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(1 John 4:1a; 1 Thessalonians 5:21)

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The Aftermath (at least, for now) and Some Critical Analysis (Feb 2022)   |   Canada's Convoy! (Jan/Feb 2022)

The Turning of the Worm and the Crumbling of the Narrative and the Regrouping of the Globalists (Jan 2022)

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International COVID Summit III

Vaccine Narrative - Proven False

Speech given by Dr David Martin at Euro Parliament 3rd May 2023

"Dr David Martin provided hard cold facts about the Covid-19 experience over the past three years
...Its extremely important for people to grasp the significance of each of his points.
If people are prepared to act in humility and consider these facts,
they might want to reassess the outcomes that have been presented to us
by those in positions of power and authority currently leading us into a totalitarian state..."



Deaths From COVID-19 in England and Wales
With No Other Underlying Causes 2020-2021

as at 16th December 2021 according to the ONS:




0-19yrs = 99.997%,    20-49yrs = 99.98%,    50-69yrs = 99.5%,    70+yrs = 94.6%

[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA].


UK Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Reactions to Date

Last Updated: 1st December 2022

Yellow Cards reported for Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine: 511,776 suspected reactions / 857 deaths;
246,866 Yellow Cards reported for Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine: 874,912 suspected reactions / 1,334 deaths;
47,045 Yellow Cards reported for Moderna vaccine: 151,628 suspected reactions / 111 deaths;
52 Yellow Cards reported for Novavax vaccine: 106 suspected reactions / 0 deaths;
2,130 Yellow Cards reported where vaccine brand is not specified6,508 suspected reactions / 60 deaths
Total Reports: 474,018  /  Total Reactions: 1,544,930 /  Total Fatalities: 2,362

Miscarriages, foetal deaths, stillbirths of preborn babies:
Pfizer/BioNTech: 521  /  Oxford/AstraZeneca: 246  /  Moderna: 75  /  Unspecified Brand: 8  /  Total: 850

Total Fatalities: 2,362 + 850 = 3,212

Please Note:
it is estimated that approximately only between 1% and 10% of suspected Covid-19 vaccine ADRs
are being reported to the UK Government's MHRA Yellow Card Scheme
so for a more realistic figure for yellow card reports, suspected reactions, and deaths,
you will need to multiply the figures given here by anything from 10 to 100.

Coronavirus Yellow Card Reporting Site
Report suspected side effects to medicines, vaccines, medical device and test kit incidents
used in coronavirus testing and treatment to the MHRA on this page

The Three Phases of Covid Vaccine Mortality
Short Term: 0-30 Days / Medium Term: 1-12 Months / Long Term: 1-10 years

Covid-19 Vaccine Analysis and Overview

UK Column News
Streamed Live on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1pm
and available On Demand soon afterwards



Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality by Country
"An animation of COVID mortality across the world to examine the impact of vaccination,
testing the hypothesis that they are up to 97% effective in reducing mortality"


Facts About Covid-19
"Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field,
to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment (regular updates)"


Bayith Articles on COVID-19

30th July 2021
Fortifying Our Immune Systems for Winter
"Those of you who take the Daily Mail may have seen therein, on 15th July,
the prognostication by Patrick Vallance that flu [and RSV] may be serious problems this winter,
because so few people have immunity due to the lockdowns..."

7th January 2021
Concerning Coronavirus Vaccines
"2020 has been a very trying year for us all... and, at last,
the UK Government is promising that the '(sort-of), end is in sight
via the coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and/or Oxford/AstraZeneca..."

21st November 2020
Covid-19 Vaccines: As in the Days of Noah
"In Noah's day, the sons of men and the sons of God mixed and produced hybrids
which, by definition, were unsaveable. Therefore, God had to destroy them,
which He did in the world-wide flood..."

31st October 2020
A Bit of Dirt...
"As with every single aspect of His creation
God has designed our immune systems perfectly to repel foreign and harmful invaders ...
we have an amazing natural immune system that fights off all manner of threats to our health and well-being..."

8th October 2020
Covid Conversations: Everyone Is Out of Step But Our Jock
"A dear friend and I recently had a conversation about my not obeying
the Government's rules and guidance concerning the coronavirus restrictions..."

21st September 2020
Rules Are Rules!

"One of the most oft-repeated and oft-heard mantras during the past few months
of this Coronavirus has been 'Rules are Rules!'..."

13th September
Covid Conversations: An Apology and An Explanation
...following a conversation about masks, scientists, and differing opinions on the coronavirus,
with one of the deacons in my church fellowship one Sunday morning after the church service.

3rd August 2020
Why I Don't Wear A Face-Mask
Health and Medical Reasons  /  Scientific Reasons  /  Political and Psychological Reasons
Government Regulations  /  Government Bullying

28th May 2020
Coming Out of Lockdown - Part Two: Hugs
"This current social distancing experiment is an extremely callous and inhumane form of social engineering
(as well as actively assisting physical and mental illness and being very selectively applied)
and if we are not to succumb to permanent behavioural modification,
but desire to resume our normal, God-created, God-blessed human interactions,
we must pluck up the courage to learn to hug one another again..."

22nd May 2020
Coming Out of Lockdown - Part One: Rebuilding Our Immune Systems
"[O]ur immunity to disease is built up over the course of our lives
through our normal and natural exposure to millions of bacteria and viruses,
and we obtain this immunity by many means; one of which is human interaction.
By preventing healthful human interaction ... lockdown and social distancing have damaged our immune systems.
So, to prevent a resultant and so-called 'second spike' ... and to ensure we stay well,
it is vital to start rebuilding our immunity levels..."

1st/6th/7th May 2020
Wake Up, Folks...

"A day or so ago, someone on our church forum asked the question
whether it was too soon to unlock the country yet ... There were various responses: yea, nay, and not sure.
... My view is as follows:..."

26th April 2020
Our Place of Safety
"In the Old Testament, the places of safety for God's people,
when He wanted to protect them from their enemies or from a pestilence or a judgement,
were in a variety of different kinds of physical locales..."

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear;
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind"
(2 Timothy 1:7)


Peace ~ Be Still ~ Lay All Your Worries Down
"Be still, O my soul, for our God is in control"


20 Things I've Learned...

"20 Things I've Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During the 'Pandemic':

  • Most people would rather be in the majority, than be right;
  • At least 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies, which will emerge under the right conditions;
  • Fear of death is only rivalled by the fear of social disapproval.  The latter could be stronger;
  • Propaganda is just as effective in the modern day as it was 100 years ago.  Access to limitless information has not made the average person any wiser;
  • Anything and everything can and will be politicized by the media, government, and those who trust them;
  • Many politicians and large corporations will gladly sacrifice human lives if it is conducive to their political and financial aspirations;
  • Most people believe the government acts in the best interests of the people.  Even many who are vocal critics of the government;
  • Once they have made up their mind, most people would rather commit to being wrong, than admit they were wrong;
  • Humans can be trained and conditioned quickly and relatively easily to significantly alter their behaviours - for better or worse;
  • When sufficiently frightened, most people will not only accept authoritarianism, but demand it;
  • People who are dismissed as 'conspiracy theorists' are often well researched and simply ahead of the mainstream narrative;
  • Most people value safety and security more than freedom and liberty, even if said 'safety' is merely an illusion;
  • Hedonic adaptation occurs in both directions, and once inertia sets in, it is difficult to get people back to 'normal';
  • A significant percentage of people thoroughly enjoy being subjugated;
  • 'The Science' has evolved into a secular pseudo-religion for millions of people in the West.  This religion has little to do with science itself;
  • Most people care more about looking like they are doing the right things, rather than actually doing the right thing;
  • Politics, the media, science, and the healthcare industries are all corrupt, to varying degrees.  Scientists and doctors can be bought as easily as politicians;
  • If you make people comfortable enough, they will not revolt.  You can keep millions docile as you strip their rights, by giving them money, food, and entertainment;
  • Modern people are overly complacent and lack vigilance when it comes to defending their own freedoms from government overreach;
  • It's easier to fool a person than to convince them they have been fooled" [quoted in a reader's comment at source].


What is Covid-19?

"Covid-19 is supposedly a pneumonia as a complication of SARS-COV-2, but ...

  • For most people, Covid-19 is a mild illness which is never confirmed as being due to SARS-COV-2, but the perception of reality is created by official general prognosis,
  • A developed SARS-COV-2 infection could be flu, or even a bacterial infection, and Covid-19, or the pneumonia associated with it, would in fact arise as a complication due to these other causations,
  • Pneumonia or severe respiratory complications can occur from a treatment for cancer - which incriminates other pre-existing conditions in combination with their medical treatments,
  • Meanwhile, quite astonishingly, there is no acknowledgement of what might be true Covid-19, which is an infection of the lungs related to the interaction between SARS-COV/SARS-COV-2 and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) that is promoted in treatment by prescribed drugs.

"[T]he UK Government's reaction to Covid-19 has been way beyond anything anyone could call proportional. It has been unnecessarily, grotesquely exaggerated, and pointlessly damaging" [source].


Coronavirus Act: What Are We Consenting To?

"In the UK, it is worth recapping what it is we are consenting to with the Coronavirus Act:

  • We consent to increased State surveillance of ourselves and our family;
  • We are happy that we could be detained, without charge, because some state official suspects, or claims they suspect, we may be infected;
  • It is fine with us that we or our loved ones can be sectioned under the Mental Health Act on the recommendation of a single doctor and neither we nor they need to have the protection of a second opinion we are locked up;
  • We accept that the state can retain our biometric data and fingerprints for an extended period;
  • We consent that jury trials are a bit of an anachronism and Judges can hear more evidence by video or even audio link;
  • We think it's fine that the evidence required, and processes undertaken, to determine and record our or our loved ones' deaths can be eroded to the point where they can be registered by people with no medical or legal expertise at all;
  • We don't think the NHS needs to adhere to practice standards or bother with assessing the needs of some patients, especially older people;
  • We are also fine with the complete suspension of democracy in Britain;
  • We accept all of this based upon a unique subset of scientific opinion which, contrary t every known scientific principle, can never be questioned;
  • We agree with the MSM that people who question any aspect of the stories they tell us are dangerous because these people just don't care if their own loved ones die. Only true believers care about their families;
  • We also accept the need for the State to invest considerable resources creating counter disinformation units whose purpose is to censor anything and everything which questions our firmly held beliefs. The beliefs informed by many of the same people doing the censoring..." [source].


Wake Up, Folks...

"The UK Government first insisted in the lockdown/house imprisonment to (supposedly) enable the NHS to cope.  The NHS has coped.  The hastily thrown up Nightingale hospital across the country (across the world) are standing empty: the 4000-bed Nightingale hospital in London has had a maximum of nineteen (if I recollect correctly) Covid-19 patients.  The Government has now moved these initial goalposts; insisting instead on five utterly vague conditions that can be drawn out indefinitely: i.e., primarily until a certain billionaire founder of Microsoft (with a certain chief medical advisor to the UK Government and a certain Imperial College 'scientific' computer modeller in his pocket) can implement his long-held desire to impose his mandatory vaccinations and digital certificates on the world's population.

"The bigger picture is the global implementation of Agenda 21/2030 ... A21's Sustainable Development Goals are directly relevant to our current situation because the social/travel/other limits now being placed on the world's population are the seeds of the UN's A21 programme for its planned one world government.  And in its turn, A21 is a precursor or a shadow of the trib and will be preparing the world for antichrist's 15 minutes (well, three-and-a-half-years) of fame.  How long it will take for the post-lockdown 'New Normal' to morph into Agenda 21, and how long the world will be subjected to A21 before the trib starts, I have no idea and I think I'd rather not know for now.  However, the good news [is that the Lord will] return to put an end to all these shenanigans, and set up His eternal Kingdom" [source].


Believing Absurdities

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities" (Voltaire)

"Well, we're now living in a time where a huge chunk of the global population seem to believe that wearing a face-nappy or a face-shield, and quarantining the healthy, and destroying the economy, and putting millions out of work, and not treating cancer patients, and preventing dying people from having family at their bedside in their final hours, and keeping humanity from each other with anti-social distancing, and treating school-children like this: ... and this: ... and this: ... is somehow justified.  These are absurdities.  And the vast majority of people either firmly believe in them, or at the very least, tacitly endorse them through lack of resistance ...

"But with sufficient amounts of fear and propaganda pumped into their brains for months on end, [people have] been convinced that to protect them from a virus with the same fatality rate as the flu, they believe it is justified to wear a face-mask.  Re-breathing in their own CO2, compromising their immune systems, and even breathing through [the mask] when it's soaking wet and thus increasing their chances of becoming actually sick.

"What can one say about the mindset of a populace that is comprised of docile, reprogrammable sheep, with a herd mentality and no critical or rational thinking?  That, I fear, may be a society that will permit tyranny, and even atrocities, because it lacks the ability to question media messaging, government mandates, and reflect on the nature of reality and their own behaviour.  Moreover, a people who have outsourced their critical and reasoning ability to someone else, will soon find that evil flourishes in a moral vacuum.

"Truly horrific outcomes become possible, when the populace at large have been trained to place their unwavering trust in authority and simply obey government mandates without question" [source].



"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust:
His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday ...
He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways ...
he shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble ... and show him my salvation"
(Psalm 91)



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