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A Totalitarian and Fascistic Political, Religious, and Supremacist Ideology
aka: The Religion of Peace

"And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him"  (Genesis 16:12).

"For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.
Not as Cain, who was of the wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him?

Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous
(1 John 3:11-12).

"It becomes important for us to clarify to the West in unequivocal terms - yet again - why we hate you and why we fight you ...
We hate you first and foremost, because you are disbelievers, you reject the oneness of Allah ...
The fact is ... our primary reason for hating you will not cease to exist until you embrace Islam.
Even if you were to pay jizyah and live under the authority of Islam in humiliation, we would continue to hate you ...
there is indeed a rhyme to our terrorism, warfare, ruthlessness, and brutality"
[Dabiq, No.15, pp30-31, quoted at

London Bridge: Fishmongers' Hall
(November 2019)

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London Bridge Fishmongers' Hall Jihad Attack   |   The Good, the Bad, and the Shameful

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London Bridge Fishmongers' Hall: Quotes and Comments

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"Our politicians ... fear the criticism of the liberal-left minority (including the liberal-left media)
more than they do either the threat of terrorism or the wrath of the great British public.
Until that changes, expect to see many, many more incidents like the one on Friday" [source].

"There is a terrible irony in that this convicted Islamist [sic] terrorist was attending an event organised by do-gooders on the theme of rehabilitation.
People have died because of the actions of soft liberals within the judicial system" [comment at source].


London Bridge Fishmongers' Hall Jihad Attack

Terrorist Prisoners Turn Their Backs on Deradicalisation Scheme  (02 December 2019)  ()


  • 2006 - Usman Khan, then aged 15, meets Mohammed Shahjahan, aged 22, in Stoke. They become preachers;
  • Summer 2010 - Khan and Shahjahan travel to Pakistan;
  • 07 November 2010 - An 'introductory meeting' between radicals associated with the al-Muhajiroun group is held on Cardiff;
  • 14 December 2010 - At Khan's home in Stoke, he, Mohibur Rahman and Shahjahan discuss targeting pubs and clubs in the Stoke area;
  • 15 December 2010 - At Khan's home he discusses the pipe bomb recipe in al-Qaeda's online magazine, Inspire;
  • 19 December 2010 - At Mohammed Chowdhury's home in London he and Shah Rahman also discuss making a pipe bomb;
  • 20 December 2010 - The three groups are arrested;
  • February 2012 - Khan given as indeterminate Imprisonment for Public Protection with a minimum of term of eight years;
  • April 2013 - Sentence overturned by the Court of Appeal. Khan given a determinate term of 18 years;
  • December 2018 - Khan released from jail on licence. He is electronically tagged and sent to live in Stafford."

A 'Religion of Peace' It Is Not  (05 December 2019)

"[An article in the Daily Mirror] states that 'hundreds' of Muslims are supporting the London Bridge attacker. [This fact] should tell us that Islam is really not as peaceful as many try to portray it as. Individual Muslims may be peaceful and want nothing to do with the nutters, but there are enough nutters and enough incitement to violence in Islamic scripture to tell us that Islam is more a threat than a peaceful belief system. What should worry us in this story is the question:..."

London Bridge Killer Usman Khan a Convicted Terrorist Released from Prison on Tag  (30 November 2019)

"Details are emerging on London Bridge killer Usman Khan, a convicted terrorist who was freed from prison on an electronic tag and apparently attending a prisoner rehabilitation event when he struck, killing two. Khan was imprisoned for his part in a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange and pubs in Stoke, as well as planning to establish a terrorist training camp in Pakistan, in 2012, and originally serving an indeterminate sentence for public protection (IPP) ... Mohammed Shahjahan and Nazam Hussain, who were convicted as part of the same radical Islamic terror cell as Khan, also had IPPs changed to fixed terms, while a fourth man, Mohibur Rahman, had his term reduced by six months..."

  London Bridge Attack II - Yes It's Islam Again

(30 November 2019)

"As many of us expected the person who carried out the terrorist attack on London bridge yesterday is a follower of Islam. Not only that but he was a convicted terrorist who had served six years and was released from prison in December 2018 ... It is difficult in the circumstances of this attack and this attacker, not to come to the conclusion that Britain faces not one but two groups of enemies within. The first are the radical Muslims who want to kill non-Muslims for their bloodthirsty deity 'Allah' and the second is the Left-dominated justice system ... The attack appears to have started in Fishmongers Hall which was, ironically, hosting a social justice type event put on by The Learning Partnership..."

Black Friday Islamic Terror Attack in London  (30 November 2019)

"Usman Khan (a Kashmiri Muslim) was jailed for terrorism offences in 2012 because he was part of a terror cell that planned to bomb the London Stock Exchange ... Usman also planned to open a 'training facility' in Kashmir masquerading as a 'madrassa' which would have presented a long term terrorist threat to the region as well as the UK. Mr Justice Wilkie, who presided over the case at the time, said: 'It is clear that this was a serious long term venture in terrorism, the purpose of which was to establish and manage a terrorist training facility at the madrassa, to fund-raise for its construction and operation by use of various means, including fraud, and to recruit young British Muslims to go and train, thereafter being available to commit terrorism abroad and at home'. Mr Justice Wilkie was right about Usman, the decision he made at the time completely vindicates him and justifies the sentence passed down to him: 'In my judgment, these offenders would remain, even after a lengthy term of imprisonment, of such a significant risk that the public could not be adequately protected by their being managed on license in the community'..."

Terror on London Bridge  (29 November 2019)

"Earlier today, armed police shot dead a terrorist on London Bridge, but not before he stabbed several people with two kitchen knives. So far his identity hasn't been revealed, not indeed even hinted at. That leaves room for guesswork, which is what I'm inviting you to try. On the balance of probabilities, do you think the attacker was (a) a Tory-voting Englishman, (b) a Labour-voting Muslim, or (c) an apolitical other? Remember your answer to this question and check the test result tomorrow, when, one hopes, we'll find out."

PETITION:  Time to Eradicate Islamist [sic] Extremism After London Bridge Attack

Addressed to: The Home Secretary, Priti Patel:  After the harrowing news of yet another Islamist [sic] attack today in London, it is about time the authorities carried out a ruthless clampdown on the 23,000 known Islamist [sic] extremists in the UK. For too long, political correctness has allowed Islamic extremism to flourish in Britain, but now it has become obvious that this softly-softly approach is literally costing innocent lives. Sign our petition and join the growing chorus of British citizens calling for a clampdown on Islamist [sic] extremism. We, the undersigned, call on the Home Secretary to initiate a decisive clampdown on Islamist [sic] extremism in Britain."


The Good, The Bad, and the Shameful

London Bridge Terror Attack - The Good, the Bad, and the Shameful  (30 November 2019)

"Terrorist attacks often reveal a country at both its worst and its best. yesterday's atrocity - in which a Muslim terrorist Usman Khan murdered two [people' before being shot dead by police - was no exception. Here is the good news and the bad ... (1) Ordinary People Have Had Enough ... (2) The Bulldog Sprit Endures ... (3) The Fire Extinguisher and the Narwhal's Tusk ... (4) The Police ... (5) Many More Will Die ... (6) Our Legal System Is Allowing Dangerous Terrorists to Roam the Streets ... (7) The Liberal Left Still Makes Our Rules..."

It's Time To Get Real About Islamist [sic] Terror  (30 November 2019)

"Two things were made clear by the Islamist [sic] horror on London bridge yesterday. First, this city is full of brave civilians who are willing to take enormous risks to protect their fellow citizens from evil and from harm. And secondly, such courage, such unflinching willingness to face down the Islamist [sic] threat, is sadly lacking in officialdom and in much of the political class. Where civilians have shown themselves willing to confront the Islamist [sic] threat head-on, too many people in positions of power what to shush discussion about radical [sic] Islam, play down the threat that it poses, and treat its practitioners as ordinary criminals..."


Learning Together / Taqiyya / The Criminal Justice System

The underlying belief of Learning Together and other such deradicalisation programmes is Jean-Jacques Rousseau's 'inherent goodness of humanity' and 'the noble savage' , and the outworkings of this - certainly in so far as it applies to Muslim Jihadis like Usman Khan - can be seen in today's Politically Correct doctrine of Identity Politics (see the relevant section below).  Unfortunately, this nice but nave view is at serious odds with what God: the Creator, Judge, and Saviour of humanity has to say in His Word...  "There is none that doeth good, no, not one" (Psalms 14:3; 53:3; Romans 3:10,12) and "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).

Whilst it is absolutely true that some released criminals can, and do, turn their lives around and subsequently become productive members of society, this is very, very rare where Islamic Jihadi terrorists are concerned, who "are not the same as other prisoners" (see the articles in this section).  God never speaks of 'deradicalisation' or even 'rehabilitation' in the Bible.  What He does speak of is salvation: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son [the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah], that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world though Him might be saved" (John 3:16-17).

Taqiyya: The Islamic Doctrine of Lying and Deceit

"War is deceit" [Mohammed].

Welcome to the Real World, You Hampstead Marxists  (08 February 2020)

"A group of academics, sociologists and assorted wishful thinkers were at a conference to discuss a programme they had devised to rehabilitate and 'de-radicalise' convicted terrorists. What are the criteria for adjudging that a murderous enemy of the people has been successfully and fully rehabilitated? Do you subject the terrorist to an examination - or two examinations, or forty-six examinations before you declare him rehabilitated? There is no way of deciding that the rehabilitation has been successful. What the academics, sociologists and wishful thinkers did was in effect to take a chance that their man was n longer a threat to the public..."

Former Anti-Terror Judge Warns of Danger From Jihadis Set for Prison Release  (07 December 2019)

"The former anti-terror judge gave his warning in response to the recent London Bridge terror attack which involved an Islamic radical previously convicted for terror offences and let out of prison but forced to wear an electronic tag after being part of a rehabilitation programme. 'We are in an area where the risk of re-offending is very high. You must not fool yourself ... This is even truer when there is an ideology that still exists'.  He add that it was challenging to deradicalise such individuals, stating that it was easy enough for them to find themselves back in a radical Islamist [sic] atmosphere, whether it was in prison, on social media, or even with their own families..."

Islamists [sic] Are Not the Same As Other Prisoners  (06 December 2019)  ()

"The terrorist attack by Usman Khan on a prisoner rehabilitation conference in London was made possible by two catastrophic and tragic misjudgments. The first was by the Court of Appeal, which changed Khan's sentence. At the root of their mistake lay a failure to understand fanatical Islam. This failure also characterised the second misjudgment, by both the group that had invited Khan to its conference and the probation service which enabled him to attend: believing that he was a reformed character. This was rooted in a deeper refusal to acknowledge the unique challenges of Islamic extremism, a mistake made by most of the justice establishment. The liberal West wants to believe every criminal is redeemable. Some are. Others are not. Islamic radicalism challenges the liberal orthodoxy that there can be no difference in treatment between groups., The nature and scale of this challenge, however, requires a unique response. With such observations being silenced as 'Islamophobic', rational concerns for public safety have been stigmatised instead as an obnoxious mental disorder. Unless the establishment gathers its courage and its wits to face that intimidation down, Friday's atrocity is unlikely to be the last..."

The Indoctrination of the Justice System  (05 December 2019)

"It is extremely troubling to know that the so-called professionals working in the justice system charged with protecting the public from Islamist [sic] terrorism seem to have little understanding of Islamist [sic] ideology and how Islamists [sic] differ from ordinary criminals. There is a world of difference between criminals who steal cars for profit and crazed Islamists [sic] who steal cars so as to drive over infidels in the street to please the prophet. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Islamic extremism will know of the Islamic command of taqiyya, which is an instruction that allows for deception and dishonesty to advance the cause of Islam. Usman Khan was clearly engaging in taqiyya when he hoodwinked the entire justice establishment into believing he was a repentant Islamist [sic]..."

Rehabilitating Terrorists Leads to Terror-Related Recidivism  (03 December 2019)

"The case of Usman Khan should send a fatal shot across the the politically correct bows of the liberal establishment; they MUST redress the balance between rehabilitation and recidivism. The Quranic law of requital tells Muslims to toil and struggles persistently, to be patient and steadfast in their religion and their beliefs. The Quranic law of requital is unchangeable ... Usman Khan's 'patience' bore the fruits of terror and death ... We understand that Jack's family are in a state of shock; they are grieving the loss of a young man who set to do what he could to help others turn their lives around ... Refusing to acknowledge the religious/ideological components of 7th century Islam is tantamount to suicide ... Mourn the death of loved ones but do not put the lives of other innocents at risk because of your own ideological shackles..."

Unlearning Together  (02 December 2019)

"Truly, parody is dead. I gave it a go, but no satirist can compete with reality. As a teenager I read Evelyn Waugh's magnificent Decline and Fall, and in all the years since have never failed to raise a laugh from the mere thought of its modish prison governor so in thrall to his progressive reformist theories that he cannot see the obvious reality of the madman in his charge, and thus issues him the woodworking tools with which he beheads the chaplain. The scene returned unbidden as the identities of the dead emerged..."

The Failed Lessons of the London Bridge Attack  (02 December 2019)

"The problem remains that while we are happy to get caught up on discussions about prisoner release protocols and the like, we avoid the wider, and more sceptical, conversation we should have had by now ... I wonder whether now mightn't be a good time to reassess some of our reliance on the claims and expertise of that industry? ... The reason I have become increasingly sceptical about this whole business is not just because I think many of these people don't know what they are talking about, but because the stakes are far higher than they like to remember..."

Terrorist Prisoners Turn Their Backs on Deradicalisation Scheme  (02 December 2019)  ()

"Rakib Ehsan, research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, said Khan's attack would cast further doubt over the effectiveness of such schemes. He said: 'Simply relying on "deradicalisation" courses, however well-meaning, is insufficient. These individuals are devious and are often capable of faking progress in order to fool those tasked with deradicalising them - with potentially deadly consequences. If, as many believe, offenders simply fake progress to their counsellors, the scheme would be responsible for providing the public with false assurances as to the safety of jihadists released to live in ordinary British communities..."

Deradicalisation Doesn't Work on Jihadists  (02 December 2019)

"Reform and rehabilitation may well work on some who have committed other offences such as acquisitive crime or violent or sexual crime, because those who have committed such crimes can in some cases be persuaded to accept internally that what they've done is wrong ... When a person is motivated by ideology ... the ideology will always call the shots with the brainwashed ideologue ... a desire to reform must come from within and it is inside the jihadist that the fascistic ideology that drives them lives..."

Usman Khan's Lawyer Admits Terrorist May Have 'Deceived' Him and Authorities By Appearing Reformed  (02 December 2019)

"Painting a picture of changed character, who was 'engaging' with the reformatory system, the lawyer said: ' ... There was nothing alarming in what he said. It is possible he deceived me. He was clever enough to do something like that' ... Former prisoner governors had criticised [some deradicalisation programmes] because prisoners knew how to 'game the system' with their responses to appear compliant and on the path to reformation. One such former prison governor and emeritus professor of criminology at Birmingham City University, Professor David Wilson, said ... 'The prison service has no idea about how to cope with terrorists' ... Cambridge University vice-chancellor defended Khan's deradicalisation programmed despite the deaths of two alumni ... Cambridge alumnus Jack Merritt, 25, was the coordinator at the Learning Together programme in London while 23-year-old alumna Saskia Jones was a volunteer..."

So What Have We Learned Together?  (01 December 2019)

"Learning Together was the umbrella for the Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation. The attendees, some of them convicts out on early release programme, gathered at the Fishmongers' Hall to, well, learn more ... Khan had been recently released halfway into a 16-year sentence for terrorist offences ... He was wearing an electronic tag and wasn't allowed to enter London, but in this case his probation officers made an exception ... One of the victims was Jack Merritt, 25, the idealistic Cambridge criminologist who had organised the conference. Jack believed Khan was living proof of how a life can be changed for the better. He chose a wrong case study..."

The Islamists [sic] Amongst Us: Rehabilitation or Indefinite Detention?  (01 December 2019)

"Usman Khan, disciple of Anjem Choudary and convicted terrorist, has killed two more people on London Bridge ... As many as 70 convicted terrorists released from prison could now be plotting London Bridge III in their quest to establish the British Caliphate. How do you 'turn people's minds' away from their evil Wahhabi ideology, when they are persuaded it is the path to righteousness and glory? ... How do you open their minds to the possibility that Mohammed was wrong? ... why are politicians, lawyers and the media all currently arguing about what went wrong in the sentencing and 'rehabilitation' of Usman Khan, when the root of the Islamist [sic] problem is theological, historical and spiritual as well as social and political? ... The concept of the Caliphate is as intrinsic to Islamic theology as the New Jerusalem is to Christians eschatology..."

An Unnecessary Tragedy  (30 November 2019)

"It is with great sadness that we learn the details behind the horrific attack that occurred a few hours ago on London Bridge ... The law is faulty, and the Metropolitan Police, led by Cressida Dick, refuse to criticise it ... Who is this policy helping? ... not the public, who must live in fear that they or their family will fall victim to a violent assault by an Islamic fundamentalist (as the courts in 2012-13 found Khan and his gang to be) ... We, as a nation, have been let down by those tasked with protecting us. If they refuse to deal with this situation, and the many others that will result from this disastrous policy, then they must step aside to make way for those who will. Our lives are not mere pieces in a political puzzle to be traded and shaped to suit the whims of those in power..."

Parole Board Statement on London Bridge Attack on Friday 29 November 2019  (30 November 2019)

"We have every sympathy with those affected by the dreadful events that happened on London Bridge yesterday. Given the seriousness of this attack, it is understandable that there is speculation about the attacker's release from prison. The Parole Board can confirm it had no involvement with the release of the individual identified as the attacker, who appears to have been released automatically on license (as required by law), without ever being referred to the Board."

Terrorist Wearing A Tag Kills Two in London Bridge Attack  (30 November 2019)  ()

"The criminal justice system is playing 'Russian Roulette' with the public, an anti-terrorism specialist has warned ... Chris Phillips, a former head of the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office, said: 'The criminal justice system needs to look at itself. We're letting people out of prison, we're convicting people for very, very serious offences, and then [we] are releasing them back into society when they are still radicalised. So how on earth can we ever ask our police services and security services to keep us safe?'..."

Stoke Terror Sentences Revised  (16 April 2013)

Three convicted terrorists have had their sentences quashed and replaced with new terms. The al-Qaeda inspired group had considered attacks in the UK, including bombing pubs, and setting up a jihadist training camp in Pakistan. The Court of Appeal said indeterminate sentences given to the men should be replaced with fixed terms. Judges said the Parole Board was best placed to decide when the men were safe to be released from jail ... But three of the Stoke men, Mohammed Shahjahan, Usman Khan and Nazam Hussein, argued they should not have received indeterminate sentences for public protection (IPPs)..."


The Politicians

Stop Making Excuses for Islamist [sic] Terror  (02 December 2019)

"Jeremy Corbyn can't help himself. He sees an Islamist [sic] terror attack and his first instinct is to politicise it, to give it some gravitas, to re-imagine it as some kind of anti-imperialist act ... Corbyn ventriloquises through Islamist [sic] barbarism, using this terrorist attack as a kind of amplifier of his own political views ... There is a serious political, historical and geographical illiteracy to these claims ... Try to imagine a politician doing something like this with far-right terrorism..."

Farage Demands Whole-Life Prison Terms for Terrorists Infected with 'Jihadi Virus'  (01 December 2019)

"Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage laid down the law to representatives of other political parties in a Sunday election debate, slamming 'liberal elite' weakness and demanding serious action against radical Islamic terrorists .... when the subject of the London Bridge terror attack by freed terrorist Usman Khan was raised at the ITV debate between reps of the Brexit Party, Conservative Party, labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, and Plaid Cymru ... looking round the stage ... for a response - and receiving none. 'Silence' he observed, pointedly..."


The Mainstream Media and Press

Point and Shriek...  Projection...  Hypocrisy...  repeat ad nauseum...

The Left-Liberal Media

Left Shrugs Off Terror Attack - Until the Next Time  (05 December 2019)

"The attitude of the Left towards the problem of Islamist [sic] terrorism is always exposed after an attack. The Left-liberal media, which covers a huge amount of newspaper and commentary and virtually all television journalism, tends rapidly to get past the atrocity and its victims the better to apply dogma to the wider problem. This usually means calling for more of the policies that created the conditions for the outrage to occur in the first place. Last Friday's London Bridge terror attack was a textbook example..."

The Guardian

The Politics of Grief  (03 December 2019)

"The Guardian has reached a new low this morning. It hasn't only weaponised the grief of David Merritt, whose son Jack was murdered in the Islamist [sic] terror attack on London Bridge on Friday - it has sensationalised it ... 'Exclusive', it says, titillating readers with the promise of an emotional hit from a grieving father's words. 'Roll up, roll up', it might as well have said. It feels invasive, cynical, and akin to emotional blackmail - after all, the aim of the Guardian's sensationalised grief is to make the case for greater leniency for terrorists and to silence anyone who takes the opposing view that we need stiffer sentences and harsher punishments. 'Are you disagreeing with David Merritt?' is the the undertone of this mawkish, exploitative affair ... We must have the right to talk about this without being shamed and silenced by the Guardian and other grief-exploiters ... referring to tabloid coverage as an 'agenda of hate' ... is moral inversion..."


BBC Information Cemetery  (30 November 2019)

"Congratulations to the BBC on an outstanding contribution to Woke reportage, with their execrable 'news' website reaching a stunning new low in their disgraceful history of broadcasting lies by omission. The big story? An Islamic extremist [sic] named Khan has killed two innocent Londoners with a knife ... But on the BBC's website under the heading of 'news' we find a 1000 word report which, like the headline above it, does not contain the word 'Islam' or 'Muslim' (or any variation thereof) ... You might wish to consider that your money as a taxpayer and TV license-holder is paying for this corrupt propaganda exercise..."


PC / Identity Politics / SJWs / VSs / Dhimmis / 'Hate' / Terroristic Blackmail

The Politics of Grief  (03 December 2019)

"Jack [Merritt] believed in prison reform, prisoner rehabilitation, and taking a less draconian approach in criminal matters. His father David is keen to continue pushing Jack's message after his murder. That is an admirable thing to do. None of us can know the pain Mr Merritt is feeling; he understandably wants to keep his son's memory and achievements alive. Tragically, however, Mr Merritt's pain has been politicised and even weaponised by the media elite ... This has propelled a father's mourning into the ugly realm of political contestation and effectively dared people to question it..."

Stop Making Excuses for Islamist [sic] Terror  (02 December 2019)

"Jeremy Corbyn can't help himself. He sees an Islamist [sic] terror attack and his first instinct is to politicise it, to give it some gravitas, to re-imagine it as some kind of anti-imperialist act ... Corbyn ventriloquises through Islamist [sic] barbarism, using this terrorist attack as a kind of amplifier of his own political views ... There is a serious political, historical and geographical illiteracy to these claims ... Try to imagine a politician doing something like this with far-right terrorism ... Government should not change its policy on immigration, austerity or war on the basis that some people twill plant a bomb if it doesn't. That is terroristic blackmail ... The foolish reading of (twisted) anti-imperialism into Islamist [sic] attacks also shows the extent to which identity politics has hijacked the contemporary left..."


Videos and YouTubes

YOUTUBE:  Complaints About London Bridge Terrorist Dismissed as 'Racism'  (03 December 2019)  [starts at approx 40 seconds in]

"When London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan was in high school, he had a picture of Osama bin Laden on his school planner, and he would laugh while watching videos of terrorist attacks. When his fellow students would complain to school administrators, however, the administrators would accuse the students of racism. Welcome to Great Britain, where jihad is rampant, [and] the 'prophet' who commanded jihad is praised by leaders and journalists"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Continue to expose this false religion of Islam. God bless you and keep you safe"  /  "I was shocked at the way the London Mayor [Sadiq Khan] spoke at his interview on the recent terror attack ... absolutely no horror in his voice, no emotion, and the words he chose could be taken as supporting terror. Indeed brainwashing going on"  /  "Sacrificing their children, yup, the soul of Britain is dead"  /  "Just remember a couple of badass men took this guy down with a Narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher. Even though their oppressors keep them defenceless the human spirit prevailed"

YOUTUBE:  Reject the Narrative  (02 December 2019)

"Refuse to be fed the words of politicians. It is time for action. It is time for our country to determine NEVER AGAIN"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Most sensible woman in the media we have. Don't let them silence you [Katie]"  /  "Political correctness is destroying our society"  /  "Islam has no place in the West. Political correctness is a weapon used by Islam"  /  "'Detain. Deport. Deny.'  Sounds like an effective strategy to me"  /  "Someone telling the truth. Didn't think that was allowed anymore"  /  "They don't have this problem in Poland"  /  "'Improvise, Organise, Stand and Fight' would have been a better anti-terror slogan than 'run, hide. tell'"  /  "Spot on Katie as always"  /  "'A deep moral cowardice infects Britain' (Theodore Dalrymple)"  /  "'Diversity is our strength' cried the citizens of the Roman Empire"  /  "The rest if the world are protesting and will stand together, yet this country is too busy worrying about what Phil Mitchell did on Monday!"  /  "Shhh, say the politicians, sweep it under the carpet"  /  "Let's all light a candle and sing 'Don't look back in anger'. That should solve it"

YOUTUBE:  London Bridge and the War of Narratives  (02 December 2019)

Viewers' comments:  "We are ALL being played and way too many are playing ball, time to dump PC culture in the bin where it belongs and call it all out for what it is and take back our lands, the government won't do it, they are ALL selling us out"  /  "Scrolling through twitter, I see the lefties treat this like some kind of natural disaster, as if a tornado or landslide killed those people. Just mourn the loss, and move on. But of course if it was a far right attack, they would feel the need to do a lot more than just mourn the loss"  /  "Increasingly I find myself asking what it is going to take to make people see the truth. With each and every one of these atrocities, it seems that people's cognitive dissonance only gets stronger: they go all-out to defend the attackers and attack the defence - like a malignant cancer acting against the nation. It is unbearable to see, so I opt out. I speak about these matters only with those who I know are already aware - anything else is too depressing. I feel like the man in Plato's Cave"  /  "I recall Yuri Bezmenov said of those propagandized by communism: 'You can take them to the gulags, show them the direct results of their ideology, and they will still never believe you.'  I feel for those middle class lefties. They're being killed by something they're told to love and even in the thick of heartache they can't address the truth"

More viewers' comments:  "George Orwell must be kicking himself for not thinking of 'diversity is a strength' alongside 'War is Peace' "  /  "One Khan to terrorise and butcher you and another Khan to issue a press release stating that having Khans in your capital city is a source of strength"  /  "We are at war whether you recognise it or not. A metaphysical war that never sleeps and is literally everywhere you care to look"  /  "The BBC won't even mention any potential motive. They also haven't mentioned Islam once when covering this story"  /  "Fun fact: In the UK it's not illegal to be part of an extremist group as  long as it's not white nationalist"  /  "It doesn't shock me now when there is an attack. It does however, remind me that I must do everything to send the invaders back"  /  "Jo Swinson thanked the police for 'keeping us safe', apparently being .... butchered ... now falls within the bounds of relative safety"  /  "What's the point of a police state if you still get attacked by medieval middle eastern bandits and have to defend yourself with a narwhal tusk?"  /  "At least they shot him dead. That's something. If this was Canada, they'd give him a free house"  /  "We accepted this in Detroit during the 70s until all the whites left and the city became a post-apocalyptic hell hole"  /  "Your government's using the migrants as proxy warriors against you. It's the same here in America"  /  "The narrative didn't turn into plucky little Brits, it turned into plucky foreigners 'saving the day'. Government: Control of the mind"

YOUTUBE:  London Bridge Islamic Attack and the Free Qurans on the Streets of the Capital  (02 December 2019)

"If you hand out exhortations to the glorious consequences of murder, don't be surprised when murder happens just down the road"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Multiculturalism is working well for the Islamic Republic of Britain"  /  "Let's have as many mosques in the West as they do Christian cathedrals in Saudi (oh, that would be none)"  /  "Left-liberal virtue signalling is more important than the lives of actual people. For the Guardian and the BBC the worst part of terrorist attacks is that Boris Johnson might be 'making political points' about it. The dead people aren't important to them"  /  "We live in a realm of lies"

YOUTUBE:  What the London Bridge Terrorist Should Have Learned About Islam While in Prison  (01 December 2019)

"What could the British Government do to rehabilitate Muslims who turn to terrorism?"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Thanks David, an absolutely excellent video yet again"  /  "David Wood, you're truly 'the voice of one crying in the wilderness' (John 1:23)"  "Allah: 'Go murder strangers in my name and I'll give you my approval'. Jesus: 'I'll lay down my life for you, go and do the same for the stranger'."  /  "'The purest joy is to kill or be killed for Allah' (Ayatollah Khomeini)"  /  "The entire system is colluding with the enemy"  /  "May the good Lord Jesus bring all these people out of darkness into his marvellous light"  /  "The people that let him out of prison early should be charged as accessories to murder"  /  "God bless you David Wood. I'm in Iraq and many muslims follow the jihad. They have to kill non-muslims until they accept Islam. May the Lord protect us and you"  /  "Great work - as usual. Thankyou. I'm from 'Stab City' (aka London). We are being governed by traitors, cowards and idiots"

YOUTUBE:  Some Thoughts On the London Bridge Attack  (30 November 2019)  [NB: Strong language at approx 4.00mins]

Viewers' comments:  "When we are in their lands: 'END COLONIALISM'. When they are in our lands: 'DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH' lol"  /  "'This must not be politicised' coming from the same people who bring Jo Cox into the Brexit discourse"  /  "If the attacker had been a straight white male, then it would have been open season on British people"  /  "Every 'diverse' country has increased violence, the more diverse the more violence. Are we just going to accept that?"  /  The word 'diversity' has the same root as 'division'. Division is a weakness, not strength. A house divided cannot stand"  /  "Two dead because of the fear of being called racist"  /  "We're only feeling the first pains of what's going to come sadly"  /  "'Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society' (Aristotle)"  /  "Tolerating intolerance isn't virtuous, it is cowardice"  /  "You know... I always hear this 'diversity is our strength' motto from leftists. Has anyone ever explained what kind of 'strength' that is? In what ways have we become stronger exactly? How is diversity beneficial?"


The Scorpion...

"A scorpion, which cannot swim, asks a frog to carry it across a river on its back. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung by the scorpion, but the scorpion argues that if it did that, they would both drown. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion stings the frog anyway, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung despite knowing the consequence, to which the scorpion replies: 'I couldn't help it. It's in my nature'."


...And The Snake

"On her way to work one morning, Down the path along side the lake, A tender-hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake,
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew. 'Poor thing', she cried, 'I'll take you in and I'll take care of you'

"'Take me in tender woman, Take me in, for heaven's sake. Take me in, tender woman', sighed the snake...

"She wrapped him up all cozy in a comforter of silk, And laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk.
She hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived, She found that pretty snake she'd taken to had been revived.

"'Take me in tender woman, Take me in, for heaven's sake. Take me in, tender woman', sighed the snake...

"She clutched him to her bosom, 'You're so beautiful' she cried, 'But if I hadn't brought you in by now you might have died'
She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight. Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite.

"'Take me in tender woman, Take me in, for heaven's sake. Take me in, tender woman', sighed the snake...

"'I saved you' cried the woman, 'And you've bitten me, but why? You know your bite is poisonous and now I'm going to die'
'Oh shut up, silly woman' said the reptile with a grin. 'You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.'

"'Take me in tender woman, Take me in, for heaven's sake. Take me in, tender woman', sighed the snake...
"'Take me in tender woman, Take me in, for heaven's sake. Take me in, tender woman', sighed the snake..."


A Small Dose of Facts and History

"Before the angry and accurate responses to Friday's atrocity on and about London Bridge reach a crescendo and are officially designated as 'wrongthink' followed by inevitable screams of Islamophobia! from the protected collective entity ultimately responsible, perhaps a small dose of facts and history may help level the playing field.

"The noun 'Islamophobia' is a compound oxymoron concocted to obfuscate historic reality and it is the obverse of the same propaganda coin the face of which reads 'Religion of Peace'. Consider: how could such a long, fully documented record of fourteen centuries of relentless Islamic aggression during which Muslims launched Jihad after Jihad spreading death and atrocity far and wide across the globe now be ignored in order to promote a revisionist dialogue which is the antithesis of recorded fact?

"Europe alone was assaulted on every quarter from Iceland to Scotland and England to Scandinavia and the Low Countries; from Spain to France to the Balkans and Austria.  The devastation caused by this incessant slaughter and the after-effects of Islam's scorched earth policy was immense and rendered vast swathes of Europe uninhabitable. According to some sources it was during these periods that approximately 15 million Europeans, close to 20% of a population of roughly 78 million, were either killed outright, starved to death, died of disease spread through displacement or were taken and sold into predominantly sexual slavery in the Souks of Arabia and the Barbary Coast.

"The Italian scholar Franco Cardini wrote 'If we ask ourselves how and when the modern notion of Europe and the European identity was born, we realise the extent to which Islam was a factor (albeit a negative one) in its creation. Repeated Muslim aggression against Europe between the seventh to eighth centuries, then between the fourteenth and the eighteenth centuries was the "violent midwife" to Europe'.

"That we Europeans became less involved in internecine conflicts and more militantly oriented beyond our borders is not an indictable action but a natural product of the will to survive and a growing awareness that offence is the best form of defence. It was not a case of the West being the aggressor and Islam the victim as the cultural relativism narrative would have us believe; if anyone has a grievance to air it is the West, not the demented slaves of Allah in the occupied territories now established from Londonistan to Glasgow and blighting the whole face of Europe as if a human pox.

"Remember, nothing in Islam changes and in the final analysis we would be mad to accept the claim that we Westerners are in any way responsible for the current state of affairs other than that in our sublime stupidity and fear of being labelled 'Racist!' we have allowed our corrupted academic and political classes to physically impose this pre-medieval abomination upon us without much more than a fearful murmur of disapproval.

"Thus, now we are fighting another battle in a war that has rumbled on for 1400 years, a battle we are losing because those who should be defending us - including the Church and the State & its Executive Arms - are instead close-ranking with the enemy and conspiring to prevent us from fighting back with the ruthless efficiency that, thanks to Islam, became an abiding and sustaining characteristic of our culture" [comment at source].


The Stinging Nettle Patch

"The stinging nettle patch which a few years ago was behind the greenhouse has taken over half the flowerbeds and much of the lawn. It is thought that in a few more years the nettles, fed by a weekly application of nutritious 'Benefit Grow', will have engulfed the entire garden and have reached the front door of the house.

"The gardeners remain relaxed and are not concerned about the changes to the flora and landscape. They had a meeting today and decided to take no action other than to watch the nettles grow and to increase surveillance.

"The Head Gardener, Bo, was particularly insistent that stinging nettles are peaceful and a great plant and for equality and diversity reasons their cultivation in the garden should in no way be discriminated against in favour of flowers, vegetables or fruit, and that people who say anything unpleasant about them will be severely stung and hung out on the washing line to dry in the sun.

"Visitors will note that the bunny rabbits which used to nibble dandelion leaves and play on the lawn have fled to the adjacent field, and that the flock of 650 ostriches in the play areas have buried their heads in the sand, to avoid the sight of the advancing wall of nettles, as they do anyway at all times of the year.

"Please follow further updates from the garden as the season progresses" [comment at source].

"The contemporary master gardeners of the yard, many of whom earned degrees in cultivation from the (haha) elite institutions of the land, have completely failed to discern the deadly kind from the desired ones. Way past time to uproot and dispose of them with the weeds" [comment at source].


The Curse of Cain

"After Cain killed his brother, the Lord told him, ... 'Cursed shall you be from the earth', ... and so it has been. The earth under their feet may be cursed, it yields nothing but sand and thistles, ... They become worshippers of death dreaming of the green verdant fields of paradise which they can reach only if they kill enough men, women and children. Leaving devastation behind them, dead lands, lost cultures, widows and orphans, they claw their way up to heaven on a ladder of bones. Everything around them dies until the only green is on their flags. They are cursed from the earth and they curse the earth. Where they go, the world dies. ... Cain sows fields of corpses of the innocent for the Lord and he still does not understand why his sacrifice is not accepted and why the earth he dwells on is cursed. ...  From Iraq to Iran, from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, from Nigeria to Somalia, from Pakistan to Indonesia, he holds up human heads and cries 'Allahu Akbar'. ... There is no room for Cain anywhere. Where he remains there will be death and suffering. He will kill because it is all he can do. He has nothing else to offer the world, his own kind, or the Creator.. ... He kills from one end of the world to the next and it is never his fault. Each time, each Abel did it. ... His code is cruelty and his holy book is written in blood on the flayed skins of his murdered victims. ... The cries of peoples long vanished from the earth warn us that we will either drive out Cain or his curse will fill our lands with blood and dust and all that we love and all that we have worked for will die at his cursed touch" [source].


The Burden Which Habakkuk the Prophet Saw

The righteous cry out for God's punishment of the injustice in their lands:
O LORD, how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear! even cry out unto thee of violence, and thou wilt not save!
Why dost thou show me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance? for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention.
Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.

The LORD God answers:
Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.
For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs.
They are terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves.
Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, and are more fierce than the evening wolves:
And their horsemen shall spread themselves, and their horsemen shall come from far; they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat.
They shall come all for violence: their faces shall sup up as the east wind, and they shall gather the captivity as the sand.
And they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn unto them: they shall deride every strong hold; for they shall heap dust, and take it.
Then shall his mind change, and he shall pass over, and offend, imputing this his power unto his god.

The dismay of the righteous at God's answer:   
Art thou not from everlasting, O LORD my God, mine Holy One? we shall not die.
O LORD, thou hast ordained them for judgment; and, O mighty God, thou hast established them for correction.
Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity:
Wherefore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously, and holdest thy tongue when the wicked devoureth the man that is more righteous than he?
They take up all of them with the angle, they catch them in their net, and gather them in their drag: therefore they rejoice and are glad.
Therefore they sacrifice unto their net, and burn incense unto their drag; because by them their portion is fat, and their meat plenteous.
Shall they therefore empty their net, and not spare continually to slay the nations?
I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

The LORD God's reassurance to the righteous:
And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

[Habakkuk 1:1-2:4]


Please Pray for All Those Persecuted by Islam

There are many, many suffering brothers and sisters who desperately need us to pray for them...

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them;
and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body"
(Hebrews 13:3)





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