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"On June 23rd 2016, the British public will decide whether to remain a member of the EU.
Brexit: The Movie makes the case for Britain to LEAVE the EU"

"Britain's referendum on EU membership will be held on June 23rd.
The latest polling polling information for the 'Brexit' campaign can be found here"

"There have been four major attempts to have a single European state:
The Roman Empire, Charlemagne's Holy Roman Empire, Napoleon's First French Empire, Hitler's Third Reich.
The Nazi project was killed in 1945 or so we thought.
It has been reborn in conjunction with the Frankfurt School of Marxism as the European Union Project"

"Our great nation ... will in practice take over the leadership of Europe.
There are no two ways about that"
[Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda]

"Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening.
This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation"

[Jean Monnet, founding father of the EU]

"There is no question of any erosion of essential national sovereignty" [Edward Heath, PM of Britain, 1970-74]

"When it becomes serious, you have to lie" [Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission]


The Referendum Question:
Should the United Kingdom Remain a Member of the EU or Leave the EU?

"It would obviously be good for us to retrieve national control of trade decisions, tax matters and, most important, immigration policy from this hopelessly undemocratic organisation in Brussels. ... But ... where is the appeal to something more positive, more human, more ardent? ... something greater; something more essential? You could call it self-determination or independence but it is basically the right to plant your feet on the clifftops of Kent, raise your eyes to the cloud-scudding sky, and relish your ancient liberty as a free-born Briton" [source].

" is still rather thrilling to see the British people stirring at last after a long, long sleep" [source].


Project Fear / Scaremongering / Threats / Bias / Propaganda

"I'll not be surprised if there's a big, noisy security/terror scare just pre-referendum that's best dealt with by the UK being in the #EU" [source].

"The men of the Invisible Government would continue to grow in strength, until they had the whole silly world, the whole credulous world, the whole ingenuous world, in their hands. Anyone who would challenge them, attempt to expose them, show them unconcealed and naked, would be murdered, laugh at, called mad, ignored, or denounced as a fantasy-weaver" [Taylor Caldwell, Captains and Kings, (1972), quoted at source].

"To secure more power and riches for its members, the Invisible Government often resorts to smears, incarcerations, and murders. It not only silences or murders its influential opponents, but it also targets innocent bystanders who might pose a threat to its power and goals, Also, when this serves its interests, the Invisible Government is perfectly willing to destroy junior members of its own cabal" [source].

"In Britain, as in the US, people are beginning to wake up to the fact that it's not about left and right any more. It's about the people against the Establishment elite" [source].

"How praiseworthy it is for a prince to keep his word and to live with integrity and not by cunning, everyone knows. Nevertheless, one sees from experience in our times that the princes who have accomplished great deeds are those who have thought little about keeping the faith and who have known how cunningly to manipulate men's minds; and in the end they have surpassed those who laid their foundations upon sincerity" [Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince].

"The outrageous 'no-balls' from Bremain should be whacked over the boundary right now. It's not difficult" [source].

"The European Union In/Out referendum campaign has effectively begun and the tactics of the anti-British (more politely, Europhile) camp are already clear. In broad-brush terms, they intend it to be as early a vote as possible, to deploy massive resources to bombard voters with pro-EU propaganda, to squeeze every advantage from their occupation of the commanding heights in media communications and to demonise and ridicule their patriotic opponents" [source].

"Make no mistake, the Europhiles will get down and dirty in this campaign as never before. The forces ranged against UKIP and all other Eurosceptic elements will be massive, on a quite unprecedented scale. The sums of money available to the pro-Brussels camp will be virtually unlimited, from the EU itself, the United States liberal establishment, the over-mighty international banks, and all  the multifarious sources that routinely fund campaigns promoting the agenda of the global liberal consensus" [source].

"Eurosceptics must realise that the bombardment they are about to undergo will be beyond anything in previous political experience. A small-scale foretaste was provided by the recent Irish referendum on homosexual marriage [sic]. The No camp found itself attacked by every political party, every newspaper and media outlet, the vile Twitter mob, international loudmouths, celebrities and even stabbed in the back by Vichy Catholic bishops. That experience could be viewed as a mini-rehearsal for Britain's EU referendum" [source].

"The progressive consensus will throw everything it has at this. Europhiles know that if they can defeat this last British bid for freedom the result will be irreversible. Thereafter, intensified demographic reconfiguration of the electorate and relentless propaganda in schools and everywhere else can be relied on to extinguish the British identity. There will not be another referendum, at least not one with the slightest prospect of liberating Britain from Brussels" [source].

"'The best way forward for Europe' is to threaten to hit the English as hard as we can', write fanatical europhiles. If we left, the City would be made to suffer, the rest of the world would be convinced to shut out our trade and we'd be swamped with migrants. Britain needs to feel 'vulnerable' and 'dependent'.  That is the sort of line a domestic abuser uses to keep his victim compliant and submissive: 'Yes, I'm violent and sadistic, and you're clearly miserable in this relationship, but don't you dare disobey me or you'll get much worse'." [source].

"I will also be voting to leave the EU, but I suspect it is already too late for Britain now and long before 2080 will be broken up into regions of the EU. The people around then will neither care what the fuss was about as they will all be propagandised in the schools, colleges and universities, by the media and our politicians of 'what a wonderful place the EU is' and rewrite history to enforce that dogma with the practise of erasing the very words England, Britain and United Kingdom from the maps and those history books. History is often written by the victor. Will the EU be rewriting our history books in 2080? I suspect it will be" [source].

"[This month] ten million leaflets landed on household mats telling us the benefits of Europe. Not, you note, the European Union. This is a deliberate attempt to confuse in the minds of the British electorate sandy beaches and Sangria with that new unaccountable seat of power in Brussels. It is dishonest in every way. And on the back page of this document the reader is treated to an all-out attack on 'UKIP myths'.  I read them again and again. Not one of their 'truths' is even close to being true. So no surprise there" [source].

"Instead of continually resorting to hysterical fear-mongering to intimidate and bully the British people into voting to remain in an out-dated, failed, anti-democratic federal European super-state, let's see the Remain side do something they seem unable or unwilling to do: Offer clear evidence of how membership of the EU has been beneficial for Britain and how it will continue to be beneficial. Without brow-beating the electorate with threats and warnings of doom and gloom and resorting to the gutter to smear British people who refuse to deny reality and who sincerely believe Britain will be a better, safer, wealthier, democratic nation once freed from the clutches of Brussels" [source].

"To remain in [the EU] on the basis of Mr Cameron's false deal, scare tactics, and double talk, or on the unwarranted interference of the discredited and warmongering US President Obama, would be a final nail in the coffin of our national suicide" [BCN, (29 April 2016), p.1].

"President Obama has the sheer cheek to urge us to continue in this subjection - a subjection which he and all Americans would regard as odious and downright treasonable - far worse than anything George III ever did to them!  For us the EU is a long-suffered wrong, inflicted by our own political class. The Americanised colonists of 1776 took up arms for the rights of Englishmen who happened to live in America. Along with Samuel Adams we can now say loudly to our own betrayers: 'If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen'." [Reader's letter, BCN, (29 April 2016), p.11].

"In refuting President Obama's insistence that we must continue to be subject to the anti-democratic, foreign power of the EU - something which no American would ever accept - I recalled Samuel Adams in the American revolution, scorning his fellow countrymen who did not share his commitment to independence: 'Go home  from us in peace... Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. may your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen'." [Reader's letter, BCN, (13 May 2016), p.11].

"In any situation where people face the possibility of change, there will be those who are fearful of it - especially those who are comfortable and doing quite well. That is why the government is trying to frighten them with horror stories of a 'leap in the dark' outside the EU. [We have] to persuade such people, not terrorise or frighten them. The first essential is a credible, truthful plan showing that their legitimate interest in the security of their jobs, property and businesses is protected. The second is to demonstrate what Mr. Cameron already knows full well - a 'Remain' vote will not secure a comfortable status quo. A radical new EU treaty is already being prepared. The outline is in two documents - one called the Five Presidents' report and the other prepared by the Spinelli group in the European parliament. Mr. Juncker, the President of the EU Commission puts it like this: '...our European Union is not in a good state. There is not enough Europe in the Union and not enough Union in the Union'..  In other words - vast new powers for the EU institutions, as has happened with every other treaty. That is why Mr. Cameron wants to lock us in with his referendum before that treaty. That would be the real leap into darkness" [Reader's letter, BCN, (13 May 2016), p.11].

"The star of the 'debate' show was Sky's political editor Faisal Islam who pressed the PM on project fear, asking: 'What comes first, World War Three or global recession?'  It was met with audience cheers - elegant testimony you can't treat people like idiots" [Amanda Platell, Daily Mail, 04 June 2016].

If we leave the EU "'It will create uncertainty' (Usually followed by the phrase '...and business hates uncertainty...').  This is, literally, an infantile argument. Babies live in the present and want everything now. Grown ups understand the importance of deferred gratification - that is you need to accept a certain amount of present pain ... in order to enjoy future gain. It also dishonestly assumes that the status quo is always preferable to the instability caused by change. If this were so, ... Britain [would not] have quit the European Exchange Mechanism (an action which led to a decade's economic growth) or gone to war with Adolf Hitler. And it's woefully short-termist. We're not voting on what's going to happen to the sterling or the FTSE or even the jobs market in the next few months or years. We're deciding on what's best for the long term wellbeing of Britain and her people" [source].

Staying in the EU "'grants us a place at the top table.'  Yes, a table that we'd be sitting at anyway owing to the fact that we're the world's fifth largest economy with the world's fourth highest military budget, which once owned, ran or traded with more than half the atlas, which invented most of the world's sports, wrote most of its best literature and which speaks the universal language" [source].

If we stay in the EU we'll retain our "'membership of a club'  Whose exorbitant (18 billion a year) annual membership fee entitles us to what, exactly? Overpriced food and drink kept high by protectionism and tariffs? Check.  A non-exclusive admissions policy which means that each year we have to accept more and more ['members'] who won't even observe the club's most basic codes (no raping in the billiard room, etc)? Check.  An ever-increasing body of pettifogging rules and regulations which make it harder to do business or indeed anything else we want without some finger-wagging busybody telling us, 'No you can't use your usual weedkiller on the garden anymore. Nor can you buy alphonso mangoes. Nor will we allow you a kettle that comes to the boil quickly. Das ist Verboten!'? Check" [source].

"Lets accept for the moment the argument that if we left, the rest of Europe would immediately turn on us. What does that say about the relationship we have with those countries and the EU now? And more importantly, why should we allow ourselves to be poked, prodded and cajoled into staying members of a club that would resort to threats and bullying to keep us inside?" [source].

UK Influence in the EU: "The influence of the UK in the EU is virtually nil. The UK is always outvoted by at least 11 to 1. Probably more so as the LibDem and most of the Tory MEPs slavishly acquiesce to the EU. We are essentially little more than a cash cow for the European Commission" [source].

"'We're not quitters.'  If only the British Expeditionary Force had stayed behind in Dunkirk in 1940 to be annihilated: that would have taught Herr Hitler a lesson he would never have forgotten. ... Quitters: what do they know about anything, eh?" [source].

"'We might be able to survive Brexit but what about the smaller European countries who need us to set an example?'  Too right they need us to set an example. Poland and Austria are being punished for daring to elect Conservative governments; Italy has had its democratically elected choice of president deposed and replaced by a Goldman-Sachs trained technocrat; Greece is under German occupation for the first time since the 1940s... What they all want, desperately, is for some brave soul to take the lead and show the that there's aw ay out of Colditz. If just one prisoner can make a home run..." [source].

"Arise, Sir Remain! After the cash-for-honours scandal of the Blair years, now it's the turn of signatures-for-honours, as David Cameron ladles out gongs to prominent figures who have publicly backed his campaign to stay in the EU. How depressingly predictable. Indeed, it was foreseen in the Mail three months ago, when the ousted head of the British Chambers of Commerce, John Longworth, warned that business leaders were being offered honours for supporting Remain. What a tawdry abuse of a system set up to reward those who excel and make a real contribution to the nation. True, some on today's list might have received awards whether or not we were in the middle of a referendum campaign. But there are simply so many among them who have signed open letters supporting the Remain camp - and so few backing Leave - that coincidence cannot begin to explain the disparity. When the PM called this referendum, he said the question was so important that it could only be decided by the electorate, after full and fair debate. Yet ever since, he has mobilised the machinery of Government to rig the result - gagging civil servants who want out, spending 9.3million on an infantile propaganda leaflet... and now this. If the Remain case is as unanswerable as Mr Cameron claims, why the need for gongs to induce people to back it?" [Editorial Comment, Daily Mail, 11 June 2016].

"There's a reason why, up till yesterday, the Leave campaign was gaining ground and looking likelier to win this referendum. It's because for all its blips, the Leave campaign has generally been conducted in a tone of optimism, good nature and positivity, while the Remain campaign has been an almost relentlessly negative exercise in fear mongering and lies from a succession of figures form a democratically unaccountable elite whose primary mission is to make damn sure they remain a democratically unaccountable elite" [source].

"There are so many powerful vested interests with so much to lose in the case of a Leave vote that [it] is no wonder that advocates of Remain are fighting so hard and so dirty to keep their tainted status quo intact. First came Project Fear; then Project Lies; now - the most cynical and exploitative of all - Project Grief" [source].

"Is the EU Totalitarian? A Totalitarian regime will want to control every aspect of our lives. ... nobody does bureaucracy like the EU. Brussels is one giant legislative and propaganda machine. Not only are we being told what to do, but what to think, thought crime is here: it's called Political Correctness" [source].

"If the Remain campaign and the big EU poohbahs had spelled out a vision of a United Europe, a sort of land of plenty, stable and secure, a Christian-based free market, tolerant, democratic society, then I would have paused to consider that. But all I heard was Project Fear and Project Grief and beyond that a storm of violent hatred and catcalling which now passes for political discourse on much of what I still like to call the left. By contrast Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and the truly outstanding Michael Gove have been courteous, cheerful and positive about their country's future. This has to be the real decider: Which side believes in itself, in the UK and the innate decency and get up and go of the British? It may be unfashionable and even politically correct to believe in the UK as a unique and wonderful place but that is how I see it. To be born British is an immense privilege and I for one am not about to throw it away out of fear of offending an unelected Euro-elite and its various merchants and financiers. Vote Leave" [comment at source].

"And herein lies the truth. Those who voted in because they swallowed the lies and were led to believe they were voting for the status quo will come to see they were hoodwinked. I was once of the view (somewhat unsympathetically) that having voted for it they owned it. Whilst I still think they're going to have to live it to understand they were lied to, to prove our point it will be up to us to keep the flame alive and be ready to receive them when they finally realise it" [comment at source].


Mercantile Propaganda

"The EU referendum campaign has, to date, been conducted largely on materialistic argument. How mercantile, how nuts-and-boltish it has all been. Political strategists say this is because voters are swayed by their wallets. Those who wish us to remain in the EU swear that financial catastrophe will ensue if we leave that listing Titanic of an enterprise. Chancellor George Osborne has come up with an incredible figure - literally incredible, for it is not believable - that families will take a hit of 4,300. No one I know in politics actually thinks that this figure is truthful. David Cameron, for his part, claims that family shopping bills could rise by 200 a year if we leave. Two hundred quid! He and his friends pay more for a single ticket for the opera at Glyndebourne. It is roughly the price of a double bedroom (with breakfast) at a middling hotel in London. What is it to be folks? A night at the Thistle, Kensington, or our nation's liberty for the next 950 years? Decisions, decisions" [source].

"On Saturday George Osborne was back on the subject of house prices, with a reiteration of his threat that in the event of Bexit your house price will fall and your mortgage strangely rise. ... According to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, 'If we leave the EU ... people will not know what the future looks like.'  This is a very great problem indeed. Hitherto the future has always been obvious. While it is true that George Osborne has never been able to predict what will happen in the next financial quarter while we are in the EU it is wonderful that can estimate the value of your house in 2030 should we vote 'leave'. That value will be roughly a hen and two eggs, sterling having collapsed and a barter economy having been introduced by then" [source].

"Just when it seemed George Osborne could sink no lower in his scaremongering, he enlists the rapacious US bank J.P. Morgan to threaten 4,000 job cuts in the UK if we leave the EU. Fined 26 billion since the crash, in which it played a central role, this outfit is so tainted that Barak Obama barred its representatives from the White House. Indeed, Mr Osborne demeans his office by consorting with a bank that, again and again, sells its integrity for the right price. Elsewhere, in the City, by contrast, investors in gilts are greeting the prospect of Brexit with perfect equanimity. Despite all Mr Osborne's prophecies of economic catastrophe if we pull out, confidence in Britain's ability to pay its debts is close to a record high. The Chancellor should stop talking his country down - and start looking for more respectable friends" [Editorial Comment, Daily Mail, 04 June 2016].

"WAGES WILL FALL:  The greatest threat to wage-levels is uncontrolled immigration form Eastern Europe as the euro-zone falls deeper into recession" [source].

"HOUSE PRICES WILL FALL:  And that's bad? Not for first-time buyers in particular" [source].

"UNEMPLOYMENT WILL RISE:  Like it has in the euro-zone, to insane levels, especially under-25s, where it has hit 50% or more in some places?" [source].

"INFLATION WILL RISE:  That's a sign of a buoyant economy. But they say that the economy will shrink. Stagflation as in the euro-zone, maybe?" [source].

"FOOD PRICES WILL GO UP:  Hardly. The EU imposes swinging tariffs on the import of many foodstuffs. EU tariffs on agricultural products average 18% - over four times more than charges on other goods" [source].

"FARMERS WILL LOSE THEIR CAP SUBSIDIES:  Actually, the subsidy paid to farmers by Brussels is half what HMG pays into the CAP. It could double the subsidy without additional cost to the UK taxpayer" [source].

IF WE LEAVE THE EU: "'The pound will fall.'  It may. (Benefitting UK exporters whose products will become, relatively, better value.)  Then it may rise. Or not. This is one of the advantages of having a floating exchange rate: the price of sterling is a reflection of how Britain's economic prospects are seen vis a vis the rest of the world, rising and falling in accordance with economic cycles, acting as a corrective mechanism that brings stability. Unlike the poor s**s in the Eurozone who have to put up with a one-size-fits-all-currency run in the interests of Germany" [source].

"Britain must decide whether it is to remain shackled to a corpse or free itself from a moribund economy (the slowest growth rate of any region in the world), a bloated, unaccountable, meddling and self-serving bureaucracy, and inevitable coalescence into an up-dated version of the Soviet Union, a collection of so-called republics slavishly answerable to Brussels" [source]


The Establishment vs The People

"Parliament today seems to be a them v us situation. Public opinion is to be shaped, moderated, ignored or even resisted rather than used to inform policy" [comment at source].

"It's very interesting. We used to protest against the establishment. Now the establishment are protesting against us" [Nigel Farage at source].

"In Britain, as in the US, people are beginning to wake up to the fact that it's not about left and right any more. It's about the people against the Establishment elite" [source].

"There is the old adage, respect has to be earned. So indeed is contempt. MPS have lost our respect and earned our contempt" [source].

"The idea that there might be higher principles at play in the question being put before us is worthy only of a kind of snobbish,. sneering contempt. We have been spoken to in the most condescending terms throughout the campaign ... They have ridiculed Leavers and made assumptions that we are hateful, stupid and economically illiterate" [source].

"The British elite is baffled as to why this referendum is even close when they lined up a procession of economists, financial institutions and foreign leaders to lecture us. For showing defiance we are portrayed as stupid, ignorant, ... This shows a shocking sense of entitlement and exposes them, as shallow; they cannot comprehend why we would make any material sacrifice for this cause" [source].

Pathetic fear mongering over cheap holidays, roaming charges and grocery bills isn't going to cut it. They want the peasants to trust them and do as they're told; they think that making absurd threats that flights will be more expensive is enough to win. They may yet regret being so patronising" [source].

"Polly Toynbee is one of the best examples of a UK ruling elite are completely out of touch with the people. This situation has developed because they have pulled up the political drawbridge on us and retreated into the Westminster Bubble. Declaring that we are racist, xenophobes and bigots is a mantra they have to keep on repeating to explain why they are unpopular. The very genuine desire for millions of working class people to get more control over their lives, to get a better standard of living, gets translated into racism and bigotry by the ruling elite" [Facebook comment quoted at source].

"When politicians take it upon themselves to belittle and pathologise the views of whom they serve; marginalising issues of identity, heritage and culture, sidelining such for the politics of a remote metropolitan bubble, they set themselves as a breed apart. ... We are not seeing expertise. We are seeing deeply political activism pushed out to us via prestigious institutions, dressed up as irrefutable fact. The very act of registering disagreement is viewed by [politicians and the media] as a rejection of expertise - thereby aligning oneself with the unenlightened, the savages and the racists. It precludes any possibility of an honest debate. If there is an atmosphere of contempt then the chief architects of it are Toynbee and her fellow travellers at the Guardian" [source].

"There is a staggering lack of self-awareness in this. The snobbery and contempt which our ruling classes heap upon the people is our culprit here, and what has transpired today in the media, divorced from the tragic events surrounding the death of a well liked MP, serve as a marker to a social rift which will now not be healed whichever way this referendum goes. Especially not if we remain in the EU. It will be a triumph of establishment connivery" [source].

"Many observers had described the spectacle of small wooden boats manned by working men, facing off with shiny new speed boats filled with students as an appropriate metaphor for the EU referendum campaign so far" [source].

"On the one side is the culture of metropolitan Liberalism, of the smug, selfie-taking narcissist, contemptuous of others less well heeled or or places to benefit from globalisation than himself. On the other, the quiet, masculine dignity of what might be termed traditional Britain, of working class trawlermen, stoically sailing on in a deeply unfashionable and dangerous industry for little reward, largely forgotten and disregarded by society at large. Hopefully, this image will bury not only the Remain campaign but in time condemn the elite that spawned it: even today, maritime imagery is especially potent to most British people, extolling as it does a sense of courage, self-sacrifice and adventure that makes up so much of our Island story. Only a culture as self-absorbed and as historical as Metropolitan Liberalism would think it safe to mock it" [source].

"A picture paints a thousand words, and the words that picture paints are so very ugly. They are words of arrogance and contempt, of belittling disdain, of loathing and snobbery, of truly Inhuman Remains" [source].

"The establishment has thrown the kitchen sink at Leave in the past few days. A vote for Brexit is now a vote for hatred and division when, of course, the alternative is a vote for the order, harmony and peace of the EU - just don't mention the riots and suicides in Greece, the barbed wire in Eastern European Borders, the imminent new crisis in the Eurozone, the swift decline of the European economies, the violence and crime spawned by mass migration. Yet are the people cowed by this orchestrated bullying by the elites? Perhaps not. Anecdotally, one hears that outside London and the big cities, there is overwhelming support for Brexit. And if BBC's Sunday night QT is anything to go by, the people are still not getting the sanctimonious message that to insist on your right to self-governance makes you some kind of Nazi. ... The people of Britain stand in one corner, their elders and betters in another. We will soon see if Project Fear and Project Grief have done their worst, or if we have the courage to take back control" [source].

"This is the terrible irony of Remainers' handwringing over the poisoning of public debate: they have played a major part in said poisoning, in stirring up prejudice against the allegedly dim, the overemotional, the confused, the old, the plebs, the howling, brainless throng. How can they pontificate about hatred while communicating some pretty hateful views of their own? Simple: because their kind of hatred is so longstanding, so entrenched in certain political and media circles, that they don't even think of it as hatred. It's just reality, right, this situation where we clever people must endure the howls of those politically uninformed people? The chutzpah of it: under the guise of taking a stand against prejudice, Remainers are resuscitating one of the oldest prejudices" [source].


The Politics of Personal Destruction

"President Bill Clinton called it the 'politics of personal destruction'.  This is the technique (most usually associated with politicians on the liberal left) of targeting an opponent's character and reputation in order to utterly destroy them. The Remain camp are now pursuing Boris Johnson in this disreputable way. John Major, Michael Heseltine, Chris Patten and most recently Energy Secretary Amber Rudd have all launched cheap, barbed and unpleasantly personal assaults on the former London mayor. I am biased in favour of Mr Johnson, having worked for him for four years when he was an extremely capable editor of The Spectator magazine. But it seems to me that he has emerged undamaged, even after three women - Miss Rudd, Nicola Sturgeon, and Labour's Angel Eagle - ganged up to traduce him during a television debate on Thursday night. He has either ignored the petty barbs being thrown at him, or responded with grace and charm. His opponents, by contrast, have debased themselves and British politics" [Peter Oborne, Daily Mail, 11 June 2016].

"Michael Heseltine ... [claimed] in a BBC interview that Boris Johnson's behaviour in the EU referendum campaign has been 'preposterous, obscene' ... whether this outburst has anything to do with Heseltine's life-long advocacy for the EU, including an insistence that the UK join the Euro, is unknown. The ostensible cause was what Heseltine deemed an inappropriate reference to the Second World War ... I suppose the unforgiveable nature of Johnson's reference stands in stark contrast to the entirely appropriate and dignified effort by Heseltine's master, a week earlier, to posthumously recruit all the dead of the Second World War into the 'Remain' side in the current referendum" [source].

Farage v Cameron 'Debate', ITV, 07 June 2016: The 'Waycist' Card:  "Before every major event, be it the local elections, the General Election, or this referendum - just before the TV debates or the polls, you can rely on the mainstream media to create a faux-controversy regarding UKIP, Farage or the eccentricities of one or more UKIP members. Larger controversies from mainstream parties are diluted or ignored, and UKIP's are inflated to distort the image to the public and to dictate the narrative. The other purpose is to play the racist/sexist/bigot/Little Englander card [insert PC thoughtcrime here]. This means that questions can be brought up about THAT, to put UKIP on the defensive and take airtime away from the message they want to convey on their actual policies. It's to personalise it and make it about personality politics and not policies. Right on cue, the media whipped up a fake narrative about Farage's 'racist' comments about [the] potential for Cologne-style sexual assaults and rapes in the UK unless we can get a grip on uncontrolled mass immigration, ... If it [Taharrush] is a new phenomenon happening several times in Germany, and in Sweden then it is logical to assume it could happen here" [source].


Little Englanders

"As for the clueless drivel about independence campaigners being hostile to foreigners or narrow-minded, this is mere ignorant snobbery. I'll take on any of them in a competition as to who has travelled most widely, in Europe and beyond. Good heavens, I've even read Tolstoy and like listening to Beethoven. And I still want to leave the EU. Do these people even know what they are saying when they call us 'Little Englanders'?  England has never been more little than it is now, a subject province of someone else's empire" [source].

Farage v Cameron, ITV 'Debate' 07 June 2016:  "Cameron managed to get this dig in twice, linking Farage's approach with the PC meme that to be Eurosceptic is to be old-fashioned, xenophobic, isolationist, 'Little Englander'. It is of course complete nonsense. There are numerous reasons to believe that  we could be MORE engaged with the rest of the world, in particular our abandoned Commonwealth friends. By taking back control of our own country, our ability to trade, set laws, control borders and determine our own destiny - we can engage with the world on our own terms, not [on] those set by an unelected Elite in Brussels. Somehow, all this this gets slurred as Little Englander - and by default Cameron is slandering every person voting Leave. But, as he knows, using the PC-thoughtcrime slur, it will echo back into the media allowing them to brainwash the masses" [source].

"No serious person on the pro-Brexit side advocates cutting ourselves off from the rest of Europe. The alternative to remaining in the EU is not some island nation siege-economy. Brexiters want a relationship based on trade and friendship" [source].

There are "millions and millions of thoroughly decent people out there who have been campaigning for Leave and are intending to vote Leave: not because they're racist or far-right or Little Englander-ish or selfish or xenophobic or any of the other aspersions regularly cast at them by the snooty, self-preserving Remain elite; [but] just because they've listened to the debate, considered the issues and decided that on balance, Britain will be a happier, more fulfilled, more stable and more democratic country if only it can pluck up the courage to [leave] a supranational organisation which has long outlived its usefulness" [source].


David Cameron's Pro-EU Leaflet Campaign

"[T]his was the week Mr Cameron insulted the public's intelligence by blowing 9.3 million on infantile, scaremongering propaganda for the 'In' campaign. How unfortunate for him that it was also the week figures showed that, while defying the scare stories by increasing its trade with the rest of the world yet again, Britain chalked up a record 8.6 billion deficit with the EU in February. As such huge net exporters to the UK, wouldn't our partners be suicidally bonkers to erect barriers between us?" [Daily Mail, Editorial Comment, 09 April 2016].

"[T]he way the Prime Minister has chosen to conduct the Government in this referendum campaign is causing a lot of offence in the Conservative Party. [It was] an extraordinary act of arrogance using taxpayers' money to propagandise the Government's view of the referendum" [Bernard Jenkin, at source].

"Parliament must now debate this petition. To refuse a debate would be holding the Great British Public in deliberate contempt. The leaflets will not be sent out in England before Monday. The other devolved nations in the UK won't receive the leaflets until [after?] the elections to their own Assemblies. The distribution of the leaflets must be delayed until there is a debate in Parliament. This will save British taxpayers' money and ensure the referendum is fair and worthy of a democratic nation" [Jayne Adye, Get Britain Out, at source].

"Why is the government spending 10 million of our money telling us what we should think and what we should do? This is very much like what happened in 1975, legally it is questionable and morally it is wrong. It was wrong in 1975 and it is wrong now. This government scam conforms my view that this referendum will be defined by the battle of the people versus the political class. Furthermore, the document is jammed full of lies and inaccuracies" [Nigel Farage, at source].

"This is supposed to be an equal contest. The Prime Minister, who knows he has a weak case and repeatedly resorts to scaremongering, is trying to load his gloves. He is ... ruining the reputation of British democracy and putting the legitimacy of the final result at great risk" [Liz Bilney, Leave.EU, at source].

"This is an outrageous way to spend hard-working tax payers' money. Many recent polls have shown that the majority of the UK public are actually in favour of leaving the EU so to spend their money on a pro-EU propaganda exercise is an excusable waste. This is a major error of judgement given the lack of funding for vital public services" ... "The prime minister promised Parliament that no taxpayers' money would be spent promoting Remain or Leave. What is being done is immoral, undemocratic and against what the government has promised" [Peter Bone, Grassroots Out, at source and source].

The leaflets are "biased and hysterical. ... If you are going to use taxpayers' money you should allow people to put the other side of the case as well" [Boris Johnson, at source].

"The government may be acting within the rules... but the spirit of a good referendum campaign is to make sure voters get both sides of the argument presented in equal measure to help them make an informed decision" [Katie Goose, Electoral Reform Society, at source].

For Sale on Ebay: Government Propaganda Leaflet on EU Membership  :-)

"Your opportunity to own a mint copy of the UK government's 2016 propaganda booklet, ... It is anticipated that as the Government has cynically by-passed the rules relating to referendum campaign expenditure most booklets will end up in the bin. This is your chance to purchase what may thus become a valuable piece of political ephemera. And my chance to recoup the 34 pence that the Government spent of my money on one-sided propaganda. ... It is only fair to point out that the booklet is flawed in a number of respects. Obviously, it sets out only one side of the argument. But it also suffers from numerous pieces of disinformation and unsupported assertions, and from deliberate vagueness, as follows:

          * Page 2:  the UK is already not part of the euro zone and has its own border controls, and its government already has a commitment to reducing red tape. None of these matters will be affected one way of the other by the referendum result;

          * Page 4:  it is merely assertion to state that leaving the UK creates uncertainty and risk, that EU membership makes it easier to sell into Europe, and that EU membership creates jobs. No evidence is adduced. The booklet lacks any comparative information on how many jobs would exist in each of the six sectors cited were the UK not a member of the EU. Unfortunately, bogey-man assertions without evidence characterises the booklet, and buyers must recall that this was issued as one-sided propaganda;

          * Page 6:  the booklet states that exit from the EU would cause economic shock. The scale or nature of this shock is not articulated. There is absolutely no evidence that the value of sterling would suffer or that exporting to Europe would become more difficult. It is asserted that EU reform has driven a 40% reduction in air fares, when this was in fact the product of increased competition. It is also asserted that mobile phone roaming charges will reduce by virtue of EU membership. There is no evidence that the UK would be selected by mobile companies for special poor treatment were it no longer an EU member;

          * Page 8:  no evidence is adduced to justify the spurious claim that leaving the EU would create 'potential economic disruption'.  Please note that this is incidentally inconsistent with the page 6 reference to supposed 'economic shock'.  44% of UK exports do indeed go to Europe, and will continue to do so;

          * Page 10:  the border arrangements operated by the UK are not linked to whether it is a member of the EU, despite the false assertions here. More bogey-man, I'm afraid.

"Anyway, you get the idea. It would be tedious to list every fault, but I wanted potential buyers to be clear that what they are getting here is humbug, nonsense, twaddle, biased, undemocratic, and just plain wrong.  So, take this opportunity to purchase a genuine piece of government propaganda. Give it a few years, and it will perhaps be as valuable as a piece of the Berlin Wall.

"The booklet will be carefully packed so that it arrives with you in good condition. Alternatively, you may collect it in person. I'll make you a British cuppa, made with the Indian tea, the Irish milk, and the Caribbean sugar that will all remain available, alongside everything else, after Brexit.

"Remember, the opposite of Brexit is EUrine. Don't pass up the opportunity to acquire this valuable piece of government urine-taking.

"Q:  Hi. Very interested, but concerned about possible shady origins of this document. Can you reassure me that an invitation to tender for its production was advertised across Europe as per the European Commission's Public Contract Directive? And has an Equality Assessment been conducted to ensure that all Human Rights consequences have been considered?

"A:  I'm afraid that I can provide no reassurances to the effect that the booklet was produced in accord with either UK or EU law. My understanding is that it was printed by a UK-based and German-owned company.

"Q:  According to ebay, people who shopped for this item also looked at a magazine print of ice skating in Hyde Park from 1947, an article on the making of Linoleum from 1904, a print of the Bicester Warden Hill Hunt from 1928, an article on the collapse of the Charing Cross Railway Station roof from 1905, and a 100 year old print of the Battle of Trafalgar. I'm sorry, I just don't see the connection, can you explain please.

"A:  Thank-you for your enquiry. The only connection that springs to mind is that none of these things are particularly sought after, and are the special interest of only a minority of people.

"Q:  More than happy to bid, as I have foolishly already sent mine to the Freepost address. If I win, please do likewise with your's ;-)

"A:  Excellent, a bid so the purchaser, if successful, will have the pleasure of knowing that I've returned the propaganda. I will certainly do so if you win the item. Many thanks for your bid.

"Q:  I was going to bid, but I don't have any Panamanian funds. I am proud that I don't have any Panamanian funds, but I am truly proud of my father who served this country during WW2 and fought against the dictatorship we find ourselves with today. In his memory, I will be returning my copy to Lord Haw Haw. Kind regards and best wishes from an OUT voter.

"A:  No-one seems to want the item. In a little over 12 hours the advert has been viewed 125 times, but no bids. No-one wants this propaganda. No-one's fooled. Best wishes to you.

"Q:  Would you consider a straight swap for mine? ps love the ad, they don't do ridicule, do they.

"A:  Thank-you for your question. Sorry, I'm afraid I'm not interested in an exchange, part or otherwise, as I want to recoup the money, my money, that the UK government has spent on its cynical and one-sided propaganda.

"Q:  If I successfully win the item, may I pay in euros please?

"A:  Thank-you for your interest. Yes, of course you may pay in euros - whether the UK is a member of the EU or not, international trading, using different currencies, will still be possible." [jenseninterception at source].


The Trades' Unions

"Remain may be good for rich union leaders and the Liberal Elite, but it won't improve the wages/housing/healthcare of the 6 million members they are conning"   /   "We just have to keep faith that those union members have the sense to see through the baloney and realise that the only people set to benefit from remain are those who either profit from migrant labour or who are living the life of Riley on EU subsidies (usually mates/family of government ministers). Not to mention the international banking cartels. ... The majority of people are not stupid"   /   "They've seen how good things are for the 50,000 Brusselscrats, 10,000 of whom pocket more than David Cameron. Which union boss wouldn't want to get his snout in that trough? So, hey ho for democracy, let's sign up for a Thousand Year dictatorship because it happens to appear more or less benign today" [readers' comments at source].

"'The leaders of Britain's biggest unions have called upon their six million members to vote to remain within the EU on the grounds that...'  ...they've sold out and so they're willing to sell out their members' interests?"   /   "These are the same [union leaders] that 'encourage' their members to vote for the Labour party. They have both royally screwed the working people of this country"   /   "It's unfortunate that these IN unions are trying to use collective power against the people [they're] supposed to support ... the reality is that the union leaders will continue to have employment while they allow citizens to be replaced with lower paid foreigners"   /   "Unions often to appear to represent the working man but then pull the same stunts as the Labour party"   /  "I know plenty of union members who are prepared to vote 'Leave'... they also tell me that they are disgusted that their unions are doing NOTHING to safeguard British jobs for British workers" [readers' comments at source].

"Why would union members want to remain? The influx of labor lowers their wages and competes for jobs, all bad for unions. Union leaders kinds suck, huh?"   /   "Why remain in the EU when it means you will be replaced by cheaper migrant workers? Hired cheaply as day labourers, and who won't pay Union membership fees. It all seems a bit self defeating"   /   "Why would you vote yourself out of a job?"   /   "Proving once again the unlimited capability of labour unions to sabotage the interests of those they purport to represent. Yes, current Tory leadership can be rather slippery. But seriously, would anyone trust Jean Claude Juncker?  Thankfully most workers are not nearly as stupid as their union leaders"   /   "Whatever this lot advise, you understand that the best option is to vote the direct opposite" [readers' comments at source].

"Most of the unions would have us believe that it is best to stay in the mad house. It is interesting that they claim to be for protecting or improving workers' rights, but are quite happy to force wage compression or reduction and diminished quality of life on the people they claim to represent. Strangely, both the unions and the Labour Party claim that leaving the EU would result in a loss of worker protection. So what exactly did the Labour Party do during its fourteen years in power, apart, that is, from importing loads of people from the third world and starting an illegal war? An exit would allow parliament to make whatever laws it choose. This would of course depend upon which party was in power. Current legislation would still be on the statute books unless it was removed. It would seem that this is another example of self-interest, the unions are just looking to maintain or increase their membership in an era where traditional unionised jobs are disappearing thanks in large part to EU polices" [reader's comment at source].

"Common Purpose must be somewhere in all this"   /   "I see this as a standard tactic from the Remainians to win over the lefties. ... they cannot comprehend just how much the EU controls us"   /   "The trades Unions are split and not in touch with their members"   /   "What are 'workers rights' worth if (a) TTIP destroys the NHS and/or (b) most jobs are taken by low paid EU workers or exported to China?"   /   "Do British people know why the French are on strike? The French Unions refuse to have the Work laws dictated to [them] by the EU implemented. They want rid of TTIP. So the British Unions are deceiving their members"   /   "I can remember when the TUC told its members not to buy shares in the newly privatized industries - and 94% of them went out and did the exact opposite. The same with right to buy. I don't know why [the Unions] bother. Their members have long since learnt to ignore them"   /   "Well, they got one thing right. I have no faith in our so-called Conservative government either nor the current alternatives, Lib/Lab" [readers' comments at source].

"They call for remain because I'm sure there is a promise of a reward for them if they can deliver the vote. Hopefully the members will have enough sense to sort this out and vote correctly"   /   "I'm a trade unions member (GMB), for the last five months my union has been telling me to vote remain. I recently discovered that they receive funding from the EU. If I hadn't already made my mind up to vote leave, that would've made is up for me"   /   "Bit stupid isn't it? The Conservative government can be changed in 2020. Good luck changing the EU"   /   "Cut the nose to spite the face; it's the modus operandi of the 'left'" [readers' comments at source].


Mainstream Media and Press

"The BBC was guilty in 1975 of gross pro-Brussels bias during the referendum over whether to stay in what was then the European Economic Community. It is vital that the state broadcaster shows fastidious even-handedness between the 'Yes' and 'No' campaigns during the run-up to the forthcoming EU referendum. Unfortunately, the BBC finds it very hard to break away from its innate pro-European [sic] bias. A typical example was its coverage of the launch of the 'Yes' campaign this week. A reporter spoke about Britain 'leaving, or staying in Europe' - rather than 'leaving, or staying in the EU'. There is an important difference. 'Europe' and the 'EU' are completely different entities. Not even the most ardent 'Yes' campaigner can change geography - there [are] 20 European countries that are not part of the EU. Disgracefully, it seems the BBC News staff are doing the work of pro-EU campaigners such as former Tory MP Laura Sandys, who says: 'Can we always talk about Europe rather than EU?'  The BBC is failing in its statutory duty of it doesn't treat both sides of the Europe [sic] argument fairly" [Peter Oborne, Daily Mail, 17 October 2015].

Nick Robinson's 'Them and Us':  "Nick Robinson's emphasis ... created an immediate pro-EU narrative. Why would the UK not have wanted to be part of a new initiative which had a fundamental goal of keeping the peace? The reality is that this was not in the equation in the 1940s at all, despite the impression given. Robinson also did not mention at all that the drive towards the EU began in the 1920s and 1930s and was based on a combination of socialist-tinged Utopianism, federalism, and a concomitant drive to emasculate nation states. One of the main theoretical bases of this idealism was a paper written in 1931 by Arthur Salter, British civil servant, called 'The United States of Europe'. He envisaged - on the basis of how the League of Nations operated - a 'secretariat, a council of ministers, an assembly and a court'.  Crucially, the secretariat, would be an international body of civil servants to which nation states would be subservient - countries and national governments would be reduced to the role of municipal authorities. The route towards establishing this framework would be a common market, based on how Germany had been united in the 19th century. Salter thus laid down the blueprint for the EU and what has unfolded since then through the Treaty of Rome and beyond is in many respects a fulfilment of his core ideas. Robinson chose to ignore - or was he unaware of? - this vital part of EU history and instead pushed the Europe Union equals peace EU propaganda message. As such, the series began on rotten foundations. Little that followed in Part 1 redeemed this. It amounted, in one sense at least, to pro-EU bias" [source].

"BBC being typically disingenuous about this. They keep saying 'we already voted yes to Europe', neglecting to make clear this was to join the EEC (good) and not a federal Europe (bad)" [comment at source].

"The [BBC] has already decided that the EU [is] A Good Thing. Its attitude to those foolish enough to oppose membership was made clear to Rod Liddle when he was the editor of Today: 'a very senior BBC executive said to me ... about the Eurosceptics: "You do realise, Rod, that these people are mad?"' [source].

"Both [the EU and the BBC] believe that they are somehow necessary: without the BBC, Britons would rapidly sink into cultureless savagery (or vote for UKIP, which is much the same thing), and, without the EU to keep us safe, Europe would be swept by waves of rabid nationalism, inevitably leading to another war: Tony Hall and Jean-Claude Junker are all that stand between Britain and Armageddon" [source].

"Back in the Nineties when I was first grappling with the complexities of how the EU works, I noted that 'the only people supporting our EU membership are either making money out of it or don't understand it.' ... In the [second] category was Jeremy Paxman in Brussels: Who Really Rules Us? on BBC1, telling us how 'the notorious curved cucumbers rule has now been repealed, along with the one about bendy bananas.'  The cucumber regulation may have been repealed, but only to be replaced by one almost identical from the UN Economic Commission for Europe. The bendy banana regulation remains on force. All Paxman showed was that he hasn't a clue how the EU works" [source].

"The progressive consensus will throw everything it has at this. Europhiles know that if they can defeat this last British bid for freedom the result will be irreversible. Thereafter, intensified demographic reconfiguration of the electorate and relentless propaganda in schools and everywhere else can be relied on to extinguish the British identity. There will not be another referendum, at least not one with the slightest prospect of liberating Britain from Brussels" [source].

"I will also be voting to leave the EU, but I suspect it is already too late for Britain now and long before 2080 will be broken up into regions of the EU. The people around then will neither care what the fuss was about as they will all be propagandised in the schools, colleges and universities, by the media and our politicians of 'what a wonderful place the EU is' and rewrite history to enforce that dogma with the practise of erasing the very words England, Britain and United Kingdom from the maps and those history books. History is often written by the victor. Will the EU be rewriting our history books in 2080? I suspect it will be" [source].

"That we are having this debate is no thanks to the BBC. It is to Nigel Farage, the man the BBC have consistently marginalised and smeared but to whom our thanks must go for delivering this opportunity to the country. ... The resurgence of the public's engagement with politics, the resurgence of British common sense along with the public's newly vocal demand for more information about Europe - information that the BBC has failed to report or explore and frankly has done its best to repress for the last thirty years - has terrified the Remain camp" [source].


The Entertainment Industry

"Behold! Another Tablet of Stone has has been sent down from the summit of Mount Luvvie. Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley and an assortment of 250 celebs have signed a letter demanding we stay in the EU. A grateful nation bows down in obeisance to these great political sages. And no matter that, thanks to the pressures of mass migration, many of [their] fans can't get their children into their preferred school an appointment at their GP or affordable home. As long as our idols have enough cheap staff from abroad to polish their gongs, that's all that's important" [Amanda Platell, Daily Mail, 21 May 2016].

"This week finished with a strong entry from the 300 actors and others in the 'entertainment industries' who signed a letter claiming that our nation's artistic life relies on our membership of the EU. They specifically highlighted 'vital EU funding' and the importance of work across borders. It seems Jude Law, Keira Knightly, Eddie Izzard and Benedict Cumberbatch are not only rather cheaply bought, but under the impression that if Britain regains her independence on June 23rd nobody will ever again be allowed to work with foreigners. In addition they claimed that 'Britain is not just stronger in Europe, it is more imaginative and more creative, and our global creative success would be severely weakened by walking away.'  Anybody who thought great art somewhat relied on a degree of unpredictability or uncertainty would be wrong. Just imagine what Shakespeare could have achieved if he has lived even into the era of the Common Market" [source].

"Never mind immigration, economic security, democracy, sovereignty, liberty or any of that nonsense. The reason we should stay in the EU, [actors, designers, indie pop stars, artists and suchlike] explain, is that it makes us more 'imaginative and creative'. Also, they argue, vibrancy. ... 'From the Bard to Bowie, Britain inspires the world,' they say, warming to their theme with some top notch alliteration. But I can't help noticing that Shakespeare actually predates the invention of the European superstate. Also - and I realise I'm out on a limb here with my wild speculation - but in a parallel universe where Britain did not have its toasters governed by 250 regulations from the European Union and a 28 star flag flying outside the Financial Times, I do believe that it's entirely possible that David Bowie would STILL have written Life on Mars, painted that zigzag on his face, ... hung out in Berlin with Iggy Pop, done the Ashes to Ashes video with Steve Strange, and recorded Blackstar without any of the vital 'imaginative and creative' input from our EU membership. Then again, what do I know? I'm just a journalist too busy doing boring stuff like reading about politics" [source].

"Back in the Nineties when I was first grappling with the complexities of how the EU works, I noted that 'the only people supporting our EU membership are either making money out of it or don't understand it.'  Point one has just been illustrated by the letter from 282 luvvies to the Telegraph explaining that a Brexit would be disastrous because 'many of us have worked on projects that would never have happened without EU funding'." [source].

"The problem with Britain's luvvies - those actors whose egos are as big as their bank balances - is that they have come to believe they are as clever as the lines they recite on stage. Quite why they think they have the right to give us their view on the referendum is a mystery" [Daily Mail, Editor's Comment, 21 May 2016].


Younger Voters

"I ... like so many other suspect that millions of younger people in Britain will vote to remain in the EU. Not because they like being in the EU, but because they fear the unknown and may even be comfortable with the status quo, as all their lives they've been in it. To [sic] many in their busy lives setting up home and trying to make a life for themselves are unconcerned with matters they assume others should be dealing with, unaware that their complacency will destroy their own country. ... In the past, you as an individual had responsibility to care for yourself and made sure others around you were cared for, especially family members. Family bonds and communities were very strong through the generations. The individual was involved in society and structures that bound British institutions and communities together. Now the individual has gladly given that role and responsibility to the State and its institutions. That State, hungry for power, has given away your birthright to a foreign power (EU) but retains all the trappings of power, leaving the individual impotent to stop it. This new breed of 'individual' nurtured since the 1950s, neither care nor are aware what is done in their name as they have been trained like a drone to have a 'Hive mind', to no longer be individuals, content in watching X factor and soaps and other mindless trash on TV to occupy their empty heads. They see themselves as part of a collective group controlled and often dependent on the State, regulated by the EU. They expect the State to do the job that once they as an individual were duty bound and expected to have done without thinking and have been rewarded in return with deserved contempt and sought no consent when it was required, when it sold their birthright in 1072" [source].

"It is often remarked that older people are more likely to support Brexit than those who are younger. Perhaps that is because the young have only know the EU. In our risk-averse culture they cannot envisage a world in which the UK can possibly stand by itself on the world stage. Those of us who are older have known a time when the UK was entirely independent - like most countries in the world" [source].



"It seems there are teachers who either out of bias or stupidity react in a very simplistic way to children's support of UKIP when it is expressed in school. Example: 'My Mum and Dad are voting UKIP in the election'. Teacher's shocked reaction: 'Oh, don't you ever go on holiday in Europe? Don't your parents ever buy food or products from Europe?'  Such ill-informed idiocy from teachers is pretty hard to forgive"   /   "It is a deliberate ploy to instil the idea that those who are anti-EU want to withdraw from the world so we can be belittled as little englanders and held to ridicule. Hence the left wing propaganda espoused by the teacher is typical misinformation and smear"   /   "I expect all our opponents (ie BBC et al) to adopt this deliberate 'confustication'"   /   "This deliberate blurring is typified by those who think it hilarious (and themselves so clever) to claim that Nigel Farage is a hypocrite for being anti-European' whilst having a German wife. Daft as that is, if they really believe their own rationale, one could just as easily turn it around and see his having a German wife as evidence that he is not anti-European. But that wouldn't fit their narrative" [comments at: source].

"The EU referendum promised for 2017, or sooner according to some reports, will coincide with the teaching of a new topic for GCSE history - migration to Britain. Given that this topic is, also, likely to have considerable prominence in the public debate it is instructive to consider what will be taught about it in the classroom. ...  This new syllabus will ensure that, at the same time as the EU referendum campaign and debates on border controls, pupils will be given some strong and seductive arguments in favour of seeing current immigration as a natural evolution of a long historical progress" [source].

"I admit [Nicky Morgan] may be right. Decades of promoting the leftist, globalist agenda in the Academies of Political Correctness known as 'schools' may well have left every young person out there agreeing [with her] that staying in the EU is absolutely necessary to tackle - meaningless platitudes in bold - 'the big problems' and 'issues that they care about' in order to 'make their world a better place.' Then again, eternal optimist that I am, I hold out the hope that there are still some young people out there who will not be taken in by Ms Morgan's fact-free, emotive and disingenuous attempt to scare people into voting against becoming a sovereign state once more" [source].

"The progressive consensus will throw everything it has at this. Europhiles know that if they can defeat this last British bid for freedom the result will be irreversible. Thereafter, intensified demographic reconfiguration of the electorate and relentless propaganda in schools and everywhere else can be relied on to extinguish the British identity. There will not be another referendum, at least not one with the slightest prospect of liberating Britain from Brussels" [source].

"I will also be voting to leave the EU, but I suspect it is already too late for Britain now and long before 2080 will be broken up into regions of the EU. The people around then will neither care what the fuss was about as they will all be propagandised in the schools, colleges and universities, by the media and our politicians of 'what a wonderful place the EU is' and rewrite history to enforce that dogma with the practise of erasing the very words England, Britain and United Kingdom from the maps and those history books. History is often written by the victor. Will the EU be rewriting our history books in 2080? I suspect it will be" [source].


Immigrant Voters

"Many of the 'newcomers' also have no sense of Britishness so why would they vote to be independent from the EU either?" [source].



"Britain has a proud history of standing up to bullies. Time after time, British armies have liberated the nations of Europe from tyrants and dictators:
          *  When Philip of Spain sent his vast Armada to crush upstart England, Elizabeth I's captains met it with cannon and fire-ships;
          *  When the Catholic armies of Louis XIV swarmed across the European continent;
          *  When French revolutionaries sought to remake the world through Terror;
          *  When Napoleon set out to conquer the world;
                    Britain was constantly in the front line.
          *  When the Kaiser's military machine rampaged across Belgium and France, Britain chose to fight - it didn't need to - and paid a heavy price for it.
          *  When Hitler's totalitarian racist regime had swallowed up the whole of Europe, the British and their Commonwealth allies stood alone against him.
"We British are rightly proud of our victories. ... It's not in our nature to be cowed into silence. Defeat and submission are not in our national DNA. Britain does not tolerate bullies"

"And that's why all this talk of punishment and revenge will backfire on the Remainers. They may hope that they can scare us into voting to stay. But the more voters hear that our so-called friends and allies wish to force us to be obedient little Europeans against our will, the less likely [we] will want to stay friends with them" [source].


Liberty: the Battle for the Very Soul of Britain

The following is an extended extract from Battle for the Very Soul of Britain

"Nine hundred and fifty years ago, between two hillocks at Hastings, an Anglo-Saxon king took an arrow in his eye and England surrendered her independence. That was our last - should I say most recent? - defeat on home soil. King Harold's forces fought valiantly but they had been exhausted by two earlier battles ... A shrewd and ruthless Frenchman, Guillaume of Normandy, seized power and London's Witan parliament was never heard of again. ...

"I have been contemplating poor King Harold a fair amount recently. ... As a schoolboy I visited the northern French town of Bayeux to see [the] tapestry and remember a sting of sorrow as I saw the needlework images of vanquished Anglo-Saxons. It was always the same when I read history yarns about British chieftain Caractacus fighting the Romans on his hilltop and later being paraded in Rome as a chained captive; or gallant ... Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni tribe, charging towards the Roman lines in her chariot ... In such accounts, I always rooted for the Brits. ... I always wanted the dwellers of our dank and foggy, sea-set isle to seize the day. Was it a nascent sketchwriter's innate bias or inherited love of country from my fiercely patriotic parents? Was that love wrong? Is that love wrong? I still feel that way.

"The likes of Mr Cameron and his fellow Europhiles ... presumably feel something different when they look at the Bayeux tapestry. I suppose they experience  a glow of quiet satisfaction that William and his forces of European integration over came the locals. ... A deep-rooted part of me rebels against that. ... I grieve for the freedoms that were squashed. And I feel just the same when I look at an castle built by English lords to crush dissent in Scottish and Welsh territory. My sympathies lie with the invaded. ...

"Hereward the Wake [a] Lincolnshire freeman ... had his lands taken by the Normans and decided to do something about it. For a few years after 1066, Hereward and his small army operated out of the Cambridgeshire town of Ely, then an island. They were beaten only after a treacherous monk showed the Normans one of the secret paths to Ely through the Fenland marshes. ... Almost a millennium after the event, I feel a lively indignation on Hereward's behalf. What a cur that monk was to betray him. What if Hereward had continued to oppose William? Could he have combined with the still unconquered Celts and Northumbrians to drive out the 'ingengas'? Or was Norman rule as inevitable as supporters of the EU now say their governing body is inevitable? As for that treacherous monk, was he a sort of Roland Rudd of his day ... the City PR smoothie pulling strings for the Remain camp? ...

"My support for Hereward may reflect a surfeit of foolish romanticism. But it may also echo enduring truths about the importance of self-determination and of remaining true to one's ancestral heritage. For what are we if we deny the past? What is the point of being British if we are not able to say who governs us? And let there be no doubt: if we vote to stay ion the EU, we will not be able to dislodge the elite that runs Brussels. They will be impervious to our democratic disapproval. They will be as safe as William and his shaven-headed Normans were in their mighty castle keeps. ...

"The Leave campaign ... has urged voters to quit the EU for a range of reasons ... Hereward the Wake ... would have heard Vote Leave talk of how we must 'take control' and would surely have thought 'I don't really want control - I want liberty.' ...

"It would obviously be good for us to retrieve national control of trade decisions, tax matters, ... immigration policy ... But where is the optimism in Leave's campaign? Where is the appeal to something more positive, more human, more ardent? The hearts of Hereeward the Wake and his 'green men' would have burned for something greater; something more essential. You could call it self-determination or independence but it is basically the right to plant your feet on the clifftops of Kent, raise your eyes to the cloud-scudding sky, and relish your ancient liberty as a free-born Briton. ...

"I think of my grandfathers. One was wounded three times on the Western Front in World War I. The other landed in Normandy - Normandy! - just before D-Day to clear the beaches of mines. They fought for king and country, yes, but they fought most of all for an idea: freedom. The days of ancestral sword and scramasax may have passed but that powerful notion of liberty, the spirit of British dissent which flared so wonderfully in the East Anglian fens 950 years ago, must never be allowed to die. Without it, we would be an island without pride, an island shorn of soul"

[End of Extract]


Norman and Saxon

"'My son,' said the Norman Baron, 'I am dying, and you will be heir to all the broad acres in England that William gave me for my share
when we conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is. But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:

"The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite. But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow with his sullen set eyes on your own, and grumbles, 'This isn't fair dealing,' my son, leave the Saxon alone.

"You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears; But don't try that game on the Saxon; you'll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the country to the poorest chained serf in the field, they'll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

"But first you must master their language, their dialect, proverbs and songs. Don't trust any clerk to interpret when they come with the tale of their wrongs.
Let them know that you know what they're saying; let them feel that you know what to say. Yes, even when you want to go hunting, hear 'em out if it takes you all day.

"They'll drink every hour of the daylight and poach every hour of the dark. It's the sport not the rabbits they're after (we've plenty of game in the park).
Don't hang them or cut off their fingers. That's wasteful as well as unkind, for a hard-bitten, South-country poacher makes the best man-at-arms you can find.

"Appear with your wife and the children at their weddings and funeral and feasts. Be polite but not friendly to Bishops; be good to all poor parish priests.
Say 'we', 'us' and 'ours' when you're talking, instead of 'you fellows' and 'I'. Don't ride over seeds; keep your temper; and never you tell 'em a lie!"

[Poem by Rudyard Kipling]


Free Nations

The following is an extended extract from Freenations

"Free nations, like free people, are the condition for democracy, free trade and international peace. No system based on freedom under the law and majority votes in elections can exist without a common language, history, [and] religion which form the basis of the law and a predominant culture to which immigrants must gradually assimilate. Such are the achievements of the Nation States. Supranational States achieve the opposite - war, internal conflict, economic failure, financial collapse and social decay, as the USSR, Nazi Europe and the EU today so clearly demonstrate. ...

"The great wars of the 20th century were fought to free the nation states from the hegemony of imperial powers, from fascism and from communism. The years of general peace after 1945 coincided with the rapid growth in the number of nation states, and the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 affirmed the rights of all peoples to self determination. But gradually over the last 50 years the power of supranational government (the EU being the most aggressive) and multinational corporations frustrated and overturned the will of voters and the power of the consumer. They formed that combination of corporate and State power that has always destroyed democracy and nationhood and has always been associated with the rise of fascism ad German imperialism in Europe.

"From the Single European Act of 1986 and the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, conflict and wars, ethnic cleansing, the break up of nations and inter-nation tensions have risen in Europe. The results of the wars which freed the nations have been reversed with the political map of Europe now looking remarkably like 1914 and the height of Nazi hegemony in 1941. The EU has now extended further East than even Hitler was able to venture as recent agreements between the EU and Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova testify. Those agreements - like the early trade agreements of the European Common Market - have already required constitutional surrender by those nations and now there is built by German Europe from the West something akin to the Russian Europe which Stalin built from the East. ...

"Corporatism and Fascism are cross party. They combine the left, the right, and in particular the unthinking centre. ... Therefore the solution is cross party. ...

"Nationism [describes] the (non-nationalistic) concept of the democratic sovereignty of nations trading and co-operating peacefully with other nations. Self-governing and democratic at home and free trading and cooperating abroad, there is nothing aggressive about the nation state.

"NATIONISM: (a) democratic people, (b) equality of nations, (c) cultural homogeneity to ensure democracy, (d) free movement of goods and capital, (e) diffused political and economic power, (f) stable money for people to save.

"NATIONALISM: (a) political State power over other nations, (b) multicultural imperial supranational power, (c) controlled trade to ensure political control, (d) central political and corporate control, (e) inflation for the State to reduce its debt"

[End of Extract]


The Tower of Babel: EU / UN / NWO

"These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.  And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.  And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.  And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar.  And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.  And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.  Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.  So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.  Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth" (Genesis 10:32-11:9).



"The Queen's Majesty hath the chief power in this realm of England and other her dominions, unto whom the chief government of all estates in this realm,
whether they be ecclesiastical or civil, in all causes doth appertain, and is not nor ought to be subjected to any foreign jurisdiction"
[The Thirty Nine Articles of Religion ... as by Law Established, Article 37, quoted at

"And I do declare that no Foreign Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction
Power Superiority Preeminence or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm.  So help me God"
[The Bill of Rights, 1689, Costin & Watson, The Law & Working of the Constitution, Documents 1660-1914]


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