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Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them ...
is like a [wise] man which built a house, and digged deep, and laid the foundations on a rock:
and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it:
for it was founded upon a rock
(Luke 6:47-48)

Let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.
For other foundation can no man lay that is laid, which is Jesus Christ
(1 Corinthians 3:10b-11)

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3)

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May 2023 ~ This Month's Favourite Hymn

There's A Call Comes Ringing (Send the Light)

Thankyou to Dorcas who has recently been reacquainting our fellowship
with some of the good old Gospel hymns - this is one of them!

Favourite Hymns and the Stories Behind Them



Christene Jackman

"Ancient words infused with fresh melodies mark this worshipful collection of songs by Messianic psalmist, Christene Jackman.  Many songs are taken directly from the Scriptures and sung in Biblical Hebrew.  Some songs are completely in Hebrew, some in English, some a combination of both.  Rediscover the ancient paths of the Derech HaKodesh (Way of Holiness) as you enter into a deeper worship experience.  Torah: the Lifestyle of the Redeemed Community.  Messiah Yeshua: Goel/Savior and soon coming King"

Kaoma Chenda

"I am so thankful for the gift of music!  Not really sure how our world would be without it.  And so, as you visit my channel, I hope you will find a song or two that will be a blessing to you.  I have a lot of fun putting these videos together.  Thankful I can share my love for music with everyone that comes across it.  All praise belongs to the most High."

Sarah Begaj Music

"Thank you for visiting my creative outlet. The majority of songs are original Christian worship based on Bible verses and recorded at home by me on piano/guitar/violin, with the odd cover/video thrown in. All to the glory of God! I appreciate your support and hope you will be blessed..."



Sh'ma Yisrael

"Blending rhythmic praise with ethnic overtones and mixing the Hebrew and English languages, this will create in you a new and passionate expression of worship towards 'The Holy One of Israel'. Includes original recordings of the Israeli Defence Forces entering the old city of |Jerusalem and then reaching the Temple Mount and the Western Wall during the Six Day War in 1967."

Just As I Am

We're marching to Zion  /  Count Your Blessings  /  Trust and Obey  /  My Jesus, I Love Thee  /  Shall We Gather at the River?  /  O Happy Day!  /  Stand Up for Jesus!  /  Just As I Am  /  What a Friend We Have in Jesus  /  Have You Been to Jesus?  /  Rock of Ages  /  It Is Well  /  I Will Sing the Wondrous Story  /  When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.

God Hath Done All Things Well

His Name is Wonderful/There's Something About That Name  /  I'll Fly Away Medley  /  God Hath Done All Things Well  /  Happy Am I  /  There is Balm in Gilead  /  Praise Him! Praise Him!/Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee  /  Fear Thou Not  /  Happiness is the Lord  /  My Jesus, I Love Thee  /  Brighten the Corner Where You Are  /  Be Still, My Soul  /  When at the Judgment Seat/Seek Ye First  /  Take My Life and Let It Be/I Surrender All.

The Gospel Collection

"Wonderful Bible based songs sung beautifully and with heartfelt passion."

The following CDs by Vivienne Oates can be obtained from: Streams in the Desert, 27 Pirelli Way, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 5GE, UK, Tel: (44) 023-8064-7199

The Aaronic Blessing (Numbers 6:24-26)

"The Lord gave me the melody for this scripture to sing at a friend's wedding in 2002. Since then, I felt it right to include the original Hebrew text. I believe there is a greater significance to the Aaronic blessing than we have yet understood and so I pray that God would bless His precious word to us all."

How Sweet Are Your Words

Together With Jesus

Wake Up! O Child of God

"This album of songs has been born out of a strong expectation which I believe God has planted in my heart, that Jesus Christ will soon return to this world ... He is urgently calling us today to become more familiar with His holy word in order to know Him better; enabling us to recognise His voice in each situation that we shall know what to say and do. We also need to demonstrate our love for Him by our obedience and this, I am convinced, is true worship. The more we understand the heart of God, the more we shall see that the reason why He desires our obedience is because He loves us and wants only what is best for us. We shall learn more and more of what it means to worship Him in spirit and in truth as we allow every area of our lives to come under His lordship - our thought-life, words, deeds and desires..."



The books listed below should be available from the publishers shown or from usedbooksearch

Take Heed What Ye Hear: The Principles of Godly Music  (2008, AV Publications, VA 24053, USA)

"In the US ... we are reliving Old Testament history as so many people only obey rules which seem right in their own eyes (cf Judges 21:25). Nowhere is this selfish ideal any more prevalent than in our music.. ... few people have considered the most important musical question: 'What kind of music is pleasing to God?'  When you flatly ask, 'Do you think God would be delighted with the music you are listening to?' many people ... devise self-justifying answers reminiscent of a juvenile who has been caught red-handed in the proverbial cookie jar. But God's ways are not burdensome ... If we have tamed our stubborn wills, it is easy to accept our Master's direction. In [this booklet the author] presents easy-to-understand principles that thoughtful Christians may consider as they prove 'what is acceptable unto the Lord' (Ephesians 5:10). ... For Christians concerned about God's wishes, not just their own, [this booklet] can help them down the right path. We never err when we examine our actions in the light of God's will. And when we stand before Christ, there will be less shame if we have taken the time to consider God, the fount of music and our Creator, before we mindlessly absorb all the music that fills our land."

Let Us Praise / Let Us Worship  (2006, Bridge-Logos, Gainsville, Florida 32614, USA)

"In conferences and seminars, I have been asked repeatedly, 'What is the scriptural basis for praise?' This book is an attempt to answer that question. There are over 350 scriptural quotations or references in the book. I've tried to establish that praise is not Davidic but divine, that we are not emulating man's patterns but God's. I have not attempted to do a thorough exposition of all Bible passages that deal with worship. I have instead sought to inspire, direct, and channel the responses of the reader into worship, and to share from my experiences and observations over the past few years. If this book succeeds in inspiring worship in even a few persons, it will have been worth the enjoyable time I have spent writing it."

The Praises of God in Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs  (1999, Mayflower Christian Bookshop, Southampton SO19 2QB, England)

"For many Christians the practice of singing hymns in the worship of God is entirely in accord with Scripture. Others, however, believe the use of these compositions is unwarranted, and only sing from inspired Scripture, from the Book of Psalms. Both groups, it needs to be said, are concerned that the will of God alone shall be done o the churches. ... [The author] argues his case in a most Biblical & scholarly way. A very helpful booklet for those who want to look into these important matters."

Hymns and Spiritual Songs of Isaac Watts  (1998, Mayflower Christian Bookshop, Southampton SO19 2QB, England)

"A selection of fifty of Isaac Watts' hymns and spiritual songs has been made in celebration of the 250th anniversary of his death in 1748. These hymns reflect the depth of Christian experience in Isaac Watts' day. Very few of those chosen are known today, and this selection can be a challenge and encouragement as they set an example of true devotion. They are suitable for both meditation and singing. Each hymn has a tune chosen for it. It can be spiritually refreshing to join the worship of God's people in a day when they truly knew the Lord their God."

The Noise of Our Songs: Disturbing Trends in Contemporary Gospel Music  (1997, Berean Publications Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya)

"What kind of worship does God expect from us?  What are some of the functions of song?  How pleasing to God is contemporary gospel music?  What are some of the songs that contradict the scriptures?  What are the consequences of persisting in the singing of unscriptural songs?  What measures can we take in seeking to improve the quality of gospel music?  This book undertakes a reflection on these questions in the light of the Scriptures. The book points out that all that we do in music in the name of God, as in every other aspect of life, must be submitted to the only objective standard, namely, the Word of God."

A Brief History of Christian Music  (1997, Lion Publishing plc, Oxford, England)

"Throughout the centuries, some of the most creative musical geniuses have produced works to be performed as part of the life of the Christian church. The result is a great wealth of hymns, anthems, oratorios and other sacred music, from which organists and choirmasters throughout the world draw the hymns and other music for worship today. How has this magnificent tapestry developed? And where does the relatively small part of the pattern with which each Christian tradition is familiar fit into the tremendous variety of the whole? These are among the questions addressed by [the author] in this absorbing account, as he takes the reader through each period of European musical history, as well as the Orthodox tradition, the growing African scene, and the many-sided American picture - North and South."

The Facts on Rock Music  (1991/1992, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA)

"How powerful is rock music?  Can rock music influence sexual behavior?  Can rock music influence violent behavior?  Drugs and sexuality: Is there a comparison between the messages in rock and country music?  What about the 'safe' rock groups?  Where is rock music headed?  How does rock music reject Christian beliefs?  Does rock music support the occult?  How can you be a discerning listener?"

What's Wrong with Christian Rock?  (1990, Penfold Book & Bible House, Oxfordshire OX6 8PB, England)

"Many young people honestly believe Christian Rock music brings honor and glory to Jesus Christ. Does it really? Or is it a multi-billion dollar industry with a totally different purpose? In this book, [the author], an expert in the field of Rock music, gives you the facts. Now you can make an intelligent decision for yourself about a subject of great importance to all young people."

Pop Goes the Gospel: Rock in the Church  (1989, Evangelical Press, Co Durham DL1 1RQ, England)

"This book is an attempt to take a calm, balanced, through and biblical look at the whole subject of what has been called 'entertainment evangelism' ... You have a right to your own judgement on the issue, but as a Christian you have a responsibility to base that judgement solely on the commands and principles of Scripture, In other words, what you think must be controlled by what God says. At the beginning of the year in which he died, the missionary Spencer Walton wrote these words in his diary: 'The will of God - nothing less - nothing more - nothing else.'  On the issue of entertainment evangelism, as on every other issue, that should be all you want to know and all you want to do."

The Truth About Rock Music  (1985, B. McCall Barbour, Edinburgh EH1 1ES, Scotland)

"The truth about rock music;  Rick hits rock bottom;  Rock, soft rock and country;  What about religious rock?

The Devil's Disciples: The Truth About Rock  (1985, Chick Publications, CA 91708-0662, USA)

"In the pages of this book, [the author] rips away the curtain of lies, ignorance and misconceptions about modern Rock music that have puzzled parents for too many years. As a powerful teaching tool in the home or in the Church [this book] finally gives parents the best researched and most up-to-date information about Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal music [and f]or young people not afraid to face the truth..."

Shall We Dance? Dance and Drama in Worship  (1984, Evangelical Press, Co Durham DL1 1RQ, England)

"Over the past decade the use of dance and drama in worship and evangelism has grown rapidly. To many they are an essential part of Spirit-filled worship, for others they present a way to enliven an otherwise dull service, while yet others see them as unwarranted intrusions into the formal worship of a holy God. So what does the Bible teach about them? [The author] looks at these controversial issues and presents a positive message for the church today."

Christian Hymn-Writers  (1982, Evangelical Press of Wales, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales)

"Hymns and their authors are a fascinating subject. So often the life story of the hymn-writer, or some incident from it, finds expression in the form of a hymn that then becomes a means of blessing to many thousands of people. In compiling this collection of brief biographies of some of the great hymn-writers [the author] has ... sketched in some of these remarkable details of their lives that can help us to appreciate at a new deeper level words that we have sung and loved for years. To have done so in a manner that always keeps our interest and is so easy to read should guarantee that this book will be welcomed wherever great hymns are appreciated."

Worship in the Early Church  (1964, Marshall, Morgan and Scott, Ltd. Holborn, London, EC1, England)

"The Church is a worshipping community called into being by God Himself, not as a social institution or a convenient meeting-place for those whose individual interest and religious experience draw them together, but as the body of Christ in the world. The aim of this book is to quicken a practical concern in the life and worship of our Churches today."

The Master's Touch and Other Poems  (No Date, Morgan & Scott, Ltd. London, England)

Edith Cherry was just 25 when she died of a stroke in 1897, but during her short life she wrote many beautiful hymns and poems in worship of the everlasting care and faithfulness of the Lord who saved her.  This little book of hymns and poems are "selected from the writings of Edith Gilling Cherry by her mother Matilda S. Cherry."  


Hymns and Songs

Favourite Hymns and Songs

The hymns and songs chosen here are all ones which focus on God the Father and on the Lord Jesus Christ, and on what He has done for us on the cross, what He does for us as we walk with Him day by day, and His eventual return in glory to take us home to be with Him. They are hymns and songs which words are rich in doctrine and biblical truth, which music soars our spirits and restores our souls, which melodies are simple and beautiful, contemplative and rousing,
and which are easily learned and remembered thus enabling truly joyous corporate worship.




Thus saith the LORD,
Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way,
and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls
(Jeremiah 6:16)



We recommend the books and DVDs etc we have included on this page, but please note that we would not necessarily agree with every single word contained therein; neither can we necessarily vouch for any other materials by the same authors, or any groups or ministries or websites with which they may be associated, or the beliefs of whatever kind they may hold, or any other aspect of their work or ministry or position.  Likewise, our recommendation here of specific websites/pages does not necessarily imply that we endorse every aspect of that group or ministry.

Elizabeth McDonald