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The Disgusting Exploitation
of the Murder of Jo Cox, MP

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Nazi Slur 'Currently In Common Use' - Green Party Chair  (17 June 2019)

"Yesterday, I reported on the despicable comments of former Green Party leader and current Green MP Caroline Lucas. Lucas shamelessly used the brutal murder of Jo Cox to score political points and to attack both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. However, when all is said and done, Lucas is only one individual right? Surely, this is an abhorrent exception to an otherwise 'kinder', 'gentler' rule? Wrong..."

Lower Than a Snake's Belly  (16 June 2019)

"The Green Party has put in some solid electoral performances of late. However, its former leader and only MP, Caroline Lucas suffered a severe backlash on Twitter today over a piece she penned for The Independent. She wrote: ... Then, in a display of the most cynical and disgusting opportunism you could possible imagine, she continues: ... Thankfully, Twitter users were having none of it and, significantly, it appalled even those who are clearly favourably disposed to Lucas:..."

The Left's Paranoia About Fascist Plots is Baseless  (26 November 2016)

"The late Mrs Jo Cox MP was not killed by a terrorist. She was killed by a murderer. ... Marisa Norris ... equates the activities of the fanatic Thomas Mair with the killers of Lee Rigby ... this is muddled socialist thinking, trying to find equality where none exists. ... There is no widespread organised fascist underground, not are there large numbers of the British public holding secret fascist sympathies ... Left-wing paranoia about fascism curbs free speech and has led to the suffering of thousands in this country..."

Brexiteers Do Not Have Jo's Blood on Their Hands  (25 November 2016)

"Niall McCrae, a lecturer in mental health, wrote he was 'saddened but not completely surprised that another deranged, psychopathic person has taken the life of a public servant.'  He worried that Mrs Cox's legacy should be the safer care of psychotics, not political point scoring as the pro-EU establishment and liberal left media went to town - exploiting Mrs Cox's death and casting it as politically motivated to swing the upcoming referendum their way..."

Remainers, Please, Let Jo Cox Rest in Peace  (24 November 2016)

"They won't let Jo Cox rest in peace. No, not neo-fascists - Remainers, in the media set and the political class, who continue to marshal her awful fate, her body, to their increasingly desperate cause of defaming Brexit. It's a new political style: vulturism, the use of the dead as a stand-in for conviction..."

The Last Time an MP Was Killed, We Did Not Suspend Our Democracy  (21 June 2016)

"The HoC's outpouring of grief lies in stark contrast to the protocol followed 25 years ago, the last time a sitting MP was killed, when democracy continued unabated. ... [David Cameron] announced that this coming Wednesday ... 'there will be a global celebration of her life and values' ... This Wednesday also marks the last day of campaigning for the referendum on British membership for the EU - a referendum for which some of the members sitting in the Commons yesterday have been striving for decades, and which will set the scope of British democracy for decades to come.  As such, far from pausing the campaigning for a 'celebration of her life', many have suggested that the highest form of tribute to Mrs Cox must surely be the continuation of the hotly contested campaign. On this matter, Mr Cameron may wish to take a leaf out of the book of his esteemed predecessor, Margaret Thatcher, the last PM to be forced to deal with the untimely death of a Parliamentary colleague (and in her case, a dear friend.)..."

Remain: When 'Kinder, Gentler Politics' Really Means 'Dirtier, Uglier'  (21 June 2016)

"'This will play well for us', said a Labour pro-remain figure on Saturday responding to the murder of pro-Remain Labour MP Jo Cox. Will Straw, director of the Remain campaign, as been caught red-handed advising his team how to exploit Cox's death by playing up the message that Leave represent 'division and resentment' while only Remain represents 'decent, tolerant Britain.'..."

Why I Am Voting to Leave the EU  (21 June 2016)

"If anyone had any doubts as to how to vote in the referendum, I trust the last few days have made clear the character of those who wish us to Remain. Up until now it has all been 'politics', but the grotesque and unseemly exploitation of the brutal and senseless killing of a young mother and MP demonstrates that the establishment will stop at nothing to browbeat and emotionally blackmail the electorate into allowing Brussels to rule for decades to come..."

We Must Not Let a Crazed Killer Determine Our Country's Future - Whatever Cameron's Spin  (20 June 2016)

"We ... thought this referendum was about sovereignty, democracy, and accountability. The Remain campaign, called out on their 'Project Fear', have rapidly turned the debate into a vote on one man's personality - a man demonised from the very start to fracture the Brexit vote and to divert the public from the real issues ... What Remain fear beyond anything else is the freedom to debate. Mrs Cox's cruel death has provided the excuse they needed to shut it down..."

Devious Remain Campaigners Exploited Jo Cox Killing and Have Opened Pandora's Box  (20 June 2016)

"The concerted drive to link the killing of the MP to the anti-EU Brexit camp will have serious long-term consequences. Inadvertently or knowingly, the politicians who back the Remain camp have opened up a Pandora's box..."

Remain Have Revealed Their Own Hateful Prejudices  (20 June 2016)

Who is really poisoning public debate? Who is it that has turned what ought to have been a smart and deep discussion about Britain and the EU into a prejudice-fest? I know we're meant to think it's the Leave campaign ... But what about Remain? The Remain side ... has proven itself a world-beater ... at fostering disdain for certain sections of society. ... The language being used by Remainers risks becoming unhinged..."

Farage Blasts Jo Cox Death Exploiters: 'Leave Utterly Condemns the Act of Barbarism'  (20 June 2016)

"UKIP leader Nigel Farage has hit back at Remain campaigners who have inflated Leave campaigners and UKIP posters with the tragic death of Jo Cox last Thursday. ... The death of Jo Cox MP, who was killed by a mental patient with reported and alleged decades-long interest in Neo-Nazism has been blamed squarely on Mr. Farage and the Brexit camp. Meanwhile [we have] uncovered hundreds of social media posts from left-wing and Remain activists urging [that] Mr. Farage is 'shot' or 'stabbed' or 'killed'..."

Farage: Cameron Blaming 'Half of Britain' For Jo Cox Murder  (20 June 2016)

"'What we're seeing is the PM and the Remain campaign trying to conflate the actions of one crazed individual with the motives of half of Britain who think we should get back control of our borders and do it sensibly ... there is no level of denigration or false association that [the PM and the Chancellor and other big political leaders in Britain] will not stoop to, but I think people are intelligent enough to see through this sort of thing."

Will Straw Ordered Remain to Attack Leave Over Jo Cox Death  (20 June 2016)

Remain campaign director Will Straw sent the above email to the Stronger In mailing list yesterday. The thinking behind it is revealed in a recording of a conference all, obtained by Guido, which took place yesterday afternoon ... Straw says they should respond to the Cox's death ... by claiming only they represent ' a decent, tolerant' Britain..."  [EMcD: contrast that fantasy with the reality spelled out not very subtly in all the tweets shown in the article directly below this one].

'Shoot and Stab Nigel Farage': Hundreds of Social Media Messages  (20 June 2016)

"The revelations go some way to shattering the narrative that 'hateful' or 'aggressive' rhetoric emanates from only one side of UK politics. Most of the messages ... are are from younger people, and Breitbart found that most were either Liberal Democrat, SNP, or Labour Party supporters. Most of them also expressed pro-European Union sentiment and were overwhelmingly supportive of the 'Remain' campaign at the EU referendum. ... What follows is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most pertinent examples of how Mr. Farage is threatened for exercising his freedom of speech as a political party leader that attracted four million voters at the last general election..."

Trust the People. They Can See Off Project Grief  (20 June 2016)

"It started as the people versus the politicians and it is ending that way. The brutal murder of Labour MP Jo Cox has been ruthlessly exploited by the Remain side and today the ruling faction, which encompasses all so-called parties, will gather in the Commons to pay tribute to their 'martyr', and repeat their mantra that the nation must unite against hatred - thinly disguised code for a plea for the rejection of the Leave call for Britain to reassert its birthright and reclaim its independence. We are all shocked by Mrs Cox's death, but we should not be surprised by the way it has been used for political ends..."

A Tweet From A Young Remainer  (19 June 2016)

"Amidst all the mainstream and social media's sanctimonious virtue-signalling and grotesque Brexit-blaming for the murder of Jo Cox MP on Thursday, was this nasty little tweet by one Remainer, whom, from the content of his well-thought out 'opinion' on the matter, I suppose to be fairly young:..."

Project Grief Continues: Remain Campaigners Still Blame 'Tone', Try to Shut Down Debate on Immigration  (19 June 2016)

"'Remain' supporters have been speaking about how Jo Cox's death was caused by 'hatred' and 'divisive rhetoric' as they try to turn the narrative away from the effects of mass immigration. ... Using this tactic - dubbed 'project grief' - [Remainers] are able to declare their opponents guilty without any burden of proof, shut down debate and ultimately deny them a voice. There are no signs of this stopping as referendum day draws closer..."

The Remain Camp's Campaign to Make Jo Cox Their Own Private Martyr is Beneath Contempt  (19 June 2016)

"Out of respect for the murdered MP, Jo Cox, the Referendum Campaign was placed on pause until today. At least, that's what the two camps agreed. Covertly, the Remain camp saw an opportunity to capitalise on her death - and have cashed in every chip in the house ... MPs gathered publicly to cry together. Signalling their side of the Referendum debate. And wherever Jo had been, Dave and the Remain Dream Team went too. Even to the memorial in the centre of her constituency where Remain had helpfully left posters reminding us we were better together, they stood together - unified once again for the camera, before leaving privately in separate cars. Or the books of condolences, staffed by Remain campaigners in t-shirts reminding the signatories they were better in..."

New York Times Tries to Pin 'Violence' on Brexit Campaign  (19 June 2016)

"With characteristic subtlety, intelligence and insight, the New York Times has lumbered in the Brexit debate and dog-whistled its left-leaning readership with a piece [heavily] hinting that thanks to Nigel Farage Britain is the new Nazi Germany. Let's examine its argument in more detail..."

Random Horror of Mental Illness  (19 June 2016)

"I would not dream of exploiting the untimely death of a young mother for political purposes. I am grieved for all those who loved Jo Cox, and are desolated by her death. I expend my sympathy to them. But I have the strong sense that others do seek to turn this event into propaganda for a cause. It has happened very swiftly. It needs to cease. And to counter it I shall need to say some things I would normally have waited some time to say..."

Can't We Show Some Decency About Jo Cox's Death?  (18 June 2016)

"From what we have already seen, those in favour of 'Remain' will find it impossible not to attempt to make political capital from this brutal murder in a campaign that the polls previously showed them losing. Is it too much to ask for some decency? Perhaps. About 50% of the population have one view of our membership of the EU, and about 50% have another view. I can already see the temptation of some 'Remainers'. They may keep it subtle ... or they may try to say that a vote to stay in the EU is a vote against 'hatred' and for 'hope' or the politics of 'unity' over those of 'division'. ... I trust that those campaigning for 'Remain' recognise that a victory achieved on those terms would be the sourest and most divisive victory of all."

Jo Cox - A Lasting Legacy for Good Out of Tragedy  (18 June 2016)

"How can we honour, celebrate and remember a life of service to the good of others tragically cut short? In time flowers die and memories fade away. Words are often said in the political sphere to give apparent substance to pure wind. Is this the best that we as a society or as individuals can do?..."

The Great Emote is Calculated to Keep Us All in Line  (18 June 2016)

"In the first few hours of the undeniably shocking murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, I reserved judgment. I hoped that the initial statesmanlike tributes and genuine expressions of grief (plus proper concern for politicians' safety given the increasing numbers of unstable people on the streets) would be the beginning and proper end of it. I hoped in vain. ... [The] default social media response was a depressing sign of the times..."

Tone: The Liberal-Left's Codeword for 'I Hate Free Speech'  (18 June 2016)

"[In] times of tragedy like the murder of Jo Cox MP, [Polly Toynbee] knows exactly what to write... it's the same things dull, predictable left-liberal columnists always write on those rare occasions when there's a shooting incident they can plausibly ascribe to 'right-wing' ideology. ... Now they're dusting it off and sprucing it up for use once again. It's that old favourite - right-wing 'tone'. Here's Polly, showing how it's done:..."

I Will Not Be Intimidated Into Silence By a Mob Capitalising on Tragedy. Sorry  (17 June 2016)

"Anyone wanting to see the dark, ugly side of humanity had only to look at the comments coursing on Twitter last night ... I've seen some acts of abject intellectual and moral cowardice and assorted low skulduggery during this campaign, but even I was shocked by just how low some people were prepared to go last night. One of these snarling little Moral Police tried to come for me too..."

A Day of Revulsion  (17 June 2016)

"Almost as sickening as the murder itself on Thursday, was witnessing the cynical, self serving indulgence of some people who sought to make political capital out of Mrs Cox's death. For people to use the murder as a weapon with which to bash a campaign they oppose (leave), claiming [that] high profile people in that campaign have sought to make people feel rage and so cannot be surprised that this violent murder was the outcome, is disgusting and outrageous..."

Jo Cox and the Apportioning of Blame  (17 June 2016)

"Free speech is such a precious value that we need to preserve. People should be free to say whatever they think, providing that they do not incite violence, without being concerned about harmful reactions. Free speech inevitably means freedom to disagree and freedom to offend. We must defend the right to say things that others may not like and promote the rights of others to offend us too. Without free speech democracy cannot function, nor can an open society..."

Jo Cox's Tragic Death Must Not Quell the Great Debate About Britain's Future  (17 June 2016)

"The savage killing of Jo Cox yesterday has shocked the country and rightly brought about a suspension of campaigning in the EU referendum to be held next week. ... Mrs Cox was ... a supporter of the Remain campaign. ... Attempts are being made, most notably by the Guardian in an editorial today to link her death to the movement seeking to persuade the British public to server its ties with Brussels..."

Jo Cox: Don't Use This Tragedy to Tame Democracy  (17 June 2016)

"The spirit of democracy was dealt two blows yesterday. The first came from a warped killer, Thomas Mair ... the second blow came from more respectable quarters. It came from ghouls in the media and political classes who, with nauseating speed, and a remarkable lack of shame, have sought to exploit Cox's death for political gain; who swiftly blamed the murder on the Brexit lobby (Cox was pro-EU and pro-migration, and it's suspected her killer was anti both these things); and who have marshalled Cox's death to the cause of sanitising political speech and insisting that certain views no longer be openly expressed. The blow against the spirit of democracy dealt by these cynical tragedy-milkers was less horrific, but it could prove to have a longer-lasting and more dire impact on free debate..."

Jo Cox and Political Assassinations  (17 June 2016)

"At the risk of boring everyone to tears by asking the obvious, why does the liberal-left try to link the 'right wing' to the murder of British MP Jo Cox, whilst fanatically disassociating Islam from any act of Islamic unpleasantness ...? The double standards involved here are simply jaw-dropping. Most of the Islamic downsides ... can be directly linked to the scriptures of Islam, but left-liberals will deny this until their last pseudo-sanctimonious breath. And as far as I am aware, there are no 'right-wing' groups in the West which command members to murder their political opponents, yet left-liberals will go the the most extraordinarily wicked and immoral lengths in their attempts to link just such a scenario..."

Xenophobia or Common Sense?  (17 June 2016)

"One would think that Mair's medical history should be viewed only from a psychiatric perspective, not a political one. Even qualified psychiatrists can seldom predict what may set a madman off, inspiring a violent act. ... only an idiot or a cynic will link the Leave campaign with the act of a lunatic..."

'Britain First' Shout Eyewitness on BNP Membership List  (17 June 2016)

"The eyewitness who insists Jo Cox's killer shouted 'Britain First' before murdering the MP was on the leaked BNP membership and contacts list. Britain First and the BNP are known to be openly hostile toward one another..."

Developments  (17 June 2016)

"I have written a lot today, mostly impressions of what has transpired based on the available verifiable facts (of which there are few). If you find I am in error, feel free to correct me ... There is no value at all in clinging onto narratives if they are based on a false premise. ... Being wrong is fine if you can admit to it. That the media cannot and takes no responsibility for what it does is why I so thoroughly despise them..."

Cox Murder: White Noise and Deception  (17 June 2016)

"Reports of what eyewitnesses have said have been misreported and there are wild inconsistencies between sources. There is also a degree of exploitation going on ... We are still seeing an amplification of spurious links with far right organisations, made all the more useless by the media's complete debasement of the term 'far right', having applied the term to anyone who isn't Labour. It may be a factor, it may not. All we do know is that the implied connection with Brexit is entirely opportunistic exploitation..."

Project Grief: Remain's Dirty Politicking Has Hit an All-Time Low  (17 June 2016)

"Dear Remainers, The morning after a senseless tragedy which has appalled the whole of Britain I'd like to ask you a simple question: Is there any depth to which you will not stoop in order to somehow snatch victory in this EU referendum? The answer I'm getting from some of you is: 'Nope. None.'  ... First came Project Fear; then Project Lies; now - the most cynical and exploitative of all - Project Grief..."

Jo Cox Friend and Eyewitness: 'Immoral' For Her to Be Used as Referendum 'Token'  (17 June 2016)

"Birstall, UK - A friend, fellow Labour Party campaigner, and eyewitness to the murder of MP Jo Cox has told Breitbart London that he does not believe her murder should be used as a 'token' for 'political ego' in the referendum campaign. Today, though Remain campaigners have officially claimed to have stopped campaigning, Breitbart London has received reports from around the country that 'Stronger in' and 'Better For Our Future' leaflets are still being delivered..."

Cox Witness Says No One Shouted Britain First  (17 June 2016)

"A sign in a shop by the spot [at which] Jo Cox was killed states [that] the claims that the gunman shouted 'Britain First' are untrue..."

Morning in Birstall the Day After Death of Jo Cox  (17 June 2016)

Andy Bell, Channel 5 News on Twitter.

They Know Not What They Do  (16 June 2016)

"The senseless slaying of Jo Cox is a tragedy. ... What is not at all surprising today is the media reaction: shallow, quick to point fingers and ultimately untrue..."

The Political Establishment Will Exploit the Murder of Jo Cox to Kill Brexit  (16 June 2016)

"The facts don't really matter to the left, who scream 'Not All Muslims!' after every Islamist [sic] attack, but will immediately exploit the death of Jo Cox to frame 'Vote Leave' supporters as dangerous extremists. ... The stage is now set for the next week - the callous, fearmongering, 'Vote Remain' campaign will do what they do best - scare people into submission, by claiming that anyone who supports Britain regaining control of its own country from unelected EU bureaucrats is an extremist who supports the murder of innocent people."

MP Killer Had 'Psychotherapy and Medication'; Never Spoke About Europe or Politics  (16 June 2016)

"A 52-year-old man has been arrested, West Yorkshire Police confirmed. He has been named locally as Thomas Mair and described as a 'loner' by neighbours. They said he had mental health problems, but was kind and helpful and did not belong 'to any political party and I never heard him express any views about Europe or anything'..."

Politicising Death: EU Commissioner Tweets Jo Cox MP Murdered for her EU Support  (16 June 2016)

"The EU Commissioner for Migration has claimed that Jo Cox MP was 'murdered for her dedication to European democracy and humanity' ... [But] neighbours insisted he did not 'belong to any political party' and did not 'express any views about Europe or anything'..."

Scene in Birstall Where Eye Witness Quoted Says Did NOT Hear Anyone Shouting 'Britain First'  (16 June 2016)

Andy Bell, Channel 5 News on Twitter.

Death in Birstall: A Crisis That Did Not Go to Waste  (16 June 2016)

"Birstall is a southwestern suburb of Leeds, near Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire. ... Ms. Cox's constituency is fairly culturally enriched. As a result, a number of witnesses to the crime were Muslims. One of them told the media that he heard Mr. Mair shout 'Britain First!' as he attacked the MP. This immediately made headlines in the British media, and the race was on to blame Brexit supporters for the death of Jo Cox...."

The Guardian in the Gutter  (16 June 2016)

"Labour MP Jo Cox has been murdered and just hours later the Guardian has passed judgement in its editorial which actually compares those who criticise Islamist [sic] extremism with the Islamist [sic] extremists of the Islamic State and of course blames the mild and sensible Nigel Farage for Jo Cox's death ... The Guardian ends with this plea to honour Jo Cox's memory as it uses every trick in the book to use her death to peddle its own political agenda:..."

Remain Campaigners Rush to Blame Brexit for MP Attack  (16 June 2016)

"Just an hour after a 52-year-old man allegedly shot and stabbed Mrs. Cox, who had been remaining for Britain to remain in the EU, many online are seeking to tar with the same brush all those behind Brexit. ... Yet in 2010, when al-Qaeda sympathiser Roshonara Choudry stabbed Stephen Timms, the Labour MP for East Hams, many of those same voices rushed to insist that it has 'nothing to do with Islam' and 'Muslims can't be blamed'..."

Britain First Has Denied the Organisation Has Any Involvement in the Shooting of Labour MP Jo Cox  (16 June 2016)

"Jayda Fransen, the Deputy Leader of the controversial group, told LBC that she condemned the attack and it wasn't anything to do with her activists. ... 'We absolutely condemn this kind of behaviour, we think it is disgusting in fact, and attacking an MP is an attack on democracy. We are in the middle of a referendum period and I am hearing people, individuals and other political parties, every single day, using the slogan Britain first, yet somehow [on] the back of an eyewitness which is just hearsay, people are pointing fingers. It's not something that we can condone at all..."

A Day of Sadness  (16 June 2016)
"A young woman of good character has been murdered. There is a narrative afoot that she, a Labour politician, has been shot to death, allegedly by someone of a far right leaning - with motives related to the referendum implied. Such is pure speculation and I expect we will not get a clear picture of events this day..."

TIMELINE:  Labour MP Jo Cox Murdered on Street - Suspected Killer 'Mental Health Problems'  (16 June 2016)

"A British member of parliament has succumbed to her injuries after being 'stabbed and shot' in an attack in her constituency in Yorkshire..."

Oakwell Hall Thriving With the Help of Volunteers  (31 May 2010)

"Thomas Mair, 46, started volunteering at the park after learning about the opportunity through the Mirfield-based Pathways Day Centre for adults with mental health problems..."


YouTubes and Videos

VIDEO:  Brexit: Jo Cox Murder  (18 June 2016)

"The news media immediately ran with reports that Mair had shouted 'Britain First' - which is a political party in the UK. It was everywhere - front page news on almost all the major papers - Mair was a Brexit supporter motivated to attack a Vote Remain campaigner - but what is the truth?"

VIDEO:  Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder  (16 June 2016)

"After the tragic murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, Vote Remain and the mainstream media wasted no time in crafting an unfounded political narrative in an attempt to influence the EU Referendum vote. Paul Joseph Watson joins Stefan Molyneux to break down the latest Brexit media manipulations and correct the false narrative around the unfortunate death of Mrs. Jo Cox."

VIDEO:  Jo Cox Witness Says He Never Heard 'Britain First'  (16 June 2016)

"Reporter: You know that people have said that there was 'Britain First was being said'.  Witness, shaking his head: 'I never heard that; I can't confirm that'."

VIDEO:  Jo Cox Shooting: Britain First Official Statement  (16 June 2016)

"Please watch the official Britain First statement regarding the media attempts to incriminate Britain First into this heinous crime."


Quotations and Comments

Political Opportunism

"[I]t is very disappointing that so many in the Remain campaign, especially those on the Left, have sought to exploit Jo Cox's death for their advantage. It is morally reprehensible that they think they know the motives of the alleged killer, who, by all accounts, has a long history of mental instability. To score cheap points against the Brexit campaign is a very ugly form of political opportunism" [Peter Oborne, Daily Mail, 18 June 2016].

"The Labour MP Maria Eagle, quick to tweet the killer shouted 'Britain First', was later forced to hit delete when she realised her crass political hopes for a motive may have been exactly that. But Maria Eagle was just the first in a long line of Remain campaigners determined to own this tragedy for their advantage" [source].

"Many called for a kinder politics in [Jo Cox's] memory. You'll notice it is the same people lecturing us on being kind who spent a full week prior threatening pensioners with poverty and writing a blackmail budget. They represent a project called Fear. Their hypocrisy knows no end" [source].

"First came the pilgrimage by the two main party leaders David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn - both pro-Remain - to lay wreaths in Cox's constituency ... and preach the virtues of 'tolerance' and 'democracy' (dogwhistling: if you don't believe in these virtues then you must be VoteLeave). The yesterday, Parliament was recalled from its summer recess for a special sitting. Ostensibly to celebrate the life and the 'kinder, gentler politics' apparently embodied by Jo Cox; but also, unfortunately , to allow campaigners like MP Stephen Kinnock - son of two of the EU's more voracious apparatchiks Neil and Glenys - yet more dogwhistling opportunities by talking about ... 'unity not division'. (Unity: you mean, like, in a 'not leaving the EU' kind of way, Stephen?)  After that will come the funeral which - let us pray - will remain a private affair. If you think this is normal procedure for when a parliamentarian is killed while in office, you'd be mistaken" [source].

"Despite both Vote Leave and Remain camps suspending campaigning out of respect, David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn took the opportunity to make a party political broadcast to the entire nation to promote the Remain cause ... No prominent member from Vote Leave was present ... The message is clear: They weren't welcome ... So while David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn were sanctimoniously spewing out anti-hatred platitudes, they were subtly fanning the flames of hate against the Brexit campaign. They deliberately and callously exploited the killing of Jo Cox to make the EU Referendum about the tolerance of Remain vs the hate of Leave. It was as calculated as it was cynical, an opportunity they most certainly were not going to miss" [source].

"Both David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn asserted they are against the politics of hate. How true is this? Both off them are supporters of the violent far-left organisation Unite Against Fascism. It's an extreme left-wing group that operates outside democracy and has committed numerous acts of violence. Additionally, Jeremy Corbyn has referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as 'friends' and he was chastised for this by the PM in parliament just a few weeks prior to Jo Cox's murder. In light of their statements, these two leaders must now distance themselves from Unite Against Fascism if they are to be taken seriously. And Labour must withdraw its support of the Islamic terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah and be as vocal in condemning them. It's difficult to believe either of these leaders is opposed to hatred when they support such violent, extremist groups" [source].

"Muslims waging jihad in the way of Allah have committed 28,640 acts of terror and counting. Yet both Labour and Conservatives have refused to connect them to Islam. Islamic State is slaughtering and raping people wherever it goes but the political elites continually tell their people it's 'nothing to do with Islam'. Contrast this with the reaction to Jo Cox's murder. ... In their desperation to turn the tide of the EU referendum in their favour by demonizing the Leave campaign, the political leaders will have to apply the same standards to future acts of Islamic terrorism and blame Islam. Not to mention blaming themselves for importing jihad because of the open borders policy of the EU. A failure to do so will expose them as hypocrites and liars who refuse to stand against hate when it doesn't suit their interests" [source].

"David Cameron has just tweeted a link to the last blog Jo Cox posted before she died - in support of the Remain campaign - using her voice to make his argument sound reasonable. He is still suing her for political gain. Any decent man would let the woman rest in peace" [source].

"The shameless, unBritish and, and dare I say it, unChristian response to the death of Jo Cox tells me all I need to know about Cameron and the rest who wish to control us. His actions - from seeking to crush any dissent against leaving the EU and his twisting of the narrative to paint any critics of Brussels as flirters with violence - demonstrate his lack of character, his ruthlessness and his immorality" [source].

"In the wake of the Orlando massacre, the Rev'd Canon Gavin Ashenden observed the rush to use that horror for political ends: 'The public space suddenly became full of different groups drawing lessons from it that supported their agendas. It's understandable, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It reduces the human lives lost to statistics for arguments'" [source].

MSM, Press, Columnists

"With what can only be described as moral imbecility, an editorial in yesterday's Guardian leapt from mourning Mrs Cox's death to castigating Brexit for highlighting public concerns about mass immigration" [Editor's Comment, Daily Mail, 18 June 2016].

"A Guardian editorial ... slammed the 'merchants of post-truth politics' and said they're now pushing a 'post-moral politics' too ... [But] facts don't matter when your sole aim is to use tragedy to silence your opponents. And the Guardian has the temerity to call others 'post-truth'." [source].

"Meanwhile, the [Guardian's] increasingly eccentric columnist Polly Toynbee blamed Leave campaigners for creating the 'ugly public mood' in which the attack happened - as if Remainers have spread sweetness and light with their cries of racism and talk of genocide and world war. She even exploited Jo Cox's death to call for the sacking of Michael Gove" [Editor's Comment, Daily Mail, 18 June 2016].

"Disrespecting the dead by using [Jo Cox] as a ventriloquist's dummy to express their political concerns. ... The Guardian's Polly Toynbee said this 'referendum campaign' has made the air 'corrosive'. She doesn't mean her side in the referendum campaign; she means the other lot, the disgusting lot, the Leave lot" [source].

"Polly Toynbee felt that the death of Jo Cox gave her carte blanche to make some vicious and unsubstantiated slurs against leading Leave politicians, effectively calling them Nazis - even the benign endlessly polite Michael Gove" [source].

"At the New Statesman Laurie Penny insisted that 'We owe it to Jo Cox not to write off her death as an act of affectless terrorism or meaningless'.  This is because the killer appears to have had links to 'far-right' groups. And yes, this is the same Laurie Penny who only three days earlier - after the massacre of 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida by a gunman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' - insisted that there were no lessons to be taken from that massacre other than that 'love wins'. That and the claim that people who politically disagree with her, 'are pleased about the slaughter of 50 souls in a gay [sic] bar'." [source].

"You would think a vessel like the Spectator would be one to set an example. Clearly not. ... As europhile, [Alex] Massie believes the [Leave] rhetoric to be entirely baseless and in so doing absolves himself and his creed of any wrongdoing, implying it is Brexiteers who share a collective responsibility" [source].

"Within one hour of Cox's death being announced - one measly hour - the Spectator's Alex Massie was writing about her death as a consequence of Leave's 'rhetoric'. ... which says, like every censorious argument in history has said, that if you don't silence yourself, if you don't repress your heretical ideas, then people will suffer as a consequence. Moral blackmail disguised as political commentary" [source].

"The Mail on Sunday's truly sickening coverage ... colluded with the left-wing view - wickedly prosecuted by Polly Toynbee and others - that the killing of Jo Cox was 'evil' and was motivated by 'hatred' rooted in support of far-right causes linked with opposition to immigration and xenophobia. The reality is not so polarised or simple. The alleged killer had mental health issues and his actions seem to have been actually based on paranoia. Even the Victorians accepted that those with such an affliction see disproportionate and unjustified threats everywhere - it is part of their illness. The Left and their Cameroon fellow travellers have shamelessly ignored this in [their] headlong rush to discredit the 'exit' arguments" [source].

"There is any number of witless articles springing up about Jo Cox, but [the articles commented on above] are important because they represent the group-think, the cultural hegemony of the entire Western establishment" [source].

Blackmailing, Bullying, Censoring, Silencing, Hypocrisy

"I can scarcely think of a more appalling aspersion to cast on the millions and millions of thoroughly decent people out there who have been campaigning for Leave and are intending to vote Leave: not because they're racist or far-right or Little Englander-ish or selfish or xenophobic or any of the other aspersions regularly cast at them by the snooty, self-preserving Remain elite; just because they've listened to the debate, considered the issues and decided that on balance, Britain will be a happier, more fulfilled, more stable and more democratic country if only it can pluck up the courage to [leave] a supranational organisation which has long outlived its usefulness" [source].

"Ask yourself what would have happened had it been Nigel Farage not Jo Cox slain on a pavement, whether they would have called for kinder Politics? I suspect in some quarters they would declare he brought it on himself. How they laughed when his family were attacked whilst trying to enjoy a family lunch in a pub" [source].

"Listening to liberals blame the Leave campaign for Jo's death has been sickening. I have been told I have blood on my hands because I am part of the problem. A figure of hate, spreading divisiveness and fear. It will be news to these fools, but her death had nothing to do with me. I kept my silence whilst all around me spread false rumour or covertly campaigned for Remain. I held my tongue, whilst liberals bashed their tonsils. I stayed off Twitter as Labour MPs spread lies and gossip they were later forced to delete" [source].

"This is the terrible irony of Remainers' handwringing over the poisoning of public debate: they have played a major part in said poisoning, in stirring up prejudice against the allegedly dim, the overemotional, the confused, the old, the plebs, the howling, brainless throng. How can they pontificate about hatred while communicating some pretty hateful views of their own? Simple: because their kind of hatred is so longstanding, so entrenched in certain political and media circles, that they don't even think of it as hatred. It's just reality, right, this situation where we clever people must endure the howls of those politically uninformed people? The chutzpah of it: under the guise of taking a stand against prejudice, Remainers are resuscitating one of the oldest prejudices" [source].

"The message is this: if you are anti-EU - or worse, anti-immigration - then you played a part  in creating a climate in which an innocent woman could be murdered. This creeping criminalisation of certain ways of thinking, of certain people, is likely to have a chilling effect on honest, democratic debate: indeed it is designed to ... the long-existent censorious instinct of much of the media and political class is now being pegged to the murder of Cox. That is grotesque. ... It seeks to demonise, and silence, views the mainstream media don't like" [source].

"Apparently, in the eyes of the left one isn't allowed to fight back. But I'm afraid I disagree with this. Freedom of speech is important - never more so than in dark times like this. Bad ideas need to be challenged. Truths must be asserted. Vile calumnies denounced" [source].

"The intelligentsia - members of the supposedly civilised dinner party set - are complicit in trying to stoke up a mob and turn it on people who disagree with them about the forthcoming EU referendum. Well, I'm sorry, but this blog will not be silenced, nor will I be told by Twitter trolls or champagne socialists in the Guardian that I am in any way responsible for the toxic 'mood' which has come to rest on this country. That mood is entirely the fault of the self-serving elites and their media cheerleaders, who have ignored or belittled those with differing opinions for so long that it has indeed provoked a rage - but a nonviolent one; not the rage which killed Jo Cox. Nor will I be given moral lectures by people who, in the immediate hours following the tragedy, rushed to their keyboards to make political capital out of young woman's death ... rending their garments and wailing into Twitter about how awful we Brexiteers are" [source].

"These snivelling, sanctimonious Moral Police [Bayith Note: aka SJWs] will do anything to silence dissent. they will erect safe spaces or no platform people they dislike. They will make being 'offensive' a criminal charge and imprison people. They will harass, bully, and attempt to shame people on social media if they do not at all times say the 'correct' thing or espouse the proper opinions. And now, when faced with the death of an MP, young woman and mother, they will wait not even a day before seeking to capitalise on the tragedy and use it to silence their dissenters. The intimidation will not work on ne, and I am determined that it will not work on this country" [source].

Attempting to Subvert the Democratic Process

"Dear Remainers ... One more question - tougher one for you to answer honestly, this, I suspect: do you genuinely, sincerely believe that Thomas Mair, the suspected gunman who killed Jo Cox is representative of the 50% or more of British people who believe that our country would be a better, freer, more prosperous, secure and democratically accountable place outside the EU? ... And if you don't believe it but are suggesting it anyway in order to make a cheap political point then I'd say it makes you almost as dangerous as Thomas Mair - for what you're in fact attempting to do here is undermine the very fabric of British democracy in the most dishonest, devious, unscrupulous way imaginable. What you are doing is trying to exploit the ... act of an unstable individual in order to bully and guilt-trip the British people into acting against what may be in their best interests" [source].

"What Remain fear beyond anything else is the freedom to debate. Mrs Cox's cruel death has provided the excuse they need to shut it down. This is a shameful reaction to the best, most publicly engaged in and open debate that has taken place in Britain for half a century ... the resurgence of the public's engagement with politics, the resurgence of British common sense along with the public's newly vocal demand for more information about Europe ... has clearly terrified the Remain camp" [source].

"Brexit campaigners, whatever their faults, have not been calling for violence in their rhetoric" [source].

"Absolutely the worst response to this killing of a democrat would be to have less debate, less anger, less ideological clashing - things that are the lifeblood of the democratic process. ... which by its very nature must permit and in fact encourage the expression of all views - even those held by what the media elite views as disgusting people who live under stones" [source].

"However great her personal qualities, Ms Cox was a left-leaning MP in a Socialist party whose political stance on all issues - including immigration - were roundly rejected by British voters in the last general election. It's awful that she died. But the idea that her random and brutal murder should suddenly give her personal opinions a martyrly special status in which they should be privileged above those of any other politician or campaigner is as absurd as it is anti-democratic" [source].

Attempting to Skew the Referendum

"Here is the psyop formula: MP Jo Cox wanted to remain in the EU. Her killer was a 'Brexit right-wing crazy' who yelled 'Britain First!' as he murdered her. Therefore, all people who want Brexit are right-wing crazies. Therefore, vote to remain in the EU" [source].

"The expected outcome of Jo Cox's murder was a net migration of voters from 'Leave' to 'Remain'.  Hence, no rational proponent of Brexit would have killed Jo Cox a week before the referendum. And yet the official version of the events claims that Tommy Mair was brave enough to sacrifice his liberty and perhaps even his life for the Brexit cause, but crazy enough to choose a course of action that would undermine that cause" [source].

"Think about how patently absurd this is. A complete inversion of logic. We are now subjected to a massive media psy-op for several days, all about the bitterness in politics, the toxic immigration debate (basically taking the valid immigration arguments off the table by smearing any such debate as inherently Nazi), and how all Vote Leave are nasty people. One psycho murdered a woman... and a nation is gaslighted into EUSSR totalitarianism" [source].

"[Many yesterday called the murder] an 'offence against democracy' ... It will only become such an offence if the democratic process is suspended for too long, with the campaign put on hold because of this ghastly act" [Editor's Comment, Daily Mail, 18 June 2016].

"The referendum should go ahead and not be postponed, as some are urging. After a weekend of reflection and mourning, it is only right that the EU debate should resume. It must be conducted without scare-mongering or personal abuse. The nation should be free to listen to the closing arguments for and against remaining in the EU and then make the greatest decision it has faced since World War II. This is the correct way to proceed" [Peter Oborne, Daily Mail, 18 June 2016].

"The media will use the Jo Cox shooting as a way to push the pro-EU narrative. Watch it happen in real time. Agenda 'journalism'. Pro-EU politicians are already shamefully exploiting the incident to push their agenda" [source].

"With [the comment of EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos] you begin to see how the laudable fight against hatred become a fight instead against what some people hate, and evil becomes all that is disagreeable or contentious. Brexit? Good Lord, no, not now. It is driven by the demons of prejudice, hatred and bigotry. Jo Cox was for Remain, and we must honour her memory by voting to remain. It is what she would have wanted" [source].

"The stage is now set for the next week - the callous, fearmongering 'Vote Remain' campaign will do what they do best - scare people into submission, by claiming that anyone who supports Britain regaining control of its own country from unelected EU bureaucrats is an extremist who supports the murder of innocent people" [source].

"I mourn her death as an individual as much as anyone. But on Thursday people will do well to remember that the Referendum is about the future of our country. Not about the senseless death of one woman. And certainly not about making people feel guilty or complicit in her murder because they dare believe quite reasonably - and for the best of reasons, not the worst - that our country is still capable of governing itself" [source].

"It would be an awful, awful shame if the most important democratic decision any Briton is going to face in his or her lifetime should come down not the the facts or the arguments or people's instincts as to what is truly right for Britain - but simply to crass speculation as to what a madman may have intended when he killed an innocent working mother in the street" [source].

"One bonus of the referendum debate has to been to throw off [the stifling blanket of Political Correctness] and rediscover the value of vigorous and unfettered argument. We grieve today for Mrs Cox, her husband and their children. But we insist on the right freely to go on making the case for Britain to regain its independence on Thursday" [source].

"We must not allow these attempts to skew the debate in its last few critical days to terrorise us. We must continue to expose these shameful 'shaming' tactics and pray that the British public can see through them. it will be a tragedy of one man's madness and its exploitation has decided the course of our country for at least a generation" [source].

"The establishment has thrown the kitchen sink at Leave in the past few days. A vote for Brexit is now a vote for hatred and division when, of course, the alternative is a vote for the order, harmony and peace of the EU - just don't mention the riots and suicides in Greece, the barbed wire in Eastern European Borders, the imminent new crisis in the Eurozone, the swift decline of the European economies, the violence and crime spawned by mass migration. Yet are the people cowed by this orchestrated bullying by the elites? Perhaps not. Anecdotally, one hears that outside London and the big cities, there is overwhelming support for Brexit. And if BBC's Sunday night QT is anything to go by, the people are still not getting the sanctimonious message that to insist on your right to self-governance makes you some kind of Nazi. ... The people of Britain stand in one corner, their elders and betters in another. We will soon see if Project Fear and Project Grief have done their worst, or if we have the courage to take back control" [source].

'The Great Emote'

"The great emote ... began within hours; helped by [Jo Cox's] husband Brendan tweeting a picture of her as she lay dying in hospital ... and a 'colleague', who'd hotfooted it to Birstall as soon as he heard the news to publicly display his grief ... as 'emoter' number one...

"The BBC, the public and the politicians are all complicit in this modern day media death exploitation and the 'info-tainment' the public have come to expect. ... Instead of being respected and grieved privately, death has become a public commodity to be traded, vied over and exploited - and more sickeningly to be 'got off' on. ... What was once private and distant is now public and in our faces...

"In the thirty six hours following Mrs Cox's tragic death, neither the MSM, nor the social media, nor the politicians have disappointed. We all must join in with the public display of breast-beating demanded. What's more there must be no division now, we hear ourselves being told over and over again ... Grief once again has become the means to control political debate - to end what is cleverly described as division...

"The Parliament Square and Birstall church vigils, the piles of flowers, the tweets and the Facebook links, endless interviews with sobbing members of the public who have never even met the MP, all no doubt well intended, play into this mind management ... Yet the cries [are] about them - the politicians and public doing the 'grieving' - and about the emoting possibilities the occasion [presents] them...

"The cult of the individual - the me culture - [has] altered the British psyche ... faux grief and self indulgence. Display your sorrow, your sympathy, your compassion, your humanity and all will be well and nothing more needs be done. Thus are the masses kept in their waking sleep and politically correct groupthink dominates. Critical and independent thinking is quashed ... Those who [refuse are] treated like pariahs and [suffer] the tribulations of being the outsiders, just like the untermensch...

"In the last few months, almost miraculously some of this [politically correct groupthink] suddenly lifted. The EU referendum has opened a door to real debate and created a once in a lifetime opportunity for escape from this stifling embrace of politically correct thought. Freedom to speak at last seemed to have come. Then came the grievous death of Jo Cox and we find, once more, that emoting has gone into overdrive and all the subtle bullying that goes with it has descended upon us - repressing our freedom of speech and thought...

"For totalitarianism comes of mind control and compliance to cultural mores as much as it does of direct political authority. And modern man's emotions and his mind are malleable indeed" [source].

Social Media

Amidst all the mainstream and social media's sanctimonious virtue-signalling and grotesque Brexit-blaming for the murder of Jo Cox MP on Thursday, was this nasty little tweet by one Remainer, who, from the content of his well-thought out 'opinion' on the matter, I suppose to be fairly young:

"I see an elderly Brexit nutjob has shot + stabbed a pro-EU MP while shouting 'Britain First'. Truly a credit to the Brexit demographic :/" -- Alex P (@alexperryman) June 16, 2016

This young man does not realise that the 'elderly Brexit' voters he so arrogantly despises are not voting for our future - we will soon be gone and out of reach of the tyranny of the anti-democratic EU monster; we are voting for the future freedom of this young man, as our forebears fought against the very same evil regime last century for our freedom.  They made the greatest sacrifice possible in the bloody battles of the Somme and of Normandy; we receive mere childish name-calling from the ignorant.  I think we can withstand such pinpricks.

I have several nephews whose parents have raised them to know the utmost importance of understanding history, to respect the sacrifices of their forefathers - for their sakes, and to strive to be honourable in all their ways.  I am quite sure that there are far more young people like my nephews than there are like this boastful young man.  If Britain does indeed remain in the EU, then some day, when he has grown a little older and is mourning his freedom lost for ever under the oppressive totalitarian jackboot of the New World Order, I hope he may also have grown a little wiser and a little more humble, and will look back with bitter regret for his proud disdain for the 'Brexit demographic' who, in reality, knew far more than he.

Until then, he might care to ponder this:

"Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves"

...and to think on this from a man much older and wiser and more knowledgeable and tested than this young Remainer:

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God ... ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth ... their folly shall be manifest unto all men"



Liberty: the Battle for the Very Soul of Britain

The following is an extended extract from Battle for the Very Soul of Britain

"Nine hundred and fifty years ago, between two hillocks at Hastings, an Anglo-Saxon king took an arrow in his eye and England surrendered her independence. That was our last - should I say most recent? - defeat on home soil. King Harold's forces fought valiantly but they had been exhausted by two earlier battles ... A shrewd and ruthless Frenchman, Guillaume of Normandy, seized power and London's Witan parliament was never heard of again. ...

"I have been contemplating poor King Harold a fair amount recently. ... As a schoolboy I visited the northern French town of Bayeux to see [the] tapestry and remember a sting of sorrow as I saw the needlework images of vanquished Anglo-Saxons. It was always the same when I read history yarns about British chieftain Caractacus fighting the Romans on his hilltop and later being paraded in Rome as a chained captive; or gallant ... Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni tribe, charging towards the Roman lines in her chariot ... In such accounts, I always rooted for the Brits. ... I always wanted the dwellers of our dank and foggy, sea-set isle to seize the day. Was it a nascent sketchwriter's innate bias or inherited love of country from my fiercely patriotic parents? Was that love wrong? Is that love wrong? I still feel that way.

"The likes of Mr Cameron and his fellow Europhiles ... presumably feel something different when they look at the Bayeux tapestry. I suppose they experience  a glow of quiet satisfaction that William and his forces of European integration over came the locals. ... A deep-rooted part of me rebels against that. ... I grieve for the freedoms that were squashed. And I feel just the same when I look at an castle built by English lords to crush dissent in Scottish and Welsh territory. My sympathies lie with the invaded. ...

"Hereward the Wake [a] Lincolnshire freeman ... had his lands taken by the Normans and decided to do something about it. For a few years after 1066, Hereward and his small army operated out of the Cambridgeshire town of Ely, then an island. They were beaten only after a treacherous monk showed the Normans one of the secret paths to Ely through the Fenland marshes. ... Almost a millennium after the event, I feel a lively indignation on Hereward's behalf. What a cur that monk was to betray him. What if Hereward had continued to oppose William? Could he have combined with the still unconquered Celts and Northumbrians to drive out the 'ingengas'? Or was Norman rule as inevitable as supporters of the EU now say their governing body is inevitable? As for that treacherous monk, was he a sort of Roland Rudd of his day ... the City PR smoothie pulling strings for the Remain camp? ...

"My support for Hereward may reflect a surfeit of foolish romanticism. But it may also echo enduring truths about the importance of self-determination and of remaining true to one's ancestral heritage. For what are we if we deny the past? What is the point of being British if we are not able to say who governs us? And let there be no doubt: if we vote to stay ion the EU, we will not be able to dislodge the elite that runs Brussels. They will be impervious to our democratic disapproval. They will be as safe as William and his shaven-headed Normans were in their mighty castle keeps. ...

"The Leave campaign ... has urged voters to quit the EU for a range of reasons ... Hereward the Wake ... would have heard Vote Leave talk of how we must 'take control' and would surely have thought 'I don't really want control - I want liberty.' ...

"It would obviously be good for us to retrieve national control of trade decisions, tax matters, ... immigration policy ... But where is the optimism in Leave's campaign? Where is the appeal to something more positive, more human, more ardent? The hearts of Hereeward the Wake and his 'green men' would have burned for something greater; something more essential. You could call it self-determination or independence but it is basically the right to plant your feet on the clifftops of Kent, raise your eyes to the cloud-scudding sky, and relish your ancient liberty as a free-born Briton. ...

"I think of my grandfathers. One was wounded three times on the Western Front in World War I. The other landed in Normandy - Normandy! - just before D-Day to clear the beaches of mines. They fought for king and country, yes, but they fought most of all for an idea: freedom. The days of ancestral sword and scramasax may have passed but that powerful notion of liberty, the spirit of British dissent which flared so wonderfully in the East Anglian fens 950 years ago, must never be allowed to die. Without it, we would be an island without pride, an island shorn of soul"

[End of Extract]


Norman and Saxon

"'My son,' said the Norman Baron, 'I am dying, and you will be heir to all the broad acres in England that William gave me for my share
when we conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is. But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:

"The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite. But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow with his sullen set eyes on your own, and grumbles, 'This isn't fair dealing,' my son, leave the Saxon alone.

"You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears; But don't try that game on the Saxon; you'll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the country to the poorest chained serf in the field, they'll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

"But first you must master their language, their dialect, proverbs and songs. Don't trust any clerk to interpret when they come with the tale of their wrongs.
Let them know that you know what they're saying; let them feel that you know what to say. Yes, even when you want to go hunting, hear 'em out if it takes you all day.

"They'll drink every hour of the daylight and poach every hour of the dark. It's the sport not the rabbits they're after (we've plenty of game in the park).
Don't hang them or cut off their fingers. That's wasteful as well as unkind, for a hard-bitten, South-country poacher makes the best man-at-arms you can find.

"Appear with your wife and the children at their weddings and funeral and feasts. Be polite but not friendly to Bishops; be good to all poor parish priests.
Say 'we', 'us' and 'ours' when you're talking, instead of 'you fellows' and 'I'. Don't ride over seeds; keep your temper; and never you tell 'em a lie!"

[Poem by Rudyard Kipling]


Free Nations

The following is an extended extract from Freenations

"Free nations, like free people, are the condition for democracy, free trade and international peace. No system based on freedom under the law and majority votes in elections can exist without a common language, history, [and] religion which form the basis of the law and a predominant culture to which immigrants must gradually assimilate. Such are the achievements of the Nation States. Supranational States achieve the opposite - war, internal conflict, economic failure, financial collapse and social decay, as the USSR, Nazi Europe and the EU today so clearly demonstrate. ...

"The great wars of the 20th century were fought to free the nation states from the hegemony of imperial powers, from fascism and from communism. The years of general peace after 1945 coincided with the rapid growth in the number of nation states, and the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 affirmed the rights of all peoples to self determination. But gradually over the last 50 years the power of supranational government (the EU being the most aggressive) and multinational corporations frustrated and overturned the will of voters and the power of the consumer. They formed that combination of corporate and State power that has always destroyed democracy and nationhood and has always been associated with the rise of fascism ad German imperialism in Europe.

"From the Single European Act of 1986 and the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, conflict and wars, ethnic cleansing, the break up of nations and inter-nation tensions have risen in Europe. The results of the wars which freed the nations have been reversed with the political map of Europe now looking remarkably like 1914 and the height of Nazi hegemony in 1941. The EU has now extended further East than even Hitler was able to venture as recent agreements between the EU and Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova testify. Those agreements - like the early trade agreements of the European Common Market - have already required constitutional surrender by those nations and now there is built by German Europe from the West something akin to the Russian Europe which Stalin built from the East. ...

"Corporatism and Fascism are cross party. They combine the left, the right, and in particular the unthinking centre. ... Therefore the solution is cross party. ...

"Nationism [describes] the (non-nationalistic) concept of the democratic sovereignty of nations trading and co-operating peacefully with other nations. Self-governing and democratic at home and free trading and cooperating abroad, there is nothing aggressive about the nation state.

"NATIONISM: (a) democratic people, (b) equality of nations, (c) cultural homogeneity to ensure democracy, (d) free movement of goods and capital, (e) diffused political and economic power, (f) stable money for people to save.

"NATIONALISM: (a) political State power over other nations, (b) multicultural imperial supranational power, (c) controlled trade to ensure political control, (d) central political and corporate control, (e) inflation for the State to reduce its debt"

[End of Extract]


The Tower of Babel: EU / UN / NWO

"These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.  And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.  And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.  And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar.  And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.  And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.  Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.  So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.  Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth" (Genesis 10:32-11:9).



"The Queen's Majesty hath the chief power in this realm of England and other her dominions, unto whom the chief government of all estates in this realm,
whether they be ecclesiastical or civil, in all causes doth appertain, and is not nor ought to be subjected to any foreign jurisdiction"
[The Thirty Nine Articles of Religion ... as by Law Established, Article 37, quoted at

"And I do declare that no Foreign Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction
Power Superiority Preeminence or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm.  So help me God"
[The Bill of Rights, 1689, Costin & Watson, The Law & Working of the Constitution, Documents 1660-1914]


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