crowd' ... I'm with John [Hinderaker] and Tommy on this one: I look at the things I care about in our dying civilisation, and I don't see the point of making common cause with barbarians who get their jollies dancing round a girl who's been gang-raped.  You know where else they do that?  Rotherham.  And Telford.  And [Your Town Here] ... Tommy Robinson is a man of first principles: He thinks it's wrong to gang-rape English schoolgirls in Yorkshire.  And he thinks it's wrong to gang-rape German citizens in Gaza.  And he's right on both."

So Much for 'Peace'  (07 October 2023)

"The Palestinians who invaded Israel have focused on kidnapping civilians, mostly young women ... This video has been seen millions of times ... Note the boy who spits on the woman's corpse.  The idea that what is happening is a 'terrorist attack' by 'Hamas' is a fiction.  Hamas is a political entity that rules Gaza with the support of the overwhelming majority of the Palestinians who live there.  It is much like Nazi Germany - most Germans were not members of the party, but the vast majority supported Hitler until it was clear that Germany was losing the war.  Same thing here..."


Hamas: Palestinian Human Shields

TWITTER:  Shifa Hospital  (19 November 2023)

"Here's what our forces have revealed over the last couple of weeks:  (1) Hamas used the Shifa hospital as a command center;  (2) Hamas stored weapons and explosives in the hospital;  (3) Hamas built a 55 meter terror tunnel under the hospital;  (4) Hamas murdered 19 year old Noa Marciano on the grounds of Shifa;  (5) Hamas forcefully transported hostages through the hospital.  The #Shifa_Hospital is one long list of Hamas war crimes."

The Excruciating Dilemma of Gaza's Hospitals  (14 November 2023)

"So now the US has confirmed that Gaza's al Shifa hospital is indeed used by Hamas as a command and control centre, just as Israel has always claimed - and moreover that Hamas may have actually held some of the hostages there in its tunnels beneath the hospital ... Western media outlets, which had been displaying contemptuous disbelief towards Israel's claims that Gaza's hospitals were being used as Hamas strongholds, began to look worse than stupid this week.  First the IDF killed 21 Hamas terrorists who opened fire at them from the al Shifa entrance.  Then the IDF revealed its discovery of Hamas tunnels underneath Gaza's Rantisi children's hospital, with a stash of weapons and evidence that some hostages had been kept there..."

Israel Accuses Hamas of Using Over 100 Women and Children as Human Shields in Gaza  (02 November 2023)

"Hamas sent a large group of women and children to act as human shields against IDF troops who were attacking a key compound of the terror group in the Gaza Strip, according to soldiers ... Israel has repeatedly said Hamas is using civilians as human shields, including by locating operations bases under hospitals.  Captured Hamas terrorists have confirmed the claims, explaining that Hamas knows Israel will not bomb a medical center..."


Pro-Hamas Useful Idiots and Cheerleaders


Fly the (Hamas) Flag  (11 October 2023)

"Meet Air Canada pilot Mostafa Ezzo: 'Mostafa Ezzo is a pilot with Air Canada, flying their 787s. That's the plane Air Canada flies to Tel Aviv. They should probably keep him off of that route. Just to be safe' ... The suddenly sheepish Mr Ezzo has taken his social media offline, including the Instagram post where he says 'F*** you, Israel. Burn in hell' ... Yesterday I included the joyous scenes from outside the Sydney Opera House, where thousands of 'Australians' were chanting 'F*** the Jews!' and 'Gas the Jews!'  It's good to know that no matter how stringent the formerly Lucky Country's 'hate speech' laws get that you can still yell 'Gas the Jews!' with impunity, isn't it?  But, alas, there's always someone who wants to harsh your mellow.  So here's HM Constabulary arresting a man for having an Israeli flag: ... As you can hear, he's being arrested for 'breaching the peace' - that would be the peace of the thousands of would-be Jew gassers..."

Partying On  (09 October 2023)

"[A]s the death toll climbs, jubilations in western cities grow ever more delirious ... NEW YORK: 'At a Hamas celebration rally outside the consulate, a speaker recounts the deadly Islamist attacks in the music festival in southern Israel that killed hundreds of civilians. The crowd cheers' ... LONDON: 'In Golders Green, synagogues are being smashed and the police are doing nothing' ... MONTREAL: That picture at top right shows one of my 'fellow Canadians' passing out sweets in celebration of the ever increasing mountain of civilian dead and wounded and raped and kidnapped.  In AUSTRALIA, on the other hand, HM Constabulary will arrest you if you wave an Israeli flag:..."

Pro-Hamas Islamists Celebrate, and Gather in London, in the Wake of Israel Slaughter  (07 October 2023)

"Just a day after Iran-backed Hamas terrorists slaughtered and kidnapped Israeli civilians, leaving a trail of bodies across Israel's border with the Gaza Strip, Iranian Islamists in the UK are organizing an event, at a venue in London controlled by a British Hamas network, featuring pro-Hamas voices, including a prominent American Islamist leader ... Hamas-linked charities, including some run by convicted murderers, continue to fundraise openly in British cities, in collaboration with British Islamist charities."

Lefts, Liberals, and Other Assorted 'Progressives' and Useful Idiots

"The fact that many on the Left have failed to criticise Hamas, or are even lauding its atrocities, is a sign of a moral compass that is truly beyond repair" [source].

"A useful idiot is a naive or unwitting person perceived as propagandizing for a cause - particularly a bad cause originating from a devious, ruthless source - without fully comprehending the cause's goals, and who is cynically being used by the cause's leaders" [source].

Governments and Media - the Useful Idiots for Hamas  (19 January 2024)

"After Hamas's terror spree inside Israel on October 7, Western cities have had several months of Islamic extremists and their leftist fellow travellers brazenly parading through the streets calling for the destruction of the world's only Jewish state ... In alliance with the Islamists on those anti-Israel demos are certain far left groups such as the Socialist Workers Party who are not so much apologists or sympathisers for Islamists but full-throated supporters of Jihadi terror, as we can see from their own publication.  Suella Braverman was right.  These are hate marches.  Sure, there are probably plenty of useful idiots in attendance who are not ardent Hamas supports or sympathisers, but the fact is there are legions who are.  If you march alongside supporters and sympathisers of Hamas, you are on a hate march whatever your motivations may be.  We are now at a crossroads in the West in which Islamism and the Neo Marxist 'progressivism' that facilitates it needs to be rooted out of society.  A failure to do so and Western liberal democracy and the cultures that underpin it could well be finished, as both these ideologies are committed to destroying the West..."

YOUTUBE:  This Is What People Who Support Palestine Should Know  (23 December 2023)

"[T]he people who are waving the Palestinian flags, without knowing all of the context ... they claim to be fighting for the underdog, so what they did in the 1970s was to turn the Palestinians into the underdog ... they portrayed the Israelis as oppressors of the Palestinians which is completely false, so what would be my message to the people who are now defending Hamas?  If you really think the Palestinians are the underdog ... the people oppressing them as always are the anti-semites; those are the oppressors ... Gaza is itself a terrorist military structure because it is governed by Hamas and Hamas has put its terrorist military infrastructure all over Gaza.  Their headquarters are in a hospital ... it's a gigantic military terrorist infrastructure that is camouflaged with structures that the media then gets to call civilian infrastructures so that Israel can be accused every time it responds to Hamas's attacks.  But Israel does everything it can to avoid civilian casualties - Israel sends millions of emails and makes thousands of phone calls and drops billions of leaflets telling people to evacuate before they do an operation - which of course destroys their elements of surprise ... Hamas is oppressing the Gaza Palestinians because Hamas is hellbent on a genocidal war and it needs the Gaza Palestinians completely subdued and supportive and indoctrinated, so Hamas controls the media system and the educational system ... The grammar of the Left requires you all the time to be signalling your virtue ... the most important virtue signal is you oppose Israel ... Leftists today have been poisoned by the Nazis, the eugenicists, the system that is promoting radical Islam against the Jewish State ... So if you're an honest defender of Arab Palestinians, you should be an opponent of Hamas because Hamas is killing the Arab Palestinian children ... they're not being oppressed by Israel, they're being oppressed by Hamas, by Hezbollah - all of these groups are oppressing Arabs..."

Why Hamas Are Worse Than Nazis  (21 November 2023)

"I wonder of those marching through [Western] cities every weekend mindlessly chanting 'end the genocide' would pause if they knew the reality of what Hamas had done.  Would school children be encouraged to wag classes in support of Palestine?  If you are going to remove Jews 'from the river to the sea' you're not going to do it by asking nicely, are you?  Or have the protestors never thought about that.  I fear that the reality of what occurred on October 7 might not make any difference to pro-Palestinian supporters at all, even if they had seen the footage, such is the level of hatred on display in our streets..."

Barbarians at the Gates  (02 November 2023)

"The only good thing to emerge from the events of the past few weeks is that the moral bankruptcy of leftist progressives has been highlighted.  Mobs of well-meaning 'liberals' have gathered to justify the carnage of Hamas, as though beheading babies ripped from the womb is understandable if done in the sacred name of a 'rebellion' to bring down the oppressor ... We are witnessing the ultimate outworking of the orally idiotic pursuit of 'social justice', the simplistic offspring of identity politics, in which the Bad People are those with power, and the Good People are those without it.  In this scheme, the line between good and evil passes not through each human heart, but between identity groups, and it has infected every sector of our culture: (1) Woke Capitalism ... (2) Universities ... (3) Police ... (4) Broadcasting ... Why? ... Why have they lost their way?..."

Hamas's Message That the Western World is Ignoring  (18 October 2023)

"After Hamas's mass murder of young concert-goers, entire families and the raping of women and desecration of corpses on October 7, I naively thought that the radical Western left would now surely see Hamas and those who support them for what they are, but no, their immediate reaction to the Islamo-fascist slaughter of more than a thousand Israeli civilians was to take to the streets in an alliance with Islamists ... Hamas clearly assert time and time again that their agenda is the ethnic cleansing of Jews and the destruction of Israel and its replacement with an Islamic state..."

The Blame Israel First Crowd Strikes Again  (16 October 2023)

"In a Hamas X video, its forces excavate water pipes, slice them, pack them with explosives, and convert them into do-it-yourself bombs, which they lobbed into Israel.  'Allahu Akbar!' a men's chorus sings on the soundtrack.  And what was Hamas' message to Gazans thirsty for running water?  Go to Hell. ... Conversely, Israel acts in self-defense.  Any collateral damage that rank-and-file Palestinians suffer will not be because the Israel Defense Forces gunned them down in their living rooms, but because their jihadist leaders launched this genocidal bloodbath..."

How Britain Lost Itself  (15 October 2023)

"With the civilised world still reeling from the harrowing images of last Saturday's barbaric Palestinian Hamas pogrom in which at least 1300 Israelis were murdered, with babies and the elderly among those who were butchered, beheaded and burned alive and around 150 kidnapped into Gaza as hostages, these demonstrations were beyond obscene.  The pro-Palestinian mob displayed not one placard protesting against the depravity of Hamas; no revulsion at the murder of children, rape of women and decapitation of babies; no horror at the fate of the hostages.  Instead they supported the pogrom and displayed a depravity of their own directed at Israel and the Jewish people..."

Why 'Be Kind' Liberals Have Ended Up Cheering on Islamist Terrorists  (15 October 2023)

"According to Jake Wallis Simons, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, the 'Israelophobia' behind the woke Left's enthusiasm, for Hamas is just the latest manifestation of the world's oldest hatred: ... 'I have been shown footage and images that others have not. One clip in particular, filmed by a terrorist with one hand while he perpetrated his crime with the other, has since been flashing into my mind unbidden. He was using a rod to put out the eyes of a corpse. These are the acts being celebrated by liberals in Britain'..."

Who Rules?  (14 October 2023)

"The appalling events last weekend when Hamas terrorists broke into Israel slaughtering any Jews they could find, infants and elderly, men and women, individuals and families, evoked revulsion across the world.  Except in certain quarters ... there were plenty who expressed joy at the slaughter.  We have witnessed mass demonstrations throughout the West in favour of Hamas.  In the UK pro-Hamas demonstrators showed their colours by demonstrating outside the Israeli embassy in London on Monday night chanting, without any sense of irony, 'Israel is a terrorist state'..."

Civilisation's Fifth Columnists  (13 October 2023)

"At virtually the same time [as Rishi Sunak] was making his morally uncompromising statement [regarding Israel], a mob of around 1,000 people demonstrated outside Israel's embassy in London chanting the war cry for the annihilation of Israel: 'From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.'  They were waving Palestinian flags, setting off fireworks and banging drums ... In Britain, America and Australia, people who were still trying to digest the appalling barbarism of the Hamas pogrom were horrified by this eruption of support within their midst for savages who had burned people alive, raped women and murdered children in front of their parents..."

The Atrocity Denialism of the Anti-Israel Bigots  (13 October 2023)

"So it's come to this.  Israel has felt moved to release images of the bloodied and charred corpses of babies - of murdered infants - to try to convince a cynical online world that even its most defenceless, tiny citizens were among the 1,300 people killed by Hamas last weekend ... The Israelis should never have been put in this position.  According to reports, they really didn't want to do this ... Most sickeningly, posting these images won't make the blindest bit of difference with the anti-Israel bigots..."

I Am A Jew  (12 October 2023)

"I am a Jew watching bloodthirsty, demonic ghouls - children of Amalek of all colours, religions and nationalities all over the world - cheer for the murder, and rape of Jews, the Beheading of Jewish babies, the kidnapping of Jewish women, children and grandparents, the incineration of humans and the caging of frightened children.  Yes they are in cages if they are even still alive, in the territory of the savage barbarians of Gaza.  Because they are Jews. ... All over the internet, I see you wretched souls daring to compare Jews to Nazis, taking a side by claiming to not take a side.  In doing so, you side with terror..."

TWITTER (X):  Apologies  (11 October 2023)

"If this is true and Hamas beheaded only some of the 40 babies then we apologise unreservedly.  The last thing we'd want to do is cast Hamas in a bad light as having cut off more infant heads than they actually did: 'TrudyCrow, [a brainless Hamas cheerleader]: They did not behead 40 babies. They killed 40 and some were beheaded'."

The BBC and Other Assorted 'News' Agencies

Not Even Bestial Terrorist Violence Can Shake the Smugness of the Left  (25 October 2023)

"When the scale and horror of the October 7 attack on Israel by the Islamist terror group Hamas became apparent, I knew that it ought to be a line-in-the-sand moment for the western Left.  Scales should have fallen from eyes, as they did for thousands of British communists and their fellow travellers after the Soviet Union's invasion of Hungary in 1956.  I also knew that this would not happen, and that an uneasy silence and a bit of special pleading would be the order of the day.  So it proved.  BBC News, always the bellweather of Left-wing news and language management, was immediately up to its usual tricks:..."

College Campuses and 'Activist' Students

The Manipulation of Innocence  (04 January 2024)

"The gross demonisation of Israel and dehumanisation of the Jews that are now at epidemic level in the west aren't just being incubated in the universities ... In both America and Britain, this is also being promoted in schools ... The hardline Stop the War Coalition is responsible for helping to organise the national 'school strike for Palestine' walkouts in London and a number of other cities ... Last month, the British Education Secretary Gillian Keegan said she was horrified to see educational material attempting to 'justify' the Hamas atrocities on October 7 ... relatively few teachers are hard-left activists.  But the capture of their union by the hard left is not without knock-on consequences - not least the individual intimidation of teachers.  Moreover, teachers themselves reflect the society which has educated and trained them ... Is it really any wonder that schoolchildren and university students have become brainwashed into dehumanising the Jews?"

Jihad on Campus  (02 January 2024)

"Decent people throughout the west have been astounded and appalled at how the universities have become the stamping ground of the new equivalent of the Hitler youth: tens of thousands of young people baying for the extermination of Israel and the blood of Jews as their response to the Hamas pogrom of October 7 and subsequent war in Gaza.  There's been much handwringing about the fact that the universities, which should be the crucible of reason, have spawned such ignorance, bigotry and murderous rage.  Anyone who's been paying attention to what's been happening in higher education over the past few decades - the universities' takeover by Marxist ideologues and their bullying, intimidation and censorship of anyone who challenges totalitarian, barking mad, left-wing nostrums - cannot be entirely surprised by the vicious onslaught against Jews on campus.  Yet even given the support for the ineradicably antisemitic Palestinian cause which is now the default in progressive circles, the violent intimidation and moral bankruptcy that have been on display since October 7 have been shocking and terrifying..."

Direct Action Campaign Calls Out Pro-Hamas Campus Hate Groups  (22 December 2023)

"For decades, the David Horowitz Freedom Center has been warning of the growing pro-Hamas, pro-Jihadist, Jew-hating sentiment on [Western] college campuses.  Suddenly, the depth and breadth of campus Jew hatred, fueled by Marxist ideology that divides us all into oppressors or their victims, is on display for all to witness.  Genocidal cries of 'Globalize the Intifada', 'From the River to the Sea', and 'By any means necessary' have echoed as a constant chorus on [Western universities] most prestigious campuses, fueled by faculty members and DEI officials who actively celebrated Hamas's horrific crimes against innocent civilians ... The horrific behavior of ... campus organizations all cross the [West[ has made it clear that [the West's] universities are in crisis..."

New Survey Shows That the Students Who Hate Israel the Most Know the Least About It  (10 December 2023)

"The Left's Long March Through the Institutions has been a resounding success.  Most [Western] colleges and universities, including - indeed, especially - those who enjoy an outsize influence of [Western] politics and culture,. have long ago ceased to be centers of higher learning and have become centers of far-Left indoctrination.  Marxist sloganeering and agitprop masquerades as genuine intellectual inquiry ... They also hate Jews and Israel, in large numbers ... [and] those who hate Israel the most know the least about it..."


October 7 Has Shown the Feminist Movement to be One Giant Fraud  (23 November 2023)

"The #metoo movement has been mute on the violent gang rapes of Jewish women.  They should rename themselves #metoounlessyoureajew.  And what of the 'silence is violence' mob?  They're been, er, stone cold silent!  As for celebrity feminists who constantly lecture us on women's rights, where have they been?  Busy obviously; since they haven't said a word about the slaughter of their Jewish sisters.  And don't get me started on the United Nations.  Perhaps if trans women had been violated?  Maybe that would have roused the moralists at UN headquarters from their sleep.  Who knows.  What is now patently obvious is that Jewish women don't count.  The reaction - or lack thereof - to the brutalisation of Jewish women by bearded men yelling 'Allah Akbar' as they raped their way through southern Israel is telling.  Thinking people who had previously been sympathetic to the 'oppressor/oppressed' worldview of the Left must now realise that the entire thing is a fraud.  It is a prism the Left use only when it suits in order to promote their own bigotry..."

YOUTUBE:  Douglas Murray Slams 'Psychotically Evil' Woman Praising Hamas for Terror Attacks  (27 October 2023)

"Author Douglas Murray has slammed a Muslim woman who recorded herself praising Hamas for its terror attacks on October 7, calling her 'psychotically evil'.  On October 7, Israel declared war on Hamas after the Palestinian terrorist group fired thousands of rockets as far north as Tel Aviv.  'It's evil on an unimaginable magnitude that anyone could react to the deliberate slaughter of civilians of any kind, anywhere in the world like that', he told Sky News host Rita Panahi.  'If this was to be anybody else who said that about the murder of any other minority or any other nationality, they would be nowhere bear surviving in society, in fact, they'd be ostracised, probably chased out.  But this woman was actually invited by ITV onto one of the main channels and she talked about how tough it is to be Muslim in Britain'..."

The Women-Hating Women Who Support Hamas  (11 October 2023)

"Even as the Iranian government is jailing, raping, torturing and murdering Iranian women whose hijabs have slipped or gone missing, women in New York City are demonstrating in favor of Hamas' October 7 atrocities wearing hijabs and even niqabs.  Some women make face and obscene gestures, curse, mock Israeli tears, make a show of spitting and support Nazi symbols.  How will such American female support for Hamas barbarians further the cause of women in Gaza? Will such support stop child marriage, abolish polygamy, end forced veiling, prohibit wife beating or prevent and punish honor killing (femicide)?  These and other horrific abuses ... define how Hamas remains in power in Gaza. We cannot blame the Israeli government for any of this.  Israel exited Gaza in 2005..."


YOUTUBE:  Police: Update Regarding Far-Right Thugs  (13 November 2023)

"'s been a busy few days for myself and my colleagues as I'm sure you can appreciate and I'd just like to take this opportunity to commend the impeccable behaviour of the thousands of warmongering anti-Semitic Britain-hating peaceful Islamists who took to the streets of London this weekend - a wonderfully vibrant showcase of London's fantastic diversity as they waved their racist placards in the air and chanted 'death to all the Jews' as they shoved elderly poppy sellers around and chucked fireworks at the police ... it was a privilege and an honour to have my photo taken with small children dressed up as Hamas terrorists, murderers and rapists..."

Britcops Bend for the Palestine Mob  (06 November 2023)

"When does a crowd become a mob?  I'd say baying for blood, demanding genocide, etc would describe that 'mob' moment rather well.  In London, we have learned, anytime is mob-time, if you are a fan of Palestine.  Capital place for a chant 'n' rant.  Your London mob can shout, bay, sing, wave flags, spray graffiti on public monuments and threaten innocent passers by - police not bothered.  With a few thousand bloodthirsty Islamists on your team - it's MOBULIKE.  A lot of folks seem surprised by this development, but I cannot see why.  A two-tier system of law and order (for indigenous British) and mob rule (for Islamic newbies / race hustlers) has been in place for decades ... Do not be fooled by the limp-wristed propaganda videos contrived for the mass-media 'news-cycle' in which police 'arrest' a few carefully-selected nutjobs..."

Sydney's Night of Shame  (10 October 2023)

"Last night Jewish Australians were told to stay at home because it was not safe for them to be on the streets of Sydney.  Meanwhile, NSW police provided an escort for hundreds of pro-Hamas supporters yelling 'F**k the Jews' and 'Gas the Jews' as they marched from Town Hall to the Opera House.  Why were they marching to the Opera House?  Because it was to be lit up in the Israeli colours as a show of solidarity for their dead.  These pro-Hamas thugs decided to go there en mass, intimidate grieving Jews, and wish for more of them to be killed..."

Politicians and Councils

Sadiq Khan Shames London with His Call for an Israeli Ceasefire  (27 October 2023)

"In a video to his followers on Twitter/X, Khan has called for a ceasefire on humanitarian grounds ... Sadly, calls for ceasefires are often thinly-veiled demands for Hamas not to be pursued,  They are feints by which Israel's critics seek to camouflage their denial of that nation's right to security with candy-coated soundbites which, far from being the usual meaningless word salad of insubstantiality so favoured by politicians in a tight spot, actually say something important.  And wrong.  What, after all is a demand for a ceasefire other than the notion that Israel cannot hound down the terrorists who oversaw such carnage on its southern border?..."

Council Raises Palestinian Flag to Anti-Semitic Chants  (26 October 2023)

"The Palestinian flag was raised outside the Canterbury-Bankstown Council Chambers in Sydney yesterday to shouts of 'Allahu Akbar' and 'From the river to the sea...'  Mainstream news channels covered the flag raising, but conveniently omitted the chants of about 30 people gathered for the ceremony.  Labor Councilor Khodar Saleh said... 'Of course we have no place for antisemitism or Islamophobia in our city but let's not pretend that the Palestinians have only been suffering since the 7th of October this year'.  Then Mr Selah and his colleagues stood outside admiring the Palestinian flag as the crowd chanted anti-semitic slogans which, of course, have no place in Mr Selah's city.  Wink!  Mayor Bilal El-Hayek told Council... 'It's about letting the rest of the world know there are two sides grieving.'  Which I suppose is why only one flag was flown..."

Scotland's First Minister: Humza Yousaf  (17 October 2023)

"In the past, people in Scotland and across the UK have opened our hearts and our homes.  Scotland is ready to play her part.  To be the first country in the UK to offer safety and sanctuary to the people of Israel Gaza.  To treat the injured men, women and children, where we can.  Scotland is ready to offer sanctuary to refugees from Gaza."  You fool.

YOUTUBE:  Sadiq Khan Refused to Stop Hamas in London  (08 October 2023)

Viewers' Comments: "For a mayor of an international city who openly supports a terrorist organization is wholly disgusting and his responses are immature" / "This is grounds enough to declare him unsafe and unfit for office as Mayor of London" / "This is what you get when an ex defence lawyer for Islamists becomes mayor of London" / "Words fail me when I see and hear that despicable, racist, anti-British thing. He should be sacked and put behind bars" / "We are talking about a man, who years ago, described moderate Muslims as 'Uncle Tom's'" / "How is someone who clearly supports terrorism allowed to be mayor of OUR capital?" / "He has to go, and we must NEVER have another non-British mayor" / "Khan is a Muslim 5th-columnist. I'm always a bit surprised at how few people grasp this. Everything for the ummah" / "Every day Sadiq finds ways to let us know that his allegiances do not lie with this country or its allies"


Queers May Be for Palestine, But Palestine is Not for Queers  (01 November 2023)

"Their best mate's cousin's neighbour knew a bloke called Jasper who travelled to Gaza last summer to march in a Pride Parade celebrating Ramadan ... And he must be having an amazing time.  How else to explain why no-one has heard from him since?  Seriously, Queers for Palestine.  Can you believe it?  Next we'll have blacks for KKK.  And Jews for Hitler.  Do Queers for Palestine think the LGBTQ flag will be raised in Gaza as a thank you when the war ends?..."

The Greens

The Greens Vote Not to Extend Sympathy to Israeli Terror Attack Victims  (12 October 2023)

"Those self-declared champions of human rights, the NSW Greens, have refused to denounce the killing of civilians and have refused to extend sympathy to those who died at the hands of Hamas ... Not even news that Hamas had beheaded Jewish babies was enough to shake Greens support.  ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr refused to criticise the Greens, saying... 'I don't think this is an issue in which people should be taking sides.'  Women raped.  Children slaughtered.  Babies beheaded.  And Mr Barr doesn't want us to take sides.  This man governs Australians ... Mr Barr, if you refuse to take a side in a battle between good and evil, you've taken a side.  But I suspect Mr Barr already knows that..."


Western Mainstream and Social Media

The Hamas Broadcasting Corporation  (21 March 2024)

"The BBC Director-General, Tim Davie, appears to be well satisfied with the broadcasting organisation he runs.  He told the Commons culture, media and sport committee this week that the BBC's news coverage of the war in Gaza was 'balanced and fair'.  This is what might be called a state of terminal pathological denial.  Far from being balanced and fair, the BBC's coverage of the war in Gaza constitutes an institutional emergency.  This national and international broadcasting icon, bound by its Charter obligations to uphold the highest standards of balance and objectivity, has behaved as the broadcasting arm of Hamas.  Day after day, its news coverage and analysis of the war in Gaza has been characterised by an eye-watering degree of selective reporting, distortion and malice..."

The BBC  (18 March 2024)

"The BBC has framed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for decades.  Its primacy is ill-deserved ... the BBC may be Israel's most problematic antagonist among Western media ... when it comes to Israel, [the BBC's] distortions and one-sidedness are in a league of their own.  On at least three occasions since October 7, the BBC has been forced into begrudging acknowledgments of its misreporting.  In all three cases, it eagerly repeated lies fed to it by Hamas ... But if the BBC's slanders - along with its hero-worship of Israel's enemies - aren't new, what is new is the cultural climate in Britain in which the slanders are being made ... In broadcast after broadcast, the BBC has been misleading, misreporting, and sometimes libeling Israel in ways that aren't merely wrong and offensive but also dangerous to Jews in Israel and abroad..."

The BBC and the Axis Against Israel  (21 January 2024)

"The BBC's relentless portrayal of the Israelis not as the victims of genocidal terror but as hard-hearted, vengeful and wanton killers of children and the innocent has channelled ancient antisemitic tropes of Jewish blood-lust and helped fuel an enormous increase in attacks on Jews ... the BBC's double standards on Israel, treating patently absurd civilian casualty figures from Hamas as reliable while casting doubt on Israeli statements, present Israel rather then Hamas as the aggressor and rogue actor.  A principle offender has been the Today programme presenter, Mishal Husain.  Interviewing the Defence Secretary Grant Shapps on Monday, she unleashed a barrage of distorted and out-of-context quotes to demonise Israel as a bloodthirsty aggressor..."

YOUTUBE:  The THREE Questions the BBC NEVER Asks the Palestinians  (21 November 2023)

"(1) Do you support Hamas?;  (2) Do you think there should be a Palestine next to Israel?;  (3) What do you think about the 7th October Hamas attack on Israel? ... If they asked the Palestinians these three questions, the whole BBC narrative would collapse..."

Media, Lies and Videotape  (21 November 2023)

"There seems to be no limit to the mainstream media's malevolence against Israel in reporting the war in Gaza.  Until yesterday, media outlets were sneering at Israeli claims that below Gaza's al Shifa hospital was an infrastructure of tunnels containing a Hamas command centre.  When the IDF found a huge stash of guns and ammunition in the hospital's MRI room, and revealed they had also found the bodies of two hostages one of whom had been murdered in the hospital, media outlets continued to sneer.  The BBC's World Editor, Jeremy Bowen, waved the discovery aside and said he didn't find it convincing..."

International Media and the Hamas-Supporting Doctors of Shifa  (19 November 2023)

"With every step Israeli soldiers take inside the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, the hysteria of Hamas propaganda goes up a notch.  We are presented with a string of doctors talking about incubator babies, corpses being eaten by dogs, a lack of electricity, and medical procedures being performed without drugs.  Tragically western media simply parrots these messages.  Hamas' finely tuned propaganda system is built upon decades of western media naivety, alongside a collapse of media integrity.  When Israel is the subject, it seems as though basic media reporting standards are completely set aside ... From within Gaza, these 'doctors' are issuing 'end-of-days' statements in order to inflame public opinion and force a ceasefire.  Outside of Gaza, the western media is doing real-world damage by giving their claims legitimacy.  Reporters and presenters from the BBC to the New York Times see a man in a medical uniform and mistakenly act as if they are in their local surgery talking to an NHS representative.  People can decide for themselves the motive behind the west's 'respected' media outlets turning themselves into Hamas puppets - but let us take a closer look at some of the doctors they rely on for their news from Shifa hospital..."

Why Does the BBC Keep Making Anti-Israel 'Mistakes'?  (17 November 2023)

"Notoriously, the BBC recently reported that the Israeli army was 'targeting people, including medical teams as well as Arab speakers' - a misreading, it appears, of a Reuters report that stated: 'the IDF forces include medial teams and Arabic speakers.'  The Spectator's Stephen Daisley has taken a look at the long list of the other anti-Israel 'mistakes' that the BBC has made in its coverage of the Gaza conflict..."

Framing Israel  (13 November 2023)

"This morning's [BBC Today programme]  was another outstanding example of the contribution made by the BBC to the current climate in Britain of reasoned, informed and civilised debate that was so vividly illustrated on London's streets last Saturday and ever since the Hamas pogrom in Israel on October 7.  [Mishal] Husain was interviewing a junior defence minister, James Heappy ... The two main points Husain was making concerned the number of Gazans who had been killed and the claim of a military nerve centre under Al Shifa [hospital].  On the first, she repeated the Hamas line that 11,000 Gazans had been killed and she appeared to assume these were all civilians.  Does it not occur to her - or to the myriad other journalists in Britain and the US parroting the same Hamas line - to wonder at the fact that Hamas have never acknowledged one single terrorist among the number of dead Gazans?  Is it really likely that there have been none at all ?..."

YOUTUBE:  BBC Struggles for Words to Call Hamas After It Annihilates 260 at a Festival and Beheads Babies  (27 October 2023)

"'The poor old BBC struggle to come up with the right words to describe an organisation that annihilates 260 revellers at a music festival, burns people alive and beheads babies'.  Mark Dolan rips into the BBC after they were mocked by an Israeli sketch show..."

Islamophobia 'Victim' Turns Out to be Hamas Cheerleader  (26 October 2023)

"UK television aired an interview this week with a British Palestinian woman complaining about the evils of Islamophobia in England.  But ITV didn't tell viewers that the woman had, just days earlier, publicly cheered the Hamas slaughter of Jews as a 'moment of triumph'.  Oh, and nor did they tell viewers that their oppressed Muslim works as a correspondent for Iranian state news channel Press TV, where she gleefully reports violence against 'the Zionist entity'..."

BBC Drags Its Feet Over Hamas-Supporting Reporters  (26 October 2023)

"In the least surprising story of the month, we heard a week or so ago that the taxpayer and licence fee funded BBC Arabic Service is under investigation ... 'Reporters at BBC News Arabic endorsed comments likening Hamas, which is a designated terrorist group, to freedom fighters, as well as describing the October 7 atrocity as a "morning of hope"' ... That was on October 14, one week after Hamas's vile massacres in southern Israel.  Have they not been summarily sacked?  Oh dear me no!  Months and months of suspension on full pay will follow, we dare say, while the BBC tries to decide whether calling the October 7 murders 'a morning of hope' constitutes bias.  Watch this space.  Meanwhile Ofcom remains studiously silent despite its new 'harms' based broadcasting code.  When it comes to the BBC, clearly their own investigation suffices."

The BBC's Desperation to Humanise Hamas  (25 October 2023)

"The BBC's desire to humanise Hamas terrorists overrides whatever journalistic judgement they might have.  Consider these two tweets.  The first BBC tweet, now deleted, shows released Jewish hostage, grandmother Yocheved Lifschitz, shaking the hand of a Hamas terrorist as she is freed.  The photo is captioned 'Released Israeli hostage shakes her captor's hand.'  Look everyone!  She shook hands with the men from Hamas.  Don;t you see now?  She wasn't so much a hostage as a guest! ... That first tweet was soon deleted and replaced with the second tweet showing Mrs Lifschwitz back home with the caption: 'I went through hell' ... Did it ever occur to the BBC that Yocheved Lifschitz's decision to shake her captor's hand might have said a great deal more about her humanity than about theirs?  First, she's a godly woman.  The Jewish faith teaches forgiveness, not hate ... Second, her husband Oded is still being captive ... Her husband's life hangs by a thread ... At best, the BBC's hatred of Israel is making them incredibly naive to the realities of this conflict.  At worst, they are showing themselves to be the propaganda arm of Hamas..."

Lies and Deception  (25 October 2023)

"I have been reminded of the adage that truth is the first casualty of war.  But as I pointed out in a recent article, the West has been seriously infected by a lying culture - even in peacetime - since we turned away from God's laws ... Are our minds washed and informed by what we hear from the media?  This is particularly apt in the wake of a BBC correspondent's speculation that an IDF air strike had killed hundreds in a hospital when it was later revealed to have been the likely result of a misfired rocket from Gaza itself ... There is no doubt about it; we have all been fed a constant volley of lies we are far too easily ready to accept as fact ... what we are witnessing now in the Middle East and the global scene is a war between the Judeo-Christian world and the unholy alliance of Islam with the woke liberal West..."

'Too Many Red Lines Crossed': Israeli Hospital Bans BBC  (22 October 2023)

"Citing BBC News's 'biased coverage' of the war against Hamas, staff at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya banned a film crew from entering the hospital on Saturday, a hospital spokesperson said ... 'when they asked to film at our medical center and interview doctors, it was clear that they were looking for manipulations and distortions, so we informed them that we have closed our doors to them until further notice'..."

The West's Fifth Columnists  (20 October 2023)

"There's been a sustained offensive against Israel by the western media for many years.  The BBC, the world's most important, influential and trusted news organisation, is a serial offender ... The BBC is the single most important media conduit in the world for disseminating, laundering and legitimising Palestinian lies and incitement against Israel and the Jewish people.  Like other outlets, the BBC is the voice of the left-wing intelligentsia, for whom the lie that Israel is a 'colonialist' occupier and the Palestinian Arabs its displaced and oppressed victims is an article of faith ... It's not enough to view this as political ideology or even antisemitism.  This is a profound moral sickness poisoning the west ... These media outlets are the west's fifth columnists, acting as enablers of the enemies of civilisation in a time of war."

Herzog Blasts 'BBC' Refusal to Call Hamas Terrorists  (19 October 2023)

"There should be a public outcry against the BBC's refusal to call Hamas a terrorist organsation, Israeli President Isaac Herzog told visiting British PM Rishi Sunak on Thursday ... 'What else do they need to see to understand that this is an atrocious terror organisation?' ... The BBC also apologized after a guest on one of its news programs compared Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians to Jews rising up against he Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto in the spring of 1943.  Separately, Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel stressed the importance of fighting against 'fake news' and lies in reporting about Israel..."

What Do Hamas 'Militants' Have To Do for the BBC to Call Them Terrorists?  (17 October 2023)

"The BBC's decision to refer to Hamas as 'militants' rather than 'terrorists' is the latest example of a long history of sanitising Jew-hatred among Palestinians while demonising Israel's efforts to defend itself ... As recently as July 2023, the BBC was compelled to apologise for the line of questioning taken by Anjana Gadgil with Naftali Bennet following a military operation in Jenin.  She asked if 'Israeli forces are happy to kill children'.  This question and the pervasive BBC mindset behind it seems in particularly poor taste with the knowledge of what came to pass three months later.  Unlike Hamas, the IDF has never entered a country with the express intention of murdering civilians.  The BBC has a history of sanitising the antisemitism that exists among many Gazans..."

When Is A Terrorist Not A Terrorist? On the BBC  (17 October 2023)

"The vile massacre in Israel last weekend has not just brought some of the nastiest people on the planet out of the woodwork, it has also revealed the startling number of those for whom 2 plus 2 very quickly equals 5, people who are quick to the draw and ready to put their critical facilities to one side ... But what I really want to look at today are the consequences of the refusal by the BBC (and other media outlets) to 'call anyone on the left a "terrorist" ... even Hamas baby-killers' ... of course it is not about impartiality, this is moral relativism in the guise of impartiality - a clever ploy not just to avoid telling the truth but to justify an institutional bias disguised as 'fairness'.  It is unutterably and dishonestly specious..."

Sleepless in Gaza  (16 October 2023)

"'The most demented people on social media are those who were offended by Laurence Fox's comments about a female journalist yet celebrate women getting raped and murdered by a terrorist organisation' ... If Jeremy Corbyn and the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the other hot-for-Hamas types of the western left are getting a bit blasť about the gang-raped women, this news report should get their juices going:..."

BBC Reporters In ME Under Investigation for Pro-Hamas Comments  (15 October 2023)

"The Corporation is 'urgently investigating' several of its taxpayer-funded journalists in the Middle East who have openly declared their support for Hamas on social media: ... 'Reporters at BBC News Arabic endorsed comments likening Hamas, which is a designated terrorist group, to freedom fighters, as well as describing the October 7th atrocity as a "morning of hope".  One senior correspondent appeared to make fun of the Israeli relatives of a grandmother who was abducted by Hamas ... Several in the last week questioned the designation of Israeli non-combatants as civilians, despite evidence emerging of indiscriminate slaughter of women, children and the elderly by Hamas.  Mahmoud Sheleib, a BBC News senior broadcast journalist, tweeted suggesting that young Israelis were effectively combatants'..."

YOUTUBE:  'Disgusting' Reporting Scrutinised Following Hamas Attack on Israel  (15 October 2023)

"I was contacted by a left-wing acquaintance of mine the other morning who said, 'Rowan, I have never agreed with your stance on the ABC [Australian equivalent of the UK's BBC] until now, they must be defunded. While every international news service we looked at last weekend reported it for what it was, a murderous terrorist attack with indiscriminate and deliberate killing of civilians, the ABC reported it as a military operation by Hamas' ... what an abomination..."

TWITTER (X):  Disinformation  (11 October 2023)

"Disinformation is the new buzzword among the demon class who have lost sight of what it means to be human.  The people who have lied about everything have given themselves a monopoly on the truth: 'BBC News (UK): EU warns Elon Musk 'disinformation' is spreading on X after Hamas attack'."

BBC Apologizes for Guest Comparing Hamas Terror to Warsaw Ghetto Uprising  (10 October 2023)

Bit late for your mealy-mouthed apology, BBC, you knew exactly what Alareer was saying, and what he has said in the past, yet you still chose to interview him, and you still made the decision to air his vile pronouncements. You are as disgusting as Alareer.

"Refaat Alareer, a lecturer at Gaza's Islamic University, said on the BBC that Hamas acted on a 'legitimate and moral' manner.  'This is exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  This is the Gaza ghetto uprising against 100 years of European and Zionist colonialism and occupation,' Alareer said.  Alareer, identified on-screen as a 'Palestinian educator', also referred to the terrorist attacks as 'Palestinian resistance'.  In 2018, Alareer wrote that most Jews are evil ... and referred to Zionists as 'the most despicable filth'.  He has also claimed that 'all supporters of Israel would be cheering for the Nazis in the '30s and '40s,' and that 'Israel is the root cause of evil' ... The BBC has since told a British newspaper that that the interview with Alareer should not have been aired ... 'we agree his comments were offensive and we don't intend to use him again'..."

YOUTUBE:  The Media Has Done A Terrible Job at Covering Hamas's Surprise, Brutal Attack on Israel  (07 October 2023)

"So much of the media coverage of this ongoing atrocity has been disgraceful ... The Guardian even went so far as to justify these attacks referencing Jews visiting the Temple Mount.  This is disgusting and shameful; massacring civilians in their own homes or kidnapping them can never be justified.  On social media Palestinian journalist Marion Barrois [?], who has been published by the likes of the Washington Post and the Guardian, said this: 'Gaza just broke out of prison.'  For those like Barrois, the unspeakable savagery committed by Hamas is legitimate and even something to celebrate.  Meanwhile, several mainstream news outlets have flipped the facts to focus on Israel air strikes being carried out in response to Hamas's attack.  So while the media distort events by calling these terrorists Palestinian forces of fighters, Britain's Foreign Secretary got it right: 'Hamas are not fighters; Hamas are not militants; Hamas are terrorists.'  He gets it, so why don't the media?"


The Propaganda War

5 More Myths About Israel's War with Hamas  (05 November 2023)

"Lie #1:  Israel is committing genocide in Gaza ... Lie #2:  We need a ceasefire now ... Lie #3:  Israel can negotiate with Hamas ... Lie #4:  Public opinion is against Israel ... Lie #5:  Israel is engaged in 'collective punishment' of civilians in Gaza..."

5 Big Lies About Israel's War with Hamas  (30 October 2023)

"Lie #1:  Israel is seeking revenge in Gaza ... Lie #2:  Israel rules Gaza ... Lie #3:  Gaza is an open air prison ... Lie #4:  Gaza is poor because of Israel ... Lie #5:  Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza..."


Hamas' and Iran's Enablers (UN, EU, USA, UK)

The Rotten Edifice of 'Humanitarianism'  (26 January 2024)

"The UN was set up to promote peace and justice around the world.  Instead of doing so, however, it has become a key weapon against peace and justice in the global armory of evil causes.  Nowhere has this been more baleful and done such appalling intergenerational harm than in the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), which administers health care, education and welfare for the Palestinian Arabs of Gaza.  The U.N. maintains that its staff in Gaza merely deal with Hamas on an operational level as the authority in charge.  This is disingenuous nonsense.  Wittingly or unwittingly, UNRWA behaves as a Hamas tool..."

The U.S. Is Now Openly Working Against Israel's Survival  (18 January 2024)

"There was a time when the United States government supported Israel unconditionally; when the executive and legislative branches were united in their support of Israel, the only democracy in the region; and when our leaders unflinchingly called out the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. for what they are: terrorists committed to the destruction of Israel.  But sadly, those days are gone.  The United States now has abandoned Israel and her safety.  While this has been a discussion for months (and some believe years), recent actions demonstrate it all too clearly ... We are all aware of how the House has welcomed Jew- and America-hating people like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley.  How these vitriolic anti-Semites have been allowed to spew their hatred without censure or any repercussions ... But now the Senate has fully joined in the anti-Israel bandwagon..."

A Spiteful and Fatuous Blacklist  (20 December 2023)

"The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said last week that America will impose travel bans of 'extremist [Israeli] settlers who have committed violent attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank [EMcD: Judea and Samaria]' ... In subsequent briefings, the State Department seemed to suggest that Palestinians who had committed violent attacks on Israelis would also be blacklisted.  Blinken didn't spell this out ... Will the Americans perhaps be blacklisting those terrorists the PA has rewarded with American money?  Will they indeed blacklist the PA's leader Mahmoud Abbas for glorifying, funding and inciting terrorism?  Or does Blinken think the murder of Israelis isn't as bad as Israeli 'settler' hooliganism?  The law professor Eugene Kontorovich has identified a further potentially sinister dimension to this fatuous act of spite..."

Israel Is Damned If It Does and Damned If It Doesn't  (31 October 2023)

"Just over three weeks ago, Hamas launched a pogrom in Israel.  Not since the Holocaust have as many Jews been slaughtered in one day.  For a short period, the response of the West was shock and sorrow.  Even those institutions which are apt to indulge in Israel-bashing - whether the mainstream media, the United Nations or the European Union - wrung their collective hands in sympathy.  But shockingly and disturbingly, it didn't take long in some cases to transform into anti-Semitic canards and victim blaming, of Israel as the perpetrator, or even the puppet of a globalist war-engineering conspiracy.  Suddenly it seemed that people were prepared to believe the best of Hamas and only the worst of Israel..."

The Nations Are Sick with Hatred  (28 October 2023)

"Celebrations erupted at the United Nations in New York when a resolution to condemn the Hamas attack on Israel failed to secure the required two third majority vote.  While 88 nations voted to condemn Hamas, 55 countries voted not to denounce the kidnap, rape and beheading of Jewish civilians.  23 nations preferred to simply look the other way, and abstain from the vote altogether.  When it was announced that the worst terror attack in Israel's history would not be condemned, there was more than 15 seconds of spontaneous and exuberant applause.  Psalm 83v4 comes to mind ... The Israelis said the United Nations was a 'stain on humanity'.  They are right, of course, but there is little humanity in the world left to care ... to hear the UN General Assembly break into applause because terror attacks that killed more than 1400 Israelis ere not condemned is confirmation indeed - as if more were needed - that the entire world right now is very sick.  Sick with hatred..."

A Dangerous Failure  (26 October 2023)

"Those of us who can remember past conflicts involving Israel such as the Six-Day War (1967) and the Yom Kippur War (1973) can recall news clips from far away followed by conversations with family and friends admiring Israel's determination not to be destroyed.  What we don't recall are mass demonstrations throughout the West with calls for jihad against Israel and support and justification for the evil acts of Hamas.  What changed?  The conflict is the same: it is the West which has changed..."

You-Know-Who Is To Blame for Hamas' Bloody New Jihad Offensive Against Israel  (07 October 2023)

"For the sheer terror and bloodlust that was seen in numerous videos coming from Israel, we have one man to thank: Old Joe Biden.  Why is a major attack on Israel the fault of Old Joe?  Because he is the jihad terrorists' ATM.  After the left's Emmanuel Goldstein, Donald Trump, cut off funding to the Palestinians because of their ongoing practice of paying salaries to imprisoned jihad killers and their families, the Biden regime resumed that funding.  What's more, the primary source of funding for Hamas is none other than the Islamic Republic of Iran, which just happens to have received six billion dollars recently in Old Joe's appalling hostage swap..."

Disgraceful: Biden Administration Office Condemns 'Retaliatory Attacks' After Hamas Invasion  (07 October 2023)

"Hours after Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists launched a massive, multi-pronged attack on Israel ... murdering at least 300 Israelis, wounding over 1,600 and taking dozens captive, the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs tweeted its condemnation of the invasion, but also appeared to decry Israel's retaliatory efforts, conflating them with Hamas' attacks ... Senator Ted Cruz (Texas-R.) blasted the tweet, and called for the immediate firing of the official responsible ... Shortly thereafter, the Office of Palestinian Affairs erased the tweet..."

TWITTER (X):  Omri Ceren  (07 October 2023)

"Team Biden made a Day 1 decision to pour millions of dollars into Hamas areas.  Internal emails show then saying it would boost Hamas terrorism, but they did it anyway.  Then Hamas launched an invasion of Israel.  Team Biden's immediate response was to tell Israel to roll with it."


The International Court of Justice

The Latest Form of Holocaust Denial  (29 January 2024)

"Since Israel's war in Gaza is intended to destroy Hamas and not to destroy uninvolved Palestinians - whose lives Israel has in fact gone out of its way to protect - this was a malicious smear against Israel designed to harm it in the eyes of he world and thus weaken its defences against the truly genocidal Hamas.  And since the court drew upon Hamas propaganda produced by the UN to support such a smear, the court was thus implicitly aiding Hamas's onslaught.  The very same day in which the court issued its ruling, evidence arrived that the UN sources upon which the court had drawn were themselves tainted by Hamas's genocidal agenda.  No fewer than 12 officials of the UNRWA were sacked after Israeli intelligence discovered that they had been personally involved in the October 7 pogrom ... Bringing a claim of genocide against Israel for defending itself against the genocide of the Jews intended by Hamas and its patron, Iran, is obscene..."

UN Court Rules Against Israel's Right to Self-Defense in 'Genocide' Case  (26 January 2024)

"The UN's ICJ ordered Israel to prevent the killing of Gazans and the causing of serious bodily harm to Gazans, with no distinction made between civilians and combatants.  This ruling effectively prevents Israel from acting in self-defence against an enemy who has brutally tortured and massacred the most Jews on a single day since the Holocaust, and has publicly declared its commitment to fight until Israel is completely destroyed..."

ICJ Moves Against Israel in 'Genocide' Case Brought by South Africa  (26 January 2024)

"In a 45-minute long statement, ICJ justice Judge Joan Donoghue accepted South Africa's claim to standing in the case, which involves Israel and the Gaza Strip, citing what the court called 'mutual interest' between countries to ensure that the terms of the 1948 Genocide Convention are adhered to..."

The ICJ's Genocide Travesty  (12 January 2024)

"People are understandably reacting with astonishment and disgust to the obscene Soviet-style show trial now under way at the ICJ in which Israel is being accused of genocide against the Arabs of Gaza.  It is indeed a surreal and Orwellian spectacle.  Israel is the victim of attempted genocide by Hamas and its patron, Iran, which openly declare their intention to erase every Jew from the planet and wipe Israel off the map.  Israel has gone to war in Gaza solely to prevent the genocide of its people after the depraved atrocities of October 7 and the declared intention of Hamas to repeat these again and again until Israel ceases to exist..."

TWITTER (X):  Ambassador Gilad Erdan  (09 January 2024)

"The UN has become another tool of war in the arsenal of terrorists.  And every single UN agency and body has been weaponised against Israel.  The UN has become the epitome of dystopian reality.  And South Africa's baseless and libelous case at the ICJ proves this exactly.  How can it be - remember it - the Convention on the Prevention of Genocide, adopted following the Holocaust, the genocide of the Jewish people, is now being weaponised against the Jewish state while serving the Hamas terrorists that perpetrated the October 7th massacre, and that are committed, in their Charter, to repeating the Holocaust.  Is this normal?  Even irony has now died a  thousand deaths..."


Hypocrisy, Double Standards, Moral Confusion

There Is No Such Thing As 'Good People on Both Sides' When it Comes to Terrorism  (24 October 2023)

"Israelis are experiencing unimaginable and inhumane attacks.  There is only one appropriate response: unequivocal and universal condemnation of these acts of terrorism by Hamas.  There is no room for whataboutism or any sentiment of 'both sides' when it comes to terrorism.  And yet, too many leaders in our state and country have failed to meet this moment.  Even worse, some have gathered to celebrate the killings and cheer on Hamas in the false narrative of liberation or human rights..."

YOUTUBE:  Proportionality in Conflict is Absurd  (20 October 2023)

"Author Douglas Murray says the idea of proportionality in conflict is absurd, as debate is heard globally on what a measured response from Israel would be following terror attacks from Hamas which left over 1,400 people dead.  Mr Murray claimed Western countries and the UN only obsess about proportional responses in regard to Israel.  'Proportionate is an abstract idea. What is proportionate in conflict?', he asked Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi.  'Proportionate in this conflict would mean that the response to the massacre of more than 1,000 Israelis in cold blood by Hamas a couple of weeks ago should be responded to by Israel be sending Israeli forces... as Hamas did. It is obscene to even think in these terms but that is what proportionality would mean in this conflict'..."

If Beheaded Babies Cannot Inspire 'Moral Clarity', Can Anything?  (20 October 2023)

"Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu last week insisted the beheading of Jewish babies by Hamas terrorists should be a moment of 'moral clarity'.  You'd think so, wouldn't you?  And yet, for the past two weeks we have seen nothing but moral confusion around the Western world.  It has been as frightening as it has been enlightening.  The latest example of moral malaise comes from the UK where vans displaying digital images of Jewish children being held hostage on Gaza were surrounded by a pro-Palestinian mob as they drove through London..."

Moral Equivalence Means Either Moral Confusion or Hatred of Israel  (17 October 2023)

"Moral equivalence has two purposes.  One is to enable the morally confused to hide their confusion.  The other is to enable the immoral to hide their immorality.  Here are two examples as applied to the Israeli-Arab conflict: One is the assertion we hear regarding the latest Israel-Hamas war by members of the Western Left, by Muslim supporters of the Palestinians and even by a few individuals on the right: 'Palestinian babies are as precious as Israeli babies' ... A second example is to avoid condemning Hamas for the wars they start by instead condemning the 'cycle of violence'.  Let's analyze the two statements..."

Should Israel Have A Proportionate Response to Hamas?  (15 October 2023)

"...the absolutely asinine idea that both sides in war should have a proportional response when battling each other.  The point of a war in the freedom-loving world is to win and destroy the other side's capability to kill, terrorize, and do other evil things to your side.  The goal is NOT to win the game of morality.  Actually, it is perhaps a most immoral idea to try to NOT blast the other side into oblivion with overwhelming force..."

YOUTUBE:  Do You Really Want a Reasonable Proportion?  (14 October 2023)

"There is some deep perversion in Britain whenever Israel is involved in a conflict, and it is the word you just used: 'proportion, proportionate, proportionality.'  Only Britain is really obsessed with this.  I've heard it for the last few days incessantly.  Proportionality and conflict rarely exist, but if we were to decide that we should have this fetish about proportionality then that would mean that in retaliation for what Hamas did in Israel on Saturday, Israel should try to locate a music festival in Gaze (and good luck with that), and rape precisely the number of women that Hamas raped on Saturday, kill precisely the number of young people that Hamas killed on Saturday, they should find a town of exactly the same size and make sure they go door to door too and kill precisely the correct number of babies that Hamas killed on Saturday, and shoot in the head precisely the same number of old age pensioners as were shot on Saturday.  Proportionality and conflict is a joke and it's a very strange British concept which we've had that only the Israelis in a conflict when they are attacked are expected to have precisely the proportionate response..."

The Hamas Pogrom Is the Result of the West's Refusal to Accept the Idea of Evil  (09 October 2023)

"The images of what happened will stay with us forever.  Dozens of Israelis were gunned down in the homes and their cars.  Elderly people and small children were slaughtered; women were raped; bodies taken into Gaza were paraded and desecrated; mothers with children in their arms were abducted and are now being held as hostages in Gaza's terror tunnels.  This was barbarism and depravity, not seen on such an infernal scale since the Holocaust.  Every one of these attacks on Israeli citizens was a war crime.  It is a moral imperative to destroy the forces who committed them..."


An Explosion of Anti-Semitism

Is 2023 the New 1939?  (05 November 2023)

"Is 2023 the new 1939, but in colour?  The Israeli Government yesterday warned Jews across the world to hide their identities ... 'We are asking citizens - and truly I cannot believe that we are doing this - to avoid displaying any outward signs of their Jewish identity when travelling anywhere in the world' ... Just 80 years after the Holocaust, the Israeli Government is warning Jews across the world to hide their Jewishness..."

A Mostly Peaceful Lynch Mob  (31 October 2023)

"The Russian republic of Dagetstan has a population of three million but only about 800 Jewish families ... The first antisemite didn't hesitate to harass a child (Genesis 21v8-9) and thus it has ever been.  And so at the weekend, hundreds of Dagestan men raced to the local airport, breaking through security and surging onto the tarmac to surround the plane in hope of killing a Jew.  The disembarking passengers were quickly rushed back onto the aircraft and the doors were resealed to protect them from the mob who were shouting 'Allah Akbar' as they charged forward..."

Raw Antisemitism Exposed  (17 October 2023)

"'Come', they say, 'let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel's name is remembered no more' (Psalm 83:4).  The murderous attack on Israel has ripped away what remained of a thin veneer that has covered up growing antisemitism in America and some of the rest of the world.  Until now it has only periodically raised its ugly head.  The reaction by pro-Palestinian groups to Israel's necessary and defensible response to the terrorist attacks from Gaza reveals how this disease has spread..."

Seven Ways Some Anti-Israel Protests Have Spread Antisemitism  (12 October 2023)

"As Israel rightfully responds to terrorism and defends its people, we must be prepared for rising antisemitism.  We must anticipate false moral equivalencies.  Double standards.  Misinformation.  Outright lies.  We're already seeing this from certain media outlets and prominent voices.  There's a source that offers clear guardrails about what can constitute antisemitism: the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism ... Here are seven antisemitic terms, tropes, and themes that pervaded anti-Israel protests during the last significant conflict between Hamas and Israel in May 2021, and new examples already seen since Hamas prompted its brutal, unprovoked war on Israel in October 2023:..."


The October Declaration

The October Declaration

"We are a group of concerned British citizens and residents from a wide range of backgrounds and professions who stand in solidarity with British Jews and condemn all forms of antisemitism, whether in Britain or elsewhere.  We unequivocally condemn all acts of terrorism against civilians in Israel, especially the massacre on 7 October 2023 ... More Jews were killed on that day than on any other day since the Holocaust ... We stand in support of British Jews and condemn acts of antisemitism ... If you are a UK citizen or resident, please show your support by signing the declaration:..."

Why I Started the October Declaration  (24 October 2023)

"It's been two weeks since the horrific terrorism of October 7th.  Within days, the balance of sympathy in the West tilted rapidly away from the atrocities and towards pro-Hamas sympathies.  Antisemitism has skyrocketed here in Britain ... A small group of us urgently felt the need to redress the balance and show support to British Jews.  The result was the October Declaration ... Sadly the response to the attacks in some quarters was extraordinary and shameful.  Before the people of Israel had the chance to count the bodies, there were marches around the world with chants of 'death to Israel' and 'gas the Jews' ... People who normally obsess over hate speech failed to condemn acts of hate..."

Sign the October Declaration to Show Your Solidarity with British Jews  (23 October 2023)

"[T]he October Declaration ... was originally the idea of Laura Dodsworth and she's been the prime mover behind the project.  It's a statement of support for British Jews, decrying the antisemitism we've witnessed on the streets of our major cities since October 7th ... we've created a website and a form that anyone who wants to sign the Declaration can fill in ... Many of my Jewish friends have felt isolated and vulnerable over the past two weeks and I want them and all British Jews to know that they are not alone.  Now is the time to show our solidarity, so please do sign the Declaration."

It's Time to Take A Stand for Civilisation  (22 October 2023)

"Over the past few days, with a small group of friends and colleagues, I have helped set up British Friends of Israel and gathered support for The October Declaration ... We all stand in support of British Jews and their right to live their lives in this country without fear.  We unequivocally condemn the horrifying terrorist attacks by Hamas in Israel on 7 October and the suffering Hamas has brought on the Palestinian people.  We deplore the subsequent increase in antisemitism, we ask the media, members of all political parties and the general public to call Hamas what it is - a terrorist organisation - and we demand that the police use the full force of the Terrorism Act against its supporters..."

Dame Maureen Lipman Joins 200 Public Figures ... October Declaration  (22 October 2023)

"Dame Maureen Lipman has joined 210 public figures in condemning the BBC's refusal to call Hamas 'terrorists' amid a surge of anti-Semitism in the UK - as the actress slammed 'bleeding heartless liberals' who fail to criticise attacks on Israel ... The October Declaration, which was also signed by the actress, details a 651% rise in recorded anti-Semitic incidents since Hamas launched its murderous attack on October 7 ... 'Failure to use the correct language - describing Hamas as "militants" or "fighters", for instance - creates the false impression that Hamas and Israel's armed forces are morally equivalent and is an affront to the group's victims'..."


The Bigger Picture: Historical, Political, Spiritual

Israel at War - Appeasement Is Not An Option  (26 January 2024)

"Many years ago Dean Inge, a great Anglican priest and scholar, summarised the case against pacifism and appeasement in these words: 'It is no use the sheep passing resolutions in favour of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion'.  The same truth applies to the constantly repeated attempts to bring about a lasting and peaceful resolution of the decades old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Israeli concessions can never bring peace as long as their enemies remain committed to the destruction of the Jewish State and the physical removal of its inhabitants from the land..."

YOUTUBE:  Israel: Who Owns the Land?  (03 January 2024)

"[W]e have all heard over these recent weeks the term 'From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free'.  Never has this term been so broadcast, never have so many nations heard this statement.  College students all over America took this up and began repeating and shouting [it] ... in British streets, German streets, Irish streets - across the nations.  National people of the world all took up this phrase not really understanding what they're saying.  You know it's speaking about that little bit of land.  Don't tell me the land doesn't matter when our world is ablaze, every area of society is taking about this bit of land - that little bit of land between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea ... they don't have a clue what they're talking about..."

YOUTUBE:  The Spiritual Battle for Israel  (01 November 2023)

"David Rosenthal, President of Zion's Hope, interviewed Dr. Alan Kurschner, founder of Eschatos Ministries and the producer of Bible Prophecy Daily ... Highlighting the war in Israel, together they address the spiritual battle that has been raging against Israel for generations, starting in the Garden of Eden and continuing until Jesus returns again."

YOUTUBE:  A Shocking Revelation of the Israel-Palestine War  (30 October 2023)

"In this episode ... we are joined by expert in the Israel-Palestine conflict, Francisco Gil-White ... a surprising connection between Nazism and the PLO ... and delves into the complex relationship between the United States and Israel, questioning whether it is an ally or an enemy.  We discuss the potential consequences if Israel were to fall and whether it serves as the last line of defense for democracy.  This episode aims to provide unique insights and perspectives on these very challenging and nuanced topics, making it compelling listening for those interested in the geopolitics and history of the war..."

YOUTUBE:  The Real Reason Israel is Under Siege  (27 October 2023)

"In the wake of the barbaric terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians by Hamas, anti-semitism is on the rise across the globe.  And yet, the International Media, the United Nations, the Islamic World, and anti-Israel protestors would have you believe that Israel is the aggressor.  Tragically, anti-semitism is nothing new.  The Jewish people have been under siege for the past 4,000 years..."

The Hamas Slaughter Confirmed Everything I Have Believed  (24 October 2023)

"When I did my graduate studies at the Middle East Institute at Colombia University... semester after semester, we studied the Middle East conflict as if it was the most complex conflict in the world when, in fact, it is probably the easiest conflict in the world to explain ... In a nutshell, it's this: One side wants the other side dead.  Fifty years ago, I knew it.  Muslims know it.  Israel's Jews know it.  And now, unless you are a leftist, you know it ... There is no hatred like Jew-hatred.  It is the longest ongoing hatred in history.  It is the most universal,  And it is the one exterminationist hatred: Those who hate the Jews want them destroyed ... Jew-hatred is largely a result of the Jews being The Chosen People..."

YOUTUBE:  Wipe Israel Off the Map: Israel, Apartheid, Hamas, the Bible  (19 October 2023)

"The enemies of Israel are not seeking a 'two state solution'; they want a 'Final Solution'.  They want the Jewish people dead and they want Israel, in their words, 'wiped off the face of the map'.  How do you negotiate with people like that?  I gave this talk two days ago and I deal with a lot of the issues being discussed right now, eg.,  (1) Is Israel an apartheid nation?  (2) Should Israel strike back against her enemies?  (3) What is Replacement Theology and why is it wrong?  We must say prayers for Israel and for peace in the Middle East."

YOUTUBE:  Hamas Versus Israel  (14 October 2023)

"The real truth that only the Bible can tell you."

The Woke Scapegoating of the Jews  (12 October 2023)

"Seeing the hamas-orchestrated pogrom was gut-wrenching.  But what I have found almost as disturbing are the smug voices of those in the West who say that Israel is responsible for Hamas's barbarism ... Ever since Hamas operatives embarked on their depraved killing spree, self-styled 'progressives' have been queuing up to tell anyone who will listen that the evil Zionists had it coming.  Not even this week's reports of Hamas's massacre of babies have given them pause for reflection ... the classical anti-Semitic version of the dehumanised Jew has made a comeback, albeit in a new cultural form ... the resurgence of anti-Jewish ideology is inseparable from the rise of identity politics..."

Believe Them When They Tell You Who They Are  (11 October 2023)

"[R]ead the Hamas Covenant, released on August 18, 1998 and revised in 2017 as the Hamas Charter ... If you need 'context' for what happened in Israel on Saturday, the Hamas Charter provides it.  The Charter, containing 36 articles of just a few paragraphs each, can easily be summarised...  (1) The complete destruction of Israel is an essential condition of the liberation of Palestine and the establishment of a theocratic state based on Sharia (Islamic law);  (2) The need for unrestrained and unceasing jihad to achieve the above objectives; (3) The dismissal of any negotiated resolution or political settlement of Jewish and Muslim claims to the Holy land;  (4) The reinforcement of historical anti-Semitic tropes and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.  This is why you cannot negotiate with Hamas..."

RUMBLE:  War or Peace in the Middle East Part II  (11 October 2023)

"The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD..."

Israel Today - War or Peace in the Middle East Part I  (10 October 2023)

"Benjamin Netanyahu has declared the Israel is now at war and there is a danger that this war could spread through Hezbollah to other parts of the Middle East and could lead to something much bigger.  It certainly is as I said in the prayer, a reminder of the Yom Kippur War when Israel was caught off guard and, on a holy day - a Jewish holiday - when Egypt and Syria invaded and nearly cut Israel off.  Only answer to prayer saved Israel at that time..."

For Some Strange Reason, Palestinians Didn't Behead Egyptian Babies Between 1949 and 1967  (10 October 2023)

"If you ask the Palestinians, their Muslim and socialist friends how they can justify heinous war crimes like kidnap, murdering civilians in cold blood, rape and beheading children, they will give a litany of reasons like Gaza is an open-air prison, they have no freedom, they are living in crowded conditions, they are desperate and hopeless, and they have no choice.  Here is an article by James Baster of the UN, describing Gaza in the 1950s, under Egyptian rule, from the Middle East Journal, Vol 9, No. 3 (Summer, 1955):..."

Obama, Biden and the Embracing of Israel's Enemies  (10 October 2023)

"In the US Tablet magazine, Lee Smith connects the recent Islamist terror attacks in Israel with President Barak Obama's 2015 Iran deal ... President Trump cancelled the farcical deal, but what Obama started, the Biden administration continued.  Since 2020, I have warned in TCW about Biden's plans to resurrect the Iran deal and the subsequent danger this posed, not just to Israel but globally ... The Iran deal, and its subsequent resurrection, ensured that Iran not only has enough funding to build its nuclear bomb but also to finance its jihadist war against Israel via its proxies including Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Lions' Den..."

This is Not About 'Liberating' Palestine  (09 October 2023)

"The immediate goal of Hamas, the Gaza-based terrorist group responsible for these atrocities, was to terrorise Jews.  Its longer-term objective is the creation of an international Islamic order.  The claims that this has anything to do with fighting Israeli oppression are morally repugnant ... There is no excuse for the widespread ignorance about the murderous goals of Hamas, or indeed of similar groups such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad.  To understand Hamas's motives, you only need to read or listen to what it says about itself ... one thing that Hamas has no interest in is securing national self-determination for the Palestinian people..."

Israel at War  (09 October 2023)

"Hamas wants to bring an end to any question of an agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia and the wider Muslin world.  In doing this they are following their Iranian puppet masters and suppliers ... Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the rejectionists amongst the Muslims are not interested in a peace settlement with Israel or a 'two state solution' with Israel and Palestine alongside.  Following fundamentalist teaching they see no place for Jewish state in the Middle East which they see as the area of Islamic control, the Dar al Islam, or House of Islam.  This applies particularly to Jerusalem.  Therefore their goal is the elimination of Israel and its replacement with an Arab Islamic state from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea.  In this they are saying the words of the enemies of Israel in Psalm 83:..."

YOUTUBE:  Hamas, Iran and Prophecy  (09 October 2023)

"How do we understand what is happening biblically and prophetically?  Something that we've been saying for some time, but it's appropriate to review given the present circumstances, look with me please to the book of Daniel chapter 10 ... The king, Cyrus the Great ... was benevolent towards the Jews, but he would fall from power.  Darius the Mede, Cyrus the Great, these were benevolent, but a change would take place in Persia, i.e., Iran.  Remember the Iranians are not Arabs; they are Persians, they are Indo-Europeans..."

Mullahs' Millions Pile the Pressure on Israel  (05 February 2023)

"Both the PA and Hamas have a chequered history with Iran.  The Syrian war briefly jaundiced the relationship between Hamas and Iran ... But after that temporary blip in their unholy relationship, Iran upped its annual payment to Hamas.  As well as arming the Islamist group, Iran regularly sends it approximately $130million each year.  In exchange, Hamas wages jihad on the Jewish state and provides Iran with intelligence on Israel missile stockpiles ... The war against Israel is a religious one for the mullahs of Tehran.  For their theological mission to establish a global caliphate to succeed, Israel must fall ... Nor is there any shortage of Western useful idiots to do Iran's bidding in destabilising the Jewish state..." 

Biden's Threat to Israel and Us All  (06 June 2020)

"Israel is far more a central and crucial issue in American politics than in Britain.  The US is home to 7.5 million Jews, half the world's Jewry ... the damage that Obama did to Israel's security, and the relationship between the two countries, was somewhat remedied by President Donald Trump.  Democratic Party Jews and their allies mistakenly cling to the belief that Biden is a centralist when it comes to Israeli policies.  But this reputation is now redundant ... Most telling are Biden's petulant plans to tear up any policies which President Trump has put in place to protect and strengthen Israel.  Last month Biden, in a nod to the Islamists in his party, said he would reverse Trump's decision on foreign aid and start to send money to the Palestinians again..."

The Hamas Charter/Covenant  (1998)

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it ... This Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), clarifies its picture, reveals its identity, outlines its stand, explains its aims, speaks about its hopes, and calls for its support, adoption and joining its ranks ... The Movement is but one squadron that should be supported by more and more squadrons from this vast Arab and Islamic world, until the enemy is vanquished and Allah's victory is realised...


Prayers for Israel

"Some targets for prayer are obvious: (1) Please give the Lord no rest as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the whole nation of Israel and its people. Pray the Lord will safeguard the hostages. Pray for the Lord to protect the Israeli soldiers and give them wisdom as they go in to Gaza to bring the Hamas terrorists to justice and spare the innocent. Pray for the complete eradication of the Hamas mindset; (2) Pray the Lord will keep safe the Christians of Gaza and those in Jewish and Muslim areas of all of Israel; (3) Pray for an end to Gaza as a terrorist enclave. Pray its people can go about their work in peace and be governed by men of peace; (4) Let us remember the only true hope for peace in the Holy Land is the Son of God who was born there.  Pray for an outpouring of the Gospel and Holy Spirit to convict of sin and bring new life and reconciliation; (5) Pray there is no escalation of this conflict"


What You Can Do

"With truth under attack, it's crucial to stand for truth, even when it's hard to do so.  While soldiers in Israel are fighting for their nation's very survival, you are a foot soldier in the war on slander, lies, and media disinformation.  Here are four steps to take today:

  • Become informed.  Read mainstream English-language news from Israel;
  • Call out misinformation whenever you hear it.  Don't stay silent;
  • Leverage your social media channels.  Post about Israel.  Provide accurate information to counter the huge amount of slander that our friends and neighbors are viewing online about the Jewish State;
  • Contact your elected representatives and let them know that you support Israel.  Ask them to join you in calling out lies and slanders about Israel and championing the truth" [source].





"Thus saith the LORD,
which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night,
which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; the LORD of hosts is His name:
'If those ordinances depart from before me,' saith the LORD,
'then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before me forever'"
(Jeremiah 31:35-36)

"For the LORD will not cast off His people, neither will He forsake His inheritance"
(Psalm 94:14)

"They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion which cannot be removed, but abideth forever.
As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the LORD is round about His people from henceforth even forever"

(Psalm 125:1-2)




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