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A Totalitarian and Fascistic Political, Religious, and Supremacist Ideology
aka: The Religion of Peace

"And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him"  (Genesis 16:12).

"For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.
Not as Cain, who was of the wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him?

Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous
(1 John 3:11-12).

"It becomes important for us to clarify to the West in unequivocal terms - yet again - why we hate you and why we fight you ...
We hate you first and foremost, because you are disbelievers, you reject the oneness of Allah ...
The fact is ... our primary reason for hating you will not cease to exist until you embrace Islam.
Even if you were to pay jizyah and live under the authority of Islam in humiliation, we would continue to hate you ...
there is indeed a rhyme to our terrorism, warfare, ruthlessness, and brutality"
[Dabiq, No.15, pp30-31, quoted at

Brussels (March 2016)

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War  (28 March 2016)

"Brussels is not merely the capital of Belgium. It is also the capital of the EU, and houses the headquarters of the Western defense alliance NATO. It is therefore a symbolic target. The city contains a large Muslim immigrant population. In notorious urban districts such as Molenbeek, radical Muslims have ties to international Jihadist networks. Belgium has produced more Jihadists as a proportion of its population than any other Western European country..."

'The Scariest Thing About Brussels is Our Reaction To It'  (25 March 2016)

"...says Simon Jenkins. Really? Scarier than, say, being one of the two London businessmen now lying in a Brussels hospital with 'life-changing injuries' having taken the full force of the airport nail bomb which killed at least 14 people and hideously shredded many more? Scarier than being one of the passengers on the Brussels underground at 9.11 on a Tuesday morning hearing the olive-skinned man with the suicide belt yelling the last words you'll ever hear: 'Allahu Akbar'?  Sorry, Simon.  I'm not buying it. Youre' talking theory: this thing you've read in some dry-as-dust, surrender monkey textbook about how by reacting to 'terror' we're 'doing what the terrorists want'. Whereas I'm talking practice. Most of us - not you Simon, obviously, you're above such trivial concerns - have a very simple wish..."

Bombings A 'Good Thing' Say No Borders Activists  (24 March 2016)

"Activists on the No Borders / Calais Migrant Solidarity Facebook page have been discussing how Tuesday's bombing in Brussels was a 'good thing', as the chaos it caused will have enabled illegal immigrants to cross into the UK. One activist urged others to exploit the situation, saying: 'tell your friends in the jungle.'..."

Enough With the Teddy Bears and Tears: It's Time to Take Our Civilisation Back  (23 March 2016)

"Teddy bears, tears, candles, cartoons, murals, mosaics, flowers, flags, projections, hashtags, balloons, wreaths, lights, vigils, scarves, and more. These are the best solutions the Western world seems to come up with every few months when we are slammed by another Islamist terrorist attack. We are our own sickness. ... nowadays teddy bears are the new resolve. They symbolise everything we have become in our response to our way of life being threatened, and our people being slaughtered on our streets: inanimate, squishy, and full of c***. Our security services and our police, hamstrung by political correctness, are just as interested (or more) in rounding up Twitter 'hate speech' offenders than criminal, rapist, or terrorist migrants. Our borders are as porous as our brains.  We refuse to realise that there are now literally millions of people amongst us who hate us. Who hate our way of life, and who will, one day, dominate our public life..."

Brussels and Islamic Terrorism - Again  (23 March 2016)

"Another day, more shouts in Arabic, more gun fire, more explosions, and more carnage, bloodshed and death. It is groundhog day, and no one seems to be learning any lessons here. ... Brussels is now in lockdown, and Europe is once again holding its breath, waiting for the next episode. ... How many more attacks are needed? How much more blood on our streets is required? How many more cities have to go into lockdown before we wake up?..."

Islamic Flags Are Deadlier Than Nail Bombs  (23 March 2016)

"Just hours after the unspeakable atrocity in Brussels, police raided a flat in the Belgian capital and found a nail bomb, similar to those that had murdered all those people, some chemicals - and an Islamic flag. Who could have thought? ... a friend rang me yesterday morning to tell me about it. Even though I wasn't fully awake, I instantly asked if the attackers were Muslim. 'No, they were Methodists.' ... Ask a silly question... But of course monsters who blow up people at airports and underground stations are Muslims. Not Islamic terrorists. Not Islamists. Not Islamofascists, a term of US neocoinage. Muslims. And they do it because they are Muslims. Obviously not all Muslims are suicide bombers ... Similarly, not all Russian communists executed millions and not all German Nazis killed Jews. But those who did those things, did so because they were, respectively, Russian communists and German Nazis. Communism has a propensity for mass murder. So does Nazism. So does Islam. This is an ontological property, inherent to the very nature of the three creeds and confirmed by their founding documents. Most people realise this about Nazism and some also know it about communism. Yet when it comes to Islam, we hear much braying that the crimes being committed by Muslims have nothing to do with Islam. Shrieks of 'Allahu Akbar!!!' regularly accompany mass murder on every continent, and still the Obamas, Camerons et al tell us that Islam isn't at fault. Well, as my facetious question implied, the murderers certainly aren't Methodists..."

Brussels Attacks - Martial Law Coming Next?  (22 March 2016)

"Each time a terrorist attack happens, the host country enacts draconian legislation that erodes civil liberties and sells it as necessary to ensure security. France is STILL under martial law, Hollande swept through very heavy-duty legislation, and even changed the Constitution. They also agreed to let him continue the martial law indefinitely. Will Brussels follow suit?..."

A Terrorist Attack Has Happened in Europe. Let the Standard Response Begin... (22 March 2016)

"Well at least we all know the form by now. ... The standard response now goes as follows. First the body parts of innocent people are flung across airport check-ins or underground trains. Briefly there is shock. On social media the sentimentalists await the arrival of this atrocity's cutesy hashtag or motif and hope it will tide them over until the piano man arrives at the scene of the attack to sing 'Imagine there's no countries'.  Meantime someone will hopefully have said something which a lot of people can condemn as 'inappropriate'. ... We will shortly move on to the next phase, which is to to find a good news story amid the rubble. Anything will do, but best of all is a Muslim good news story. ... Soon we will move on to the next phase, during which broadcast media will ask questions that address no major points. ... This is how it goes in Europe now. Everything barely worth saying will be said endlessly. And the only things that are worth saying won't be said. What are those things?..."

Belgian Terror Attack: Only 'Brexit' Can Save Britain From This Scourge of Political Islam Waging War in Europe  (22 March 2016)

"At least 34 people are dead and many more injured as a result of the latest Islamist [sic] terrorist atrocity in Europe - in Brussels, this time. But apparently - so the left-liberal tastemakers assure us - it is too early to make political capital out of this. I'm afraid I disagree. The time to make political capital out of atrocities like this is precisely when the bodies are still warm and the limbs haven't been swept up. That's because ... our decadent, supine, relativistic, Western liberal culture would dearly love to pretend that these are rare criminal events which we should learn to take in our stride and to which we should not 'overreact'. And I personally think the people who have been killed and maimed so cruelly and unfairly deserve better than that ... Getting squeamish about speaking home truths on grounds of 'taste' does not honour these victims. It insults them. Here is why this morning's bombings happened:..."

Hands Up All Those in Favour of the EU! Brussels is Being Bombed  (22 March 2016)

"Today, Brussels is being bombed. Brussels is being bombed because the laws of EU member nations ... are made by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in the EU's de facto government, the European Commission. ... What's happening in Brussels today is the thin end of a wedge: the wedge of the uncontrolled mass movement of human beings. This can and will only get worse for as long as we are governed by Jean-Claude Juncker and his unelected, unaccountable cronies in Brussels (ah, the irony of it)..."


The Curse of Cain

"After Cain killed his brother, the Lord told him, ... 'Cursed shall you be from the earth', ... and so it has been. The earth under their feet may be cursed, it yields nothing but sand and thistles, ... They become worshippers of death dreaming of the green verdant fields of paradise which they can reach only if they kill enough men, women and children. Leaving devastation behind them, dead lands, lost cultures, widows and orphans, they claw their way up to heaven on a ladder of bones. Everything around them dies until the only green is on their flags. They are cursed from the earth and they curse the earth. Where they go, the world dies. ... Cain sows fields of corpses of the innocent for the Lord and he still does not understand why his sacrifice is not accepted and why the earth he dwells on is cursed. ...  From Iraq to Iran, from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, from Nigeria to Somalia, from Pakistan to Indonesia, he holds up human heads and cries 'Allahu Akbar'. ... There is no room for Cain anywhere. Where he remains there will be death and suffering. He will kill because it is all he can do. He has nothing else to offer the world, his own kind, or the Creator.. ... He kills from one end of the world to the next and it is never his fault. Each time, each Abel did it. ... His code is cruelty and his holy book is written in blood on the flayed skins of his murdered victims. ... The cries of peoples long vanished from the earth warn us that we will either drive out Cain or his curse will fill our lands with blood and dust and all that we love and all that we have worked for will die at his cursed touch" [source].


The Burden Which Habakkuk the Prophet Saw

The righteous cry out for God's punishment of the injustice in their lands:
O LORD, how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear! even cry out unto thee of violence, and thou wilt not save!
Why dost thou show me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance? for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention.
Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.

The LORD God answers:
Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.
For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs.
They are terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves.
Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, and are more fierce than the evening wolves:
And their horsemen shall spread themselves, and their horsemen shall come from far; they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat.
They shall come all for violence: their faces shall sup up as the east wind, and they shall gather the captivity as the sand.
And they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn unto them: they shall deride every strong hold; for they shall heap dust, and take it.
Then shall his mind change, and he shall pass over, and offend, imputing this his power unto his god.

The dismay of the righteous at God's answer:   
Art thou not from everlasting, O LORD my God, mine Holy One? we shall not die.
O LORD, thou hast ordained them for judgment; and, O mighty God, thou hast established them for correction.
Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity:
Wherefore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously, and holdest thy tongue when the wicked devoureth the man that is more righteous than he?
They take up all of them with the angle, they catch them in their net, and gather them in their drag: therefore they rejoice and are glad.
Therefore they sacrifice unto their net, and burn incense unto their drag; because by them their portion is fat, and their meat plenteous.
Shall they therefore empty their net, and not spare continually to slay the nations?
I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

The LORD God's reassurance to the righteous:
And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

[Habakkuk 1:1-2:4]


Please Pray for All Those Persecuted by Islam

There are many, many suffering brothers and sisters who desperately need us to pray for them...

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them;
and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body"
(Hebrews 13:3)






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