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"I have heard their groaning, and am come down to deliver them"
(Acts 7:34)

Some Questions for Remainers

by Elizabeth McDonald
23 June 2016


Concerning Our Sovereignty:

Who runs your home, your household?  Who determines its ethos?  Who controls its organisation?  Who decides its practices?  Who manages its finances?  Who oversees its safety and wellbeing?  Who runs its day-to-day details?:

  • You and the members of your household?

  • Or your really nice neighbours - with whom you often socialise?

  • Or the folks who live halfway along the road - at whom you smile and with whom you pass the time of day when you see them in the street or on the school-run, but that's about it?

  • Or the folks who live right at the end of the street - whom everyone avoids when they see them coming because they just cannot mind their own business but want to interfere in everyone else's business too?

You do?  Now why is that?


Concerning Our Justice:

When one of your children comes to you and tells you that your other child has trampled over your rose bushes, ridden their bike through your hydrangeas, and cut the flowers off your prize orchids, but the accused child vehemently denies it, what is your response?:

  • Is it to take great care to investigate the truth of the matter, and then discipline whichever child did it in accordance with the very fair justice system you have long-established in your home?

  • Or is to lock your accused child in a dark and dingy cupboard under the stairs whence he will languish for an indeterminate and lengthy time whilst the tale-bearing child just carries on with his life, and you carry on with your's?

You would do the former?  Now why is that?


Concerning Our Finances:

Who controls your finances?  Who organises your household's budget?  When you receive your monthly salary or invoices paid from your clients:

  • Do you determine what percentage of it is necessary to cover your household's bills, groceries, mortgage or rent, holidays, chosen charities, your children's pocket money, any debts, desired savings, etc, and apportion accordingly?

  • Or do you give a rather large chunk of it to your nice neighbour, or the household you don't know hugely well halfway along the road, or that incredibly profligate family in the next street, and allow them to manage it for you?

You control the entirety of your finances?  Now why is that?


Concerning Our Guests:

Do you have a front door (and perhaps a back door too)?  When you are at home, when you go to bed each night, when you're out for the day, or away on holiday:

  • Do you shut your front door and ensure that it is firmly locked to secure the privacy and the safety of your household?

  • Or do you leave your front door and all your windows wide open with a huge sign on your gate inviting your nice neighbour, the folks along the road whom you don't know hugely well, and the angry and violent young man with the bull mastiff on the other side of town, to all come in and take up residence with you and your family?

  • To signal your virtue to your new 'tenants' do you turf your children out of their bedrooms, deprive them of their food and clothing, and take away their toys, and give all these things to the new residents of your house, and expect your children to love their new situation?

  • Do you simply smile benignly and defer without demur when some of your new residents bar you entrance into 'their' rooms, refuse to acknowledge the rules of your household, and, further, begin to try to impose their own very questionable 'rules' onto you and your family - in your own house?

  • Do you "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil" when your sons are murdered and your daughters are raped by some of the members of your new 'family'?

  • Indeed, do you even go so far as to rush out into the streets to gather many more of these poor guests into your home?

You secure your home, and you favour and protect your children?  Now why is that?


I have just one more question:

Why is it that what you are not willing to apply - absolutely rightly - to your family you are willing to apply to your country?




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Elizabeth McDonald