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"I have heard their groaning, and am come down to deliver them"
(Acts 7:34)

BRINO: Brexit In Name Only

"And I do declare that no Foreign Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction
Power Superiority Preeminence or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm.  So help me God"
[The Bill of Rights, 1689, Costin & Watson, The Law & Working of the Constitution, Documents 1660-1914]

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The Clowns Take Over the Circus   |   Extending Exit Day: Is It Legal or Did We Actually Leave the EU on Friday 29th March 2019?

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David Cameron: "Your Decision. Not Politicians. Not Parliament. Just You"

"If we vote to leave, we will leave. There'll not be another renegotiation or another referendum"

30th March 2019
"You'll Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy"
"Traitors to the left of me, Quislings to the right. Here I am still stuck in the EU..."




"Woe to her that is filthy and polluted, to the oppressing city!  She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the LORD; she drew not near to her God.  Her princes within her are roaring lions; her judges are evening wolves; they gnaw not the bones till the morrow.  Her prophets are light and treacherous persons: her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have done violence to the law ... the unjust knoweth no shame ... they rose early, and corrupted all their doings" (Zephaniah 3:1-7) [9th April 2019]

"With [the LORD] is wisdom and strength, He hath counsel and understanding.  Behold, He breaketh down, and it cannot be built again: He shutteth up a man, and there can be no opening ... the deceived and the deceiver are His.  He leadeth counselors away spoiled, and maketh the judges fools.  He looseth the bond of kings ... and overthroweth the mighty ... He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: He enlargeth the nations, and straineth them again.  He taketh away the heart of the chief of the people ... and causeth them to wander in a wilderness where there is no way.  They grope in the dark without light, and He maketh them to stagger like a drunken man" (Job 12:13-25) [3rd April 2019]

"Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not ... FEAR YE NOT ME?  SAITH THE LORD ... this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart ... Their houses are full of deceit ... yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked ... Shall I not visit for these things?  saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?" (Jeremiah 5:21-31) [28th March 2019]

"...a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house ... I will bring [them] to Babylon to the land of the Chaldeans ... And they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall scatter them among the nations, and disperse them in the countries ... they may declare all their abominations among the heathen whither they come; and they shall know that I am the LORD" (Ezekiel 12:2,13-16) [28th March 2019]


Brexit: The Clash of Civilizations: May God Save Britain

Prayer for the Nation

"Britain is a nation in trouble ... politicians and commentators concentrate upon economic issues of different deals, or leaving the EU with no deal. But they fail to consider the philosophical and moral reasons why many people voted to leave the EU. These reasons include regaining our sovereignty and control of our borders and the waters around Britain. But there are also deeper, spiritual reasons for wishing to be free from the strongly secular-humanist driving forces in Brussels, which are deliberately based upon a denial of the Judeo-Christian beliefs and values that have formed the social foundations of the nations of Europe for the past 1,000 years. This anti-Judeo-Christian bias is built into the EU and has become a spiritual force of darkness affecting all the nations of Europe, including Britain ... Only prayer - Spirit-filled, believing, targeted prayer can deal with the situation facing Britain today..."

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal - Treachery or Treason?  (24 March 2019)

"A study of the past 60 years of history involving deception of the British Electorate and repeated attempts to take back Parliamentary Sovereignty. Examination of the attempts to thwart Brexit in 2019"  /  Viewers' comments:  "I think the remain voters have no idea what the EU is"  /  "'Welcome to the Shambles'... what ought to be a playful English irony weighs heavier than any Shakespeare tragedy"  /  "Young ones today are unaware of even recent history; even their parents and grandparents history, their own family history, political and social events of the recent past"  /  "The battle will only be won when the nation is left in no doubt as to the tyranny and the enslavement which continued EU membership promises ... The EU, particularly among the young who are subjected most to globalist values in the education system and the media, is currently misconceived as something benign. We must let the truth be known about the EU future, or Britain, and I believe, ultimately Europe itself, will be lost to those who wish to destroy it"  /  "Good and evil are fighting over Britain - pray God's right will prevail"  /  "I'm writing this comment the day after we were supposed to leave on 29th March. Your final words, 'May God save Britain' are now even more appropriate"

800 Years of Democracy is Unravelling Before Our Eyes  (17 March 2019)

"Historians should avoid colourful predictions, however tempting they might seem. At the moment I'm touring the country with a lecture called Henry VIII And The First Brexit, which compares the king's eventual clean and triumphant break with the Roman Church with our own messy and humiliating attempts to extricate ourselves from the European Union. But audiences really want me to talk about the present..."

Death of Democracy  (15 March 2019)

"Everywhere there is amazement that the British Parliament - the 'Mother of Parliaments' - is in disarray. Why is this? In simple terms, it is because our Parliament, which is supposed to represent the people, is opposed to the people! The nation voted to leave the EU and in Parliament, of 650 MPs, about 500 of them voted Remain. Most of them will do everything possible to oppose the will of the people they represent, and keep Britain locked into the EU. Clearly, its the death of democracy when those elected to represent the people no longer do so ... The plain fact is that as a nation ... we are blindly heading for disaster, led by our MPs, so many of whom are driven by lying spirits, because we are a nation under judgment..."

"What is God doing in the midst of all this chaos? ... God actively intervenes and creates a chaotic situation to which there appears no simple answer, in order to force people to recognise the utter folly of what they are doing. God actually uses disaster as a means of working out His purposes:...

  • "And the LORD said unto Moses, Go in unto Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants, that I might show these my signs before him" (Exodus 10:1);

  • "Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets" (1 Kings 22:23);

  • "And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws" (Ezekiel 38:4);

  • "Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not" (Isaiah 6:9);

  • "If thou had'st known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes" (Luke 19:42);

  • One of the signs of judgement coming upon a people: "The LORD shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart [or, confusion of mind]" (Deuteronomy 28:28);

  • When the level of corruption in a nation reaches crisis point, God removes His cover of protection: "Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts" (Romans 1:24);

  • "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie" (2 Thessalonians 2:11);

  • Theresa May deliberately chose to defy biblical commands and lead the nation astray. Therefore: "The LORD shall send upon thee cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that thou settest thine hand unto for to do" (Deut 28:20);

"Is there any way of avoiding the deepening judgment that is coming upon the nation?  Yes, of course there is!  There is always, in the mercy of God, up to the 11th hour, the offer of forgiveness and redemption - IFthere is repentance and turning.  We are now in the 11th hour..." [Death of Democracy].

The British in the Wilderness as Brexit Crisis Explodes  (15 March 2019)

"[Brexit] is a titanic civilizational clash between two fundamental world-views. The first seeks to defend the Western nation based on its discrete and particular history, language, religion, culture, and ethical values drawn from the Hebrew Bible and Christianity: a national identity expressed through laws passed by a democratically elected and sovereign parliament. The second wants to destroy all that and replace it by a new world order under which the Western nation is superseded by trans-national laws and institutions., national borders are erased and biblical morality replaced by ideology - specifically, identity politics, moral relativism and multiculturalism ... The Brexit battle also shows us that, between [these] two non-negotiable world-views, there can be no compromise. One side must defeat the other..."


Egypt and Babylon: Fleshpots and Leeks and Onions

Judgment or Mercy  (05 April 2019)

"An incredible battle is raging over Britain. It is raging in the heavenlies above, and on the earth below, where it is centred upon our Parliament. Our MPs are in total disarray, fighting each other and not understanding the battle. Few of them realise that they are being driven by the powers of darkness intent on destroying this great nation that has turned its back upon God and despised its spiritual heritage. The battle in the HoC is being fought between those who want to see Britain free from the EU and those who want to see Britain continue enslaved to the rules and regulations of Brussels. It is simple as that. But most of our MPs have no understanding of spiritual warfare and do not perceive the forces of darkness that are moving among them like pawns on a chess board, driving them to destruction ... we are not having to fight the EU for our freedom, as Moses fought Pharaoh. We are having to fight the morally corrupt and spiritually blind Members of our own Parliament, who do not understand the issues that face them..."

Britain's EU Exodus  (29 March 2019)

  Freedom won't be won without a furious fight...  "Watching the television news of teeming London crowds calling for a second referendum over Brexit sent my spirit plummeting towards despondency - until the Lord reminded me of the Exodus!  I saw that they were slaves in a foreign land who had become so moulded by subservience to godless ideologies imposed on them that there blinded to the fact that they in chains.  And this filled me with hope, as I realised that the deliverance from Egypt of millions of Jews after 430 years of enslavement was no quick-fix arrangement - just like the tortuous negotiations involved in extricating ourselves from [the EU] ...

Let My People Go!  "Moses was called by God to demand that Pharaoh let his people go, and what followed was a protracted battle of frightening proportions ... In the same way, a ferocious spiritual battle for the soul of our nation is being enacted before our eyes..."

Our God doesn't do compromises or deals; He is sovereign:  "Some weeks ago I was reminded of the Exodus and that if our prayers are bring answered the story of the Exodus provides an excellent lesson in the way in which God works. When Moses asked to be released to go and worship, Pharaoh told [him] variously, not to go far, for not too long, not take their families and not take their livestock. Eventually, they left taking everything with them, with even some gifts from the Egyptians, never to return. Our God doesn't do compromises or deals; He is sovereign and separated His People from their enslavers. I believe that if He has heard our cry we will leave the EU with no ties or obligations and able to make our own way as a sovereign nation. But we must keep praying" [Reader's comment]  

The Battle is Fierce, Friends  (Dave Borlase, Intercessors For Britain, July 2016)

"Many analogies were made before the referendum about the children of Israel crying out to God for deliverance from Egypt.  Well, I am reminded that after they had been released, that wasn't the end of the matter:
'and the heart of Pharaoh and of his servants was turned against the people, and they said, "Why have we done this, that we have let Israel go from serving us?".'
Sound familiar?  The whole force of Egypt went out after these freed people, determined to bring them back under their power.  [Pharaoh] pursued them and suddenly [the people of Israel] found they were left with nowhere to turn;
with the Red Sea before them and the power of Egypt behind them, seeking to bring them back under their control ...

"'Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will show you today ... The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace
"' ...

The way forward may seem unclear to us, but we know for sure, God can direct our paths if we seek His direction.  Whatever people say and do in the coming days, let us pray for God's direction and for His decision to stand"


No Deal / WTO

Please see here.


The Withdrawal Agreement

Please see here.


Of Patriots and Traitors

YOUTUBE:  Extraordinary Speech: Gerard Batten Slams the EU  (03 April 2019)

"UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Slams Juncker, Barnier, and the EU.  [Includes] an intervention by an SNP MEP and Batten's response"

Viewers' comments re Gerard Batten's speech:  "Finally an Englishman we can be proud of"  /  "A brilliant speech [in] that house of sham and shame"  /  "Well said Gerard Batten, thank you"  /  "Thankyou for standing up for Britain"  /  "Our future PM right there"  /  "One of the best speeches I ever saw. Salute the true Brit patriot Gerard Batten"  /  "Gerard Batten you speak for us all - those Britons that are fighting for our freedom and independence"  /  "Britain is a strong courageous island. Same as Gerard Batten there. An island in a sea of betrayal and standing firm"  /  "Very well said"  /  "This speech should be on national television. But of course it won't be"  /  "Another great speech by Gerard"  /  "Please... please... please... people of England... vote this man in power"  /  "Batten speaks for me, who voted Remain and simply wishes that a referendum is honoured"  /  "He actually does speak for us in the UK who still believe in democracy"  /  "We stood next to him and thanked him personally last Friday in London after his superb speech"  /  "Gerard Batten is the only decent politician with integrity. Thankyou for standing up to this sham"  /  "This is what we need in parliament, instead, as Batten said, we have quislings and collaborators. Excellent speech"  /  "What a stirring speech!"  /  "Wonderful honest speech"  /  "I have the greatest respect for this gentleman"  /  "This is the voice of the vast majority that globalist criminals are desperate to silence"

Viewers' comments re SNP's Alyn Smith's reply to Batten's speech:  "Alyn Smith mentions democracy then tries to deplatform a democratically elected MEP... Hope he later sees the irony..."  /  "Alyn Smith is a bright one isn't he? House of democracy?"  /  Is that their argument, censorship? That sounds pretty fascist to me"  /  The Scottish National Socialists want to ban political speech. Shocking"  /  "'He's a disgrace to democracy... Deny him a platform!'  Hmmm nothing like a bit of totalitarian censorship to prove your point eh?"  /  "The EU parliament is House of Democracy, lol, is he having a laugh?"  /  "So they clapped the MEP that asked for Gerard to be deplatformed and [who] said 'in this house of democracy' ... are these people for real?"  /  "People say things you don't like and you want them silenced. That's not democracy, that's fascism. Hitler would be so proud!"  /  "Don't give him a platform to speak? Typical. If you don't hear something you like, BAN IT! Forget free speech"  /  "Ahh what a child Alyn is"  /  "And that vile Scotsman is even demanding the abolition of free speech. We are in serious trouble"  /  "'We should consider denying him a platform' (Applause). Now, to say that a few seconds after calling that circus a 'house of democracy' takes either being a lying sociopath or having a double digit IQ"  /  "So you want to ban Mr Batten because he says things you don't like? Democracy at its finest"  /  "I see the SNP fascists want to silence people that have opposing opinions to theirs"  /  "The jock MP needs to understand freedom is not an option within the EUSSR"  /  "The SNP Marxist wants free speech shut down. Stalin would be proud"  /  "Puppet from the SNP gets up to score some points with the EU"  /  "That dude who spoke at the end is the perfect example of an NPC. Reciting his programming perfectly"  /  "To hear somebody say the EU parliament is a house of democracy is the best laugh I've had in a long time"  /  "What an idiotic fool that Smith guy is. He's crying about Scottish Independence and the same time wants to be governed by the EU. The two just don't coincide"  /  "'House of Democracy'? What planet is this scotsman living on?"  /  "The modern left in a nutshell. He said something that offended me which I'm going to completely fail to address on its merits. Censor him!"  /  "Alyn Smith, you do NOT speak for the British people"  /  "What a surprise, an SNP traitor stands to criticise a British patriot, aided by an Irish republican"  /  "Being part Scottish and having a grandfather that fought for freedom from German rule and lost his leg as a result, I am disgusted by the SNP betrayer of his country. My Scottish grandfather in his youth would have taught this quisling the real meaning and strength of democracy which is the will of the ordinary citizen. These elites show themselves to have very little intelligence, which is why they can only survive through being parasites on those who actually run our civilisation"  /  "Alyn Smith and the rest of SNP do not speak for the people of Scotland, they only speak for the Scottish upper class and rich bureaucrats who benefit greatly from the fourth reich"

"Summary:  Batten: 'We will continue to fight the traitors'.  Traitor: 'Can we please censor this dissident?'."


Fourth 'MV' / Corbyn / Further Delay / 'Soft' (ie. NO) Brexit

"...and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths" (Isaiah 3:12)

"She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the Lord" (Zephaniah 3:1-2)

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (10 April 2019)

"Another morning after another 'day before': the Brexit Betrayal moves ahead by another step. The main players have finally dropped their masks, the real 'Project' has now been unveiled: to overturn our vote leave so as to 'Remain' once and for all. Before our disbelieving eyes the main players, apparently unassailable, have finally made clear - crystal clear - in politics speak - what they want to happen: a long extension with subsequent revocation of Article 50. Yesterday we had another debate ion the HoC - more 'smoke and mirrors', but you knew that already - with the HoC assenting to the motion demanding an extension until June 30th. The Motion passed with a majority of 310: Ayes 420 - Noes 110. The poor, innocent dears, drunk on their own presumed power, again are blissfully unaware of what the real power, the EU, is today going to 'give' to Mrs May. Here's a summary:..."

May Flies to Europe to Beg for More Time  (09 April 2019)

"German and French officials insisted on Tuesday that any further delay to Britain's withdrawal must come with strings attached and assurances from Britian ... they want clarity from May about what she will do to break the Brexit logjam if another delay is granted..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (09 April 2019)

"Yesterday afternoon, the knaves, the clowns, the fools went and did it: whipping the Cooper Bill through the HoL and HoC and gaining Royal Assent. Yesterday morning was indeed the calm before the storm ... We learned that Ms May ... is today going to crawl to Madame Merkel and M Macron to plead her cause. No surprise there: Ms Merkel, the originator of that WA as we now all understand, has of course a vital interest to see this corpse ragged across the line ... But what about 'we the people'? ... content to pay the Danegeld of which Rudyard Kipling warned?"

May to Head to Berlin and Paris to Beg for Brexit Extension  (08 April 2019)

"Mr Macron has previously spoken out against offering the British a Brexit extension, stating that the UK must provide a 'credible alternative plan backed by a majority' to avoid a No Deal [WTO terms] Brexit. Mrs Merkel is believed to be more sympathetic to an extension however,  - and while President Macron has talked tough on extending the UK's departure date, it is unlikely that any individual leader will block the extension, which must be agreed on unanimously..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (08 April 2019)

"Yesterday, Ms May bypassed the MSM by tweeting her own home-made video ... In it, Ms may defended her talks with Corbyn 'because people want politicians to work together'. No dear - that was not a demand for an all-party 'government' ... she is actually very pleased that the HoC voted to take No deal off the table: the one way of actually delivering Brexit! ... Unconstitutional? She doesn't care ... why did she make the video? ... is this now Peak Project Fear: telling us there won't be any Brexit unless it's on her detestable terms?..."

Theresa May Confirms Brits Will Vote in EU Elections, Despite Having Voted to Leave Bloc Three Years Earlier  (05 April 2019)

"Writing today that while it remained her view that it wouldn't be in the national interest to hold EU elections next month, the PM was nevertheless applying for an extension to the UK's membership of the EU well beyond May and to June 30th, and hence would have to take part in the vote ... Friday's developments continue to prove the point made by Brexit leader Nigel Farage that if the government succeeded in delaying Brexit once - as it did in March - it would then feel free to do so 'again and again'..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (05 March 2019)

"Mrs May will be busy writing letters today - one to Mr Corbyn, one to the EU. Her desperate attempts to reach a compromise with Mr Corbyn illustrate how far she and her Remain ministers have sold us out: ... Even without having reached a compromised with Corbyn as of yet, Mrs May will now write to the EU and ask for an extension to Article 50. It doesn't matter one bit that even her Attorney General is cautioning against it..."

Top Eurocrat Calls to Reject Theresa May's Request for Brexit Extension  (04 April 2019)

"The success of the Cooper bill to prevent no-deal Brexit on Wednesday night ... may bring the UK closer to enacting the will of the EU. The law [sic], if it continues to pass the final hurdles to become law today would require the government to seek a further extension from the EU to prevent no-deal Brexit from happening ... If such an extension is not granted, as it stands the UK will leave the EU without a deal on 12th April..."

PETITION:  We Want No Deal Brexit NOW!  (03 April 2019)

Theresa May is tapping up Jeremy Corbyn to help her push through a SOFT Brexit. This is unacceptable - it has been almost three years since 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU.  She has failed to pass her deal in parliament and now she's hoping that Britain's biggest traitor will help her to force through a soft Brexit.

The British people have waited long enough and we're not going to accept anything less than a no deal Brexit. No more extension, no more negotiating.  Add your name to our petition if you agree.


May Condemned for 'Subcontracting' Brexit to 'Marxist' Corbyn  (03 April 2019)

"Former Foreign Secretary and Vote Leave campaigner Boris Johnson wrote, 'It now seems all too likely that British trade policy and key law making powers will be handed over to Brussels - with no say for the UK' and that the country would be forced to 'agree to exit terms that in no way resemble what the people were promised when they voted to leave. The PM and her cabinet have concluded that any deal is better than no deal, and this is truly a very bad deal indeed - one that leaves us being run by the EU. I can under no circumstances vote for a deal involving a customs union as I believe that does not deliver on the referendum ... if Corbyn gets his way, we remain in the Customs Union so that we can't control our trade policy, huge areas of law making we can't control...'"

Timetable to Brexit?  (03 April 2019)

"Mrs May's statement was unacceptable. There must be no more delay. Labour's policy of trying to stay in the Customs Union is against the Conservative Manifesto and all Mrs May's promises to date. She did not take no deal off the table in her address to the nation but let it be briefed she will take it off for her talks with Labour. It cannot be taken off the agenda as it is the default position..."

Image created by John Hart

  Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (03 April 2019)

"Today [Sir Oliver Letwin and Ms Yvette Cooper MP] will try to get May's WA through both Houses so it becomes law. Our votes don't matter - Ms Cooper's constituency voted 70% Leave ... They are of course aided and abetted by the Speaker who, instead of being non-partisan, has been supporting all and any Remain amendments ... But fear not - Mrs May has a cunning plan ... to rope in Labour ... It will be an eternal wonder and puzzle to me why our Pratfall of Clowns remains so stubbornly, willfully ignorant. Do they not read? Do they not have assistants (paid for by us) who can read and summarise for them? ... I wonder about that infamous Cabinet meeting ... Why, if there was a majority of ministers for Remain [14 members of the Cabinet compared to 10 for a customs union and others sitting on the fence] did they not force the issue? ... I can't count how many times Ms May has humiliated herself or been humiliated - and still she keeps going, like the Duracell Bunny..."


May Wins Worst Prime Minister Ever Title  (03 April 2019)

"All she had to do was ... to accede to the electorate's clearly and democratically expressed wishes for a so-called No Deal Brexit ... Just an 'OK then. No Deal Brexit it is' ... But she blew it, didn't she? ... maybe the best comment on Theresa May's crazy decision to hand over the reins of power to the Socialist Opposition leader Corbyn is this terrifying mash up image:..."

Theresa May to Delay Brexit... Again  (02 April 2019)

Theresa May has addressed the UK - again - after hosting an epic seven hours of government meetings Tuesday and told the nation she intends top delay Brexit again to get her deal agreed by parliament, or else open the door for a softer Brexit ... Inviting [Corbyn] to talks which she made clear would have to end up with him coming to accept her Brexit 'deal', May said she was going to be delaying Brexit yet again to give herself more time to get the deal agreed ... if there was no agreement she would allow Parliament to vote on what option they want, which the government would then 'stand by'. ... almost certainly mean a much softer Brexit than even the 'deal' the PM was given by the EU..."

The Real Reason Why MPs Are Dead Against the No Deal  (01 April 2019)

"Mrs May apparently intends to try once again to blackmail buckling Brexiteers into backing her Brexit-in-name-only-Remain-by=stealth deal ... on the false grounds that the alternative to that is no Brexit at all ... the alternative to it is not no Brexit at all. The alternative, for which MPs have themselves legislated (and amended), is to leave the EU on April 12 ... The choice facing MPs today hasn't changed: allow the UK to leave with no deal and thus deliver Brexit and honour the referendum result; or vote for Mrs May's deal..."

Why Brexiteers Were Right to Reject Theresa May's Deal and Why It Is Right to Reject It Again  (31 March 2019)

"To argue that agreeing the deal gets Brexit 'over the line' confuses what is on the tin with reality. In fact, most engaged Leave supporting voters understand things a lot better than politicians give them credit for. They realise that this deal will yield a nominal Brexit which simply does not deliver the return to self-government which the country voted for in 2016. They realise that it will destroy the benefits of Brexit by eliminating our freedom of action in global trade, and by preventing us from improving the competitiveness of our economy and reforming our laws as a result of the permanent 'State aid' and 'level playing field' powers it cedes to the EU ... If the deal goes through, the next day we will not have left the EU in anything but name ...

"Could Theresa May somehow team up with Labour, do another sell-out, and come behind a permanent customs union deal? But her deal already leads to a permanent customs union, just in disguise. An overt adoption of such a plan would make it easier to fight.  Might there be a long Article 50 extension?  There might be, although the barriers against it happening are a great deal higher than some people think. Having to hold European Parliament elections in the UK in May is very unwelcome both to the EU and to most of Parliament.  If it were to happen, a long Article 50 extension would be an appalling betrayal of the referendum result buy arrogant Parliamentarians who would rightly be held to account for their actions. But the actual legal consequences would be much less damaging than the May deal. We would still be hugely better off than under the deal.

"We would have effectively the same transition period as under the deal, with the big difference that we would still have a vote and voice in the EU institutions. But the biggest difference is that we would not be locked into the backstop at the end of 2020 or into the other very damaging parts of the deal which have been overlooked in the furore over the backstop ... Things are rough at the moment during this end game ... If [the deal] is brought back again next week I hope [MPs] will defeat it again. It is not only the principled thing to do - it is the right thing to do pragmatically as well..."

A Fourth Vote on the WA Would Require New Legal Authority  (30 March 2019)

"Not only does this flout the Erskine May ruling on bringing the same defeated legislation forward for repeated votes (until you get the right answer), it would also require a new European Council Decision and a new SI I won't go into the political and constitutional principles, because it is quite clear that Theresa May has no respect for them whatsoever. But the legal position is set out clearly..."

Night of the Living Deal: May Wants Fourth Vote on Rejected Brexit Agreement  (30 March 2019)

"Prior to the 2017 snap election which followed the 2016 referendum on Brexit, the PM pledged that 'no deal is better than a bad deal' ... However, while over 80% of MPs were elected on Brexit manifestos, the vast majority of them are former Remainers, and they have expressed their opposition to a No Deal exit in any circumstances. It is therefore expected that Mrs May will try to secure a much longer Brexit delay at an emergency summit of the European Council on April 10th if MV4, is a non-starter - with reports indicating she will seek to put Brexit off by nine months. Some members of the Cabinet are urging Mrs May to come back to 'no deal is better than a bad deal' and embrace a clean exit on WTO terms..."


The Clowns Take Over the Circus

"Oxford University researchers have discovered the densest element yet known to science.  The new element, Governmentium (symbol=Gv), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.  These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called pillocks.  Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert.  However, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact.  A tiny amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second, to take from 4 days to 4 years to complete.  Governmentium has a normal half-life of 2 to 6 years.  It does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganisation in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places.  In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganisation will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.  This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration.  This hypothetical quantity is referred to as a critical morass.  When catalysed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium (symbol=Ad), an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium, since it has half as many pillocks but twice as many morons" [comment at source].

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (10 April 2019)

"Another morning after another 'day before': the Brexit Betrayal moves ahead by another step. The main players have finally dropped their masks, the real 'Project' has now been unveiled: to overturn our vote leave so as to 'Remain' once and for all. Before our disbelieving eyes the main players, apparently unassailable, have finally made clear - crystal clear - in politics speak - what they want to happen: a long extension with subsequent revocation of Article 50. Yesterday we had another debate ion the HoC - more 'smoke and mirrors', but you knew that already - with the HoC assenting to the motion demanding an extension until June 30th. The Motion passed with a majority of 310: Ayes 420 - Noes 110. The poor, innocent dears, drunk on their own presumed power, again are blissfully unaware of what the real power, the EU, is today going to 'give' to Mrs May. Here's a summary:..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (05 April 2019)

"We ought to know by now that those who most loudly screech about not being listened to are the ones who never listen themselves. We saw female MPs making this their only point in the interminable debates in the HoC, culminating in the unconstitutional take-over by Ms Cooper (L) and Sir Oliver Letwin (T). The same happened in the debate yesterday in the HoL ... It was the same sort of bulldozing we saw in the HoC on Wednesday. In the end the Bill got read, but wasn't driven through ... This delay was due to the excellent filibustering of the Tory peers..."

Brexit-Wrecking Bill Heads to House of Lords  (04 April 2019)

"A parliamentary bill aimed at blocking a No Deal Brexit rammed through the HoC in just four hours is now in the HoL ... Long speeches by Brexit-supporting peers, votes on closure motions, and other procedural tactics successfully prolonged the Lords debate for long enough that the same thing could not happen again today, although it has made its way though a first and second reading. The remaining stages will be considered on Monday, April 8th, when the HoL resumes sitting..."

A Tainted Result - Anger as Criminal MP Wearing a Tag Helps Anti-Brexit Bill Pass By One Vote  (04 April 2019)

"The [Cooper/Letwin] Bill ... squeaked through by 313 votes to 312 - with a vote cast in favour by Fiona Onasaanya, the MP for Peterborough who was imprisoned for perverting the course of justice in January, but has already been released on licence ... '17.4m voted for Brexit. 313 MPs, including a criminal wearing an electronic tag, just blocked it - with a majority of 1' ... 'A convicted criminal wearing a tag on her leg just overrode the opinion of 17m people'..."  /  Readers' comments here: "Someone has posted that as she is only out on licence, she has no right to vote. Interesting..."  /  "She's a 'good criminal' so that's ok, just like all the 'good' Russian bots that voted in that petition..."

The Cooper Bill - How Every MP Voted  (04 April 2019)

"Below are full lists of which MPs voted for and against the Bill at Third reading, along with those who did not vote at all..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (04 April 2019)

"Revolting! And that's just the behaviour of the the pratfall of clowns in the HoC yesterday. It is beyond belief that the same cabal of Remain MPs and MSM 'political correspondents', who have screeched since June 24th 2016 that a majority of 52% is far too small to allow Brexit to go forward, have no qualms to bulldoze through and celebrate a so-called Brexit Bill with a majority of ONE vote! ... This farce has now become utterly byzantine ... More and more voters watching Parliament live, are now holding their MPs in deepest disgust ... The MPs have paraded their venality, their stupidity and their contempt for us live on TV, for all to see..."

An Evenly Split Commons  (04 April 2019)

"Yesterday the Commons, by a majority of one on the Speakers casting vote, rejected the idea that we need another day of indicative votes. The last time we did this we were only offered Remain options and rejected them all. Then it voted by a majority of one to approve a bill requiring the government to ask for an unspecified delay in Brexit. In so doing the Commons showed its contempt for the referendum and for the clear feeling in the country that they want Brexit over. Parliament and the EU has wasted three years now from the decision. They tell us they have prepared for a no deal exit. it is time to just get on with it..."

Democratic Outrage: MPs Vote to Pass Bill Forcing Brexit Delay, Stopping No Deal  (03 April 2019)

"MPs have voted to pass a Bill that will force PM Theresa May to seek an extension of Article 50 and stop a no deal by one vote. The Cooper/Letwin EU (Withdrawal) (No5) Bill was passed 313 to 312 at 11:30 Wednesday night, and could progress to the HoL as early as Thursday, potentially becoming law by next week. If passed into law, it would force PM May to choose a date to which to extend Article 50 and then ask Commons MPs to agree to it, the measures meant to stop the UK leaving without a deal in a clean break, which is the legal default should a UK-EU withdrawal agreement not be agreed by April 12th..."



The Last Few Months Have Been an Education  (02 April 2019)

"With a few exceptions the Westminster 'Remain' MPs react with faux outraged indignation when accused of betraying democracy, They bridle like prancing haughty horses, rising up on their dignity, flaring their nostrils, eyes wild, totally oblivious of the contempt the rest of us have for them. Here are the facts..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (02 April 2019)

"Goodness gracious me! Yesterday evening our pratfall of clowns voted for four amendments - and the result? You have to laugh! I tried to watch yesterday's proceedings, I really did ... In a nutshell, the 'compromise' the Remain Parliament wants is between 'Remain and Remain'. Nobody seems to have informed them that one cannot compromise when a binary question was asked and answered. There's either IN or OUT, nothing in between, no matter how prettily they want to dress it up..."

Remaining In the EU Will Constitute Perjury By The Queen  (01 April 2019)

"[I]t is noticeable that the Parliamentary discussions are failing to address significantly critical Constitutional problems, which may vary according to which solution is the outcome ... Failure to terminate the membership of the EU will continue to lead us all deeper into a treasonous liability arising from placing our governance subject to a foreign Potentate. That Potentate is unelected by the UK's electorate, is unaccountable to them and irremovable by them ... When Breixt is finally done, Parliament must be shown to have discharged its absolute responsibility not to have reduced its own omnipotence..."

The Real Reason Why MPs Are Dead Against the No Deal  (01 April 2019)

"Another working day, another chance for MPs to try to reverse Brexit through forcing through the Commons a formula for remaining in the EU by pretending to deliver a form of the oxymoronic, deeply dishonest and cowardly 'soft' Brexit ... the alternative to [May's deal] is not no Brexit at all. The alternative, for which MPs have themselves legislated (and amended), is to leave the EU on April 12 ... Leaving with no-deal is ... to [MPs] an utter disaster because it is the only way to deliver Brexit. Which is why these MPs, with the connivance of the Speaker, are now tearing up constitutional convention and parliamentary rules in order to stop it..."

MPs Vote Against Every Brexit Option... Again. Clean, No Deal Exit Still Default  (01 April 2019)

"The HoC has voted for a second time in much less than a week on their own preferred options for a way forward with Brexit. Using the so-called indicative votes, which are not binding but show the will of Parliament, this route has been a favourite of those wishing to frustrate the Brexit vote as they believe it would have forced the PM's hand on putting the country on course to stop Brexit happening altogether. Yet for a second time, all Parliament has managed to do is vote against every single option put in front of it - in fact, pretty much the only things Parliament has voted for in the realms of Brexit so far was in favour of holding the 2016 referendum, in favour of triggering the Article 50 process, and setting the March 29th, 2019, date back in 2017, and then extending that date to April last week..."

Anti-Brexit MPs Launching "Coup Against the British People"  (01 April 2019)

"A senior Tory Brexiteer has warned that 'up themselves' parliamentarians, led by Remainers from his own party, are launching 'a coup against the British people' in order to 'destroy Brexit' ... Over 80% of MPs were elected on manifestos promising to deliver Brexit in 2017 - with the Tories, in particular, pledging to end Free Movement migration and take Britain out of the EU Customs Unions..."

Twitter: Andrew Lilico  (01 April 2019)

"This evening MPs have to provide an indicative vote btwn 4 options: 1) Remain. 2) Remain. 3) Remain. And 4) Remain. I'm sure it'll be a nail-biter & we'll all be *so* fascinated as to which option wins."

It's April Fool's Day - How Appropriate  (01 April 2019)

"Can anyone bear to watch?  Today in the majority Remain parliament, anti-democratic MPs will once again debate a range of motions designed to thwart Brexit ... One of the worst aspects of this charade is that most MPs haven't got a clue when it comes to the EU. They simply don't know the facts. They are lobbies by big business which has a vested financial interest in Remain, by unions who still seems to think workers' rights come from the EU, and by a variety of clueless Establishment worthies and celebrities who the think the EU is all about peace and loving each other..."

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary
Whatever happened to deciding based on facts?

Single Market
- The UK's economy grew less in the 25 years after it was introduced compared to the 25 years before...
Customs Union - The UK is by far the biggest loser in the EU, and has become what the Germans call 'Treasure Island'...
Free Movement - The UK became the repository for the unemployed of the EU27, in their millions...
EU Superstate - The EU's avowed policies all lead to the abolition of nations, and absorption into a US of Europe...
Withdrawal Agreement - a monstrosity making the UK into a slave state of the EU, with no redress

For all of the above we can provide detailed evidence from the EU itself


Extending Exit Day: Is It Legal or Did We Leave the EU on 29th March?

Please See Here.


The Morning After Non-Leave...

YOUTUBE:  "You'll Never Find A More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy"  (30 March 2019)

Viewers' comments:  "Traitors to the left of me, Quislings to the right. Here I am still stuck in the EU..."  /  "Fascist dictators who don't know how to tell the truth"  /  "Mandelson saying 'I say that with all the conviction and all my sincerity' should have set the alarm bells ringing"  /  "It's incredible really. They just openly lie, all the time"

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (30 March 2019)

"It's the 'morning after' and now that the smoke and fury has somewhat dissipated, what do we see on the battlefield that was yesterday's Brexit Betrayal?  Brexit delayed, but not yet defeated ... Let's see what is likely to happen next..."

Parliament Votes Down the "Stay In and Pay Up" Treaty  (30 March 2019)

"The UK now has just 12 days to decide if it wants to ask for a delay to leaving or else we will just leave [EMcD: That, we could just as easily, and morally should, have done last night].  The EU would want to have a reason for a delay, and would insist on us fighting the EU elections in May. As any of the variants so called soft Brexit advocates like would require us to sign the WA first this is a bit of a problem..."

End of the Phoney War  (29 March 2019)

"No more pretending: MPs' desire to thwart democracy is open and obvious. Today, Friday 29 March 2019, was the day scheduled to be 'Brexit Day' - the day Britain left the EU. Instead of being a day of triumph it has become a day of shame ... The vast majority of our MPs are opposed to [leaving the EU] and are dedicated to obstructing the will of the people who elected them. This is a strange anomaly for a democratic nation with a long history of law and order..."

Brexit Surprise... No Brexit!  (29 March 2019)

"Today is a day that will go down in history [as] one of Britain's finest hours: Brexit Day.  Well that was the plan, at any rate ... under the terms voted for by parliament, March 29th was officially the date when the June 2016 referendum vote would be honoured and Britain would formally leave the EU. But guess what... We're not leaving, after all..."


Polls / Politicised Common Purpose Police

Speech Police: Warns Pro-Brexit Politicians Not to 'Inflame People's Views'  (04 April 2019)

"In just the latest example of Britain's police forces taking to their newly discovered role of the guardians of speech with enthusiasm, a senior officer said of public discussion of Brexit: 'This is highly emotive'..."  /  Readers' comments:  "In other words, you are not allowed to complain about the treachery by Mayday and Parliament. If you do you are engaging in hate speech"  /  "I think Mrs May has done the lion's share of inflaming people. Besides, leavers have had to endure 3 years of fake news, lies and insults whilst watching aghast as the remains of their country and National Identity have been swept away by treacherous idiots"  /  "The legal term for what the police are doing is 'Chilling' free speech. What they seek to do by injecting themselves into what should be legitimate political discourse is they want to cause people to worry about what they can and can't say, or in other words they want us to self-censor"  /  "Another one acting beyond his authority..."  /  "Top Cop Common Purpose garbage in full flow - expect more of the same and ignore as usual"  /  "Do your job ad start arresting treasonous politicians. I have a list if you need one"  /  "The police are part of the problem, so are the judiciary who allowed Parliament to wreck Brexit"  /  "Fascism is so very ugly"

Have Those Who Voted for Brexit Changed Their Minds?  (02 April 2019)

"Our tracking survey conducted around three years ago showed a strong sentiment that the UK should leave the EU ... So now it is three years later and we were curious whether those in our poll ... had been worn down by the endless negotiating process and had either changed their minds or tempered their convictions ... The following are extracts from the more than 200 replies we received that reflect the feelings of those we we queried..."

92% of Leavers Feel Betrayed, Majority of Brits Back No Deal Over Delay  (02 April 2019)

"The public mood is growing increasingly angry with what's going on in Westminster ... Two-thirds of voters overall, whether they backed Leave or Remain in 2016, felt the same way ... MPs have largely been living on another planet, determined to frustrate and block the UK's EU exit ... Who can blame voters for feeling frustrated at the attempted Remainer establishment coup? ... the new poll also found that 57% of Brits reject any further delay and support leaving the EU with No Deal on WTO terms instead..."

YOUTUBE:  Brexit: What the People ACTUALLY Think  (27 March 2019)

Viewers' comments:  "It seems most British people CAN see sense! I was giving up hope. And it proves that remainers are both deluded and lying about being the majority"  /  "I've never known anytime in my lifetime where so many people hate the main three political parties"  /  "The problem is not the leave-leaning Tories but remain-favouring Parliament. Or, as oft-expressed in the poll, the 'traitors'"  /  "Add in the 'remain' bias of all the mainstream media and, these results are even more compounded considering they represent the only insight most people have"  /  "If we stay in the EU our parliament will be surplus to requirements and closed down"  /  "I think by now it ought to be categorically clear that these lands are under occupation"

Most Britons Think Parliament 'Determined' to Stop Brexit, Remainer Petition 'Irrelevant'  (26 March 2019)

"A poll by ComRes has revealed that a majority of voters believe Parliament is trying to stop the UK leaving the EU, the results coming after the Remain-dominated HoC succeeded in a power-grab to take control of the Brexit process from the government ... 55% believe Parliament is 'determined to block Brexit' ... Fewer than 19% disagree..."


Brexit Betrayal Rallies (29th March 2019)

Make Brexit Happen (UKIP)  /  March to Leave (Leave Means Leave)

A Rally for Democracy  (01 April 2019)

"29 March 2019.  That was the day we were supposed to leave the EU. Again and again, we were promised - the PM alone promised at least 50 times - that we would be out by now. Again and again, we were told we would be leaving the Single market and the Customs Union. We were promised that we would cease to be subject to EU law ands EU courts ... the government and MPs are refusing to deliver it. It was these betrayals that brought thousands of protestors to Parliament Square last Friday..."

Snow and the Trouble with Whiteys  (01 April 2019)

"Broadcasting live from Parliament Square on Brexit Day, Friday March 29 2019, Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow found himself in a bit of a quandary: how to sum up the collective ire of 17.4 million betrayed Leave voters, many of whom had chosen to congregate outside the Palace of Westminster in protest? Easy - they were too white. Here is Snow's commentary:..."

"I've Never Seen So Many White People In One Place" Sneers Jon Snow  (01 April 2019)

"First, we should congratulate C4 News's Jon Snow for revealing his true feelings about our country ... Imagine if Nigel Farage had gone to East London and said, 'I've never seen so many black people in one place.'  Or if Farage had gone to Birmingham and said, 'I've never seen so many Muslims in one place.'  There would be total outrage ... Jon Snow and his equally arrogant, UK-hating, globalist chums at C4 would have been frothing at the mouth in rage..."

SNP MP Slammed As She Falsely Accuses Brexiteers of 'Nazi Salute'  (31 March 2019)

"MPs are now consistently smearing Brexiteers, no doubt to distract attention from their own betrayal of the British people ... they often complain of a dangerous political climate but when they make these demonstrably false accusations who can seriously suggest that they are not feeding that?"

Make Brexit Happen: UKIP Can Save Us  (31 March 2019)

"Tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight - at 11 o'clock, Big Ben's Bell was going to strike the exact moment when this country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was to leave the European Union ... The sheer scale of this political betrayal, the overweening arrogance of those who have denied our democratic rights, and the shameful dishonesty and incompetence of the government elected to deliver the Referendum result, and its civil servants in the public pay, make this a day instead - not of our democratic destiny, but of the very end of democracy itself in Britain..."

Twitter: Amandeep SinghBhogal  (30 March 2019)

"I have never seen so many PATRIOTS in one place.  No one tell Jon Snow..."

Jon Snow Under Fire for Brexit Protest Commentary  (30 March 2019)

"Jon Snow, star anchor for publicly-owned Channel 4 News, has drawn criticism for appearing to racialise a protest in support of Brexit yesterday, claiming he had 'never seen so many white people in one place' ... Snow's comments were criticised by many members of the public, including Conservative Party activist and first-generation immigrant Amandeep Singh Bhogal, who posted pictures from a Brexit rally in parliament Square captioned, 'I have never seen so many PATRIOTS in one place.'  'Regardless of whether you voted Leave or Remain can we all agree @jonsnowC4 was wrong to bring people's skin colour into the Brexit debate', another observer added..."

The Battle for Britain Has Finally Started  (30 March 2019)

"Which part of NO, NO, NO, one speaker asked, did Mrs May not understand? ... I don't yet know what the mainstream media outlets selected for the benefit of the nation's viewer's but whatever they reported I can tell you, first-hand, that the thronging thousands in Parliament Square were treated to some truly great and entertaining speeches:..."

Brexit Surprise... No Brexit!  (29 March 2019)

"One of the things that pleasantly surprised me at today's Brexit rally outside the Houses of Parliament in London was the number of people I'd met who had originally voted Remain but were now ardent Brexiteers. Some had originally bought into the Project Fear myths of the Establishment-driven Remain campaign; others had simply gone along with Remain thinking that a rift with the EU would be too disruptive. Now they'd just enough of the EU and wanted out. The other thing that pleasantly surprised me about the rally was the overwhelming sense of optimism..."

I'll Be There, and This Is Why  (29 March 2019)

"I want my country back. This is what the battle for Brexit is about for me and why I will be at Parliament Square this afternoon ... I love my fellow man, whatever his colour, gender or sexual orientation, for the simple fact that I am a Christian and this is Christian duty - compassion, tolerance and hospitality - responsibilities as well as rights. Christianity taught me to tell the truth, never to bear false witness, but also to expect the truth and never to let the truth be trampled on. My Christian upbringing taught me to value what I inherited, not so much the 'prosperity' as the safety, civility and security that my parents' generation fought so hard and so selflessly to protect. That is why I will be in Parliament Square this afternoon- my (freedom of speech) right to assert these 'old-fashioned' values that have stood the test of time. They are what our three-year Brexit battle has been about too, and why it is such a threat to Remainer Liberal Left culture..."

Make Brexit Happen Rally (29th March 2019)

Whitehall: from 3pm - 7pm

Breaking News   ”If Britain does not leave the EU on 29th March then it will mark the official end of democracy in the United Kingdom ...
no people that want to be free can be enslaved forever. No treaty can bind a people that do not want to be bound”

[Gerard Batten, Leader, UKIP]


BREXIT BETRAYAL DAY: Third 'Meaningful Vote' (29th March 2019)

Withdrawal Agreement: Third 'Meaningful' Vote: Defeated by 344 votes to 286

An April 1 Story with a Twist  (01 April 2019)

"On Friday two government Ministers at different times told me I had to vote for the WA if I wanted to secure a free trade/WTO Brexit. I asked each to explain this apparent contradiction. They said they thought I would be intelligent enough to understand it was the only way to get us out unencumbered..."

Let's Rule Out Some Options  (31 March 2019)

"Amidst all the silly scares the government put round last week to frighten MPs into voting for their Agreement some were sillier than others. Let's look at the most unlikely:  (1) Revocation of Article 50 ... (2) Early General Election ... (3) Second Referendum ... (4) Leaving with Signing the Agreement ... (5) Delay..."

Mrs May's Deal Is Rotten to the Core  (31 March 2019)

"My radio interview on the May Withdrawal deal crisis:  Mrs May's Deal should never have been put before Parliament again. Putting part of an Agreement which has no meaning without the integral Political Declaration was a lie and a deception and the Speaker acted unconstitutionally in allowing it..."

Parliament Votes Down the "Stay In and Pay Up" Treaty  (30 March 2019)

"The government told Remain supporters [that] voting down the Agreement would lead straight to a No Deal exit, and told Leavers it would lead to a long delay in Brexit. As their WA was a guaranteed 21 month delay, a probable 45 month delay and a possible permanent place in the customs union with regulatory alignment they should know about delay. The government was determined to keep people focussed on anything other than the surrender terms of the document, as no one sensible could sign such a document. Why agree to pay whatever bills they send you, and to accept any laws they make without you?..."

Brexit Betrayal Day: Parliament Rejects Theresa May's Last Ditch Fight for EU-Approved 'Deal'  (29 March 2019)

"Britain's House of Commons has voted to reject Theresa May's so-called WA just hours before the nation was supposed to leave the EU, with or without a deal - a deadline betrayed this week by Parliament after they voted to postpone Brexit months or even years into the future ... As expected, the House has voted against the government's Brexit 'deal' for the third time, falling short by 58 votes. The PM says this means the UK is on course to leave the EU on April 12th without a deal - but acknowledges the Commons will not permit this happening..."


Brexiteers React to the Day Britain Should Have Left the EU  (29 March 2019)

"Brexiteers have reacted to the failure of the Conservative Party establishment to deliver Brexit on the day the country was scheduled to leave the EU, warning that if MPs vote to pass PM Theresa May's WA it would 'simply not be Brexit at all..."

"It's not just that Theresa May's deal is a bad Brexit deal,
it is simply not Brexit at all.
Anything that keeps us unilaterally tied to EU regulations
without the powers to remove ourselves
represents a worse scenario than remaining in the EU"

[Ben Harris-Quinney, Chairman, Bow Group]

"I will not vote for an agreement which sees the UK broken up,
have laws imposed upon it by a foreign power,
subjected to substantial fines for non-compliance,
from which there is no unilateral right of exit,
and pay £39 billion for the privilege"

[Owen Paterson, Former Cabinet Minister]

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (29 March 2019)

"Today at 11.01pm GMT the champagne corks should've been popping. There should have been dancing in the streets. EU flags should have been lowered. Tonight, we should have been OUT, the long road from our victory on June 23rd 2016 should finally have come to an end. Instead, we have yet another attempt by Ms May to get her WA through Parliament..."

What Now? MPs Prepare for Third EU Deal Vote on the Brexit Day That Wasn't  (29 March 2019)

"On the day when the UK was supposed to be leaving the EU, deal or no deal, at 11pm, MPs are instead preparing for a third and final vote on Theresa May's deal with the bloc. What happens next? Before now, the PM had assured Leave voters that 'no deal is better than a bad deal' and promised no less than 108 times that the UK would be leaving the EU, come what may, on March 29th 2019..."

Boris Declares May Deal 'Dead'. EU to Offer April Fools' Day 2020 as New Brexit Day if it Fails  (28 March 2019)

"The EU has reportedly offered April Fools' Day 2020 as a new Brexit date should Theresa May's deal fail to succeed on a mooted third attempt to get it through Parliament, assuming Remain MPs move to stop a No Deal exit on April 12th. Brexit was originally scheduled to take place on Friday, March 29th, with or without  a deal, but the PM has now delayed it in concert with the European Council - despite promising she would not do so 108 times..."

May Could Split Withdrawal Agreement to Force Third Vote  (28 March 2019)

"Theresa May is reportedly considering splitting the WA vote to get around HoC Speaker John Bercow's ruling that MPs could not vote on the same deal there times..."

Stand Fast Must be Order of the Day for Leavers  (27 March 2019)

"'The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which' - The last sentence of Orwell's Animal Farm.  This is precisely where Brexit is heading. The leave-voting public look from leaver politician to remain politician and increasingly find it difficult to distinguish between most of them. This trait is exemplified by media reports which suggest some grubby deal is being cooked up whereby May agrees to resign as PM and the wavering leave politicians agree to vote for her agreement with the EU. This trade off fails to address the questions of what May's agreement contains..." 

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (27 March 2019)

"Ignorant, obtuse, stupid, vacuous and foolish: that's the Remain MPs, that's Ms May and that's the Remain MSM. Then there are the ever so clever turncoats who have wafted soft, intelligent arguments about Brexit over us every time they opened their mouths ... Suddenly, within less than a week, we are supposed to believe that 'No Deal', which you lot maintained was always 'better than a bad deal', has become so terrible that Ms May's despicable WA - the WA which you have denounced for months as a treaty to sell us out and into vassalage - is the only option? Really?..."

It's Double or Quits for Theresa May  (27 March 2019)

"There is no point watching the news to try to work our what will happen next in the Brexit betrayal so carefully orchestrated by Theresa May. It's all going perfectly to plan. And that makes it relatively easy to work out the next stage on the biggest assault on our democracy and constitution since the 17th century. The new EU absolutism is being forged before our eyes - by the very people elected to preserve it. In yesterday's instalment of the Brexit pantomime, the HoC was handed a loaded gun..."

Vote for Mrs May's Deal and You Will Be Bringing About the Collapse of the Conservative Vote  (27 March 2019)

"One by one, even hitherto staunch Brexiteers are falling away under the pressure of Mrs May's blackmail tactics. They are abandoning a diminishing and heroic core of principled patriots to defend Britain's democracy and stand fast in the desperate and nightmarish struggle that has developed to restore the UK's sovereign power to govern itself..."

For the Brexit Surrender Monkeys, It's Groundhog Day All Over Again  (25 March 2019)

"Five days to go until the UK is bound by an act of parliament to leave the EU, and yet again Mrs May intends to try to force through her deal by threatening the Brexiteers with dire consequences unless they back it ... They're apparently considering supporting it because of the fear they've expressed, and on which she is accordingly playing, that unless they vote for her deal they won't get Brexit at all. To which one can only say, yet again, that if they vote for her Brexit-in-name-only-Remain-by-stealth deal they won't get Brexit that way either ... Mrs May says the choice is between her deal and no Brexit. Untrue. The course MPs should follow instead, which is staring them all in the face and for which they themselves legislated, is to leave the EU this Friday ... The choice before MPs this week is, as it has always been, simply this: Leave or Remain? Honour the 2016 referendum result, or kick the voters in the teeth? The 2016 Conservative election manifesto said: 'We continue to believe that no-deal [WTO] is better than a bad deal for the UK'..."

Theresa May is Pursuing a Dangerous Strategy for Her Brexit Endgame  (24 March 2019)

"Even now, despite losing two votes on her flagship policy and getting a mixed response from the EU to her desire to extend Article 50 for three months, [PM May] has come out and repeated the same lies about her dreadful WA. She's promising to submit it - unchanged - to a third vote in the HoC. It's time for MPs to make up their minds, she claims. Well they jolly well have. They have chucked her deal out by a thumping majority. Twice. And rightly so. It is a toxic sell-out of this country for vast expense with only years of painful wrangling with the EU on offer, before we end up in a position where people we don't know in Brussels can make laws for virtually every sector of our economy. It is not Brexit, it's serfdom..."

Now, Boris, Show Us What You're Made Of  (20 March 2019)

"Boris Johnson is the one candidate for the Conservative Party leadership who has a chance of delivering a clean Brexit. Unlike his erstwhile Brexiteer colleagues David Davis and Esther McVey, who have weakly and incomprehensibly caved in - just as the Robbins/May plan assumed they would, were the thumbscrews tightened hard enough - Boris has decided to stick to his principles and is refusing to be ground down by May's relentless and cynical Remainer bullying..."

Feeble, Flabby, Frit: The Latest Buckling Brexiteers' Fantasies of Fear  (18 March 2019)

"I wrote here that the arguments being mounted by buckling Brexiteers trying to justify their intention to fold and support Mrs May's atrocious Brexit-in-name-only-worse-than-remain deal were wholly without foundation and a pathetic cover for cowardice, intellectual vapidity and absence of spine. The examples have continued to pile up..."

May's Deal Does Not Deliver Brexit, "We Simply Become Non-Voting Members" of EU  (18 March 2019)

"Backbench heavyweight Boris Johnson has all but confirmed he will vote against Theresa May's proposed WA again if she puts it to MPs for a third time - with ministers signalling she may abandon 'Meaningful Vote 3' if it looks certain she cannot win it..."

Endless Voting on Brexit is Absurd. So Why Are Politicians Pushing to Make Britons Vote Again?  (18 March 2019)

"The Speaker of the HoC has laid down why MPs shouldn't be repeatedly asked the same question by the Government in a move which may very well put paid to the Government's plans to force a third vote on Theresa May's twice-rejected Brexit deal, making the UK a non-voting member of the EU under the pretext of honouring the Brexit vote..."

No Vote: Brexit Crisis Deepens as New Meaningful Vote Ruled Out by Speaker  (18 March 2019)

"The Brexit crisis took another twist today as it was announced that there will be NO Meaningful Vote tomorrow as it breaks Parliamentary rules. This means that now Theresa May looks set to ask for an extension of Article 50 on Thursday..."

Hold Hard, ERG, For All Our Sakes  (18 March 2019)

"British Shamocracy is dead. Whatever happens now, the current system, laughingly called 'Representative Democracy', will not survive in any credible form. Contrary to many reports, it did not die with the events of last week: they just exposed it for what it has been for a very considerable time, perhaps for ever ... Brexit has just exposed the painful truth that our governing institutions have long been rotten to the core. It follows that the furious debate over Theresa May's execrable WA is a lot, lot bigger than Brexit now ... Reports are now flooding in of major buckling in the ERG and other Eurosceptic ranks: backed into a corner by a lying, duplicitous PM and her ministers, one by one leading figures are backing down..."

May: Back My Deal or 'We Will Not Leave the EU for Many Months, If Ever'  (17 March 2019)

"Theresa May has penned a public warning to MPs to back her twice-rejected Brexit deal with the EU, or else 'we will not leave the EU for many months, if ever.'  Mrs May is clinging doggedly to her office, however, planning a third parliamentary vote on her deal and a short delay to Brexit if it passes, or a very long delay to Brexit - or no Brexit at all - if MPs do not back it - despite repeated promises she would not do this and that the UK would be out of the EU with or without a deal come March 29th, as laid out in the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018..."

Wobbly Brexiteers! Your Cowardly Justifications Don't Stand Up For A Moment  (17 March 2019)

"The ongoing apparent collapse of the Brexiteers is almost beyond belief ... even members of the ERG of committed Brexiteers are falling like ninepins. Apparently they are gibbering that if they don't vote for Mrs May's deal on her third attempt to force it through parliament, there will be no Brexit at all. What on earth are they talking about? If they vote for Mrs May's deal they will be voting for Brexit in name only, a  meaningless Brexit, a paper exit from the EU as a result of which the UK will be left at the EU's mercy..."


Brexit Day: 29th March 2019 / SIs / Extension

"And (Jehoshaphat) said, O LORD God of our fathers, art not thou God in heaven? and rulest not thou over all the kingdoms of the heathen? and in thine hands is there not power and might, so that none is able to withstand thee? ... If, when evil cometh upon us ... we stand before this house, and in thy presence, (for thy name is in this house,) and cry unto thee in our affliction, then thou wilt hear and help ... O our God, wilt thou not judge them? for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither know we what to do: but out our eyes are upon thee" (2 Chronicles 20:6,9,12).

Draft Statutory Instruments: Exiting the European Union  (March 2019)

"The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (Exit Day) (Amendment) regulations 2019 ... The day on which the Treaties(a) are to cease to apply to the United Kingdom in accordance with Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union is different from that specified in the definition of 'exit day' in section 20(1) of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018(b) ... Section 20 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (interpretation) is amended as follows..."

Parliament vs the People  (28 March 2019)

"Last night, in the HoC, the supposed mother of parliaments, 184 MPs voted in favour of revoking Article 50. To put this in plain Englsih, 28% of members of parliament made it clear, as part of a series of indicative votes, that they would like to see Brexit halted and ideally reversed. That is, more than a quarter of the people in this supposedly democratic chamber stood in symbolic opposition to the largest democratic act in UK history. They defied the people. They pitted themselves, arrogantly, against the public; against the very source of their political legitimacy ... They have used a seat awarded to them by the democratic process to take potshots at the democratic process ... Jess Philips insulting [her] own electorate ... Anna Soubry last night she confirmed she is a liar ... Caroline Lucas staying true to [her] longstanding extremist commitment to disenfranchising the millions who voted for Brexit has never made any secret of her contempt for the public's decision to leave the EU..."

Parliament's Brexit: What It Means and What Happens Next  (28 March 2019)

"Yesterday Parliament clearly indicated its preferences to Remain, but its only decisive vote was to delay, and it indirectly chose less delay than it probably needs before another delay is necessary. Let me explain the results before I explain the forecast: ... So what can I forecast? This process will continue indecisively for days to weeks ... the Speaker authorised at least one more round, and indicated that the options would be narrowed over further rounds ... He has shown biased interpretation of the constitution before, so you can bet that he will help to narrow the alternatives towards Remain..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (28 March 2019)

"A laughing stock - a pratfall of clowns - a collection of imbecile peacocks ... that's into what our elected representatives, the Remain MPs, have turned the august Chamber, the House of Commons. Yesterday's spectacle was a farce which even the worst enemy of our country couldn't have devised better. MPs were finally given their hearts' desire, to have 'indicative votes' on Brexit, by voting a on a slew of amendments - and what happened? Pratfalls of peacocking clowns! Here's how events unfolded: first, the HoC had to vote for that SI, notwithstanding Sir Bill Cash's letter and insistence that it was unconstitutional..."

Results of the Brexit Indicative Votes: MPs Reject All Options  (27 March 2019)

"MPs spent much of the day debating a variety of proposals relating to Brexit, at the end of which indicative votes took place using paper ballots which gave us the following results:..."

Three Years After UK Voted to Leave EU, Parliament Votes on What Kind of Brexit It Wants  (27 March 2019)

"Despite the great noise Parliament made about taking control of proceedings from the government to give their own view, Parliament has now failed to support any singly proposition - voting against every single [one] of the eight options. This rather confirms the view held by some critics of indicative votes that they have a somewhat farcical quality and are inclined to create or enforce stalemate ... We are returned to square one, in some regards, therefore..."

House of Commons: Business for Wednesday 27 March 2019  (27 March 2019)

"House of Commons Session 2017-19, House of Commons Business Papers, Summary Agendas and Orders of Business."

YOUTUBE:  Mark Francois MP Reacts to the Prospect of a Repeat of the Indicative Votes  (27 March 2019)

"This attempt to seize the order paper has failed ... surely the last thing we want to do, Mr. Speaker, in the eyes of the public, is to on Monday go through this farce all over again."

YOUTUBE:  European Scrutiny Committee Chairman Sir Bill Cash MP at the Brexit Delay Motion Debate  (27 March 2019)

"[T]he decision to leave the EU was given to the people, and they 'decided by 17.4 million that that was their decision. This Parliament has no right to take that decision back from them...'"

Oliver Letwin Is In Charge  (27 March 2019)

"On Monday, the HoC voted for a motion tabled by Sir Oliver Letwin, Dominic Grieve ... and Hilary Benn. As a result, today the HoC is considering devot[ing] this coming Wednesday to unspecified Brexit business. TIGers Chukka Umunna and Anna Soubry signed the motion as well.  In their dreams, Oliver Letwin and the Grinch hope to steal Brexit by passing a new law. This would probably make provision for a second referendum - a 'People's Vote' (as if 'the people' never voted on 23rd June 2016). Moreover, it would need the Government to apply for a longer extension and hold those European Elections..."

Parliament's Authority Over Brexit is Trumped by the Democratic Decision of the People  (26 March 2019)

"[M]any [people] have said that it is not in Parliament's right to overturn the decision of 17.4million people voting in a referendum commissioned by parliament itself.  Are they right?  In my time as an MP, I have fought many battles to defend Parliament's rights over the executive. I did this for one reason. Parliament's legitimacy, its power and authority, is based on the fact that it represents the people of the UK. In this case, however, Parliament's authority is trumped by the democratic decision of 17.4 million people. This is the first time in our history that this has happened, and it raises a serious constitutional question. When Parliament and people clash, to whom does the government owe its first duty?..."

Your daily Brexit Betrayal  (26 March 2019)

"I watched yesterday's proceedings in the HoC. It was a sad spectacle - sad not just because the Remainers won 'that' amendment - Amendment A ... but because it demonstrated to the Nation how, for the sake of Remain, our elected representatives trashed our Referendum vote, our constitution, our democracy. Yesterday we described that Ms May's proposal for the SI to extend Article 50 was unconstitutional. It was obvious to me, having followed the debate in the HoC for as along as I could stand it, that, with a very few honourable exceptions, none of the MPs were even aware of this issue..."

The Postponement of Brexit: Is It Legal?  (25 March 2019)

"What is the legal status of the UK government's apparent agreement with the EU to postpone 'Brexit date' until 12 April or 22 May 2019 under Article50(3) of the TEU? Its acceptance of postponements of the Brexit date places it in a highly unsatisfactory legal position. The reasons are as follows:..."

Who Can Delay Our Exit?  (25 March 2019)

"This week I am told the government may ask Parliament to debate and approve a  Statutory Instrument under the EU Withdrawal Act to delay the date it comes into effect. The government also says Brexit will be delayed by the EU Council offer to delay made to Mrs May. Some say EU law is still superior to UK law before the EU Withdrawal Act comes into effect and we therefore have to obey the Council offer. I will oppose and vote against a delay SI..."

Unconstitutional: Mr Martin Howe QC on Ms May's Brexit Betrayal  (25 March 2019)

PM May's Extension to Article 50:

"On Friday, [Theresa May] instructed Sir Tim Barrow, our man in Brussels, to write a letter to the EU which formally agrees to Article 50 being extended to April 12 (at least), without first waiting fro Parliament to approve the extension. The EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 governs our exit from the EU. It says that 'exit day' will be on March 29. After that day, the ECA 1972 - which gives effect to EU treaty obligations in UK domestic law - will be repealed. But the 2018 Act also allows 'exit day; to be changed - by a special piece of legislation called a Statutory Instrument (SI) - so long as a draft of the SI is approved by a vote in each House of Parliament. Those votes on the SI are expected this week. But the government is claiming that because of Sir Tim's letter, the extension has already happened. Nothing Parliament can can say or do can stop it. All that will happen if the SI is voted down, says the government, is that the UK's internal law will not be changed to match the new exit dare which has been internationally agreed. So voting down the SI will cause legal chaos because the UK's internal law will not conform with our international obligations, but won't actually prevent us from still being an EU member state and bound by the EU treaties for this extra period of time.

The Constitutional Position:

"This is contrary to long standing constitutional convention and practice. Whenever the government proposes to enter into an international law obligation which would require Parliament to change the UK's internal law, it will not finalise that obligation until Parliament has passed the necessary legislation. This longstanding practice avoids putting Parliament in the invidious position of being faced with a fait accompli: where it either has to pass the legislation, or take the serious step of bringing the UK into a breach of the international obligations which have been assumed by the government. This convention and practice is just as applicable to a time extension under Article 50 as to a new treaty, because an extension requires UK internal law to be changed by Parliament in a way which will affect the rights and obligations of every citizen [subject]. They will (among other things) remain EU citizens for a longer period, whether they like it or loathe it. It also automatically makes the UK liable to pay into the EU budget for the extended period, and it is unconstitutional to incur such a financial liability without a vote by the House of Commons. And what is the point of Parliament carefully legislating to say that 'exit day' can only be changed with an affirmative resolution of each House, if the government can pre-empt those votes and force Parliament into approving the extension because the alternative is chaos? So Parliament needs to hold the government to account for this appalling and contemptuous behaviour which breaches established constitutional practice.

The Legal Position:

"And what is the legal position? In the Gina Miller case, the government's prerogative powers could not be used to give notice under Article 50 because that would affect rights and obligations of people in the UK. The Supreme Court held this was contrary to the intention of Parliament as reflected in the ECA 1972. Similar logic would seem to apply to an extension of time under Article 50. Since Parliament has provided in the WA a special procedure which requires votes in each House of Parliament before the UK's internal law can be changed (to) apply EU law for the extended period, the argument is that the government cannot use prerogative powers to pre-empt the procedure laid down by Parliament. If constitutional proprieties are not sufficient to rein in her conduct, the next step may have to be a legal challenge to the validity of the Sir Tim Barrow letter on similar grounds to the Gina Miller case..."

Don't Delay Brexit Day  (25 March 2019)

"They should simply not move the SI and thus leave the EU on time. This is an urgent call to prayer for MPs, especially for the Brexit Secretary and the PM. ... here is a suggestion for you to ask your MP to put to the PM. It would deliver Brexit on time. It would secure Mrs May's place in history as the PM who led the UK out of the EU. It would fulfill the clearly-expressed will of the people.  It is this: Simply do not move the SI. Just allow the clock to tick down to 11pm on Friday 29th March 2019. Keep your nerve, face down the Remainers and leave the EU on Brexit Day..."

A Message to the Prime Minister  (22 March 2019)

"Dear Prime Minister,  A certain man walked through a nearby field and discovered a jewel of immense value. He sold everything and raised funds to buy that field. That was a parable that Jesus told about the Kingdom of God (Matthew 13:44). You, Prime Minister, have within your grasp the precious jewel that Jesus described: it is the 10 MPs in the DUP, who are all committed Christians. They represent the only province in the United Kingdom which has adhered steadfastly to biblical standards on life issues. They are despised and rejected by many of their fellow MPs in the HoC.  But God loves t to use those who are considered of no account..."

Brexit Heading Towards No Deal  (20 March 2019)

"No Deal leads to 'very good deal'  /  Speaker's intervention  /  No Deal inevitable  /  Mrs May asks for short extension  /  Euro elections 'unacceptable'  /  The real reason for a shorter delay  /  EU 27 may not vote until next week  /  Euro-sceptic countries could oppose  /  Pointers for prayer"

Ignore the Nay-Sayers - Here's Why We're Still on Course for a Clean Brexit on 29th March  (14 March 2019)

"Before the second defeat of the 'deal' and Tuesday's vote on a motion to take 'no deal' off the table, I wrote that the Brexit result 'is already a foregone conclusion', asserting that it's already a certainty that we will leave on 29th March without a deal or without the backstop.  So far I have not heard any credible counter-arguments.  So, following this weeks events is this still true?..."

THE LISBON TREATY:  If the UK Stays in the EU These Are the Consequences  (14 March 2019)

"Just in case anyone has forgotten what Gordon Brown ratified at a dinner, namely the Lisbon Treaty, the following should give an [insight] into what Theresa the Appeaser is doing her level best to hang onto with her latest botch-up:..."


VOTE: Extension to Article 50 (14th March 2019)

Government motion to delay Brexit passed by 412 votes to 202

Farage Working with Italy's Salvini to Block Brexit Delay  (18 March 2019)

"While Remainers and establishment media have criticised Mr Farage for 'lobbying' foreign leaders by making his veto request, the EU was happy to undermine the PM ... in February, declaring that it preferred the Brexit plan of opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn as a means to break the Brexit deadlock. ... [also] ultra Remainer ... Tony Blair had been secretly advising Emmanuel Macron on how to stop Brexit by rejecting concession requests ... [and] met with European Commissioner Jean-Claude Junker to discuss Brexit..."

The Self-Humiliation of Our Political Establishment  (15 March 2019)

"I am now taking a closer look at the editorial in today's Daily Telegraph ... The article was published after yesterday's votes ion the HoC and the events there inform this article. It is the unvarnished truth, unpalatable to the Remainers of all stripes: ... many of us are incandescent with rage about the posturing peacocks in the HoC who put ego before Party before Country ... Then there's the constitutional aspect..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (15 March 2019)

"Is this it, then? Is Brexit over? That depends on which pundits you listen to and which papers you read ... I've watched yesterday's proceedings in the HoC and my esteem for said Chamber, for the Speaker, for the Government bench and for  the MPs in general is now even below subterranean - if that's physically possible..."

When 'Delayed' Means Betrayed  (15 March 2019)

"In the June 2017 General Election, both the Tory and Labour parties stood on manifestoes pledging to honour that result and deliver Brexit. For the past two years, May's Conservative government has sworn that the UK would leave on 29 March. Now we know that the only things these parties intend to leave behind are their empty promises to the electorate..."

Scaredy-Cat Parliament Can't Face Brexit  (15 March 2019)

"Parliament has proved that it cannot be trusted on its commitments to honour the referendum. Don't forget that last night's motion to extend Article 50 was a government motion, and thus a government U-turn - in contradiction of May's repeated promises to leave the EU on 29 March with or without a deal, without extensions..."

May's Brexit Pantomime Act 6  (14 March 2019)

"One hoped that Theresa May's Brexit pantomime would come to a close yesterday with an outbreak of common sense in the Commons and a realisation by MPs that the only people laughing their socks off at the shambolic goings-on in parliament are sitting in the most expensive seats in Brussels. How they must be enjoying the spectacle of British MPs performing like the panto clowns they are..."

UK Parliament Votes on Cancelling March 29th Brexit Day  (14 March 2019)

"Members of the UK HoC are voting on a government motion on applying to the EU to cancel the legally enshrined Brexit day in favour of a new date in the future, and a series of backbench amendments on the third day of votes in an extraordinary week in British politics..."

Remainer Speaker Bercow Blocks Vote on Stopping Second Referendum  (14 March 2019)

"Speaker of the HoC John Bercow has ... [selected] four pro-Remain amendments for tonight's vote, while not selecting a cross-party amendment to stop a potential second referendum ... The HoC is set to vote tonight on the motion seeking to ask Brussels for an extension to Article 50 if Mrs May's WA is not voted for by March 20th, the motion reading 'the Government will seek to agree with the EU a one-off extension of the period specifies in Article 50 for a period ending on 30 June w2019..."


VOTE: No Deal / WTO (13th March 2019)

HoC voted not to leave the EU without a deal (i.e. on WTO terms): 321 to 278.

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (14 March 2019)

"What a despicable spectacle the HoC presented us with yesterday! There are no words to describe the utter disgust I have for that lot, who in their vanity are destroying not just Brexit but our Parliament and our democracy. Yesterday afternoon I watched live the unmitigated, utter shambles which the debate and voting produced. Add the MSM and the twitterati into this poisonous mix and, with so many others, I ask: where's the modern-day Oliver Cromwell when we need him! Before I jump into this morass, here are two general observations, non-partisan and without prejudice:..."

TCW's Wall of Brexit Shame: Telegraph Commentators Get It Wrong  (14 March 2019)

"Yesterday's Telegraph carried an articles headed: 'What should Theresa May do not to salvage Brexit? Our writers give their verdicts'.  All four contributors to the piece are wrong..."

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Has Been Betrayed  (13 March 2019)  [MUST WATCH - SUPERB COMMENTARY!]

"To take No Deal off the table is to remain under the influence of the EU forever. It's time to get involved."  /  Viewers' comments:  "There is no voting needed to leave the EU. There never was. Only the will of the people is needed. EU law never superseded UK law. And the people have spoken. In 2016"  /  "Watching the whole Brexit thing is like watching a good friend who just can't bring themselves to leave a toxic, abusive partner"  /  "Parliament is a ship of fools. Most countries pay for their independence in blood, sweat and tears. All that was asked of Parliament was to carry out the will of the people, and for everyone to share in a slight economic bump in the road in exchange for FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE ... [Parliament] denied the people their voice, they betrayed their Nation, all to avoid an economic downturn that might have happened"  /  "May should be facing treason charges at this point"  /  "From the Great British Empire to a German Slave State"  /  "What happened UK? Do you want to be slaves forever or do you want to be an independent Kingdom?"  /  "A once independent, proud nation. Now, like a baby, terrified to take its first step away from the EU. Grow some!!!!!"  /  "Rise Britannia!"

The Emasculation of Brexit  (13 March 2019)

"These anti-No Dealers have now signalled, openly and frankly, their disdain for the thing that we the people want: democratic control over political negotiations, over treaties, over trade, over our borders. This is the divide that will define Britain for decades - that between an establishment that despises the burdens of democratic governance, and ordinary people who know that democratic governance is a people's best protection against tyranny and abuse."

Parliament No Longer Represents the People: May Loses Control of OWN MOTION Hijacked by Hardline Remainers  (13 March 2019)

"Brexiteers have reacted with anger after the House of Commons voted to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal, whilst the Tory Party is in disarray after PM Theresa May lost control of her own motion ... The voting began on the Spelman amendment, which sought to rule out leaving the EU without a deal, notably to remove the reference to leaving without a deal remaining the default option. Expected to be voted won, [the amendment] indeed passed by a slim majority of four, 312 to 308, meaning the government's motion was amended. Tory MPs were whipped to vote against [the amendment], nine of them backed it: ... After the amendment changed the text of the vote the government had brought, the PM found herself voting against her own motion - which she had supported - and for a no-deal Brexit; the party whips scrambling to instruct Tory MPs to likewise vote against it. However, the amended government motion passed by 321-278 votes, meaning [that] a number of Tories ignored the whip, and may be asked to resign..."

Parliament Verses the People  (13 March 2019)

"So here's how things stand. Leaving the EU with no deal is now the only way in which parliament can implement the Brexit referendum result, a decision handed by parliament to the people of Britain to make. All signs point to MPs voting today against leaving with no deal. They will be voting against the act of parliament they themselves passed, under which the UK leaves the EU on March 29 regardless of whether or not withdrawal terms have been agreed. They will thus be voting to trash the decision of the people that they themselves invited the people to make..."

Free Vote Today on No Deal. If That Falls, One on Extension on Thursday. May's Statement  (13 March 2019)

Readers' comments:  "Well at least now we know. May's 'no deal is better than a bad deal' is a total, utter, giant lie"  /  "The EU will now demand the 'People's Vote' as the price for A50 Extension. Game set and match to the Eurocracy and the final humiliation of our country"  /  "'The deal we have negotiated is the best and indeed the only deal available.' That does not make it acceptable Mrs May"  /  "This is like some abusive marriage where the abused party cannot leave the house... time to go"  /  "We'll see tomorrow just how many Conservative MPs were elected on a false manifesto promise"  /  "Traitor May as usual"  /  "Her war of attrition on our democracy and rights as an independent nation are beyond the pale"  /  "All MPs with a shred of honour who represent Leave constituencies should now [vote for a no-deal exit in tonight's vote] and respect their constituencies, the referendum result, their manifestos and (in Tory cases, their party activists and members"


VOTE: Second 'Meaningful Vote' (12th March 2019)

PM May's second 'Meaningful Vote' defeated by 149 votes: 391 to 242.

YOUTUBE:  This Week in #Brexitbetrayal  (13 March 2019)

"Kris Hicks and Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) discus this week's Parliamentary votes on Brexit."  /  Viewers' comments:  "They promised the people would decide. Another lie by the traitors"  /  "I want independence. I voted leave. I don't care if I'm a bit poorer for a few years"  /  "The political elites have all been bought by Brussels are the lap dogs of the EU ... if only Mr Batten was in charge... how easy this all could have been"  /  "No deal was specified on the ballot therefore the only deal specified was No Deal"  /  "Unforgiveable treachery"  /  "Some things are more important than money ... Out with no deal"  /  "I did vote Remain and the actions of the EU and Parliament have made me a No Deal Brexiteer, they disgust me"  /  "I voted Remain and I am now a Brexiteer. One question I would like to ask people like Amber Rudd: If the Remainers had won the Referendum in 2016, how would you feel if we were [now] about to leave? Will that be okay with you?"  /  "The UK can never be allowed to leave and prosper, it would set a terrible example for the EU. And that can never be allowed to happen for the Elites who control everything"

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (13 March 2019)

"I am incandescent with rage. I am raging not just because of today's debate and vote in the HoC to take 'no deal off the table', I am burning with rage because of the Remainers' blame games in the HoC and the MSM ... This is what our Quisling HoC has reduced our government, our nation to:..."  /  Reader's comment:  "Tonight let's remember that the 'stop no-deal' vote is advisory only and the default is to leave on the 29th ... We need some Tories with guts to attack May and replace her. Then we need a ruthless cull of Remainer ministers and civil servants"

UKIP Leader on Withdrawal Agreement Vote Result  (13 March 2019)

"UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said, " ... We now continue towards two critical days - on Wednesday, parliament will vote to take WTO Brexit off the table, and on Thursday we will see the political establishment vote on an extension to Article 50. I believe there will be an extension and the only question at this stage is how long it will be set for, and for what reason - revocation of Article 50, a Second Referendum or a European Parliamentary Election. Perhaps a General Election is the way forward, but the FPTP system gives structural support to two Remain parties. On Thursday, ahead of the Article 50 vote I will join UKIP members and campaigners outside the House of Parliament..."

Brexit - What Happens Next?  (12 March 2019)

Tomorrow (Weds) there will be a free vote on whether the HoC wants to take the already legislated option of 'No Deal' off the table. Given that around 500 of the 650 MPs voted to Remain ... there is a strong likelihood that this may happen. If it does happen, there is no guarantee that this could be enacted in Law before we actually do Leave on 29th March. If it IS legally enacted then essentially the cleanest Brexit is removed from the statute. A 'No Deal' means a complete break from the EU and fully delivers on the vote of June 23rd 2016. It fulfils the wishes of 17.4m people and that is why the Commons wants to stop it. There will then be a further vote on Thursday to request an extension of Article 50. If the EU agrees to this ... Brexit has been reversed and the betrayal of the voters who wanted to Leave [is] complete ... Have we reached another 17th century moment?..."

Eurocrats Talk of Rejecting Brexit Delay, Tells UK to Prepare for No Deal  (12 March 2019)

"[W]hile Mrs May believes that she could agree a delay to Brexit with the EU, a number of senior figures in Brussels have said that the EU and the UK should prepare for a no-del instead ... Elmar Brok ... threw cold water on the suggestion that the EU's 27 other member states would vote to let the UK extend Article 50, the vote needing to e unanimous..."  /  Readers' comments:  "If these Tuesday Night Heroes vote FOR leaving on WTO terms, they will go down in history as the MPs who saved Britain from vassalage to a foreign power ... every MP who voted for May's surrender document and follows up tomorrow with a vote against leaving on WTO terms is a traitor to Crown and Country"  /  "TWICE [May] has attempted to force perpetual vassal state subjugation on my country, and now she digs her heels in either further ... The most disgusting, treasonous, & reviled PM in our country's history"  /  "Even though 'No Deal' stands as the current majority-favoured approach (44%), the EU is STILL dictating terms to the British people"  /  "It's hard to believe the same nation that took on all comers to stop slavery, fought back the Nazis from off the ropes ... is so afraid of leaving the EU..."  /  "Treason May has done her level best to destroy Britain completely. She has very nearly succeeded ... Out! Out! Damned spot! ... Sadly the real truth is that the House of Duplicity and Dishonour will continue on its tribal course of infighting ... Shame! Treachery! Dishonourable Members!"

Another reader's comment:  "[O]ut and pay nothing more to the Kleptocracy. It is the only thing they have proposed that is in the British interest since Britannia was dropped into the infernal Franco German racket forty six years ago. Now immediately repeal the 1972 ECA, and abrogate all other spiders web entanglements of EU 'competencies', spelled subjugation mechanisms. Kick the lot of them out of British territory and trade with the world in WTO tariffs or mutually agreed bilateral trade deals, without the Brussels (Berlin) spanner in the works. The last long two years and seven months has shown them to be a hostile foreign power, dead set against the very existence of the United Kingdom. Like all totalitarian ilk, they talk of nothing but punishment, with incessant threats and demands for money. They are not trading partners and never have been. They cannot even be classified as competitors, they do not compete, they 'regulate' by subjugation. They are destructive predators who work to no rules but their own. Once the shackles are undone, it will be long past time for the British to weed out all the Quislings, who have seen fit, to their own ends, to attempt to subjugate the future of the British under a hostile foreign power. Then elect a British government. Time too, to limit the powers of any Parliament, to prevent rogue governments handing British sovereignty over to foreign entities ever again, with legally binding manifestos, and right of immediate recall of those 'representatives' who gain office, and immediately renege on what they promised to do to get elected. Time too, to revisit the Treason Act, with a view to indicting those who filleted it, to avoid falling under its remit, and arrogantly go on to swear an oath of allegiance to the Crown and the British people, with their fingers crossed behind their treacherous backs."

Good Riddance to May's Withdrawal Agreement  (12 March 2019)

Theresa May has lost her latest 'meaningful vote' on Brexit - as of course, we all knew she would ... We look at Westminster - and most of the attached media class - aghast at how such a bunch of cowardly sell-outs can be representing us. Given the choice, surveys show, more British would go for a No Deal Brexit than any other option. The EU's contemptuous treatment of us has only hardened our resolve. So if all the Rermainer MPs in parliament are feeling pleased with themselves about the prospects tomorrow of voting No Deal Brexit out of contention, they are living in a fool's paradise..."

UK Parliament Votes on Theresa May's Brexit Deal for Second and Probably Final Time  (12 March 2019)

"Update 19:50 - What does all this mean?  MPs will have the opportunity tomorrow to vote unwhipped ... on whether to take [the] so-called no deal Brexit off the table. Given [that] ... the majority of Europhile MPs would do anything in their power to prevent the UK actually leaving the EU properly, that will almost certainly pass. ... The chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee ... has pointed out that the vote to delay Brexit really is a vote to frustrate Brexit, and hence for a Tory to do so would be a 'clear breach' of the manifesto they were elected on. No doubt some will, anyway..."

Your Daily Brexit Betrayal  (12 March 2019)

"This tawdry spectacle is meant to hide the enormous flaws in the original WA. It is meant to et that abomination through the HoC and save Ms May's hide. It is BRINO, with a few new bows and flowers attached to it. It is nothing but the prettification of the great Brexit Betrayal..."

Even Before Parliament Has Voted, EU Prepares to Delay Brexit by Another Year  (12 March 2019)

"Europe's most senior bureaucrat, who is a well-known opponent of Brexit and allegedly wishes the process to go as badly as possible to act as a deterrent to others leaving the bloc, is ready to allow the UK to delay the official departure day by 12 months or more..."  /  Readers' comments:  "Anyone getting the idea that Brussels and the Globalists don't believe in Democracy?"  /  "Parliament had no intention of securing a Brexit with May at the helm"  /  "The British deep state continues to screw the British [subjects]"  /  "Brexit has red-pilled a lot of people in the UK"  /  "You vill do az you are told Ja?"

Last Gasp: Juncker Offers Minor Concessions: 'It's This Deal or Brexit Might Not Happen At All'  (12 March 2019)

Readers' comments:  "If parliament falls into this trap then that is the end of a free and sovereign UK"  /  "The false dichotomy fallacy right there. Portraying that these are the only two alternatives is scandalous"  /  "A fig-leaf to replace the codpiece. The two years' notice period of Article 50 is the transition period"  /  "No one voted for a 'Deal'. A deal wasn't on the ballot paper. We voted to Leave, not pretend to leave"

Brexit Week Ahead: ANM Quick Guide  (11 March 2019)

"This week will be pivotal to understanding how Brexit will be implemented by Theresa May and the politicians in Westminster ... Tuesday 12th March 2019: PM Theresa May will return to Parliament with whatever amendments to her withdrawal deal she has secured for another 'meaningful vote' ... Wednesday 13th March 2019: If there is a defeat for Theresa May's 'deal' then a vote asking for consent to leave on WTO terms (ie no deal) will be given to Parliament ... Thursday 14th March 2019: If Theresa May loses the first two votes, she will then ask for the option to extend article 50 beyond the 29th March 2019, for further time to agree a withdrawal agreement..."



Leave the EU Without a Deal in March 2019

"We are wasting billions of pounds of taxpayers money trying to negotiate in a short space of time. Leaving the EU in March 2019 will allow the UK good time to negotiate more efficiently. The EU will be more eager to accept a deal on our terms having lost a major partner. We will save billions of pounds from our EU divorce payment as well as a similar amount from Civil Service and Govt costs. This money will be used to support our own country whilst we await the EU to talk to us to make deals more in our favour. The EU border in Ireland to be managed simply by having a dual Euro/pound currency as legal tender in both the North and the South. Exports to the South would be dealt with in Euros and vice versa when importing to the North. Rates fixed at time of deal."


Prorogue Parliament Until 30th March and Stop This Treachery!

"A strong PM would prorogue Parliament till 30 March as soon as it became clear that Parliament was about to flout the will of the people. She would be well within her constitutional rights, and protecting democracy" [Andrew Roberts].

"Parliaments at key points in our history have gained descriptive names, e.g. Long Parliament, Rump Parliament.  I would suggest that historically this Parliament is called the Quisling Parliament" [reader's comment at source].

Urgent Call for HM the Queen to Dissolve Parliament  (18 March 2019)

"Having last week seen MPs launch a war against the subjects of her Majesty the Queen ... now is the moment for urgent decisive action. Her Majesty must dissolve Parliament so that it cannot pass primary legislation to thwart the will of the people and the UK leaving the EU on 29th March. Such a measure is entirely justified as the UK's democracy is now in crisis..."

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Petitions Her Majesty to Prorogue Parliament  (31 January 2019)

"Gerard Batten has petitioned Queen Elizabeth II to prorogue Parliament until after the UK has left the EU on 29 March 2019. Concerned that MPs are using the current session to attempt to delay or stop Brexit entirely, the UKIP Leader has petitioned Her Majesty to discontinue the current session of Parliament. The UKIP Leader writes:..."

Historian: Queen Should Suspend Parliament to Stop Remain MPs from Blocking Brexit  (16 January 2019)

"Historian and broadcaster Andrew Roberts has urged the PM to call on the Queen to suspend the parliamentary session until Brexit takes effect on March 29th to deny Remain plotters the opportunity to derail it ... 'A strong PM would prorogue Parliament till 30 March as soon as it became clear that Parliament was about to flout the will of the people. She would be well within her constitutional rights, and protecting democracy' With the EU Withdrawal Act already on the books ... the March 29th exit day for Brexit would continue to count down even if Parliament was not sitting, with the UK and the EU defaulting to a WTO relationship when the day arrives..."

  "Come, come!  We have had enough of this!  I will put an end to your prating!  It is not fit that you should sit here any longer!  You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing lately.  You shall now give place to better men! ... You call yourselves a Parliament.  You are no Parliament; I say you are no Parliament! ... living in open contempt of God's Commandments.  Following your own greedy appetites, and the Devil's Commandments ... Corrupt unjust persons; scandalous ... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you.  In the name of God, - go!"

[Oliver Cromwell, addressing the Nominal Rump Parliament of England on Wednesday, 20th April 1653, quoted in Thomas Carlyle, Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, (London, 1888), Part VII, pp.329-331].

Labour is a Dead Party Walking  (26 February 2019)

"The announcement last night that Labour would back a second Brexit referendum confirmed what has been clear for some time: that the party of the people is no more. ... The vast majority of MPs backed Remain. The chance of a second vote - amid the febrile atmosphere in Westminster - could soon become too good for many of them to pass up ... Theresa May's proposed deal may be a parody of Brexit, a Remain by another name - but asking people to vote again is an even starker betrayal, which voters will not forget ... This Brexit betrayal, then, will confirm in many voters' minds that Labour is no longer for them: that it has become the party of students and the public sector..."

The Extremism of the Independent Group  (26 February 2019)

"The charade of last week's Labour and Tory resignations, and the formation of the Independent Group, reminded us of the blatant contempt for democracy among those committed to the 'European project'.  Not only are the MPs of this anti-Brexit grouping striving to reverse the 2016 Brexit vote - they are also abusing British democratic processes in order to do so. They are promoting a 'People's vote' on Brexit, yet they are evading by-elections. The IG reminds us how neoliberals impose their will on the people ... Politics is broken, cried the resigning MPs last week,. But there is nothing more likely to break people's trust in politics than the IG's political aim -  the reversal of the democratic decision to exit the EU..."

This Is A Party Against the People  (20 February 2019)

"So now we know. Now we know what the so-called Independent Group is really all about. It is about stopping Brexit. It is about preventing the enactment of the largest democratic vote in British history. It is about frustrating the British people's vote for independence from the EU. Yes, taking Orwellianism to dizzy new heights, this new political group poses as 'independent' while seeking to overthrow the public's desire to make Britain a properly independent nation again. Of course many of us suspected this the minute the IG was unveiled yesterday ... The arrival of these three Tories ... confirms what this group is all about. It is a new party of the elite. It is a political outfit for snobs and authoritarians. It is a space for hypocrites and anti-democrats. It is a group that will devote itself to one thing and one thing only: waging war against the greatest act of democracy in the UK ... The only thing these people will take a stand against is you and me and the millions of other people who voted to leave the EU..."

Third British Govt Minister Admits Departure Day Delay  (31 January 2019)

"Savid Javid ... has reportedly said Brexit day - legally set at the 29th March 2019 - will likely be delayed, and is said to be questioning the PM still advocating the promised date in public ... It is reported that several ministers have already decided that Brexit should be delayed to give the government extra days to prepare for Brexit - a remarkable failure of preparedness given that the UK now voted to leave the EU over two and a half years ago - but few have admitted that in public..."

British Lawmakers Vote on Amendments to Force Govt's Hand on Brexit  (29 January 2019)

"Members of the UK Houses of Parliament voted on amendments to the Government's Brexit bill Tuesday night, exercising their power to make alterations and changes to proceedings and - some hope - delay and derail Brexit itself ... Seven amendments in all were accepted by the remain-supporting speaker of the House John Bercow, and very both in intent and whether they legally bind the government..."

Lies, Cowardice and Brexit  (29 January 2019)

"That the leaders of the Leave campaign proved themselves incapable of taking control of the Brexit process, thus leaving it to a Remainer - Theresa May - to implement, is regrettable. But the alleged lies and hopelessness of the Leave leaders pales into insignificance with what Remainers are doing in parliament now. Amid another febrile day in Westminster, with various amendments to May's Brexit plan to be voted on this afternoon, we need to take a step back and truly reckon with what is happening. Theresa May is trying to revive her Brexit deal, which is not a Brexit deal - which would in fact sell out Brexit by trapping us within the EU's structures indefinitely via the Northern Irish backstop. But most of the opposition to it is from Remainers who think it doesn't go far enough..."

The People Versus Parliament  (27 January 2019)

"Leaving the EU could not have been more straightforward...  But the British establishment was opposed to it...  Condescension...  Sowing confusion...  The government's charade of negotiating Brexit...  The 'meaningful vote' on the Withdrawal Agreement...  A chance for Parliament to honour the Referendum result?...  More confusion - this time by MPs...  Parliamentary dirty tricks to scrap Brexit...  A second referendum...  Blocking a 'no deal' Brexit by delaying or cancelling Article 50...  The PM's Plan B Statement...  Plan B will be a tweaked version of Plan A...  A Fifth Column is operating in Government to defeat Brexit...  Cornered by the EU - which is systematically ramping up the pressure...  It is time to call the EU's bluff - it will be the last chance we get...  What deal would be acceptable?...  Brexit betrayal by our Parliament...  Remaining in the EU would be the real disaster...  The People did not 'take back control' from the EU only for Parliament to hand it back again..."

To Delay Is To Betray - UKIP Leader on Yvette Cooper's Brexit Bill  (25 January 2019)

"This bill isn't about protecting the economy; it's about creating a route to stop Brexit. We are currently on course to leave the EU on March 29, but Ms Cooper's bill will block this and any chance of a real WTO Brexit ... The people voted to Leave. Parliament is now refusing to implement that decision and is now in open rebellion against the people..."

Grab Your Yellow Vest - Britain Is Headed For A Dirty War  (23 January 2019)

"Officially we're not supposed to speculate in the civil disobedience which might ensure if parliament succeeds in its campaign to thwart Brexit ... But now two academics have let the cat out of the bag. David Betz and MLR Smith are professors in the Department of War Studies, King's College, London, and they know whereof they speak..."

The Strange Case of Anna Soubry's Missing Manifesto  (21 January 2019)

"Anna Soubry stood for election in the parliamentary constituency of Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire in 2017. She stood as a Conservative candidate. The Conservative manifesto in that General Election makes a very specific pledge concerning Brexit. Anna Soubry was duly elected. Broxtowe had already voted by a majority of 52.5% to LEAVE the EU in the 2016 referendum. The Conservative manifesto makes it very clear that Party and all who stand under its banner have a commitment to deliver an orderly departure from the EU. Yet Anna Soubry has gained a degree of media fame by being vehemently opposed to Brexit ... Of course Soubry is not alone in opposing the manifesto position on which she was elected in 2017..."

We're on the Verge of Brexit Being Betrayed  (18 January 2019)

"Leave campaigner Nigel Farage has warned that Brexit is 'on the verge of being betrayed' and Leavers must be prepared to continue the fight either in the face of Article 50 being delayed or a possible second referendum ... while 498 MPs had voted for Article 50, the mechanism for leaving the EU which states that if a withdrawal agreement ids not negotiated the UK should leave the bloc on WTO terms on March 29th, he fears 'that our political establishment, including our PM... [in] the HoC is going to effectively overturn that Brexit'..."

Not Yet Angry - But Patriotic and Bewildered. Fear of Betrayal is the Dominant Emotion at the Leave Means Leave Rally  (18 January 2019)

"For although they won the the referendum, they now question whether they can trust the very politicians to whom they decided to return power ... the drawback of upholding an old-fashioned belief in parliamentary sovereignty turns out to be that a majority of MPs would much rather we had remained in the EU."

Three Cabinet Ministers Collude With Big Business to Stop Brexit  (17 January 2019)

"Many readers will wearily tell us that the leaked comments from Messrs Hammond and Clark come as no surprise. This may be true, but when you read the entire transcript it is shocking just how clearly the Treasury and Business Depts are so in bed with Big Business over continued EU membership ... We would just like to remind Mr Hammond and Mr Clark that the vast majority of businesses in the UK do not belong to the CBI, whose Director-General was present on this call. Brexit Facts4EU.Org campaigned vigorously for Philip Hammond to be excluded completely from Government prior to Mrs May forming her first Cabinet in 2016 ... We would invite both Ministers to speak to The Alliance of British Entrepreneurs ... They support what the British people voted for in record numbers in the official 'people's' EU Referendum of 2016 - to leave the EU...""

Civil War: Brexit Tories Brand Hammond's Anti-No Deal Stance 'Treacherous'  (17 January 2019)

"The Chancellor of the Exchequer, long accused of pushing for the weakest possible form of Brexit from within the Cabinet and using his role at HM Treasury to stall preparations for an EU exit without a formal agreement on WTO terms, was recorded assuring corporate bosses that MPs would block No Deal in parliament in a leaked call.  'He seems to have breached collective responsibility of the Cabinet, where the official position is still no deal better than a bad deal,' complained Brexiteer backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg..."

Yes, Gove, Corbyn is Bad - But Betraying Brexit is Worse  (17 January 2019)

"Last night in parliament, Environment Secretary Michael Gove made a barnstormer of a speech ... But that 'look! Jeremy Corbyn!!' tactic isn't going to leave any of us fooled. The Conservatives may be our best bulwark against a Corbyn tyranny. They are also, however, the party that has failed us on Brexit. It'll take more than Govian oratory, I suspect, to distract us from the last very awkward detail."

Brexit Is Now Hanging By A Thread  (17 January 2019)

"PM Theresa May has (narrowly) survived a vote of no confidence and delivered another of her bullish speeches about how the people voted for Brexit and how Brexit is what she plans to deliver ... Don't believe a word. If the woman is not actually lying she is impossibly deluded. We know this because instead of going to announce the only possible thing that could deliver Brexit - allowing Article 50 to run its course on its appointed date in March 29th, enabling Britain to have a clean break from the EU on WTO terms with a No Deal - she is putting the decision to Parliament so that it can 'act in the national interest, reach a consensus and get this done.' Since Parliament is overwhelmingly Remain and would not know what the national interest was if it burned down the Palace of Westminster, this means that Brexit is now dead in the water..."

The Remainer Coup Is Under Way. The Fix Is In  (17 January 2019)

"Within 36 hours of Tuesday's unprecedented, humiliating, crushing HoC defeat for Theresa May and her cynically misnamed EU 'Withdrawal' Agreement, which would lock the UK into a permanent Brussels vassalage even more oppressive than membership, her intended direction of travel in response is already evident. It is towards further concession, capitulation, and finally surrender..."

The Behind-the-Scenes Plan to Stop Brexit  (17 January 2019)

"Since [the referendum], it is no secret that Remainers, who make up the majority of MPs in parliament, have done everything in their power to stop Brexit from occurring. It is rare that the details of such Remainer activities are revealed, or at least in such detail, as they were recently ... with regards to Dominic Grieve's amendment. A meeting between the Speaker of the House, John Bercow, and prominent Remainer Tory MP, Dominic Grieve, was bound to raise eyebrows..."

Democracy Is In Danger As Our Political leaders Seek to Subvert the Leave Vote  (16 January 2019)

"By their actions since Brexit, Britain's political leaders have subverted the Leave vote, and damaged the arrangements under Britain's constitution to protect peoples' freedom against arbitrary rule. Despite being one of the world's oldest and most iconic democracies - the strength of which derives partly from acceptance by governments of the electorate's decision irrespective of their own wishes - things happened very differently since the referendum. First, parliament attempted to thwart Brexit. Then the PM deployed the autocratic systems of unaccountable powers to prepare a Withdrawal Agreement. That agreement was not the work of elected ministers - they were sidelined - but emerged from the backroom bartering of an unelected, unaccountable civil servant, the PM's 'court favourite'..."

May Survives But Parliament Is Now Her Master  (16 January 2019)

"[W]ho could doubt that a second referendum is now a distinct possibility? After the humiliating Commons defeat of Mrs May's withdrawal agreement, many MPs will feel they are freed from their manifesto commitment to deliver Brexit: they can now say they 'did all they conceivably could, but Parliament was unable to resolve the issue' ... Do not be surprised of a second referendum doesn't creep up on us within the next fortnight. Dominic Grieve has already set the legislative wheels into motion ... and whereas in the first referendum the Leave campaign had spent two years building an impressive infrastructure while David Cameron tried to run a campaign on the back of a sticky note [EMcD: and £9m of taxpayers money], this time the situation is reversed..."


And On That Bombshell...

"A No-Deal Brexit has now become the legal default on March 29th, under the terms of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act..."

[Leaving on WTO terms] "is nothing to be frightened of. It's how we trade with the US, it's how we trade with other countries ... and we can trade with the EU on that basis ... When you speak to people who voted to leave they said they voted to leave - they didn't vote for a deal. That I think has to be delivered to ensure the 17.4 million votes are respected'." [Jacob Rees-Mogg]

"Parliament should keep its promise to voters to implement the decision for the people in the referendum to leave the EU. The UK conducts the majority of its trade under WTO rules and outside the EU customs union. Moving to run all our trade in that way will work just fine" [Sir John Redwood].

"In three days Mrs May has to come up with a Plan B.  Well the good news is there is a Plan B which should have been Plan A in thee first place, which is to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, leave the EU under our law and then tell [the EU] how we are going to repeal and amend 45 years and tens and tens of thousands of bits of legislation under our priorities and in our timescales" [Gerard Batten].

May Shambles On: Vote of No-Confidence in Govt Defeated, 325-306  (16 January 2019)

"The case against the PM's government was put by Jeremy Corbyn's centrist-leaning deputy, Tom Watson. Its defence was pleaded [by] Environment secretary Michael Gove..."

Brexit Full Steam Ahead! May's Criminal Enterprise Thwarted  (16 January 2019)

"The worst surrender document in British history was defeated by the biggest majority in parliamentary history - 230 votes. Theresa May's criminal enterprise (almost certainly treasonous under the terms of the treason acts and common law) is no more. There are now 4 possibilities: (1) A second referendum - no time before Brexit on 29th March and only 8% of the British people want one! (2) A general election - neither the DUP nor Tory MPs will vote for the end of their Government and the joys of a Corbyn government; (3) A different deal with the EU - the EU will refuse and would find it difficult to persuade 27 countries that they should take their boot off the face of the defeated supplicant; (4) Leaving without a so called 'deal' and trading immediately on WTO terms like over 160 other countries in the world - which is the automatic default position. Only a very stupid government would frustrate this. Because:..."

YOUTUBE:  The British People Will Never Surrender! UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Speaks to the European Parliament  (16 January 2019)

"Mr President, we've seen two and half years of an elaborate political charade, based on an entirely false premise, which is that you can't leave the European Union without a deal. There never was going to be a deal, there never is going to be a deal. We've seen Mrs May and her emissaries go back and forth to Brussels in order to reach a WA that nobody wants. The Remainers don't want it because they don't want to leave. The Leavers don't want it because under it we don't really leave. What is the purpose of it all? It is to wear the British people down to the extent where they accept defeat and surrender, and the result of the referendum is overturned..."  /  Viewers' comments: "Well said Gerard, sadly our political class will surrender on our behalf"  /  "Why would the British people want to be ruled by the Germans and their collaborators?"  /  "The remoaners will be thanking us one day for not surrendering..."  /  "Leave means Leave. What's so hard to understand about that simple word?..."

Ebenezer - The Stone of Helping  (16 January 2019)

"I write today on one of the most significant and historic days for this nation and the British Isles ... How should we as Christians respond? ... I urge you all to pray! Speaking for myself, I have little idea what to ask for in prayer, because the options are so confusing and the way ahead is far from clear. But I know that God knows! And that is enough for me. I pray simply that God will lead us safely through this storm. Every time I pray I see an old sailing shop tossed about in a terrific storm. I pray that God's mercy and guidance will prevail, so that we will see our way through, and survive this storm..."

Grieve Plot is What May Intended All Along  (16 January 2019)

"If you believed in remaining in the EU, why would you want to become PM knowing your main legacy would be to have led the UK out of its 40 or so years of EU membership? ... Yesterday's defeat was all part of PM May's plan to thwart Brexit ... to come up with a Deal which she deliberately allowed to be unacceptable, knowing it therefore wouldn't get enough votes ... This carefully manufactured stalemate is aimed at conning the public into reluctantly concluding that while Brexit seemed desirable in theory, PM May has tried her best to carry it out, but has found that in practice Brexit has proved ... 'to be undeliverable' ... and thus her real tacit aim of her premiership, of thwarting Brexit, will appear to have been achieved ... a potential weakness of the plot is that ... a law to overturn a WTO terms Brexit on 29 March at 11pm would have to be approved by the Queen ... asking the Queen to collude with the rest of the Establishment's defiance of the Leave vote..."

Be Under No Illusion, This Was Not a Victory for the Brexiteers  (16 January 2019)

"It was the right result but, in the case of the majority of MPs, it was for the wrong reason ... In voting down May's deal, Parliament was united in one thing, but it was not in agreement ... The truth is that Project Fear, not Brexit, won the vote ... [May] knows only too well that the vast majority of those responsible for her defeat ... will use it either to press for a non-existent Brexit (or NonExit), by which I mean the UK staying both the customs union and the single market, or for remaining in the EU in defiance of the referendum ... The clock is ticking towards March 29, but every effort will be made and every political stratagem deployed in the intervening 73 days to thwart the default WTO reversion which that date heralds in the absence of any agreement..."

Rue Britannia  (16 January 2019)

"It was a rotten deal that deserved to be trounced on merit, or rather demerit. But it wasn't about that, was it? Huge political upheavals tend to be about backstabbing, not face value. Subtext, not text. Connotation, not denotation ... Our country is blessed with the greatest, certainly longest, political stability in Europe ... Yet there's a curse implicit in this blessing ... Those of us who love Britain must rue her impending demise. I don't know how it can be prevented, but let's hope that cleverer and more practical men do. I pray for such men and I do hope they realise what's at stake..."

Theresa May Has Her Downfall Moment  (16 January 2019)

"[S]he wasn't capable of delivering Brexit because she never believed in Brexit"  /  Readers' comments: "They should make Parliament vote again, after all it's been almost a day and these MPs might have changed their minds. They probably didn't even understand the issue in the first place, besides having another vote would be democracy in action and if they still vote against May's deal then it's only right to make them vote yet again. Then again we could just leave with no deal!"  /  "I think we need a people's vote in Parliament, because the MPs didn't know what they voted for and new information has come to light since yesterday"  /  "Yes, after all many of them are old and will be dying off soon, so it would be unfair to the younger MPs not to have another vote"  /  "May was only ever selected and put in office to derail Brexit and ensure we never left the EU - that such a calamitous pantomime has followed is simply the establishment's way of covering their tracks in the deception of the British public and the usurping of the biggest democratic vote in our history - if they make it look like a pig's ear of incompetence and failure then they figure nobody will notice that this has actually been planned and executed by Westminster, Whitehall, and Brussels with military precision from day 1 to get exactly what they want and to deliver the polar opposite of what the UK voted for - once it collapses and we stay in one form or another then they will all continue as if nothing ever truly happened using the cover that 'we tried our best and really WANTED to deliver for you but we couldn't do it and time ran out so sorry folks come back in another 40 years'"  /  "When the original Act of Parliament was passed there was no provision for a 'deal'. If parliament can't agree to a deal then *by law* the UK leaves the EU without one. And only parliament can change that *law*"

May's Deal: A Historic Defeat  (16 January 2019)

"What MPs are really fighting over is various flavours of non-Brexit. May's deal would have left us shackled to EU rules with less say over them than we had before. If anything, she has strengthened the case for staying in after all. This is why the so-called People's Vote crew had their tails up last night ... the wind is blowing in their direction, and they know it.  No Deal - which increasingly looks like our only chance for a clean-break Brexit - is the legal default. If no agreement is ratified in time, we leave on 29 March on WTO terms. But MPs this past week, with the help of the Speaker, have proven themselves willing to do anything to stop No Deal from happening..."

The MPs Who Voted for Indefinite Servitude to the EU  (16 January 2019)

"Last night 202 MPs voted for a deal which would have placed the UK in indefinite servitude to the EU, laws being made for us with no say over our affairs, a lien being placed over part of the UK's territory, only a hope and a prayer of a trade deal sometime in the future, and massive payments for the privilege. For many it is hard to imagine a worse state for a supposedly-sovereign nation than being in the EU. After two and half years of premiership, Mrs May achieved that, with her disastrous 'Withdrawal Agreement'.  Worse still, 202 MPs (196 Con, 3 Lab, 3 Ind) voted for this monstrosity. We thought you would like to see if your MP is on that list: ... Given the appalling content of the WA, with its enforced servitude to the EU and abrogation of sovereignty to a foreign power without representation, we know that some readers will feel that the above MPs are no longer electable"

Indestructible May: Is There Anything That Can Stop Mrs May?  (15 January 2019)

[it has become] increasingly evident that Mrs May and her loyalists are under the mistaken impression that she is indeed indestructible and that being indestructible, or just refusing to ever change a policy that everyone detests, is somehow the sole virtue required of a leader. We don't need them to have the ability to persuade others, apparently. We don't need to have the ability to listen to the votes of the people. That ability is, almost every MP agrees, a ludicrously old fashioned one that none of them need display. We don't need them to have a shred of patriotism, or the least respect for democracy, or even the ability to count to 230, the margin of the greatest government defeat in history. We just need them to keep plodding on, like some ghastly obsessed revenant..."

EU Sources Rule Out Reopening Deal Talks, Brexiteers React to May Defeat  (15 January 2019)

"Officially, the Eurocrats have reacted coldly to the news that theirs and Mrs May's document has been rejected ... Juncker ... said that [the European Commission] would continue its 'contingency work' in the event of the UK making a clean, 'No Deal' break of the bloc ... Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group [said] 'Our strong advice to the PM is now to accept and embrace a WTO terms Brexit scenario, as the default option it is the only deal that can currently traverse Parliament. It would be catastrophic for the PM and the Conservative Party to conclude that a Remainer parliament is representative of the views of the British public in further softening its Brexit stance' ... Chairman of the ERG Jacob Rees-Mogg said that leaving on WTO terms 'is nothing to be frightened of. It's how we trade with the United States, it's how we trade with other countries ... and we can trade with the EU on that basis ... When you speak to people who voted to leave they said they voted to leave - they didn't vote for a deal. That I think has to be delivered to ensure the 17.4 million votes are respected'."

UKIP Leader on Withdrawal Agreement Rejection  (15 January 2019)

"With her agreement, Theresa May achieved what was thought to be impossible - the unity of Leavers and Remainers in opposition to her plan ... Mrs May and Parliament have brought about the greatest constitutional crisis since 1642. They have done all they can to thwart Brexit ... UKIP stands alone as the only major party committed to leaving the EU and we are prepared to continue the fight for Brexit whatever may come."

Crushed: Theresa May's Brexit Deal Defeated by Record-Breaking Margin in Parliament  (15 January 2019)

"A No-Deal Brexit has now become the legal default on March 29th, under the terms of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act..."


Of 'Meaningful' Votes and Treasonous Coups...

The 'Meaningful' Vote on 15th January 2019 - when our treasonous parliament chooses between Traitor May's Remain by Another Name sell-out non-deal and Traitors Bercow, Grieve, Soubry, Lammy, Lucas, Lewis, et al's Stop Brexit Entirely coup...

Democracy in the UK is Hanging by a Thread  (15 January 2019)

"Something deeply disturbing will happen in parliament today ... The people voted for Leave and yet May offers us Remain-by-another-name: a 'Brexit deal' that sells out Brexit. For a PM so wilfully to ignore the cry of her people is a sucker-punch to the most basic principles of democracy. But it gets worse. The MPs who plan to revolt against May's deal in the Commons today will not do so in order to protect Brexit ... No, they see taking down May's deal as a first step to taking down Brexit itself ... So the real divide in parliament today is over how to stop Brexit..."

Wasted Years: Batten Slams 'Engineered Betrayal' of Brexit  (15 January 2019)

"In a video message addressing tonight's vote in Parliament, Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP's leader, condemned the PM's 'engineered betrayal' of Brexit. It doesn't matter which way Parliament votes, Mr Batten said, because 'either way' Brexit will be betrayed..."

Let's Pray They See Through May's Desperate Game of Bluff  (15 January 2019)

"Theresa May's project fear reached a crescendo yesterday. Positioning herself as the defender of Brexit and the voice of the people, she said to vote against her deal would be [the] height of recklessness 0 the alternative she threatened being a paralysis in parliament leading to no Brexit ... a desperate game of bluff ... The truth is that Dominic Grieve and his chums are not Mrs May's enemies at all. It's a chimera..."

Until Britain Gets Full Brexit There Can Never Be Peace in the Realm  (15 January 2019)

"[T]he reason that Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement is going to get voted down is not because Parliament is chock-full of bright., eager, democratically-minded patriots who know a craven capitulation when they see one. No, the reason May's deal is going to be voted down is because Parliament is chock-full of Remainers who see 'taking down May's deal as the first step to taking down Brexit itself.'  This is all but unprecedented in British parliamentary history. The constitutional implications of what is happening are deeply troubling ... we have the extraordinary spectacle of MPs not just ignoring the clearly-expressed wishes of the electorate that represent, but actually trying to claim that this betrayal is their way of honouring democracy..."

Britain's First Coup D'État Since Major, Defended by Major  (14 January 2019)

"In 1990 John Major succeeded Margaret Thatcher as PM ... That upheaval was effectively a coup perpetrated by the cabinet members ready to pledge their allegiance to Europe at the expense of British sovereignty ... When Major's spiritual heir Cameron arrogantly called a referendum because he was certain of victory and hoped thereby to put paid to all that talk about leaving the EU, he was in for a let-down..."

Political Establishment Fighting Over Their Preferred Method of Stopping Brexit  (14 January 2019)

"Mrs May ... is attempting to present herself as a force for Brexit, but ... [her] so-called deal would turn Britain into a vassal state of the EU prepared to go back in a few short years. What we a re witnessing is the political establishment fighting over their preferred method of stopping Brexit - should it be through Mrs May's surrender document, a General Election, or another referendum? ... it is clear that the only way Britain will leave the EU is if the people choose to remove the political establishment through the ballot box. UKIP is the only major party committed to leaving the European Union - if the people want it they must vote for UKIP at every opportunity."

Theresa May Admits Blocking Brexit 'Would be a Subversion of Our Democracy'  (14 January 2019)

"An overwhelming majority of MPs voted to authorise a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU, as well as to activate Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty and kick off the two-year exit process ... The Remain-dominated legislature's members seem ... neither willing to accept the Government's WA with the EU ... or to countenance the 'clean, sovereign Brexit' on WTO terms implied by their pledges to take Britain out of the EU Customs Union, Single Market, and associated Free Movement regime..."

Bercow, Brexit, Conspiracy, and Coup: The Inescapable Feeling of Betrayal  (13 January 2019)

"All functional constitutions - written or unwritten - are compacts between peoples. Nothing is more fundamental than the principle that when a promise is made plainly, repeatedly, unanimously and unambiguously, and the people engage wholeheartedly on that declared basis, it must be delivered. David Cameron made that promise in the plainest of terms: ... Parliament endorsed that promise in legislation. Both Labour and the Conservative parties pledged to implement it in their 2017 General Election manifestos..."

Has May Been Plotting a Return to the EU All Along?  (13 January 2019)

"Remarkably, the EU's intentions to complete its economic and monetary union - the central feature o0f its five-year plan commencing after the European elections in May - have come under little scrutiny since the Referendum, and not at all in connection with the shifting sands of Mrs May's apparently calamitous Brexit negotiations. The plan is expected to provide the foundation for a further programme whose central aim is to establish the Federal State of Europe by around 1028-30. Yet our extendable transition period proposed in the Withdrawal Agreement aligns very neatly with this programme, prompting the question of whether Mrs May and her Remainer government are intending that the UK should be positioned - with the WA voted for - to accede to these new treaties with minimal adjustment..."

Speaker of the House of Anti-Brexit  (10 January 2019)

"308 MPs were not voting to take back control of Brexit from the government, but from the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. They are not 'rebels' but the cross-party political wing of the Remain-backing UK establishment, determined to thwart the democratic vote fro Brexit at all costs. Far from defending democracy, Bercow was acting as the agent of this elitist 'coup ... The MPs claim that they simply want to prevent May from leading the UK into an allegedly disastrous No Deal Brexit at the end of March. But if you reject the government's deal - the only one on the table from the EU - and you close down the option of a No Deal, clean-break Brexit, the alternative you are conveniently left with is... no Brexit at all ... That Remainer MPs can now pose as defenders of democracy only reflects the extent to which they have taken over the language of the Brexit debate ... defying an historic democratic vote to Leave becomes 'upholding democracy'..."

A Parliamentary Coup  (10 January 2019)

"The fundamental principle of the common law ... is recognised as not the will of parliament, but the people's consent to be governed by that will. Well on Brexit ... 'The British people have spoken and the answer is: we're out!' Parliament can no longer claim that there exists any mandate for it to continue to allow itself to be subordinated to the EU ... Since 2016, we have been watching a slow-motion coup attempt. This coup ... may carry the votes of the majority of law-makers. The civil service may welcome it. The television stations may pump out pro-coup propaganda. The speaker of the HofC may be a puppet of its leaders, breaching the rules he is sworn to uphold. The HofL may be shameless in its contempt for the convention that it is a reviewing chamber with no right to overrule the outcome of a national democratic vote. But any statute that reverses the WA will have neither a moral nor a legal claim on our loyalty. Nor, thereafter, would any law deriving from a regulation or directive forced upon us by the rejected European empire..."

Don't Count Your Chickens  (10 January 2019)

"There's certainly a buzz of optimism in the air at the moment. You can almost see it. Committed Brexiteers up and down the land are on the verge of dancing with delight as we approach the date for the meaningful parliamentary vote on Theresa May's ... WA.  The common belief is that the government will go down the heavy defeat next Tuesday (15th January), after which the UK will pivot towards a WTO ... arrangement with the EU. Thus, after 46 years of incremental entrapment, a WTO UK will be completely free of Brussels by the beginning of April ... [But] I can't help thinking we're heading towards a monumental betrayal should the WA suffer rejection on the Commons..."

That Cromwell Moment...  (09 January 2019)

"2019 has commenced with a substantial number of MPs in Parliament, probably a majority, now in open rebellion against the instruction of the 2016 Referendum for the UK to simply leave the EU. Motion after motion has been passed in parliament with the intent of ensuring that what the media perjoratively calls a 'No Deal' aka a WTO tariff orderly Brexit cannot happen ... it has been EU strategy to publicly humiliate the UK and offer 'a deal' that makes our country worse off than had it remained. This is in essence a constitutional punishment beating and worst of all Theresa May has colluded in it..."

Leave Should Have Meant Leave  (09 January 2019)

"If you go to the Leave Means Leave website, just by entering your postcode you can send a pre-written email to your MP demanding that he/she abides by the 2016 vote to leave the EU ... I just did this and received a pre-written reply from my MP in which he claims it wasn't clear what we were voting for and that the referendum was so long ago that the result should no longer be considered valid. My feelings on reading my MP's reply cannot be expressed here in polite language:..."


"For Me But Not For Thee"

When the worm finally turns and gives the bully a taste of his own medicine, the bully always plays the victim...

James Goddard and the Sneering Elite  (16 January 2019)

"Are these protests really so crude, so 'unacceptable', or do they have some value that our condescending elite are failing to appreciate? ... Our politicians live in a world apart from the rest of us ... Somehow the voice of the ordinary people needs to get through to these politicians, someone needs to explain to them that we do actually care about the result of the referendum, and we do care about it a lot. Otherwise, they will continue delaying and prevaricating and trying to keep us in the EU either effectively or literally ... Those who have watched the footage closely will have noticed that the protestors only began to hurl the word 'Nazi' at Soubry after she had accused them of belonging to the EDL. They merely amplified her own insult and threw it right back at her ... holding up a mirror to the powerful so they can see what they really look like to the rest of us. For far too long phrases such as 'far-right' and 'Nazi' have been used by those in politics and the media to shut down dissent..."

James Goddard and An Outraged Establishment  (15 January 2019) [A Superb commentary!]

"In an entirely predictable response, both mainstream media and politicians from all parties have reacted with horror and outrage at the vigorous criticism directed at their fellow MP or fellow supporters of EU dominance over Britain ... Firstly, there is the selectivity of the outrage ... second[ly] the enormous hypocrisy of those who have shared [Soubry's and Owen Jones'] outrage ... the final and most worrying point is the authoritarianism that goes alongside this selectivity and hypocrisy ... [MPs] are using their position of power and influence to demand that public criticism of them be silenced. How is this behaviour significantly different from the behaviour of autocrats and tyrants..."

James Goddard Reveals Character Assassination by Mainstream Media  (15 January 2019)

"As you all saw I approached Anna Soubry along with a few other patriots back in December and called her a Nazi, she then attempted to smear me as a fascist, racist and a member of the EDL. So on the first day back at Parliament, we saw her, so we decided to approach her and ask he to explain why she had been spreading lies about me, my questions were ignored by her, which was to be expected, as we all know the political class aren't fond of being held to account for their many lies. Yet again she went on national news networks, telling the country that people like us 'Need sorting out' which I thought was quite sinister ... What the Establishment don't realise is the more they attempt to silence people, the more people will come out and use their voices ... my message to the political class is this, We are NOT going away, we won't be silenced and we do NOT fear you. This movement is about securing the safety and prosperity of this nation for generations to come, it's about ensuring Brexit is delivered ... This is a movement for the people, of the people, by the people. We will not be silenced, we will not be removed and we will not be deterred by corrupt politicians who are trying to subvert democracy in the UK..."

James Goddard Could Be Any One Of Us  (15 January 2019)  [Scroll down to the end of James Goddard's article to read this article]

"[A]nother weekend of the establishment proving that we are living in a totalitarian dictatorship by trying to silence people who oppose their policies and narratives ... [James Goddard] is tired of the injustices that are taking place up and down the country, he's tired of Brexit being thwarted, tired of the labels they attach to us, tired of not being listened to and tired of the democratic will of the people being ignored ... Anyone who stands up to the establishment or the narratives that are pedalled by mainstream media whores are instantly branded racists, bigots, far-right fascists and extremists. All seems a bit rich don't you think? When it's the left and the establishment that are closing down free speech and attempting to silence anyone who doesn't agree with their stance? It doesn't make you 'right-wing' or extreme for standing up to their corrupt polices or the agendas they push. It doesn't make you 'right-wing' or an 'extremist' for opposing left-wing ideology and indoctrination that is being instigated by the EU and pushed upon the British people by our own weak and spineless politicians."

Free Speech Is Under Imminent Threat in the UK  (14 January 2019)

"When Conservative MP Anna Soubry was heckled and insulted outside Parliament recently, fellow MPs expressed outrage - even describing the behaviour as 'fascism'. Widespread press coverage accompanied the furore and poured fuel on to the fire. As is to be expected, this relatively insignificant event has been framed as yet another attack by the so-called 'far right'. Police became involved and calls fro greater restrictions on protest at parliament have been floated. [We] believe that these events demonstrate the greatest threat to democracy in our lifetime; the betrayal of the Brexit referendum result, then the crackdown on protest against pro-Remain MPs. Since this story broke, many have taken to social media to point out a glaring inconsistency. Left-wing activists and groups regularly threaten disruption, and even violence, to shut down events of which they disapprove ... The mainstream press has sown zero interest in the threatening behaviour coming from far-left extremists..."

The Politically Correct Tactics of the Mob Outside Parliament  (11 January 2019)

"People are talking about the ugly protests outside Parliament as if they are a new and strange phenomenon in British politics ... It is all so shocking and strange and un-British, commentators claim.  Really?  To me, the protests look and sound incredibly familiar ... The branding of your opponents as fascists and Nazis ... The casual flinging about of the 'fascist' slur is par for the course these days. Corbynistas do it. Online virtue-signallers do it, in particular against anyone who voted for Brexit. Campus warriors against 'offensive' speech do it all the time ... I've seen it all before ... Indeed, some of the same leftists who are agog at what has happened outside parliament have themselves engaged in the debased PC culture of silencing..."

YOUTUBE:  The Nazi Word  (10 January 2019)  [NB: Bad language at approximately 8:00, 15:00, and 15:40 minutes]

"There's a new n-word in town"  /  Viewers' comments:  "She bangs on about democracy whilst at the same time denying the democratic vote on Brexit. Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury. Raise that double standard Anna!"  /  "If calling someone a Nazi is a criminal offence, then doesn't that mean that Antifa should be rounded up and arrested? When will this happen?"  /  "It's okay when I do it!  The cry of the modern left"  /  "If calling someone who is not a Nazi a Nazi is now a crime then I have a very long list of far left activists the police need to talk to"  /  "You vote, and you vote and you vote. And despite your victories, nothing happens. What do you do when your government doesn't listen to the people who elected it?"  /  "There are different rules for different people ... Hate speech only applies if you are speaking against certain elites"  /  "Their crime was speaking those words in a dirty working class accent"  /  "The political elite have total disregard for the public and democracy. They show contempt for us and are only interested in their own private agendas. They are traitors, hypocrites and socialists. We can't remove them democratically, we have no say in parliament. We can speak peacefully until they outlaw our speech, we voice our displeasure until they make our words illegal. We can vote but they don't implement our demands ... what can be done?"

Busted  (10 January 2019)

"Soubry, a remainer, has long advocated the overturning of the referendum. She has in the past called those who voted to leave Nazis and Far Right and traitors. She is not shy in using language that many could take great offence to ... People all over the country have been shut down, screamed at and verbally abused when trying to make a point in public ... Their frustrations are real and anger is clearly growing throughout the country. People feel very let down and trodden on, and that the one thing they do have, the vote, has been ignored, skewered and changed beyond all recognition by an elite of 650 in Westminster..."

Welcome to Our World Anna  (09 January 2019)

"[We] watched with interest the scenes at Westminster on Monday 7th January 2019, which included Anna Soubry being called a 'nazi' ... [and] left wing activist Owen Jones being challenged by protestors ... As two individuals [who] regularly use inflammatory language and derogatory terms against people who support Brexit, perhaps they will now consider their own language ... One wonders why the vile abuse Nigel Farage and his family received constantly, or Jacob Rees-Mogg outside his house didn't receive similar attention. Could it be that when 'the right' as determined by the media, or Brexiteers receive it, that's not worth raising? ... We urge politicians such as David Lammy and journalists such as Owen Jones to refrain from calling huge swathes of the population 'fascists and racists'..."

Dear Extreme Remainers: Shutting Down Debate and Critique Is A Very Slippery Slope  (09 January 2019)

"Any of us that have ... dared to speak out in favour of Brexit ... or spoken publicly against mass uncontrolled immigration ... have been labelled by the Labour supporting Antifa and their various cohorts as 'far right extremists' or 'Nazis'. The mainstream media not only allowed this slander to feature on the news for many years - they facilitated it in their studios without question. When Brexit supporting politicians or personalities were attacked verbally, harassed, intimidated, threatened - this was brushed under the carpet as 'part and parcel of the rough and tumble of political debate'.  Now Anna Soubry - an extreme remainer who has devoted every single day since June 2016 to undermining the largest democratic decision in UK history is hit with the very same labels - and remarkably, MPs backed by the MSM start having a fit. They call for the police to silence opposition. A simple message to remainers and their supporters would be: 'If you can't take these offensive insults, then you should stop using them or facilitating them.' It cannot be one rule for one side and a totally different set of rules for another ... Brexiteers across the nation have endured this for years..."

YOUTUBE:  The Hypocrisy of British Politicians | Anna Soubry Called 'Nazi' | Leftist Violence Ignored  (09 January 2019)  [NB: Bad language at approx 18:00 minutes]

Viewers' comments:  "Soubry says, 'This is what has happened to our country'.  Really?  Soubry and politicians like her are what has happened to this country. Politicians and their propaganda machine, 'the so called mainstream media' that have colluded with a foreign power to take away the peoples right to determine who governs and makes laws, destroying democracy for the benefit of a tiny unelected elite. She is a traitor"  /  "Sounds like the MPs want their bubble protected to distance themselves from the anger of the little people who are living every day with the consequences of said MPs unpopular policies"  /  "Calling these MPs and Media personalities NAZI is wrong, it's incorrect. Please use the correct terms: Corrupt, Fascist, Authoritarian, Elitist, Globalist, Oligarchical are all appropriate terms. So is Traitor. I sincerely doubt any of the of them are nationalists, and most of them aren't socialists either - they are corporatist - hence the term NAZI is just inappropriate.  Likewise MPs and Media calling the protestors NAZI is just plain wrong. Please use the correct terms: Free Speech Activist, Nationalist, Patriot, Anti-Authoritarian, Anti-Terrorist ... Anti-Corruption Activist"  /  "When people that are morally right are being labelled 'far right nazis' of course there will be outcries! Enough is enough!"  /  "The double standards and hypocrisy are unbearable"  /  "Cry us a river Soubry - a supposed Conservative from a Leave constituency who is the most vociferous Remoaner"  /  "Well Soubry, if you can dish it, then you can take it. The working classes are betrayed by you and your ilk"

British Yellow Vest Who Heckled Pro-EU MP Purged by Facebook and Paypal  (09 January 2019)

"Mr Goddard and a small knot of supporters recently approached the Tory MP and her staff near the Palace of Westminster and challenged [Soubry] about campaigning to stop Britain from leaving the EU, despite [Soubry] having claimed to accept the result of the 2016 referendum and acknowledging that 'Brexit means Brexit' before her Leave-voting constituents re-elected her in 2017 ... Goddard and his compatriots have themselves been described as subscribing to 'a type of fascism' by the Speaker of the HofC, John Bercow, and as 'far-right' by media outlets..."

The N-Word is Outlawed (Except to Describe Brexiteers)  (08 January 2019)

"Huge news just in. You cannot call anyone a Nazi anymore. It's off the list. At least I think that is the new rule. I assume it is universal and does not just apply to Anna Soubry MP ... Time will tell if this new rule applies across the political and social spectrum, because the last time I checked the Left have spent the last two years calling Leave voters the following names: Little Englanders, fascist, xenophobes, and yes Nazis ... It is nasty, is it not, to have your entire political outlook dismissed by the use of one word - Nazi?..."

I Know How Anna Soubry Feels  (08 January 2019)

"I felt a new emotion yesterday: empathy with the Conservative MP and arch-Remainer Anna Soubry ... Soubry said: 'I do object to being called a Nazi.'  And I knew just how she felt.  Many Leave voters will have. Because for two-and-a-half years we have been similarly libelled as Nazis ... And we know it isn't nice. To be denounced as fascistic simply because you hold a political opinion that others do not like is horrible and demeaning. I am glad it has only happened to you a couple of times, whereas for us Leavers it has felt like a daily occurrence ... day in, day out, in the mutterings of Remain-leaning politicians ... time and again that ugly slur ... But here's a question, a question that demands an answer from all those who are up in arms about the horrible 'Nazi' chants made at Ms Soubry yesterday ... why are you only now offended by Nazi taunts? Where was your outrage during the ceaseless, background noise of Nazi taunts against Leave voters over the past two-and-a-half years?..."

MP Anna Soubry's 'Nazi' Scare is Pure Remainer Propaganda  (08 January 2019)

"Today's excuse as to why Brexit mustn't happen is that a gaggle of protestors in yellow vests have been caught on film outside the HofP calling Remainer MP Anna Soubry a 'Nazi'.  Anna Soubry has been milking the story for all she is worth. So have the fellow Remainer activists who were handily there to witness and then big up the incident ... For every tiny incident like this ... there are dozens if not hundreds where organised bands of genuinely dangerous, physical violent thugs from Occupy, Momentum, Black Bloc, Black Lives Matter, or similar hard left groups menace, harass, and physically assault their right-wing opponents ... Nazi [is] used by the left all the time to demean, belittle, and misrepresent anyone who ventures an opinion to the right of Jeremy Corbyn's. And if ever Soubry or any other Remainer wants to know what harassment looks like, they should ask Nigel Farage, who has had to put up with death threats, insults, vandalism and attempted assaults for well over a decade, merely for being the public face of a cause which the majority of British people support. Have any of the attacks on Farage received a fraction of the attention given to this minor incident involving Soubry?  Of course not.  Because unlike Soubry, Farage's politics don't accord with that of the Remain-supporting media..."

Public Order Act: Anna Soubry V Yellow Vests  (22 December 2019)

"When was the last time you heard a politician use the phrase 'Equality Before the Law'? Clearly it is not a concept that Anna Soubry MP has any grasp of ... Anna accuses [some] protestors of belonging to the EDL, though they have done and said nothing at all to suggest that they are ... the protestors respond in kind by calling her a Nazi ... She is particularly offended by this and ... says: 'I'm not taking that.'  Join the club Anna, the MSM and many politicians have been calling all sorts of people Nazis and 'far-right' for quite a while now. It's not very nice, is it, but if the law can be used to silence people who use this kind of language than half of the journalists in the UK should have been arrested by now..."


Sovereignty, ECHR, ECJ, The Constitution

The Law, International Law and Ms May's Withdrawal Treaty  (27 April 2019)

"Treaties are stipulated between sovereign states, normally. If one of the parties decides to resile unilaterally, there is nothing much the other one can do about it, unless it is prepared to invade the other and re-impose observance with armed force ... Under the bedrock provision of the British Constitution, to wit, that No Parliament Can Bind Its Successors, if one Parliament ratifies a bad Treaty, the next Parliament is at liberty to revoke it, unilaterally. It does not require the consent of the other Party to that Treaty, nor does it have to follow any particular procedure laid down by that Treaty. The EU treaties are exceptional in that their ultimate aim is to unite and dissolve a number of sovereign states into one single State - the United States of Europe..."

Constitutional Change - The Withdrawal Agreement  (08 April 2019)

"Now it is clear what the WA intends. It is to change to constitution of the UK into a modal of the EU with a Council, a Commission, and an elected Parliament that gives the illusion of democracy. It will have succeeded in separating the electorate from those who formulate our laws and over whom 'the people' have o control. The EU will have achieved probably the most decisive battle in the war to create a Global Environmental Socialist World Government by taking over the Mother of All Parliaments..."

Remaining In the EU Will Constitute Perjury By The Queen  (01 April 2019)

"[R]emaining in the EU - whether temporarily or indefinitely - may well see the UK embroiled in the coming move to a Qualified Majority Vote in 2020 and beyond. This is contrary to the popular vote and that which our Government has promised to deliver. It is utterly inimical to our constitution. It will involve the creation of a European standing army and loss of control of our defence forces. We have been warned of very significant consequent damage to our intelligence services, there will be a loss of control of fiscal (tax) independence and currency, and loss of diplomatic independence to make international treaties. A full destruction of our constitutional autonomy and sovereign independence could, and most probably will, rapidly follow any arrangement that does not recover sovereignty, which was originally breached in the Lisbon Treaty. We must exit by initiating a supra-party-political consensus confirming our constitution ...

"The dire constitutional consequences of remaining will very likely force an abdication by the Monarch. She would either have to accept a state of perjury or maintain the Crown's honour by abdication. Her oaths of office will have become entirely corrupted such that no successor could undertake them, thus the total demise of the Crown is a very real and inherent risk in remaining. Failure to terminate the membership of the EU will continue to lead us all deeper into a treasonous liability arising from placing our governance subject to a foreign Potentate. That Potentate is unelected by the UK's electorate, is unaccountable to them and irremovable by them. This is an absolute affront to the Dignity and Majesty of the Crown. It could foreshadow the total demise of the Monarchy ... the British public must be brought to an understanding that Brexit is a vital precondition for the maintenance of our sovereignty and independence..."

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal - Treachery or Treason?  (24 March 2019)

"A study of the past 60 years of history involving deception of the British Electorate and repeated attempts to take back Parliamentary Sovereignty. Examination of the attempts to thwart Brexit in 2019"  /  Viewers' comments:  "I think the remain voters have no idea what the EU is"  /  "'Welcome to the Shambles'... what ought to be a playful English irony weighs heavier than any Shakespeare tragedy"  /  "Young ones today are unaware of even recent history; even their parents and grandparents history, their own family history, political and social events of the recent past"  /  "The battle will only be won when the nation is left in no doubt as to the tyranny and the enslavement which continued EU membership promises ... The EU, particularly among the young who are subjected most to globalist values in the education system and the media, is currently misconceived as something benign. We must let the truth be known about the EU future, or Britain, and I believe, ultimately Europe itself, will be lost to those who wish to destroy it"  /  "Good and evil are fighting over Britain - pray God's right will prevail"  /  "I'm writing this comment the day after we were supposed to leave on 29th March. Your final words, 'May God save Britain' are now even more appropriate"

Open Letter to Mrs Theresa May  (18 December 2018)

"Dear Mrs May, There is a fundamental flaw in your approach to the Brexit negotiations. You are allowing the EU to dictate the terms of the debate and the wider agenda. This is permitting the EU to exercise power and control over our country. I wish to draw your attention to this Oath contained in the 1689 Bill of Rights: ... The EU is arguably a 'foreign' state ... The officials who run the various institutions that the EU is comprised of are certainly 'foreign' persons..."

Dangers to National Security and Individual Freedom in 'Withdrawal' Agreement (Summary)  (05 December 2018)

"Warning! If voted through, this agreement will be irreversible. Parliament will have bound its successors to the EU, possibly into the next century. The Outline Political Declaration prefacing this 'deal' says we share basic values with other EU nations and reaffirms our commitment to the ECHR. This is supposedly the ideological basis for the deal, which binds us closely to the EU for a 'transition' period. However, there are certain essential values that we do not share..."

Dangers to National Security and Individual Freedom in 'Withdrawal' Agreement (Full Document)  (December 2018)

"Mrs Merkel, speaking to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on Thursday 22nd November this year, said: 'In this day nation states must today - should today, I say - be ready to give up sovereignty.'  This of course was always the idea at the root of the EU project..."

What On Earth is a Europhile?  (26 November 2018)

"I've never seen a political mess to match what's going on in Britain today, and I lived in the US during Watergate. The mess doesn't even rate the soubriquet of crisis - it's that much of a mess. And in all such situations language falls one of the first victims. Suddenly, conservatives, so called because they they want to conserve something, in this case Britain's constitution, are described as extremists, romantics or idealists. Those who sling that kind of mud obviously see national sovereignty as an unachievable ideal..."


Defence and National Security

Withdrawal Agreement - It's Not Just the Backstop  (05 February 2019)

"[O]f far more serious concern are the articles which seek to tie the UK to the EU's military projects after March 29th. The arrangements appear as proposals in the Political Declaration, and little is said about defence in the WA itself, but there is sufficient detail to give away what appears to be an attempt to bypass Parliament in the shape of a future defence treaty, to be signed after Brexit Day using ministerial, or 'prerogative' powers delegated by the Crown. The foundations for this future treaty are clearly being laid..."

Former MI6 Chief Tells MPs to Vote Down May's Agreement  (07 December 2018)

"[T]he PM's deal constitutes a threat to national security, putting UK forces and intelligence and security interests under the emerging superstructure of EU policy ... The EU will use defence industrial cooperation as a lever to coerce the UK via instruments which have scope to grow beyond recognition ... too little attention has been paid to the security and defence aspects of what officials have agreed ... Figures who served their country at the highest levels are appalled by what the governments has, by stealth, signed away."


No Confidence

'In the Name of God, GO': Wetherspoons Boss Reveals Theresa May's 'Essential Brexit Flaw'  (15 December 2018)

"[She] has swallowed the myth that leaving without a deal is a disaster ... it's not ... She said she was definitely going to leave the customs union and the single market, and that didn't last five minutes in negotiations ... she is so secretive so while she had Brexit secretaries who were doing the main job, she had her own little cabal in Downing Street of solid Remainers and they did their own thing, the Chequers agreement..."

May Wounded? No, Her Surrender Plan is Bang on Target  (14 December 2018)

"The Brexiteers have been played. Game, set and match to Mrs May and Number Ten's Stasi operation ... the vote of confidence in her has released her from party obligations, freeing her to do what cross-party deals she wants and kill any possibility of a WTO No-deal.  Two fingers up to the normal rules of politics, her team of remainers helping her and we'll be in the customs union until the time is deemed ripe to reapply to the EU on bad terms ... This is not a woman of conscience..."

This Is the Death Of the Tory Party As We Knew It  (12 December 2018)

"May's survival speaks to the Tory Party's death. This is a PM who has clearly betrayed the largest democratic vote in British history, and most of her party colleagues, Leavers and Remainers, know this. And still they cannot muster up the courage to push her aside. This is a PM who is reneging on the Tories' own manifesto promise to leave the Customs Union and the Single Market, and her her MPs know this. Yet they still cannot bring themselves to utter the words, 'No confidence' ... precisely at a time when Britain needs courageous, ideal-driven politicians, we have cowardly technocratic ones ... We vote for radical political and national change and they can't even bring themselves to change party leader..."

Mrs May Faces No-Confidence Vote  (12 December 2018)

"Theresa May said this morning she would fight the no-confidence vote with 'Everything I've got'. She added: 'A new leader wouldn't have time to re-negotiate a withdrawal agreement and get the legislation through Parliament by March 29, so one of their fist acts would have to be extending ort rescinding Article 50, delaying or even stopping Brexit when people want us to get on with it.'  Well, that depends on whom any new leader is. If they were a Remainer, it might almost be true, although any PM who extends Article 50, let alone withdraws it, would find his position untenable..."

Upcoming Confidence Vote on Theresa May  (12 December 2018)

"Remain supporting MPs ... are trying to shore up support for the PM by saying that in the event of a new leader being elected then Brexit will have to be delayed. I must admit that we in Britain are in a horrible place politically at the moment. We have a government that unduly leans towards Remain and are failing to implement the Brexit we voted for. But we are also faced with the prospect of the country being wrecked by socialists if an election is called and the Tories lose..."

Snakes in the Grass  (08 December 2018)

"The PM takes the view that to accommodate the views of both the Remainers and the Leavers it is her duty to find a compromise to settle the issue. NO, PM, that is not how our constitution works! In British 'first past the post' elections, the winner takes all. By your compromises you are opening the door ever wider to a Corbyn administration ... You have lost the plot, you've lost control of your Party and, unforgivably, you are on the cusp of selling us out to the EU ... Just GO ..."

A Messy Brexit Explained  (07 December 2018)

"Under the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018, if the Commons refuses to approve 'the deal', the government must, within 21 days, 'set out how Her Majesty's government proposes to proceed' and seven days later place a motion before parliament for it to approve or reject its plan. Under section 2 of the Fixed-Term Parliament Act 2011, if a government loses a vote of confidence, then unless the HofC finds confidence in a new government within 14 days, a General Election shall be called, to take place six weeks later. Under Conservative party leadership rules, if 48 Tory MPs submit letters of no confidence in the party leader, a no confidence vote in her shall be held..."

YOUTUBE:  Go - In The Name of God, Begone And Let Us Have Done With You  (25 November 2018)

"The parallels between Oliver Cromwell's speech dismissing the self serving and unrepresentative Rump Parliament & the situation today with the current Conservative, Liberal Democrat majority in the house of Commons are uncanny. Both Parliaments put the privileges of their members ahead of the well-being & prosperity of those whom they were elected to serve."

You Can't Trample On Me, Mrs May  (20 November 2018)

"The Telegraph reports that the hapless, helpless and hopeless Mrs May's latest political insight is that a vote of no confidence in her could stop Brexit. Clearly the Maybot has no sense of irony. She alone leads the government that has failed to deliver an opportunity for Brexit as enunciated in her Lancaster House speech and which corresponded with what the majority of the population who voted 'Out' understood Brexit to mean. She alone has been frightened of being premier of the fifth-largest economy in the world, one of the oldest democracies and one of just five members of the UN Security Council ... With hubris and chutzpah ... having broken her promises she now expects the nation to accept that the WA will be fine, because it contains a EU promise..."

You Must Get Rid of 'Broken Promises' May: An Open Letter to Tory MPs  (18 November 2018)

"Dear Member of the Parliamentary Conservative and Unionist Party, ... The PM has taken 'personal responsibility' for the plan. She remains intransigent that it cannot be altered nor replaced. It is 'her Brexit' or no Brexit ... toxic to Leave and to Remain ... Since when was democratic governance to be bargained away by UK MPs? This is happening, as long as the PM is in place, and means that public trust in our very democratic system, is even now being eroded. You are the trustees of UK democracy..."


Brexit's Gilets Jaune

James Goddard on the Truth About the UK 'Yellow Vests'  (11 January 2019)

"The UK Yellow Vests have had enough of what is taking place in this country, our great country is going down the pan due to EU rule and exhaustive regulation and legislature. Members of the Yellow Vests have expressed their deep concerns about globalism and the political elite, the establishment and the ruling class. The Yellow Vests say that they are sick to [the] back teeth of the hypocrisy and double standards, the 'gestapo' police, a 'totalitarian' state that is run by 'fascists' in the government whose strings are pulled from Brussels. We want our sovereignty back, we want our country to be run from here and for those who are making the decisions to be held accountable like the rest of us are. We want Brexit as we voted for it, we stand as one. We want justice, freedom and respect..."

'We Are NOT Europeans!' Furious Brexiteers Warns of Revolution if May Fails to Deliver  (15 December 2018)

"Time to take up the spirit of Oliver Cromwell ... to regain what's rightfully ours ... trade on WTO terms, our fishing industry was decimated by the EU, we've seen mass migration, we've seen the outsourcing of all our factories going into the EU ... This country has been raped and pillaged and it's time we stood up for what we believed in..."


Brexit Betrayal March 9th Dec 2018

Brexit Betrayal March: A New Grassroots Movement?  (28 December 2018)

"Everyone was against us. But in the event, it was our opponents who were on the losing side ... the whole political class - left and right, Brexit and Remain, political parties, activist groups and mainstream media - was united in its opposition to us, which as far as I am concerned is a great place to be ... David needs a Goliath to show what he's got ... the militants, violent thugs and hate-fuelled fascists were found only amongst the counter-protestors, while our Brexit Betrayal rally was a huge and entirely peaceful family-friendly affair..."

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal March - Media Said 1,500 But Evidence Shows Tens of Thousands!  (14 December 2018)

"If you ever wanted an example of how much the media and establishment LIE to you it is this video. Every mainstream media outlet reported that only 1500 to 2000 people turned out in protest at the Brexit betrayal; when in fact tens of thousands turned out as can be seen [here]! The MSM are the enemy of the people and report what they want you to hear rather than the truth"  /  Viewers' comments: "MSM telling lies again? Imagine... my... shock..."  /  "Never ever believe the media"  /  "Also note that many of these people had to make the trip to London at great expense. No Soros funded buses for these people!"  /  "I never get tired of seeing so many British patriots marching for their country. Bravo"  /  "Solidarity to our British friends, long live sovereignty of nations!"

Gerard Batten Speech to 'Brexit Means Exit' Rally  (12 December 2018)

"The best definition of democracy ever given was that by Abraham Lincoln, 'Government of the people, by the people, for the people.'  What we have now in the UK is a government of the people, by the EU, for the EU. We no longer live in a democracy. For forty-five years membership of the EU has been a cancer at the heart of our politics and national life. In 1973 we joined the EEC. From the start we were lied to about its true nature. Over the years we have been lied to time and time again ... as more and more powers were transferred to Brussels ... On 23rd June 2016, 17.4million people voted to leave the EU. Despite all the lies told by the Remain side. Despite the political, media and international establishments campaigning for Remain, they still lost. The British people saw to the heart of the question and decided by a majority that they wanted self-government and not rule from Brussels..."

Brexit Betrayal Rally Turned Out 17,000, Not 3,000  (12 December 2018)

"The crowd stretched from the Cenotaph in Whitehall to the back of Whitehall and even onto parliament Square ... which gives an approximate crowd surface area of 6850m².  Assuming an average crowd density of 2.5 people per m² (a conservative estimate at best), the crowd contained a huge 17,125 people - and potentially thousands more..."

The Great Brexit Betrayal March - A Personal Account  (11 December 2018)

"Most of those attending were plainly motivated by disgust at and hatred of the EU and the damage it is doing to the national sovereignty of its members. The people attending were black, white, Christian, Jewish and of many faiths and none. The one commonality I found for the majority of the demonstrators is that they were working class or lower middle class. This is not surprising as it is these classes that have often suffered the most from the EU's influence on British life and governance..."

Brexit Rally Report  (11 December 2018)

"Magnificent, patriotic, impeccable behaviour, bulldog spirit, joyous, defiant, vocal, loud, good humoured, outraged and concerned citizens [sic], true Britons, well organised, well policed, the whole country represented, large crowd..."

Here's to You, Mr Robinson  (11 December 2018)

"To listen to the media coverage and newspaper reviews of [Sunday's] Brexit march in London, you'd think they were describing the Nuremberg Rally: 'Thugs everywhere; flags with swastikas; incessant talk about Islam; cult following of Tommy Robinson' are just a few of the things I've heard since I woke up at 6am. You only have to look at the numerous videos of the event on social media to see those lies for what they are..."

YOUTUBE:  The British Protest Against the Brexit Betrayal  (10 December 2018)

"These people are not tattooed thugs, these people are decent hard working British people who dare to protest against a corrupt government who are betraying the biggest democratic vote in British history"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Don't give up, you guys!"  /  "To see the people in the streets standing up against these narcissistic elitist politicians gives me hope that Britain does have a chance"  /  "It is not racist to love your country, it is true patriotism"  /  "This England, our England, this green and pleasant land"  /  Absolutely fantastic day!"  /  "Brings tears to my eyes seeing so many British patriots marching and singing together"

YOUTUBE:  UKIP Brexit Betrayal March, Labour Violence, and the Lying BBC  (10 December 2018)

Viewers' comments: "Important video"  /  "Thanks Politico for honest exposure of the left wing sophists and lying media ... The anti-Brexit Momentum mob are not far off becoming like Hitler's brownshirts"  /  "The police have finally realised who the fascists are... about time"  /  "These are dangerous and deluded people"  /  "Antifa, the party of reason, lol!"  /  "Laura Parker - the only fascists are you and the party you represent"  /  "If the violence was from the Brexit march it would be headline news. It is sickening"  /  "The BBC and Guardian lying? Surely not!"  /  "MSM are being debunked on a daily basis... glorious, isn't it"  /  "The more [the MSM] lie, the more will wake up"  /  "Surprised at the length of time its taking the British people to wake up"

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal March - Owen Jones Versus Truth!  (10 December 2018)

"So for the benefit of the Left who believe Owen Jones tells the truth, here is a small video to prove [otherwise] ... Many on the Left have the best intentions, like we do, but are being taken for fools by these lying Marxist/socialist traitors"  /  Viewers' comments: "Projection much: Racist, fascist, bigots = decent, hard-working people, who take pride in standing up for their country. Owen Jones et al = people who are happy to sell their country out to the highest bidder  /  "It was a great march, very friendly, everyone helpful, police chatty and smiling. The speeches were good and informative, all in all a great family day out"

'Fascist Weirdos': Owen Jones Attacks Working-Class Voters as His Brownshirts Clash with Police  (10 December 2018)

"Owen Jones branded hard working-class Brexiteers as 'Fascist Weirdos' Sunday in a vile hate filled rant on his Twitter feed. An estimated 10,000 people turned up to back UKIP's march for a Hard Brexit but Owen claimed just 1,000 turned up and then attacked the hard-working Brexiteers, the very people Labour need to win a general election. He started ranting, attacking Tommy Robinson like a petulant school child claiming the AntiFa-Labour march was 'bigger' than the UKIP march ... The Met reported three arrests ... all on the Labour side."

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About the Brexit Betrayal Rally  (10 December 2018)  [NB. Bad language at the very end]

"The media narrative surrounding the Brexit Betrayal rally is totally and utterly false"  /  Viewers' comments: "Owen ... everyone you don't agree with is a fascist ... We must silence all criticism, sanitize the internet, leave the power to unelected bureaucrats forcing the entire continent to follow their vision of a superstate, threatening and sanctioning those who won't go along with their destruction of national and cultural identity, who aim to solidify their power with an army and are accountable to no one. Not wanting to do so is... Fascism!"  /  "The dawn of double think is upon us. Every British news channel and newspaper are claiming that Leave supporters were a few hundred and violent, and the Pro-European Union and so-called anti-fascist supporters were 15,000  strong and peaceful"  /  "Owen Jones must have learned his journalistic skills from Joseph Goebbels and ... his maths from Diane Abbot!"  /  "These 'anti-fascists' are in fact 'Inter-National Socialists' Authoritarians"  /  "Everything Jones has said can be easily disproved by watching the videos. It's really sad that such an influential person can blatantly lie to promote his own agenda ... it just confirms that the media he represents is Fake News ... what is also sad is that people will echo his words without fact checking"  /  "[P]oor little Owen. The epitome of the useful idiot"

Now We Have Seen Momentum's True Colours  (10 December 2010)

"[A]s Europe teeters on the brink of continent-wide revolt, what is Momentum doing? It's popping into London to scream 'fascists!' at largely working-class people who are concerned about the betrayal of Brexit. In the bad optics stakes this is up there with Gordon Brown branding an elderly lady who raised concerns about mass immigration a 'bigoted woman' ... to brand as Nazis a gathering of people concerned about Theresa May's awful deal; to play-act at chasing down fantasy fascists rather than taking sides against the very real forces infuriating millions of ordinary Europeans right now: the technocratic elites ... what we had in Sunday's counter-protest was ... mostly middle-class leftists shouting abuse at working-class people ... plummy leftists [spending] a day hurling epithets at notably less well-off people ... To travel into London and libel normal, politically worried people as fascists is a pretty low form of politics and a searing indictment of Corbynistas' distance from the Brexit worldview and by extension from public sentiment. This is about more than optics, it speaks to the great moral and political error that the British left has made since the populist revolt began, and particularly since the vote for Brexit..."

It's Our Turn: Patriots Flood Through London's Streets Demanding Treason May Dump the Deal  (09 December 2018)

"Sometimes you can measure your own success in the response of your opponents and the fact that the only real negative that the mainstream media could place against the 'Brexit Means Exit' march and rally was to hyperinflate the number of counter-demonstrators and even then all reports were forced to concede that patriots thronged through London's streets in their 'thousands'. Apocalyptic predictions of violent scenes simply turned to dust and this flatfooted the MSM's response..."

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal Rally: All the Speeches  (09 December 2018)

Viewers' comments: "Watched the ITV news tonight and there was barely a mention of this demonstration. Presumably there were no football hooligans 'tattooed to the eyeballs' to film"  /  "Turn off the Mainstream Media and wake up. Our country needs you"  /  "As far as the eyes could stretch there were proud British people feeling joy ... What a great bunch of speakers ... Super proud to have been a part of this march"  /  "True Brits that love their country, history, and culture. If this is Far Right, I am far right"

YOUTUBE:  SWOT Analysis Brexit Betrayal March, Antifa, Media Games  (09 December 2018)

Viewers' comments: "What a fantastic day, one of the best moments for me was seeing a police officer with tears in her eyes when Rule Britannia and National Anthem played at the end ... the police were with us, not policing us"  /  "I was there ... it was peaceful and friendly with joking and laughs with the police"  /  "I mingled both marches to see for myself. The Brexit march was a mixed crowd of friendly folk, Definitely not 'fascists' ... The Brexit march was big, peaceful and positive ... The pro-EU march was a sorry mix of old communist and very young masked up Antifa posers (who strutted down the road in blackshirts). Pro-establishment puppets in other words"  /  "I was on the Brexit Betrayal march and it was a wonderful, joyful occasion. It brought together all sorts of people - even one or two oddities - and it felt like we were friends. The police were great. In fact, there was hardly a sign of them! Great speeches, all of them, I didn't hear anything from Antifa. Great day!"  /  "I was there yesterday and there were people from all ethnic backgrounds on the Brexit march, peaceful, no trouble, overall a great day. Look at the opposing march - people with faces covered up wanting to rip down fences to get to us"  /  "There were masses of us! Everyone was super happy and the police were smiling and chatting with us. What a day"

Gerard Batten, Sargon of Akkad, Tommy Robinson, Lord Pearson Among Speakers at Brexit Betrayal Demo

"Tomorrow, London will host what organisers hope will be a massive demonstration for Brexit and against Treason May's sell-out Withdrawal Agreement. Following the march, an array of heavy weight speakers will take to the stage to address the crowd. Gerard Batten will be the first speaker, talking about May's betrayal of the 17.4 million Leaver voters..."

UKIP Leader to Speak at Pro-Brexit Event This Sunday

"The event, which is being held two days before Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement is to be voted on in Parliament will be the largest pro-Brexit even of the year. UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said, 'I call on all Brexiteers across the nation to join us this Sunday in London to send a message loud and clear that the British people will not accept Mrs May's total capitulation to the European Union..."

Brexit Betrayal Rally - Brexit Means Exit!

"This is a cross-party People's Rally to show our MPs that the 17.4 million who voted Leave really meant what we said! We need as many people here as possible. UKIP Leader Gerard Batten will be speaking on the political aspects of Brexit ...There will also be speakers from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales explaining how the very Union of the United Kingdom is under threat. This will be a democratic and peaceful demonstration expressing the strength of feeling amongst Leavers despite the torrent of anti-Brexit propaganda we have been exposed to for almost two and a half years."

The Great Brexit Betrayal March - Sunday 9th December

"This march ... will be addressed by Lord Pearson and others who are concerned about the way that the Brexit process is being mismanaged ... come to London on 9th December and make your voice heard and call for the Brexit we voted for and not the disaster of the quasi-Brexit that May is leading the country towards. Let's get our marching shoes on and tell both the government and the disgraceful Left and Islamic Europhiles that we need the Brexit we voted for, nothing more and nothing less."

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal, 17.4 Million Vote UKIP Simple

"Brexit march 9th December, please go"  /  Viewer's comment: "Leaving was never difficult unless your sole intention was never to leave ... Repeal 1972, go to the EU and let them choose between a free trade deal or WTO ... simple, if you have a spine"

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal March on 9th December 2018


The Government's Brexit Legal Advice

Bombshell Report: Britain Could Be Trapped 'Indefinitely' in Customs Union with May's Deal  (05 December 2018)

"The Conservative government has published their full Brexit legal advice after they were yesterday found in contempt of court for withholding the document, revealing that Britain could be trapped in negotiations with the EU for years after the planned date of Brexit..."

Text of AG's Legal Advice to Cabinet on Withdrawal Agreement and Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland  (13 November 2018)

"This note sets out my advice on the question I have been asked as follows: What is the legal effect of the UK agreeing to the Protocol to the Withdrawal Agreement on Ireland and Northern Ireland in particular its effect in conjunction with Articles 5 and 184 of the main Withdrawal Agreement?..."


Videos and YouTubes November 2018

YOUTUBE:  Jacob Rees-Mogg Brexit Speech  (14 December 2018)

Viewers' comments: "JRM possesses the most important and sadly missing qualities that every politician must have: statesmanship, integrity, humility, respect, serious mind, sparkling intellect, strong understanding of democracy and the rule of law"  /  "Wonderful to be able to hear JRM speak, without the constant barracking and interruptions by some hack tv 'journalist'"  /  "This man talks from the heart and does not need a script. He speaks for me, an Englishman, on the subject of my country"  /  "The only British politician with ANY credibility. He speaks with such clarity and common sense"  /  "Mogg epitomises how the brits used to be: witty, well spoken, refined, intelligent, tough, and brave"

YOUTUBE:  Lawful Rebellion and Brexit  (09 December 2018)

"As Brexit is betrayed by the establishment, what recourse do the British people have? Are they legally allowed to act outside the democratic system when it's broken?"  /  Viewers' comments: "Most people in the UK haven't got a clue about the British Constitution. Is it any wonder why the government repeatedly subverts the people"  /  "There's a reason why we never learned about the British Constitution in school and it's all about control. If we're not aware of the rights we have, we'll never actually know how to respond to government when it does something unlawful or against the will of the people"  /  "Sovereignty belongs to the people and is loaned via GE, it never belonged to the MPs and it wasn't theirs to hand to a higher power/authority without the people's consent in 1975"  /  "They'll never quite get what they want, as the feet on that statue tell us that iron and clay will not mix!  We have the LORD on our side, and the fight is spiritual anyhow. But I DO think that we must protect what God ordained, which is 'Nations, not Babel Tower'. That's what this is really about, and the enemy is using the psychopaths do to do it"

YOUTUBE:  David Cameron: "Your Decision. Not Politicians. Not Parliament. Just You"  (Uploaded 06 December 2018)

"If we vote to leave, we will leave. There'll not be another renegotiation or another referendum"  /  Viewers' comments: "But we didn't know what we were voting for apparently! This should be played every 15 minutes in parliament"  /  "'This will be an In or Out referendum'  (That is, if you vote to remain. Vote to leave and we will do everything in our power to nullify the vote)"  /  "Sounds like Mrs May didn't get the memo"  /  "Once upon a time it was Parliament against the Monarchy, now who is going to protect the people from parliament?"  /  "The word TREASON exists for a reason"  /  "'An in or out referendum'. He lost his way - he should have been a comedian"  /  "When I voted to leave, what I really meant was... Give them 39 billion and agree to the next round of the 7 year spending, agree to the new rules proposed by the commission and accept the ECJ rulings. Isn't democracy fun?"  /  "Of course, they never thought we'd dare to be so uppity and vote to leave their precious EU. It didn't take long for those promises to get thrown out the window"  /  "The time could be coming when its Roundheads vs Cavaliers again, but this time it will be Leavers and Remoaners"  /  "You see, remainers. Once in a generation choice. Now respect democracy. WTO now"  /  "They never meant it. Amusing that this was meant to make us vote Remain at the time"  /  "A lying politician... well what a shock"

YOUTUBE:  Derailing Brexit  (02 December 2018)

"A very frank video about how Brexit has been derailed, because people foolishly trusted the establishment. Also explaining that there will be no democratic way out of the EU if we continue on the present trajectory, and that time is running out."

YOUTUBE:  Theresa May's Brexit Agreement Triumph  (29 November 2018)

Viewers' comments: "So we will be held hostage until we pay the ransom"  /  "The final nail in the UK's perceived democracy"  /  "It gets more disgusting by the day"  /  "It seems the EU will also have control of the British armed forces"  /  "May is the only person who can go into an arab bazaar to haggle over a trinket and give away her worldly possessions for it"  /  "Tyrannical rule by corrupted government"  /  "Sunday Dec 9th London... It will be under reported, rubbished by the media, they will lie about how many there are... But if you can possible manage it, BE THERE. We have to make a stand. Even Remainers should march ... Unless they believe the ends always justifies the means and democracy doesn't matter?"

YOUTUBE:  May is Turning Into Heath  (26 November 2018)

Viewers' comments: "The Government's mandate is to leave the EU lock, stock and barrel, leaving Britain in the same position as it was prior to being hoodwinked into joining the EEC/EU in 1975. Clearly our Government/Theresa Dismay have no intention of bringing this about ... the remit is to leave, not to 'deal'. Our Government is ignoring the will of the people and by doing so risks a constitutional crisis"  /  "The wretched woman has been lying to us from day one and seems to have no conscience about it at all ... Depressing days ahead I fear"  /  "Our kids deserve better than a life subject to an unaccountable illegal racket dictatorship"  /  "Our leaders are traitors. Nothing less, nothing more. They are literally selling this country out"  /  "The worst is the youth of Britain doesn't see the importance of the freedom of your own fatherland as a free and Sovereign Nation and State"

YOUTUBE:  Go - In The Name of God, Begone And Let Us Have Done With You  (25 November 2018)

"The parallels between Oliver Cromwell's speech dismissing the self serving and unrepresentative Rump Parliament & the situation today with the current Conservative, Liberal Democrat majority in the house of Commons are uncanny. Both Parliaments put the privileges of their members ahead of the well-being & prosperity of those whom they were elected to serve."

YOUTUBE:  UK/EU Political Declaration Explained  (22 November 2018)

"Today the Prime Minister announced that she had agreed on the Political Declaration between the UK and the EU, which is an entirely separate document to her 585-page Withdrawal Agreement. It was leaked pretty quickly, so we all got an opportunity to see exactly what the plan entails."

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal Feature with Gerard Batten  (21 November 2018)

"Gerard Batten talks about Theresa May's total capitulation, how Britain can fight back against the Brexit betrayal and much more in this short feature"  /  Viewer's comment: "This deal makes us a 'slave state', paying money to obey the EU"

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Deal is Even Worse Than I Thought  (20 November 2018)

Viewers' comments: "May has made the UK a laughing stock"  /  "I would just leave and beg less insane countries to help out for a while. EU is imploding anyway sooner or later"  /  "We need a hard Brexit without paying the EU a penny... it's so obvious now how the EU operate"  /  "The British people won't do anything. We have seen racially motivated gang-rape of a million children - people marching against this are called racists"  /  "This is not a deal. These are terms of surrender"  /  "May and her ministers are morally bankrupt quislings bent on destroying the UK via mass immigration"  /  "This feels as though the pieces are being put into place for a war"  /  "This 'deal' confirms that they have made a pact with the real doctor Faustus and sold their soul (the people's souls) to the all-devouring monster that operates behind the facade of the EU. But devils always think of themselves as being the most benevolent and righteous beings under Satan"

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Betrayal - The Worst Deal in History  (18 November 2018)

Viewers' comments: "I'm glad that we've finally surrendered to Europe. Independence is for racists"  /  "Notice ... how deceitfully she has changed referring to Brexit as 'leaving the EU' into 'negotiating our future relationship with the EU'. We are not leaving... we are just exchanging rooms for the broom cupboard under the stairs"  /  "They never had any intention of going through with Brexit ... It's as undemocratic and disgusting as it gets. Shame on these people"  /  "How can anyone hate their country so much they won't even SLIGHTLY fight for it?"

YOUTUBE:  Top 5 Reasons to Oppose the Withdrawal Agreement  (17 November 2018)

"Why Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement locks the UK into the EU in perpetuity"  /  Viewers' comments: "The EU would keep us in a cupboard, the doors of which would only be opened briefly to extract the requisite amount of cash at periodic intervals, then closed again"  /  "Independence for us is now essential to the survival of our culture"  /  "Theresa May is a globalist. Her loyalty is not with the British people ... In several speeches she has given since becoming PM, and lately on her tour to Africa, she has made mention 'sustainable development' and reassuring Britain's commitment to Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21) ... Agenda 2030 is the UN's push for a Global partnership (socialism under one world government) governing every facet of life ... being in the EU is an important part of that agenda"

YOUTUBE:  Brexit Sabotage and the Price of Freedom  (16 November 2018)

Viewers' comments: "So, Britain fought the Second World War to avoid German tyranny - but now has decided to submit to tyranny"  /  "When a direct vote is meaningless, then what is the worth of your democracy?"  /  "Frankly, if you still support the EU you have no respect for democracy"  /  "This is why you never let the government take your guns"  /  "A remainer sabotaged Brexit. Imagine my shock"

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About Brexit (2018)  (15 November 2018)

"We've all been betrayed by a globalist cabal that planned to cancel Brexit from the very start"  /  Viewers' comments: "Sovereignty is precious and invaluable. t disgusts me to see British sovereignty thrown away so carelessly through such foolishness as perpetrated by May"  /  "I think if Britain fails in this ONE matter of Brexit, there is no hope for the rest of the 'civilised' 'democratic' free world"  /  "Big Government always ends in tyranny"

YOUTUBE:  Rees Mogg Press Conference  (15 November 2018)

Viewer's comment: "I voted remain, but I respect the vote and am outraged that Theresa May is bending the knee to Brussels in any way. We voted to leave the European Union. That means leave. That means hard borders"


Theresa's Treason

You Can Judge a Person By the Company They Keep  (10 July 2018)

"So, how about our great leader ... here she is with the Useless Drunk ... with the rulers of Europe ... Here she is with two of the greatest leaders of our time ... I couldn't find a photo of May with Nigel Farage..."

Treacherous Theresa the T*** Polisher  (09 July 2018)

"I guess we always knew the ruling elites would keep us tied to the EU as a vassal region of a resurgent German Fourth Reich. But still, it may come as a shock to many when they realise the extent of our rulers' betrayal of the result of a democratic referendum..."

The Wound of This Brexit Betrayal Will Never Heal  (07 July 2018)

"The entire political class has conspired against Brexit and, at least for the moment, it has won. What happened yesterday was a truly terrible defeat, not just for Brexit, but for our system of government and our entire sense of ourselves. Representative democracy has been on borrowed time for some years now ... Parliament could have acted nobly, swallowed its pride and respected the result..."

Brexit According to EU Rules is Not Brexit  (07 July 2018)

"The EU harms Britain and all European countries in the most fundamental way - it has taken away our right to decide the kind of society we wish to live in. Time after time, people have democratically decided a way forward, but the EU disagreed and the public voice was silenced. This has happened in referendum after referendum, notably in France, the Netherlands and Ireland. The same is now happening with Brexit, and it's happening with the complicity of our government..."

No! No! No!  (07 July 2018)

"Now we know! See today's headlines in the MSM: Theresa May and her remainer colleagues have indeed sold us out yesterday at Chequers ... It is quite obvious that this is the BRINO we all feared. It is indeed a capitulation..."

The Final Betrayal of Brexit  (07 July 2018)

"It would be dishonest to say that the outcome of the Chequers summit on Friday evening came as a surprise. To any careful observer of the antics of the Conservative Party since David Cameron toppled from power in summer 2016, it was obvious there was little hunger to implement a meaningful Brexit and Theresa May has continually shown vacillating weakness..."


Tory Cabinet/Ministerial Resignations

Ex-Brexit Minister Slams May: Establishment 'Don't Want to Leave EU'  (10 July 2018)

"Steve Baker, who resigned from the Department for Exiting the EU shortly after Secretary of State David Davis, has slammed Theresa May's ultra-soft Brexit plan and the Remainer establishment ... It has been common knowledge that Remain-supporting Theresa May and her main Brexit advisor, unelected bureaucrat and Soviet Union admirer Olly Robbins, have increasingly undercut and overruled the Dept for Exiting the EU..."

Brexit Secretary David Davis Resigns ... 'Couldn't Sell Out His Own Country'  (08 July 2018)

"Brexit Secretary David Davis resigned from Theresa May's government late on Sunday night, followed swiftly by junior ministers Steve Baker and Suella Braverman ... Davis [outlined] his belief that [the ultra-soft Brexit plan] 'hands control of large swathes of our economy to the EU and is certainly not returning control of our laws in any real sense'..."

Brexiteers, Go Down in Flames of Glory!  (06 July 2018)

"Well, the fix is in. It is to be as the pessimists feared - Brexit In Name Only. A process that was started with great courage by the electorate ends in cowardice, failure and moral corruption by our 'leaders'. The people have been let down by the politicians in a way that may have terrible repercussions for the rest of our lives..."


Assessments and Analyses

The Dimming of Democracy  (08 July 2018)

"It is time to put Theresa May's betrayal of Brexit into its proper historical context. Her plan for Remain by another name, to keep Britain entangled in the rules and laws of an institution that 17.4 million of us instructed our politicians to leave, represents a blow not only to Brexit, but to democracy itself ... May and virtually the entire establishment make it clear that they value some voices more than others..."

The Chequers Cabinet Conclusions - An Assessment  (07 July 2018)

"Lawyers for Britain Chairman Martin Howe QC has prepared a Chequers Briefing memo which assess the details of the Chequers Statement from HM Government. Although the statement is brief and lacks much of the detail which is expected to be in the government's White Paper to be published next week, some of his key conclusions are:..."


Open Letters

Open Letter from Gerard Batten to Theresa May  (09 July 2018)

"Dear Mrs May, I write to you as the Leader of UKIP, the Party that brought about the Referendum, and the Party that did more than any other body to achieve the Leave vote. The vote to Leave was an historic victory - won against all the odds. You were a steadfast Remainer in the campaign, but nevertheless you sought and won the office of Prime Minister. The single most important task in your new role was to deliver the decision of the Referendum. That decision was very clear: to take Britain out of the European Union..."


Democracy and This Fake Conservative Government

The Apparat is Invincible  (10 July 2018)

"Our government isn't a democracy in the strict etymological sense of the word, nor even figuratively. It's not the rule of the people; it's the rule over the people. ... Our government has no balance of power - this was replaced by dictatorship of the Commons a long time ago, but now it's not even that. The Cabinet doesn't exercise executive power, and nor does Parliament have legislative supremacy. The PM has little control over the Cabinet, which doesn't matter very much because the Cabinet has little control over anything. We aren't ruled by the monarch, the people, Parliament, the Cabinet or the PM. We're ruled by the apparat..."

A Fake Sovereignty From a Fake Conservative Government  (08 July 2018)

"In 1997, the weak Conservative Government led by John Major suffered a catastrophic defeat, their worst since 1906., losing 100 seats and ushering the era of Blair. In the aftermath of the Chequers conference and the Cabinet Agreement to support May's new deal on Brexit, it seems that 5th May 2022 will see history repeat itself as this weak, unpopular and traitorous Vichy Conservative administration is swept from power. The omens are grim for May..."


Videos and YouTubes July 2018

YOUTUBE:  My View on Brexit  (11 July 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "Good assessment of what is happening"  /  "I agree with you"  /  "Good video ... Like your review of the shambles that is Brexit"  /  "You are stating exactly what I was thinking"  /  "You explained it well"  /  "It's not an uneducated opinion. You feel the same as every single person who voted to leave the eussr"  /  "Sounds like you got it all right to me"  /  "I agree with everything you said"  /  "Good talk"  /  "Absolutely correct"  /  "You shouldn't keep apologising for 'being uneducated' ... breadth of view and open-mindedness are just as valid and important, and in some ways crucial to the quasi-journalistic role you adopt. The ability to extract valid date and opinion, analyse that information and interpret it into a digestible form is not a dark art exclusive to those who hold degrees or PhDs"

YOUTUBE:  The Absolute State of #Brexit  (10 July 2018)

"Britain is a country of lions being led by a jellyfish"  /  Viewers' comments:  "The UK is setting the precedent of what happens when you leave the EU. Please, for your own sake and that of all us Europeans who want the EU to disappear, do whatever it takes to get Brexit done right"  /  "Eurocrat attempts to centralize Europe will not only fail, but are tyrannical ... the beast is flailing around, in its death throes as we speak ... Soon, maybe even a year or two hence, there won't be an EU to try to exit from."

YOUTUBE:  UK Column News - 10th July 2018 [Start-17.45]  (10 July 2018)

"HofC briefing on new deal / Treason May: a redefinition of the term 'sovereign' / A 'facilitated customs arrangement' (customs union) / Cameron's best of both worlds: UK's special status in a reformed EU / Under the veneer of Brexit, TPP is back."

YOUTUBE:  Theresa May's Complete Brexit Betrayal  (09 July 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "Sounds like UKIP isn't a party with an end goal, after which it can go home; rather it is a necessary pushback against globalist influences, and it needs to be sustained for the forseeable future. Settle in for the long haul. Like personal hygiene, this will be lifelong practice to prevent the disease from taking hold"  /  "A Remainer PM, A Remainer Chancellor, A Remainer Foreign Secretary, A Remainer Home Secretary, A Remainer Defence Secretary. YEP! It sure looks like a 'BREXIT Government from here!"  /  "I know a girl that's getting beaten by her husband on a daily basis. So she wanted a divorce. He agreed in principle, but said he needed some more time to work out the details. Now, it's two years later. She is still with him. He is never going to let her go you see."

YOUTUBE:  What They're Not Telling You About the Brexit Sellout  (09 July 2018)

"Brexit has been betrayed. Theresa must go."  /  Viewers' comments:  "May is absolutely unsuitable for the Brexit. Best wishes from Germany"  /  "She has betrayed her flag, her country, the law of the land and the trust of her people and their sovereign right of the ballot"  /  "UK definitely has a swamp of its own to drain"  /  "Here in Brazil we are also fighting the bloated left trying to get more power and ruin even more the economy, stay strong, UK."

YOUTUBE:  UKIP Leader Gerard Batten on Theresa May's Betrayal of the British People  (08 July 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "Her utter contempt for democracy is disgraceful ... Will be a member of UKIP by the end of this week"  /  "Ukip have my vote"  /  "I have just joined after 65 years Tory voter"  /  "I joined UKIP today because of May's reason"  /  "The conservative party won't listen to even the largest demonstration while they're still polling at 42%. A UKIP surge is the only thing that will make them change their minds"  /  "UKIP is now the only credible alternative to the Tory/Labour/Libdem parties who all support the EU status quo and are working flat out to erase the British Nation & culture"  /  "Having voted Tory for 40 years I have finally bit the bullet and turned my back on the Tories. I have just joined UKIP"  /  "The other parties are now rotten to the core - there comes a time when the old rubbish must be swept away. If everyone who voted Leave voted UKIP, we would see a restoration of sanity in this country."


Putting the Pope in Charge of the Reformation

My first thought, when Theresa May was made Prime Minister just after the referendum in June 2016, was that putting a Remainer in charge of Brexit would be like putting the Pope in charge of the Protestant Reformation: It ain't gonna happen...

"To the best of my knowledge no democratic country has ever voluntarily agreed to a treaty in which it agrees that a foreign power may, if it so wishes, overrule that country's laws forever. In a week following the centenary remembrance of the WWI armistice, the UK government has agreed a deal arguable worse for the UK than the Treaty of Versailles was a hundred years ago for Germany ... It was always naive to hope that somebody who campaigned against democracy could be trusted to respect the referendum result. Thanks to Theresa May a strong hand has been deliberately misplayed, taxpayers' money wantonly thrown away, divisions deepened and a precious two and three quarter years to prepare for the future squandered. No doubt the pain and trauma of no deal will be the greater as a result of her Brexit betrayal. There will be more drama ahead in what May has made into an all or nothing game of chicken. True democrats of any party however now have no choice. We must all prepare to crash out of the EU gaol come what may" [source].

"Time wouldn't be running short if we hadn't wasted two years on Oliver Twist-like supplicancy, begging our European masters to be kind, whereas all they want is to punish us, discourage others and, ideally, torpedo Brexit. A PM committed to Brexit, rather than to the warped ruling elite, could have invoked the Royal Prerogative, left immediately after Parliament activated Article 50 - and only then started negotiating 'deals'." [source].


The Battle is Fierce, Friends

"Many analogies were made before the referendum about the children of Israel crying out to God for deliverance from Egypt. Well, I am reminded that after they had been released, that wasn't the end of the matter:

'and the heart of Pharaoh and of his servants was turned against the people, and they said, "Why have we done this, that we have let Israel go from serving us?".'

"Sound familiar?  The whole force of Egypt went out after these freed people, determined to bring them back under their power.  [Pharaoh] pursued them and suddenly [the people of Israel] found they were left with nowhere to turn;  with the Red Sea before them and the power of Egypt behind them, seeking to bring them back under their control. When faced with this, the people then turned on Moses as the one who had brought them out, because the situation seemed so dire;  they then wanted to go back under the power from which they had been delivered:

'Let us alone, that we may serve the Egyptians. For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, than that we should die in the wilderness.'

"However: 'Moses said unto the people, "Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will show you today ... The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace".'

"I don't think this was an instruction not to pray, but rather to not talk against Moses and what God had done.

'And the LORD said unto Moses, "Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they may go forward".'

"The way forward may seem unclear to us, but we know for sure, God can direct our paths if we seek His direction. Whatever people say and do in the coming days, let us pray for God's direction and for His decision to stand"

[IFB, July 2016]


Liberty: the Battle for the Very Soul of Britain

The following is an extended extract from Battle for the Very Soul of Britain

"Nine hundred and fifty years ago, between two hillocks at Hastings, an Anglo-Saxon king took an arrow in his eye and England surrendered her independence. That was our last - should I say most recent? - defeat on home soil. King Harold's forces fought valiantly but they had been exhausted by two earlier battles ... A shrewd and ruthless Frenchman, Guillaume of Normandy, seized power and London's Witan parliament was never heard of again. ...

"I have been contemplating poor King Harold a fair amount recently. ... As a schoolboy I visited the northern French town of Bayeux to see [the] tapestry and remember a sting of sorrow as I saw the needlework images of vanquished Anglo-Saxons. It was always the same when I read history yarns about British chieftain Caractacus fighting the Romans on his hilltop and later being paraded in Rome as a chained captive; or gallant ... Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni tribe, charging towards the Roman lines in her chariot ... In such accounts, I always rooted for the Brits. ... I always wanted the dwellers of our dank and foggy, sea-set isle to seize the day. Was it a nascent sketchwriter's innate bias or inherited love of country from my fiercely patriotic parents? Was that love wrong? Is that love wrong? I still feel that way.

"The likes of Mr Cameron and his fellow Europhiles ... presumably feel something different when they look at the Bayeux tapestry. I suppose they experience  a glow of quiet satisfaction that William and his forces of European integration over came the locals. ... A deep-rooted part of me rebels against that. ... I grieve for the freedoms that were squashed. And I feel just the same when I look at an castle built by English lords to crush dissent in Scottish and Welsh territory. My sympathies lie with the invaded. ...

"Hereward the Wake [a] Lincolnshire freeman ... had his lands taken by the Normans and decided to do something about it. For a few years after 1066, Hereward and his small army operated out of the Cambridgeshire town of Ely, then an island. They were beaten only after a treacherous monk showed the Normans one of the secret paths to Ely through the Fenland marshes. ... Almost a millennium after the event, I feel a lively indignation on Hereward's behalf. What a cur that monk was to betray him. What if Hereward had continued to oppose William? Could he have combined with the still unconquered Celts and Northumbrians to drive out the 'ingengas'? Or was Norman rule as inevitable as supporters of the EU now say their governing body is inevitable? As for that treacherous monk, was he a sort of Roland Rudd of his day ... the City PR smoothie pulling strings for the Remain camp? ...

"My support for Hereward may reflect a surfeit of foolish romanticism. But it may also echo enduring truths about the importance of self-determination and of remaining true to one's ancestral heritage. For what are we if we deny the past? What is the point of being British if we are not able to say who governs us? And let there be no doubt: if we vote to stay ion the EU, we will not be able to dislodge the elite that runs Brussels. They will be impervious to our democratic disapproval. They will be as safe as William and his shaven-headed Normans were in their mighty castle keeps. ...

"The Leave campaign ... has urged voters to quit the EU for a range of reasons ... Hereward the Wake ... would have heard Vote Leave talk of how we must 'take control' and would surely have thought 'I don't really want control - I want liberty.' ...

"It would obviously be good for us to retrieve national control of trade decisions, tax matters, ... immigration policy ... But where is the optimism in Leave's campaign? Where is the appeal to something more positive, more human, more ardent? The hearts of Hereeward the Wake and his 'green men' would have burned for something greater; something more essential. You could call it self-determination or independence but it is basically the right to plant your feet on the clifftops of Kent, raise your eyes to the cloud-scudding sky, and relish your ancient liberty as a free-born Briton. ...

"I think of my grandfathers. One was wounded three times on the Western Front in World War I. The other landed in Normandy - Normandy! - just before D-Day to clear the beaches of mines. They fought for king and country, yes, but they fought most of all for an idea: freedom. The days of ancestral sword and scramasax may have passed but that powerful notion of liberty, the spirit of British dissent which flared so wonderfully in the East Anglian fens 950 years ago, must never be allowed to die. Without it, we would be an island without pride, an island shorn of soul"

[End of Extract]


Norman and Saxon

"'My son,' said the Norman Baron, 'I am dying, and you will be heir to all the broad acres in England that William gave me for my share
when we conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is. But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:

"The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite. But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow with his sullen set eyes on your own, and grumbles, 'This isn't fair dealing,' my son, leave the Saxon alone.

"You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears; But don't try that game on the Saxon; you'll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the country to the poorest chained serf in the field, they'll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

"But first you must master their language, their dialect, proverbs and songs. Don't trust any clerk to interpret when they come with the tale of their wrongs.
Let them know that you know what they're saying; let them feel that you know what to say. Yes, even when you want to go hunting, hear 'em out if it takes you all day.

"They'll drink every hour of the daylight and poach every hour of the dark. It's the sport not the rabbits they're after (we've plenty of game in the park).
Don't hang them or cut off their fingers. That's wasteful as well as unkind, for a hard-bitten, South-country poacher makes the best man-at-arms you can find.

"Appear with your wife and the children at their weddings and funeral and feasts. Be polite but not friendly to Bishops; be good to all poor parish priests.
Say 'we', 'us' and 'ours' when you're talking, instead of 'you fellows' and 'I'. Don't ride over seeds; keep your temper; and never you tell 'em a lie!"

[Poem by Rudyard Kipling]


The Tower of Babel: EU / UN / NWO

"These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.  And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.  And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.  And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar.  And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.  And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.  Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.  So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.  Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth" (Genesis 10:32-11:9).




"The Queen's Majesty hath the chief power in this realm of England and other her dominions, unto whom the chief government of all estates in this realm,
whether they be ecclesiastical or civil, in all causes doth appertain, and is not nor ought to be subjected to any foreign jurisdiction"
[The Thirty Nine Articles of Religion ... as by Law Established, Article 37, quoted at

"And I do declare that no Foreign Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction
Power Superiority Preeminence or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm.  So help me God"
[The Bill of Rights, 1689, Costin & Watson, The Law & Working of the Constitution, Documents 1660-1914]

"Parliament voted to put the decision about our membership of the EU in the hands of the British people.
The people made their choice, and did so decisively.  It is the responsibility of the government to get on with the job
and to carry out their instruction in full.  MPs and peers who regret the referendum result need to accept what the people decided"
[Prime Minister Theresa May, 5th November 2016]

"June 23rd 2016 was the day the people of the UK voted to LEAVE the EU in the single biggest expression of our will in British history.
On [July] 6th 2018, that decision has been neutralised and the prospect of a meaningful Brexit obliterated ... 
democracy has been exposed as an utter sham. The Conservative cabinet is stuffed with quislings. The majority are betrayed"
source, 7th July 2018]



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