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"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it"
(Proverbs 22:6)

"And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children" (Isaiah 54:13)

"In the past 125 years, social engineers have sought to keep [Western] life under tight control.
Compulsory schooling is a deliberate effort to establish intellectual, economic, and political conformity
so that society can be managed efficiently by a technocratic elite"

"Parents have a prior tight to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children"
[UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) Article 26]

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The Purpose of Education

The Purpose of Education

"What is education for?  Surely it is to prepare children for life..."

Education vs. Training

"Education ... is concerned with the development of the mind, of the intellect ... its main purpose is the enhancement of an individual's ability to use his mind for his own personal pleasure or gain..."

The Religious Nature of Education

"Most [people] think of education as a value-neutral arena in which children are taught the knowledge and skills they need to function as adults in society.  [But] we must realize that education is inherently religious.  What is education, if not teaching children about the way the world works?..."

Health Versus Education

"[W]hile we all have a good picture of what it is to be healthy, we don’t seem to share the same kind of insight into what it means to be educated. ... People have to ask themselves what education is for, in a way they would never ask what health is for. People speculate that education is for the sake of the economy; for social cohesion; for personal fulfilment; for gaining qualifications; for training revolutionaries, or for the preservation of tradition. As in so many other areas where the aims are less clear than medicine: 'some men are aiming at cures which other men would regard as worse maladies; are offering ultimate conditions as states of health which others would uncompromisingly call states of disease.'..."


Do State/Public Schools Educate?

Government Schools Hoodwink Christian Parents  (14 October 2010)

"The movie Waiting for Superman is causing a stir. Socialist union supporters are accusing it of 'scapegoating teachers and union-busting', and teachers are protesting outside movie theaters around the country. NEA President Dennis Van Roekel has said that 'the film demonizes public education, teachers unions and, unfortunately, teachers.' By bringing national attention to the plight of parents whose kids are stuck in poor performing schools, Superman is certainly agitating educators. There's another movie coming soon, however, that tells the true story about why public schools are so dangerous to our kids. IndoctriNation produced by filmmaker and father of seven Colin Gunn, tells the story of the Gunn family's bus tour across America on a quest to discover the origins of our modern educational system. What they discover 'is a masterful design'..."

Is Education Improving? If Not, Why Not?  (July 2006)

"Education is said to have improved in the last few years. Good schools continue to do good work and failing schools are being turned around. There is an accepted view that the world of education is moving forward positively, parental concerns continue to be voiced and heeded. The general perception is that educational matters are on the up! I would like to suggest that this is not the case..."

The Charade of Education Reform  (No Date)

"When we saw President George Bush and Sen. Ted Kennedy on television billing and cooing over the new education bill, fittingly called 'No Child Left Behind', we knew that the reform is as phony as all the previous reforms that were supposed to leave no child behind..."

Goals 2000: Another Fed Fiasco  (No Date)

"Back in February 1990, when President Bush proposed his Goals 2000 initiative in his State of the Union address, I expressed my usual skepticism over any government program that promises to 'solve' our education problem with catchy slogans..."

When Teachers Become Psychotherapists  (No Date)

"Most parents of public school children are unaware that teachers ... are now practicing psychotherapy in the classroom without a license. Not only do they not have a license, but they haven't even had adequate training. In fact, many teachers don't even know that they are practicing psychotherapy. They think that what they are doing has something to do with education..."

Schooling: The Hidden Agenda  (No Date)

"The need for schooling is bolstered by two-well entrenched pieces of cultural mythology. The first and most pernicious of these is that children will not learn unless they're compelled to - in school. ... Of course, anyone who has had a child knows what an absurd lie this is..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the links given.  Please bear with me while I find them elsewhere on the internet.

The Exhausted School  by John Taylor Gatto

"Keep in mind as I speak that I spent 26 years in public [state] school classrooms. My perspective is that of an insider, not an outsider..."

The Problem of Schooling  by John Taylor Gatto

"Experts have consistently misdiagnosed and misdefined the problem of schooling..."

Public [State] Education The Point of No Return: Are We There?  by Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld

"In April 1983 the National Commission on Excellence in Education issued its now historic report, A Nation at Risk, in which it said: 'The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a nation and as a people.' Then it added a comment which must have raised a lot of eyebrows:..."

The Psychopathic School: The Failure of Modern Education  by John Taylor Gatto

"We live in a time of great school crisis linked to an even greater social crisis. ... We seem to have lost our identity. Children and old people are penned up and locked away from the business of the world to a degree without precedent; ... and without children and old people mixing in daily life a community has no future and no past, only a continuous present. ... School is a major actor in this tragedy..."

Confederacy of Dunces: The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling  by John Taylor Gatto

"Old-fashioned dumbness used to be simple ignorance: you didn't know know something, but there were ways to find out if you wanted to. ... Now dumb people aren't just ignorant; they're the victims of the non-thought of second-hand ideas..."

Mudshill Theory, the Lancaster Amish, and Jaime Escalante  by John Taylor Gatto

"The current system of government factory schooling is based on a belief that ordinary children cannot accomplish much, will not work hard unless coerced, tricked, or bribed, and will inevitably work for the balance of their post-school lives - if they work at all - in large government, corporate, or institutional employment pyramids managed by a professional elite..."

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

"In 1971 when I returned to the United States after living in the West Indies for three years, I was shocked to find public education had become a warm, fuzzy, soft, mushy, touchy-feely experience, where its purpose had become socialization, not learning..."

Three Rules for This Evening's Class  by Victor Gonzales

"Good evening. ... Tonight we hope to teach you something about school... and something about education..."

Ten Good Reasons to Keep Your Child in Public [State] Schools  by Joel Turtel

"Here are ten reasons why parents should keep their kids in public [state] schools...

Public Schools - Public Prisons  by Joel Turtel

"Why have we put our children into education prisons called public [state] schools?  What crimes have they committed? ... Do I exaggerate by calling these schools 'prisons'? Well, let's compare prisons and public schools..."

Public [State] Schools Aren't for Christians  by Richard Wheeler

"This book deals with a delicate subject - the dangers of government education in America. Below is a list of subjects that are addressed from a Biblical perspective. If you use even one of the six reasons as justification for placing your children in a public school, this book is a 'must' reading..."


The New Education

Brave New Schools: Introduction - Before You Begin

"Remember the frog that landed in a pan of water and stayed until it boiled? Had the pan been hot, the frog would have noticed and hopped out. But the water felt cool at first, and the frog sensed no danger. It simply relaxed and conformed to the gradual change. Subdued by the rising heat, it grew too sluggish to act. By the time the water boiled, the frog was dead..."

General Articles on the New Education

Greening Surrenders at the First Salvo from the Blob  (27 December 2017)

"Michael Gove promised us tougher GCSE exams. We were told that a new generation of GCSE exams would be calibrated against the most rigorous exam systems around the world. Even before this new generation of exams have been sat, however, the latest Education Secretary has announced a dumbing down..."

Star Teacher: Schools are Subjecting Pupils to 'Left-Wing Brainwashing'  (15 July 2017)

"[C]omputer science teacher Calvin Robinson said he was 'not at all surprised that the majority of young people voted in line with a Left-wing agenda to remain in the undemocratic, or even anti-democratic EU. Schools have been grooming children towards this decision for years ... schools will talk about (see: preach) how important tolerance is, but the moment you express an opinion that isn't in line with their thinking, you'll see how short-lived their tolerance truly is'..."

The Philistines Have Taken Over the Classroom  (03 April 2013)

"In virtually every Western society, education is in trouble. In part, the crisis of schooling is a product of the politicisation of education. In recent decades, education has been transformed into an instrument of public policy, a means for achieving objectives that are entirely external to learning..."

Teech Uz Goode Lorde  (20 March 2013)

"'Top' academics have written to the Daily Telegraph to complain that junior school pupils are being asked to learn by rote. I wonder why they substitute the dead mechanistic word 'rote' for what we used wholesomely to refer to as learning by 'heart'?..."

Education Wars: The Battle for Our Children  (04 September 2012)

"There is perhaps no greater battleground than that of the education arena. He who can educate (or indoctrinate) our children will win not only our children but the future. For centuries we have known of the crucial importance of education, especially the relatively new public, or state, education..."

Totalitarianism and Education  (15 December 2010)

"Between the ages of 16 and 19, virtually all Norwegians attend upper secondary school ... Most opt for public schools over private ones, and a goodly chunk of that group chooses a course plan whose emphasis is on history, social science, and the humanities. As our educators admit, though, Norwegian students would be remiss to expect to actually learn anything about those subjects. This is not an accident caused by the quality of the school system, ... it is a consequence of design. The bureaucrats and intellectuals who create the curriculum for Norway's State schools, most of whom attended university during the 1960s and 1970s and partook of that era's student radicalism, agree that the goal of education is not the transmission of knowledge, but the propagation of soixante-huitardisme, relativism, and a bellyfeel hatred of white Europeans..."

Reviving the 'Science' of 'Re-education'  (18 May 2009)

"While Stalin was implementing his 'scientific' brainwashing scheme in the Soviet Union, the free West (especially England, Canada and the USA) generally ignored it. No moral outcry was heard when millions of Russians were slaughtered or herded to labor camps. Why?..."

Indoctrinating Our Toddlers  (14 April 2009)

"Public, state-provided education is relatively recent, not even 200 years old. Prior to state education, parents were the primary educators of their children. In addition to teaching children the basics, they could also pass on deeply-held values and beliefs. But with most children in the West today spending a large part of their early years in state schools, the values and ideologies of the state, not the parents, become dominant. And those with values which are hostile to that of most parents are quite happy to exploit this to the maximum. Indeed, this has been a deliberate policy..."

Censorship and the Secular Left  (17 February 2009)

"Liberal or leftist secularism is the reigning ideology amongst our Western intelligentsia and elites. It certainly has a stranglehold on our educational system. It can be very difficult to get in alternative points of view. Most attempts to penetrate this ideological hegemony are usually met with stiff opposition, animosity, and censorship..."

Students, Red Pens, and the State of a Nation  (15 December 2008)

"By now most of you would have heard of another example of madness in our public (taxpayer-funded) schools. An education kit in Queensland is encouraging teachers to throw out their red marking pens because using them might give little Johnny or Sarah a bad self-image. Here is how one news report puts it:.."

The Hypocrisy of Intolerant 'Tolerance'  (27 October 2006)

"Imagine that you are a 13-year-old student in a state high school and your class is given an assignment that conflicts with your religious beliefs. What if you were told that by not completing the assignment you would fail the class? ... Would the state education system protect your rights against religious discrimination?..."

Time to De-Radicalise Our Schools  (09 October 2006)

"Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop caused quite a stir last week when she made a two-part suggestion about our education system. One, she proposed a standardised national curriculum, and two, she argued that the hegemony of left-wing ideology over our school system needs to be broken. Her second proposal especially drew the ire from all the usual suspects. Education unions, officials and bureaucrats were quick to attack Bishop, and defend their turf. They of course denied any leftist slant to teaching, and claimed she was simply being provocative..."

Erring on the Side of Censorship  (21 July 2006)

"Becoming a valedictorian is hard work, and a student making the valedictorian's address has every reason to be thrilled with this accomplishment. It is common in this address for the speaker to credit those who have helped the student reach that podium. ... But when Brittany McComb tried to thank the Person most important to her success ... the school cut off her microphone..."

A Review of Why Our Schools are Failing by Kevin Donnelly  (21 May 2004)

"Earlier this year the Howard Government came under attack for suggesting that many parents are concerned about the state of our schools. ... Indeed, leftist bias, mediocrity, a downwards leveling, discipline problems, lowered academic standards, political correctness, and the push for values that many parents are uncomfortable with, have all led to a mass exodus from public education. The facts bear this out..."

Teen Rage and Deadly Delights (Part Two)  (2002)

"Using violence to justify snooping, snitching and statist control..."

Teen Rage and Deadly Delights (Part One)  (2002)

"Social changes that drive teens to irrational rage..."

Moulding Human Resources for the Global Workforce  (2001 / 2006)

"Do you wonder who really plans your child's education? What their true motives are? ... You will find some revealing answers at UNESCO's website on Worldwide Action in Education..."

Reinventing the World - Part Three: Managing the Masses Through Global Standards and Continual Assessments  (2001)

"We are told that globalization calls for accountability and that accountability demands uniform, universal standards. That sounds reasonable, doesn't it? But what about standardized people? Or standardized beliefs and values?..."

Reinventing the World - Part Two: The Mind-Changing Dialectic Process  (2001)

"The world's path to success is changing fast. In the new 21st-century institution - be it a school, church, corporation or government - hard work and dedication won't suffice. Getting ahead in the global community will mean compromise, conformity, group thinking and submission to the ground rules of the consensus process..."

Reinventing the World - Part One: The Seamless Communitarian System  (2001)

"Strange new labels have begun to define our schools, workplaces, clinics and other institutions. We all hear them, but few understand them: OBE, STW, TQM, CGM, PDC, HMO, Third Way... What do they really mean? ... Who defines the terms and sets the standards?..."

Brainwashing in America: Why Few Dare Call It Conspiracy  (2001)

"Brainwashing is not, as some anti-Christian educators and students contend, the Biblical process of training our children to love and follow God. The word 'brainwashing' refers to a planned, step-by-step attempt to 'wash' family-taught beliefs from the minds of those who oppose government ideology..."

The Traditional and Progressive Philosophies of Education  (June 1999)

"It is impossible to understand what is happening in our education system without first having some knowledge of the two conflicting philosophies which affect policy. These are usually described as the traditional and progressive philosophies. ... Major tenets of the traditional philosophy are listed below with the progressive equivalents alongside. Key words are in italics:.."

Mind Control: How to Resist Three UNESCO Strategies for Training Children to Reject Truth...  (1998)

"'You're going to consult an oracle. It will tell you that you're going to kill your best friend. This is destined to happened and there is absolutely no way out...'.  Emotional shock therapy has become standard fare in public [state] schools from coast to coast. It produces cognitive dissonance - mental and moral confusion..."

Education or Indoctrination?  (1996 / 2000)

"Imagine a country where the curriculum taught in preschool through college is designed by humanists and based on occultism. ... A place where the school system ... is designed to directly undermine parents' authority and destroy the natural child-parent relationship..."

A Review of Child Abuse in the Classroom edited by Phyllis Schlafly  (12 October 1995)

"Several years ago when my then 5-year-old was attending first grade at a local state school, he came home with a document called a 'Social Justice Policy'. I was supposed to read it and pass on any comments. Most parents probably would not have read it. I did, and I was upset by what I read. The document was basically a feminist tract which proposed a number of measures to make every aspect of the school more 'gender inclusive'. ... I knew that attempts to enforce political correctness and to engage in social engineering were rife in colleges, but I was not prepared for seeing my 5-year-old being used as a tool in this madness. This was to be my first exposure to an educational system that has long ago abandoned simply teaching knowledge and skills, but instead acts as a change agent to redirect our children’s values and beliefs..."

Education Reform for the New World Order  (March 1993)

"The traditional classroom where the teacher dispensed information to students who were expected to learn certain facts and truths is being done away.  In its place is a new, unstructured 'teaching environment' in which the teacher will no longer teach, but 'facilitate' the learning process..."

Using Children to Spy on Families: Changing Values and Monitoring Minds in the Guise of 'Prevention'  (No Date)

"Theater and role-playing are powerful tools for social change. ... T.A.L.K. Theater fits right in. 'It's psychological examination on the students without parental consent'..."

All Men Are Good by Nature  (No Date)

A "line of thinking that has influenced modern education" ... is that of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), known as 'Romanticism'. Rousseau believed "that everything was good as it came from the hand of God and Nature, but all things deteriorate in the hands of men. ... In 1762, Rousseau published Emile, a classic guide to education according to nature..."

The Fraud of Education Reform  (No Date)

"There was a time when the NEA openly admitted that its goal was world government. In a 1946 NEA Journal editorial ... the editor wrote, 'In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher has many parts to play..."

Humanism and Public Education  (No Date)

"In the January/February 1983 issue of The Humanist magazine, a young scholar by the name of John J. Dunphy expressed the aim of humanists in education with these very blunt words: 'I am convinced that the battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith'..."

Columbine High and New Age Philosophy  (No Date)

"One of the reasons why the educrats ... focused on guns as the chief cause of the Littleton massacre is because Columbine High School was supposed to be the kind of progressive school where such things could never happen..."

Public Schools: Manufacturing Center for Mindless, Immoral Slaves  (No Date)

"The world system being placed into operation realizes that the family is the backbone of resistance to their plans, and that children are the key to the final implementation of their designs. A battle is raging on many fronts for the minds and futures of our children, and the public school system is one of the main battlefields..."

Education and the New World Order  (No Date)

"An organization called the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) which is an offshoot of the National Education Association and a promoter of the New World Order, has claimed power to determine what students should learn and should not learn in history, geography, government, economics, religion, psychology, etc..."

Public Education or Pagan Indoctrination? A Report on New Age Influence in the Schools  (No Date)

"'What did you learn in school today?' used to be a fairly benign question to ask one's children, but this is no longer the case. Thousands of parents ... are awakening to the startling reality that there is something terribly wrong infecting public education. What these parents are beginning to understand is that the New Age movement has made significant inroads into the educational establishment and has infused many curricula and programs with its practices and ideology..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the links given.  Please bear with me whilst I find them elsewhere on the internet.

Glossary of Education Terms  by Berit Kjos

"Most of these definitions come from the glossary in Brave New Schools.  Hopefully this will help ... parents identify: (a) Educational terms that sound nice but hide a contrary meaning, ...  As time permits, we plan to add more definitions..."

The Evolving Child: John Dewey's Impact on Modern Education Part I  by Nancy Pearcey

"William Coulson was a student and subsequently a colleague of Carl Rogers, the founder of non-directive (later called client-centered) psychotherapy. Roger's work, along with the work of Rollo May and Abraham Maslow, became known as humanistic psychology. The humanistic psychologists felt the techniques they had developed would be useful not only in therapy but also in education. ... [These men] studied at Colombia University where [John] Dewey had his greatest influence..."

The Evolving Child: John Dewey's Impact on Modern Education Part II  by Nancy Pearcey

"John Dewey was more influential than his predecessors because, as a philosopher, he sought to construct not just an educational theory but an entire world view. ... Dewey's goal was to devise not only a theory of education but also a theory of knowledge (epistemology)..."

Outcome-Based Education: Behavioral Psychology in the Classroom  by Gene Zimmer

"Do you want your first grader to be taught arithmetic by using a calculator, or to guess at words rather than read? Do you want him to do his very best and then be given another child's grade? Do you want educators to change the beliefs and behaviors you have taught your child? Do you want homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality to be taught as normal and acceptable?..."

Education: The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum

"The dictionary definition of education describes it as 'the impartation or acquisition of knowledge, skill, or discipline of character'. The function of education is thus to school persons in the ultimate values of a culture. ... When a state takes over the responsibilities of education from the church or Christian parents, the state has not thereby disowned all religions but simply disestablished Christianity in favour of its own statist religion, usually a form of humanism..."

Pre- and Primary Schooling / Literacy / English / Dyslexia

Primary Education Quest (Part Three) - Another Half-Decent, Although Not Perfect, School  (18 November 2018)

"What we are finding as we tour the three schools that we are allowed to put our son's name down for is that some are excellent and are headed by leaders who exude common sense and are willing to see parents as partners in a child's education and not a potential problem. Others are appallingly chaotic with a palpable culture of political correctness ... The third school we've looked at I would say fell somewhere between the two points of excellent and ... awful..."

Primary Education Quest (Part Two) - Another School But One With Less Leftie Lunatics and More Real Education  (05 October 2018)

"Our first visit to a school, one run by a local authority, brought us into contact with a ... walking talking parody of a left wing head teacher. She banged on about how she was a fan of 'diversity' ... However the next school, an Academy and therefore one step removed the influence of the local authority, was far and away a much better school. Educationally there is a massive emphasis put on literacy and numeracy with stress put on English grammar and building up number skills..."

Primary Education Quest (Part One) - Encountering the Left Wing Fools in Schools  (04 October 2018)

"My wife and I are at the start of a very important quest. It's a quest that could have more positive or negative influence on our son than almost anything that has occurred since he was born and could affect the rest of his life. Yes, we are currently looking for a primary school for 'Laughing Boy' and it is turning out to be a frustrating search that has given us an inkling into how all-pervasive Left wing ideology has become in Britain's schools..."

Britain Has the Most Successful Education in the World  (29 January 2016)

"Of course much depends on how you define success. By the standards used in the recent OECD report, the British educational system appears to be an abject failure. A survey of teenagers aged 16-19 in 23 developed countries placed our youngsters at 23 in literacy and 22 in numeracy, which - by such retrograde criteria - wouldn't exactly qualify our education as a rip-roaring success. However, if you define success as I do, achieving the desired result, then our education qualifies with bells on. For producing two generations of dysfunctional ignoramuses was precisely the aim of our governing nonentities. Literate youngsters would be tempted to read books without pictures in them, thereby developing their minds..."

Dyslexia Is Not A Disease. It Is An Excuse For Bad Teachers  (02 March 2014)

"I doubt there has ever been a society so easily fooled by pseudo-science and quackery as ours is..."

Grammar is Back - and Spelling will also Score Marks Under Exams Shake-up  (19 November 2010)

"A-levels and GCSEs are to be toughened up with fewer but harder exams and a crackdown on poor ­grammar and spelling under sweeping reforms being unveiled next week..."

All-Day Kindergarten: An Early Start to Educational Brainwashing  (23 August 2010)

"This fall children as young as three- and- a-half years old will attend all-day Kindergarten in 600 schools across the province. Many think this is a great idea. How can anybody question an early start to schooling and learning? Some educators believe, including parents, that the earlier we begin schooling the better..."

Psychologist Warns of 'Educational Television' Myth  (12 February 2008)

"[F]or Dr. Aric Sigman, ... the author of 'Remotely Controlled: How Television is Damaging Our Lives', the battle against what he calls the 'recreational junk food' of TV is one well worth fighting. ... 'There is a definite inverse relationship between time spent watching any kind of television or screen when you are young and your ability to read and concentrate when you are older'..."

The Teaching of English  (June 2004)

"If a driving test examiner awarded passes to learner drivers on the basis of the interesting places they took him to instead of on their driving technique, our roads would very soon become impossibly dangerous. But language use is a learnt skill just as much as driving a car, and every year teachers award high grades to students who can tailor their style and tone to their audience but are unable to form a coherent, grammatical sentence..."

Lost for Wurds  (30 June 2002)

"The diagnosis, when it finally came, was a relief. My son wasn't stupid; he just had a syndrome. He was dyspraxic. No one could tell us exactly what dyspraxia was, nor how it differed from dyslexia or ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) or Asperger's or all the other conditions with which children were then being fashionably diagnosed. And when we looked into it, it appeared that which of these conditions you had often depended on what kind of professional - educational psychologist, physiotherapist, GP - made the diagnosis..."

How Public [State] Schools are Destroying the American [British] Brain  (No Date)

"Have you ever corrected a teenager on a bit of factual information, or a misspelling, or an incorrect usage of the language, and gotten the response, 'Whatever'? ... Where does this casual, numb response come from?..."

Why Children Fail  (No Date)

"It is said that only about 20% of all Americans can be considered truly literate, in the sense that they can deal with the written word at any level..."

How to Dumb Down a Nation  (No Date)

"Easy. Destroy its literacy. ... And once dumbed down, it becomes the potential victim of any power that wants to dominate it..."

Defining Whole Language  (No Date)

"The other day, I received an e-mail from a lady in California who asked, 'What on earth is the whole-language system?' ... Fortunately, the answer is easy to give, because whole-language professors have been quite open in defining what they mean by their pedagogic philosophy. So I shall quote some salient passages from their writings..."

The Season for Dyslexia  (No Date)

"What most parents don't realize is that the reason why their child is having a problem learning to read is because of the way he or she is being taught..."

Newsweek and Dyslexia  (No Date)

"In the sight approach, children ... are taught to look at each word as a whole configuration, ... This sort of practice produces the symptoms of dyslexia: reading words backwards, reversing letters when writing, gross misspellings, word guessing, ... etc. The reason why dyslexia is so hard to cure is because the child has acquired a holistic reflex..."

Our Lobotomized Children  (No Date)

"Some months ago, a father brought his 15-year-old, ninth-grade son to me to be tested. This very intelligent boy had a reading problem which was preventing him from advancing in his education. ... This youngster was no different from so many others I have worked with over the last 30 years. He was a typical sight-reader..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the links given.  Please bear with me whilst I find them elsewhere on the internet.

Dumbing Down America  by Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld

"I am often asked to name those educators responsible for the change in primary reading instruction which led to the decline of literacy in America. People ask this because by the time they understand the history of the reading problem and of the dumbing down process that has been going on in our public schools for the past forty years, they recognize that all of this is not the result of a series of accidents but of conscious, deliberate decisions made by our educational leaders..."

The New Illiteracy  by Charles J. Sykes

"Joan Wittig and Beverly Jankowski are not experts. They just didn't understand why their children weren't learning to write, spell, or read very well. They didn't understand why their children kept coming home with sloppy papers filled with spelling mistakes and bad grammar and why teachers never corrected them or demanded better work..."

A Child's Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste  by Joel Turtel

"About two years ago, I became a volunteer reading instructor in a local public [state] school. I wanted to teach kids to read for a few reasons..."

Whole Language: Deconstruction in the Primary School  by Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld

"The ultimate goal of the whole language movement—described by its promoters as “nothing short of a grass-roots revolution in education”—is the replacement of our biblically based Christian civilization by a world pagan, socialist system. This may sound like an extreme statement..."

Look-See Reading Method vs. Phonics: How Psychologists Have Destroyed Reading Ability  by Gene Zimmer

"Given its importance, it is not surprising that the dispute over the teaching of reading is the site of some of the most intense and emotional battles in the school wars..."

Dyslexia: The Man-Made Disease  by Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld

"For years I have been telling parents and educators that the kind of reading difficulties afflicting perfectly normal children in our schools today are being caused by the teaching methods and not by any defect in the children themselves..."

Language as a Battlefield  by David Norris

"[I]f the way in which we use language can be undermined, so can the authoritarian belief-systems which determine it and society can be changed. ... Language generally and grammar in particular reflect precisely the way we look at things. ... Those able to influence the way language is used will also direct the way in which the users of that language think. ... Educationalists, ... have dictated the methods by which children are taught to read and use the English language..."

Friedrich Froebel's Kindergartens  by John Taylor Gatto

"Since in Froebel's scheme the sacred scientific undertaking of state schooling suffered from the 'state of raw material brought to it' his plan was to gently remove or weaken the influence of parents, transferring it to 'gardeners of children' ... That Froebel's purpose has been substantially achieved in the West is the curse of our time and lies at the heart of the problem of modern schooling..."

Science and Just-So Stories

Science Lessons Are All Talk and No Learning  (6 November 2010)

"Science in schools is under threat as teachers abandon rigorous lessons in favour of classroom debates on social problems..."

Top Scientists Tell Scottish Pupils: the Bible is True  (16 October 2010)

"A new creationist group that preaches [sic] the 'scientific' [sic] theory of intelligent design has set up in Glasgow with the stated aim of promoting its beliefs to schools and colleges..."

Faith Schools  (19 August 2010)

"I made myself watch the Richard Dawkins' programme 'Faith Schools Menace' last night and it was predictably biased and prejudiced I thought. I find it ironic that the things he accuses 'religious' people of are the very traits he exhibits himself..."

Downing Street Petition Demands Reversal of Catastrophic Decline in School Science Exam Standards  (27 November 2008)

"Armed with the first hard evidence of a catastrophic slippage in school science examinations standards, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has launched a Downing Street e-petition calling for urgent intervention to halt the slide..."

Lying in the Name of Indoctrination  (August 2008)

"Dogmatists committed to a dying paradigm will argue with falsehoods to convince the public of their claims... especially when they're targeting children..."

The Elephant in the Room  (31 October 2008)

"Usually, we teach what we think is important, and don't teach things we consider unimportant. But what is important and by what standard is this determined?...

Faith-Based Attacks on Religious Schools  (17 September 2008)

"'So what is a faith-based education and what happens if religion collides with it?' This question was the subject of the May 27th broadcast of Insight. ... Unsurprisingly, evolution surfaced nearly immediately as the major point of conflict between secular and religious education..."

They Are Teaching Lies to Our Kids  (01 April 2008)

"A friend recently showed me a copy of his teenage son's new science text book. ... there's a whole unit on evolution. ... As I looked through the unit I found it was full of out-dated information and scientific errors. You could write a whole book refuting the stuff..."

They're Teaching Racism to Our Kids  (07 March 2008)

"A school textbook used in Australia includes one of the classic icons of evolution that NewScientist recently admitted is a racist hangover from the Victorian era. Although this example is specific to Australia, check the textbooks used in your country because the problem is a global one..."

'How Do I Do My Assignment About Evolution?'  (19 June 2007)

"So ... [you] have received an assignment asking you to explain some evolutionary concepts. ... All you need is to understand the thinking of secular science, how to research the topic, and how to write the assignment..."

Is Evolution Really Essential For Biology?  (28 April 2007)

"The following email was received from university professor Richard Meiss concerning the debate Clash Over Origins in which CMI's Dr. Carl Wieland debated University of Georgia professor Mark Farmer..."

Kid Con: How Biology Texts Mislead High School Students  (13 April 2007)

"I have been a high school music teacher for over 40 years and recently retired from full-time teaching.  Since then I have been casually employed as a supply and short-contract teacher, and had the opportunity to see the text books and lesson plans for a wide variety of school subjects..."

'Creation Evangelism' in the Public School Classroom  (20 September 2004)

"Here is a fascinating email exchange between a Christian family (daughter and father) and a science teacher in a USA public [state] school. We think it will be enlightening about the nature of the battle that undoubtedly plays itself out many times each day in government-run schools in the Western world..."

A Faithful Man Takes on Faith-Based Teaching  (06 August 2004)

"Dear [...], I am the father of [...], and I would like to respectfully express to you my concern over your approach to teaching evolution in the classroom and materials used. ...I do not have a problem with teaching evolution, as long as the scientific problems are also discussed, but this does not appear to the case in your classroom..."

What Biology Textbooks Never Told You About Evolution  (August 2001)

"Why do many believe evolutionary theory is true? One is bombarded constantly with claims that all scientists believe in evolution; that science has demonstrated it; that evolution is based on empirical science. Many might remember 'proofs' ... learned in school or from popular science articles..."

Who's Really Pushing 'Bad Science'?  (26 September 2000)

"It is vitally important that words should be used accurately and consistently. Without this, any discussion is meaningless..."

Theory of Evolution: Fact or Fairy Tale?  (No Date)

"Back in 1987 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 1981 Louisiana law which mandated a balanced treatment in teaching evolution and creation in the public schools. ... The court adopted the atheist position that creation is a religious myth..."

God the Educator (Integrating Evolutionary Theory into Educational Practice)  (No Date)

"Telling children that they are animals, part of the animal kingdom, and training them as animals has been the downfall of American education. ... We are producing barbaric children and young adults who do not know how to use their minds because they no longer have them. ... For as long as behavioral psychologists control the curriculum, including the content and instruction methods of public education, the schools will never be able to attain the intellectual competence they once were capable of..."

So, You're Doing a Report on Creation vs. Evolution...  (No Date)

"Every school year, students wanting to do a paper on 'Creation vs. Evolution' contact our ministry for our advice and insights..."

The article below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find it elsewhere on the internet.

Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Evolution  by Jonathan Wells

Environmental and Ecological Studies

Are Teens Starting to See Through the Climate Lies?  (18 January 2024)

"Should it really be any surprise that not all teenagers are on the same page as Greta Thunberg? ... that they are not entirely convinced by the rhetoric thrown at them daily, such as 'the world is on fire' (Greta Thunberg), or 'there will be the slaughter, death, and starvation of six billion people' (Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion), or 'we have five years to save the planet' (the World Wildlife Find in, er, 2007), and think that the reality is quite likely a lot more modest than that.  But, no, this can't possibly be a sign of teenagers thinking for themselves and working out that climate activists are spinning apocalyptical visions to promote their cause.  Rather it is a sign that our youth have fallen victim to a dark conspiracy to poison their minds with shameless lies.  Or so the Center for Countering Digital Hate ('hate' in this case seems to mean anything that diverges from its left-wing views) seems to think..."  /  Reader's comment:  "'there is quite a bit of exaggeration over 'climate change'". 'Complete lack of honesty' would be a more realistic description I think"

Sustainability: The Green New Deal  (22 February 2019)

"On February 4th 2019, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an avowed authoritarian Socialist who promotes corruption and wealth confiscation, released her national Green New Deal scheme promoting environmental sustainability. The 'deal' is a massive transfer of wealth based on race ... The Green New Deal is ... Socialism masquerading as environmentalism ... According to the report, Sustainability: Higher Education's New Fundamentalism, 'college campuses is where the movement gets its voice of authority, and where it molds the views and commands the attention of young people.'  This creates ready-made enviro-activists to push the city's Sustainability agenda: Children, teens and minority groups act as political pawns to push the city's 'vision' as a 'collaborative' community input process, which in turn is used by State legislatures to create more environmental laws because they claim it is what the people want, even though no one voted. Our children are being subjected to government propaganda in order to change their behavior to support Sustainability..."

No A-Level for 'Climate Change Denier'  (12 April 2014)

"Expanding on a theme touched on here more than once over the years, the report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by Andrew Montford and John Shade shows how generations of schoolchildren have been taught to accept as gospel nothing but a propagandist, Greenpeace-type view of the global-warming scare, so one-sided that it makes a mockery of the requirement under the 1996 Education Act that pupils only be taught in a balanced way, allowing them to form their own view of the evidence..."

British Kids Encouraged to Become 'Climate Cops'  (July 2008)

"A leading British energy company blitzed the newspapers with full page colour advertisements this weekend which encourage children to sign up as 'climate cops' and keep 'climate crime case files' on their families, friends and neighbours..."

Terrorising Our Kids for Gaia  (10 June 2008)

"Fear-mongering about the environment is not new. And using our classrooms to terrorise our kids about supposed environmental catastrophes is not new either. The people doing the terrorising may have good intentions, but they often have hidden agendas as well..."

Transformational Education and the Global Warming Fantasy  (March 2008)

"In early 2007 the government of the United Kingdom sent copies of Al Gore's global warming DVD, An Inconvenient Truth, to all secondary schools in England, Wales, Scotland. This action was part of a nationwide 'Sustainable Schools year of Action' which had been launched in 2006..."

Training Children to Thank a Goddess  (November 2006)

Recent United Nations Environmental Programme books for children "are designed to arouse fear, anger and determination to fight for the planet. But no genuine environmental problem can be solved without factual understanding..."

Saving the Earth  (No Date)

"With today's emphasis on whole education, thematic learning, and integrated curriculum, it's difficult to know where environmental education begins and other studies (math, reading, social studies...) end..."

Is Earth Our Mother?  (No Date)

"During Earth Day 1990 celebrations, children wrote poems to Our Mother, visualized her healing, used guided imagery to connect with her spirits, and committed their lives to her preservation..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find them elsewhere on the internet.

State Brainwashing Children to 'Re-Educate' Their Parents for Green Dictatorship  by Paul Joseph Watson

"A massive program with its tentacles embedded into almost every corner of education and popular culture is underway to use the 'green' agenda to brainwash children and turn them against their own parents, as the state moves towards the creation of a Stasi-style informant society using methods that have been repeated in every totalitarian state throughout history..."

As Orwell Warned, Children Now Spy on Adults  by Brendan O'Neill

"When I was a child, 'pester power' meant stamping one's feet in a shop. ... It was a feeble force, this alleged power of the pest, easily squished by a clip round the lughole ... How times have changed. Today, 'pester power' is a powerful political tool..."

For more on Environmentalism please see here


Education Wars  (28 September 2006)

"As has been frequently documented, our educational institutions have by and large been captured by the ideological Left and the forces of political correctness. The three Rs have for some time now been replaced by various left wing causes, ideological propaganda, and a monotonous critique of the West. It is hard to find any core department in our schools today that has not been subverted by this radical agenda. The arts and humanities departments have long ago succumbed to the assault troops of the secular left. But even more mundane school subjects are not immune. Consider the area of geography for example. When I was growing up that subject had to do with naming rivers, identifying countries, recognising topography and the like. But not today. Instead we have a radicalised and politicised geography..."


This subject has replaced History which has, sadly, long been consigned to the dustbin...

Slavery: The Inconvenient Truth  (03 April 2018)

"As a father of two impressionable teenage girls, I am having a tough and at times frustrating time trying to undo the damage done at school in the course of their history studies, where they seem to be learning little about European civilisation other than that we 'palefaces' should be remembered primarily as the masters of the slave trade and as avaricious colonialists who enjoyed being beastly brutes making life miserable for Africans ... and all people of European ancestry must somehow share the guilt, including them the children. Lots of big talk about child abuse, but our progeny are victims of a pernicious form of mental cruelty aimed at inculcating a completely undeserved sense of shame..."

Stop Fidgeting at the Back, Children, We're Learning Neo-Colonialism  (22 March 2018)

"In the BBC TV series Civilisation, professor Mary Beard decried the British love of Greek art. She said it had led to narrow Eurocentrism. According to this view, what used to be termed our 'Island Story' was a vast detour away from appreciating other cultures, steeped in blood, slavery and theft, and little else. This belief is now taught right through our educational system, from kindergarten to university, focusing on our national canon of work, from children's books to fine art..."

Slavery - How Cultural Marxists Have Rewritten Our History  (24 December 2017)

"Talking about slavery at Christmas? Surely not - unless it's to bewail the fate of all kitchen salves, male, female or any of the other 78 genders slaving over that imperial beast, the turkey!  No, I'm talking about how the accusation of 'slavery!' has been and is being used to keep us cowed. A series of articles appeared on Friday December 22nd 2017 in the Daily Mail, referring to an exhibition at the National Archives, a Government Institution. The first article reports:..."

History as Pro-Immigration Propaganda  (21 May 2015)

"Two of the three major exam boards have included 'immigration' in the new exam to be taught from 2016. Currently, the specifications are awaiting final approval by the exam regulator, Ofqual. The version to be offered by the OCR Board - 'Immigration to Britain c1000 to 2010' - is illustrative. The board is very clear about its aim for the new history exam..."

Feeding Lies to Children  (30 September 2014)

"The BBC has been caught feeding lies and misinformation to children...  First glance and this is just a story about a mistake, an over eager attempt to improve the image of an historical figure 'forgotten' by history but it is far more than that. It is a perfect example of the BBC's world view and how they attempt to manipulate the audience, and quite sinisterly, especially young impressionable children who don't have the ability to question what its put in front of them.  It is a huge political project of the Left that aims to change history..."

The Shockingly Inept Answers to History Questions Given by Secondary School Pupils  (22 March 2013)

"Clueless teenagers believe Delia Smith, Jerry Hall and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall were among Henry VIII's wives, new research has revealed. The shocking lack of knowledge emerged in a study carried out among 2,000 11 to 16 year olds, which also found many are unaware of the Gunpowder Plot or which countries were involved in WWII..."

History Teaching? Karl Marx Would Agree with Michael Gove - and So Do I  (01 March 2013)

"Every argument in English history re-enacts the civil war. Cavaliers fight roundheads, Catholics fight Protestants, right wing fights left, tradition fights change. Echoing down the halls of time is the same old question: whose side were you on at Marston Moor? The trouble with today's row over Michael Gove's history curriculum is that coats have turned..."

The Use and Abuse of History  (25 February 2013)

"Education secretary Michael Gove's new national history curriculum has prompted a great deal of criticism..."

A Predictable and False Accusation  (07 January 2013)

"A person calling himself or herself 'Sam' obligingly gives the standard left-liberal response to any critical discussion of the treatment of Mary Seacole by modern educators. ... The absence of genuine thought, or any desire to debate seriously, is instantly revealed, as I shall explain in a moment..."

How 'Multiculture' Fanatics Took Mary Seacole Hostage  (06 January 2013)

"Poor old Mary Seacole, a good-hearted, kindly person, has been the sad victim of fanatics. Long after she was dead, zealots used Mrs. Seacole in their bitter campaign to abolish Britain and replace it with a multicultural nothingness..."

The Black Florence Nightingale and the Making of a PC Myth  (31 December 2012)

"She is regarded as our greatest black Briton, a woman who did more to advance the cause of nursing - and race relations - than almost any other individual. On the Crimea's bloody battlefields, she is said to have saved the lives of countless wounded soldiers and nurse them to health in a clinic paid for out of her own pocket. Her name was Mary Seacole..."

Homosexual History Lessons in Public [State] Schools  (15 December 2010)

"Schools have long been accused of re-writing history in order to support current culture. In this circumstance history would flagrantly be rewritten with propaganda favoring pro-homosexual messages in the schools. To add GLBT issues to the history of California and the United States further dilutes objective truth in public schools and misinforms children about the lifestyle..."

History 'Disappearing From Schools'  (10 September 2010)

"Many secondary schools are squeezing existing three-year history courses into just two or merging the subject with geography to form generic “humanities” lessons, it was claimed. Some schools are also preventing children from taking history GCSEs to steer them towards easier vocational qualifications. The Historical Association, which made the disclosure in a survey of 600 schools, warned that the move risked seriously undermining children’s grasp of the past..."

History Under Threat: Pupils Receive Just 38 Hours of Lessons at Secondary School  (10 September 2010)

"History is 'disappearing' from state secondary schools because head teachers no longer value the subject ... schools downgrade the subject in favour of trendy 'themed' teaching..."

History Wars  (31 May 2010)

"It has always been a hallmark of the totalist state to control education and to rewrite history. Those who can alter the past will be able to manipulate the future. Sadly democratic states are not immune from allowing education in general and history in particular to be dominated by those pushing agendas. For decades now mass education in the West has largely been in the hands of the secular left, and they have been quite happy to push their own politically correct agendas in all areas, including history..."

Finally, a Reminder That These Islands DO Have a Proud History  (18 April 2010)

Can we have our history back? You know, the story we all used to have by heart, of how our liberties were founded by Magna Carta, of defeating the Armada, of the Civil War, the Restoration, the Glorious Revolution and the Golden Age that followed, of victory abroad and peace and prosperity at home?..."

So What Was Your Child Taught Today, Sympathy For Mr. Hitler?  (02 March 2008)

"The amazing thing about Britain's slow-motion national suicide is that so many seemingly sensible people attack and damage their own homeland, without having a clue about what they are doing..."

Multiculturalism's War on Education  (27 August 2007)

"Leaf through a school textbook and you'll find that there is a definite pattern behind multiculturalism's reshaping of the curriculum. What multiculturalists seek is not the goal they advertise, but something else entirely. Consider, for instance, the teaching of history..."

14-Year-Olds Studying Al Qaeda Propaganda in Schools  (04 February 2007)

"Pupils as young as 14 are being exposed to Al Qaeda propaganda in history lessons, experts have claimed..."

Remember Lessons of the Past  (July 2004)

"Perhaps the first step backwards in the teaching of history occurred in the late 1980s, when the statutory National Curriculum was introduced.  At that time, the educational establishment was determined that ‘boring’ knowledge of historical facts and dates should be replaced by so-called skills of empathy, detecting bias and evaluating sources.  Instead of expecting youngsters to know the facts concerning the Battle of Trafalgar, they would be asked to explain how one of Nelson’s sailors might feel during the Battle..."

For more on Revisionist History see the relevant sections here and here

Sociology and Psychology

Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness (see also here and here)
Collectivism / Sensitivity Training / Encounter Groups / Self-Actualization
Process-Oriented Morality: Subjective Pragmatism / Values Clarification / Situation Ethics / Moral Relativism

Humanistic Psychology in the Schools Part 2  (03 August 2012)

"One of the reasons we know so much about Humanistic Psychology today is because of the defection of one of its major practitioners, Dr. William Coulson, ... He testified how fraudulent the Encounter Movement was as science and how destructive it was in practice. ... [S]ponsored by the National Education Association [the Encounter Movement] was founded in 1948 by Kurt Lewin, a German social psychologist who invented 'sensitivity training' and 'group dynamics', or the psychology of the collective. Lewin's work was very much in harmony with John Dewey's collectivist educational philosophy..."

Humanistic Psychology in the Schools Part 1  (02 August 2012)

"The cultural upheavals of the 1960s saw the rise of a so-called Third Force in American education. The leading figures of the Third Force were humanist psychologists Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow..."

Are Schools Neutral on the Difference Between Right and Wrong?  (April 2009)

"As most teachers know, there are two ways to teach values, which lead to particular patterns of behaviour. The traditional method is 'values transmission', where the values of responsible adults (families or wider society) are transmitted from one generation to the next. The 'progressive' method is 'values clarification', where youngsters are given information (which may or may not be complete and unbiased) and told to make their own 'informed choices'/'informed decisions'..."

A GCSE English Lang/Lit Assignment  (February 2008)

"Last year [2007] the teacher asked us to play a game in one of the GCSE lessons. We had to imagine that we were all in a hot air balloon that was going to crash land in a desert island. The balloon was too heavy and the only chance to survive was to throw one person overboard to a certain death..."

Sociology Hates Christianity  (27 November 2007)

"Theorists in the 'social sciences' have a special way of looking at their fellow humans..."

A Critical Analysis of Values Clarification  (No Date)

"Traditionally, the transmission of values has taken place in the context of institutions such as the family, the church, and the school. The basic issue I will examine here is the primary role of one of these institutions in moral development - the school..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find them elsewhere on the internet.

The Evolving Child: John Dewey's Impact on Modern Education Part I  by Nancy Pearcey

"William Coulson was a student and subsequently a colleague of Carl Rogers, the founder of non-directive (later called client-centered) psychotherapy. Roger's work, along with the work of Rollo May and Abraham Maslow, became known as humanistic psychology. The humanistic psychologists felt the techniques they had developed would be useful not only in therapy but also in education. ... [These men] studied at Colombia University where [John] Dewey had his greatest influence..."

The Evolving Child: John Dewey's Impact on Modern Education Part II  by Nancy Pearcey

"John Dewey was more influential than his predecessors because, as a philosopher, he sought to construct not just an educational theory but an entire world view. ... Dewey's goal was to devise not only a theory of education but also a theory of knowledge (epistemology)..."

MultiCultural/MultiFaith Studies and East Meets West

Banning the Gideons From State Schools  (April 2011)

"It’s a free text book, for Pete’s sake. You don’t have to believe it; you don’t have to read it; and you don’t even have to appreciate it. The Gideons have been generously and unconditionally gifting the New Testament (and Psalms) to the nation’s schoolchildren for donkey’s years. ... Since Christianity is still part of the National Curriculum and the study of the faith is supposed to be pre-eminent within Religious Education, why on earth would any school ban the Gideons from visiting?..."

Lessons in Atheism For Children as Young as Four  (30 March 2011)

"Education chiefs are to add 'non-religious beliefs' to the syllabus for primary and secondary pupils..."

Atheism and One-Way Indoctrination  (05 March 2010)

"[In] today’s press, we are told that Atheist Foundation of Australia’s David Nicholls is quite hot under the collar about the evils of religious instruction for children. As the Herald Sun article puts it, 'President David Nicholls said it was time to rip religion out of schools'..."

Secularization of Education  (Winter 2007)

"Because of the influx of immigrants of various religious persuasions [to America, but also the UK - Ed.], particularly since the turn of the last century, state governments, as well as the federal government, have deemed it necessary to remove as many elements of Christianity from their indoctrination programs as they can.  This has been a gradual process which began with education reform in the late 19th century..."

The Mystical Science of the Golden Compass  (10 December 2007)

"It's hard for children not to conform these days! The new Golden Compass Curriculum helps break down any resistance. Using the dialectic process to encourage conformity, it's designed to build group consensus and imbed the story's occult themes into 'open' minds. Ponder these discussion topics: 'What sort of dæmons might your friends, relatives, classmates, or coworkers have? Describe your own dæmon.'..."

In the Classroom, a New Focus on Quieting the Mind  (16 June 2007)

"The lesson began with the striking of a Tibetan singing bowl to induce mindful awareness..."

More British School Indoctrination  (04 February 2007)

"[British school] children will be taught race relations and multiculturalism with every subject they study - from Spanish to science - under controversial changes to the school curriculum announced by the Government..."

Yoga for Children (in Public [State] School, That Is)  (06 December 2006)

"Kids in public [state] school are learning yoga. According to yoga instructor, Mark Blanchard (of Progressive Power Yoga), he taught children at Colfax Elementary school in California this past November. On his blog, he states: 'I will be introducing yoga to all of the kids at the school as I donate a full yoga program'..."

Filmmaker Wants Transcendental Meditation in Every School  (09 March 2006)

"A Hollywood filmmaker who practices a specific form of Transcendental Meditation is helping one leader of the movement in his quest to bring the activity to every school worldwide..."

Cultural Competence: Coming to a School Near You?  (19 October 2005)

"'Cultural Competence': the trendy term is appearing with greater frequency in education proposals and literature. Parents would do well to ask, 'What is it, and how could it affect my children's education from kindergarten through college?..."

'Multicultural' Education  (No Date)

"Let us examine the multiculturalists' questions: (1) Why do we study Western civilisation, to the neglect of other civilisations? (2) Why are the traditional classics of Western civilisation written by dead white males? (3) Don't we need multiculturalism to get people to understand each other and get along with each other? (4) How are we to be part of the global economy, or engage in all sorts of other international activities, without being multicultural?..."

Waging Jihad Through Education

Teachers' Union Demands Action on 'Prejudiced' Parents Withdrawing Children from Islam Lessons  (13 April 2018)

"Parents are allowed to pull their children from some Religious Education lessons that conflict with their personal views. However, a motion passed by the ATL claims the power is being abused by 'prejudiced' parents ... The motion at the union's conference was proposed by London teacher Richard Griffiths ... [who] appeared to kink missing the Islam lessons to so-called 'hate crimes'..."

Boko Haram in Birmingham?  (05 June 2014)

"The BBC is playing a very dangerous game as it clambers, once again, into bed with Islamists and promotes their ideology. There was, and continues to be, a plot to Islamise schools, not just in Birmingham but across Britain..."

Teachers Physically Assaulted by Islamists  (26 February 2011)

"Classroom topics ranging from ham to the Holocaust have been known to inspire complaints, demands, and legal threats by offended Muslims, but sometimes even violence can erupt. Consider the case of Gary Smith, head of religious education at Central Foundation Girls' School in the Islamist stronghold of Tower Hamlets, a borough of London, England..."

Islamist Indoctrination in Our Schools  (12 July 2010)

"Do you think the school system in a Muslim-majority nation would happily embrace booklets informing Muslim students how great Christianity is, or Judaism? Do you think any positive curriculum about non-Islamic faiths is found in Muslim-majority schools systems? Somehow I just don’t think so. Yet that is what our Western Islamophiles want done here. They want Western school kids taught all about how great Islam is, and how [Westerners] are just a bunch of racists. Yes, you heard me right. Some eggheads think our school children must learn how to properly love Islam while they properly loathe Western culture..."

How Global Jihad is Being Accomplished  (12 January 2010)

"We are all aware of the obvious means by which Islamists are extending Islam throughout the world, and how they are attempting to establish a universal caliphate. The use of terror is a major part of jihadist expansionism. ... But there are other, more covert, ways in which ... Islamic expansionism is taking place. I refer ... specifically to the Muslim funding of Islamic studies in Western universities. Millions of dollars over the years have poured in from Arabic and Islamic sources to finance the study of Islam in the West..."

Across the Centuries: The Day of Islam  (Winter 2007)

"Until recently, Eastern religion and American Indian religion have been the favorite subjects for teaching young children in the public schools. Of late, Islamic religious practices are increasingly infiltrating schools..."

Jihad in Schools?  (09 July 2007)

"Political Correctness: Seems the ACLU couldn't care less that a San Diego public [state] school has set aside 15 minutes of classroom instruction time for Muslim students to pray, while non-Muslims twiddle their thumbs..."

Teaching Johnny About Islam  (22 May 2006)

"In our brave new schools, Johnny can't say the pledge, but he can recite the Quran.  Yup, the same court that found the phrase 'Under God' unconstitutional now endorses Islamic catechism in public school..."

Look Who's Teaching Johnny About Islam  (03 May 2004)

"A top textbook consultant shaping classroom education on Islam in American public [state] schools recently worked for a school funded and controlled by the Saudi government, which propagates a rigidly anti-Western strain of Islam, a WND investigation reveals..."

Islam Studies Spark Hate Mail and Lawsuits  (16 January 2002)

"Word of public-school students pretending to be Muslims, wearing robes, simulating jihads and memorizing verses from the Koran in a seventh-grade California classroom touched off a firestorm of debate, but WND has learned these classroom exercises are neither isolated to one school district nor are they anything new..."

The article below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find it elsewhere on the internet.

Islam in Education  by Matthew Roberts

"Over the last 20 years the curriculum in schools has ... increasingly begun to reflect the Islamic demographic and influence in society. Islam and the teaching of it is now firmly embedded in the curriculum in the British education system and if you have children in primary or secondary school then ... they will be taught basic Islamic doctrines as well as some Islamic culture. ... [During a recent visit to a Mosque, children from a school in Glasgow] were required to recite the shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith which states: 'There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger'. ... It is inconceivable that Muslim children would be invited to a church to recite the Christian declaration of faith: 'I have sinned and accept the need for forgiveness by accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour'. ... Will this school be taking Muslim children to the local synagogue to promote tolerance and understanding?..." 

See also here for further information concerning Islam

'British Values'

Government Inspectors Could Monitor Sunday Schools and Choirs to Enforce 'British Values'  (12 December 2015)

"The British government is currently trying to root out extremism in the British education system following concerns that Islamists [sic] are indoctrinating children. In a bid to avoid appearing Islamophobic, however, the government is trying to extend anti-extremism measures to all groups that teach children, including Christian groups..."

Pupils at Christian School Branded 'Bigots'...  (21 January 2015)

"Pupils at a Christian school (and it is mainly Christian schools or schools with mainly white pupils which are picked on, of course) have been branded bigots... after a young boy gave the wrong answer when asked what a Muslim was. ... Inspectors also concluded [that another Christian school's] children were intolerant after allegedly asking ten-year-old pupils what lesbians 'did'. ... I wonder if Ofsted inspectors will ever go into a Muslim school and ask its pupils what do they know about people of other faiths and lesbians? What do YOU think?..."

Harry Potter and the New Education

Harry Potter: "Whatsoever Things"  (29 September 2005)

"This article is just a very general comment about the phenomenon known as Harry Potter ... My purpose here is simply to highlight a few of the main themes and practices in the books and films, and ask the question: In reading J.K. Rowling's stories about witches and wizards, are Christians thinking on 'Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, [and] whatsoever things are of good report'?..."

Movie Magic and Unconscious Learning  (2001)

"Harry Potter fans ... share a new language with terms and meanings that they validate and cheer in each other. The fact that the new language makes little sense to mugglish parents ... only strengthens their bond. Together, they explore and affirm the values defined by the story. This exploration has been brought into classrooms across the country..."

Bewitched by Harry Potter  (1999)

"It's not surprising that Harry [Potter] has suddenly soared to the peaks of popularity in schools across the country. His story fits right into the international program for multicultural education. The envisioned global community calls for a common set of values which excludes traditional beliefs as intolerant and narrow - just as the Harry Potter books show..."

More Harry Potter Articles  by Berit Kjos

Sex Education

The State Seizes Yet More Power From Parents - And It Is the Tories Who Are Responsible  (03 March 2019)

"Revolutionaries love to indoctrinate children. You can look up yourself who said these words, 'When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already..." ... But it does not really matter who it was. It is horribly true, and it is what all these meddlers think, and why they are all so keen on getting control of schools and youth movements. This week, they took a great step towards their goal which is the eradication of all that is left of conservative Christian opinion in this country..."

CHILD ABUSE LATEST:  DfE to Sexualise Primary School Children  (27 February 2019)

"With effect from September 2020 primary school children as young as five must be taught about gay [sic] and transgender relationships. And parents' right to withdraw their children from inappropriate sex education is to be further reduced form the same date ... the DfE wants to indoctrinate [children] with adult concepts about homosexuality and gender dysphoria ... teaching primary school children about homosexual relationships and about people changing their sex inevitably sexualised them out of their childhood innocence..."

Reader's comment:  "The best education ended in the 1950's.  Since then there has been the deliberate gradual erosion of real education to be replaced by political re-education./indoctrination camps.  The only sex education that should be taught at schools is about reproduction.  Any teachers who willingly apply this are not teachers but people who have already been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the enemies of all that is good in the world.  Incredible as it may seem to these re-education gulag lunatics most people are capable of making their own way in life and discovering about themselves.  They don't need your cynical and sinister help.  Let alone have it enforced by terror upon the entire population"

Union Demands Teachers Undergo Compulsory 'Gender Diversity' Training  (16 July 2017)

"The Association of Teachers and Lecturers has called for compulsory 'gender diversity' training for sixth form college and further education teachers, warning [that] staff who refer to 'non-binary' persons using 'incorrect' pronouns could face legal action..."

A De-Sexed Society is a De-Humanized Society  (25 May 2016)

"Gender ideology is an effective statist tool. Cultural Marxists use it to corrupt language and sow confusion, especially among children. It paves the way for the removal of the institutional protections for freedom of association and family privacy that stand in the way of [the State's agenda]. ... The educational establishment had to imbue schoolchildren with the ideology..."

Eleven Year Old Children to be Taught How to Consent to Sex Under Guise of Rape Prevention  (08 March 2015)

"Formal guidance has been commissioned by the government to be circulated to schools. It suggests that courses should start 'before young people are sexually active, otherwise it is too late', ... by the end of the course of eight lessons, pupils will be expected to 'ask someone to give their consent without putting them under pressure'. It is not clear whether abstinence is taught as an alternative..."

It Is Not the Role of the State to Sexualise Our Children at School  (21 February 2015)

"This week, the Commons Education Select Committee recommended that sex and relationship education should be taught in all primary schools, ... Progressives ... are so obsessed with sexualising our children that it has come to a point where we run the risk of robbing them of their innocence..."

Attacking Our Children - In Schools  (28 November 2012)

"Society at large is becoming a quite unsafe place for children. Indeed, one could argue that Western societies have basically declared war on our children. Instead of protecting them, nurturing them, and carefully guiding them, we have effectively tossed them to the wolves..."

Propaganda Replaces Education  (30 January 2012)

"If you have noted how our public [state] school system today seems to be far more about political correctness, radical social engineering, and the brainwashing of our children instead of actual education, then you would be absolutely right. But if you thought all this has just happened by accident, you would be absolutely wrong..."

Gay [sic] Penguin Book for Kids Tops US Complaints Chart  (28 April 2011)

"A story book about gay penguins, pushed with taxpayer funding to young children in the UK, is the most complained-about book in America..."

Equality Commission Wants Teachers to Ask Children If They Are Homosexual  (29 March 2011)

"A report commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) recommends that children should be asked if they are homosexual from the age of 11 and that records should be kept of those unsure or 'questioning' their sexuality. The report was conducted in an effort to encourage teachers, nurses and youth workers to start monitoring the development of young peoples' sexual identity..."

Teaching Christian Morality Gets Parents Jailed  (15 March 2011)

"Authorities in Paderborn, Germany, today sent two fathers to jail for refusing to allow the public school system to indoctrinate their children with a sex philosophy that 'if it feels good, do it.' Another student's mother already had been imprisoned for the same offense..."

Explicit Sex Ed Materials Pushed to Primary Schools  (09 March 2011)

"Shocking sex education materials are being pushed by public bodies for use in schools with children as young as five, a new report reveals. The report is launched today (Wed. 9 March) in the midst of a coalition Government review of sex education guidance..."

'Gay [sic] Lessons' in Maths, Geography and Science  (22 January 2011)

"Children are to be taught about homosexuality in maths, geography and science lessons as part of a Government-backed drive to 'celebrate the gay community'..."

More PC Mischief and Mayhem  (11 November 2010)

"Whenever the forces of political correctness and a morally bankrupt mainstream media come together, you know there is going to be trouble, big time. Indeed, simply get a lesbian couple screaming ‘discrimination’ and you have created a media firestorm. The radical homosexual lobby has milked this story for all its worth, and the MSM is quite happy to play this up worldwide. Here is the story:.."

Just What is Behind These Suicides?  (21 October 2010)

"It is quite common for homosexual activists to blame suicide in their ranks on ‘homophobia’. ‘If we would just be more tolerant and accepting of homosexuals, these rates would drop’ they claim. But are these claims in fact true?.."

How to Talk About Homosexuality  (13 October 2010)

"Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor of New York, is in the media and political crossfire now for comments he made about homosexuality - perfectly reasonable comments. There are several problems here that need to be addressed..."

Attempts to Make Sex Education Compulsory  (02 September 2010)

"Labour MP Chris Bryant intends to propose a ten-minute rule bill on 8 September 2010 which would seek to make sex education compulsory in schools, threatening the freedom that parents currently have to withdraw their children from sex education..."

Parents Beware: The Effects of Teaching Same-Sex Attraction During Pre-Adolescence  (23 August 2010)

"Parents need to be aware that teaching children same-sex attraction and sexual practices during early stages of development is potentially harmful because children have not yet formed their identity. Those who push the homosexual agenda know that this is an effective time to indoctrinate children into such behaviour. This is especially true during the Latency period (from around age 8 until puberty at age 12-14), when many pre-adolescent children are repulsed by the opposite sex..."

Our Sexperts Living in Denial  (06 August 2010)

"Another day, another bizarre proposal from our activist sexperts. These guys are on a crusade to sexualise our kids whether we like it or not. Today we have yet another call to have condom vending machines in our schools. The proposal has thankfully been met largely with disdain and disbelief..."

Condoms for Children  (07 July 2010)

"Legal scholars and philosophers alike will be astonished to find that after decades of whether or not morality can be legislated, Provincetown School Committee took it upon itself to legislate immorality..."

Our Children Under Siege  (27 June 2010)

"Sadly, secular humanists seem to know what most [of us] don’t know: we are in a war, and the long-term outcome must always be kept in view. And the real trophy of the culture wars is our children, and our grandchildren. Thus the secular left is working overtime on its long-range goals, and is especially targeting our children..."

A Child or a Statistic  (31 May 2010)

"We have to ask and ask again, what is this unhealthy and worrying fixation which the power elite have with sex and children? Is paedophilia in high places spreading so rapidly that it should become government/national policy, globally?  Young children are not interested in sex so where it is this obsession to make them sexually aware at such a young age coming from? It is a result of the planned implementation of the following:..."

Pediatricians Warn Educators Not to Promote Being 'Gay' [sic]  (08 April 2010)

"A professional organization for pediatricians has dispatched letters to thousands of school superintendents across the United States with a warning that promoting – or 'affirming' – the homosexual lifestyle to young children can damage them..."

Parents to be Fined if They Take Their Children Out of Sex Lessons  (06 November 2009)

"Parents will face fines if they remove 15-year-old children from sex education lessons as they become part of the national curriculum for the first time..."

Herding Our Children Off to the Reeducation Camps  (08 June 2009)

"It is a common feature of totalitarian states, such as the Communist regimes, to haul recalcitrants off to camps where they can be made to conform to official state ideology. The strict enforcement of group-think is a hallmark of such police states, where no deviation from the state line is tolerated. ... Sadly however the use of indoctrination, propaganda and brainwashing is not confined to atheistic totalitarian states. Increasingly the West is moving in this direction. The public education system is especially becoming a main source of politically correct propaganda and indoctrination..."

Now They Want to Ban Mums and Dads  (05 February 2008)

"Schools are being ordered to drop the term 'mum and dad' in case it offends pupils from a single-parent, homosexual or turkey-baster 'family'. Ed Balls, who runs the department of social engineering, also wants four-year-olds to be taught about same-sex relationships..."

The Weirdos We Pay to 'Talk Dirty' to Our Children / Depravity: One Thing Our Children Are Being Taught  (23 September 2007)

"If state schools were training nine-year-olds to fire handguns, or 11-year-olds to ride motorbikes, you might possibly protest. Why, after all, would children need to learn at such young ages to do dangerous things that only adults are supposed to do ... Might they not use their new knowledge before they are ready? Yet we do something just as mad, and everybody approves of it. What is more, the main argument for doing that thing has been repeatedly proved to be wrong..."

Ban on 'Mom' and 'Dad' Considered - Again  (27 April 2007)

"A plan that has been launched in the California state Assembly - again - could be used to ban references to 'mom' and 'dad' in public [state] schools statewide by prohibiting anything that would 'reflect adversely' on the homosexual lifestyle choice..."

Targeting Our Children - No. 4729  (30 March 2007)

"The war against our children never lets up. Various activist groups are continually aiming to get our children into their less-than-healthy lifestyles. Such attempts occur at a regular pace, and it is hard to keep up with it all. The latest attempt to hijack our kids comes from – no surprise here – yet another academic pushing an agenda..."

Another Reason to Reform Our Education System  (09 October 2006)

"It is not hard to produce solid reasons as to why our school system is in need of a major overhaul. On a daily basis horror stories can be found indicting our out-of-control education system. The stranglehold of political correctness, secular humanism and leftist ideology seems to grow by the day..."

Fear-Based Sex Education  (08 September 2006)

"Much has been said about fear-based sex education in the past few years. And I finally think I have figured out what they're talking about..."

Ninth Circuit Body Slams Parents' Rights  (08 November 2005)

"America's favorite appeals court has done it again! The 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco, notorious for ruling against 'under God' in the Pledge, upset families across America last week with another controversial decision, this time undermining parents' rights. ... the 9th circuit ruled that parents have have no constitutional right to prevent a school district from introducing sexual ideas to their children..."

The New Show and Tell: How Homosexuality is Being Promoted in the Classroom  (27 October 2004)

"In schools all across ... this nation, we are seeing a very aggressive plan by gay activist organizations that are boldly taking their agenda into our schools. ... How do these pro-homosexual programs get into the schools? One way is through diversity and anti-bullying programs..."

Schools, Values and the Family  (28 January 2004)

"Early this year Prime Minister John Howard stirred up a hornet’s nest of indignation when he made some comments about the trend towards private education. He said the reason more and more parents are sending their children to private and independent schools is because of political correctness and a loss of values in public schools, among other reasons. The Prime Minister suggested that our public schools might be short of values while long on political correctness. While the teacher’s unions and many others heavily criticised the Prime Minister for his remarks, many parents were agreeing with him..."

Sex Ed and Global Values  (1998)

"When fifteen-year-old Kevin walked into his American History class ... he was given a handout. He glanced at the title: 'Heterosexuality: Can it be cured?' It came from the American Public Health Association Caucus of Gay and Public Health Workers..."

What About Abstinence?  (No Date)

"I was holding a notice from my 13-year-old son's school announcing a meeting to preview the new course in sexuality.  Parents could examine the curriculum and take part in an actual lesson presented exactly as it would be given to students..."

Seduction to Destruction: The Homosexual Agenda  (No Date)

"Homosexual activists have set a well planned and well financed agenda that started in the 1960s and now includes not only tolerance of their lethal lifestyle but acceptance with privileges as a special class, as a minority group. The key target is our youth..."

Short Comments/News Items  (Various Commentators)

The video below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find it elsewhere on the internet.

VIDEO:  What Sort of Sex Education Should Be Taught in Schools?  by Clement Okusi

" asks what sort of sex education should be taught in schools..."

Death Education

Inside the Mind of a Killer  (16 September 2009 / 09 November 2007)

"Within just a few hours of this week's [Nov 2007] Finnish high school shooting (in which eight people plus the killer died), as the tragic details were relayed by news agencies around the world, it was soon apparent that there was already one clear difference between this tragedy and the one at an American high school eight years earlier..." 

How to Build a Bomb in the Public School System  (December 1999)

"How could they shoot and kill their fellow students? That was the question asked following the shooting deaths of 15 people at Columbine High School in Colorado, USA, [in 1999]. Why would young people kill, destroy and bomb in a suicide attack? Their clothes may give a clue to the thinking of these teenage murderers..."

Death Education at Columbine High  (No Date)

"Last weekend, the seniors at Columbine High School graduated. They tossed their caps into the air, celebrating their liberation from twelve years of public education where they were indoctrinated in the system's moral and academic chaos and were undoubtedly glad to come out of it alive. Some of their classmates did not..."

See also this related article:

Toying With Death: Learning to Love Evil and Crave Violence  (19 April 2007)

"'After the Jonesboro shootings, one of the high-school teachers told me how her students reacted when she told them about the shootings at the middle school. 'They laughed', she told me with dismay. ... We have raised a generations of barbarians who have learned to associate violence with pleasure..."

The New Classroom Discipline

ADD, ADHD, and Antidepressant Drugs  (08 March 2007)

"According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, an estimated 3-5% of North American children have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Many of these kids, as well as adults, make use of prescription drugs to help them manage the impact of AD/HD on their lives..."

Colorado School Board Passes Resolution Warning About Ritalin  (December 1999)

"The Colorado State School Board passed a resolution on November 11 warning of the possible negative effects of psychotropic (mind-altering) prescription drugs on schoolchildren..."

A Different Kind of Drug War - Violent Behavior in Children Taking Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs  (December 1999)

"A school-board member's resolution calling for a higher standard of care when prescribing mind-altering drugs for schoolchildren has erupted in controversy in Colorado..."

Learning Fascism in American Schools  (03 May 1998)

"Today's topic, class, is ethics: If somebody offered you $50, would you be more inclined to turn in a fellow student who did something wrong?..."

A Lesson in How Not to Treat Children  (14 May 2011)

"Anyone who watched the recent Channel 4 series Jamie's Dream School will have seen me getting a thorough dressing down from the headmaster for calling a pupil fat..."

Zero Tolerance for Non-Compliance: Ten Steps Toward Lifelong Behavior Modification  (1999)

"Should Twana Dawson be expelled for bringing a nail clipper to school? ... John Turner was arrested during a school recess, handcuffed, fingerprinted, and forbidden to call his mother. ... Amber Nash brought a knife to school to cut a friend's birthday brownies. She was suspended for ten days. ... Kameryan Lueng didn't realise that the little knife attached to the chain of her grandfather's old pocket watch would violate the 'zero tolerance' policy. Her punishment was suspension from school and remediation at Redirection Academy. ... How can schools justify their harsh punishment when their victims intend no wrong?..."

Vital Information About Ritalin, ADHD, and the Politics Behind the ADHD/Ritalin Movement  (March 1998)

"Our society has institutionalized drug abuse among our children..."

The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes 'Patients' Out of Normal Children  (No Date)

"On March 21, 2000, fourteen-year old Matthew Smith was having a good time skateboarding with two of his cousins. Suddenly, he collapsed to the floor and started turning blue. ... At the hospital he was pronounced dead from a heart attack - a heart attack caused by Ritalin..."

What Drugmakers Don't Want You to Know  (No Date)

"Thousands of children have suddenly died over the years, as a direct result of using psychotropic drugs used for ADD and ADHD..."

Drug Information  (No Date)

Drugs used for ADD and ADHD and their side effects.

Drugging Kids and School Violence  (No Date)

"Believe it or not, there are now over 5 million school kids in America on psychotropic drugs, most of which are prescribed and administered by the schools themselves. ... What is most disturbing, however, is the growing awareness that the increased violence among school children may have more to do with the drugs than with the guns they use to carry out their violence..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find them elsewhere on the internet.

Is the Public [State] School Destroying the Male Child?  by Jeffrey Leving and Glenn Sacks

"Many modern educational practices are counterproductive for boys. Success in school is tightly correlated with the ability to sit still, be quiet and complete paperwork and assignments which are sometimes of questionable value. ... Many young boys are bodily kinesthetic learners who respond to hands-on lessons. The educational establishment finds this inconvenient, and thus largely ignores it..."

My Life as a Troublemaker  by Jamaal M. Watson

"My name is Jamaal Watson ... and together with my buddy Victor, I'm the creator of 'Elvis Impersonator' ... If you went to our school records you might find us listed as 'troublemakers' ... and 'below average' in many subjects. ... Let me tell you a few ... things about Victor and myself that schools don't know..."

The Myth of ADHD  by Joel Turtel

"The vast majority of Ritalin and Adderall is given to school children to treat an alleged disease called ADHD. Children who suffer from ADHD are said to be inattentive, impulsive, and hyperactive. They get bored easily in class, squirm in their seats, are always on the go, or don't get along with other students or the teacher. In other words, many children diagnosed with ADHD may simply be normal kids, full of energy, and bored out of their minds sitting in mind-numbing, public-school classrooms..."

Why Public [State] Schools Pressure Parents to Give Their Kids Mind-Altering Drugs  by Joel Turtel

"Nothing condemns our public-school system more than the fact that many school authorities across America pressure parents to give mind-altering drugs to millions of normal, innocent children to stop bored kids from fidgeting in their seats of 'not paying attention' ..."

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Ritalin, Drugging Children, and Psychiatry  by Gene Zimmer

"Ritalin is given to millions of children every year, with the amount growing. Psychiatry has convinced a majority of the public that up to 20% of our children are 'mentally ill' and need these drugs to correct their 'brain imbalances'..."

'Old Paradigm' and 'New Paradigm' Education Charts  (by Berit Kjos)

New Emphasis in Schools and Culture

The new social and educational emphasis.

Three Sets of Meanings for Educational Buzzwords

The same double-speak pervades the UN and all other parts of the new global management system.

Three Cultural Paradigms or Worldviews

The three global absolutes which children are trained to see as fact in our schools are: pantheism, monism, and evolution.

Postmodern Culture

If we don't understand the changing worldviews of influential leaders, we can't prepare for the impact of this social revolution.

Transformation From Personal Freedom to Collectivism and Control

From the Christian paradigm through the Humanist paradigm to the Global paradigm.

Biblical vs. Consensus Thinking

Transformed by the Word or Conformed to the World

Three Kinds of Group Relationships

The Christian - led by the Spirit; the Secular - led by felt needs; and the Dialectic - driven by organizational outcomes.

Brainwashing and How to Resist It

Comparing standard brainwashing tactics with New Paradigm education methods. 

Towards a Conceptual Model of Life-Long Education

Similarities between America's Goals 2000 & UNESCO's Education Plan.

From Soviet Education to US [and Western European] Education

Merging labor and 'lifelong learning' with socialist ideology, psycho-social manipulation, and high tech monitoring.


Destroying Free Will

"In his book, 'The Impact of Science on Society' (1953), Bertrand Russell wrote:

"[German philosopher Johann Gottlieb] Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.  But in his day this was an unattainable ideal: what he regarded as the best system in existence produced Karl Marx" [Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, (1953), US-Library of Congress, Catalogue Number 68-54290, p.50].

"As if those words alone wouldn't be mindblowing enough (and already been confirmed by today's state of public [state] 'education', if you can call it that anymore), please forgive me for pushing you over the edge now.  Russell continues, but please believe me, any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental, it's all just stupid conspiracy theory, folks:

"In future, such failures are not likely to occur where there is dictatorship.  Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers-that-be will become psychologically impossible.  Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so" [Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, (1953), US-Library of Congress, Catalogue Number 68-54290, p.50].

"Erm.  Wait a minute.  Diet?  You mean, like 'Eat Ze Bugs''?  Like 'Processed Foods', delivered by companies which are owned by people who are members of think tanks like the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, like Bilderbergers, like Club of Rome and the sorts?  Or by financial giants like Blackrock, which are also the driving forces behind the Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs), CBDCs (total financial control), and so on?  And injections?  You mean, like 'Covid vaccinations', for instance?  And maybe many more to come in future pandemics (or against other illnesses) because this could very well be long-term conditioning process?  And injunctions?  You mean, social distancing, [masks], etc?

"If we are aware of the possibility that it may be a conditioning process that could span years, maybe even decades, we can learn to think how the elites do: not in the sense of daily doses of fear porn to keep us busy so that we never come to our senses, but to think in longer time spans ... I believe what we're experiencing right now is a build-up to the 'Managerial Revolution' that James Burnham talked about in his book of the same title, published in 1941.  Burnham wrote that after the end of the Second World War, 'many more wars' would have to be fought - until the Manager Class [the technocrats] can take control of all production.  Hmm.

"That sounds a lot like the 'Global Public-Private Partnership'  that the WEF has been proposing for some time now.  A certain Eric Arthur Blair, alias George Orwell, adapted this idea for his dystopic novel '1984', in which he described a world that is mainly divided between three great power blocks.  Well, you know: USA, EU, BRICS.  Sorry.  Too much coffee this morning.  I meant Oceania, Eurasia, and East Asia, of course.

"And don't you forget: It's all just purely coincidental" [source].


Teachers: The New Parents For The New Age

The State Seizes Yet More Power From Parents - And It Is the Tories Who Are Responsible  (03 March 2019)

"Revolutionaries love to indoctrinate children. You can look up yourself who said these words, 'When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already..." ... But it does not really matter who it was. It is horribly true, and it is what all these meddlers think, and why they are all so keen on getting control of schools and youth movements. This week, they took a great step towards their goal which is the eradication of all that is left of conservative Christian opinion in this country..."

Why Are Parents Banning School Books?  (27 September 2010)

"In the US more and more parents are pressing schools to withdraw books with bad language or sexual content. But should children's books be restricted in this way?..."

Young Children Taught to Inform on Parents in Tampa  (04 November 2009)

"My girlfriend is doing her internship for Elementary Education. And yesterday at the elementary school they had a Puppet Show for the 2nd and 3rd graders, all about abuse. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, parental abuse..."

Assaults on Faith and Family - Part Three: The Ominous 'Success' of Re-Education  (05 October 2009)

"The traditional Christian family has been a continual obstacle to the globalist vision of solidarity. And for over sixty years, the United nations and its mental health gurus have fought hard to eradicate those old 'poisonous certainties' that stood in their way..."

Assaults on Faith and Family - Part Two: Mandatory Training in Orwellian Thinking  (07 September 2009)

"Remember that proverbial frog in a pot of water? It finally died, since it didn't notice the slow-rising heat..."

Assaults on Faith and Family - Part One: The UN Seizure of Parental Rights  (07 July 2009)

"Don't be deceived! The twenty-year-old Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has little to do with personal rights. It has everything to do with changing values and undermining the traditional family. ... The process started long ago..."

UN Wants Final Word on Rearing Your Kids  (28 January 2008)

"If the Senate ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the state, acting under UN direction, will decide what your children read, who they associate with, what discipline (if any) can be imposed and whether or not they can be home-schooled..."

Who Controls Our Children?  (10 June 2007)

"The story of this film began almost twenty years ago, when a Pennsylvania boy came home from public school one day, and said: 'Mom, something weird is going on with this test they made us take in school today.' Being a concerned mom, she went to the school and asked to see the test. The school refused..."

Mums and Dads to Be Banned  (05 June 2006)

"It had to come to this eventually. Yes, mothers and fathers are now taboo. At least calling someone your mum or dad is verboten. Nix. Not allowed. Out of bounds. Schools are being urged by a tax-payer funded booklet to never allow children to be so insensitive and bigoted again: they are not to call their parents mum or dad. Parent, yes, or guardian, But not that intolerant and prejudiced ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’..."

What Happened to Parental Rights?  (1996)

"When the state assumes power to tell any parent what and how to teach their children, all parents need to be on guard..."

Parents as Teachers  (February 1993)

"This sounds good. Many parents want to have a say in their child's education. But 'parents as teachers' isn't what it seems. In fact, 'parents as teachers' means that parents must first be instructed on how to parent in order to know how to teach their children. This is known as 'parent education'..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find them elsewhere on the internet.

Public Schools Are Un-American  by Joel Turtel

"Compulsory-attendance laws force parents to send their children to public schools. These laws presume that the politicians we vote into office, our agents whose salaries we pay with our taxes, have the right to take away parents' liberty and inalienable rights..."

The Incredible Shrinking Parent  by Marlin Maddoux

"Nobody likes to get fired. But if you're an average American parent, the chances are you've already lost that job..."

Whose Children Are They Anyway?  by David Norris

"We stand today in a battle zone. Two kingdoms are locked in a fight to the death. Each kingdom claims total authority over every aspect of life in our world and over everyone in it. ... Nowhere is this battle more in evidence than in the struggle for the hearts and minds of children taking place every day in state schools..."

For more on the subject of school teachers usurping the role of parents (as opposed to being 'in loco parentis') see The State as Parent: State Schools and Teachers here.



Shorten Degree Courses - and Cull the Leftie Humanities  (23 December 2017)

While Mr Johnson, and hopefully Ms Somerville too, are thinking about shorter degrees, I hope they will take time to consider another improvement to higher education: fewer degrees ... the nation would benefit, and not just financially, from having far fewer humanities students and in the case of politics, sociology and social work, no students at all..."

Our Universities are Fiddling Degree Results  (05 August 2017)

"Chris Mc Govern was right on Wednesday to give a cautious welcome to the clean-up of A-levels. One stage up, I regret to say, the situation is less satisfactory. I'm talking of university exams - at least in the arts (where I teach). True, some remain impeccably conducted, normally where there is a conservative, no-nonsense head of department with much tact and a very thick skin. But elsewhere dumbing-down, casual incompetence and something close to downright cheating continue merrily, regularly connived at by those who don't want their life made difficult. Let me elaborate..."

Union Demands Teachers Undergo Compulsory 'Gender Diversity' Training  (16 July 2017)

"The Association of Teachers and Lecturers has called for compulsory 'gender diversity' training for sixth form college and further education teachers, warning [that] staff who refer to 'non-binary' persons using 'incorrect' pronouns could face legal action..."

YOUTUBE:  Dumbing Down University  (22 January 2016)

[EMcD: Some caveats: (a) in so far as the comment made in this video concerning religion applies to Christianity we obviously couldn't endorse the view of the speaker, and (b) some strong language is used.  These caveats notwithstanding - well, gird up your loins all you snowflakes cos this is one lecture you do need to attend if you're going to survive in Grown-Up World.]

"Well, it was revealed this week that free speech is now a thing of the past in 90% of British universities because the current generation of students - 'Generation Snowflake' as it's become known - is so intellectually fragile that many of them can't hear an opposing argument without dissolving in a puddle of 'traumatised feelings', and they need to 'take refuge' in what they call 'safe spaces'; places they say are designed to promote inclusiveness, by, you've guessed it, excluding people - specifically anyone with an unwelcome opinion which may have a toxic effect on the vulnerable occupants of these 'safe spaces' and 'trigger' them by reminding them of things that have happened in the past that make them sad. In other words, these are people who have been intellectually disenfranchised by their own heightened sense of 'specialness'..."

Richard Dawkins Tells Those Wanting Universities to Be Safe Spaces to 'Leave, Go Home, Hug Your Teddy and Suck Your Thumb'  (27 October 2015)

"Some activists studying at Cardiff University do not approve of Germaine Greer's views on transgendered women. As such they campaigned to deny one of the major voices of the second-wave feminist movement a platform on which to address their fellow students..."

Anti-Christian Bigotry on Campus  (17 February 2011)

"There used to be a time when universities were known for being bastions of freedom of speech in which openness to ideas and genuine intellectual inquiry were affirmed. But that is no longer the case at many Western campuses. Instead a stifling political correctness is curtailing open debate and unfettered learning..."

The War Against Free Speech  (28 March 2010)

"This site has documented numerous examples of the secular left squelching freedom of speech for anyone it deems to be politically incorrect. Indeed, whole books have been written on how the censorship and suppression of freedom occurs routinely in the Western world, especially in our universities. The intriguing thing of course is that those who are doing all the heavy-handed Gestapo tactics are the ones who mouth off so much about tolerance, acceptance and inclusiveness..."

A Review of The Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar  (30 July 2008)

"Edited by William Lane Craig and Paul Gould, [this book] ... reminds us that our universities and professors are the gatekeepers of ideas, and that they have a tremendous influence on every other aspect of life. If bad ideas come forth from our universities, then we will all be on the receiving end, because bad ideas have bad consequences..."

Our Campus Censors  (20 May 2008)

"One of the great achievements of the West is the university, where the free exchange of ideas takes place, and various points of view can be thrashed out openly and without fear of reprisal or discrimination. At least that’s the theory, anyhow. For quite some time that was more or less the case. But in these days of political correctness, and the stranglehold of left/liberalism, it is getting harder and harder to have a genuine free flow of ideas on most campuses. Indeed, many Western universities are now places where a liberal education has given way to an illiberal education. The hegemony of the secular left is extremely hard to break through nowadays, and those who dare to dissent from the PC point of view do so at some considerable risk..."

Academia, the Left, and Islamo-Fascism  (30 October 2007)

"The 1960’s revolutionary David Horowitz, who has gotten a bit more conservative in his old age, organised an Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week on American university campuses last week. Given what a hotbed of leftism, political correctness and intolerance most universities are, it took a lot of guts to pull something like this off. And by all accounts it was a real humdinger..."

Are Our Universities Biased?  (18 September 2006)

"This of course is a rhetorical question, much like, Is the Pope Catholic? Western universities have been hotbeds of radicalism and leftist ideology for some time now, certainly since the 60s, when they were deliberately targeted by the New Left, of which I was then a part. Following the advice of the Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci, we were then encouraged to march through the institutions of power and influence, subverting them from within. And the 60s radicals did a very good job indeed of doing just that..."

Academia and 9/11  (15 September 2006)

"How have the universities grappled with the tragic events of 9/11? Have they learned anything? Have they had a change of heart? Have they given up on some of their radical ways? Not according to Harvey Mansfield. He should know. He lectures in government at Harvard University. And what is true of Harvard is true of most of our universities. At Universities, Little Learned From 9/11, is the title of an article he penned recently, reprinted in the Weekly Standard, September 14, 2006. In it laments that the strangleholds of political correctness, multiculturalism, leftist ideology and moral myopia continue to reign at Harvard and the academy..."

Hate Crime Legislation - Back Door to Censorship  (May 2009)

"An extension of the Hate Crimes law recently passed the House of Representatives which will essentially codify into national law the 'speech codes' that are smothering academic freedom on college campuses today..."

'Infantilised' Students and Staff Rapped  (12 June 2008)

"A 'therapy culture' pervading universities is creating a generation of 'hapless' students and lecturers. ... [and] this is undermining the pursuit of knowledge..."

The article below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find it elsewhere on the internet.

All Must Have Tuition Fees  by Melanie Phillips

"Despite all the stürm und drang over the hike in British university tuition fees, ... the policy misses the real point by a mile. The reason for the hike is that the universities are broke; and the reason they are broke is that they are now processing (educating is definitely not the word to use in this context) vast numbers of young people who should not be at university in the first place; and the reason they are there is that it is considered ‘elitist’ (boo, hiss) to restrict university places to those who are suited to academic higher education, on the grounds that pretty well everyone is entitled to have a degree qualification..."


A Wee (Real) History Lesson

A 'Common Core' for a Global Community  (16 November 2013)

"The goal of education has changed. Our public [state] schools no longer teach the kind of literacy, history, math, and morality we once considered essential to responsible citizenship. The new agenda infiltrating our schools is designed to train a new generation of postmodern 'progressive' students to believe whatever might serve a pre-determined 'common good'. If their educators succeed, tomorrow's students will have neither the facts nor the freedom needed for independent thinking. Their 'common core' will be based on a global collective agenda..."

English Education - A Project to Culturally Cleanse the English  (19 March 2012)

"A teacher from 40 years ago transported to the present would be astounded by what they saw in schools ands universities, so alien to them would be the current state of our education in terms of content and execution. How, they would ask, can a fine system of education have been brought so low? Why are children today so ignorant of their own past and society? Why are they so often competent in even the basics of literacy and numeracy? How did we come to such a degraded educational state in such a short space of time? it is those questions I shall attempt to answer..."

Nations, Virtue, Religion and Freedom  (22 December 2010)

"Very few people would realise it, but there is a very real and vital connection between freedom, religion and morality; between liberty, faith and virtue. And perhaps nowhere was this concept so explicitly and strenuously promoted and championed than in America during the time of its founding..."

Freedom, History and Memory  (14 June 2010)

"For both religious and non-religious reasons, history is vitally important, and it is imperative that we do not forget the lessons of history..."

An Enlightened Education  (14 April 2010)

"This article will examine the progressive reforms of John Dewey and his fellow 'Frontier Thinkers', and the fundamental changes that altered the underlying purpose of our public [state] education. This article will show that our public [state] educational system has not failed. it has succeeded - brilliantly so - based upon the covert change in the ultimate purpose of public [state] education..."

The Frankfurt School and the War on the West  (11 May 2009)

"The cultural and ideological battles raging around us do not exist in a vacuum, nor have they happened by accident. There are those who hate the West and want to destroy it and make it into their own image. Many groups and individuals are actively at work in this assault on the West. Many movements and groups can be mentioned, but here I wish to focus on just one. It has been hugely influential in undermining the West and bringing about cultural Marxism. Even though Marxism as a political force is greatly diminished, it is still alive and well in its cultural form. I refer to the Frankfurt School..."

Destroying the Foundations of the West  (14 December 2008)

"The Judeo-Christian worldview was essential for the rise of the West. Without it the world would be a radically different place today. Most of the features that we now enjoy about the West – such as freedom, democracy, limited government, education and the universities, the rule of law, the rise of progress and science, human rights and separation of church and state – would largely be absent or greatly diminished if it were not for the rise of Christianity. Yet the West appears to be hell-bent on denying, eradicating or undermining these very foundations..."

A Brief History of Education. Part 1: Educational Thought  (17 November 2006)

"One way of looking at education is as a battle of ideas. ... Sometimes this is seen as a conflict between traditionalists and progressives. I prefer to see it as a conflict between those who wish education to be rigorous and structured and those who wish it to be undemanding and ill-defined. The following is intended as a guide to the educational ideas that are shaping our current climate..."

The Fall and Rise of Human Violence  (2003)

"As centuries come and go, history occasionally reveals sudden, momentous changes that transform cultures in ways that defy human logic. One of these astounding leaps began about 400 years ago. It brought light into the darkness of the Middle Ages and safety to people bound by fear, superstition and tyranny. Historian Randall Roth summarizes what happened..."

The Frankfurt School and 'Political Correctness'  (Winter 1992)

"The people of North America and Western Europe now accept a level of ugliness in their daily lives which is almost without precedent in the history of Western civilization..."

Chronology of the National Education Association  (No Date)

"Has our education system failed [our] children? Not in the minds of 'progressive' educators and utopian globalists. ... [they] cheer the changes that have traded facts for fantasy, truth for myths, academics for collective socialization and individual thinking for group manipulation..."

Chronology of Steps Towards International Education  (No Date)

"Notice the powerful people, organizations and foundations that inspire, plan, and fund the transformation ... to (a) Purge the beliefs, values, individualism, independence and free enterprise that made [each] nation unique; (b) Promote global beliefs and interdependence, universal values, a managed economy, and controlled human capital--even at the cost of constitutional rights and personal freedom; (c) Implement the psycho-social strategies of Mastery Learning to modify beliefs and behavior to match the needs of a global economy..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find them elsewhere on the internet.

How Public [State] Education Cripples Our Kids and Why  by John Taylor Gatto

"Do we really need school? I don't mean education, just forced schooling:... We have been taught (that is, schooled) in this country to think of 'success' as synonymous with, or at least dependent on, 'schooling', but historically that isn't true in either an intellectual or a financial sense..."

Are American Public [State] Schools the Same as Russian?  by Joel Turtel

"Many parents might think it a bit farfetched to compare our public [state] schools to schools in socialist or communist countries. However, if we look closer, we will see striking similarities between the two systems..."

Some Lessons From the Underground History of American Education  by John Taylor Gatto

"From the beginning, there was purpose behind forced schooling, purpose which had nothing to do with what parents, kids, or communities wanted. Instead it was forged out of what a highly centralized corporate economy and system of finance bent on internationalizing itself was thought to need; that, and what a strong, centralized political state needed, too. School was looked upon from the first decade of the twentieth century as a branch of industry and a tool of governance..."

Bush, Gorbachev, Schultz, and Soviet Education  by Berit Kjos

"George W. Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Schultz, and your children - how are they linked? Why does it matter? ... If you are as concerned as I am about America's shift from traditional values and factual education to global values and psycho-social strategies for 'lifelong learning' you would want to know the answers..."

Radical Democracy and Our Future: A Call to Action  by John Taylor Gatto

"[T]he vital warfare ... in school and society is independent of the traditional historical dichotomies like Left/Right, rich/poor, Democrat/Republican, conservative/liberal, etc. A poor, radically leftist, self-styled liberal Democrat who wants to stick his nose in my family's business, ... and force my children to swallow his notion what an education should be about is exactly the same sort of enemy that a rich, radically rightest self-styled conservative Republican who wants to do the same thing is..."

A Cure for Our National Amnesia  by Michael Nazir-Ali

"It is both rare and welcome to hear an educating and educated speech by the Secretary of State for Education at his party conference. Michael Gove's at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, particularly the section on the curriculum in our schools, repays careful study. He is generally right in his emphasis on the rigorous study of traditional subjects rather than wasting time on what he calls 'pseudo-subjects'. ... It is, however, his comments about the teaching of history that are the most telling..."

The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt  by Timothy Matthews

"'Western Civilisation at the present day is passing through a crisis which is essentially different from anything that has been previously experienced..."

About the Frankfurt School  by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson

"Who in [the West] today is at work destroying our traditions, our family bonds, our religious beginnings, our reinforcing institutions, indeed, our entire culture?  What is it that is changing our [Western] civilization? Suppose you were to learn that nearly all of the observations made in this series of essays are completely consistent with a 'design' -- that is a concept, a way of thinking, and a process for bringing it about.  And suppose one could identify a small core group of people who designed just such a concept and thought through the process of infusing it into a culture.  Wouldn't you be interested in at least learning about such a core group?  Wouldn't you want to know who they were, what they thought, and how they conjured up a process for bringing their thoughts into action?..."     

For more on the influence of the Frankfurt School on Education please see here and here



The Cedars: Home Education  (Autumn 2020)

"From 1968 to 2015, The Cedars Foundation pioneered education according to Christian methods through its day school. However, while still supporting Christian education, it is now through a different framework at a time when more and more Christian families are seeking to teach their own children at home. Rather than teach children directly, The Cedars Team, who have many decades of combined experience of all forms of education, is now offering support to parents ... we are offering a biblically Hebraic approach to education that is built on the foundation of biblical family life. As is often said, when the family is strong, the nation is also strong. More than that, we are offering support to parents to enable their children to grow as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ..."

What About the Children?  (02 August 2019)

"It is August and the schools are closed for the holidays. Traditionally, this has been a time when children are with their parents, whether at home or on holiday - that special time of the year that offers opportunities for families to be together. Deuteronomy 6:6-9 comes to mind: a mandate given by God long ago, that all might go well with us..."

For a Balanced Education, There's No Place Like Home  (30 November 2017)

"It seems that more UK children are being home-educated as dissatisfaction with the state school system grows. ... Unfortunately for the educational establishment, UK law places the responsibility for educating a child on parents. This was reaffirmed by Section 7 of the 1996 Education Act..."

The State Has No Right to Attack Home Schooling  (29 November 2017)

"A Private Members' Bill to give powers to local authorities to police home schooling has passed its second reading in the House of Lords. This is the latest attack on the rights of parents, on their duty to bring up their children and on the principle that it is parents, not the State, who are the primary educators of their children..."

Local Authorities Demand Snooping Powers to Crack Down on Unregistered Faith Home Schoolers  (18 September 2016)

"Local Councils are calling for greater powers to enter the homes of home-schooled children so that they can monitor their education. The authorities also want to compel parents to register their home-schooled children, as home-schooling increases in popularity. ... Any parent has a right to withdraw their child from mainstream education without giving a reason..."

Parents, Take Your Children Back From Government Control  (17 October 2014)

"An education expert who heads up a popular online K-12 school is advising parents that they must be vigilant against government intrusion if they want to maintain control over their children's schooling..."

Thousands of [Australian] Parents Illegally Home Schooling  (30 January 2012)

"It is compulsory to send children between the ages of six and 16 to school, or register them for home schooling, but more parents are opting out of the traditional school system and keeping their children at home. However, thousands of parents across the country are not registered and that means they potentially face prosecution..."

Homeschooling and State Education  (05 January 2011)

"Modern, universal, secular education is largely taken for granted today in the West. But it has not always been in existence. Up until relatively recently in history, most schooling was done at home or by the churches. Mass, public education conducted by the state is a somewhat recent development. I have written before about the various dangers which may lie in public education. Mass education could simply be about the three R’s, which would be fair enough, but often it becomes a means of indoctrination and the promotion of various agendas. And this has not occurred by accident. Many have viewed mass education as a means by which the state can indoctrinate students and enforce its ideology..."

Home-Schooling Parents May Face Criminal Record Checks  (30 November 2009)

"Parents who teach their own children at home must undergo criminal record checks, say Government education inspectors..."

If Home-Schooling Is Good For Our Children It Is For Us To Say  (19 October 2009)

"Government plans to regulate home-schooling must be rebuffed. ... In his book The Socialist Case, first published in 1937, Douglas Jay coined a now notorious observation that was once taken as gospel: 'In the case of nutrition and health, just as in the case of education, the gentleman in Whitehall really does know better what is good for people than the people know themselves'..." [NB. Please take the time to whizz through readers' comments underneath this piece. Most of them are excellent.]

Government Consultation on Home Education  (16 October 2009)

"The Department for Children, Schools and Families published a consultation on home schooling. ... Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children receive a 'suitable' education. The Government wants to usurp the role of parents and impose more governmental control, thus intruding upon families who choose to educate their children at home. Both the Bible and the law recognise it is a parent’s responsibility to educate their children, not that of the Government. Education is compulsory, but school is not. Parents can choose either to send their children to school, or to educate them at home. The Badman Report reviewed elective home education. In our opinion, the Badman Report makes disproportionate and unreasonable recommendations for compulsory registration and invasive monitoring of those families who choose to educate at home.  The point of most concern to all parents, especially Christian ones, is the proposal that those who choose to educate at home will have Government officials interview a child alone—without even a parent being present..."

Hitler is Alive and Well in the Western World  (15 September 2009)

"Assuming you have now read the horrible stories about what happened to Christer Johannson and Michael Hickman, I need to say I have been getting a steady stream of such reports as these from Germany since I founded this website..."

Home-Schooling Must be Brought Under Government Control  (14 September 2009)

"An independent report, commissioned by the [UK] Government and published this year, recommends that home-schooling must come closer to the Government control..."

Home schooled Boy Grabbed by Police on Plane in Sweden  (7 September 2009)

"Christer and Annie Johannson are a Swedish couple from Gotland that attempted last year to home school their son Dominic, a bright and happy 7 year old, just prior to their leaving the country to take up residence in India. They made all the right moves, informing the school of their plans..." 

Homeschooling and the War Against Children  (12 July 2009)

"Children are our future. The way our children develop determines how society develops. And when ideological battles are being fought in a culture, children are the trophy. Those who can control the children will be able to control a culture. That is why totalitarian states always seek to get control of children, especially from very early ages. The totalist state knows that years of parental interaction with their children will drive a wedge between them and the state. Thus it becomes imperative to not allow parents to inculcate their beliefs and values in their children..."

The Badman Report  (11 June 2009)

Report to the Secretary of State on the Review of Elective Home Education in England - by Graham Badman.

The Coming War Against Home Schoolers  (28 January 2009)

"I knew this was coming. The inflamed, all-seeing eye of political correctness, glaring this way and that from its dark tower, has finally discovered that home schooling is a threat to the Marxoid project, and has launched its first open attack on it..."

Social Worker: 'All Homeschoolers Get Psychological Evaluations'  (06 November 2008)

"The Smiths (name changed to protect privacy), an HSDLA member family in Miami, received an unexpected note on their front door from a social worker asking them to call the number on an attached business card. Little did they know, this was the beginning of a nightmare they would not soon forget..."

College From Home  (14 October 2008)

"Instead of sitting through hours of humanistic instruction from atheistic professors, I studied from the comfort of my own home and on average completed semester long course in a few days or weeks..."

Prosecutor Wants Homeschool Parents Jailed  (19 May 2007)

"A federal prosecutor in the German state of Hesse has announced plans to seek three-month prison terms for a mother and father who homeschool their six children..."

Western Homeschoolers Need Political Asylum From Democracy  (15 April 2007)

"A growing crackdown on homeschool families - most of whom are Christian - is the 'edge of the night that's coming' for believers, according to an expert in the field..."

Homeschool Student Disappears From Psych Ward  (13 February 2007)

"The case involving a 15-yr-old homeschool student in Germany who suddenly was snatched from her home by a SWAT team of police officers and sent to a psychiatric ward for her 'school phobia' suddenly has taken a turn for the worse..."

DfES Consultation on Suitable and Efficient Home Education by Parents  (Email received 20 December 2006)

"So the [British] government think that some parents opting for home education 'may not be in a position to offer their children the well rounded education to which they are entitled'..."

Parents Jailed, Fined in Germany for Homeschooling  (No Date.  Email received 01 November 2006)

"What if you had to choose between not home schooling and being arrested? In a western democracy that is tolerant of just about anything, except teaching your children at home, German parents who want to home school have to decide..."

The Case For Christian Education  (09 October 2006)

"Up until around 175 years ago, most people were educated at home, or by the church. As such, public education is a relatively new phenomenon. But today it is the major means of education in the Western world. Sure, there are religious schools, private schools, and home-schooling, but most people attend public schools. Perhaps 50 or 100 years ago, this was not a bad thing, as most schools back then reflected the culture at large, and in most of the Western world, that culture was primarily Christian in nature. But times have changed, and secularisation has pushed out religion, making our schools – and everything else – not only devoid of religion but often quite hostile to it. Christianity is especially unwanted in our modern educational system. Secularist values, along with New Age nonsense, political correctness, and leftwing politics and ideology reign in most of our schools..."

European Human Rights Court Upholds Nazi Ban on Homeschooling  (28 September 2006)

"The ECHR does not protect European citizens against Hitler's laws. ... The EU Court's decision states that the right to education 'by its very nature calls for regulation by the State.'..."

Christians Patronize Public Schools at Their Children's Peril  (11 September 2006)

"[A]dvocates for Christian home education say parents should not delegate their God-given responsibility to 'raise up a child in the way he should go' to godless schools with increasingly anti-Christian curricula..."

Constitution Threatened by Homeschool Case  (12 August 2006)

"A couple in Brussels has been threatened with criminal neglect for schooling their children at home, and a U.S. expert on the issue told WND the case actually could pose a threat to the sovereignty of the U.S. constitution..."

Brussels Journal Editor Threatened With Prosecution Over Homeschooling  (15 June 2006)

"Yesterday, my husband Paul Belien, ... was summoned to the police station and interrogated. He was told that the Belgian authorities are of the opinion that, as a homeschooler, he has not adequately educated his children and, hence, is neglecting his duty as a parent, which is a criminal offence..."

The New World Disorder: U.N. Making Home Schooling Illegal?  (27 May 2006)

"A U.N. treaty conferring rights to children could make home schooling illegal in the U.S. even though the Senate has not ratified it, a home schooling association warns. ... The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ... places severe limitations on a parent's right to direct and train their children..."

Homeschooled  (15 March 2004)

"Our Western culture is evangelistic and totalitarian in its zeal to promote secular humanism. Their primary means of achieving universal compliance is the public [state] designed educational system. It is not because it is public nor because it is universal that it is evil. The evil is found in two things:..."

Homeschooling As a Way of Life  (15 June 2003)

"For many, 'school' is the main focus in 'homeschooling'. As for me 'home' is most important. ... The essence of homeschooling is equipping a child to learn for the rest of his/her life. ... From time to time I meet young mothers who want to start homeschooling, but they are terrified by their own inadequacy..."

The Reformed School of Alexandria  (15 January 1998)

"We did not raise our children in a classroom environment. I conducted my 'classes' in the front seat of the pickup or in the cabinet shop. Debi conducted her classes in the kitchen or sitting at the kitchen table enthusiastically discussing points of interest to the children..."

The Three Myths of Homeschooling  (1998)

"Myth 1 - They won't learn the needed social skills if I teach at home.  Myth 2 - I could never teach! I don't have any degree.  Myth 3 - My kids are going to a good school. Public [state] schools may be changing in other parts of the country, but our school is different!..."

What Curriculum Do You Recommend For My 6-Year-Old?  (15 September 1995)

"Remember, God did not make classroom education. It is the invention of humanists seeking to usurp parental authority. Why recapture your rights and duty only to adopt their methods of teaching?..."

Thinking of Homeschooling?  (No Date)

"Many working parents wouldn't dream of homeschooling. Yet there is enough growing concern among some parents that is leading them to think of homeschooling as an alternative to the public school..."

Revolution via Home Schooling  (No Date)

"The only effective group of citizens today in open opposition to big government are the home schoolers. They are the only Americans willing to take on the public education system that props up the entire statist enterprise of big, intrusive government..."

Homeschooling and Global Tyranny  (No Date)

"America is at a very crucial period in its history. Our national sovereignty is being continually diminished by the New World Order clique that wants to spearhead the movement into world government. ... Meanwhile, American children in American schools are being indoctrinated in world citizenship and away from patriotism, which is called ethnocentrism. But there's a fly in the ointment. it is called homeschooling..."

The articles below can no longer be accessed at the link given.  Please bear with me whilst I find them elsewhere on the internet.

Home Schooling: An Alternative to Public [State] 'Education'  by Gene Zimmer

"It is becoming clearly obvious to many parents that something is very wrong with the public education system. Each year fewer students graduate with sufficient academic and cognitive skills, violence and immorality continue to rise, ... the reasons for this are simple to understand..."

How to Get an Education at Home  by Pat Farenga

"There is a revolution going on in education, but it is not happening in schools. It is happening in the homes of American families in every state. It is happening every time a family decides to help its children learn at home instead of sending them to public school. Fourteen years ago there were roughly 10,000 children being homeschooled; now there are upwards of 600,000 children learning at home..."

Homeschooling Saves Your Child From Destruction  by Joel Turtel

"Home schooling removes children from public [state] school. That alone makes home schooling worthwhile. Unlike public-school children, home-schooled kids are not prisoners of a system that can wreck their self-esteem, ability to read, and love of learning. Home schooled kids don't have to read dumb-downed [sic] text books, study subjects they hate, or endure meaningless classes six to eight hours a day..."

Homeschooling: Can I Do It?  by Joel Turtel

"Many parents would like to homeschool their children but are afraid they don't have the training or ability to be their children's teacher. This is certainly understandable, because most parents never had any formal training to be a teacher. However, most parents don't have to worry about this issue..."

Socialization: Homeschooling vs. Schools  by Michael F. Haverluck

"Questions about inadequate socialization are often brought up as a means to disqualify homeschooling as a viable alternative form of education, but are the arguments valid?..."

On Being Salt and Light  by Frederick C. Foote

"As the homeschoolers of five young children, my wife and I occasionally find ourselves in conversations where salt and light comes up. ... we often hear how homeschooling may be deficient in at least one important respect - its failure to position our children where they can function on a daily basis as salt and light to their non-Christians friends..."

Deliberate Dumbing of America: Home Schooling Has Come A Long Way  by Phyllis Schlafly

"It takes uncommon commitment by parents to undertake a home school regimen, but they soon discover they can do in a couple of hours what takes all day at regular school..."

Homeschooling Pioneers: Interview With Rebekah (Pearl) Anast  by Deborah Wuehler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"Ever had a child training problem and not known what to do? I have, and I have turned again and again to a wonderful little book entitled To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. ... The Pearls also happen to be among the pioneers of homeschooling in the early 1970s during the movement's turbulent beginnings. We are so pleased to have Rebekah Anast (formerly Rebekah Pearl) with us to let us in on what it was like being a homeschooled child under the tutelage of the infamous Pearls during this breaking movement called home education..."

Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson Never Went to Public [State] School  by Joel Turtel

"Most of our Founding Fathers, ... like most average colonial Americans, spent few years, if any, in formal grammar schools of the day, yet they knew how to read and write well. ... At least ten of our presidents were home-schooled..."

Have Christian Schools Turned the Tide?  by Ronald E. Williams

"In the past many years, we have witnessed dramatic growth in the area of Christian Education. Churches and pastors who had never given serious thought to being involved in the Christian school movement are now daily teaching their youngsters in the own school..."


General News Items and Comments

Why Writing By Hand is the Right Way to Learn  (21 January 2011)

"Children who write by hand learn better than those who use a computer keyboard, scientists say..."

30,000 Pupils Branded as 'Racist' and 'Homophobic' Bigots: ... Even at Nursery  (17 January 2011)

"More than 10,000 primary school pupils in a single year have been labelled racist or homophobic over minor squabbles. ... Schools are forced to report their language to education authorities, which keep a register of incidents..."

Only One Child in Six Gets Five Good GCSEs as Pupils Switch From Academic Subjects to 'Soft' Courses  (08 January 2011)

"A Labour shake-up in 2004 gave pupils more scope to study non-academic GCSE equivalents – and these options have surged in popularity by 3,800 per cent. They include certificates in personal effectiveness, salon services and preparation for working life. Education Secretary Michael Gove wants schools to switch to a so-called ‘English baccalaureate’ comprising English, maths, a science, history or geography and a language..."

What We Could Learn From the Victorian Classroom  (02 January 2011)

"The class is full of ten-year-old children standing behind the desks. Their teacher, 'Miss Perkins”, introduces herself and lays out her expectations. The children are obedient and perfectly behaved..."

Yes, EMA Should be Scrapped - Not to Save Money but to Save Our Kids  (15 December 2010)

"One of the most damning Labour legacies in education is EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance). When I say the system 'keeps poor children poor' because of what the 'well-meaning liberal does them', this is exactly what I mean. We imagine a sea of hobbling children, desperate to learn, but who instead of going to school are sent to the workhouses to bring home 20p so that their mothers can buy bread. What better way to help these poor souls than to provide them with a weekly allowance that will prevent their evil parents from sending them out to work in order to feed the family?.."

The Last Week is Proof that Chaos in Our Classrooms Leads to Chaos on the Streets  (13 December 2010)

"If you should ever ask a young person in parts of the developing world whether or not the state should pay for them to go to university, they would likely look at you and wonder what you meant. They do not have the sense of entitlement that our young people do. ... What do we teach our children at school? Do we stretch them? Challenge them to exceed everyone’s expectations? Of course not! We preserve the status quo. We 'take care' of them. We push them through school, teaching them the bad habits of swearing, shouting, having little respect for others, and demanding to have their own way. Sound familiar to what you saw on TV last week? We look after them with EMA payments, while they prance around doing little work and end up with a couple of D grades. Then we push them through to some Minnie-mouse university in the hope that someone else will look after them. No wonder the students are in shock. Be responsible for themselves? The concept is completely alien. In fact, I don’t know why we’re all surprised by some of their behaviour in the streets. This is how some of them behave in school! Throwing things at authority, shouting, swearing, spitting, attacking, participating in a mob-mentality, refusing to do as they are asked, demonstrating a complete disregard for their fellow human beings. As a teacher, ones sees this type of behaviour several times a day..."

A Labour shake-up in 2004 gave pupils more scope to study non-academic GCSE equivalents – and these options have surged in popularity by 3,800 per cent.

They include certificates in personal effectiveness, salon services and preparation for working life.

Education Secretary Michael Gove wants schools to switch to a so-called ‘English baccalaureate’ comprising English, maths, a science, history or geography and a language.

Read more:

How Can it be Right That an 11-Year-Old Boy Can Call Me a F****** Cow, and There's Not a Thing I can Do?  (11 December 2010)

"Last month, an 11-year-old boy walked late into my class and proceeded to disrupt it so badly that I could not teach. He threw pencils at his classmates, called out when I asked him not to, refused to work and disrupted all the other pupils until finally I had to have him removed from the classroom because he called me a 'f****** cow'. His actions were totally unprovoked by anything I had said or done  -  he said it because he knew he could get away with it..."

Who Will Speak These Home Truths Now?  (18 October 2010)

"When deputy headteacher Katherine Birbalsingh took to the podium at the Tory Party conference earlier this month to speak about schooling, her remarks produced two dramatic results..."

Teacher Who Attacked School Chaos in Tory Party Conference Speech is Forced Out  (17 October 2010)

"Katherine Birbalsingh, 37, received a standing ovation for her speech at the Tory Party Conference two weeks ago in which she revealed the appalling indiscipline in the nation's classrooms..."

I Won't be Silenced While Our Children are Betrayed by Schools  (08 October 2010)

"The British education system inhabits a land of make-believe. The public is constantly told that standards are rising, reflected in annual, record-breaking improvements in exam results. But as a teacher with more than a decade's experience, I know all this is a grotesque illusion..."

Ex-Marxist Head Wants to Axe Bad Teachers and Drive Out the Unions  (06 October 2010)

"A deputy headmistress delivered a damning indictment on state schools yesterday, saying she hoped education reforms would smash teaching unions..." 

Schools Must Make Pupils Mix With Minorities or Face Sanctions  (16 July 2007)

"[UK s]chools with mainly white pupils could be labelled 'failing' if they don't encourage children to mix with other races and religions..."

Save Our Kids From PC 'Cops'  (17 March 2007)

"My two little girls have just come crashing into the kitchen with new dolls that can squeak and gurgle and w** themselves. Izzy, six, cradled hers carefully, demonstrating how it can coo and flutter its eyelids. Willow, three, said: 'Mine does squeak too - when I jump on it. Look.' And she jumped up and down on its stomach while it squeaked in a slightly stunned way. Under the newly proposed national curriculum for the under-fives, I'm assuming this would be a fail for Willow..."

Sacrificing Truth on the Altar of Diversity  (31 August 2006)

"You're a publisher of children's textbooks, and you have a problem. Your diversity guidelines - quotas in all but name - require you to include pictures of disabled children in your elementary and high school texts, but it isn't easy to find such children who are willing and able to pose for a photographer. ... How can you meet your quota?... Well, you can always do what Houghton Mifflin does..."

Critical Thinking: or, Making Me the Straw Man  (12 May 2006)

"They are one of the biggest publishers of textbooks in the world, and they wanted to use some of my writings in one of their products.  My first thought was, 'Gee, I'm coming up in the world.'  The second was, 'How do they intend to use it?'  So I asked for a sample.  A good thing I did..."




"Never, anywhere in the Holy Bible will you find God giving civil government
any authority to rear or direct the rearing of children ...
God told parents, not the government, to 'train up' their children"

(Laura Rogers, Societal Structures vs. Restructuring,
as quoted in Berit Kjos, Brave New Schools, p185)




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