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0-19yrs = 99.997%,   20-49yrs = 99.98%,   50-69yrs = 99.5%,   70+yrs = 94.6%
[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA].

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits"
"Prove all things: hold fast that which is good"
(1 John 4:1a; 1 Thessalonians 5:21)

"Hasn't the 'Great Reset' sunk in yet? OF COURSE things will never return to normal. They don't want you freely mixing, talking, thinking collectively. You have to do their bidding. 
When they say 'you will own nothing' - they mean it, and all that you DO own, you will slowly lose through one circumstance or another - no house, cars, or other goods.
They will be owned by the elite, who will rent or lease stuff to you, even your own, which they may well have confiscated.
You cannot eat red meat, smoke, drink excessively, travel, own and drive a car, and you will be obliged to keep away from country areas, redesignated as 'prohibited to humans.'
It's all been planned for years, and we know it has.  But we couldn't believe it, could we?  And what happens?
It all comes to fruition under our very noses, and we appear powerless to so anything about it.
So what ARE you going to do?  I suggest ditching your masks, refusing tests, vaccines and lockdowns, for a start ...
Otherwise, you will like it, obey, and 'be happy' as directed"

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"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind"
(2 Timothy 1:7)


Peace ~ Be Still ~ Lay All Your Worries Down
"Be still, O my soul, for our God is in control"



The Vulnerable Young

Never Waste A Good Crisis  (03 April 2020)

"At a time when the nation is under lockdown in an effort to try and combat the spread of Covid-19 ... you would think the last thing on anyone's mind would be to add to the numbers of dead. Strangely, however, that is not the case. On the contrary, abortion providers have taken advantage of the crisis to ramp up pressure in their campaign to reduce the number of doctors required to sign off on abortions from two to one, and to allow women to take the pills at home without medical supervision ... Facilitating the slaughter of the innocent at a time of national emergency is, apparently, the caring thing to do..."

Under This Sinister Change, an Abortion is Less Serious Than A Bunion  (03 April 2020)

"Under the pretext of the coronavirus lockdown, abortion campaigners have taken the opportunity to lobby the Government to change substantially the rules around abortion pills ... This is something they have been wanting to do for years ... This week, they have been successful in their campaign..."

UK: DIY Home Abortion Allowed During Coronavirus Crisis  (31 March 2020)

"The update to the law was celebrated by one of the country's leading provider of abortion services [sic], the British Pregnancy Advisory Service..."  /  Readers' comments:  "Amazing, government can't let anything, even a deadly virus, get in the way of killing innocent babies"  /  "Wow, baby killers sure are dedicated"  /  "Are you kidding me????? We have a global pandemic on the loose ... and people are scared of dying or their loved ones dying. But hey - slaughter your innocent, defenceless, unborn baby in the comfort of your own home!"  /  When a person is murdered in a home, a potential buyer has to be informed. This is no different"  /  "We are governed by a death cult"


The Vulnerable Old

Abused and Afraid - Hell of the Caged Aged  (19 May 2020)

"Charities are claiming that abuse of the elderly by relatives or carers has soared during lockdown ... Victim Support has seen a 17% rise in reports of domestic violence against people aged 65 or over, while Hourglass said calls to its national helpline had risen by at least 30% during lockdown. It said reports of neglect were up by 37%, and were concentrated in care homes. Among the complaints were elderly people being negligently exposed to the virus, left unfed, moved from one home to another without consultation and cut off from phone contact with relatives. Hourglass described elder abuse as a 'hidden scandal', becuase older people are often reluctant to report loved ones or carers, fearing they could be forced out of their home and are from a generation that 'don't want to cause trouble'..."

Killing the Elderly in Care Homes to Save the NHS  (19 May 2020)

"'Kill the Oldies. Save the NHS.'  Perhaps Boris Johnson should think of adopting this for his next slogan because it's what his government has done. In fact, it's the second most scandalous aspect of his record so far in dealing with the Chinese coronavirus ... on March 19 the UK government issued an order to the NHS quickly to clear out 15,000 patients to make way for the expected surge in patients with Covid-19. Many of these were elderly patients who had nowhere to go save care homes. Some of these patients were already infected with coronavirus and instead of being isolated ... they were instead sent to the very place where they were likely to do the most damage: residential homes full of people in the worst at-risk category. So far, more than 8,000 people have died in care homes with Covid-19..."

Covid-19: The War Against the Elderly in Uncaring 'Care' Homes  (02 May 2020)

"Covid-19 is particularly virulent to seniors, especially those with comorbidity. [This] is the literal decimation of the elderly in care homes around the world ... Most of these marginalised human beings were left without adequate care and almost all were quarantined from their loved ones, literally abandoned in their final hours. One has to wonder if it was just a careless mistake in the rush to confront an emerging 'plague'? Or. Was it worse, uncaring disregard for people seen as no further use to society? Was it a sinister cull to save on the high costs of maintaining life? ... While the media covered Covid-19 virtually 24/7, indulging shamelessly in associated 'fear porn', they somehow missed where the largest number of deaths were occurring. Television was the worst ... As an elder (born 1940) with coronary heart disease (CAD), which puts me in the high risk category myself, I can state firmly I am not afraid. Nor do I feel invincible. I just realise nothing about Covid-19 puts me at either higher or lower risk than I already may be from flu, pneumonia or heart disease. Respiratory illnesses with serious morbidity and mortality are something we have lived with a for a very long time. We cope. And we don't demolish our society to save lives because that is truly a fool's errand, which like our current lockdowns and social distancing are going to have much more serious consequences, including mortality, for us in the future..."

Human Rights Threat to Hancock Over Caging the Aged  (20 April 2020)

"Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, says: 'There should be no place for arbitrary age criteria when it comes to making treatment decisions concerning Covid-19, any more than there should be with any other illness or disease. Chronological age is a very poor proxy for a person's resilience and state of health. All treatment decisions should be made on the basis of a person's individual capacity to benefit, informed by the best clinical evidence. Blanket age criteria are ageism, pure and simple' ... What would be the reason for locking down older people while releasing others? To protect the health of these prisoners? To ensure that they do not carry the infection to others? To ensure that the NHS is not troubled by them overmuch, thus puncturing the loud claims of the NHS as for everyone?..."

Be Willing to Die to Save the NHS  (06 April 2020)

"A GP surgery in South Wales has apologised for a letter sent to patients with serious health conditions asking them to complete a 'Do Not Resuscitate' form in case their conditions deteriorated due to coronavirus ... It may be too late to erase from the minds of these vulnerable patients instructed to self-isolate for the sake of the NHS the spectre of the Grim Reaper getting to work while the Good Samaritan attends to people who are younger and stronger. But it is surely not too late for the young to question this latest application of Darwinism hiding under the guise of 'protecting our NHS' from the sick - the very people it was set up to help - for what it is. And that this epidemic is no excuse for abandoning medical ethics or the Hippocratic Oath ... We need to ask which category of society will be next in line to be unworthy of NHS services? The severely disabled, Down's children, the mentally ill, those with cancer? ... The government's big coronavirus message, plastered everywhere, is 'Stray at home to protect the NHS.'   We must 'protect our NHS'  from - us..."

Surgery Urged Vulnerable Patients to Complete 'Do Not Resuscitate' Forms In Case They Caught Coronavirus  (01 April 2020)

"Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board said they had not issued the recommendations and it was not a standard procedure letter, with the surgery offering an apology 'for any distress caused' through the health board ... One of the letters was sent to WalesOnline, the LLynfi surgery patient writing to the news website: 'It not only greatly upset me but my family and close friends. It was like having my death warrant being sent by the grim reaper. It made me feel worthless'..."


The Vulnerable Others

Empty Hospitals and Emptying Care Homes  (28 April 2020)

"Birmingham's new Nightingale hospital, with capacity for 500 patients, has not admitted one in its first ten days ... in celebrating the 'paradox' of an empty hospital, Dr Rosser seems oblivious to the deeper truth that it actually reveals: that all this time, care home residents have been dying at a terrible rate, apparently barred from admission to hospital if they have symptoms of Covid-19 ... despite being the demographic most likely to suffer badly and die from Covid-19 ... Urgent questions also need to be asked about the plight of the mentally disabled ... an unprecedented number of DNR forms have been received from doctors..."

Ill Children, Autistic People, Seniors Pressured to Sign DNR Forms  (14 April 2020)

"In recent weeks, other people susceptible to severe cases of the Chinese virus have been pressured to refuse treatment if they contract COVID-19 ... with reports from Scotland that elderly patients are having the forms signed for them by GPs without their consent or their family's knowledge..."  /  Readers' comments:  "In a Soviet Style of Leninism... the sick... the halt... and the lame are considered parasites to the New Soviet Man! All these need to be washed away for the Joy of Pure Socialism!"  /  "Study up on the Nazi health rules. Before the Ultimate Solution, there were a dozen other 'solutions' like this one, focused on the sick, the 'feeble-minded', the handicapped, the contagious, etc"  /  "The young and the fit will survive the virus anyway, without treatment. A healthcare service - any healthcare service - exists to treat the elderly, the vulnerable, the infirm, the chronically sick. If it doesn't treat these people, it has no purpose. In particular, a DNR form is a complete negation of what a healthcare service stands for"


Population Control

Former Pfizer VP: Your Government Is Lying To You In A Way That Cold Lead To Your Death  (07 April 2021)

"[I]f you wanted to introduce a characteristic which could be harmful and could even be lethal, and you can even tune it to say 'let's put in some gene that will cause liver injury over a nine-month period,' or, cause your kidneys to fail but not until you encounter this kind of organism [that would be quite possible].  Biotechnology provides you with limitless ways, frankly, to injure or kill billions of people.  And since I can't think of a benign explanation for any of the steps: variants, top-up vaccines, no regulatory studies ... the steps described, and the scenario described, and the necessary sort of resolution to this false problem is going to allow what I just described: unknown, and unnecessary gene sequences injected into the arms of potentially billions of people for no reason.  I'm very worried ... that pathway will be used for mass depopulation, because I can't think of any benign explanation..."


What is Covid-19?

"Covid-19 is supposedly a pneumonia as a complication of SARS-COV-2, but ...

  • For most people, Covid-19 is a mild illness which is never confirmed as being due to SARS-COV-2, but the perception of reality is created by official general prognosis,
  • A developed SARS-COV-2 infection could be flu, or even a bacterial infection, and Covid-19, or the pneumonia associated with it, would in fact arise as a complication due to these other causations,
  • Pneumonia or severe respiratory complications can occur from a treatment for cancer - which incriminates other pre-existing conditions in combination with their medical treatments,
  • Meanwhile, quite astonishingly, there is no acknowledgement of what might be true Covid-19, which is an infection of the lungs related to the interaction between SARS-COV/SARS-COV-2 and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) that is promoted in treatment by prescribed drugs.

"[T]he UK Government's reaction to Covid-19 has been way beyond anything anyone could call proportional. It has been unnecessarily, grotesquely exaggerated, and pointlessly damaging" [source].


Fear is the Little Death

"As Frank Herbert wrote in his novel, Dune, 'Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration' and collective fear is also the primary tool that governments have long used to bring potentially recalcitrant populations under control... sometimes to the point of obliteration.  Historically, that type of fear is not sudden but eats away at the heart and soul of a people one small nibble at a time until the minds of a now docile demographic willingly acquiesce to any number of outrageous edicts and restraints upon their lives and freedoms in the hope that in so doing this will ensure their personal survival.  And note always that once this induced fear has taken a firm hold the decisive instruments of draconian suppression are placed in the hands of powerful enforcement agencies who invariably career out of control and become a law unto themselves, quickly becoming too big and too powerful for even the political drones who unleashed them to restrain.

"Look about you now at the actions and verbal vomitus coming from HM Government's emergent blue uniformed SS, particularly their local Obersturmbannführers so erroneously referred to as Chief Constables. (Did anyone else notice the Home Secretary singing their praises at the daily briefing session a few days ago... with the senior Obergruppenführer by her side?)  Have no doubt about it, this is the situation extant in so many once-democratic countries throughout the Anglosphere and the Staatspolizei certainly won't give up their intoxicating new found powers easily, so think again - is it really worth the candle that you should sell your children into a future defined only by blind obedience to the Diktats of a monolithic controlling State in order to prolong  your lives by a few years?  'Action this day or never' is a cliché that has so often turned out to be a truism.

"And, finally, the seminal question that will probably remain unanswered until sanity and honesty return - why is it that a particular subsection of the demographic is being so grotesquely pandered to and permitted to break all social distancing rules with impunity whilst the original indigenes are not?  Also, have you noticed the constant compassionate references to 'Little Ishmail' and his poor family?  No mention of little David or Julia and their families, of course. Perhaps the answer lies there.

"In conclusion, I am convinced that above all other political aberrations Selective Policing is the definitive sign of a corrupted Establishment acting with malignant intent to a hidden agenda and thus, with reference to the two preceding questions, I regret that I must leave you to mentally fill in, in private, those details which we are not permitted to mention in the public domain or face being prosecuted for a hate crime if we do... damn! How Orwellian is that?" [Reader's comment at source]. 


Coronavirus Act: What Are We Consenting To?

"In the UK, it is worth recapping what it is we are consenting to with the Coronavirus Act:

  • We consent to increased State surveillance of ourselves and our family;
  • We are happy that we could be detained, without charge, because some state official suspects, or claims they suspect, we may be infected;
  • It is fine with us that we or our loved ones can be sectioned under the Mental Health Act on the recommendation of a single doctor and neither we nor they need to have the protection of a second opinion we are locked up;
  • We accept that the state can retain our biometric data and fingerprints for an extended period;
  • We consent that jury trials are a bit of an anachronism and Judges can hear more evidence by video or even audio link;
  • We think it's fine that the evidence required, and processes undertaken, to determine and record our or our loved ones' deaths can be eroded to the point where they can be registered by people with no medical or legal expertise at all;
  • We don't think the NHS needs to adhere to practice standards or bother with assessing the needs of some patients, especially older people;
  • We are also fine with the complete suspension of democracy in Britain;
  • We accept all of this based upon a unique subset of scientific opinion which, contrary t every known scientific principle, can never be questioned;
  • We agree with the MSM that people who question any aspect of the stories they tell us are dangerous because these people just don't care if their own loved ones die. Only true believers care about their families;
  • We also accept the need for the State to invest considerable resources creating counter disinformation units whose purpose is to censor anything and everything which questions our firmly held beliefs. The beliefs informed by many of the same people doing the censoring..." [source].




"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday ...
He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways ...
he shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble ... and show him my salvation"
(Psalm 91)




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